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PORCH #1132 IS NOW CLOSED (5/11/19)

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. All this talk about woodpeckers made me think I'd post one here. So many different ones to choose from. Be sure to check the last Porch for the posts at the end. The critters must have been having a good time in our little pond last night. All kinds of sounds. The gators are still on the hunt for a little lovin'. Trappers went out to pick one up that had been getting close to an elementary school. As the trappers approached, the gator rolled over and over trying to get away before they even got a snare around him. I'd never seen anything like it.

Now that we have three oldies channels I get on the antenna, there are so many old TV shows to watch. When I got up, Petticoat Junction was on. A silly show but it's fun to watch. Bea Benaderet played the mother. She was quite a successful actress and played George Burns and Gracie Allen's neighbor, Blanche, on their show. The Beverly Hillbillies was on too. I like Green Acres which was also a spinoff. So glad these old shows don't end up on the junk heap never to be seen again. Jack Benny is on right now. Sure a lot better than watching the news!

Sun, the little affair Claudine Longet Williams had ended up in her killing her lover, Spider Sabich. He was an Olympic skiier. I met him once at a Christmas party very briefly. Longet shot him but the jury only convicted her of negligent homicide and the judge gave her 30 days in jail which she served on weekends. She ended up with her defense atty. who was married at the time. I remember she was beautiful. Hope the trees got trimmed and you got some peace and quiet.

Julie, glad your doc appt. was good. I love my watch because I can do a medical quality EKG anytime. I've had palpitations once in a while for years and it's nice to be able to do one. I can send them to my doc if I want to but he's so low tech that I doubt he would have a way to receive them. I'm not very tech savvy but he's worse than I. The watch also gives me my pulse. Yes, it's important to recover when stopping the activity that drives up the pulse. Congratulations on the great dental appt. too. I almost never have cavities anymore but some of my crowns are really old and I hope no more of them break. I chipped one in addition to the one which broke but I don't have to replace it, at least, not now. Lordy, they are expensive to replace.

Joe just called to wish me a Happy Mothers Day because he'll be out of town tomorrow. I guess I had better get going. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Good Saturday morning...thanks, Mikie, for the new porch. And the picture of the woodpecker...I've been calling this guy (looks just like one of ours) a Downy Woodpecker. But I think this one might be a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, if I looked at the chart right (looked up on Google...didn't realize there were so many until Barry started listing them.)

Well, I guess it's closer to noon, lol! Oreo got me up before 7:00 am to let her out to go potty...when she came back inside, it was obvious she wanted breakfast, too, lol! I took care of her, then slid quietly back in bed, hoping not to wake Den. We had both declared this to be a "no alarm clock morning", so we could sleep as late as we wanted. I dozed off and on, but each time I checked, he was still asleep...when I finally woke up and felt ready to "face the day" at almost 10:00, he was already up and in his workshop. I had homemade biscuits left from the other night, so just made some quick egg, cheese and biscuit sandwiches. Den will only want a smoothie for lunch, and I'm going to put some beef ribs with BBQ sauce on them in the crock pot for supper...there, now I have my whole day figured out, lol! At least the meals...

Will work on getting my plants repotted sometime today...it's raining right now, but I can work inside the shop or under the patio roof...except for the ones I want to put directly in the ground in front of the house. I needed more potting soil, only had about half a bag, so picked up some more yesterday..."small town style"...paid for it at the garden center at Wal Mart, walked around the store filling my cart with groceries, etc. Checked out, loaded my things, then drove around to the aisles in the parking lot where they have the bags of potting soil, etc. stacked up. Got my two bags and left...nobody there to check my receipt or anything. I imagine if I looked a little "shady" they might have kept a better eye on me, lol...but it's obvious I'm just a "grandma, doing her thing" :p;)

I saw one of my dad's nurses at the dentist office yesterday...she said they really miss my dad around there. I miss him so much, and sometimes I forget that he is gone...until I get ready to go to town and realize I don't need to load up extra 7-Up, suet or bird seed, a vase for fresh flowers, or pick up flowers and a strawberry milkshake. When I close my eyes at night to go to sleep, I still see his face and how our eyes connected in the last hour before his death...and how he reached for my hand when I had briefly moved it to answer my phone. It doesn't hurt as much as it did, but it's still a little hard to comprehend.

So, I'd better get busy and get at least a few things done today. Den is working on making picture frames...he's got some scraps of walnut and he inlays a narrow piece of cedar or pine around the face of the whole frame. He made the young fellow that he worked with (when they were mapping the City's power lines) one and included a picture that the guy had taken from the top of the courthouse clock tower (Den had "connections" and was able to give him a tour)...you can see for several miles from up there. Now, he's making one for one of the office ladies and including (as a joke) a pic of caramel brownies. He took that pic off the internet, but she'll think (at first glance) I made them from her recipe (she brought her "secret recipe" brownies to work quite often, but wouldn't give the recipe to anyone...but at Den's retirement party she included the recipe in with a card...I was so excited, but promised I wouldn't share it with anyone else, lol!)

