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PORCH #1145 IS NOW CLOSED (7/22/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for another new Porch. I thought this pic was sweet. A nice place to get away from the heat and enjoy the pretty little flowers under the tree. Be sure to go back to read the last posts on the old Porch.

I just unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I hand washed the little baking pan for the bread machine. Decided to run the disposal cleaner as that drain was a bit smelly. After the blue foam cleared, I took paper towels and stuck my hand down into the disposal to wipe around the inside. I got into all the area that is the inside top of the disposal unit. Good grief! There was brown gunk that had solidified. When the disposal runs, it throws all that stuff up on the top. Then it dries and forms a disgusting crust. I always continue to run the disposal and water long after the food has gone down the drain. I would have thought that would clean the inside of the unit. Guess not. o_O The next drain is the one in the master bath. Had to stop to rest my back. One little step at a time.

Talk to y'all later.

Love, Mikie
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I don't put anything down the garbage disposal.....I used to clog it up something awful at our other house so now everything just goes into the trash.

IBS again. I don't know what brings this on. I can go weeks without it and now this again. And....I have a bit of the dizzies almost daily. I've kinda learned to live with it otherwise I wouldn't have any life at all, such as it is. It's humid this morning and a little overcast so perhaps there's some rain coming from Mexico. My son is bringing my youngest DGD on wednesday so they can go in the pool. My 5 year old is in day camp until she starts kindergarten in august.

I'm working on a WC from a photo my SIL took near where they live. I'm taking some liberties with the photo....gonna add some cows since I've seen some there in the past. I'm so thankful that God has given me this bent toward creating. It gives my life some purpose. Today it's 5 years since my DH passed. I miss him occasionally, but have to admit my life is peaceful living alone.

My gardener was here this morning and his helper was finishing the trimming of the neighbor's jasmine that has climbed over the wood fence. There was a knock at my front door...apparently the neighbor in back yelled at the helper that the fence would come down and neighbor came to talk to me. I walked over there later to talk and look at the fence we share. I think his jasmine is contributing to the fence leaning toward him and I told him. He said he was going to have his gardener trim it drastically back and I said maybe my handyman could come over and put in more metal posts when he did. Sigh....it's always something. About 6 years ago the neighbor on the side had boysenberry vines growing on our shared fence....it was contributing to having the fence lean toward her. We ended up having a new fence put in. So....now that new neighbor has planted jasmine so it climbs the fence....I hate the smell of jasmine!!!!!


Yes, it's always something. At least y'all are able to talk things through. Nice of you to offer your handy guy to help the fence stay upright. People don't realize the strength of growing plants like vines. When I put the new counter top in the kitchen about 12 years ago or so, I upgraded to a better disposal which works great. I rinse SV's spoon off when I give him his wet food and I run the disposal to get rid of the chunks left over and stuck to his dish. It's smelly stuff.

I just finished cleaning out the gunk on the sink stopper in my bathroom. I cleaned it out and put it back together but the whole assembly needs to be replaced. It'll break if I don't replace it. Nice to have the sink drain again. There's a visit to Lowe's in my near future. Maybe I'll go after the pool in the morning. Sorry about the IBS. When I get it, I have waves of dizzyness and nausea. Not pleasant. Glad you have your talent to help you get through everything. I have no talent but use TV and reading to get my mind off of things. Even though plumbing helps take my mind off of things, it's not something I enjoy. Had to fold myself in half to get under the vanity sink.

Radar is showing thunderstorms headed our way. It shows one storm with many lightning strikes within the storm and one strike almost five miles outside the storm itself. Looks as though the worst will arrive about six this evening. Right now, it's only 85 degrees outside. SV wants to come back in from the lanai. Not hot enough for him. When he went out, the slider shut a wee bit close to his rear end and he turned and gave the door a really dirty look. That'll show that nasty door!

Ear is plugged up again. Good grief! Hope everydobby is having a good day.

