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Hi, Kids,

It's time for a new Porch and wanted to try out the upgraded system. So far, after getting used to it, it seems to work really well. Thank you, PH. This is a painting but looks just like the real thing.

Please go back to the last Porch to read the most recent posts.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE - Not sure I am doing this right. I thought it said there were 7 replies to the new volume. I don;t see any but yours MIKIE. Looks pretty easy but where are the other posts or maybe that was an error, that there were 7 posts on this new volume. Let me know if I need to do something MIKIE. I read some of the old posts on the last volume.

DUCKIE - So glad you popped in to let us know how you are doing and had not flown the coop. Glad you and your mom are doing better. How scary about your mom though. Glad she is doing much better and in the rehab center. Not sure if I want to congratulate you or your son on getting his license, That can be a scary time too, Seriously though, good luck to him and I am sure he is excited about that. Does he have an extra car or does he have to use yours once in awhile? We never got a car or lessons either till I was pretty old and married with kids. Kids get so much nowadays but sadly we didn;t musch, monetarily anyway. Good for him it is a milestone for sure.

JULIE - Try not to wear yourself out with all the cleaning out of your parents home. Always so much to do when there is a death. Speaking of death. A DIL of a good friend of mine contacted me to tell me that she had passed away about a week or so ago. We knew each other back in our old Houston neighborhood and sang in the same church choir. They were the first to move up here and then we did. Her husband passed away a few years ago and then she started have more problems which eventually turned into ALZ or dementia. Her dad divorced her mom for obvious reasons. She was also very sensitive to certain products and foods as well as med. I may have spoken to you about her some time ago. She used to use me as a sounding board shall we say and complain and about so many things in her life, some real and others not so sure. She grew up with her mom who was very reclusive. She had one brother who is now gone and their mom thought that he could do nothing wrong and she the other way around. Very long story. DD#2 and I hope to go to the funeral on Tuesday next week. Will miss the Rosary and go to the mass and maybe the lunch. Not sure it takes over 1/2 hr to get there and I have to be home early as our group is singing that afternoon. It is not at our church but another in the opposite direction.

SUN - YOu take it easy too a bit if you can busy lady. Hope you are feeling OP. Sorry if I missed so many posts lately.

MIKIE - I don't see a place for PH to notify me if others post to this thread. Is there a place to check or not now?

Hope this works and hope everyone is doing well.

Love to SW, ROCK, BARRY, STAR and all that I have missed,
Granni :)


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Hi guys...just have a second. Mowed with the rider, then Lindsey called and we talked for over half hour. I could only do part of the lane/ditch with the rider, so had to walk with the self-propelled up the lane...and mowed the whole front ditch and quite a bit of the lane by hand. Just came in to get a drink, change some of my clothes (I'm covered in grass clippings, lol) and will get back on the rider to finish out my "work day". Oh, I have three loads of clothes on the line that I'll have to get in before dark.

Not even sure what to fix for supper...this may be a "garden salad with chicken strips in it" night. Den has been working on the "treasures" in the barn and just came in to make himself a root beer float :)
Gonna take advantage of this dryer weather while we can.

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Lorraine is crazy over flamingos right now...I've found lots of things for her July birthday, and for Christmas with flamingos on them.

Granni, maybe it said this porch has had 7 views? I'm sorry to hear about your friend. We just never know when it's going to be "time", do we?

Duckie, glad to see you've posted...hope things continue to keep improving from here on out.

I'll check in again later...better get back to work. If I sit too long, I may not want to get back up. Take care, everyone!


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Hi Kids

Well, we'll see if old Betsey will start up. Mother had a friend who didn't drive during the winter. Her car just sat out in the backyard
all winter. Somehow it always started right up when Spring came. Now and then you'd hear people say, "I need to get an old Pontiac
like Phoebe Nelson. Durn thing always starts. "

Julie, A root beer float is good for the inner child. I used to make floats with whatever pop I could find in the fridge. That's why I'm so sparkly
now. I think the best TV show to see (plastic) flamingos is Mama's Family.

Mikie, do you ever have flamingos in your yard? I saw some nature program decades ago that said their salmon color comes from
eating a certain shrimp. Reminds me. Gave the kitty canned salmon for din din. Only gave her two teaspoons. She ate most, but
not all; well, not yet.