Both of those "kids" are in their 30's (our daughters' ages) and have such good work ethics...and they each wrote about how happy they were to have Den as their coworker and mentor, and said they had learned so much from him. Den was/is always so polite and kind to the office employees and anyone new to the different departments on the job. I'm sure he is quite missed...three of the guys actually sought other employment after Den retired, including the "son" he was training in the electric dept.

Anyway, enough bragging, lol! I'd better get to work. Will wish everyone a good weekend, and all the moms (human and fur-baby, biological, foster, adoptive, or any other Mom) a wonderful Mother's Day. Amy was going to meet us at church tomorrow and spend the day with me, but we are staying flexible. Clinton's daughter (not Miley's mom) is due soon and her doctor told her it could be in a day or two...I told Amy to absolutely stay in town and be close enough to get to the hospital quickly. Keira's at her dad's, but I can pick her up at Nana's tomorrow evening and get her home.



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Hi Kids

Mikie, yup, Bea Benaderet was Gracie's neighbor. Also appeared in an I Love Lucy episode with Everett Edward Horton. One of their worst scripts. But there were
so many brilliant Lucy episodes can't really complain much about a bad one

Crocodilians often do a "death role" when they are trying to break loose a chunk from a cadaver. They don't have teeth for chewing. Next time you run into such a critter get
up close and take a good look at the dental equipment. Was reading about Claudine
Longet last night in Andy Williams bio. He didn't say too much about it.

Julie, be careful at the garden center. About 20 years ago a guy in Utah was looking
around in one. Got bit by a rattle snake. Presumably it was accidentally included with
the plants in a shipment.

What a kawinkydink. I fixed myself a breakfast almost exactly like yours. Cauliflower
with cheese and Vienna sausages. Gave the cat 3 little slices of the sausage. She ate
only one. She's pretty picky for a stray cat.

Hug to all you nice people
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Hi, Kids,

I went down to the mailbox and got my hibiscus tea. It really doesn't have much taste. Not much in each tea bag so can't get a second cup out of one bag like with other bags of tea. I've mixed a bit in some lemonade but Publix lemonade isn't good. Tastes as though they mixed some Real Lemon out of the bottle with some water. Their iced tea is delicious. I should run down to the biggest tourist attraction here, Sun Harvest, and get some there. They make everything fresh from scratch. They have big servers where you can drink all the lemonade and orange juice you want while you're in the store. It's my DSIL's favorite place. They have a big gift store with all kinds of stuff. A person could spend a fortune in there.

I did manage to clean the countertops and load the DW. I put that hot spicy soup I had made down the disposal and the smell was horrific. I put bleach in the disposal and cleaned the sinks. I use WD-40 on them; they are stainless. Look so nice. The bar in between the two sinks is highly polished like chrome and I buffed it with Simichrome. Almost looks like new. I am feeling lousy so decided to stop there. I keep hurting myself and that ain't good. I noticed the protector on my watch face was lifting on one corner so took it off and put a new one on. It has to sit for 12 hrs. in order for any air bubbles to disappear. As badly beat up as the old protector is, it makes me realize that using the screen protectors is a really good idea. I'm so exhausted that I'm sick with it. Whine, whine, whine!

The anhinga was here earlier. He just hangs around most of the time. He's got webbed feet like a duck. They help him swim under the water to catch his fish. Still, he can wrap them around a tree branch and hang on. SV is pretty lazy these days as he lies out in the heat on the lanai. He's inside now sleeping in his little soft kitty bed. I had put some fresh catnip in his little mousie and he was lying on his back holding it in his paws while licking it. Guess he's sleeping it off. He's so cute when he does things like that I can hardly stand it. Our pond is back to normal. Joe is gone. I hope he enjoys his visit with his son.

Julie, I can't exactly remember just what our woodpeckers look like so am not sure which one they are. We don't have them all the time. I've never understood the whole thing about secret family recipes. If something is good, why not share it? I'm sure it is hard for people working in the nursing facilities when their residents pass. I'm sure you really miss your Dad. I think our minds protect us from what is so hard to comprehend by only allowing so much sorrow at a time to come through. I still miss my Mom after almost 17 years but I do feel her around me. I'll be back in the morning but will wish you a Happy Mothers Day in case you don't get here.