Love, Mikie
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Greeting y'all,

The reason you haven't heard anything from me the past few days is that our stupid computer wouldn't work thanks to the motum or router. DS thought he fixed it but it was not at our home. So when we got home it didn't work and we got DSIL who just moved here to work on it. Luckily he with the help of our server fixed it. Then I had problems with my tablet and our printer. Thank goodness it all seems to be fixed, at the moment. That drives me nuts as DH nows little and I only know a little more because I am on it most days, sometimes IF I can. I am still helping DD do her wash. We sometimes have to consolidate our washes. It has been very interesting. Hope they get their part or parts soon. We in the South or SW almost always use the disposal. I remember when we moved from NY to Louisiana that sure was a culture shock - bugs and all. So we try and keep it down as much as possible. I am just very careful about what I put down there.

MIKIE, et al - Speaking of gunk in the stopper bathroom sink drains. Do you have any suggestions on what to put in those skinny spaces with the pop up stopper leading to the open drain? It is hard to put anything in it first of all and the stuff is usually so toxic.. Have you heard of some kind of sticks of stuff that can unclog drains? If so what is it called.? It seems to me I have heard of something but have not seen it or know what it is called. Speaking of rain we might get some tonight but that is all I see. We can use a little but no flooding please.

P.S. I just remembered to mention. That supposed tea was great but I guess because of the heat around here they did not serve hot tea. The of course had water with lemon, iced tea which they serve everywhere around here and I think it was lemonade. The party was great with so many people she I knew quite a few especially from singing and our neighborhood. They had delicious fruits, sandwiches of course and delicious cookies and a lovely cake. I probably ate more sugar that day but it was great.

SUN - That is great that your neighbor and the gardner/handyman was working with both of you. Sometimes neighbors can get i a tizzy over stuff like that and get all upset. Glad there were no problem.

I probably have to go check the old porch as it seems like we have been gone for so long, even though it really hasn't been to long. Have been busy today with washes and shopping. We stopped for gas and went to 2 store. Seems like we needed lots of stuff this time all at once.

Love to awl,
Granni :)
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MIKIE - I just order a FitTech watch which is also supposed to be for android. At least that is what I was told. Not sure about apple users.. Was there much set up for it. I am so dumb at this stuff. Hope the directions are clear enough for me to understand. They had a special for $45 so I jumped at it. Hope it works. I wasn't going to spend a whole lot for it anyway, I want it mostly for medical but some other features would be good too.

I need to start dinner - ugh !

Hugz to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Hello Kids

Nice picture of the beaver, Mikie. I saw a beaver video on you tube years ago. Some nice lady rescued two beaver cubs. Unfortunately they gnawed all over the house. I guess saying, "Naughty, naughty" didn't help. I am now trying to
picture you folded in half. Hope your ear is better.

Gordon put some rice down our disposal last year and clogged the thing up. I thought rice would not be a problem, but
the plumber advised not to do it. Either I don't understand rice or don't understand disposals.

Sun. I can't remember what jasmine smells like. On Carol street there was some flower that bloomed in the summer
and had a very strong aroma. People loved it. What could it be if not jasmine? Haven't been up there for years since we
no longer have a dog, and I don't walk. You know what Robert Frost said about fences and neighbors. Probably like
most sayings. Not always true.

Granni, you don't need any more sugar. You are already a sweetie. I haven't had lemonade for years. My mother
loved it when frozen juices became available. In the 50s I guess. We always had lemonade, grape juice and orange
juice in the freezer. Hope your new watch does everything it's 'posed to.

Spring, great pics of you and son. I guess everydobby in your family is good looking, yes? Oops! I just threw myself
off the board. Hate it when that happens. It's so much trouble to get back here.

The latest outrage from the new computer is that I can't check books out of the library. Oy!

Hugs, Rock


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Ear became plugged again yesterday and is still plugged up today. Good grief! I'm meeting Claudia at the pool this morning. Tuesday is the only day she can do it. My hip is giving me fits so don't know how it will go. That's the side with osteopenia. I need to run to Lowe's and then to Bealls. Still looking for some kind of shoes to wear on the plane and possibly some Capri pants in white. Then, my wardrobe will be complete. Need to run to Publix for a few things depending on how I hold up.

