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PORCH #1145 IS NOW CLOSED (7/22/19)

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Morning time and beginning of a new day..just had my cuppa. Its wet outside. we are in middle of monsoon.

Sun - terribly sad about the young boy. Life is such. Anything can happen. well, Im glad Savannah gets to spend some more time with you. You seem to connect with her and she gets to eat what she likes very much.

Rock - 5hat was some sage advice to Star. About distancing from toxic situations. yes, a bit difficult for a wife n mother though.
Mikie - i get the dry mouth from time to time. But it hasnt been severe. This time i got prickly heat. Itchiness. i thought of Granni. i dont like being on the net for long, ive noticed it exhausts me, so i keep it to a minimum. maybe along with gremlins it conducts bad juju..:D

Granni - like you, i need to tame my compound. It looks like a jungle! in rainy season, things grow back in just two days. this isthe 5ime i envy people with potted gardens. there are some houses which look so pretty because 5heir potted plants are well trimmed and blooming. Mine outdoors looks like a rain forest.

Star - its one thing after another isnt it? This is just unacceptable. MIL coming to live near you. and no one telling you anything. Well, she hasnt yet. Just pray they dont find a suitable house. seems to me drama is always round the corner for us, so we should savour when things are going placidly...(boring?) i complain a lot about boredom, (to myself) but hey, boredom anytime to drama and stress hormones.

i found an exercise to shake off stress...i they you should try it. the lady explained it well. empty your body off stress every dayso it doesnt overflow and cause a eruption of emotions.

i know you said you cant do strenuous things because of fibro related conditions but you must find a way to release your pent up emotions. Anger physically affects 5he liver. Sadness, 5he heart. i remember when i was a child and everything was going awry, i had such severe heart pains i had to come backfrom school and lie down. it went away a when i got older. on its own. it was 5he sadness physically manifesting.

you can tone down 5he exercises to your level of comfort.

DH brought home tofu so i made it and he saidit reminded him of older times. i made it in older style, onions garlic ginger tomatoes,peppercorn, cumin. Myfont is changing 9n its own and 5hescreenis going wonky so i will log outnow.

i took a walk 8n 5he evening, wasnt rai ing but it was wet and cool, had a snack of puri and curry and jalebis at a indiansweet restaurant...good i did...restored me.

Hi to Barry and MIAs...

God bless
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Hi Kids

I'm on my way back to bed, but thought I'd pause and say Hello. The computer is especially hateful tonight. Couldn't put any library books on hold. After some delay I was able to listen to some old
music on YouTube. In times of old singers often had good voices. Do you know of any who do now?

And for some reason it doesn't want me to read the news. Which reminds me. A vehicle with
something like $140,000,000 worth of cocaine in it!! One news source said the driver ran into a police car. Another one said it ran into the police station. I guess that would solve one's retirement problem. Either the perp would be in prison or filthy rich. In either case wouldn't need Soc. Sec.

Mikie, Now why did the font change? Yes, "a nap before bed" does sound a tad redundant. I think it's like those
football players who go on the field and exercise before the game. Maybe I should exercise at
another computer before I take on this monster. That sjorgrens sounds terrible. One of those
things you can treat but not cure, huh? It seems to revisit you pretty often.

Springwater, another nice picture of you. I'm surprised to see you have so many tattoos. I only
have three. OK, starting to fade. Going to bed. Back later. Rock


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Didn't wake with an extremely dry mouth during the night so I'm hoping this Sjogren's flare may be receding. Like with FMS, it's always there just waiting for a chance to flare up. Unlike FMS, it is autoimmune and attacks the body. It can attack organs in severe cases but it's usually the salivary glands and the oil glands which make tears. The exhaustion is so profound that it's like nothing else I've ever had, even with CFIDS/ME.

Just got rid of a spammer. There are one or two every day now. I have to see whether I can get my old printer to work or go get a new one. The Blue Magic I ordered from Amazon had a broken top and I need to return it. That requires a printer to print out a return label. I'd also like to print out my boarding passes ahead of time but there are other options for that. The airport has kiosks that print them out or I could put them on my phone but I've never done that before. I'd hate to get to the gate and find out I couldn't use it. Delta says they accept passes on phones. Perhaps I could put it on my phone and have a printed one just in case. I did manage to download the Delta app to my phone and watch. It will tell me the gates I need. Of course, the displays at the airports have that info but, in case of a gate change, having it on the watch is very handy. I learned about that from my neighbor who introduced me to all the benefits of the watch. He's a computer guru and teaches classes on using programs. They are the ones getting a new kitchen. A truck pulled up to take away the old appliances. Wonder why the guy doing the work didn't do that before so they would be out of the way. Oh well, not my problem.