Rock, I read that Lucy originally wanted Bea Benedaret to play Ethel Mertz but she did appear a few times on the show. I remember feeling sad when she got sick with lung cancer. She was on Petticoat Junction when she died. From what I've read, gators take their prey under the water and roll to drown them. They keep underwater caves where they store their catches to feed on later. AACCKK!! That would be a hard way to die. Andy Williams paid all Claudine Longet's legal fees and even accompanied her to court. Her story didn't hold up to scrutiny but the cops made so many mistakes that I think prosecutors just took what they could get. As often happens with the rich and famous, she got off with a slap on the wrist. Spider's family sued her but the settlement wasn't revealed. At the time, it was the talk of the town in CO. Don't know whether she still lives in Aspen or not. Yes, even stray kitties can be picky.

Gonna try to go back to reading my new book, The Misremembered Man, by Christina McKenna. I still can't tell whether I like it and I'm almost 20 percent through. It's set in Ireland and I think I compare her to Maeve Binchy. No comparison. I keep falling asleep. Right now, I'm watching a Bonanza rerun. Those are still good shows.

Hope all y'all have more NRG than I.

Love, Mikie
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Good afternoon Dear POrchies,

Not much time as we are going out to eat with DD#4 , hyer husband and their son for Mothers Day. Going early especially due to Mothers Day crowds and being a Saturday. DH feels a lot better since we changed out the hospital catheter bag. It is so much heavier and bigger. Could do much with the large one attached. Bleeding has stopped it looks like and no pain or discomfort, The other FF , her husband and son went up to Gainesville to see his Mother and Dad for the day and will come home tomorrow. Sad to drive so ling for so little time..

MIKIE - Thanks for the new Porch and the pretty woodpecker. We don't have to many of them here either. We have seen one that is very shaggy looking and DH thinks it is one of the possible endangered special or at least quite rare types. Not sure if we will go to church or not tomorrow depends on how he is feeling. By now my hair is getting increasingly greasy and I needed to wash it days ago but something keeps interfering including exhaustion. I didn;t think we were going out to eat or anything tonight. I'll take going out to eat any time. Sorry your Hibiscus tea isn;t that tasty. I will have to check on the one I have in my closet that I haven;t tasted in some time. Maybe a different brand. However, I put a tiny bit of honey ( the good kind) in most of my teas. Some have little taste and others are strong. Keep experimenting with different brands. If I find a good one I will pass it along. Soe you can't do much with except maybe a bit of honey and it is still strong. The Tumeric tea is pretty strong for one and it is supposed to be good for pain and some mixed with cucermin (sp)? Try not to clean to much LOL :)

JULIE - Have a wonderful MOther's Day,. you deserve it. Hope you get to see Amy a bit but we all do what we have to do, don't we. At least get to rest some, I hope . How nice to hear how everyone loves Den and will miss him so much. Sounds like you both complement each other, both great hard working people with lots of love an caring for everyone.. It seems like when it rains it pours and so many things are happening at once. I know the feeling. Our Mothers Day will be a quiet one tomorrow. I will cook dinner as usual - so what else is new but I'll take a good meal out when I can..

ROCK - Sounds like a very different breakfast but we all eat what we want, to a degree and sometimes get off the regular beaten path for something different. My breakfasts are bout the same, usually my shakes or smoothie, or special cereal with yogurt and granola and sometimes eggs at least once a week when DH wants them and I will too. However, when we went to Europe years ago we saw how differently the people ate there, with lunch meats, sausages of course, cheeses, breaks and pastries, etc. etc. and fresh fruits too. . Go for it and eat what you want !!

SUN - Thinking of you and hope you are feeling OK after your treatments. We go after next week we go to see the dr and discuss biopsy results and and then an decide on whether treatment is warranted or not. What stage was the tumor they just removed from your bladder? Hang in there dear friend. How many more treatments do you have left? Prayers for you DH and all those effected by this awful disease.

Gotta run and start trying to get ready for dinner.. Sounds like rain may be coming back with more thunder. May not wear sandals as planned.

Hi to BARRY, SW,DUCKIE , GB and whoever else I forgot to mention.

Love to everydobby whether I mentioned you or not !
Granni :)


Hi, Granni,

Want to be sure to wish you a Happy Mothers Day too. Same to Spring, Kim, Julie, Sun, Star and Duckie. Oh Dear, hope I didn't miss anyone. My doorbell just rang and it was flowers from my kids. So pretty. Sweet little girl delivering so I gave her a tip. When my kids send flowers, they call a local florist so they are always fresh, the flowers, not the kids. Well, actually, the kids can be pretty fresh. Wonder where they learned that. Talked to one DD and nailed down the dates of my flights. Now all I have to do is make reservations.

I hope you enjoy dinner with your DD. Hope the Mothers Day dinner will be fun for all y'all. I'm glad DH's bleeding has stopped and he is more comfy. I hope the results will be good. I added just a bit of sugar to my tea/lemonade because the lemonade was too sour. I'll drink the tea because it's supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. My hair needs to be washed too but I just want to go get the paper tomorrow morning and lounge around and read it. That's my idea of a perfect Mothers Day. On the way, I'll leave Claudia's chocolates and card by her door.