Granni, when getting a new router, everything needs to be synced to it. It can cause some problems in the beginning. I hope your DSIL got it all figured out. I'd be in bad shape if I couldn't fix these things myself because there is no one to help me. I'm not tech savvy but have been through enough that some of it rubbed off. The Fitbit is for Android and the Apple Watch is for iPhones. Don't know about the Fitbit but one has to have an iPhone to use the Apple Watch. Different models of both do different things. I got the Apple Watch because it has the fall detection app so it eliminates having one of those services that call 911 if you fall and can't get up, as the ad says. Mine would also call Joe so he can let the first responders in; he has a key to my condo. I also like the EKG app because I get heart palpitations. Heart attacks are the usual cause of death in our families. It is a one-lead, medical quality EKG and can be sent from my phone to the doc. It can track different activities, give me my pulse, monitor my sleep, count steps, etc. but I don't use those much except for my pulse. The setup to sync it to my phone was so easy I couldn't believe it. I don't know how the Fitbit sets up. Just follow the directions. I choose watch faces and apps through the phone for the watch. I hope you like it and enjoy the apps. I don't pour anything down the drain but there are tons of products you can pour down them. Eventually though, the stopper needs to be removed and the stopper and drain cleaned of the hair and gunk. AACCKK!! Good luck.

Rock, I saw a whole segment on beavers on a PBS special. It showed them building a big dam. Damn they are amazing! They are about the cutest little critters I've ever seen, even the adults. Gonna have to fold myself in half again because I have to replace the whole assembly, including a new stopper and the ball rod. I put the old one back in but it will break if not replaced. I put rice down my disposal but it kind of exploded and caused the disposal to leak around the top gasket where it is attached to the drain pipe. Doh! We have Jasmine bushes all around our swimming pool and they smell so heavenly when they bloom. They attract butterflies. Have you talked to the library about an app for your computer that allows you to download books? You said you got a Kindle. Most libraries will download books to Kindles. Ours has handout sheets on how to do it. Sooo easy to read on the Kindle once one gets used to it. Good luck to you too.

I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I don't know how you can do that under the sink work. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Doesn't your neck/back hurt after that?

Granni: I used to always clean out the hair junk at the crook of the drain. If you look under the sink I'm sure there is a little metal thing about the size of a pencil. You just unscrew that and it releases the stopper on the sink. Then I would take a metal coat hanger with a little curve on the end and clean it all out....of course wearing rubber gloves and lots of paper towels. Plumbers have told me in the past.....don't put something down to dissolve hair and gunk....it doesn't work. One handyman told me that he was working on a sink in a house where a mom and her 4 daughters with LONG hair used the sink which was clogged/stopped up with long hair and...dental floss they had tossed down! Unbelievable. All that wound around and around and then the grease from soaps etc. ugh. It takes a certain type of person to become a plumber!!!!!

It's looking like rain this morning so I'm going to check online I had just cleaned out my van yesterday, ready to take it to the car wash today. That would have been $25 wasted. And no, I wouldn't take it to the do it yourself like Mikie does. It would REAlLY do a # on me everywhere if I had to clean it. So I have to let someone else do it for me.

Rock: As to jasmine....I absolutely hate the smell of it! It almost nauseates me. Too heavy and overpowering. But I do have angels trumpets and the scent of them at night and early morning is wonderful. Intoxicating! But that's why there are so many various perfumes. Not every scent appeals to everyone equally. And I know you've mentioned the purple flowering jacaranda trees around you that make such a mess on sidewalks. That scent/small is also overpowering. My aunt and uncle lived in Hollywood and they always griped about the street trees making such a mess on their sidewalk. But they are beautiful!

I finished listening to another book by the author, Jacqueline Winspear. "To die but once" I lucked out because I think it took place immediately after the other one I listened to that I liked so much.....Train to Munich. I think it's interesting though because she gives a real idea of what it was like to live during WW2 in England.

I woke at 6 and realized I was hurting everywhere, then I took a look at the sky. No wonder.....a drop in barometer or is a rise? What ever, storms/rains do affect us.