Spring, thanks for the video. I'll check it out. A quick way to rid oneself of stress is to take in a big breath and blow it out forcefully through the mouth, blowing the stress out with it. I used to do that in the car after a bad sales call. My clients were overwhelmingly sweet but, every now and then, I'd run into a stinker. It really does work and keeps one from carrying the stress for the rest of the day. A lot of things can cause dry mouth including a lot of meds. The difference with Sjogren's dry mouth is that the salivary glands are under attack by the body's immune system. It's our rainy season here too but it doesn't usually rise to monsoons. Can't really complain about this summer. It's been very beautiful. I'm really enjoying it. Glad you got cooled off.

Rock, perhaps your computer was trying to save you from reading the news. Most of it is bad and very little is good. Think my redundant nap may have helped me to start to get over this hideous flare. I slept until Claudia texted about FJ. I wouldn't have known it anyway and she didn't get the answer. Don't know where Nancy was. Hope she is OK. We worry when one of us doesn't show. It's kind of a good way to ensure one of us doesn't fall and can't get up and end up lying on the floor for days. There really isn't a good treatment for Sjogren's but the peptide injections did help. I haven't had a bad flare in ages. Been run down and that may be why it reared its ugly head. Perhaps instead of exercising at another computer, you should arrange for an exorcism of the one you are using. If it spins and throws out green pea soup, you will know it's possessed. I know that FPOC one I have is possessed but the Geek Squad will take care of that if I ever get it to Best Buy. Love this Chromebook so much that I really don't care. I just chalk it up to an expensive lesson.

Gonna go read the bad news in the virtual newspaper. Thank God for comic strips. And thank God for all our Dear Porchies. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Decided to go over to the pool and jog. Had a nice time with my pal, Barb. We saw a few dark clouds on the horizon and decided it would likely rain later today. We were in no hurry but we no more than got into our condos and it came down. The painters at Joe's bldg. had to stop. Poor guys; it's rained every day. Got a text from Janie downstairs and she wants me to go check out the new kitchen before she pays the contractor. Told her I would when it stops raining. I'll go check out Grace's place too.

I got right into a hot shower when I got home from the pool. Feels good to have my hair done. I'm back to using my Joan Rivers root touchup powder at the crown. Maybe someday I'll let it go white but not yet. My pal, Nancy, checked in so all is well. Still raining so will do a few things inside. Gonna try one last time to get my old printer to work before setting off to get a new one. Battery in my phone is running down all the time and will have to decide whether to get a new battery or phone. My gawd how the money rolls out!
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Rock: Did you see the spectacular sunset last night???? Wow is all I can say and it seemed to last forever, longer than normal. I think the earth is shifting so the sunset is more to the northwest instead of just west because around 8:30 I looked out my FR window and was blown away at how the sky still looked. Probably because of the moisture in the clouds that caused such a beautiful one. It's overcast but humid this morning which makes me feel so wrung out. I pushed myself out for a short walk this morning but came in feeling very tired. With my lung problems it makes it hard.

And here's something interesting about how scientists are killing mosquitos.....there's hope!

Spring: I watched that video but NOT GONNA DO IT......making my legs shake like that from exertion would really do me in. Have you tried it?

Mikie: My DS and DGD were over yesterday, splashing in the pool, but I rarely get in anymore because it's so darn hard for me to climb out again! Does that make sense? My DGD was using a Little inner tube, having fun, but she had let it go and then tried to grab it.....got a surprise dunk but my DS was right there to pull her up again. Scared her so I think she will be more cautious.

For the first time ever I had to run my AC all night. I can just imagine my bill. I think last summer the highest for one month was over $300 and that was with the disability break I get for having COPD.


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I'm having computer problems, anxiety problems, and problem problems.

Sorry, one and all for your sorrows and pains.

I'm very sorry that Julie seems to have left the board.... It seems to be my fault, and I do miss her. Hopefully she will come back.

I'm sad today, just wanted to tell you all how much I feel for you. I'm looking forward to Mikie's trip.




