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PORCH #1142 IS NOW CLOSED (JULY 4, 2019)

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Mikie - i missed where Sun wished you Happy Birthday. Sorry. Many Happy Returns for a most wonderful person, mother, friend...tried to post a card but the computer is acting huffy again.

God bless


Good Grief!

Been trying to adjust those cabinet pulls that are off kilter. I can't just go in there and hog out the holes. They can't be any larger than the tolerance of the pull around the screw hole, about 1/16 of an inch. I love the bubble level on my phone face but it keeps going away, replaced by another screen with some stupid message and I can't get it back. Only way is to delete it and download it again. I have an actual small bubble level but don't know where it is. Oy! Once I rout out the maximum, I have been going to the other hole and enlarging it the other direction to get them to align. It's not off enough so the eye can see it. I'd like to throttle whoever drilled them in the first place.

Yowie, I just had something like a bolt of lightning go through my right eye. That is what happened to Barb before the blood clot wedged in her eye and blinded her. I'm hoping this is just an ocular migraine. Doesn't help that the keyboard is extra squirrelly right now.

Barry, I see your footprints. I hope you are doing better. Let us know how it's going.

Spring, thank you so very much for such a beautiful birthday wish. You are so sweet and I am blessed to have a friend like you. I fixed the problem for you. What a pretty 'card.' Hope that is OK. Images can be tricky. I usually find the one I want and save it. Then, I open it in the post instead of bothering with the URL.

Sun, yes, we love our kids and want to do the best for them. Then they turn on us and we have to stop and let them figure out things for themselves. It's in their nature as kids but, for our own sanity and physical health, we can't just keep doing it. The real problem is husbands, or wives, who haven't grown up themselves. Many men our age seem to regard women as June Cleaver. It's how they were raised. Heck, I regarded myself as June Cleaver for years. I loved being a wife and mother but there is more to living than that for me. I'm only speaking for myself here because being a wife and mother is a full-time job and can be very fulfilling. It is probably the most important job in the world and we don't get enough credit for it. I got married too young and still had things I wanted to do so, when life handed me lemons, I made lemonade. I went back to college, graduated and got a job. As I've always said, I'd rather the marriage had worked out but it didn't and I had to fend for myself. Doing that has been challenging but also fulfilling. I'm drinking the lemonade (not Kool Aid). ;)

Rock, the pic is the wheel of the Zodiac. Just wanted something to get our Porchies' attention if they want to give us their birthdays. I found the pic kinda mystical and exciting. I love anything about astronomy and astrology. I wouldn't change my birthday for anything but it's a good idea for those who would like to do it. You can relieve your computer anxiety by spending $200 for a Chromebook. Well, maybe not completely because Chrome is a tad different from Microsoft but the differences aren't a big deal. This keyboard is squirrelly but so are the ones on the other new laptops. I've not met anyone who didn't like his or her Chromebook. DSIL has had one for years and the guys at Best Buy spoke very highly of them. They could have tried to sell me a much more expensive computer. I see a lot of similarities between you and me, especially our love of puns and I would have pegged you as another Cancer. Joe is a Capricorn and I would never have guessed he is that sign. I need to check to see what his moon sign and rising sign are. Something is influencing him besides being a goat. Well, we do butt heads.

Gotta get back to adjusting those pulls. I'm almost done but had to quit as my back was aching. This thing has taken a lot of time and my NRG but it needed to be done. No use having nice new pulls that look like crap because they are crooked. I shouldn't be trying to do it when I feel like this. I think the problem in my jaw and lymph node is better. At least, I hope so. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

Love, Mikie

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Hi guys...get to work inside the rest of the day because my mower threw the belt that runs the three blades...darn, lol! Trying to be more "social" so decided to pop in again, even though I may get caught in the door.

Mikie, I hope the stab of lightening isn't anything serious.

Good news...this is the second day in a row that I haven't felt like I needed a nap (lie down or fall down, as Mikie says.) I'm going to attribute it to upping my water intake. Even though I realize how important water is, I ordered another copy of a book I used to have (but may have misplaced, loaned, given away?) called "The Body's Many Cries For Water". I can't pronounce the author's name, but he is (deceased now) Dr. Batmanghelidg. I just want a visual reminder to turn to.