Duckie, glad to hear you "dropped in". People used to say that a lot when I was a yute. "Well, drop in when you're in the neighborhood."
I don't know how to navigate this modified board. I'll have to hunt around; see if I can find your post. Good luck to you son. Here's a
lesson about driving I learned the hard way. Just a tiny snowfall can make a highway really slippery.

Don't know how to make the font bigger.
Hugs Everydobby, Rock
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I'm up but not at 'em yet this morning. Just got out of the tub. Super exhausted today. Good thing there is nothing that absolutely has to get done today. After the tree trimmers left yesterday, I took that second bag of garbage to the dumpster. I like my new blue crab throw pillow covers that arrived. They look perfect on the sofa. Unfortunately, the guy who blew off our balcony didn't get the frog poop to budge so I still need to sweep out there. At least the bodies of the love bugs got blown away. Some poor little insects give their lives for what we call a one night stand. I watched the finale for Survivor last night. I'm satisfied with the winner. My favorite contestant, who didn't win the $million, did get $100,000. Tonight is the series finale of The Big Bang Theory. Also season finale for Young Sheldon. TV is my life.

Granni, I had forgotten about that feature. I don't see it either. Perhaps they did away with it. Were you using it? One thing I did notice is that the bright red color for text is gone. I'll miss that.

Julie, when we lived in CO and my younger DD was in high school, she had an old yellow VW Beetle convertible. She painted pink flamingos all over it. It was the ultimate party vehicle and the envy of all the other kids. She also had all kinds of flamingos in her room. Geez, hope you don't overdo it mowing so much.

Rock, my first car was an old Pontiac Chief that leaked tranny fluid faster than it used gas. I never see flamingos running around wild. They have them at zoos and nature preserves here. The roseate spoonbill also eats the pink shrimp that makes their feathers pink. It may be red krill that they eat--can't remember. Wonder whether, if we fed that to the kitties, their white fur would turn pink. If I were to eat enough, would it give my complexion a nice rosy glow? Ooh, ooh, new beauty product. If you click on the capital T with the up/down arrow in the bar at the top of your post, you can choose a font size. Just moving the cursor over each icon will tell you what they do before you click on them.

OK, gotta go but I'll be back.

Love, Mikie



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First order of business is to move Rock's most recent post over to this new porch...so easy to click on the wrong thread if it is the one that happens to pop up.


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47 minutes ago
Hi Folks

Gave the cat some breakfast. Am going back to bed. I have a couple questions. Hanging in There aka Patti sent me a message. Can
anyone tell me how to respond? My efforts were non productive. I can't even remember my other question. Oh yeah. I can't interact with
the little button that spins. Don't have one. I think we had one a couple computers ago.

Sun, the orchid pics are super. I have a note here to remind me to tell Gordon when he comes upstairs.

Oh, I think my other question was Well, Ratbane. I forgot again. I'm starting to feel like Siegfried the Tiger man who was attacked by the
thing he loved. Maybe I'll be a little more functional later.

Duckie, great to see you back. I hope your Mom is improving. If you're in the neighborhood, drop in. I could use some tutoring
on the you know what.

Hugs all round


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Good morning, friends! Den and I are both up...I fixed some steel cut oats for breakfast and he's headed to the shop already. I'm gonna sit here a bit with my coffee and my porch family...we each switch off between the desktop computer and the little Acer Chromebook.

Rock, I hope you've found this new porch...and that it was okay for me to move your post over here. Speaking of Siegfried...my Mama Kitty has had kittens somewhere in the cabin (the building we built for Amy and Keira's dad...we use it for storage now. There is a window that faces the "lean-to" that I keep open in order to avoid mold/mildew problems, etc...the lean-to roof keeps rain, etc. from getting in, but the cats can go back and forth because the screen got torn.)

Anyway, Mama is usually very sweet to me, but this time she's been a little "growly". Maybe because her "last year's" kittens are still hanging around? Anyway, she always puts her head down and wants me to pet her...I did so, yesterday...well, she BIT AND SCRATCHED me!!! :(:mad::eek: Just caught her at a bad time, I guess?

As far as reading messages on here now...when I'm logged in, I see a picture of an envelope at the top right of my screen. Click on that and it will go to the private messages and Patti's should be there.

