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Hey, Kids!

Gordon has been gone to Jim's house all morning. They are doing something with or
about orchids. I 'spect he'll get here before I finish this post. Watched one episode of Match
today. Fannie Flagg was one of the panelists. For some reason she was wearing a nurse's

Mikie, Skiing in shorts and sleeveless tops? I wouldn't even go to bed dressed like that.
Was the weather Fahrenheit or Celsius? I never heard of a spinning mattress. But I do
have a couple recordings of an Irish song titled "The Spinning Wheel". Despite the title
it's not about spinning, it's about love. Or as the Irish say, L'amour.

Remember the Disney movie about Herbie, The love Bug? Herbie wasn't your kind of
love bug; he was a Volkswagen. Took my son to see it when he was about 5-6.

Well, I made notes so I didn't have to keep going back to the previous page. They have
disappeared. Typical. Anyhoo, thanks everydobby for the kind comments.

Back after a nap. Rock


Hi, Kids,

Stomach problems today again but finally felt well enough to trim my hair and shampoo it in the shower. It came out pretty well but I only took off about half an inch. Think I've found a length that works well in between shampoos and blowouts. Claudia stopped in on her way to her volunteer stint at the library. I gave her a couple of Terro ant traps cause the ants are going after her cats' dishes. Mine are all gone (knocking on wood).

Julie, that's so sweet of you to get the corsages for the girls. They will remember that all their lives. Lots of running around. I hope you can get your aches and pains fixed. You are a super shopper with the gift card and sale. Good for you.

Granni, I'm so relieved that your DD didn't send that. What a relief. These robo callers disguise their numbers using local area codes so that people will answer their phones. Somehow, that must leave it open to all kinds of strange things going on with the phones. Hope DH can pee too. It's a horrible feeling when a person can't do it.

Sun, that must have been some Monopoly game. Be careful on the stepladder.

Rock, we were posting at the same time. You don't have to make notes. Go to the bottom of the first page and answer anyone on that pages. Before going to the next page, highlight all your text using Control+A. Then do Control+C to copy it. If it disappears, you can just do Control+V to get it all back in the box at the bottom of the second page. Sometimes, the automatic draft save on the site here doesn't keep up with the whole post. I just checked a video DD posted on FB. They were wearing normal ski togs so it must not be warm enough yet to wear shorts. She said this was the last ski trip this year. It's 88 degrees out here but I've been inside in my perfect 77 degree condo. It feels cooler than that because the fan runs all the time and I have the ceiling fans going. In my collection of redundancies, I heard someone on TV say to take a selfie of yourself. I kinda thought that was implied by 'selfie.' Doh!!!

Last time I looked, the stock market had fallen drastically. Fortunately for me, I have a rider on the IRA I haven't annuitized so, even though it's invested in the market, there is a lookback guarantee of 7 percent return on investment. If the market does better than that, I get the higher value. They don't sell these anymore and keep bugging me to annuitize it. Not gonna do it til I have too. Just concerned about the economy. The stock market isn't the economy but certainly can affect it.

OK, gonna get going. Hope everyone's day is going swell.

Love, Mikie



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Greetings Again

Gordon did get home about the time I signed off. He was visiting Jim in Pasadena. He got a
parking ticket. Pasadena is a rather unfriendly, highly regulated city. The last time Gordon visited Jim he parked in Jim's wide driveway behind his house. The neighbor ran into his car. Today Jim didn't tell him he couldn't park on the street. DUH! Gordon said, Well, since we are doing all this for the benefit of the Club, the Club can pay for the ticket. So that's what
they are doing. The ticket BTW is about $20 dollars less it would be here in LA.

Mikie, thank you for the info about posting. You have kindly given it to me before. The
trouble is my Alz is powerful (like the Force in Star Wars) and the computer won't coop-
erate. Generally it will not highlight or copy anything. Is Claudia taking her cats to the
library? I read a book a couple years ago about a kitten that was put in an overnight
book deposit behind a library. When a librarian found him the next morning she took
him into the library. Kitty lived there his entire life except on weekends when she took
him home. When some Japanese making a documentary about America read about
him, they came and shot footage of the cat peeking from behind the glass door to welcome
his friend in the morning.

The book was written by Vicki Myron. Came out in 2008. Has sold over 2 million
copies. Title is Dewey, the Library Cat. Gee, I wonder why they named it Dewey.