DD told me that DGS's school has been on lockdown three times in the last month. They never tell the parents why. That's horrible. Must be threats. Lots of violence, fights and bullying. I hate that. He played soccer this morning and kicked a beautiful goal, his best yet. Also had a couple of assists. He has tryouts when I will be there so maybe I'll get to watch him.

Nothing else to report. I hope everydobby has a lovely evening and weekend.

Love, Mikie

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Hi guys.
Just a quick stop in.
Life of late has been 'challenging ', to say the least,
But we all hv our challenges, even aside from the health issues
Each of us juggle with.

Today it is Mothers Day here.
I think being a ' mother' is more than flesh and blood.
Most of us don't hv perfect mothers.
How can we ?
If we ourselves are far from perfect?

If we stop long enough and often enough to 'count our blessings',
We would recognise the many influences and 'Mothers' we hv through out our lives,
If we only let them in...
If we only see...

So, I guess u guys probably get where I'm going with this now,
But I'll say it anyway-

Happy Mothers Day to you all,
For being my mother at one time or another.
Love You guys.
God Bless You.

Take care
Catch yas later


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Star;. I'm sorry you're still having family upheavels. Kids.........they just have to go thru this hard time of testing their boundaries. All I can say is hang in there. And happy Mother's Day to you also. Thank you for your lovely post.

Mikie: Mother's Day gifts to you already. Terrible that our young teenagers are having to deal with such problems. My DGS's school has been plagued with several suicides. So very very sad.

Granni: Not sure if I remember much about this go around surgery and the results, just that it seems ongoing. I'm really amazed at your DH, how he bounces back so quickly.

My DD and her family and also my DS will be over tomorrow. Not sure where or what we'll find to eat.....i really don't care one way or another, even take out is fine with me. I'm hoping my two guys and maybe my DGS will be able to flip my queen mattress. My handyman has turned it but it takes two or more to flip it. But my guys like doing things like that. I've also got an overhead fan that makes noise so I'll ask if they can do something about it.




Hope all our Mothers here have a wonderful Mothers Day. My own Mom is the first thing I thought of when I got up. Wish she were here. I woke early. Usually Joe and I see each other's lights because we are both early risers. His place is dark. I hope he's having a good time in NY.

Star, thank you for your lovely message. I think of you often and hope things are going well. Yes, things can be a real challenge when raising kids. It's all worth it as they grow into adults. I'm just now realizing all my own Mother did for me. I hope your day turned out well.

Sun, this mattress is a king size and it can't be flipped. I just spin it around 1/4 turn each time because this size is almost square. My bedroom fan is the original and it makes noise but it's not unpleasant and makes a nice white noise buffer when I'm asleep. Hope you enjoy your day and your kids can help with what needs doing.

Still have some time before Publix opens so I can go get my paper. I'm watching Hazel right now. Love it that these old shows are on. Again, wishing everydobby a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Not ALL kids outgrow the troubles they've created. My oldest is MORE heartache than when he was younger, sorry to say. I stripped the bed and I'm washing the sheets, removed my two lamps and folded up all the blankets, etc. Then I felt under the mattress! It's puffy firm on only one side, I felt just a covering under it. Well, darn it. So, once the sheets are dried I'll put everything back.

The fan was fine UNTIL I had my handyman take it down so I could use rub n buff on all the gold metal parts. I don't think it was adjusted quite right or something. It works fine except for the noise. I don't mind a whirring sound but I don't like the click click click noise. Its sunny this morning, big surprise since we were to have gotten rain, so I'm going to enjoy the weather.

I called my aunt in Ohio yesterday, her alzheimers has gotten worse. She's crabby, usually at first, and I don't know if she remembers who I am. I have to keep reminding her about things from her past. Then I called my DHs stepmom. She's in her mid 90s and has also been dealing with bladder cancer for over 5 years. Said she's free from it right now. She was telling me about my DHs neice, age 51. OMG, she's been suffering so very very much. She had colon cancer over a year ago, had her colon removed and wore a bag for about 4 mos. then apparently they rebuilt one. Thought that was the end, but now she's got a tumor in her lung, one in her neck and her brain. Had surgery to remove the brain cancer last week but apparently not all of it, so is waiting this week to find out what will happen. My MIL said they told her a few weeks ago she only had a short time to live. That is very sad to read and will keep good thoughts for her.