Mikie, hope your energy improves as the day goes on. Oh, I do like Big Bang Theory...it's so funny! I don't actually care for many of the shows on "regular" TV, but that one is cute :p We watched the first Survivor show last night, so I knew who were in the final 3, but then we switched to Netflix. I'll have to look up to see who won.

I don't have a lot of news, but we did have something wonderful and exciting happen last evening. We've allowed our young Amish boy (well, he's probably around 20 now, lol) hunt deer, etc. on our property. This spring, he's hunted mushrooms a few times, but never found anything. Last night, he came to the house with a plastic bag, full of morel mushrooms! He offered some to us, so I took enough for a nice meal...and he still had plenty left for his family to enjoy.

Mushrooms are selling for $40-$50 per pound...I refuse to pay that much, lol! I'll soak them in some salt water, slice them in half lengthwise, then dip in beaten egg and flour and fry them in butter. Yum!

Time for me to get to work. I'll say "Hi" to everyone else...it's so nice out already that I feel guilty still being inside. Just have today and tomorrow to work outdoors, then Saturday is 100% rain. It's 73 degrees before 9:30 am and we are to get up to 84. Yay!!! Den's crew is pouring concrete tomorrow, so I'd better grab him to help with things today, lol! Take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Geez, this exhaustion is worse than I thought. I hope the supps get here fast and help. I snoozed a little off and on but it didn't help. Nada is going to get accomplished around here today.

Julie, thanks for moving Rock's post. Yes, it gets confusing especially when I'm trying to close one thread down and open another. So glad you are having some nice weather. Evidently they are in CO too. DD posted a pic of DGS's big reptile outside with her in the sun. She's a sweet natured lizard and everyone loves her. DGS named her Cornelius and, when he found out it was a female, he refused to acknowledge it but she is now called Corny. He's had her for years and she's still growing. When other DD lizard sits her while they are gone, she naps with Corny on her chest under a blanket. Wonder why Mama Kitty is so touchy. SV has days like that but he only nips gently. Once in a while though, his teeth will break the skin so it's not that gentle. That was so nice of your DN to bring the shrooms. Good neighbors are gold. Enjoy your sunny day.

Rock, do you have the two arrows to use to go forward or backward at the very top of your computer screen? They are there regardless of where you go. If you do, the circular refresh button is right next to them. Clicking on it refreshes the page. Julie is right; the little envelope button to the right of your name at the top of this page in the horizontal bar is for your messages. If you click on the Home button on the left side of the bar, you can see the list of all the forums and the new posts. The Chit Chat Forum always has the newest post to the right of its listing. I know this change is confusing so just play around to get oriented. Some things are new and some things have been moved around a bit but everything is basically the same. I'm still finding where things are too. Each time the site is updated, it seems so strange but, eventually, it becomes old hat.

I'm bored, whine, whine, whine! I feel lucky to be able to rest and relax when I'm not up to snuff but, after a while, it does get boring. I think some of this may be due to allergies because I have sinus headaches and a sore throat. Claudia's A/C stopped working yesterday. Her guy is coming out today. I hope he can fix it. Complete new systems are upward of $5,000. I offered for her to come over here but she said that, so far, the fans were helping to keep her cool. It's 83 degrees outside and mine is running. OK, gonna get off of here.

Love and hugs to everydobby,


Tree trimmers across the street.
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I don't know what the heck is happening, so am just screwing around trying to make some sense of the new format. We'll see how it goes.... So far, bad. Now how did I do that? I give up for now. I'll try a little later.

Okey dokey, artichokey. Maybe I've worked it out a little better now. We shall see how it goes....
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Good morning afternoon everyone!

Gonna sneak some time to put in a more newsy post.

DM is doing very well. We've been joking about how we've gotten "good" at going to the rehab facility. We made lists of everything that needed to be taken, etc. This time, though, DS decided not to stay at DM's house, but to drive over and take care of the cat. But because of the distance, I've asked a quilty friend of mine who happens to live a country block (about 2 miles) from my DM to go over 2 days out of 3. On the third day DS and I go over and clean the cat boxes, etc.

I may have posted this before; can't remember; but the other interesting thing to come out of all that is happened to my DM is that after she broke her hip in December, I ended up driving her Ford Escape for about 2 weeks. It made me realize just how much trouble I was having getting in and out of a standard vehicle. So I bought a 2018 hybrid Toyota Rav4. It's a beautiful teal blue color. I absolutely love it.