My family is flying home today and I always worry a bit until I hear they've landed. I'm just a worrier. Started when I was around 10 and my dad would always be out of work in the wintertime, him being a carpenter. I just began at that time to take on the worry of the world and I never stopped.


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, where's my back brace. Jogged in the pool with Claudia this morning. It was beautiful out. I came home and got dressed and drove to Lowe's. I had to buy the parts separately and it came to $20.00 just to change out that little plastic stopper and ball rod assembly. They didn't even include the wing nut with the ball rod so I had to buy that separately. What a scam. Still, better than calling the plumber. I drove from there to Bealls where I found two pairs of white Capri pants that will be perfect for my trip. Still can't find some slip on comfortable shoes in white. I found one I would consider but they didn't have it in my size. I stopped at the post office to return a defective power toothbrush from my ins. co. Finally, I stopped at Publix. It poured rain while I was out but I have umbrellas in the car. Too much walking in one morning. I should crawl under the sink to finish the repair but don't know whether I will. I'm about to fall asleep. While I was at the pool, the new can of Blue Magic rug spot cleaner arrived from Amazon. Alexa's little light ring was glowing yellow which means she has a message for me. She wanted to tell me the package had arrived. It's handy because sometimes it's delivered by USPS down by the mailboxes.

Sun, in a pinch, I've poured drain cleaner in the sink and it doesn't hurt it once in a while but it shouldn't be done all the time. It won't dissolve hair in the drain. I think toothpaste is the worst culprit in my drain. I'm using less of it so blobs of it don't go down the drain. When I do my hair, I close the stopper and clean out any hair in the sink before opening the drain again. This is one of the worst jobs ever. Yes, my neck and back hurt when I do things like that. In fact, that may be why my back is hurting today. I've started taking my car through the auto car wash in between big cleanings. I noticed the rain was beading up on the hood so the last wax job is still good. If I had a new car, I'd be worried about every little thing. That's the beauty of driving an old car. I try to take care of it but I'm not obsessive about it. It still looks amazing for 17 years old. I hope your pain is better.

Gonna fix some lunch and likely take a snooze. Need to do some stretches for my back pain. My whole head is stuffed up. Gonna go take an allergy/cold tablet. Maybe CO will clear it up, assuming I can fly. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Good grief! As usual, the path to this plumbing problem didn't go smoothly. The new stopper package read that it was brushed nickel. It looks more like brushed brass so I ended up using the old stopper which I had cleaned. I can't find the new wing nuts but I can blame no one but myself; I checked myself out. I'm soooo exhausted that I'm incapable of even little things. I ended up using the old wing nut. I tested everything and it works and doesn't leak. Thank God! The new end of the ball rod is plastic so won't erode and break like the old one. There were three sizes of balls and none was the same as the old one. I picked the closest one and hoped for the best. At least, I can return the new stopper. It's also slightly larger than the old one and doesn't fit the drain. This stuff is supposed to be standard. As that smarty pants guy named Shakespeare said, "All's well that ends well." Amen, Brother!
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Have been so busy today. Actually it was fairly cool for here today in the 80's. DH had his meeting in the a.m. and I went out and weeded in the back for some time. Not an easy task, let me tell you!!! At least it was cooler though than usual esp since I had my jeans and long sleeved shirt over my short sleeves.

SUN - Thanks for your tips on the cleaning the gunk from the sink drain.. However I am not sure what all is in the sink esp mine since I don't shave like DH and I do not wash my hair or even brush it over the sink.. Very strange, maybe the hand washing soap along with some other stuff I am not sure about. I have used the metal coat hanger and did what I could through that little space but never was able to take out the stopper. Will see about that one of these days when I have the time and NRG.

MIKIE - Sorry you are so achy and worn out.. Hope you get to do your shopping without falling over and that you find the things you need for the trip. When did you say you were leaving?? I know you will have a great time once you get there. Going, coming and getting ready is always so exhausting. How long will you be gone.? Yes, I knew but I guess I had forgotten that the router will screw up everything when it goes out or you get a new one,, even the TV. What a mess but thank God all is well now. I even wrote down the steps for unscrewing up the printer when and if this happens again..

