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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

It's past time for a new Porch; we had 44 posts. Be sure to go back to read the last ones on #1142. I'll be getting ready to get my teeth cleaned. It's a good thing because I have an inflamed gum around one of my lower teeth. They will likely take an x-ray and have the dentist check it out. Lordy, I hope it's nothing. I've felt lousy because I think the WV has reactivated and the AV doesn't seem to be driving it back into latency. Whine, whine, whine. Hope I feel better because there is plenty to do in here.

Julie, I'm laughing at your pampering yourself by working outside and in the house. I'm sure it does feel great to be able to accomplish things you want to do by yourself. I was kinda thinking about the beauty shop, getting nails done, shopping, reading or whatever is relaxing. What is pampering for one may not be for another. In any case, I'm glad you are enjoying your solitude in whatever you do. The eating right and exercising is good pampering and I need to do more of that myself. It's great that you are hydrating, especially since you work outside. Hope you continue to enjoy your week. Hope Den isn't overdoing it on the job.

Granni, Nancy's birthday is Oct. 17th so you are in good company. You are right. It is more difficult raising kids today. When I was growing up, parents worried about smoking, drinking and teen pregnancies. Pretty much the same when my kids were growing up. Then, along came drugs and social media. Mental problems often start in the teenage years and I'm thinking it's possible your DD made some bad decisions because her problems were starting then, maybe not enough to notice but enough to affect her judgement. Again, I know how hard this has been for you all and I continue to pray for her. The progress she has made is amazing. I'm an only child and that may splain my whining.

Joe called and we had a nice chat. He is going in on Fri. for a scan of his lungs since he is a smoker and has a cough. I wish he would quit. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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So nice to see so many here.
Also nice to get some good pearls of wisdom.Thanks.I appreciate it.
I'm also sorry that things were (&still are) tough for you guys too.

Sun, to be told no one wants to hear you complain is awful.Esp coming from Dd.
I guess trying to get them to understand comes off as complaining. Can't win.it's like that for me too.

Julie, I believe Dh was (& is) spoilt rotten by his mother. I know it's the right thing to hv her around coz she's family and it's important for our Treasures...and Dh too, BUT it causes such strife!
'Leave and Cleave' comes to mind.I hope you enjoy your 'you time' in the garden or where ever brings you joy.

Mikie, I hv written a few letters to Dh and Treasures over the years.some I hv saved for the future.
The last one was to Dd a few wks ago.Following a disgusting outburst.
I told her that while I am proud of her achievements, as she works hard at her jobs etc, I am disappointed in her disrespect for me and if she couldn't be respectful to pls keep her mouth shut, for the sake of the whole family.I asked her to keep her ugly talk for the play ground, not her mother.
While she made no reference at all to my letter, she made me pancakes for breakfast the next day.
Tough love I guess.

Rock, I guess I kinda hv run away.For 5 days at least.I had hoped Ds and I could hv a bit of a look around at some of the sites, but he's not really interested.Plus getting here has taken it's toll on my back...so not a lot of walking around.on the up side, I'm actually reading a book.At home there's always so much I hv to do and reading is a luxury.
Barry, the weather here Was great.for Winter that is, but we are at the North of Victoria at a place called Swan Hill.The Murray River separates Victoria from New South Wales.
Interesting that if I wanted to fish on the opposite bank I'd hv to get another license according to that state.The wind outside has gotten ferocious! Rain is coming here too.
It's been raining all week back home, so I am grateful to hv avoided that, at least.

Spring, what a beautiful card that was.
I'm glad you get to go out with friends and such to the movies and eat out. I miss my old friend from where I used to live.we liked the same things and our friendship was easy.On the news recently it showed an exotic bird, orange in colour, only to be discovered as an imposter.It must've had a run in with a curry, as it showed it's gorgeous turmeric colour washing off.reminded me of you.
Granni, my Dd is also 18th of October. Fil is 19th...I had to chuckle when I read your comment about your Dh soon letting you know if he's feeling out of sorts.I get that too.funny that.
Duck, I hope you and yours are ok. How's DM? No doubt you are very busy at work.I do envy you that.It would be lovely to be able to work again, but then I expect it's not easy for you eigther.
My love to all other Porchies.
Sweet dreams.
Catch yas later


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Star:. I'm sorry for all your family troubles. Yes, you DH is under the influence of his mother. Actually I think he's probably is under the assumption that the whole world revolves HIM, and it's hard to deal with a husband like that. That was good about the letter your wrote to DD and really how it got to her. Keep up your efforts with all of them, i know it's stressful. Good that you're having quiet time to read.....a sort of mini vacation for you.