Hi, Kids,

Just got back from doing the final walk-through for the kids downstairs in their kitchen. Only thing I found was that the seam in the stone counter top was obvious. It's white with some gray and perhaps the white ones are more difficult to make the seams more invisible. I can hardly see mine but my counter top is dark stone. Love their self-closing drawers and doors. Very nice white wood shaker style cupboards. At least, I have the same hardware. They gave up an electric outlet which I would not have done. It could easily have been incorporated into the new cupboards there. It's been hard for their being away while it was all done.

I also checked on Grace's and Dennis' condo. All was well. I texted her that I saw their little dog's tiger in his bed and it made me miss him. He's my little buddy.

Sun, I totally get it about climbing out of the pool. After an hour in there walking and jogging, my legs shake and are weak when I climb up the steps in the shallow end. We have a ladder in the deep end. The pool was full of dead bugs this morning. Seems when it rains, it becomes burial at sea for the insect world. The pool guy is over there now but it's raining every day. Glad you DGD was OK. That's scary. My sliders look out to the east and my kitchen window and balcony look out to the west. I can track the changing of the seasons by where the sun rises and sets to the north or south. Days are now getting shorter by one or two minutes each day. I have always been fascinated by the heavens, planets and changes of season. NOVA had a good show on last night, Ancient Skies. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before the end. Gonna check out the skeeter link. No place has them like SW FL. Thanks for posting it.

Barry, I am so very sorry you are not doing well. Thanks for your kind words about my upcoming trip. I'm finally starting to look forward to it too. The closer it gets, the more I will get excited, especially to see my kids. That is the only drawback to living here. Well, that and the occasional hurricane, heat, humidity and skeeters. :eek: It's always good to see you here and I pray you feel better. I hate to have people leave but it is always their choice to do that. I hope Julie will return too.

Really starting to unwind but think that overall I'm better. I really need to be to be able to spend seven hours on planes and in airports going and coming. My kids are sooo sweet and understanding and I am so blessed to have them. I am also blessed that they were grown by the time I got really sick. I feel for everyone, like our Star, who tries to raise families while so sick. One thing I'm finding is that it gets harder to keep good posture as we age. If I can't, I'll be ringing bells in a Victor Hugo book. Yikes!

OK, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a really lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Wanted to post this by itself because the implications for our illnesses could be great. MS researchers are finding that by semi-fasting two days a week, people with MS are able to greatly reduce the inflammatory response in their bodies. They eat normally five days a week. They eat 500 calories of non-starchy vegetables the other two days. This not only decreased inflammation but also increased good gut bacteria.

Our illnesses are inflammatory and I'm thinking this would be a safe way to try to reduce that inflammation. Gonna try it and will let y'all know how it goes.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys.
Just stopping in briefly.

Looks like mil isnt moving here yet.
Don't know any of the details, but I dont really care if Im to blame.
Btw she is 67.Sorry.for some reason I said 60.And she is a young 67 if you get my meaning.
Before you guys, I never knew what PA was
Also had never heard of 'gas lighting', but hv been reading up extensively on the latter since mentioned here.
I found a Christian counsellor.
Am going next Friday


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Star; good news that you have found a christian counselor! And.....stay firm about the MIL......you don't want her meddling in your family which is what she would be doing.

Still hot here and i don't do heat very well. I tend to hibernate in the house. I did go outside this morning, love being in my little garden. A few days ago I bought a gallon size milkweed to attract the monarch butterflies. There is one that comes to visit but every time I went out to take some pics he fluttered like crazy and left. I'll have to wait to plant it in the ground until after this heatwave.


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Star - good. im happy you are going and getting to talk your issues out. Happier MIL isnt coming yet. im sorry about her but one does need to work oneself and be the person people around wouldnt mind living nearby. Your DH and you already have little things to work out between yourselves and no one is allowed to put oil in the fire to stir 5hings up further. NO.

Sun - yes, ive done the psoa muscle exercise...i 5hink its good for me. Lots of stressors in my life and i incorporate all sorts of 5hings so i keep dissolving 5hem as 5hey come. If you have a spouse and kids, stress will be there..in some form or another, heh heh. 5he house, relatives...

i love sunsets and cloudy skies...the shapes the monsoon skies take is amazing. i reckon i can spend a whole day ontop of a h8ll flat on my back just gaz8ng at 5he sky.