ROCK - See you are nt the only one that need directions written down for clarification. Hope things are going better for you now.

Gotta run for now and start cooking the chicken for dinner.

Love to awl,,


Hi, Kids,

As though things haven't gone awry enough, my new can of Blue Magic arrived with a broken top on it. I'll have to notify Amazon and get a new one and a label to return this one. It wasn't packed well at all. I did get a really good price on the Capri pants. They would be $96 at retail and $50 on sale for both pairs. With the coupons, they only cost $34 for both. At least, not all is lost.

Granni, it's been cooler for us and I'm so glad. It's still hot but we have had quite a bit of rain and that helps lower the temps unless it's just a sprinkle and that just makes things more humid. You have to get under the sink to completely remove the stopper. That is what I was doing today. I don't do it unless the sink isn't draining. My car went through God's car wash while I was in the store when it poured. Looks all nice and clean and shiny. I couldn't go out and weed like you do even before it gets so hot here. I use no frizz hair spray but, when it gets really humid, my hair just turns into a solid helmet. Not a pretty picture. Yikes! I'm leaving on the 2nd of Aug and will return the 6th. Not long but long enough to see my kids. Except for some shoes, I'm all set. If I can't find the shoes I want, I'll just find something to wear. Glad you got all the techie stuff working again.

Can't believe I was able to do all the running around I needed to do this morning after the pool. Sheer will! I am having an ocular migraine right now and it's hard to read the screen. Everything is all ziggy zaggy in a wizardy design. Scary if you don't know what's happening. Gonna settle in for the news and Jeopardy. I watched the telenovella today; HULU records it for me. It's just a good escape from everything going on in the world. It's like a juicy trashy paperback, a summer beach read. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hello Kids

Just remembered something about beavers. Hunted around and found the news article from 2010. The
world's longest beaver dam was discovered in Canada. It is more than half a mile long. Scientists believe it
was built by several families working together. It is twice as wide as Hoover Dam. It can be seen from space.
(That last comment is pretty vague since just about anything can be seen from space with the right equipment,
and "space" is a rather vague term.

I tried to put some books (from the Daedalus catalogue) on hold this morning. The wretched computer wouldn't
even let me in the library. Just showed me pictures of the outside. This afternoon Gordon and I went to two
libraries. They are on the same street; a mile or two apart.

Which would you rather have, Mikie. New capri pants or a visit to the isle of Capri. (I don't even know where that is.)
And if I get off this page to look it up it will take ten minutes. Uff-doh! No, we didn't get a kindle. We decided to,
but then Gordon got this beast instead. OY!

OOps! Didn't hit a key precisely in the middle. Got thrown out. Who was it who used to say Whine, whine, whine?

Granni, you are a strong woman if you can weed in 80 degree weather while wearing a long sleeved shirt. The
weather person said this morning it's going to be hot here all week. Gordon hates hot weather. The new computer
is great for listening to old music on YouTube. Been listening to old songs and even found some old ones that I
like but had overlooked before. As in, "I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover that I l overlooked before." You ever sing
that in your concerts of old time music?

Sun, glad you found Jacqueline Winspear. Always great to find an author that 1) you like and 2) who is prolific.
The Deadalus catalog has a book for folks who like whimsey. Photos of cats wearing tiny, paper hats. There is
also a bio of Mary Martin. I think I read one of her a long time ago. Or maybe it was just an article. I did see her
live decades ago in Hello Dolly.

And here's one Julie might like since she has so much free time. It's a skateboard park that you build. No heavy
lifting required. It is desk top size. How are things on the farm, Julie? The grandkids visiting?

Barry, your menagerie still intact? There a non book item in Daedalus. A plastic skull resting in a plastic palm.
If you press a button it lights up and recites lines from Hamlet. "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well."