Mikie: Good luck at the dentist. I need to get a cleaning but I'm having painful teeth problems. I bought a special tube that dentist sell to help with sensitivity, but after 2 weeks I developed a "rash" on one cheek inside. Sigh.....so now I'm dealing with that using salt water rinses, hoping it goes away so I can try a sensitivity rinse from listerine. It's always something.

Spring: You always seem to post such interesting things.....so nice you get to new restaurants......I've told you I admire that you can eat by yourself. I NEED to try that!

Julie: Boy do I understand you about doing your own thing. For me gardening or just being outside puttering with something helps me recharge my batteries. I know others think it's work but it's enjoyable, and I know you've said that riding the mower does that for you.

Granni: Good thing you have patience with the "whiner" you're married to. Sorry though that it's not reciprocal.

About my DD.....she used to have empathy but being married to a type AA personality who never has sympathy toward her, even in her hardest time of bad fatigue, she's learned to stuff it down. She went thru a lot of tests for celiac, thyroid, bad fatigue, etc. etc. Turns out she didn't have celiac but for about 6 mos. she hardly ate anything without her stomach hurting. Even had the colonoscopy. Now she takes some type of pill before eating and she's fine. When she was going thru the very bad fatigue and always had to push herself, even her kids were saying "you're always tired" when it was time to do something. Guess where they learned that! She deals with adrenal fatigue (that comes from STRESS) and thyroid, for which she takes pills.

By the way, last week they had to have their puppy Skylar's stomach pumped.....she had gotten up on a counter behind some things and ate at least 15 of her thyroid pills. $200 was the bill. About 6 weeks earlier she had gotten her thigh ripped on a wire sticking out at where they take her to a ranch for the day to romp around with other dogs. The ranch owner paid the $600 vet bill plus some free time at the ranch.
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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...Prayers answered. I have been praying that this painful gum area wasn't an abscessed tooth. It is actually better now and the x-ray showed no abscess. The timing was good because I was scheduled for teeth cleaning and x-rays anyway. Didn't have to pay for an extra appt. The crown on that tooth has a bit of a ridge on it where food can get under it so I'm gonna have to be extra vigilant about making sure it's cleaned carefully. As it is, the water pic does a good job. I'm just relieved that it will be OK. Doc said if it doesn't get better to call and he would prescribe an antibiotic mouth rinse. I'll put some hydrogen peroxide and Listerine in my water pic water. I put some CBD oil on it and that helped with the inflammation. I've spent $2,000 this month at the dentist. Yikes! Could be worse.

I stopped at Publix because I haven't shopped in more than a week. They had Bing cherries for $1.99 a pound so I got a big bag of them. Just ate a sandwich of my beloved Salsalito turkey breast. I picked up a big avocado because they are so good for us. Have to let it ripen. They had pre-diced watermelon on BOGO so I got two containers of that. Love it and it's good for us too. The store was busy because it was lunch time. I usually shop in the mornings. I'm glad to see this store doing a good business. It's my favorite Publix store.

Star, if DD made pancakes for you, your letter hit home with her. Teenagers won't say so but they show it in ways like that. I'm glad you are able to rest and read. Hope your back is better.

Sun, that toothpaste for sensitive teeth often contains two or three kinds of fluoride and that can cause problems. I'm very sensitive to some types of fluoride. The hygienist uses non-fluoride polishing material on my teeth. The eye doc can't use the fluorescene drops in my eyes. Hope you can get your teeth healthy.