Granni - DS is actually a very good driver. I don't know if it's because I've already been through it once with my DD, but I've found I worry less about him. It could also be that he is a more cautious, thoughtful driver than my DD was. He has a car...my DM gifted him her 2002 Ford Escape when she bought a used 2016 one. It's a good car for him, it is in really good shape and only has 73K miles on it.

Sun - I've taken a high-speed spin through some of the older threads. I hope all is going well with you. Did you end up having surgery?

Julie - Momma animals can get so twitchy! Sorry you got bitten and scratched. Guess you'll just have to steer clear until the little ones grow up a little more. I'm glad Den is enjoying his retirement.

I've (of course) still been very busy quilting. I'm on a mission to reduce the number of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in my bunker. I finished 3 quilts in March, and 6 in April (granted, some just needed binding). I've finished 2 so far in May. The 2 I've done this month needed to be quilted and bound. One of them was a queen sized quilt headed to my nephew. The other was a small crib-sized quilt I piece 3 years ago that has just been waiting to be quilted. I'm pleased with how both turned out. I've also finished piecing one other top this month that I'm super thrilled with. Here's a picture of "Fireworks" which I completed in March (it's the black one with all the stars) and "Flight of Fancy 1" which is the one I just finished piecing.

Guess I'd better get back to work now. TTYL!

Hugz to Star, Spring, Rock, Barry (see you posted while I was here), Kim, Karen, Mikie, etc...


Hi, Kids,

Barry, I'm sorry you are having problems. Posting itself seems to be the same with just some of the icons in the bar looking a bit different. If I just float across them, they identify their functions. I know it's gonna be a bit and a few posts to get comfortable but enough is the same that we should be able to get through a couple of posts. After that, it should feel more comfortable. I was worried about the moderator functions because they are different but I figured it out, I think. I hope you do come back later.

I made some lemon pound cake yesterday in my bread machine. It's very tasty but, when I took it out of the pan, it crumbled so I guess it's crumb cake. In any case, I put it into a glass Pirex bowl and drizzled the lemon glaze on it. Mmmm! It's even better today and I don't care that it doesn't resemble a cake. I just took an allergy pill and my head is pounding. I hate to keep taking pain meds for it.

It's strange--when I just stand on the balcony and look across the street, the townhouses look so much larger than they appear in the photo. The cherry picker on this truck is bigger than the ones they have used in here in the past. Our coconut trees have grown pretty tall so it's likely necessary. The palms they are trimming in the photo aren't that tall.

Gonna go finish my decaf. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - thats a nice picture. i see you have overcast skies. Your lemon pound cake sounds just yum. i was addicted to Big Bang Theory at one time. No prizes for guessing who my favourite character was....Sheldon! He and his girls interactions made me double up. :D

Duckie - its nice to be confident about the person who is driving. im always a little wary about new drivers and get more confident as they chalk up more miles. My DS is more comfortable driving than my DD. Due to the traffic snarls, DD prefers taking the motorbike ride service to get places.

both your quilts are so attractive. i love those kinda prints and colours!

Julie - mushrooms cooked most ways are so delicious. i make a cauliflower, peas, tofu mushroom stir fry which is a nice change from my usual curries but my favourite wayto make itis mushroom curry with spices the indian/nepalese way. Smiling about about Lorraines flamingo infatuation, reminded me of when DS loved pigs. He would draw pigs with wings and write ‘pigs can fly’.

Granni - sad about the passing of your friend. One never gets used to hearing that sort of news.

Rock - your cat is picky about sardines! My dogs eat anything meaty in a trice. i give them their meals far apart so they can eat peacefully. Once when my DS was giving the then pups pedigree nuggets, he had scattered 5hem on the floor, the dogs went at them in such a frenzy, it got finished in two seconds...my DS exclaimed, “holy moly, theyre like damn piranhas”! and they were.

Today has just been one long day trying to finish as many chores as possible. i didnt even cook except for boiling the doggies some mince to mix into 5heir rice and lentils. also threw in some bottle gourd into mince. The vet had told us we must give 5hem fibre.