Hugs, Rock
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Hi guys.it's been a little while.
Dd did get sick, thanks to her boss coughing in her face.
Yesterday ds was all sniffles, so hopefully just allergies, although I wish he didn't get thise eigther.
Seems like I've made a bit of a mess of things here.
The other day Dh came home for lunch and spent the whole time texting with his mother.
He then said he'd suggested to her to sell up and move over here and she was going to speak to the bank about a house locally to us that very day.
Unfortunately I took that like they'd conspired to drop a bomb on me.I felt deceived.I dont believe for one second that a conversation like that comes out of no where.
I did not handle it well at all.
Don't get me wrong, I fully expect mil will be living near us, if not with us eventually, but I had hoped Dh and I would hv time (post Treasures) with just the 2 of us.
I already feel like a 3rd wheel as it is.
I told him it was like his 1st wife was coming here to live. (Not my finest hr).
Anyway, All the crap from the past 18 yrs came flooding in and I could feel I was on the verge of a panic attack.
There's no explaining anything nicely when it comes to his mother.Dh just jumps straight in to End days stuff.
I attempted to try to get him to understand how I felt.
Suffice to say it all got twisted around and thrown back in my face.
I know he's been whispering to our Treasures and I am getting painted black.
The thing is, if he'd talked to me first, I wouldn't have felt or reacted like I was ambushed.
He says he shouldn't hv to discuss every little thing with me.(a lot of rot coz I can just imagine his reaction to something of less importance being announced like that).
Anyway, Im pretty sure he told his mum i didnt like the idea and our Treasures etc etc.
I said I wont put up with being disrespected by the 2 of them anymore (like taking the mickey out of me, in front of my Treasures about my cooking etc) and he denies anything like that ever happened and I hv Big problems because I only focus on negatives.
I feel pretty pathetic right now.
I actually thought that when our Treasures moved out and the dust settled a bit, he might actually take care of me a bit.
But if he's busy running around after his mother....
Sorry to ramble.
Just had to get it out.
And Of Course Im in a flare now too, so in comparison to his mother...sigh

I kinda feel like Im living in a fight or flight mode.

I gotta go.
Back later


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Star: I'm sorry you've been blindsided by your DH. Unfortunately I never had a MIL to contend with since she had died years before we married. Maybe Julie will pop in and read this and have some things to help you. But know that you have my sympathy for what you have to deal with. By the way, how old is she?

Rock: It sounds like you're slowly finding your way around your new computer. It will take time. Tell Gordon I also hate summer!!!!!! Most interesting about that long beaver dam. I'll have to do a search on it. Clever little fellows.


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Thanks for your empathy.That's all I really needed.
You guys shouldn't be getting bombarded with my tales of woe.Really sorry, but also appreciate being heard.
This too will pass.
I read somewhere earlier that Julie isnt posting any more.
Btw mil is same age as my mother- 60 this yr. Compared to how my body is today, she is a spring chicken.
I dont think I will be able to cook tonight and the big lumps of wood are too heavy to pick up, to keep the fire going.
My arms are a big nuisance today.started getting worse, ( weak and sharp stabbing pains in them) yesterday, but now I can barely type this.cant even make myself a sandwich...

That beaver getting fed such a cute pic.

Glad Romeo came back.cheaky rascal.

Beautiful family pics guys.Thanks for sharing.

Glad you are getting the hang of your new tech, Rock.

I agree, weeding in the heat Granni...

Take care All.
Catch yas later


Happy Hump Day, Dear Porchies,

I'm starting to wonder whether all this stuffiness is related to some kind of virus I caught from that cashier last week. My lymph nodes are still swollen, my throat is sore and I have headaches. Or, it could simply be the WV. Seeing my doc next week and will talk to him about it. Whine, whine, whine. Gonna go out to cut back some plants growing in front of the light sensor so our outdoor lights are not burning night and day. One burned out and I need to change it. I want to get this done before it gets hot out. The sink stopper fix hasn't leaked so will put things back under the sink.

