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PORCH #1146 IS NOW OPEN (7/28/19)

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OK, Kids,

As mentioned in the last Porch, it's time to open a new one. Please go back to read Sun's post on the old Porch.

Love, Mikie
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Well, Great Balls of Confusiation. I was just typing at the start of a new post, and somehow I got moved over here. Great pic, Mikie. Looks
familiar. Have you posted it before? I bet it's your old place in Colorado. Or a ski lodge maybe?

Sun, I'll have to go back and read your post. Gordon and I went to two libraries yesterday. He came across a Jacqueline Winspear book.
Said, "Do you want this." Of course I did. My goodness. Maisie is now middle aged and in the middle of WWII. And if that's not enough,
she's trying to solve a murder. Always nice to meet old friends.

Gordon is already outside gardening. He sure had a lot more energy than I. I'm in most of the day in bed; sleeping or reading. Been
quite a while since I found a new author I like.

Back later. Hugs and leis to all. Rock


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Rock; Good to see you. I was wondering how the heat was affecting you and Gordon. Can I say I HATE summer and the mosquitos! I just picked up Jacqueline Winspear's "In this grave hour" on CD so will be listening to that when I get done with The Kremlin Conspiracy by Joel Rosenberg. I know he's a popular author but his writing comes off as shallow and almost predictable.

Mikie: With only 4 days of travel that means that 2 days are the hard traveling part. Why didn't you decide to spend more time with your family. How nice that your DGS loves your condo. How long has it been since you've seen him now? I asked my DD yesterday if my DGS said how the date went at Disneyland. She said he's told her nothing, but they've also gone horsebackriding. The girl's mom and the girl came to pick him up at the house one morning so my DD got to meet her. Summer is almost over for the kids, starting back to school in about 2 weeks.

Since I start the chemo again on wed. I have to plan my days around "that day".

I was rearranging things in my house yesterday and pulled this painting from the hallway to my LR. This is a very poor copy I did in oils when I was 14. The original was titled Boy in Torn hat by Thomas Sully. Eeegads....60 years ago. My mom tried to convince me to take art classes but I was more interested in becoming a secretary. I sure got lost along the path or I'm just a late bloomer.IMG_3909.JPG
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Hi, Kids,

Just cleaning the bathrooms and decided to stop before my back starts to hurt. I got the tub cleaned out and that's the back killer. Just have to dust. I'm just doing a bit here and a bit there. Feeling a bit down today. I'm leaving the caulk job for my return.

Be sure to go to the FTC.gov/Equifax website to see whether y'all qualify for the $125. This is a class-action suit and 58 percent of Americans have had their data breached. Anyone who has ever had credit, IOW, everyone, is listed in their database. You just click on checking to see whether you qualify, enter your name and part of your SS# and it will tell you whether you qualify. If you do, you fill out your address and they will send the check. Easy Peasy.

Sun, this painting is amazing for an adult let alone a kid. Your talent was obvious at a young age. So glad you share it with us. I've never spent a lot of time away, especially since I got SV. There will be two full travel days and three days to spend with the kids. DD and DSIL brought DGS down a couple of months ago and we had a good time. I was feeling so horrible for a while that I didn't want to be gone too long. So glad to be doing better. One of the girls will pick me up from the airport. They have my schedule and will be deciding how to make the most of my time there. We will all go out to dinner one night, including my DSIL's Mom. I want some good Mexican food which eludes me here. Also a good Margarita which also eludes me here. DD in school has a paper due and will have to work on it. I don't know when school starts in CO. I think it starts here in a couple of weeks too. Andy will be back from camp and we will celebrate our birthdays. Should be fun. So far, I don't think there has been much in the way of dating. He does have some girls that are friends. I like the idea of their hanging out in groups and not getting too serious about any one person. Thanks again for posting the painting. I love it.