OK, Kids, off to have some watermelon. I broke down and got some cherry ice cream at the store. I posted the popsicles to help us cool off. Hope everydobby is cool, happy and pain free.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon dear Porchies,

Had a very busy day so far today not what I would call pampering but I do understand where JULIE is coming from wanting to do her own thing without others in the way. Got up early and had a quick breakfast so I could go outside and so some early weeding before it got to awfully HOT. We are so very overgrown due to all the rain we have had lately. The worst part is having to put on jeans and long sleeves shirt to cover my arms over my regular shirt so as to try and keep me from getting more poison oaks or whatever all over me. DH usually is outside too but he ran to the store in case of that storm coming our way to pick up things needed, although it seems to be heading more towards New Orleans right now. We are probably sure to get some rain I suspect too but to early to tell. Some are worried around here that it might be another HARVEY storm with mostly a lot of slow moving rain and flooding. We will know more tomorrow and beyond. Then came in and put away stuff from shopping and rewrapped some meat we got from Sams, good buys but have to rewrap it to smaller portions to freeze, Also cut up some onion and some leftover chicken to make stir fry tonight. I buy the lg pkgs of frozen stir fry veggies for such an occasion. It is a fairly easy dish and good for you besides the chopping of some stuff. I also add a can of cooked mushrooms.

Just got back on the computer so I could check up on the Porch.

STAR - So glad that your DD made you pancakes for breakfast. That means in her own way she understood what you told her. Good for you for telling her what you did. As SUN sad keep it up and those letters are a great idea too.

SUN - DH is not the most patient sort on some things but the family is used to it and we tease him about it. He really tries to show his affection though and please me but we all laugh when he looks for the shortest line at the store if it doesn't have a self serve aisle. He does have lots of good traits too which I could list if I had the time but patience and doing things on someone elses schedule is not one of his strong points, LOL Hope you can get your teeth in good shape too. I also have sensitive teeth and some gum problems too, and so sometimes use the sensitive toothpaste.

MIKIE - That watermelon and also the popsicle sounds great to me. Haven't had a popsicle in years and had watermelon at DD's house not to long ago, I need to find some good non dairy ice cream. I have seen some but they are so expensive and our freezer is so darn small. One day I will get me some.. Sounds so good in the hot weather.

Hope everydobby is doing well and staying as cool as possible. Thinking also of JULIE. SPRING, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE et al our MIA's.

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just back checking for spammers. We've had more lately. I was sooo tired when I got home. As Julie said, 'Lie down before I fall down' kind of exhaustion. Glad I got the teeth cleaning done and tooth isn't in danger. Also glad I went to the market. Had hoped to come home and do something around here but no NRG. The dial is on empty and not even wiggling.

Granni, I agree that sometimes it's really nice to be alone to do those things that are better done by oneself. In fact some things can't be done with others around interrupting no matter how much one likes to be interrupted by the little ones. My ex was like your DH and he couldn't stand to wait in lines. I either went to the store myself or we found times that weren't too busy. The front office at the dentist was down a person and they apologized for slow service when I checked out. I just smiled and told them I had nowhere I had to be. I was a Type A Person back when I was in sales but I don't think I'd survive if I were like that now. Too much stress.

I sure hope that storm doesn't come your way. They have no idea where it will go. It could double back on FL. How is DH's leg? A woman on TV got cellulitis walking in the water at the beach. She got right to the doc and they got to it in time. Her leg was really swollen so much that there was a split in the skin. It was oozing and looked awful. Doc said it could have gone into fasciiitis and threaten the limb. Only other good news is that the woman's pedicure looked lovely to be on TV. We have had so many cases of horrible infections from going into the water at the beach here. The Gulf is a sewer.

OK, Kids, gonna head out for the night. Still have some news to watch and Jeopardy to play. Claudia gave me a foam rubber poop emogi I can throw at the TV when I don't like the questions. I gave her one earlier. This one is gold. Very fancy. Have a great Hump Day evening.

Love, Mikie


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I just finished listening to a good book and now find it's #12 in a series....yahoo. So I'm passing this info on to others of you who like to read one that's more than fluff. The name is "Journey to Munich" by Jacqueline Winspear. My table is covered with "work" and I need to clean it up.