Dear Sun,

I'm sorry to hear about your DS. I am lucky that my girls have outgrown their teenage problems. Now, I pray DGS gets through this age unscathed. Kids today have so much more to worry about. I've never felt insecure or unsafe but when I was shopping at Target, they were restocking shelves. One guy was wearing a thick hoodie with the hood pulled down over his face. It was hot outside and not cold in the store. He was pulling a pallet with large bags of bedding on it. My first thought was that it seemed suspicious. There could have been an assault weapon under one of those bags. For the first time ever, I checked out where I was in the store and stayed close to the back exit just in case. If it weren't for all these shootings, I would never give it a second thought. What a way to live.

It's possible the fan got out of balance when it was removed. The newer fans are so much better than the old ones. I have replaced the ones in the living room and kitchen. I didn't get really expensive ones or ornate ones. They are just nice substantial fans, so much nicer than the builder grade fans that were in here. They cool better and are quieter.

Sorry to hear about your aunt and DH's niece. How sad. For what the world spends on war, we could likely have cures for all these cancers. Just sayin'. CBS had the full interview with Alex Trebek this morning. He is wearing a toupe that looks just like his own hair. He was horribly ill and still working. He's been off for the summer and will start taping again this fall. He loves doing his own construction on his beautiful home. I hope he can beat his cancer.

Claudia is the only one of us BFF's here who still has her Mom. Mom is sleeping a lot more now and seemingly withdrawn into her own world. It's so sad for Claudia and it's very stressful trying to make sure she is getting good care. Also, she has to work with the facility on finances. I felt horrible this morning and didn't get to Publix to get a paper. I did run a package over to Claudia before she left to see her Mom. A neighbor gave me some cat food to give to her and I didn't want it to go bad. The ants are getting into her cats' bowls so I told her to stop by for a couple of Terro traps. My ants appear to be gone (knocking on wood).

OK, gonna get going. One of our members sent me a message with a question about the research I did when I first came here. I looked and there is a lot more info so think I'll check again even though I think we got the mycoplasma infection under control (again, knocking on wood).

Happy Mothers Day to you and all our Mamas here.

Love, Mikie


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Hope everydobby is having a nice Mothers Day and gets to hear form their kids if they are not there in person.

SUN - Yes, I agree with you on some kids are no trouble when they are young and then cause all kinds of problems for themselves and family when they are growing up in teens and then beyond. Yes, DH does seems to bounce bkac pretty well for the most part but he sometimes does like to complain about it LOL. He hates to sit still and so is up more than he probably should. We didn;'go to church this morning due to a little more bleeding from the cath. Probably did a little to much yesterday. Sorry to hear about your Aunt that has Alz and other problems. That is always so hard to hear that she is getting worse with the tumors.

Just got a disturbing text from my DD coming home from where they are visiting DSIL's parents for the day. She texted me that she received a nasty mothers day message to her and other sisters. Just when I thought things might be straightening out a bit they now may be worse as far family relations go. I am guessing that either a change of meds or just depression and that she is mad also at herself for what she did to her family. Not sure if she will hear from any of her sons today, maybe the youngest (a jr in HS) if his did tells him too and his brother(older but has disabilities).. I sent a text and an email to DCD and will see if I hear anything back from her at all.

I also sent texts to my Sis IL and two nieces for a Happy Mother's Day. I did hear back from my youngest niece , very cordial, and a sticker for Mothers Day from my SIL. That is something I guess. Have not heard a thing from the oldest niece who I sent off that letter to. We'll see if I ever do. If not, I will have to deal with it, I guess. These things are not easy as you and all know.

Went out early last night for dinner with DD#4 and her husband for Mothers Day. DD#2 was visiting DSIL's mom in Gainesville. Went to Red Lobster. It was pretty good but closer than the place we really lie, Papadouxs (sp) which has super fantastic food and service but have to fight traffic to get there :)!! LOL That place is always crowded and doesn't have to be Mothers Day. I know all restaurants were very crowded yesterday and will be today also.

Got some pretty flowers from Daughter #2 and pretty card from Eldest daughter and lots of messages. Haven't heard from Don today they usually send flowers but he may call tonight. zit is a beautiful sunny day today. We thought the rain was over yesterday but it was gloomy during the day and towards evening, when we left to go to the restaurant, it poured. Oh well, can't have everything.

My back has been bothering me more than usual especially getting up from a sitting position. I feel more than OLD today. LOL

I have to run and hope all have a great day. We will be home and DH will probably do the steak on the grill and I will do everything else, as usual when it comes to donner. At least he does that. So I am happy.


Love and blessings to awl, inc all not mentioned.,
Granni :)



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Hello, Friends

I dropped in to post, but once I sat down I suddenly was taken with a spell of "the old
ennui" as Cole Porter put it. Guess I'll come back after my nap.

Be Back Soon, That's a quote from another musical. Oliver.



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Hi Ta Hi, Ho Ta Ho

Just came in from feeding and watering the cat. She sends her regards to all of you. It's
a typical day in S. California for this time of year. A light blue sky; no rain etc predicted.
Gonna be in the mid 70s till showers on Thursday.

