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PORCH #1141 IS NOW CLOSED (6/29/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Just turned on the news and found out about this strong earthquake. Looks as though it's east of Bakersfield. Hope none of our Porchies or PH folks got any damage. News isn't showing how far it was felt. I finished installing the new pulls on the kitchen cabinets. It was risky business because I was very shaky on that stepstool. I still have to fix two of them that are a bit crooked due to the original installation but have to plug in my drill and charge it up. I'm still in pain and feeling sooo exhausted that I won't get anything else done. I did manage to load the DW but won't unload it til tomorrow. I did a load of laundry too. People are at the pool with their drinks lined up along the edge. That's against the rules. Don't think anyone reads them or heeds them. Health dept could shut it down. Just hope they don't stay after dark.

Sun, if holding books is a problem you might like a Kindle, especially one of the lightweight ones. The print can be enlarged and that really helps my eyes not to get tired. Yes, sex sells. Personally, I think that, and Jamie, is the reason those Outlander books have such a big following. There is a web page and all the women go nuts over him. I do like the premise of time travel and the historical background. I have some painful points just under my arms and a bit to the back. If I put pressure on them and breathe deeply, they ease up. I found them when massaging my lymph nodes. Sorry to hear about your friend's sister. If it were me, I'd forego the chemo too

Rock, just read the update at the end of your post. News says it's the Little Lake Fault. I don't know nothin' about CA earthquakes and faults; I just hope all y'all are OK with no damage. Home video from LA shows water in a pool sloshing around. The only thing that comes down to my knees are my boobs and my tutu wearing days are long gone. It ain't a pretty picture. Getting old sucks!

Granni, yes, I wish we could all get together for a cookout or BBQ. It's hot 'n humid here too--94 degrees out right now. I'll watch the fireworks on TV and will probably fall asleep before they even start. The biggest thing I'm looking forward to today is a soak in the tub. I've got almost no appetite today. Even SV seems sluggish. Hope you enjoy your burgers.

Barry, I don't know what's going on with that post that disappears and is reposted every day but I'm keeping an eye on it. Once I removed the commercial URL, there was noting left that was spammy in the content. Thanks for your help.

Think I'll go read. Hope all y'all enjoy whatever plans you have.

Love, Mikie
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