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Just wanted to say that I received an email about a recall of some bread products that effects several states and a variety of brands. It's for hamburger and hot dog buns made by the Flowers Baking Co. and sold under various names like Sunbeam and Wonder. It mentions Publix, WalMart, 7- Eleven and some other stores. You might want to check online and see if your state is listed. Mine is, and we shop at WalMart and Publix at times.


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i love popsicles. They sell them outside the supermarket and are popular with Indian families. A very Indian thing. And soooooo good on a scorching day!

Star - my boy went through that phase too, very asocial regarding family outings. And very bad tempered. But he was going through some things as were all of us at that time. Now he is civil mostly. and not averse to coming along on family outings.
Yes, your DD s way of showing she was sorry. Making pancakes. Very sweet and rather useful. heh heh.

Granni- i hate waiting in lines. i hate waiting, period. I go to shop when theres not too many people. And if its too crowded
i come back another time.

Sun - what a handful Skylar is! But very lucky she is cared for so well and watched over with an eagle eye. i reckon she has it ten times better than some children living in some developing or third world countries. i looked up Journey to Munich. so nice to have twelve books of a series one really enjoyed reading.

Julie - yes. just having time to do things alone, with no one in the way is also therapeutic. especially cleaning. because one gets to see ones handiwork, a clean surface, closet, whatever. i think it triggers feel good hormones just to see that. with a couple of boisterous dogs, two of them rather young, i dont aim for too clean or tidy. i try to keep the surfaces and clothes hair free. and smelling clean.
Mikie - well, at least you got your teeth check up done and got some relief knowing it wasnt as bad as you feared. i laughed at Claudias gift. the emoji to throw at the tv or anyone annoying you. i remember reading about a stress reliever doll...with detachable arms, legs, head. You letoutyour anger at someone by imagining the doll was the antagonizer.

However with Pranic Healing, i know not a good way to do things. Our emotions carry weight and may affect 5he person in actuality. Much better to put that person in a bubble of light and let it waft away into the light. Maybe do that with aches and pains too. Imagine jesus or the angels creating a milky white bubble of pure energy in which the source of the pain is and a lightning bolts of golden purifying energy hitting the source melting it and the bubble moving into light, transmuting the source of pain into light.

Day before, or evening,attended a wedding. this time kids stayed home. DHs business friend. His sons wedding. It was hi fi. rather lavish. The grooms dad is CEO of a very successful bank. he also is the neighbour of my childhood friend i went to the movies with so she and hubby were also there.

We hung out together, gawking at 5he expensive sarees and diamonds on display. And hugelyenjoyed the food. continental, thai, indian buffet..one wedding i stayed later by choice at than trying to leave earliest. my DH knew the hotel staff so the banquet incharge especially ordered tea and coffee for me and my friend after dessert. what a treat! lol! i really am a tea addict and so is my friend.
Yesterday early morning, my son had to attend the going to getthe bride ceremony ofhis friend. its called janti. where grooms party goes to get the bride. it was raining and my son told me it was slow going. They walk if its near enough , accompanying a brass band and dancing but this brides house was on the other side of town in a different city.. everyone was in their cars. moving slowly in a line in traffic. Rain coming down incessantly. But betterthan temps of 90 plus which we have been enduring. Son stayed the whole day. He must be done in.

Unfortunately, there isyet to attend 5he wedding reception on another day. After that 5he wedding is officially over.

Today is such a blustery day. It threatens to storm. But the temps just hurtled down. oh joy! Itfeels like 60 F.

God bless

as you can see, the gremlins with time on 5heir hands are messing with 5he fonts....
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Inflamed gum is better this morning but I am definitely getting a cold sore on that side on my lip. I've put Abreva on it and iced it to try to kill the surface virus. This has to be the WV reactivating. I have sooo much to do before I go to CO and hope and pray I have the NRG. Today is the 17th anniversary of my Mom's passing. I think of her often and miss her but the ache of loss isn't as acute as it once was. I try to realize that, in Heaven, those anniversaries are probably cause for celebration. Still, I miss her every day.