Star, what your DH is doing is undermining your marriage and your family. He is destroying your trust in him and turning the kids against you. He absolutely should have discussed this decision with you beforehand. This is serious and I hope you can get some kind of counseling. If it were me, I'd go alone and then, if the therapist, priest, minister, whoever, thought it would help, ask DH to join you. Not only is his behavior PA but he's gaslighting you to believe the fault lies with you. Any parent who turns kids against the other parent is doing grave harm to them He should know that later in life, they will likely turn on him for doing that to them. I'm sorry to sound so alarmist but this sounds so dire that I think you really need help. He has isolated you so that you have no one on your side. Families shouldn't be taking sides. Families should love one another and work together. It may be his mother who is calling the shots. If so, she is doing to him what he is doing to the kids. This kind of toxic stuff goes from one generation to the next. If something doesn't break this chain, you own kids will likely grow up to do the same thing. Please, Dear One, get some help. Living like this is untenable for healthy individuals. For those of us with chronic illness, it is destructive to our health. Please know you and yours are in my prayers.

Rock, the gremlins are at it again. Didn't realize you had posted. That beaver dam sounds amazing. They are obsessive about building and repairing their dams. One of the most fascinating critters around. There is a way to mark your favorite websites. If you look in the strip at the top of the page, there should be a little star icon. It may be next to the little magnifying glass on the right-hand side. If you click on the star, it will let you bookmark the page so you can just go back to it without having to type in the address. If there is a line of vertical dots to the right, you can click on that and it will show you the bookmarked sites. You can just click on the one you want. The library would be a good site to bookmark. I already have Capri pants so guess I'd take the trip to the Isle of Capri. Hope we both tame our techie beasts.

OK, gonna go read the virtual newspaper. It's still early and dark out. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: I think I lost something here. I got the app downloaded to my phone with my itinerary on it. It even gives the gate no. I tried to get the app on my phone without success. Somehow on my phone, it thinks the iPhone acct is still in DSIL's name and I don't have his password. When I download apps to my phone, it has my acct. ID and password. What tech hell is this? No biggie, I can just use my phone instead of my watch. I emailed my itinerary to the kids so they can coordinate picking me up from the airport and returning me for the flight home.

I also went out and cut back the plants in front of the light sensor. I also replaced two burned out bulbs in our outdoor fixtures. Joe called. His bldg. is being painted and some of the people living there are giving him guff over having to have their doors open so they can be painted. One guy insists on painting his own. It's true that no good deed shall go unpunished. These people don't realize that we don't get paid. We manage our bldgs. by serving on the boards. It can get discouraging. The hood ain't the same as in the old days.
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Mikie: What you wrote to Star is sooooo right on. I couldn't put my finger on it until you brought it to the front. Yes, he's isolated you from your kids, and I would lay $ on it that it's his mom doing all the controlling. "Gaslighting".....OMG....that's what that old movie is all about. Mikie and I are seeing the perspective from our experiences with PAs. Your husband is so manipulative and YES, he should have discussed this with you first. 60 years old is NOT old and is he her only child? What has SHE done with her life? Did she ever work? And.......don't ever ever ever ever let this woman into your house to live. You think you've got it bad now???????? And your line about his first wife coming to live was soooo right on. Don't feel guilty about that.

And have you ever brought up the fact that HE is a PA? If not you need to. I started to ask my DH if he KNEW he was a PA and big surprise he knew all about it. Said one of the priests in charge of the school where he was sent to live told him he was a PA. WoW....could have knocked me over with a feather. But in my DHs case I KNEW why and how he turned into one. And did you know that if one parent is a PA chances are one of the kids will also be one. Have you gotten a book on the subject?

And you know this, I'm sure, that the idea in the Bible is that you should LEAVE and CLEAVE.....meaning he HAS to cut the cord and so must his mother. And did her DH die or what?

I was so tired from the heat yesterday that I went to bed at 9 PM and then woke out of a dream at 4 a.m. I'm finding I don't slowly go back to a calmer type sleep from a dream, just immediately wake up. So I'm not getting restful sleep. I need to read up on what i could do about it.

My SiL is coming some time today to pick up Savannah. Her eye is so bad.....this small tumor bleeds at times. Yesterday i was trying to look at her eye. It looks like it's got a lot of mucous over it and now I'm wondering if she can still see out of it. Poor dog.

