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PORCH #1138 IS NOW CLOSED (6/10/19)



Hi, Kids,

Way past time for a new Porch. Please go back to read Sun's and Granni's posts on page three of the last Porch. I just woke from a deep, deep nap which I desperately needed. Between what ails me and the dentist grinding on my back tooth, I'm achy and exhausted but the nap helped.

I saw Mr. Duck this morning and he was hanging out with a little brown female duck. She had been hanging around the pond when he was mourning his mate. They both flew off together. I know animals can feel sympathy for one another and I'm glad he isn't alone.

Hope all y'all are having a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie - thank you for telling us about the little duck who is hanging out with the newly bereaved widower duck; it made my morning and the rest of my day. and will be something to smile over everytime i think about it. Noone nothing should have to be alone when theyre feeling heartsore. And the Lord above probably knows it.

glad to hear your dentists appointment is over. One thing done. Just brought back a memory of my childhood. A row of us little girls waiting outside dentists room, in a window seat outside our school hospital waiting for our turn, listening to the drill machine. Luckily the hospital was on top of a steep hill, and that window overlooked a garden with trees and shrubs and it was a bright sunny day with blue skies and puffy white clouds.

Sun - you seem to behaving an amazing trip, well at least your children and DGK are. and you minus the health upsets. So much nature to explore in Hawaii. i too wouldnt mind floating down on a raft inside a cave river, a la Harrison Ford Raiders ofthe Lost Ark type movie characters. exciting stuff. Different than roller coasters and jetskiing etc. which are exciting in themselves.

Barry - will be glad when Richard returns. At least he does go off on his jaunts fromtime to time. i wish you felt well enough to do the same. im sure you wouldhave your own take on all the different places you both would visit.

But if you didnt go, i guess where you live is plenty enough sightseeing of a stationery kind. Peaceful surroundings, clean fresh air, and enough flora fauna blooming and chirping to keep ones senses engaged.

Rock - red underlining means spelling mistake or wrong grammar, my space key does not work well soi often have those pop up. i turned off autocorrect and saved my self a lot of headache. Autocorrect is often ‘what the heck correct’. i hope Gordon feels better soon. Feels kinda not alright when he is having health issues. He always is running around doing things.

Have you been having rain? we have. in bits and pieces. Sporadic episodes but yet to feel 5he full force of monsoons. In the Indian cities lke Mumbai, the biggest metro, rainy season is viewed as a romantic season. People dont mind getting wet, respite from 110 plus temps, couples roaming around one huge black 7mbrella, eating freshly roasted corn on cobs from roadside sellers conducting 5heir business from little carts with makeshift coal ovens in them. odes have been written to the monsoons in Indian movies. and love lorn heroines dancing in a wet saree send male viewers into a frenzy of desire.
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Granni - i hope 5he meds you have clear up your skin itches. You seem to be pretty busy and on the move inspite of. How are your newly moved in dear children doing at 5heir new house?

i just went and reached 5he garbage sack to the road where 5hey collect 5hem. The man blows the whistle to signal his coming but it sends our dogs into overdrive barking mode. and scares them off.

yesterday i met my cousin and her friend at the supermarket. the friend and i studied in 5he same college in Darjeeling before i dropped out. she was 8n the Science section. i in Arts. The undisputed college beauty she was. although another girl won Miss Fresher 5hat year. i used to stare at her, not because i have lesbian tendencies but because she had such a pretty face and took great care to dress up.

however, she was a little 7nlucky in love. She came to Nepal around same time as i did. had a long affair with 5his loaded guy, son of awell known family, broke some things in his office after he refused to marry her, got married on the rebound to another person immediately, and after 15 years divorced him. Has two grown daughters. She was and still is 5he quintessential beautiful ditzy girl with 5he loving pure heart; she has always been a career woman and my cousin sis owns apparel shops.

i told 5hem how nice to see the two hanging out for so many years. over 30 years of friendship.

I found my hair look8ng so worn out brown, i chose a darker brown shade to colour it, the whole thing. Big mistake; it looks so artificial. Boo hoo! my DD and DH had a field day making fun. My DH told DD someone should buy me a kimono. because i had done my hair in a knot bun on top of my head as i went about my chores.

i was tryingto go as natural to my original hair colour as poss, but puh leese, this isnt it. Like a raven.

i see Stars footprints softly softly on the board. love to her, Duckie, Julie n all who have been absent awhile.