Rock - at least you are posting, let us hope your computer settles down and stops 5hrowing tantrums. My DS has been asking if he can get a tattoo done on his arm. i dont 5hink my DH would be too 5hrilled, someyears ago igot the shock of my life wheni saw a tattoo on sons body he had got done secretly because all ofus said dont do things which mark your body perman3ntly.

i had suggested getting those temporary sticker ones. i only saw it b3cause he took off his vest and 8nadvertently exposed it. He prolly wanted it too much but didnt want to upset us so got it done inside.

Mikie - i love looking at o5her peoples houses and 5he kitchens etc. Especially modern ones. There is so mushroom for creativity.

hahaha...! i. leaving 5hat typo as it is. In olden days kitchens were nothing but a place to cook andstore food in. now it can lift up ones spirits just to be in one.

Barry - its not your fault. please dont be sad. i would be very stifled if i could not gripe at the state of 5he world now and then. i would probably find 5hings to gripe about 10 years ago. i gripe about my life, my family, my pets, rela5ives. i dont mean to hurt anyone. i appr3ciate those 5hings too!

The DD came back from attend8 gyet another college friend from usa’s wedding. A guy friend. She went year before last too. These areher Bangldeshi fri3nds she met 8n college. the flights arent that long. A little over an hour? She and and her close friend N from here went.

Her friend didnt study in 5he same college but they hungout together during the lastyear when all 3 were working. A friend of the grooms who also was DDs classmate put them up at his parents place. Well, his place. In Bangladesh like Nepal, families stay together as a norm.

Just 4 days away. However she came back bear8ng giftsfor all. i got 2 pairs of shoes, some lovely silver stud earr8ngs and DH a nice cotton printed shirt and a good whisky DD said to open when he went for golf and had a party. DS got a very lovely musical souvenir made to look antique. andshe brought back foreign chocolates from duty free.

i took a lightning trip to wish my fri3nd Happy bir5hday,took her a gift id bought on sale couple of months ago. didnt stay. so much house work piled up with DD having been gone, 8m swamped, literally swamped.

God bless
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Didn't sleep all that well but I know I'm feeling a bit better. Hope that means this flare is on its way outta here. Had my breakfast and groomed SV. The soft fur on his undercarriage was quite snarled. He also had a clump of matted fur on his rear end but it came off by using the comb. He's sooo good about letting me unsnarl his fur. Looks as though FL will be having rain for days. No biggie for me. I'll just take my umbrella when I go out. Need to get a printer and a box to return my can of Blue Magic which arrived with a broken top. Also have to call the electrician because it appears that our light sensor is no longer working. The outdoor lights are always on. I cut back the plants around it but it's still not working. Rats!

Not sure whether I'm gonna start the anti-inflammatory fast diet or wait til I return from CO. I have so much going on that I don't think it's a good time to add something else. Of course, I can always substitute veggies for any meal at any time. I have some butternut squash in the freezer I need to eat. I can throw anything in the NutraBullet and make a good drink.

Star, good news that MIL isn't coming now. Sooo glad you found a counselor and that you've read up on PA and Gaslighting behavior. I think that will help you get the most out of the counseling. Sometimes, it takes changing to another counselor if the first one isn't a good match. I hope and pray you get good vibes from this one and that he or she helps you.

Sun, I stay inside or drive to air conditioned stores in the afternoons when it's so hot. There is yard work to be done here but I won't be doing it in this heat. Hope you can get some good pics of the butterfly. People here take the most magnificent pics of wildlife and send them in to the newspaper. They print them and I enjoy them so much.

Spring, absolutely love the inadvertent pun. Wow! I can't do that well when I'm trying to make one. I love looking at kitchens too. Waaay back, kitchens were in separate little sheds behind houses to keep the heat out of the house in the summer. Then, they came inside but were often in basements. Now, they are the most expensive remodels in most homes. I have updated little things because I can't afford a big redo. It looks pretty good. Same with the bathrooms. I can't remember a time when I wasn't looking skyward. Love looking at clouds during the day and the moon, stars and planets at night. I'm laughing too about the dog who couldn't settle on just one stick. Guess you couldn't settle on just one pic. :D

Gonna go read my emails. Just got rid of three spammers. Good grief! They are getting more active. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: Cute pic of dog! Do your kids ever feel like they're "left behind"....meaning everyone seems to be getting married they've gone to school with and they don't have a significant other in their life yet? I'm sure they've talked about this with their friends.....have they brought it up to you? But both your kids seem very independent people and good for them I say.