Had an electronic fluke this morning. I watched a video on the Homebound board that was posted by Hanging In There (Patti) After that I clicked on the the video which was from Youtube of course, and found myself transported to Youtube. I watched 3 videos. It's been a couple years since I've been able to watch a video on Youtube. All of the videos I watched
this morning were of Andy Williams singing.

Granni, glad to hear you had a nice dinner at the Red Lobster. When our law firm was
small the boss would take all of us to lunch now and then. I can't remember if the
place was called the Red Lobster or not. But it did serve lobster and other fruits of
the sea. Also looked at the Papadoux site. They seem to have numerous restaurants
in various Southern states; several in Texas. Based on the website it's a great place
to dine.

I'm with you. I feel old. And depressed. And useless. But I guess those feeling are
appropriate. Hope DH continues with his recovery. OK, I'm all worn out. Gonna lie
down and read. Remember some weeks ago there was some discussion of the book
"The Threat". Written by Andrew McCabe. Well, The library finally produced it. It is
very readable. I think I will take me and the book to bed.



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Rock:. I'm sorry you're feeling old and useless today. I think we all go thru bad days like that and it's a struggle at times to think happy, positive thoughts. I hope your lie down helps bring you up again. Clair and I are battling! 4 days ago she turned her nose up at some catfood she's always liked. 4 times she came back and stiffed and walked away. OK.....so I ended up tossing it and opening a new can of another favorite which she gobbled up....great. 2 days later she pulled the same trick, kept walking away and back again for over 30 min. I got angry at her and tossed it but didn't give her anymore. She's gonna have to wait a few more days until she's learned her lesson. CATS!!!!

And success with the WC of my DDs cat......everyone loved it and thought it looked exactly like her. Yea. My DGS said all they needed was a WC of their new dog, Skylar. I'll have to give it some thought. Maybe I can get a good pic. Of her and give it to him for Christmas. I received some flowers from my DS and two adorable framed photos of my two little ones.....so adorable. He said they wanted to talk to me so would call tomorrow. And my DD gave me some super comfortable sandals and a few other travel items. By the way they had to bring Skylar but it all worked all good with her. I left the sliding door open to the patio so she could go in and out when she wanted to.

Granni: Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day with everyone. Sorry for the disturbing email from your DCD. Today is probably making her dwell on what isn't right in her life.

I had a very good, fun day with the family today. My DS came early and we decided it would be easier if we just barbequed since getting any takeout or trying to find a place to eat on Mother's Day is hard, and hectic, and expensive too. So he ran to the store and bought a nice cut of beef and I rummaged thru the freezer and pantry to see what I could fix. Thankfully I had small packaged frozen chicken breasts, a bag of frozen shrimp, 6 sweet potatoes for roasting, and already cut up ripe pineapple which I used to make chicken skewers. He found 3 ripe avocados at the store and a couple of bags of chips so it all came together.

After lunch I said the heck with cleanup and we all played a noisy game of monopoly. My DS from Portland called before Monopoly and we chatted a little, then I had to cut it short. I was highly annoyed with him this week over some things, so luckily he caught me at a good time.

I've got the dishwasher running but still have a pile of things that need to be washed, but who cares....it was a good day and I needed it.
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Happy belated Mothers Day.

ours has already come and gone a few weeks ago. so i was confused with seeing the messages about it. Happy to read about it. On ours i went out to eat with DD and got a short text from DS. It said, “i love you immensely. Thank you for understanding and supporting me always. “ Short and sweet.

Star - good to see your post. i hope things on the health front look up soon.

Sun - i do believe sometimes we have to stop thinking of things like cleaning and just carpe diem with our loved ones when theyre there. sounds like you had a wonderful time and Skylar has also been better behaved. lucky pooch, to have his portrait done, if you do do it. that sounded like a tasty meal you got up.

Granni - what a busy day you had. and a nice one, Sorry about DCD. i suppose 5here has to be one fly in the ointment. she was doing well i remember but with mental health issues, its a long and uphill journey towards recovery.

Rock - i hope you get your mojo back soon. Hmmm...i rem3mber my kids loved a cartoon character called mojo jojo. i looked up Claudine Longet and yes, as Mikie said, she is beautiful. i think your breakfast sounded tasty. cauliflower and cheese with sausage. yummmm.

Mikie - must be nice anticipating a trip to see your kids. i would rather have a mattress can be spinned than flipped. i dont hv the strength to flip these mattresses. ive swum once this year and enjoyed it hugely. but the weather forecast is for stormy rainy days so i dont 5hink i will go soon. i wish 5hey would heat the club pool everyday butof course, 5hats too expensive. not enough members. Most go to the gym.

i see Indian women practis8ng Bollywood dance steps in the gym once in a while 5hrough 5he glass doors while i swim. i suppose that too is a form of exercise.

its Full Moon 5his Saturday. and also the birthday of Lord Buddha.