God bless
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Woke early but got a lot of good sleep last night. Hope it helps. I don't enjoy the dentist but am not afraid of it. I've had so much work done that it's kinda routine. I think I just don't like doing anything like that when I've been run down. No matter how much I relax in the chair, I feel the tension creeping into my shoulders. I'm still exhausted but it's over and I can rest up. Claudia got the FJ last night. I didn't have a clue.

Spring, such a nice post from you. I'm laughing about driving men to lust seeing women in the rain. Here, men go nuts over wet tee shirt contests, not that men need much to make them even lustier than they already are. We had a nice rain before I left for the dentist but it's now hit 'n miss. I love the way the rain makes everything so green in the summer. Our poinciana trees are blooming with bright orange splashes along the roads. Never did see the jacarandas in bloom so ours may bloom at a different time than those in CA. I'll bet you still look beautiful with your darker hair. It really is a problem finding just the right shade when we color our hair.

That little brown duck was hanging out at the far end of the pond watching everything as Claudia, Jeff and I were trying to help Mrs. Duck. It was so heartbreaking that, yes, it really was wonderful to see that Mr. Duck had her to help him. I'm so glad I saw that. I told Claudia about it and it eased her sorrow too. I need to let Jeff know because having to euthanize an animal is so hard on him. I would have broken down over it except that my PTSD from just having talked to my ex had numbed my emotions. It's how my mind protects me from my own sorrows. Glad it made your day too to know Mr. Duck is not alone.

I'll stop back in later. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Yes, work blew up again! (Ok, not literally, just figuratively.)

Finished 3 quilts.

DM's doing well, but DF-I-L was in the hospital with diverticulitis and a blood infection and a knee problem. Now in rehab for a bit. DM-I-L is having physical problems as well. Never rains but it pours.

Anyway, I'll stop back when I can.

Hugz, everybody!



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MIKIE - Thanks for the new PORCH. Nice to hear that your widower duck has found another mate. Very sweet ! DH is at his meeting and should be home very soon. Then a quick lunch and off to WM to do some much needed shopping for stuff we can't get at Sams Club. Sorry I can't stay l long.

SPRING - So nice to hear from you. I love when you write so descriptively !! Sorry your hair color did not turn out as intended. Yes, Men do usually like to poke fun at us don't they !!?? My DH can also drive me nuts with his teasing but don't tease him. Does that sound familiar ?

DH should be home any minute and I have to get lunch ready so we can run to the store.

SUN - Hope you are feeling better today so you can enjoy your vacation,,

Love to everydobby !! Hope to get back soon again. We hope to take our trip to the closer casino tomorrow for a short visit. It is just a day trip. Hope I win at least a little money.- ha ha !!

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Duckie, OMG! So good to see you here but sounds as though work and family illness are wreaking havoc with you and family. I'm so sorry. I hope everyone gets to feeling better. Let it pour blessings from now on.

Granni, it is strange with the ducks. He's a huge Muscovy duck and I'm not sure whether a rather small brown duck would be a mate for him. I've never seen a Muscovy with anything but another Muscovy. I wonder whether they are just friends. In any case, it broke my heart to think of him alone and seeing him with her was a big comfort. Maybe they are like Joe and me. :)

Just woke from one of those deep sleeps, too deep for my comfort. I woke feeling as though my blood were sludge and my brain mush. I think that kind of sleep is healing sleep and I must need it. I took my garbage down this morning and got my mail. No Rx and no battery operated toothbrush. They should be here any day now. That was my singular accomplishment. Well, my priority is to feel better and nothing will help more than some sleep.

SV was caterwaulling after he had his breakfast. Hard to believe the sounds that come out of that cat. That's how he would call out to Tweety after breakfast to get her to come and play. It's sad he still does that. If I were in charge, all critters would have mates and friends and no one would ever get old, sick or injured. Maybe in heaven...

OK, Kids, I'm off again. As always, I hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Granni: Some people can tease nicely and then there are others who tease "underhanded" if you get my meaning. I know one in particular who does it but can't take it back. Hope you win some $.