Thank you for your encouragement, Granni. I realize lots of people have it worse.
I often think of Christopher Reeve who was paralyzed and lay in a bed for 9 years
before he died. His book "Still Me" is a pun. When I looked on the net to make
sure I spelled his name right, I discovered he made an audio version of the book
and won a Grammy.

The part of the story that was so poignant to me was when his wife was explaining
to his 3 year old son that Daddy can't walk anymore or carry you. His son said, "But
he can still smile."

Sun, a call from your own phone?! Sounds like Sci Fi or a ghost story. If the line
is dead you'll know it's a ghost story. Your gardener with his truck problems reminds
me of another old book. Decades old. Anyway I read about a teacher (reportedly non
fiction) who always put in one test during the year: What do they raise on truck farms?
The students all knew the correct answer: trucks.

Our lilac bush back in Minnesota was huge. About the size of the adjacent woodshed.
I cannot recall that anybody ever trimmed it or gave it lime. But it did provide a burial
site for deceased pets (small ones like goldfish) and had beautiful flowers in Spring.

Hugs and thanks to everydobby for the encouragement.
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Rock: For some reason the lilacs do better back east, perhaps it's the cold weather they go thru. Lilacs were my mom's favorite flower so I love them too, and they smell soooo good. I did get about 1/3 of the branches cut today. The rest my gardener will have to do as they're too high and I want it brought down a bit so it will bloom better.

Here's a cute kitty story. There's a local shop in the little village where i live that has a cat that lives there permanently because the owner's other cats don't want him there with them. A few months ago "Vinnie" was sitting outside the shop on the sidewalk....everyone knows him and talks to him as they go in and out of the store. One day a young woman came by and snatched up Vinnie and ran to another store across the street. Several of the other shop owners took out after her and caught her. The police had been called, and Vinnie was restored to his owner. She told me that one of the policeman walked the streets at night, checking doors, etc. and he always shines his light in the store to see if Vinnie is OK. He's apparently taken lots of pics. Of Vinnie looking back at him.

Have you ever heard of Nick Voicic......OK....the spelling is wrong but here's a link to watch him, born without arms and legs. He's a powerful motivational speaker.



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Geez, I typed Wednesday before deciding to check. Guess I want it to be Wednesday because that's when the new pillow covers are sposda arrive. Went to bed early but woke when some neighbors were out on their lanai at two this morning. They weren't unduly noisy but did wake me. Went back to sleep until six. Joe's lights were on when I got up. Good to see he made it home ok.

Rock, I wouldn't be able to remember how to do the copy bit on the computer were it not for the fact that I do it every time I post. Because these new laptops seem to automatically highlight and delete, I have to keep saving my work just in case. Pain in the neck and elsewhere. I saw a segment on TV about a library that has kittens and cats inside a little play area. Patrons are encouraged to play with them or hold them. Some get rescued, cats not patrons. Well, perhaps the cats rescue the patrons too. That's funny about the name, Dewey. Like the Steve Reeves pun name for his book. Think I've mentioned I dated a man in CO who had Parkinson's disease. His support group was called, The Movers and Shakers. These days, every time I see protesters on TV, one is carrying a sign that reads, This Is A Sign.

Sun, glad you got the bush trimmed without falling off the stepladder. I hate to get up on mine.

OK, Kiddies, I'm off to see what damage I can do around here. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Good Morning, Dear Friends

My typing has gotten so bad it took four tries to type Morning. If this keeps up it will take
all morning to type "all". Your assignment for today is to think of a song that starts with
"All". E.g. All of me. Why not take all of me? All I do is dream of you. All by myself.

Mikie, I 'spect you can find plenty to damage if you look hard enough. But don't
damage Alexa. Congress is considering severe penalties for Alexa abusers. I looked
on the net for a sign that said "This is a Sign." Couldn't find one. Looked for a sign
that said "This isn't a Sign." Couldn't find that either.

Hope all our porchers have the best day possible.
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Hi, Kids,

Good grief. I had to lie down as I couldn't keep my eyes open. I've gotten nothing done. Can't remember whether I mentioned that I watched a video by Dr. Garth Nicolson. He says that our conditions can cause the walls of the mitochondria in our cells to leak just like a leaky battery. When that happens, most of us only operate at about 40 percent efficiency. That's about where I often am. He's got some kind of trial for a supplement to help. PH has one here and I'm going to check it out. The treatment is called, lipid replacement therapy. Dr. Nicolson is one of the world's leading researchers in what ails us. He is so kind and was a huge help to me and my doc in the early years of my illnesses.