Sun, I meant to mention how funny you and DGD are...hope the practical joke goes great!

I'll really try to be back to visit more, but just wanted to answer Mikie's questions. Yes, Amy's family came the afternoon/evening of my birthday. They bought a grill for me, but I picked it up at our local store and had Den put it together. When the kids got here, Clinton cooked all the meat (brat burgers, beer brats, hot dogs, hamburgers) and I had side dishes ready to round out the meal. Planned extra so Amy would have leftovers to take for her lunches and they could add to their nightly meal at home. I made things easy on Den, as far as gifts...mentioned some things I'd like to have, then ordered them myself. Works for us...my love language isn't "gifts" so I really don't care so much about receiving them. I do, however, love to give, lol! With Grandpa's money ;)

As for "pampering myself"...that's what this week is about. Ever since April 7, when my dad died, I have been on the go (getting ready for the funeral and unexpected visit from my brother and his wife from Texas, then several week of trying to get ready for Father's Day family dinner, brother from Texas ending up being here by himself for two more weeks, Lindsey and kids here one week, taking them home...then two week of some sort of intestinal junk which finally let up towards the end of last week.) So, this week is now "all for me", lol! Pampering myself by eating right, hydrating myself, focusing on regularly exercising, only having to fix suppers since Den is working every day (I make a smoothie the night before, for his breakfast...and pack his lunch.)

I feel like I'm on vacation, lololol! And I get to do my own work around the yard and house and not have to worry about anyone else's schedule, etc. Speaking of...back to work. Take care, everyone!


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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

Glad to see you popped in JULIE. You need to take some time to rest if that is at all possible. You have had so much stress going on in your life lately or the past few months or so. and beyond. Luckily all you children are all grown up and doing the right things with their own.. YES, the same as ROCK - your birth year was the same as our graduating from HS.


ROCK - Hang in there with your computer. Yes, maybe it is time to :Dreplace it with another one?.

MIKIE - My birthday for you list is Oct 18th, don't think you need or want my year :D o_O!!! Yes, raising teenagers has never been easy but nowadays I think it may even be worse. The kids are brought up to think the world is for them to do what they want. I remember growing up we also thought our parents knew nothing and we knew everything but things sure change as you get older. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Hard for me to keep track even with my family.

SUN - You are right about DH's they seem to gloss over the fact you have had all these problems with pain and lack of NRG but then again I don't walk around talking about it all the time. With my DH, you always know how he feels cause he tells you (me) all the time. Guess that is the only child syndrome talking again. You are also right about the stress in an earlier life causing all or most of our problems.

STAR - Thanks for your post and I really feel for you dear girl. Yes, they are happy as long as you are serving them in some way but then they also seem to forget all you are doing for them when they aren't happy for whatever reason. Yes, spoiled I guess you would say but so many teens have that syndrome some more than others. Hopefully your children will come to realize all this sooner rather than later. I only really had one teen out of five I wanted to strangle for the most part, as a teen and she was the one with mental and addiction problems as an adult but most was her doings, keeping the wrong company and making the wrong choices. We can only do and say so much other than lock them in a closet or something for awhile LOL.. I know you feel like doing that sometimes but never would.

I do understand how you feel when the kids say and do these things to you. I remember when mine was giving me so much grief and staying up to all hours waiting for her to come in and trying not to say to much to DH as he would just make things worse. Luckily my girls and son are now in their 40's and 50's and they understand but teens are rather always looking for their own pleasures. Hang in there sweetie. I know it is hard to be patient when you are full of pain and lack the NRG to do all for your kids. Maybe if you went on strike a little bit they might start to understand. Yes, being compared to a friends mother is certainly not making you feel any better but then she is probably not ill with chronic conditions. It makes it even worse I think when you look pretty good and they think you are just fine.

Thinking about you dear Star, try and be patient. Most ungrateful teens change their tunes after they grow up a bit. Meanwhile know we are thinking about and praying for you and your Treasures. Good luck with the rest of your campout!!

I had better mosey on out of here and start thinking about dinner.

Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned,
Granni :D
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