Duckie: Sorry about the blow up at work. I remember when it would happen to my DH after spending a lot of time on a project. But good you're still quilting like mad.

Star: Come back and post.....we miss you

Spring: If you're like me a few washings and the hair color starts coming out. Maybe do a red over it now.....I think you said you've had red highlights before. Yes, some girls are VERY lucky and are born beautiful and retain it thru the years.

Mikie: Did I ever tell you I'm dental phobic? Came from having my mouth glued shut years ago from a dental trainee which then brought on dislocated jaw and now TMJ. So whenever someone mentions "dentist' I get anxiety.

Two more days and then we fly home. Mixed feelings about it. I've had some bad fatigue/pain times but had to push thru. Yesterday I went with the family to other side of the island where it is more like Kauai.....a thick jungle. They had a good time ziplining thru the jungle. My DD and I drove back to the only "town' where we putzed around. Going back to pick them up I opted to sit by the side of the rutted steep road and wait for them......those kind of roads do a terrible # on my neck and back. So......I poked around in the foliage and found some ferns I had never seen before.....so....I yanked them out. But apparently I would have them taken away from me at the airport and pay a fine so guess I'll just maybe plant them at the condo complex. And I shoved the ferns in my purse. Driving back I opened it and shut it quickly....there was a large green insect I had also shoved in my purse.....a katydid I think. When we got to the restaurant I opened the purse and released him.


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Greetings awl,

Just popping in before I have to start slicing the onions for the liver and onions and then preparing the liver. I don't mind eating it but it is such a mess to do and so much clean up. So I need to start this project early. DH loves it and I really don't mind eating it but wish someone else would ddo the preparing and cooking. Once in awhile I would cook it for my family when they were all home. Not all were a fan :rolleyes::p!! I haven't made it in so long and DH was wanting it so bad so I finally gave in.

SUN - I don't blame you for being dentaphobic or whatever you want to call it after that inexperienced tech glued your mouth shut. How awful that must have been. How long did it take to unglue it??? How funny that you ended up with a big in your purse. Glad you got to let him go at the restaurant.

DUCKIE - Glad you got to poop in for a minute and sorry about the blow up at work. I know that is not always fun, for sure.

Sorry awl, I need to run and start cutting my onions. I know you are all thrilled about liver and onions - he he !!

Love you AWL,


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Hi Kids

It's midnight here even though I am not in the land of the midnight sun. Gordon, Henry and Kitty (presumably) are
all asleep.

Granni, I agree with DH. Liver and onions are very tasty. Never had a chance to try same until I was middle aged and
visited my Forest Ranger Brother. He fixed liver and onions and bacon. After I tried it I wondered why so many
people used to speak badly of it. Hope you have a good day at the casino. When I lived in Las Vegas I seldom
gambled and never won any significant amount of money. Didn't loose any either.

Sun, have never seen a katydid. Looked 'em up. They look pretty much like grasshoppers. Their antenna are
longer than their bodies. They live in the S. part of our country. Wonder why I've never seen any around here. I
assume you released l your captive outside the restaurant, yes? Hard to imagine, but the info on katydids
said their "song" sounded like their name. I hope the trip isn't being too hard on your back.

Mikie, I believe the ever inventive Henry Ford created the first power toothbrush. It was very successful at first, but
it's popularity waned when folks found out you had to lean over the Model T engine and attach the brush to the fan belt.

I wish Mr and Mrs Muscovy the best of luck. (or c luck.) BTW I looked musovies up. Some sites say they are actually
a goose. Well, a lot of things in this life are not what they are quacked up to be

Duckie, Good to see you back. I hope your in-laws are soon recovered. Gordon has two quilts that have rips in
them; 6-7 inches long. Got any tip for rips that I can pass along?

Hugs, Rock


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Geez, I hope I have more NRG today. Last two days, I've slept a lot. Also hope I can eat better. Appetite is way off. I want food but nothing appeals to me. All this talk of liver and onions isn't helping. AACCKK!! DOF called last evening. He's like me, always hoping the docs can find something to help. They injected his shoulder and it helped but injecting his hip didn't. He still has pain radiating down his leg to his knee. I told him a joke that he liked; it was good to hear him laugh.