DOF called. He saw a new orthopedist who appears to be very thorough. He gave him an injection in his painful shoulder and will do one in his hip next week. Some woman was laughing like a hyena in the background so he couldn't hear me. He'll let me know how it's going.

Another of my generation's big stars has passed. I haven't heard much about Doris Day in years but she has evidently been living a nice life in CA. She was always a big advocate for animal rights. She was 97. She was closer to my Mom's age but she always seemed closer to mine. There were some rumors that she was bankrupt but those were evidently not true.

Rock, only songs I can think of are All Night Long and All Through The Night. No worry about my abusing Alexa. She is one of my biggest helpers. Without her turning that light off and on, I'd likely have broken my neck by now. She reminds me of things my poor pea brain is likely to forget. She also lets me know when things I've ordered from Amazon have been delivered either at my door or the bank of mailboxes. It's sooo easy to become dependent on these things but for me, they are a lifesaver. This is the only pic I can find of the protest sign but there have been many others. Usually the person carrying the sign is in some kind of costume. As I was looking for a pic, I found some of the most hilarious signs but they are too filthy to post.


Again, I'm gonna get going. Hope everydobby's day is going well.

Love, Mikie


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Hi All.
I am feeling very foggy, and will lie down soon after a cup of tea to read. Maybe I'll read the tea leaves. When I'm lying down, the ditzy feeling goes away.... Please explain.....???

We are supposed to be entering a week or so of "spring shower" weather, with cool temps. We got to 93 last week. Miserable! At least it wasn't humid. Poor Mikie.

Mikie, a nice pic. of the woodpecker. I agree with Julie that it is a Red-bellied Woodpecker. Strange, but they haven't much red on their bellies, have they? Hey, keep safe in the stores by all means! Do you carry you gat with you? I want to get some pepper or bear spray..... GUNS are out of control! Did ya read about the mansion that was raided with over 1000 weapons! Ak Ak!

Ah, Rock. Old, depressed and useless.... Nonsense! That's me! You give us on the board so much with your posts about miss(?) kitty, and the orchids, and what you are reading, and memories of the past, and so on! You are the sugar in my tea. By the way, I couldn't find the author you mentioned -- Andrew McCabe -- not even on FF. Are you sure ya got the name right?

Sun, so happy that you had a good time on Mother's day! I miss my family; my only family is here....except for Ricardo and the furrbies.

Spring, nice photos of you and your companions! I haven't eaten out for a very long time. Kind of sad. Was the American customer under attack by the monkeys or what? Sounds kind of funny.

Julie, be careful on your "crazy days ahead"! That's a lot of driving. I don't know how you do it. No wonder your back is wonky! Take care, my dear. How nice to be able to be so active, but don't run yourself down.... sometime it's hard to fill up again.

Richard is calling me to go outside and doodle with the dogs, so must go for a bit.

Star, so nice to see you drop in! Come more often, please!

Blessings, Peace, Love to All.



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Hi Kids

Hey! Something has changed. My option board is back. Yeah! Still can't post pics though. Or see pics. BARRY, "The
Threat" should be easy to find. Published this year. A best seller. Publisher is St. Martin's Press. Author is Andrew
G. McCabe. Title "The Threat". I predict you will like it. Hope your ditzy state goes away and you are soon compos mentis
again. Regards to Richard and the menagerie. Thank you for your kind post.

Mikie, I think you did post about Garth Nicolson. I remember because he has two Scandinavian names. Garth BTW
means earth or garden. Makes sense. Earth and Garth are only one letter apart. I hope DOF wasn't calling from his
Doctor's office. Would be kind of off putting to think an MD had a hyena in his office. Wouldn't be so bad if it were
a call from a Psychiatrist's office.

It's been a quiet day here for me. Gordon got an haircut and went to his chiro. I started the bio of George Raft, but
I find it rather puzzling. It's supposed to be an unauthorized bio, but there is no explanation of where the author
got all the info on Raft's childhood etc. and pre Hollywood days if not from Raft. Raft BTW was a big hit from the
start. In his first year in Hollywood he made 9 Movies. (1932)

I see at the bottom of my post it says Thumbnail and Full image so maybe the pic did post. All too complex for
my brain. Same size as Winnie the Pooh's. That reminds me. I should reread the Pooh books. Must be at least 20
years since I last read them.