5he recent storm has broken a big branch off our mulberry tree. Lots of sparrows twittering around it, picking at fruit. They make a pretty picture when 5hey fly off in a group suddenly.
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Good afternoon Dear Porchies,

This will be short right now as DH needs the computer soon. I too will be trying to figure out all the new ways to scurry about the Porch and PH. I don't tae big changes to well but so far I guess I am doing OK or shall we say, not to bad. So far I am NO TO LOST, YEWet shopping with DH today to two grocery stores after going to get my thyroid blood labs done. Kept forgetting about it with DH's bladder problems. Need to see if the new meds are at the right strength. Had to change due to cost and not able to get the other I was on. Such a mess with these thyroid drugs..

SW - What a cute picture of that man and the penguin.. Thanks for posting it.

MIKIE - Thanks for the new volume and trying to keep up with all the new posts on this new setup. I love that crumb cake idea. It does sound yummy. To bad I gave away my break maker since we are not really supposed to eat much of it, both of us.

JULIE- You wear me out girl doing all you do, A salad sounds good with chicken strips on it . However, not sure about my DH, They always want more meat and would love potatoes if allowed to have it.. We usually have brown rice of some kind or sweet potatoes. DH isn;t thrilled will sweet potatoes but I like them and a are so healthy for you.

BARRY/ROCK - Hang in there with the new PH setup. I'm not the best either at new stuff but with practice we all should get used to it.

DUCKIE - I figured you were up to your ears in making quilts. They are so pretty and you are so talented. Glad your mom is doing better and your DS is a good driver. How nice of your DM to give him her old car. We did the same thing to our DGD years agao . However, she is now on her own and not sure if one of her brothers is using it to up at the university.

Gotta run, DH will be chomping at the bit to do his stock work.o_O Love to everydobby I did not mention.

Love you awl,
Granni :)
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Hi, Kids,

Been trying to keep my mind off how lousy I feel so decided to drop in again. Glad I did with the new posts.

Ducky, those quilts are beautiful, as usual. I like the way a dark background makes the colors pop. I love my old Highlander but if I ever have to get another one, I think I'd like the Rav4. The Highlander is so easy to get in and out of. Little sedans, not so much. I usually drive when my pals and I go somewhere. The love riding in mine because it's so comfortable and easy to get into and out of. Hope Mom continues to improve. I'm glad you are finding time to quilt.

Spring, thanks for posting the video about the little penguin. Sooo sweet. Animals are blessings in our lives. They are so loving. SV must have dragged his little bed out from under the coffee table to be closer to the glass sliding doors. A big crow put on quite a show for us yesterday. It is cloudy but the storm passed to the south of us. I was thinking about that guy up in the cherry picker in case of lightning. Have you ever watched Young Sheldon? It's funny in a different way. Chuck Lorre is the producer of both and he has done other really funny shows. Thanks again for warming my heart. These days, I need it.

Granni, I love the bread machine but don't use it often. Krusteaz no longer makes white bread mixes so, if I ever decide to make it, I'll have add the ingredients from scratch. It's not too bad because the machine does all the mixing, kneading, raising and baking. Saw a guy on TV talking about the legislature's doing something about the high cost of drugs. I was going to try Doxycycline but it had gone up to $125 a month. Evidently they are raising the cost of the old drugs that have gone generic just to make profits. He said Doxy has gone up 8,000 percent. Big Pharma is trying to rob us knowing that the govt. is going to put an end to it one of these days. Of course, they make contributions to the pols and have lobbyists on every corner in DC. Hope the med you are on now is working.

TV is issuing a severe thunderstorm warning for the county just south of us. They are saying to take shelter immediately. I love a good thunderstorm but not when it's severe. I always worry the lightning will start fires. It's been dry here and it could all go up in flames. PBS has a special on Tyrus Wong the artist who did the art for Disney's movie, Bambi. He went on to be an amazing artist for other projects, including greeting cards and pottery. Some of his work was commercial but he also painted for himself and made kites. If you saw his work, you would recognize him, especially the art for Christmas cards. His artwork is beautiful and he seemed to be a sweet man. I'll see whether I can find his work to post here. I love PBS!

Love to everydobby,

This isn't the best example of his Christmas card artwork but it does show his style. Some of the cards were beautiful. Also, he had different styles depending on what he was doing.