Sun, I was thinking of you and what happened as they put the caulk like gunk in my mouth. I think the stuff they use now is much better. No problem releasing. I'd be up for ziplining if I were up to it. Sounds like great fun. Hope you enjoy the last days of your trip.

Granni, hope you enjoyed your liver and onions. Tried it once and never again. I used to buy liver for my cats and they ate it raw. Cooking and prep are even worse when one lives along. Hardly seems worth the effort.

Rock, Mrs. Muscovy Duck was the one who died. Mr. Muscovy Duck took up with a much younger and smaller brown duck. Can she be considered Mrs. Muscovy? He's dating across specie lines. As I said, maybe they are just friends like Joe and me. In any case, he's not alone and I'm so glad of that. Poor guy. So that's how the first power toothbrushes worked. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me. I hope my new one arrives soon. I don't mind powering my own brush but the power brushes do a better job. Pretty soon everything will be automated. Alexa, brush my teeth.

Nothing on my agenda today but I do hope I feel up to doing a bit of cleaning and decluttering. Or, as the Swedes say, Death Cleaning. The A/C is already running at 6:00 in the morning. Reminds me, I need to have the A/C man out to check it for routine maintenance. I think it helps to keep the unit running longer. I hope so cause they cost an arm and a leg. From what I've heard on the news, it's really hot in CA. Hope all y'all get some relief.

Have a great day, everydobby.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just ordered a top that appears to be exactly what I want. If it is, I'll order more. I know some of us have sworn off ordering clothing online but I had to try once more. At the end of my ordering, I was asked whether I wanted to join their VIP club and get a $15 coupon off my next order. Nothing was said about a fee. After I filled it out, I was notified that $1.99 would come off the credit card I had used for the first month and then $14.99 a month after that. Say what! I can cancel any time so will do that before the first month is up. There are a lot of benefits to it but only if one buys a lot. If I like the top, I'll order in other colors and then cancel the membership. These places have gotten sooo sneaky. I looked on Amazon but there are 400 pages of tops and none on the first four pages where anything I'd wear. I was just talking with the receptionist at the dentist about how hard it is to find clothes for older women. I remember my Mom's saying that but I didn't pay much attention back then. I just figured she was too picky. I hope I like this new top.
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rock: you're at the top of your witty remarks today! Must have been all that extra sleep. I LOVE liver and onions, at least the way I fix it. Cook some bacon, remove then cook the onions, then the floured liver, then add a splash of brandy for a few minutes at the end that gives it a wonderful flavor and smell. I bought some sliced frozen liver a few months ago, and I still have some left in the freezer. Guess I'll have to fix it. It's good for you. Do you remember Jack Lalanne? My mom would watch him on TV, exercising with him, and he said he gave his little baby son raw liver.

mikie; who did you buy from....was it from China. That company that screwed me were very sneaky. I found a $1.99 out of country charge, but you know all the things I bought were bad quality. I never did return the pants locally, figured I would just let Visa handle it all. Haven't heard anything from my bank aside from that a file was opened. About me getting my mouth glued shut....I think the idiot trainee must have set the timer for 30 min. instead of 3 so it was tightly glued. My kids told me i should sue the dentist but i would have had big time anxiety from a lawsuit. i suffered BIG TIME for over 6 mos. the pain would hit me out of the blue either in my head, or my jaw or my cheeks. I can't believe I was able to keep working that whole time. Sometimes at home i would cover my entire head with ice packs and try to sleep it off.

If my body isn't in the condition it is, I would be doing more than just observing. I'm going with them this morning, hoping we can see my SIL and DGD parasail. My DGD said she's got a "bucket list" of things she wants to do. we went to the beach yesterday for a couple of hours, and were going to go out for dinner when we got home, but I had a glass of wine and was reading.....enjoying my book, and just didn't want to eat. sounds crazy, but I'm really sick of going out to eat. My DD likes to go to all "the places" to eat, and I'm just sick of EATING.......so I stayed home as did my DGS and ate some leftovers in the frig.