I love looking at pretty homes and how they've been decorated. Sometimes when I'm bored I will do searches on decorating ideas. Here's a link to one I like to look at. This lady has a finger in lots of pies.....to start with she is an artist, and has a one week radio program. Then I found out she's into decorating and has a blog to read. She and her DH then bought a "run down" house in Waco, Texas that they have been remodeling for use as an airBnB. Waco Texas is the home of Johanna Gaines who had a very popular TV program on remodeling homes, and has since gone into publishing books, etc. anyway,check out this blog. And i found out that 'decorating blogs' are HOT. It annoys me when I read hers because it's peppered with ads.....this is actually how they make $ doing the blogs and the more people who follow them and then click on their ads they get paid so much from the advertiser.

Mikie: How soon do you leave on your trip? Hope it goes perfectly for you and that you'll feel great.....you can crash when you get home if you must.

I'm to start my chemo on wednesday again. Got the approval from the insurance but I told the doctor the other day it was approved for the one that is not available. She said not to worry....BUT.....Im calling the insurance company about giving approval for the one that IS available. My share this past go around for the 6 chemo treatments was over $800 so I don't want to be hit with a gigantic bill if the insurance comes back and refuses to pay for the one that is available.

I'm up early with stiff, painful muscles....what's new! And it's still hot so had to run the AC all night.
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AACCKK! As much as I love this Chromebook, it is different than other computers in some ways. I have managed to install my printer, according to the computer, but every time I ask it to print, it wants to save instead. Rat bane, as Rock says. On the other hand, I contacted Amazon by chat and they are crediting my credit card for the broken can of Blue Magic. It was fast and easy. One problem at a time. Not a good day to deal with this because I feel shaky. No rattle 'n roll, just shake.

Spring, what type of decorating do you look at? Modern, farmhouse, country, coastal...

Granni, you posted about a long day not too far back. I'm hoping all is well with you and your dear ones. Keeping you in my prayers as I do for all our Porchies.

Gotta go.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - i like country and farmhouse style interior decorations, rustic maybe is the right word. These days the less clutter, 5he better i like it. i like looking at shabby chic styled rooms but 5hey need look8ng after. Distressed furniture n all.

i like the idea of calling and keep8ng tabs every day on each other like you and your trio do.

my pictures keep getting posted in double, heh heh. But the doggy pic is worth it.

i remember Granni too having problems wi5h her c9mputer. Maybe thats why she hasnt come on.

i find the anti inflammatory fast idea very interesting worth looking 8nto.

My friend and her siblings are doing a intermittent fasting thing. i think its doing them good, been couple of months now.

Sun - i think my kids know marriage is a big responsib8lity. So they are not in a great hurry. They have had S Os in their lives and know that too takes work8ng at. If the person feels right, i think they may push for it, but until 5hen, they will go coasting along.

Also DDs close fri3nds school group are all putting off marriage, none of 5hem are agreeing to 5heir parents choices, they seemto be more intent on enjoying life, hanging out and waiting to fall in love.

Both my sons friends who got married got arranged marriages. parents picked them out, they met, went out and agreed. long engagement ensued, then a date was set and the wedding was held.
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Hi guys.
Been in too much of a flare to be able to do much of anything.
The weather is pretty dismal and typical of Winter, but from my bedroom window I can see the happy, bright yellow daffodils.A promise of better things, better days ahead and sunshine...
My eldest is 18 soon and has now clocked up all the nec hrs needed for his log book.Unfortunately there are no openings for him to go for his driving test.its booked out for 2 mths! Its the same for the surrounding towns too.
I did say to book in early, but as is often the case, what could I possibly know?
This means Ds will probably be up for an 11 hr bus and train trip (at least) the next time he has to do a study block.not ideal, but
I certainly wont be taking him.

Spring, Dd is 16 in October and has got it in her head that she is getting a tattoo.We too hv been against the idea of permanently marking oneself, but I hv a hunch that Dh has let her think it's ok.Maybe in a round about way.I dunno, but I wouldn't be surprised if she went ahead and got it done anyway.I had just hoped she'd hold off 'till she was older and put more thought into it.
I was out of home at 14 and as an act of defiance I coloured my hair, got a tattoo and pierced my nose.a sml stud. (Foster family was Not a great influence), but at least had the sense to be able to cover it up.
Dd's chef that she is working under has tats all over her arms and a big ring in her nose.she would be beautiful if not for that (at least on the outside).
I guess we will see (or not).