Gentle Bear Hugs to all


Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Twenty-four little hours. I had to clean up some spam and the moderator tools are all different. They worked fine, just different. I can be a slow study so am glad it worked. This format looks cleaner than the old one but somehow less inviting. Oh well, we will be used to it in no time. Whenever PH makes upgrades, things always work better. Bless them for providing this wonderful space for us.

Barry, I didn't renew my permit to carry this time around. I can always take the class and get a new one but figure I can get along without carrying when I go out. I only go to a few places now. I did see the guns that nut case had in his home. I'm glad they raided it and removed them. Wow! Ninety-three degrees. That's hotter than it typically gets down here. Deep into the summer months, it gets to 92 every day for a month or so. That's when it's nice to go to CO. I read Andrew McCabe's book and liked it. A good look into how the FBI works and description of catching the Boston bombers. There is a condition, whose name escapes me now, that causes blood pressure to drop when standing up. Your doc should be able to check it out for you.

Sun, thanks for providing the link.

Rock, as Barry mentioned, you are anything but useless. I hold you in the same esteem as all my dear, dear friends. When you don't post, I miss you. Perhaps the new upgrades to the forums will make it easier for you to post. I hope so. DOF was calling from one of the common areas at his assisted living facility. He forgets that any background noise makes it too difficult for him to hear on his phone. No one may be around but, as in the case of the hyena, people wander in. She really was loud. At least, people are having a good time. He enjoys living there. Said he would call from his suite next time. I remember George Raft from the movies of my yute. Didn't he usually play a scary guy?

Don't know what I'm gonna do. It kinda depends on my level of NRG which has been in short supply of late. I really hope this new supplement helps. Gonna try it for sixty days. Lots of great reviews from people it has helped. It's called Mitochondria Ignite with NT Factor. It is the one Dr. Nicolson is doing his lipid replacement therapy clinical trials on. It is supposed to help rebuild cell walls that are damaged by cancer and other conditions like ours. The mitochondria are the little 'batteries' inside our cells which actually do use electricity to provide energy to our bodies and brains. It has long been known that they do not work in people with our conditions. There has been no one silver bullet in my regimen, including the peptide injections, but almost everything I've done has helped. I was so sick when I had to quit working in 2000 that I'd likely still be bedridden and on pain meds had I done nothing. Thank God my online research led me here and to Dr. Nicolson. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Joe called and wanted to stop over so we sat out on the balcony. It's a bit humid but only 74 when we sat out. Tree trimmers are cutting the coconuts before they fall off and conk someone in the head or damage cars. Stupid of the builder to plant them here. They are beautiful but not practical. Joe is glad to be home. It was cold in NY but it was great to see his sons. It's good to have him back.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends! The pellet stove was running when I got up, so I assumed it was a bit chilly outside...yep, only 59 degrees, but an expected high of 73. Low 80's and sun tomorrow and Friday, then barely into the 70's with rain on Saturday. Guess I know which days I need to hang out laundry and work in the yard, lol! ;) (Oh, I see we have some different emojis! Cool!...I also appreciate these boards very much. Yes, the new look was startling at first, but I can see the improvements and I'm glad things are working better for you, Rock :))

Den was supposed to work today, but his boss cancelled because he was afraid the cement trucks would get stuck in the mud while trying to get to the location to pour. Den was still gone when I got up...he said last night he might run to town and take one of the office gals a picture frame he had made (he printed off a random picture of brownies to put in it, but will tell her to replace it with a pic of her own.) And he's rebuilding a cart, but needed some different carriage bolts (the cart is flat, tall handle, big wheels) to give to his boss (those guys are trading things back and forth...Den uses the barter system more than he does cash, lol!) Fine with me, as long as it gets "junk" out of the barn so we can use the space for things we really need and use :Do_O

I'm done "traveling" for a few days now...two school concerts, two nights in a row was a bit much. But Miley's second grade did such a good job singing...you could tell they really enjoyed it. And Keira's fifth grade band has improved a lot since the beginning of the year...they played "We will rock you!" at both the first and last concerts of the year, and the audience was encouraged to participate. Only two boys in the fifth grade choir...I hope more decide to join later. Both grades have the same music teacher, and he does a wonderful job...very engaged with the kids and so enthusiastic.