Hi, Kids,

Joe came over for a bit. He wanted me to take his BP with my machine. His BP has been high but he ate some really salty processed food. He will be OK. I have felt a bit shaky so decided to watch a movie and get involved in something other than myself. I watched Death Wish with Bruce Willis. Of course, anything with him in it is going to be a shoot 'em up thriller but it got my mind off of me. I've noticed that aging stars are playing parts that are much younger than their ages. He is 64 and was playing the part of a dad with an 18 year old girl. It's possible but not probable. He looks his age. I've been using the Calm App on my phone to try to relax. It's got a lake with sounds of water on the shore, a lake with quieter water but with birds chirping and the rain falling like in the ad on TV. The app is free unless you want more features. The free sounds are all I need to relax to.

Sun, if I felt like I do right now, I wouldn't want to go zip lining either but, if I were up to it, I'd love to do it. I went parasailing in Mexico and it was great. I used to want to go sky diving but no longer want to do it. The only thing left on my bucket list is to travel to Italy but doubt I'll do it. It's not that big of a deal. I've done everything else I wanted to do. I would imagine the top I bought will be made in China. I'm waiting to see whether it is sent directly from China. The other top I bought was sent from there but I like it. If this one is what I want, I'll order several more. It's just a boat neck 3/4 length sleeve tee top. I got a teal and white print. I'll order a black one and a navy and white striped one if the first one is OK. I just want a few new things to take to CO.

I would imagine your TMJ problems all stem from that horrible experience at the dentist. That was gross malpractice. I think this dentist is good and his assistant is excellent. He took over from the old dentist about a year ago. When my ex would travel on business trips and I went with him, I would get sick of eating out and just wanted to get home to have a PB&J sandwich with the kids. All this talk of food is making me hungry. I have things in the fridge so think I'll go fix something. As always, hope you are enjoying the trip. I'm sure it will feel good to come home too. Who is taking care of Clare?

SV is finally sacked out in his little bed. He's been very needy today and I've had to hold him like a baby twice. He is starting to age. He just doesn't look like a young cat anymore. He is getting more white hairs in the black fur on his back. I call him my Silver Back. I don't want to see him get old. Heck, I don't want to see me get old either but that ship has sailed. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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my cleaning lady is coming in several times to clean her boxes....3 of them.....and make sure she's got food and fresh water. I've left her before and she's fine. She sleeps most of the day when I'm home, gets up several times to eat and then sleeps more. She goes from window to window to look out and that's her life......she's 13.

Years ago i got 2 boat neck/3/4 sleeves from Nordstrom.....still have them. My favorite T is long in front and back and goes up on the sides. And a deep V in front and back. And I really liked the Tshirts from Target but they redid the store a few months ago and dropped all their clothing lines and got some new ones. There's hardly anything to choose from anymore. That's why I was tempted to order online.....never again unless it's thru amazon.

I'm burnt from the sun so I'm going to stay home and paint while they go to the beach. They've got reservations for dinner so I'll just veg until then.


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Hi Kids, it's 2 AM here. Been up most of the night, of course. Saw a TV show about game wardens enforcing the law
in Maine. There are lots of c lasses about gun safety, water safety, etc. but most people don't want to take them. Many
of them have been hunting with their Dad and Unc les, for years. Think they know about hunting already. Most of them
do, but they frequently don't about laws they need to follow.

Remember about 10-12 years back? Some Republican politicians were hunting quail on one of those huge Texas ranches. Vice President Dick Chaney shot a fellow hunter who was also an attorney. The fish and Game Dept was inundated with
phone calls asking, "How much is a license to shoot a Republican Attorney?"

BTW. I suspect the calls to the Fish and Game people is a joke. Also, the reports at the time said Dick Cheney was not
at fault.

Sunflower, I used to have a boat neck shirt. My mother told me the French name was Bateau. It was blue and white.
Seems to me almost all such shirts are blue and white stripes. I'd like to have that shirt back. Also my youth and
health. Well, who wouldn't?

Speaking of necklines, Gordon was looking at QVC today when I passed by. He pointed out what may be the
worst neckline in history. One of the models was wearing a perfect fine dress except for the neckline which looked
at though she had been mugged and the attacker had grabbed her dress and yanked the neckline off to the side.
I kept expecting her to fall sideways.