Rock, Confusiation is my middle name. There are days when I wonder how I get through things. When I'm in a flare, just going to the store is a challenge. I was sweating the travel arrangements but it appears that all is in order (famous last words). I'll just print out my boarding passes at the kiosk at the airport. Not gonna try to get my printer working or buy another one. If the plane crashes, I won't have to. Another reason to put off caulking the tub. I'm not being macabre, just practical. I ordered a new charger cable for my phone. I only had one and it's old. If anything happens to it, I'm dead in the water. I got one that is also a charger for the watch. It's one cable with two charger heads. The watch uses a different kind of charger head. Ordered it yesterday and it came today. It's like a miracle. I knew it must have been set outside the front door because Alexa's light ring was glowing yellow. I asked her whether she had any notifications and she told me the package had been delivered. I said, "Alexa, thank you," so she would know I got the message. She said, "Anytime. I hope you're having a nice weekend." No wonder we anthropomorphize these gizmos. I'm gonna check out the author. I've been reading more because TV stinks these days. I think the pic I posted is a painting. I thought it was pretty and colorful.

I want to shampoo my hair tomorrow so will go out and clean the lanai early before it gets hot. It gets sooo dusty and dirty in the summertime when I'm not using it, the lanai not my hair. SV does use it and I hate to have him lying on the dirty tiles. He has beautiful white fur on his undercarriage and I like to help him keep it clean. Other than that, nothin' much happening around here. Hope all y'all are having more fun than I.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

We went traveling through arid and hilly countryside this morning. About 40 miles North to visit Gordon's old friend from the days when he worked in the mortgage business. Gordon's friend refurbished a computer for us. The one we are using is OK, but difficult to use if you want to look up a fact, check spelling, etc. One can't have two pages open at the same time. In addition to 3 or 4 young kids, the couple has one of the most irritating little dogs in the world. Yapped the whole time we were there. Even after it was put outside it still kept at it.

Sun, Mikie is right. Your copy of Sully's painting is amazing. Reminds me of Huck Finn. I read about Sully and Gilbert, but won't attempt to summarize. When I was a kid every schoolroom I ever visited had Gilbert's painting of George Washington. Even one room schoolhouses. The name Joel Rosenberg seems familiar. I think I read some humorous books by an author with that name many years ago.

Oh! That reminds me. My Oregon brother called me about a week ago. We had a terrible connection so I told him I'd
call him Wednesday night. Wrote myself a note. Then forgot all about it. Well, what can one expect? I am so tired of
acting like an idiot.

Hugs, Kids, Rock


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Woke early but just couldn't make myself get up. I turned on the Kindle and read for an hour. I'm reading a pretty good book. SV curled up next to me. It doesn't get much better than lying in a comfy bed with a book and a cat.

Rock, wish I were only acting like an idiot; I feel like an idiot! Geez, seems as though everything has just been sooo hard lately. But I digress... I'm not sure I could contain myself around a ceaselessly yipping little dog. How was the new car on the ride to Gordon's friend's place? News had a segment on distracted drivers who try to use the tech in their cars while driving. That's the silver lining of driving an old car like mine, I guess; however, it doesn't take tech to distract me. Thank God if I need some tech help, the phone is always with me but I pull over to use it. I just got a charger for the car. I wish you had a computer that is easier to use. The Chromebook is normally easy but it has strange quirks that the straight Microsoft ones do not. Take care and stay well.

Will be going out to clean up the lanai just a bit--only to get the layer of dirt off the tables, chairs and tiles. Waste of time to do more than that this time of year. Won't be using it much for at least another two months, maybe three. My sinuses are plugged and my lymph nodes swollen but that's par for the course these days. As long as I can manage a few things, I'll be OK. It's when I'm really sick for days on end that it gets depressing. I know y'all understand what I mean. We're all in this strange club we don't want to be members of and the dues are high.

Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie

Just stopped to ice my back. I swept and dusted the lanai. Looks sooo much better. Couldn't believe how much fine dirt was on the tiles. I'm going to go out and sweep by my front door. In the summertime, we don't use our outdoor areas much and they get really dirty because we don't clean much out in this heat either. I called SV's vet and they have a case of his wet food on hold for me to pick up later today. I have to get in the shower and do my hair. I'm seeing my doc on Wed. for the six-month followup appt. Need to get new Rx's. I also need to call our electrician because our sensor isn't working to turn off our outside lights during the day. I cut back the plants surrounding it but, evidently, it didn't do the trick. I'll get those things done by Wed. and on Thurs., I'll rest and organize for the trip. There is a fresh tropical wave in the Bahamas but weatherman says it likely won't develop into much. From his lips to God's ear!
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Hi ta Hi, Ho ta Ho

Was up all night. Busy reading and listening to great old songs from the days when singers had good voices. Saw a video of old photos
that said, "This will change the way you look at history." I thought was a silly thing to say. When I read the comments that were posted I
found that almost everyone said exactly that. Always nice to have one's opinion confirmed. BTW, Julie, one of those pics was from
Ft Dodge, Iowa. How are things at your ranch? Dan still working now and then? Any grand kids visiting?

I am currently reading a book by a scientist who studied baboons. And also noticed what other animals in the area were doing. Unlike
many scientists he displays a great sense of humor. He pointed out, for example, that "Gnu dung" is a palindrome. I looked up palindrome
to make sure I had the right term. I found this example. "Poor Dan is in a droop". Never ran into that one before. The most common
example seems to be, "Madam, I'm Adam."

Mikie, the new car performed beautifully. And we learned something too. Our host admired the car. He and Gordon were in the back, and
he asked if the trunk opened with a beeper Gordon said "No" because it didn't when he tried it the day he got the car. But to our
surprise it now works. I guess it's just luck.

I have to write to both of my brothers. Last weekend the Oregon one called. The connection was so terrible I said I'd call him the next
day, but he said that day wasn't good so we agreed on Wed. But, of course I forgot all about it. Then I tried to write him an e mail, but
I couldn't even get on the computer. I now suspect I had the pin number wrong. The modern world is difficult; especially if your brain
no workee.

Wish I could give you some tomatoes. We keep giving them away; I keep eating them; and still we have a great many. Gordon picks
3-4 dozen every day or two.

Mike, tried to send you a PM, but couldn't t it to work. The modern world is too much for me.



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Mikie - i like that picture...so beautiful, storybook like. Yes, having a pet makes it difficult to go anywhere for too long. heck, i dont like to stay out a whole day because of the doggies being at home alone.

Some months back, both DD and i attended a full day of classes of meditation and found my DS forgot to feed the doggies lunch when i called him at his office at 11 am his phone went out of battery too when i called to ask. so couldnt communicate well.

so i nipped out during lunch break at 1pm from 5he class, took a cab, fed the dogs and got back to gobble the centre lunch.

Later i found DS had ridden his motorbike all the way back from his office which is much further away, fed the dogs lunch and gone back. but being busy, didnt inform me. So 5he dogs got double lunch day. Theyre gluttons and gave no indication they’d been fed.

Barry - your home sounds lovely. My kinda home. i love rustic. you guys are having hot temps, my goodness!

Sun - you certainly were born with artistic talent! such a beautiful painting. How sweet about your DGS..a horseback riding date sounds lovely. Better than a car ride. Those are heady days, teens, starting out, discovering love...

Rock - good to hear Gordon is getting the hang of operating the new car and that you heard from both brothers. Are baboons very different from chimps or gorillas? i remember Shes a lady’. by Tom Jones. 70s song?

strong voice, lilting melody. a bit Elvis.

i wish i could go out driving like you did to the country. even arid sounds nice long as its free of concrete buildings and screeching cars.

I got in a good swim yesterday and went shopping for groceries. i got sweet cravings so went and bought some ingredients to make a sweet dish. Also found some nice kurtas at a lower 5han normal cost so splurged on two. Like Mikie, i cannot resist a bargain.

i ve found not to dither buying if i find something i really like 5hat too at a cheap price. It wont be there next time you think you should spend on a personal item.