Julie - iknow you miss your dear Father. S9unds like you are having some quiet days now after all the upheavals. im sure you and Den are happy about Dens semi retirement. Some downtime very overdue for him. homemade biscuits sound so good.

i met up with my friend and her sister and DD for lunch. i took my DD and DS. it was supposed to be all of us but my DH had a golf tournament and her DH had other stuff to do. we went to 5his nice little homey place with a garden. 5hree monkeys visited and 5he staff had to re locate 9ne American customer 8nside.

My friends 5hought it was a bit too kitschy/shabby but i loved it. i dont like shiny plate glassy. my cream 9nion soup with potatoes was what my DS calls ‘bomb’. i had tomato pasta as well while 5he o5hers had chicken salad and pork something. and cheese cake, ice cream, chocolate crumble.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

We are headed into 90 degree territory this week. It's been hovering around 88 or so but this week it will hit 90 and stay there every day. It's necessary if we are to start getting rain every day. The forecast isn't for much rain this week but I suspect it won't be long. One set of kids went skiing yesterday. DD said it was beautiful. She said that on Saturday, DGS kicked a perfect soccer goal. The pic of the soccer field was beautiful. Spring skiing in CO is the best even if the condition of the slopes isn't ideal. People ski in shorts and sleeveless tops.

Other DD called and we had a nice chat. We laughed a lot. She just took a final exam and did well. She's so excited about getting through school. It won't be long and she only has a bit of school to wrap things up. She is working part time and will have several options available when she graduates, including her own practice as a therapist. By August, I'll be happy to leave the heat and humidity even if only for a few days. I'll miss SV and worry about whether he is getting plenty of water. Claudia is going to stop in to give him his wet food every day. I'll ask Joe to stop in a couple of times too just to check things out. He gets lonely when I'm gone.

Granni, sorry things didn't go well with your DD but, considering what she is dealing with, I think some backsliding is normal. I hope it straightens itself out. Sounds as though you had a good time at Red Lobster. Hope DH continues to heal despite the bleeding. It was a beautiful, but hot, day here yesterday too. Real summer day.

Rock, sorry you feel old and depressed. I kind of feel that way every day. I try to look for the good stuff and feel grateful but it ain't easy when I don't feel well. Thank goodness for SV and you have Gordon and Miss Kitty. They help get through the day-to-day stuff. My kids sustain me for the long run. Can't wait to see them in Aug. Hang in there and take care.

Sun, glad the painting was so appreciated and turned out so well. Also glad the pup behaved herself. Glad you had such a good day and, yes, you needed it.

Spring, I love the look of the little restaurant. So light and airy looking. Good vibes. Lovely pics. I haven't been to our pool in ages. I really need to get back into it. It's too hot in the afternoons but the mornings are beautiful. Our pool is heated but it's so hot here now that it doesn't take much. Hmmm, Bollywood dancing for exercise. Sounds fun. Claudia does Zoomba which is quite strenuous. I couldn't do it. She has lost weight and her cholesterol is much improved. Hopefully as we move closer to the full moon, I will feel better. What do you do on Lord Buddha's birthday?

I'm getting a headache so will go take something for it. SV was lounging next to me but has moved to the floor. This is my favorite time of day. It's already almost 80 degrees out at 6:30 in the morning. Yikes! I don't know how people lived here before A/C and mosquito control. The love bugs were having an orgy when I went to Publix a few days ago but have thinned out now. They don't bite or sting but are a pain when having to get through swarms of them in the throes of lust (their lust, not mine). Hope everydobby has a nice start to the week.

Love, Mikie

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Good morning...so nice to see so many newsy posts. I won't be on the computer very much for a couple of days, so will try to catch up when I can.

Star, it's so good to hear from you! You are so correct about mothers. Come back when you can and you feel up to it.

Rock, I understand that you are feeling the way you do...just know that all of us here love and appreciate you, and Gordon for taking such good care of you.

Barry, same with you...hope you are feeling a little better now that "spring has sprung".

Spring, what a nice picture! And the restaurant looks just like something I would really enjoy.

Sun, great job of whipping up a meal...and then letting clean up go so you could just enjoy your family.

Granni, hope hubby continues to improve and doesn't need other treatment. Yes, it's sad about DCD...I know the whole family is doing the best they can to help her.

Mikie, 90 degrees sounds better than our 39 (when Den got up this morning) but still a little hot for me...especially since here it would be combined with lots of humidity.

Duckie, and Kim, and anyone else I may forget...thinking of you all and hope things are as well as can be.