Mikie, were you speaking of a teal color or a teal duck? Do you have teal ducks in your menagerie? They are almost
as colorful as wood ducks. You think they wish they wood be? If it were possible I'd post pics. I wanted a PB
sammich tonight, but couldn't find the creamy kind. You can't chew peanuts if you have only 5 teeth. I found two
jars of the nutty kind.

I have no bucket list. I did have some sorta vague ideas like teaching one class at a small college near my home town,
but that was when I was still healthy. I wonder how many people really have such list and are working on it. Reminds
me of a kids' joke. Big bucket to smaller bucket: "You look a little pail."

Well, now it's after 3 AM. Guess I'll retire again.

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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Slept almost eight hours last night but SV bugged me nonstop for most of the last hour. I had awakened about midnight with a headache and went to the kitchen to grab an ice pack for my head. I gave him a couple of treats then. He lives for them. The headache is still with me and I can't figure out whether it's sinus or tension or both. I had felt a bit anxious last evening. I get that when I've not felt well and been lolling around. Claudia and I both got the FJ question last night but not before the end of the music. We got it before the right answer was announced so it counted. The answer was, Viewmaster, the little red things we would look through at round cardboard pieces that contained slides. I could see it in my mind but it took forever for it to get to my brain.

Sun, SV is slowing down and sleeps most of the day but that's normal for cats. I think I will leave his little fountain plugged in while I'm gone. He's been using it more and more. Claudia will check on him and feed him his wet food each day. Joe will also stop by. Wow, three boxes. Miss Clair is living in luxury. I guess we aren't the only ones who have problems finding tops. I once read that Jackie Kennedy did too and, when she found one she liked, she would buy it in a bunch of different colors. The top I ordered is so classic that I think I could wear it in a different color every day and no one would notice. Hope you enjoyed your dinner last evening.

Rock, you're still the King of Puns and other humor. The reason Cheney wasn't held responsible is because the guy he shot said he had stepped into the line of fire. Never mind that Cheney wasn't hunting in a responsible and safe manner. I remember all those jokes. Richard and I were at an outdoor firing range and left because it wasn't safe. One guy was loading his gun in a careless manner. I think our rangers here are good. Jeff, who took care of the duck, is the head ranger at a nature preserve here. It's a big and thankless job. I don't know much about ducks 'cept for the Muscovys that are so unusual that they stand out. Our regular ducks are smaller and brown with the males' having a purplish iridescent band around their necks. A mamma duck had seven chicks that Joe and I saw one day. We didn't see them after that. The little female duck that Mr. Muscovy took off with doesn't look full grown to me. She's small. A May/December relationship.

Pot is also on my bucket list when it's finally legal for recreational use. I could get it now but it costs an arm and a leg to see mercenary doctor to get the scrip. He keeps people coming back and it's $300 for office visits which aren't covered by ins. Regular docs don't want to prescribe it. So, there's pot on my bucket list so I don't turn into a basket case. I may indulge in CO. I bet you looked dashing in your tee shirt. Remember the French dance where a guy wears one of those, a beret and a bandanna around his neck? He throws a woman around on the floor. Yes, those shirts were usually blue and white striped. There's a funny romantic comedy movie called, French Kiss that you might enjoy.

OK, gotta go take something for this headache. It's getting worse. GAACCKK! Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Folks

Am waiting for Gordon to pick up his car at the garage and test drive it. It's been about two weeks without a car.
But Henry's is in good condition. So we've managed. Just tried to send a message. As soon as I type a name in the
"To whom" box the name vanishes. GAACK!

Mikie, were you talking about an apache dance? As zee French do? Also Lucy and Fred. Sun, after I posted
about zee Boat neck shirt I got 3 pics of same on my home page. The models looked very good. Much like
me back in those day. Young, blond, slim, healthy. Only discrepancy was that they were all female.

Gotta go. Gordon should be back soon (Unless something falls off the car) and will need help. He plans to pick
up groceries.

All for the nonce
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Hi, Kids,

Good grief. Woke up a bit ago from one of those deep naps that leave me feeling as though I just woke from a coma. I don't know what's going on but it's as though I've regressed to some point back when I first got sick. My IBS was rearing its ugly head and the Whatever Virus is as well. Whine, whine, whine! Had planned on taking a shower and trimming my hair. I took a bath instead and went to sleep. Thank God I can rest when I'm sick.