Im a bit harried for time, my friends DS is visting from out oftown and i need to go say hello. Recently she had a birthday but i could only go drop off the present at her place and cab it back. Strange, i dont remember being so pressed fortime in my childhood. Days seemed long and leisurely 5hen. now i am a harried housewife.
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Hi, Kids,

Just letting my mop dry a bit under the towel before blowing it out. Saves time and electricity. I will go to the vet's and pick up SV's wet food and stop in at Publix to pick up some things to last until I leave. Just hope this feeling better lasts throughout the trip and beyond. BTW, Granni is OK; she's just really busy right now.

Rock, I PMed you so all you have to do is click on the little envelope in the strip at the top and you can respond with the message you wanted to send in the first place. You may have to click on the envelope twice to get to the latest message. Hope this helps. At any time in the future, you can send new PM's to me using the same message thread. I'll know if you add a new one. There's more than one way to skin a cat, as Mom used to say. Never figured out why anyone would want to skin a cat. I watch those old specials on PBS and the singers sang beautifully, not like the people now who really hit a lot of semi-sour notes, most of them flat. Did you look at the pics in the video and did they change the way you look at history? I know a lot of what we were spoon fed in school was fake history. So glad y'all like the car. Having a power trunk or hatchback is a BIG convenience. I'll accept the virtual tomatoes you offered and savor them. Thanks!

Spring, that is hilarious about the dogs. It's like something from a family sit com on TV. You and your family are certainly animal lovers. SV and I are here all the time together and, when I'm gone, it's very stressful for him. I know Claudia will take good care of him but she is one of the busiest people I know. Joe will stop in to see him too. His son is leaving today after a nice stay. He is a dainty eater, SV not Joe, so he will be fine in that respect but it's love and attention he craves. He sits up and taps the coffee table to ask for what he needs, again, SV and not Joe. If he goes to the kitchen, it's a drink or food he wants. If he doesn't go, he wants to be picked up and loved. At least, he knows how to tell me what he wants. Thanks for sharing that funny story.

OK, Kids, I'm off to dry my hairs.

Love, Mikie

Update: Home again, home again with SV's food. That's the important thing. It was 92 degrees out and not much of a breeze so I decided to skip Publix. I can go in the morning after the pool. I'm not going to do anything that might make me sick or even tire me out before the trip. Ran into my neighbor outside. They just got back from a trip to take their kids to her Mom's place. Glad they are back. They are a sweet little family.
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Spring, I suspect your dogs are having a meeting. They're trying to figure out what they did that got them fed twice.
Mikie, our kitty has a way of telling us she wants to eat. She comes to the back door and meows. Pretty clever, huh?
Just looked out the window. She's sitting by the back door. Hmmm. Wonder what she wants.

Woke up from my nap. Went downstairs and found Gordon watching an old movie. Unusual for him. Anyway it was the story of
The Great Ziegfeld. Mr. Z was a great showman, but a lousy business man. Fanny Brice sang her famous torch song "My Man".
In real life her husband was a gangster.

Sun, are you busy painting? Any news on new painting techniques; painters; colors? I wonder if it's possible to have a new color.
Hugs and confetti. Rock


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Spring:. What dog in his right mind is going to turn down a second lunch???? Cats....yes, definitely. But not dogs. We all used to love Tom Jones! What has happened to him now....is he still alive? I had read that he was very blatantly sexual BUT......loyal to his wife. What was it, about 35 plus years ago?

Rock: When I was in my teens I was so hooked on the old movies, Fred Astair, Tyrone Power, Clark Gabel. I did remember watching Fanny Brice. Then watched the Barbra Streisand movie about her life....Funny Girl, loved it. A wonderful, fast moving picture, and of course her singing. Who can top Barbra Streisand even to this day. Well maybe Whitney Houston but then she destroyed her life. Looking back I see all those "one of a kind" stars, who glittered for a short time and then they were gone. Whitney, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Judy Garland. So many many more.