Youngest Dd is off to stack wood for a bloke across town. Someone Dh did some work for.I know he is very nervous about it, as he mostly keeps to himself and under normal circumstances I would be going along, at least for the first time, but I also know ds would be worried about what his dad would think about that.
As with so many things I hv to let go and hand my worries over to God.
My Treasures are getting older and I am stepping back more and more.It is the natural way of things, but it is a little sad too.

Mil sent me a birthday gift.
I wish she didn't.
I miss my old town.its been almost 2 yrs already.

Thinking of all my Porchie friends.
Stay cool and hydrated.
Take care
Catch yas later


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Spring: Honestly, I think kids now are much smarter than my generation. I didn't use my brain when picking a husband and certainly didn't know him long enough. A giant mistake on my part. And a lot of the generation now just aren't in a hurry to get married nor even to marry. My oldest son is almost 48. Even 15 years ago he was too set in his ways to think of being married. My SIL has two single friends around 52 and obviously will never marry. Too selfish and fond of spending $ on themselves. I think your kids are being smart about it.

Star: Has it been almost 2 years that you've moved????? Seems like it's been less than a year. Yes, we gotta let go of the kids as they get older. It's the healthy parent who realizes it's our job to raise them to stand on their own. And if they fall then it's lessons hey will learn.

I felt well enough to go to my friday art group. Was talking to one of the ladies....I asked on what street in the town did she live....OMG.....the street I grew up on. And in further narrowing it down to a block, I said there was a really cute Hansel and Gretel type house I remembered.....she said....."that's MY house". Wow...talk about a small world. I had been in that house for a slumber party when I was 8 and can still remember parts of it because it was like a fairy tale house. That brought back memories of my childhood.

This lady's DH died in december and she's poor as a church mouse. Came back from months in Tenn. and found there were squatters on her property, someone had stolen all of her volcanic rock from the front, and worse than that.....the roof had holes in it and she can't afford a new roof. She said when they bought the house back in 1973 they had been told that the house had been featured in House Beautiful as one of the best for the year of 1956. I was in it in 1953.....and apparently it was fairly new, having been designed and built by the brother of the little friend who had the slumber party. So Ive sent an email to House Beautiful, hoping I can get some info. If it was that special, then I told her maybe her house could be designated as historical and then the city or state would pay for the repairs. Wouldn't that be wonderful.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Not much going on. I washed and changed the bed and rotated the mattress yesterday. Last night, I had a nice hot soak in the tub and climbed in between clean sheets. OMG! Heaven! Feeling a tad better each day and I'm so grateful. I'll have things done and the condo reasonably clean before I go. I forgot to stock up on SV's wet food and am hoping the vet has it in stock. If not, it should be in on Wednesday. It's common for male neutered cats to have the crystal pee problem and they have to eat the special diet so they usually have it.

I got a robo call and let it go to voice mail. I listened to it. It started in the middle of a sentence--something from an American something-or-other saying something about my having to keep at least $600 in my account and that unless I contacted them, it would renew and I would be charged $500. As much as I know these are scams, they are disturbing nonetheless. I hope older people have gotten wise to these and stop being scammed.

We are well into our summer rainy season now. It didn't rain right here yesterday but it did all around us. Good thing because we've had a bit too much of a good thing. The yard behind Claudia's building is a swamp. Her cats love it because it's attracting the birds who eat insects. I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to come up, one of my favorite things every day. It warms the Earth and my cockles.

Star, it seems to me too that these two years have gone by fast. My kids' last two houses have been huge but they still pine for their smaller one in Atlanta. They like it in CO but were happiest in GA. Atlanta is a lot like Denver in terms of size, cultural activities, restaurants, etc. We like living on the East Coast in terms of our internal clocks and Eastern Time. I'm sorry you miss your old home. Did you just have a birthday? If so, happy birthday. I grew up an only child with a working Mom. That meant I had a lot of autonomy growing up. I decided I wanted my kids to be independent too so I started out in small ways when they were small. It is a long process of letting go. The silver lining is having adult children who are capable and smart. Let us know how it goes with the counselor. Well, I hope. Good luck.