Rock, that dance was in a lot of shows on TV in the 50's for some reason. It was intriguing. Back then, all things French were of interest. According to references, it was taken from the American Apache Indians but I've never seen it as anything but a French street dance. Two weeks is a long time to be without a car. Glad you have another to use in the meantime. Claudia's old Chevy Blazer gave up the ghost but Nancy is still driving her old GMC SUV and I try to keep my old Highlander going. Claudia got a new Kia Soul, a very cute little car. While I was asleep, SV barfed on the carpet. He's shedding so much that his fur gets stuck and he hocks it back up. It was a big mess to clean up. Cats will always head for the carpet to barf instead of doing it on the tile floor. Go figure! Hope Miss Kitty is well and happy.

Wish I had something more exciting to post about but, alas, nothing happens when one sleeps all the time.

Love, Mikie
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It is so hot...and muggy. not conducive to going out or even doing chores.

Mikie - i heard Princess Dianas fiancee Dodi used to gift her a clothing item she liked in all the different colours they came in..a cashmere sweater was one of those.

i like the sound of your classic shirt. sounds like something i could use. i bought some very cotton cotton pants to beat the heat but find im short of cottony tops. i went adventurous and bought a floral tiny print, pink bohemian top. but it has yet to get an outing.

i thought Meg Ryan in French Kiss had the most beautiful pairs of eyes i ever saw. Clear, blue, big, childlike.

Rock - hmmm...what a beauty you must have been during your young days. Good thing i never saw you, otherwise i mightve fallen head over heels. .:D that neckline slipping sideways you mentioned was all the rage here a year ago. Pretty young Nepalese tripping around baring a dainty brown neck and shoulders. Now its off shoulder fashion, or whatever its called, the blouses hang off both the shoulders around the arms.

i found this...


looks like something with natural airconditioning...maybe i should give it a try:rolleyes:

My DDs friends parents have an electric run car; supposed to help with the environment. Our country does need to clean up the air in this city. The tax on importing cars is 300 percent. i know, mind boggling. but on these cars its 40 percent. an incentive to use environment friendly vehicles.

Sun - when i go out to a wedding reception or a event, i always come back and eat a little more of my home cooked food. i nibble at outside food but i think my stomach tells me homecooked is best for it. They cook really spicy out here.

My dogs dont like it one bit when i go out. Naughty rescue is left outside the house but inside the gate to run around and release his nervous energy. The others are kept in but the youngerones often find something to rip up, a magazine, a sock. once i came home to find the cotton quilt and the whole bedsheet from our bedroom dragged out and in the corridor.
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Just answered an e mail from my brother the Forest Ranger. He almost never says a word about his health. I
always ask, but it's worse than hollering in some caves. Not only no reply, not even an echo.

Spring, Gordon got his car back today. Is working fine for the nonce. We don't know the cost because the mechanic
said, "Haven't figured it out yet." Gordon says the car is working fine except (there's always an "except") now the air conditioner doesn't work. Ay yi yi ! I can't figure out if the pic you posted shows a garment with transparent panels
or lots of skin. Nice shade of blue though. Somewhat akin to my Norwegian eyes. (Now that I think about it,
they may have turned gray. I never bother to look.)

Mikie, the reason cats never barf on the tile is that they don't want to mar its shine. Read about a book in the latest Daedalus catalogue. Should interest an aviator such as you. "The Women Who Flew For Hitler." By Clare Mulley;
Published 2017 One of the women wanted to fly Hitler to safety when the war was clearly lost. The other supported
the most famous attack on his life.

Sun, hope you had a nice dinner Wednesday. When we were in Hawaii there were people handing out coupons for luaus on the beach. Looked at an ad on the computer just now.. Over a hundred bucks for two adults and a kid. We did not
go to a luau, but we did see a program with lots of dancing. Several dances were done by men twirling fire sticks.

I still can't send a private message. Gordon picks tomatoes every day. The cat seems just fine. I sometimes see her sleeping in or next to her new house.

Aloha, Friends.
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