I've got a couple crazy days ahead...that's why I may not be around much. Miley has a concert tonight, so I'll be driving the two hours to their town...need to be there by 5:30. Keira's concert is tomorrow night, but it starts an hour earlier. Both girls have softball practice on the nights they don't have a concert, so their household will be meeting themselves coming and going. Clinton's daughter is still in a "holding pattern" as far as giving birth. I will come back home tonight as I have a chiro appt. tomorrow morning and don't want to miss it...low back has been giving me fits. I ordered wrist corsages at their local florist for both girls...I can pick them both up this evening or even someone there can do it, in case I run too late either night (still need to try to get some yard work done...the grass is really growing now, lol!)

Yesterday, Den and I went to church, then drove across town to the home supply store...he had a gift card from one of his former coworkers and had been waiting for the "11% rebate" week to come along. He needed some metric tools, but they are so expensive. Stopped for a sandwich before heading home.

I put a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven, then took a short rest...portioned it out to share with Amy's family and got it in a cooler before going to pick up Keira at her other grandparents'. Then we met Amy and Miley about a third of the way to their house...stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a sort of Mother's Day supper. Amy brought some gifts for me...a lavender rose in a little teacup that Keira had picked out (in it's own little pot so I can transplant it), a hanging basket of lavender and white verbenas, and an 8 X 10 picture of their family (Blu included, but they didn't have Nala yet.)

The "bonus" was that my van was so muddy and dusty, the girls wrote Happy Mother's Day on the back window and along the sides, lol! When I stopped for gas on the way home, I didn't have the heart to wash the glass...will save it for another time. (I drove all the way to Tennessee and back with the same situation last summer after the Tennessee Treasures wrote "I love Grandma" and drew lots of hearts, etc. on the back window of the new van. And I took a picture of it before I actually did wash it, lol!)

I'd best get busy...Den is watching one of his woodworking shows, and I need to unload and reload the dishwasher...then we'll get started on our "to-do" lists. He may have a few days off until the weather is stable enough to pour the concrete floors of the new house they're working on.

Take care, everyone!



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Dear Ones,

I did not get to come back yesterday and tell you what happened with DCD yesterday. To make a long story it must have been some kind of spam with her old phone number. I spoke to her and asked her and she said she never sent that message and was very upset. She called and spoke to her sisters to clarify the matter. She sounded just fine. God knows where your old and new numbers are floating around in cyberspace for others to use. It was sent from another number not DCD's but she said that number sounded familiar and might have been her old number. Wondering if the numbers were not removed from her old phone before giving to new person. it was one you have to pay for. The one she has now is a free one since she couldn't pay her bills. I feel alot better about that then her sending awful messages about mothers to her sisters.

MIKIE- It is a bit chilly this a.m.. but is supposed to hit 82 this afternoon. DH has a dr appt to get the cath out tomorrow and of course I am supposed to sing so that will be a very rushy day, if things go well. Hope DH can urinate after the cath is removed. Last time he had a problem but that was in the hospital and then had to go into dr office to have one put in for the weekend. Think it should be OK since he has had more time to heal. Of course he is also on antibiotics. I know what you mean about those crazy Love bugs. Haven't seen them lately. I forget when they come to bother us here with their orgys. :) DH seems to be doing pretty well and went to do a few errands.

SPRING - What a lovely picture of you all celebrating or just gathering with as many as you could get together,. Glad you all got to get together . As MIKIE said the restaurant seems very cozy and inviting. Hope you found your NRG today as I am still looking for mine,:D

Hang in there ROCK. I know what you mean and sometimes it is very frustrating, Lie MIKIE said I try and look on the bright side of things but sometimes it is very hard when you feel like crap most of the time.

JULIE - Hope all went well on your day even though you might not have gotten to see anyone due to schedules and distance. Thinking of you and everydobby. DH should be coming home soon and I will be needed to put stuff away and DH will probably want the computer.

Love to awl inc those not mentioneed

PS I see JULIE was typing about the same time I was. Glad you got to get together some for Mothers Day and baby held off so you could visit.
Granni :)


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Granni: Strange about the phone call or email from your DCD. Last week I had a very weird thing happening.....I was getting a phone call from my own phone #. I could see it on my message machine. My son was over working on my computer and at first i thought he did it.....he didn't and also saw it on my other machine???? I had picked it up and said hello....thinking it was him.....a robot type voice was speaking. So apparently my # got into an automated whatever.

I've been doing cleanup from yesterday, even got around to rearranging my kitchen utensils drawer because we were having trouble finding thing. Today I have to tackle the frig. My gardener was over this morning....he didn't show all last week apparently due to truck problems, so he's doing some extra clean up this morning. And I've read up on when to trim a lilac bush which is NOW, so I'm doing to get out my stepladder and do some very slight trimming of all the dead flowers and then he'll cut some major branches next week. Still smiling over thoughts of our rousing game of monopoly yesterday!