Spring, I lean to the country and farmhouse decor too and I incorporate the coastal influence in my condo. There is a lot of tacky FL stuff here that people like to hang all over their condos because these are their vacation homes. Nothing wrong with it but this is my full-time home and I try to stay away from the tacky. It would be too much all the time. I have very slooowly warmed up to the modern look popular with decorators now. It's a bit stark for me. Cancers usually like a bit of clutter around us, surrounding ourselves with our favorite things like books, pillows and critters. I don't like too much clutter though. I have also incorporated Feng Shui principles in my condo and everyone likes it and feels good when they are in the condo. Your kids are smart to wait until marriage is just right for them. Smart Mom, smart kids!

Sun, when we were growing up, most people got married too young before knowing much. In fact, many were engaged when Seniors in HS. If they got engaged in college, the girl often dropped out because she could see nothing but becoming June Cleaver, cleaning house, cooking and raising kids. That's what happened to me. I was happy being a housewife but, when the kids got older and Phil Donohue opened my eyes, I decided it would be a good idea to go back to college and get my degree. Of course, as the marriage was going from bad to worse, it became even more important. One DD finished before getting married and the other has gone down the same path as I in terms of finishing college, not her marriage. I think both my kids have solid marriages. That's amazing about the woman in your art group and her house. It's also sad. It would be nice if she could find some help. Contractors here go out and repair homes of older people who can't afford to get it done. Perhaps there is something similar there. It's nice of you to check it out.

I hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: I just went to the ftc.gov website to see whether my data with Equifax was breached. It was so they are sending me a check for $125, according to their settlement with FTC. TV news is encouraging everyone to check it out.
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Man oh Man, am I tired, dizzy, and feeling blue. But this too will pass.

Star, so good to hear from you, and I'm so glad that you found a counselor
, Christian or not....

Sun, Monarch butterflies..... so lovely. I haven't seen one this year, but I have a lot of milkweeds (2 species) that they have laid eggs on befor
e, and transformed. Maybe you are too hasty with your camera to get a pic, eh? Frightens it away? Let it breed and lay...

Spring, I had to laugh about your son's secret tattoo! Around here I've seen people with so many tatts that they look VERY STRANGE! All over the face and god knows where else.... A strange fad, as are piercings. I must admit that I had a pierced ear once and wore a small gold ring in it for many years until a feisty parrot of mine ripped it out. And that was that!

Interior decorating. I prefer rural, rustic, colourful. NO stainless steel or WHITE. We've lots of windows and lots of books, everywhere. One wall of the bedroom is glass, the other is a full wall bookcase. Oh yeah, it has two more walls, another one glass sliding door, the other solid wood.
I like Spring's "shabby chic" description.

Someone mentioned Jacqueline Winspear. I agree, she is very good reading. She's written about sixteen books, mostly the Maisie Dobbs series.

I hope and pray that everyone feels a bit better today.

That's all folks, at least for now. It's a smokey day here from fires in Oregon, and the temp. is 'posed tp be 101!:eek::eek::eek:

All for now, and love to All forever,


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Dear Ones,

Yikes, it has been so long since I have posted lots of stuff happening round here off and on and haven''t had a chance to get on to the computer and if I do it is for something else. Had to go a= to a very nice memorial or as they same now celebration of life for a dear lady in our community. Didn't know her real well but did know her for some time. HOwever, it turns out that she had breast cancer and that is why I hadn't seen that much of her lately. It was a lovely and different type of service not held in a church but rather our club room where we were all served a lovely buffet. Very sad but wish I had hearing aids so I could have understood all that was being said by everyone in the family who spoke of her. Sp,e a;sp had sft voices and were a bit overcome with emotion which made it even harder. DH and I went along with DD who lives close by and DSIL. We all were in the same lunch group.