Both girls have their first softball games on Monday...same times, but different fields (but in the same general area.) I'll try to get to at least that game, but didn't make any promises about any of the others...will still be cleaning out my parents' mobile home and getting ready for everyone to be here on Father's Day. Then I don't know how long we'll have Lindsey's three older kids (Josiah doesn't want to be gone from Mom and Dad) but I'll probably take them home by myself as I'm sure if the weather is suitable, Den will be working quite a bit. And we won't know when Lindsey's oral surgery is, until after her consult on June 11. Lots going on, just not sure "when", lol!

Mikie, is this supplement the one ProHealth carries? And does a person need to take anything else with it? I'll try to find it myself on here and read up on it. I've also been "upping" my water intake (had been slacking quite a bit)...not sure which book Sun was talking about, but I used to have one called "The Body's Many Cries For Water" or something like that...it made so much sense. So many illnesses and diseases could be prevented or treated if only a person had an adequate supply of water in their system.

Barry, do you have problems with blood pressure? Our young friend in Tennessee has found that her blood pressure drops dramatically when she is up and around. So she lies down (when she's not at work, etc.) to rest and starts feeling better, so gets back up and the same thing happens (dizzy, etc.) There a specific term for it, but basically enough blood (oxygen) doesn't get to her brain when she is upright. I know I've simplified it, and there's more to it, but I think the "basics" are correct. You have blockage in one or both carotids, right? Is there something further (meds, surgery?) that can be done for that? Different people have differing situations (my dad had blockages, but would not have survived surgery and was highly allergic to aspirin and was on the only/highest dose of Plavix they could give.) I do pray that something can be done to help you feel better.

I'm sorry I haven't visited with everyone...I'd better get off the computer and get busy. Will say a quick "Hi" and hope everyone is doing okay. I'm sure a long afternoon nap will be on my schedule, lol!


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Hello kids

I did a long post after Barry said he couldn't find the book I was reading. But it wouldn't post. Was just sitting there for 2 days. Now its



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Hello kids

I did a long post after Barry said he couldn't find the book I was reading. But it wouldn't post. Was just sitting there for 2 days. Now its

It's all right Rock, Mikie and Sun. I only read fiction now, which is why I couldn't find the author in question (McCabe) in FantasticFiction! Duh! Thanks anyway. I'm still locked into a 476 p. book on the rise and fall of the Emperor Domitian, fictionalized. Lots of Roman history and facts, plus the protagonist and his girlfriend. The protagonist is a praetorian guard, with a woman on the side,, etc., etc. Shows how even the mighty will fall... (HOPE!)

It is raining cats and dogs here today. I am feeling way down. Reading is my salvation. Am so upset about plastic pollution, climate change, climate change deniers, the state of "politics". In other words, I am in a bad, low-down mood.

I'll drop back in when feeling better.

Love to All,


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I see a couple of new posts. I saw a doc on TV who has written a new book. Can't remember the title of the book but the doc is Steven Gundry. I'll check it out on Amazon. What caught my attention is that he talked about illnesses like ours and said most docs don't know about them and discount patients' concerns over their symptoms, including fatigue and pain. He said it's imperative that people find docs who are knowledgeable.

Julie, yes, the product is the one carried here, Mitochondria Ignite with NT Factor. There have already been studies with good results but they used fewer patients than is ideal. The comments on the page for this product in the store here are really good. I think Dr. Nicolson is leading the new study. In any case, I am looking forward to trying this for myself. This product contains probiotics to help it get into the system where it can repair cell walls in the entire body. There is a lot of info on the page. I looked up lipid replacement therapy and found a video of Dr. Nicolson explaining the science behind the treatment. It makes sense. I've known all along that our fatigue is caused by faulty mitochondrial function but haven't found anything to date that kicked it into motion. I'm hoping this will help. I feel better today but yesterday, I thought I was gonna drop. With all you do, I don't know how you keep going. Youth could be the reason. Dr. Nicolson says aging can cause mitochondrial slowness. I did notice the the improvement in people my age was less dramatic but still, if I could improve my NRG by 34 percent, I would do a happy dance in the middle of the street. Glad the concerts went well. Always lots going on with grandkids.

Rock, if your posts seem to disappear, click on the little circular button at the top of the page to refresh the page. Sometimes that causes the posts to reappear like magic. It's the little circle with an arrow. If you move from one page to another back and forth using the forward and backward buttons, it can cause the posts to disappear because the computer thinks it's back before you posted. Kinda like a time machine. One thing I do like is that the forums seem to be a lot faster than before the upgrade. Good luck and don't give up.