I don't like watching soccer on the tube but I did watch the after-game coverage of the women from the US. Soccer, or football as it's known in the rest of the world, has slowly gained popularity here. That the women make sooo much less than the men is shameful. They are great. I loved seeing little kids at the parade coming out to cheer for them. Men in the stands at the game joined in the chant, "Equal Pay!" It's high time we stopped paying women less for the same jobs that men do just because they are women.


Star, this camp fire is for you. Not everyone is sweltering. Let its warmth comfort you.

Barry, I think you're gonna get your 15 mins. If the storm in the Gulf reaches Tropical status, it will be TS Barry. Of course, you get more than 15 mins. of fame with us. Your fame here is legendary! How are you feeling? How is Richard and the critters?

Granni, I'm thinking of you with this wild storm let loose in the Gulf. We are getting rough water and some waves on our beaches. Stay dry and stay safe. New Orleans is at risk with so much rain. Already flooded in the streets there.

Rock, I read a comic strip called, Pearls Before Swine. It's a bunch of animals who act like humans. The cartoonist is a great punster. I think of you when I read really good ones. Day before yesterday was a gem. Don't know whether I can post it here but I think you would love it.

Spring, I'm sorry you are having problems with the fonts jumping around. Is there any chance your hands are resting on the computer in such a way that the cursor is hitting the items in the strip above, including the font? Problems like that are almost always in the user's computer and not the website. My own keyboard seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. If you want to report something like that, you can email TechSupport@PH.com. Hitting the 'Report' button at the end of the post only flags it for me or one of the other moderators. We cannot fix technical problems. I went in and edited your post and removed the bold and italic type and used the same size and font for it all. You can do this by highlighting everything, Control+A, and choosing a font and size. You can highlight anything in bold and then click on the large B in the strip to unbold it. It's a toggle, on-off, button. Same for italic. Hope this helps.

That wedding sounds wonderful. I haven't been to a wedding in ages. Life goes through weddings, babies and then a 'dry' season. Then, it starts all over again as grandchildren start getting married and having families. I'm with you--that stress reliever doll is too close to the Voo Doo dolls which practitioners use to cause illness and injury to their enemies. I love the idea of putting things in bubbles and sending them away. It was a member here who told me to put my grief of losing my Mom onto a big fluffy feather and blowing on it and letting the wind take it away. It really helped me. It was shortly after that that feathers started appearing in our lives, even in DGS's hair when he was sleeping in his crib. Every time I see feathers, I think of Mom.

GB, thanks for the heads up on the recalled products. Was at Publix yesterday but didn't buy any bread. Appreciate your vigilance and kindness to let us know.

Sun, thank you for the heads up on the books. Amazon is always sending emails about books I can download to the Kindle for free or 99 cents. If I want to splurge, they have others for $1.99 or $2.99.

I am hoping everydobby has a great day. I'll be back later to check for spammers. They are out in large numbers these days.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Ain't life funny?! Finally got what I wanted: a new computer. But I'm having a terrible time trying to use it. I've
been here a couple times. This is the first time I've been able to post. Previously I wasn't allowed to sign in. I
go to old sites I've been visiting for years. Places that didn't need a password. Now they demand a password or
some code or other. All very confusiatin' to an old man with about as much brain power as Pooh or Barbie. As
some philosopher used to say, Whine, Whine, Whine.

Nice frozen art display, Mikie. Funny how things can be a regular part of your life and then, suddenly, you realize
they aren't any more. And haven't been for a long time. I guess you're back from Colorado, and had a wonderful
visit, right? Hope your whatever virus goes away and your dental work isn't too terrible. Must be 20 or more
years since I've seen a dentist. But my 5 teeth are all man made so they don't decay.

Springwater, the first few lines of your post are too tiny for me to read. Oh, it's due to the gremlins. Well, now
I understand. Makes perfect sense to me. As Voltaire said, Gremlins are the speed bumps in the roller coaster
of life.

GB. thanks for the warning about malevolent bread. Was it Wonder Bread that used to advertise that it built strong
bodies 7 ways? Something like that. I don't dare open another window and try to look it up. My post would
probably vanish or some such tragedy.