I think I mentioned to you all a week or so ago or more that I had gotten another biopsy from the dermatologist and she wanted to see if she could get any more answers from them since the last one with the meds didn't seem to help much. By the way, I am now off all the meds I was one from the dermatologist except for the creams. She had told me to start doing so but I got off even quicker when I saw a black and blue mark under my eye, looks lie DH punched me on the eye or something. At the same time I was also on Cipro for a UTI . They all cause more bruise than I already get naturally. I have always bruised easily anyway but haven;t done a thing to warrant that under the eye either.. I sent the dermatologist on that one and then I got a message saying that she had the results on the biopsy. The nurse said it came back different than the other which I am glad about. However, it looks more like autoimmune issues (SURPRISE SURPRISE, NOT) which we will see after they take more blood form me. Have to go back and get the lab slip and then go to the lab. She had asked me if I had ever seem a Rheumy and I said yes years ago. I may end up having to back to one cuth it will be a different one, maybe my friends doc who treats her FM, Lupus and other autoimmune stuff. So next week will be a very busy one for sure. Probably should have started out with the Rheumy but the dermatologist was closer.

I skimmed over the latest posts but sorry I don't remember everything.

STAR - I do not see what everyone of these young ones think about getting all these tats. Of course in our day, way back when one would not think of it. Our parents would have disowned us. Now I have seem peeps some not so young also with so many you couldn't see their appendage. I would never get one but that is me. Some young ones have fairly descreet (sp) ones very small like a flower or something. That s not to bad but I will wouldn't do it,. Yes, I guess I am really an old square, old fogey LOL. BTW, it sure sounds like you grew up just fine amongst all your hard times growing up. Hang in there kiddo. You're doing great.. Patience is a virtue and sometimes doesn't come easy. SUN is correct about they have to learn and at that age many times think the parents don't know anything. However, on in later years many times they find out that was not true and they should have listen but you can only do your best. Even my DCG told me years ago before she got really bad that she should have listened to us, her stupid parents. She didn't say stupid parents but I just did. So sorry you are mssding your old house. Wow, that was a fast 2 years. Seems like you just moved there.

Happy birthday to all the birthday people I have missed.

BARRY - Sorry you are feeling punk.

Everyone not feeling well hope you feel better soon.

MIKIE - When you will be leaving? I think you said you would stay like 3 or 4 days is that correct? I know you must be very excited. Not sure I will ever be flying again unless things drastically change. Car rides are bad enough but you can stop and use the rest rooms or get a snack or eat , etc. Planes can be good too but we surely cannot afford first class. Hardly any room in business class and always not to close to the bathroom . Always have to climb over people. However if it is a very short trip, I might, I sure hated to miss my brothers ceremony for many reasons but between my b/p , bathroom both ways issues at the time it would have been very hard. My nerves were not at its best at that time but don;t think my family really understands at all.( not the family who lives here).

Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a bit. I got some things done today and it feels so good. I saw Nick Lowe on TV singing Half A Boy And Half A Man. I couldn't sit still. I got up and danced my heart out. Felt soooo good. Now I know I'm feeling better. It's a beautiful day out. Got my electric bill and it was only $87 for the month. We have no gas; everything runs on electricity. I can't believe it. Checked out the FTC.gov/Equifax website and my info was breached so I'm getting a check from them for $125. Fifty-eight percent of Americans' files were breached. All in all, not a bad day.

News just had a teenager who was born without arms. He is training for a biathlon. Other teenagers and coaches were all supporting him as he jumped up on a high box. He really struggled to do it. I know there are still kids who bully and tease those with disabilities and challenges but I see so many of these inspiring stories. Some kids are showing how to be kind and supportive. When they set examples like that, others join in and they feel good about it. We can use all the inspiring news we can get.

Barry, I see how hot it is in CA. Yikes! I hope you can stay cool. Do you listen to music? I find a good old Rock 'n Roll beat really cheers me up and makes me feel better. I have a navel ring but didn't do it because it was a fad. I just wanted it and I still have it. It's become part of me. It's small and real gold so I didn't have to remove it when I had an MRI. It seems to center me. It's more to me than mere decoration. Your little home in Paradise sounds really nice. Good that you have windows to look out on it all. Feel better.

Granni, I was beginning to worry about you. I sent you a PM. Geez, another funeral. Have they done tests to check for inflammation? Most of us have a lot of it. I hope it's not autoimmune. Just adds more complications to the burden we already carry. Did you see my post on the anti-inflammatory diet? I'm gonna give it a go when I get back. I leave next Fri. and will return on Tues. Not long but long enough. So glad I'm better because flying is the pits under the best circumstances. I used to upgrade to Business Class but those all go to the frequent fliers now. So, I travel steerage with the rest of the cattle. Please keep us updated on your health. Prayers going up.

OK, I'm outta here. Enjoy your Saturday Night.

Love, Mikie
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