Barry, we were posting at the same time. I like fiction but do read some nonfiction from time to time. I'm reading one fiction between the start and finish of Les Miserable because I can only take so much. Hugo can be a beautiful writer but he can also get into long drawn-out descriptions which drive me nuts. I have been skipping over them because they are not well written and are of no importance to the story. He's like Mahler who could write lively music but would then dive into the most depressing music I've ever heard. I think he may have been bi-polar.

We have had some spammers lately so I'll be checking in during the day. Hope all is going well with everydobby.

Love, Mikie

Update: Dr. Gundry has books on diets but they are contrary to everything I have read on what foods are good for us. Some of his recommendations agree with other docs but his diet is so restrictive that I don't think I could follow it.
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Hmmmm...new board takes some time getting used to.

warm day but overcast...so not as hot as it could have been. i went out on errands. Had to repair a handbag. and alter a summer pant. theyre called palazzos. very wide, flappy. and likely to trip up the wearer. My DD once caught her foot in a pant leg and fell down on 5he road while wearing them. Right on a busy street. She got up, dusted herself off trying to maintain her dignity when someone shouted, “you missed a spot at 5he back”! She looked up and a couple of young construction workers on a building were grinning down at her. Lol!

She will not wear 5hem now unless 5he pants are cut way above the ankles.

Sun - i loved that story about Vinnie the cat. Its an uplifting story when one starts feeling depressed about the world. That policeman is my type of guy. i love men like that.

Barry - The monkeys were eyeing the Americans food. They can be very intimidating. Yes, the news can be very depressing. i felt anxious listening about the smog levels in Beijing. and of course senseless wars in Yemen etc. i make sure i watch something like Ellen or Discovery to elevate my mood.

Julie - Brought back memories of my kids in school when you mentioned Miley and Keiras concerts. They were fun but im relieved i dont have to attend these things now. heh heh. not as much energy now.

Rock - I am laughing so much at what you wrote about hyena in doctors office. so how do you explain a hyena in a psychiatrists office? doc or patient? :D i remember the days i used to jot down notes from the thread to reply because my page changing functions didnt work...i would very often find i couldnt read what i had scribbled. my handwriting was and remains very bad. i have friends whose handwriting look like beautiful prints...i envy them. My DD too has untidy handwriting, they look like the alphabets are doing aerobics, all over the place.

Granni - i hope your DH is recovering nicely. im sure you are so relieved the nasty texts on Mothers Day was a spam.
Mikie - i hope the new meds help. i too have not been feeling too sparky. But i use my healing stuff. Anyways hot muggy days never see me at my best, i envy Julie her cold weather. Thats scary about the coconuts falling down. would be better to. remove the tree.

im sorry to learn about the lockdowns at your DGS school. thats is very worrisome. My DS learnt to smoke weed at school i think 9th grade. He gave it up but it was worrying. he was going through some trying times. kids do it to try and cope.

a friends son told me he tried marijuana when he was in school but after one puff he couldnt stop coughing for 40 minutes straight. That put him off forever. (i hope).

DUCKIE - i see you have come in from the cold...haha...so good to see you. best wishes for your dear mums recovery. Pls come by again.

P.S. i like the new board.
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I didn't totally fly the coop!!!


It has just been a very crazy time for me. I'm very busy at work, and when I get home, I just don't want to turn on a computer...except the one connected to my long-arm, and it isn't connected to the internet, so it doesn't count!

My DM has been in and out of the hospital twice. The first time, she went in for some unknown illness, got Norovirus while she was in the hospital, and I got it from her (late March, early April). The second time, she went in for a strep/staph infection on her leg (her leg literally looked like it had been through a fire). She was moments from going septic. She's now back in the rehab facility (3rd time) and is regaining her strength.

My DS finally got his drivers license (the day my DM went in the hospital in March).

I'll try to go back and catch up on some older posts if I have time, but I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I'm ok.


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Barry, Julie and Mikie: I think you're thinking of orthostatic (posture?). It is where your BP drops drastically and has trouble recovering. Most people regulate their BP naturally when sitting and then standing, or lying down and getting up. You can get dizzy from this. It's very easy for a doctor to check this out BUT you must bring this up to them. You can also check this out yourself using a BP cuff, lie down for a few minutes so you can get a good reading, then standup and see what happens with your BP and how it recovers. Years ago I was having troubles so did this check on me.