Sunflower, I remember when Jacqueline Winspear was a new author. Gordon and I read her first three books. But
after the first two we decided her books no longer appealed. I'll have to check out one and see what she's doing now.
When you say your table is covered with work, do you mean chores or art work?:)

Granni, I'm reading a thriller. Much of it takes place in a hospital. Made me think of you. I kinda doubt you ever
had to go to work unaware that you were the target of drug dealing killers. As you can tell, a book with lots of
action, but not terribly realistic. We haven't bought a watermelon for yonks, as Barry says. They just don't have any
flavor any more.

Star, sorry you are having family problems. It wasn't until I was middle aged and started seeing therapists that I
realized how toxic my parents were. It's amazing that we kids survived. I wish you strength and luck.

Gordon went to his arthritis doctor yesterday. He got a new cream to rub on the bad places, mainly his hands.
I don't know how long this place can keep going. Henry is useless, I'm next to useless. Well, It almost 3:30 AM.
Better go back to you know where.

Hugs to all you nice people. Rock

Mikie, your post wasn't here when I was posting. I guess you haven't been to Colorado yet. Well, in that case, have
a great time, and don't fall off a mountain or get in trouble with a mountain goat. That would be very BAAAA-D!
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Hi, Rock,

Your post wasn't here when I started posting. When you get a new computer, you often have to re-sign onto your usual haunts. This can happen to me even if my computer gets unplugged. Fortunately, with Chrome, it offers to restore the sites I was using before it got unplugged. I'm happy for you that you got a new one. I have about three weeks before I leave for CO but there is a lot to do and I don't get a lot done, even under the best circumstances these days. I also have arthritis in my wrists and hands so can empathize with Gordon. I rub Aspercreme on them and it really helps. So does heat. I have electric mitts which are in reality two small heating pads folded in two.

I tried to copy the Pearls Before Swine cartoon but couldn't. It's copyrighted. The one I wanted to show you is one of the animals making grits. He tells the other one that you let them get cold and reheat them in the microwave. They are called, Regrits. He asks the other animal whether he's ever had Regrits. The other animal says, "Regrits, I've had a few but then again too few to much on." It's funnier when you see the actual cartoon. The animals turn on the cartoonist when he makes them say puns. You can do a search on Pearls Before Swine and read them and go back to the ones from days before.

Loved your goat pun. Voltaire knew about speed bumps and roller coasters? What next...that Washington's troops guarded the airports in the Revolutionary War? Some wise guy tweeted that England lost that war because their troops got stuck in the Atlanta airport. If you've ever had a layover there, you would understand.

BTW, I think it was the CBD oil which helped to take the inflammation out of my gum. I won a new bicycle from Wonder Bread when I was 11. I got hit by a car riding it so perhaps it really is malevolent. We could write a treatment for a new TV show and pitch it to the networks, Netflix, HULU, HBO, etc. It could be about evil bread which causes teenagers to do awful things after they eat it. Wouldn't be any weirder than half the crap they show now. Gonna go back to add more to my last post.

Enjoy the new computer. Is it a laptop or a full-size computer?

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Just a quick update. I'm starting to feel sooo much better. I walked down to the dumpster to deposit the bag of Sylvester's leavings from his box. I ran into my friend and neighbor and we chatted while she walked her adorable little rescue dog, Jezabelle. She is so sweet and always runs up to me for a big hug (the dog, not my friend). Although, we do hug on special occasions, but I digress...

We were out in front of my bldg. and the niece and her husband of the woman who died came out from her condo. I assume it has gone through probate. They did speak when I said hello to them. Remember when I told y'all that I was worried that that shady woman was advising her and inserting herself into the whole business? That woman is renting the niece's condo she inherited from her mother in another neighborhood. I mentioned to my friend that I lived in fear that woman would worm her way into the condo in my bldg. She had rented one in the hood before next door. That's how she got up in everyone's business here. We have to have background checks done of everyone who leases here. Evidently the last condo owner trusted the background check to a rental agency. The shady woman has a rap sheet as long as my arm, according to my friend. The rental agency missed it. It's no surprise to me; I always sensed something about her. I'm so happy because I now have a reason to deny her living here if the niece ever wants to rent to her. Big relief! It pays to talk to one's neighbors.