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Hi guys! I see there are a lot of new posts, but I'm just in for a minute to get a drink and check the chicken in the crock pot. Den's BFF, Fred, is here...and Den's boss is supposed to come out to go mushroom hunting. Den's taking a well deserved break from cleaning out the barn.

Thought I'd post a glamour shot, lol...or maybe something to keep the mice out of the attic? This is actually pretty good, compared to other times...thank goodness, I can't smell myself to well, lol!

Glad for the warmer weather, but it is now bordering on "too hot". Gonna mow a bit longer, then come in and fix our mushrooms...hope Den doesn't miss out, but what can I do if he's not here at suppertime ;):D

Anyway, I'll be back later...



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Spring:. I love that little video! Amazing that he keeps coming back to see the man who rescued him. Very smart bird.

Duckie: I see you're back into the quilting in between work troubles and mom in and out of rehab. They're both very striking. And I'm sure it's great having an extra driver around to fill in the gaps. My youngest son was always the cautious one, didn't get his DL until he was over 18, just didn't seem to feel the push for it like other kids. But he's a very good driver as is my DD but my oldest son! Eeeeegads......still scares me when I have to drive with him. I will never forget when he picked up my DD at her mobil home in his convertible....had the top down when they came driving into to our house. My mom had a "frozen" look on her face! Well, she had never been in a convertible but I'm sure he also drove fast.

And yes, I did have the 3rd surgery on April 12 then started chemo once a week....I just had #4 today. Praying all the cancer has been killed down there and won't ever come back again.

Barry: Hang in there.....the board just looks a little different but I think it all works the same.

Rock: Did you get rain? It must have come down harder during the night and I didn't even hear it because my little fountain was filled to the brim which gives me an idea of the amount of rain. Driving back from the clinic this afternoon there were the most gorgeous FLUFFY white clouds, looked just like oodles of whipped cream but when I got home the sky had turned dark again.

Granni: When does your DH go for his surgery report?

Mikie: I'm anxious for you to get that new supplement. Be sure to make daily notes.

Julie: Cute pic! Find anything really valuable in the barn yet?


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Big relief when I got up this morning--Joe's lights were on. Last evening all his lights were out but his car was there. I was worried he might be sick. He watches my lights too. We look out for one another. I'm just trying to hang in there with this exhaustion and my allergies. Supps should be here next week so I can start the lipid replacement therapy.

Julie, you look cute in your hat. Wish I could wear them but look awful in hats. Was watching P. Allen Smith on PBS and they were hunting morel mushrooms. They had a caution that they should always be cooked because eating them without cooking can cause 'mild poisoning.' I suspect there is nothing mild about it.

Sun, yes, I'll be keeping track of how I feel after I start the supps. Often things seem to make a big difference right away but over time, those benefits seem to wane. I'm hoping that will not be the case with this. The theory makes so much sense and the reviews on the supp are so good that I'm really hopeful. The reviews are on the page for the supp in the store here.

Rock, I just sent you a private message. It seems to have worked. You can click on the little envelope button next to your name at the upper right above to read it.

OK, gonna get going. Hope all y'all have a good one.

Love, Mikie
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Just dropping in to drop a news bomb...don't worry - a GOOD one! :cool:

We've been invited back to Carnegie Hall in 2021!!!! One of the pieces we sang was our conductor's "Music for Mass." They were so impressed with it that they have commissioned him to write an oratorio (a musical piece that tells a story, but without costumes or acting - think Handel's "The Messiah") about Ellis Island. And, they've invited us to come back and sing the world premier in 2021. So, it looks like I need to $tart $aving my money for another trip to New York!!


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Good morning, friends! 71 degrees...Den has gone to work and they plan to pour the floor of the new house today. I hear thunder, but hope the rain holds off...radar shows just a little bit, but maybe it will miss the job site and move on through the area. I will mow some more, if I can, but need to clean up the kitchen a bit first. Oreo, of course, is sticking very close to me...and not ready to go outside yet.

Duckie, that is great news about going back to New York! I understand about "getting good at going to rehab", lol! When Den's dad lived with us, he went to the local nursing home a few times...for just a few days at a time, when I went to Tennessee, etc. I made a "master list" and got pretty good at getting him packed with everything he could possibly need or want while away from home.