My DS and youngest DGD are coming over this morning to swim and have lunch. He usually leaves around 2:30 when she starts to get sleepy so she can sleep in the car instead of yelling. She hates driving in the car....don't we all.

I just talked to my DD....looks like Savannah will be here a little longer. Their good friends were camping about 4 hrs. Away and the Dh passed out. He's at the hospital, the docs think he's got maybe a blocked arterie so they're putting in a camera thru his arm. So my SIL has been asked to drive their trailer home and he's a tad nervous since he's never pulled a trailer, only driven a larger truck. So...my DD now has to take my DGS and his friend up to camp in the mountains.

So then my very good friend just called with some awful news. Her oldest DGS was killed last night....his by a semi truck. Poor Karen really raised him and I think he was around 26 or thereabouts. I'm feeling so shook up for her. He lived in Oregon near his mom. His dad lives in Hawaii so will have to get here asap.

Life is so fragile.
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Decided to pop in between chores. I'm so tired but am trying to keep going. Can't find my tools so I have to stop to find them. I may quit until tomorrow because what I'm doing now involves climbing up on the step stool.

Sun, OMG! How sad about your dear friend. I can't imagine losing a child or grandchild. My neighbor across the street lost her grandson and she's never been the same. Hope your DSIL's friend is OK and that your DSIL makes it home safely pulling a load. Savannah is heartbreaking. Don't think I could stand to see her suffer like that. Hope you kids will find the courage to help her out of her misery. Finally, I hope you can get some restful sleep. I seem to be sleeping well but am drop dead exhausted.

Gonna go attend to some laundry. I want to get my clothes ready to go even though it's still a way off. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Kids

Gordon has been tutoring me about controlling this monster. It's kinda like having King Kong on
a leash. I don't really feel like I'm in charge. Thanks for your tips Mikie, If I can't follow them I'm
sure Gordon can help.

I'm reading a book where people talk about their travel experiences. One couple went
to Atlanta and visited a Publix. They bought the "famous chicken finger stubs" whatever they
are. When I was a kid we had neighbors on both sides who raised chickens. Never noticed
that any had fingers though.

Sun, we had an attorney at our office who was a movie buff. He used to say "gaslighting"
frequently meaning, "It's a lie". I saw that old movie in a theater which was inside a casino in
Reno. Only theater I've ever been in where you could smoke and drink booze. Hope you
and Savannah both feel better pronto.

The best cure for a dysfunctional family Star, is to get away from it. Not always practical
or even possible. But still, one can work at it. If Christmas or Thanksgiving is always a terrible
time, then don't keep going back home to the terrible relatives every year. Just stay away. I
realized that doesn't pertain to your situation.

I got 3-4 hours of sleep last night. Pretty typical. Think I'll lie down for a while.

Hugs and chocolate, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just figured out that I'm in the throes of a bad Sjogren's flare. My mouth is soooo dry and fatigue this profound only comes with Sjogren's. Don't know how to pull out of it. I did manage to climb up on the step stool and remove some hardware above the sliders and fill the holes with spackling. Looks soooo much better. One of those things I've been going to get to. Later, I'll paint it. That and the drain have been bugging me. Now, I need to get back to cleaning and organizing a few things. Nothing monumental but want to get it done before I go. Won't be doing anything else today though.

Rock, so glad to see you here and glad you are taming the mighty computer beast. It's a daunting task but well worth it. Publix calls those 'chicken tenders.' They are sooo delicious, better than any KFC, Popeye's or any other chicken I've ever had. The smell alone is heavenly. Poor cashiers who are due for their lunch breaks drool when someone brings the chicken through their lines. So happy to see your handing out virtual chocolate. Thank you. Gonna enjoy it.

It's so beautiful outside today and only 90 degrees. That may not sound cool but it's a heckova lot better than the high 90's with humidity. Not sposda rain til around 8:00 tonight. I'm gonna put the step stool back and lie down. A nap before bed sounds so redundant but it might help. I could start a new novel. I'm reading a nonfiction book but I really struggle to get through them. I have a bunch of novels lined up in the queue on the Kindle.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie

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