I'm getting a few things done in here and am very grateful for feeling better. I thank all of my beloved Porchies here who have been so kind and given me good wishes for healing. I hope this means that feeling better will break out amongst us all. Can't there be an outbreak of healing as well as exhaustion? I prefer to believe it's possible. I hope so and pray it is so.

Love, Mikie
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Hi there Y'all,

Not much time to write right now but wanted to pop in to read. DH is at his meeting and I am trying to catch up on washing and emails.

MIKIE - Glad you seem to be feeling better and hope it continues. I hd to laugh and I totally agree with you about the stupid shows on TV or wherever you see ethem. Most of it in my estimation is crap and that is putting some of it mildly. You are absolutely right about it being good to chat with your neighbors. Looks like the storm is going to hit mostly New Orleans and surrounding areas on the coast. They of course are below sea level so they always have problems, even with their levee's. I understand some of them are also not completely finished. They had some very bad rain yesterday morning as a prelude. Glad that CBD seemed to help your f gums. I think I need to try that also. Did you use the regular CBD drops?

Sorry it is or getting close to your mom's passing. That is always so very hard for the family especially.

Ws laughing to myself when I heard they were to name the storm hitting the coast BARRY. Hope Barry doesn't take that to seriously LOL At least it is a name that I have heard of. Some of them are very different for sure or even from other countries.

BARRY - I know you are not that mean ( like the storm)!!LOL Hope you are doing well and not feeling to bad these days, Hope you are getting some nice weather and sunny days.

I need to run for now and switch my wash so I can put my DD's washing the drier. They had to bring one of their dear kittie to the vet again. Poor cat, has tapeworm I believe it is and he wouldn't take the pills and so they had to bring him to the vet yesterday. Not eating or drinking right now. How he doesn't need an IV. He is an inside cat as they both are but he had loads of fleas when he first came to live with them. My friend who gave them away had other cats and many went outside. He s having tests done now and deciding what to do. Hope it all isn't too expensive.

Love also to ROCK, SW, SUN, and all our MIA's,
Granni :)


Hi, Granni,

Just checking in. Glad to see you here. Barry's fame with us is all good. Just thought I'd tease him as soon as I heard about the storm. I think the closest they came to my name was Miguel a few years ago. My name in Spanish is Miguela. I sure hope the kitty gets well and isn't expensive. I don't know how Tweety and Sylvester avoided worms when someone threw them out here with nothing to eat. They wouldn't have made it much longer had Jeff not found them and fed them. We picked up a stray once and he had worms. Tweety and Sylvester got fleas at some point and Jeff had to treat them for them. I also hope it isn't too expensive for the vet. Seems to me that everything is sooo expensive these days, the vet, the dentist, cars, etc. I know I'm getting old when I say that. I spoke a bit too soon. I am better but was hit by a wave of exhaustion so am taking it easy. Still, I know this will pass and is getting better; it's just taking sooo looong. Whine, whine, whine! Gonna do what absolutely needs doing, a little bit each day and it will all be fine by the time I go. Really wish we could all get well. When a cure comes, it will be in a flash. They will learn how to turn on the genes which keep us sick. I know we are capable of it because I had those couple of weeks when I felt really well and 'normal.' Hope the storm continues to leave you alone and I pray for NO. BTW, the CBD oil I got here is in a spray bottle but it isn't a wide spray. I have to put it close to my mouth to capture it.

Love, Mikie
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Hello, Dear Friends,

This is a test. Hurray! It worked. Gordon is tutoring me in the art and science of using the new machine.

Hugs, Rock



Hi, Rock,

Good for you. When I clicked on the photo, it didn't enlarge like they usually do when you post them. I tried to go in to enlarge the photo but all I managed to do is get another one. Thought I had better let well enough alone before I deleted it.