Mikie, glad Joe is okay. So nice you keep track of each other. Gpa's neighbors used to watch for him to put his flag out...if he hadn't done it by the usual time, they would call or go check on him. I hope the new supps help. I printed off the page where you explained it...just haven't taken the time to go do the research...maybe tomorrow when it rains and I have to stay inside. I wear long sleeves and one of Den's old hats when I'm working outside...the hat protects my hair color, lol...and the sleeves are to keep from getting scratched up or sunburned when I'm out and about the yard.

Sun, Den has been getting rid of a lot more "stuff" than I ever thought he would...I think he realizes that we probably aren't going to use a lot of things we have saved. The true "junk" is going in a dumpster that got left here several years ago...Den burns in there, then we have a guy lined up to come get any metal that is left over. Those "junkers" can make a living just selling that stuff by the pound, lol! He has uncovered some things that he thought were long gone, like a lathe that his dad gave him. And a big slate chalkboard (probably 3' X 5')...we're looking for a place to put it in the house so the kids can write and draw.

Granni, Den will eat salad a couple times a week. He doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, but will usually eat whatever I fix. He doesn't care for my favorite, taco salad, but I just usually fix him some other kind of salad or a sandwich, etc.

Spring, I watched the penguin video...I always find it amazing that animals can travel so far and can find their way back to an exact spot. I cooked half of the mushrooms last night and we ate them with roast chicken and green beans...oh my goodness, just heavenly! Maybe they are so special because we only find them in just the right weather conditions in the spring.

Star, thinking of you...stop by when you can.

Rock and Barry...hope the board gets easier to navigate for you. I thought some things had been removed, but I see they're at the top of each post now, instead of at the bottom.

Kim, anyone else I may have forgotten...hope things are okay.

I'd better get with the program...so much work, but have to pace myself. One of Amy's former classmates (newly divorced mom of five) has rented a cabin for the weekend and wants some of the "gang" to join her. I can watch the girls...our house is on the way...but Clinton's daughter hasn't had her baby yet and Amy doesn't want to be gone when that happens. So, depending...we may have Keira and Miley here for at least tomorrow. I'll be traveling to their town on Monday to see their first softball games. They have to go to school till June 4, due to snow days. Our local kids are done May 29 or 30, but the next town over is extended until June 12. They'll probably feel like they won't have much summer vacation at all...

Take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Hmmm, for some reason, I can't edit my last post. I've edited since the new updates so don't know why I can't do it now. Oh, it's letting me edit this because I just noticed Julie's and Duckie's posts and want to respond. I keep thinking today is Saturday. Doh! I dragged myself to the store; it was all I could do to get ready to go. Got some good stuff and made it home but I'm ready to drop.

I picked up my mail and there was a legal document that released the lien (mortgage) on the condo. Now I can get a clear title. Also got my property insurance bill for coverage on the inside of the condo and it is less than it cost last year. I'm surprised, considering all the disasters that have destroyed property in the country. In any case, it's good news.

Joe called earlier. He had fallen asleep early last evening so just went to bed. That's why I didn't see any lights over there. It's a big relief. As I was resting yesterday, I looked out and there was a red headed woodpecker on the slash pine tree just outside my lanai. We had been discussing woodpeckers here and, lo and behold, one appeared. I turned on PBS and there was one on the program. They're everywhere! The two little squirrels who, have a condo in the tree out front, were in the slash pine at the same time. I realized just what a variety of wildlife has enjoyed that one tree. I'm grateful every day for my home among the critters.

Duckie, that is amazing news. You guys must be really good! Do they video the performances? It's definitely time you got some good news. Thanks for sharing with our little family here. Good news for one of us is good news for all of us.

Julie, I think at some point in our lives, we are ready to let go of extra stuff we don't need or use. I'm at that point by my NRG isn't cooperating. Yes, I'm really excited about this new treatment and am hoping it helps. My exhaustion hasn't been this bad this long in ages. It's a good thing you and Den are so flexible with everything that's going on with your family right now. Hope it all works out perfectly for everyone. We have scavengers who roll through here looking for metal that people have put in the dumpster area. I'm all for it because they can make some money and it eliminates some waste.

Gonna read the paper I picked up and try to rest. Roomba can clean the carpet and, if I have the NRG, I'll clean the baths. They aren't that bad so no pressure. Hope all y'all are winding up the week in fine fetter.

Love, Mikie
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