Julie and Spring: Those "concerts" can be fun but also a lot of work attending them. My DGDs small concert was last night but no one asked me if I wanted to come.....so I didn't volunteer. She plays the flute....kinda.....doesn't practice and doesn't seem to be overwhelmed with it.

Spring: Leave it to construction workers to always be available to whistle or laugh or clap or whatever when a pretty young girl comes by. I've got a pair of those palazzo pants, haven't worn them yet though. Waiting for the right time and place but I'll remember not to trip myself up. No construction worker is gonna pay attention to this old lady.

Mikie: That new supplement sounds most interesting and promising for us. You're the guenie (sp) pig for us.....thank you for volunteering.

Julie: I don't remember the name of the book about drinking plain water, just remember that your body is like 95% of water and it hangs onto it UNTIL you put in enough that it starts to let go of it. And I agree, we NEED water to flush out poisons, etc. As I sit here drinking my starbucks!!!!!

Duckie: So glad you surfaced again!!!!! And I'm so sorry for all you've been going thru and your poor mom, how she's suffered. I got an email yesterday from a cousin in Ohio, who told me another cousins DH died on monday from sepsis. With him it was a blessing though. When he was only in his mid 20s he was a truck driver delivering a load of bricks and the load accidently totally fell on him, leaving him paralyzed for over 40 years, having to live out his life in a convalescent hospital.

Rock: I found this wonderful artist who painted wonderful watercolors of orchids and other flowers. Sadly he's passed on. Gordon might enjoy looking at his work.

Granni: Hope all is well with you and your DH.

It will take me a few days to get used to this new format. I was on late last night and there was this porn guy on....didn't post anything, probably got busy with other things! And I see I joined over 16 years ago. I actually had joined even longer but so much was purged when they did away with the chit chat board and we had to fly the coop.
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Hi, Kids,

Turns out the tree trimmers are also doing the rest of the trees for the annual hurricane trim. It makes a mess but one of the guys came by and blew it all off our balcony. Saves my having to sweep it. Woo Hoo! It's 86 out and not as humid as yesterday. A nice day. I got the fridge cleaned out and one bag taken down to the dumpster. It's been a while since I've cleaned it and I haven't felt like cooking or even eating much so had a lot to get rid of. I took one bag down and got the mail. I can't take the other one down with the trimmers out front so will wait. Nothing that can't wait til the morning to take down. My new pillow covers look really nice on the sofa. I also got a refund check from the bank for overpaying my last mortgage payment. It's a whole 70 cents. I'm giddy just thinking where I'm gonna spend it.

Spring, yes, it is scary having kids the age of my DGS. MJ is legal in CO and so many of the kids in his school use it. He doesn't have any interest because he plays soccer. I hope he stays that way. Those Palazzo pants are so pretty and glamorous. Very chi-chi but I'd likely break my neck if I were to wear them. Heck, I'm likely to break my neck wearing shorts.

Duckie, it's so good to see you here. That was very scary about your Mom's infection. I hope she continues to improve. I had told the gang what you posted and let them know you were ok. Glad you're here 'in person' to post to everyone. Congratulations to you DS on getting his license. Come back soon.

Sun, yes, that's the condition I had in mind. Just couldn't remember the name. I'd gladly volunteer for anything that might help us.

I had to run to the condo at the end of the bldg. It's the one with the little boys. OMG! They are sooo cute I can hardly stand it. Guess it's good to hang out with people who aren't senior citizens once in a while. Don't know whether any of our Porchies are fans of The Big Bang Theory but the series finale is tomorrow night. I hate to see it go but the reruns are still great.

Again, hope all y'all are doing great.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks

Gave the cat some breakfast. Am going back to bed. I have a couple questions. Hanging in There aka Patti sent me a message. Can
anyone tell me how to respond? My efforts were non productive. I can't even remember my other question. Oh yeah. I can't interact with
the little button that spins. Don't have one. I think we had one a couple computers ago.

Sun, the orchid pics are super. I have a note here to remind me to tell Gordon when he comes upstairs.

Oh, I think my other question was Well, Ratbane. I forgot again. I'm starting to feel like Siegfried the Tiger man who was attacked by the
thing he loved. Maybe I'll be a little more functional later.

Duckie, great to see you back. I hope your Mom is improving. If you're in the neighborhood, drop in. I could use some tutoring
on the you know what.

Hugs all round
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