This is the truly amazing part--on the 10th anniversary of Mom's passing, I was feeling particularly low. I was out on the balcony and looked up and saw an amazing rainbow. This morning I was thinking that it was going to be too cloudy to see a rainbow and, Voila, here you came with one. Thank you, my friend. Sorry I messed up your post.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Mikie, I don't think you messed up my post.Can't have too many rainbows. I am having a terrible time making any
progress with this machine. Everything seems so weird. It's like buying a new car and then you find out to make
it go faster you put your foot in the glove compartment. To slow down you turn on the radio. And to park you
get in the back seat. All completely foreign to what you used to do. Hmm, can't make the font bigger.

I got a birthday card from my former secretary along with a greeting card. She sends more cards to more people
than anyone else I know. The letter had some rather alarming news. He DH is a biker. Has had a couple more
accidents. Now has lost a knee. Don't know if that's the same leg where he lost a foot several years ago. And she
always has 3 or 4 dogs. Usually wiener dogs.. Some of them had surgeries that cost thousands of dollars. Uff-da!

Granni, the news about high tides in New Orleans was on our news this morning. Have been to Texas, but not
New Orleans. I wouldn't want to go during Mardi Gras. Don't care for big crowds. Two of my neighbors
went a couple years. They were discussing moving there. Finally decided to movie to Palm Springs. Palm
Springs is nice, but too hot for most people.

Hugs, Kids


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Excuse me. Anybody see the post I did last night? Oh, there it is. Well, guess I'll take a quick glance at the news
and than possible drift off. Like an iceberg. Hugs, Rock


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Went to bed early last night. All of us got the FJ question. My legs hurt so bad. I really need more exercise. It rained off and on all day so didn't go to the pool. I did manage to run down to the dumpster but that's close by. A condo in the next bldg. is up for sale. It's where Julie, my friend, lived. She died shortly after the woman in our bldg. died last winter. They were friends. This horrible outcome of addiction was so close and personal to me and I still feel sad when I think of those people plus the husband of another of their friends who also died from addiction shortly before they passed. Strangely, they didn't die until they started going to AA. There is one left from that group of four, the man's wife who was their friend.

Weather models seem to agree on where TS Barry will track. It will likely become a hurricane. It's big and there will be rain in TX too. Granni, I hope it doesn't cause flooding. Houston is especially vulnerable. Sent up a prayer for the kitty. The brother of Nancy's old cat, Bob, is sick and I prayed for him too. His name is Bill. I'm sure Bob is waiting on the Rainbow Bridge for him. Nancy's daughter and her husband just adopted a poor dog with a skin condition. No one would adopt her. After some good care, she is now a beautiful, healthy and happy dog. Those people are saints for what they do for animals in need. Stay dry, my friend.

Rock, I'm sorry you are struggling with the new computer. I think any time we get some new technology, be it a car or computer, it takes some getting used to. This Chromebook is enough different from my old Microsoft laptop that it took me some time. I ended up doing google searches on how to do things. For instance, it doesn't have a shift lock key. What! Doh! I have to press the Alt key along with the Search key icon button to set the shift lock. Would never have figured that out. Only by Googling could I find out how to do it. As you say, it's like putting my foot in the glove compartment. Same for the smart watch, especially if it's something I don't do that often, like calling 911. That Alexa, the phone and the watch are interconnected only deepens the confusion. I start out confusicated so that doesn't help. Give yourself some time to get used to things. It will get easier. I still thank you for the rainbow. I think it was divinely inspired. Don't float away like an iceberg...you could wake up with a polar bear.

Has anydobby seen the ad for the foam mattress that shows baby animals sleeping on it? OMG! It is the cutest thing ever...baby goats, bunnies, kittens, puppies, chickens and even a little possum. My idea of Heaven would be to climb onto the mattress with all of them and take a nap. Marketing genius! Wonder how many of them peed or pooped on the mattresses before the commercial was finished. DSIL was at a ranch with goats. He got a bit of food so he could feed them and they all attacked him for it, jumping on him. Guess he's never been around goats. Don't think he will be joining them for the goat Yoga classes they offer. DD is a Capricorn and I call her My Little Goat.

Gotta go check my emails. Already got rid of the spammers here--for now. Part of my morning regimen. I'll stop in later. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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