Mikie: SV is like my DDs cat..... spoiled with attention. She got home from the trip last week and her cat is still hanging around, demanding attention. She refuses to close her BR door to the cat coming in at all hours and waking her up. Me....I tossed out my cats years ago from the BR.

My cleaning lady was over today. She's looking at her second eye surgery for macular degeneration. And still getting PT for the accident almost a year ago.

Thanks everyone for your compliments on my "copy". Copies are one thing, creating from nothing is entirely something else. I've spent decades exploring various mediums and techniques. Right now I'm working on a WC of a back road near where my DD and SIL live. New colors? All the time, but just blending from the color wheel.

Got a call today from my cancer doc. She asked if I had any UTI symptoms....nope. Turns out the urine culture showed a superbug has invaded me...... klebsiella. Turns out it's very hard to treat it with any drugs. So she didn't order any but will let her know if I do start symptoms. I did a search on the internet and oregano oil shows like it can work. So I went out and bought the Oo capsules and will take them daily. Looks like I probably picked it up from some medical procedure at a facility. *&^%$# @. Nothing is safe anymore. I feel like I'm on a downhill slide.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Wow, I slept til 6:00 but not without interruption. SV was up throwing up a huge tube of fur. I groomed him yesterday and that always loosens up his hair. Some is in the brush and comb and some goes down his gullet when he does his own grooming. I haven't replaced the Blue Magic. I put the broken piece on the can from Amazon and managed to squeeze out enough to get the stain off the rug. By then, I was wide awake and decided to read. SV was at the foot of the bed and was pawing at something. I got up and checked it out. It was one of those little black squirmy bugs on the quilt hanging over the bottom of the bed. GAACCKK!! We have almost no bugs but this kind is in the bathroom every once in a blue moon. I need to put a poison pellet in there where he can't get at it. The last time one of these showed up, he stomped it to death on the bathroom tile. My little hero!

Going over to the pool this morning with Claudia. Then, I'll make a food run to Publix. Don't need to get much. There isn't anything that is critical to do in here except pack. Feels good not to be under pressure to do anything. Tomorrow, I see my doc and that's it till I leave.

Rock, cats are so clever. They find whatever method works to help them communicate. Sitting by the door and meowing is what works for her. It was when SV was sitting up looking at my water goblet and put his paw out to steady himself that I realized that he wanted a drink from his own water goblet. I guess because that worked, he decided that tapping on the table is a good way to tell me he wants something. He does it for whatever he wants and it's up to me to figure out what that is. Critters enrich our lives sooo much. Glad you enjoyed the old movie. It's always good to go with the Flo.

Sun, I had a Klebsiella infection once and they are difficult to get rid of. Can't remember which ABX got rid of it but it took more than one course. I hope you get it cleared up. I tried closing my bedroom door when SV and Tweety first came to live with me. They just tore up the carpet outside my door and raised a ruckus. I actually enjoy cuddling with SV in bed but after we cuddle a bit, he moves over to his side of the bed and we both go to sleep. His litter box is in the master bathroom so he needs access to it. All in all, this arrangement has turned out well. We are really compatible. I know Claudia will take good care of him; she's crazy about cats and him in particular. I think you are being too modest about the copy. You captured that special something in the face that doesn't come just from copying. Hope you cleaning lady's surgery is successful.

Star, this is such a sweet story about the cyclist and his little friend. I had a saddle bag on my bike when I was a kid. I put my cat in it with only his head sticking out and took him around the block on the sidewalk. Don't think he enjoyed it that much. The little sideways dance this kitty was doing is the same one Tweety used to do to tease SV. She would arch her back and do the dance with a wild look in her eyes. Thanks for posting this.

Gonna get ready to go to the pool. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends. I wanted to just stop in and say Hi and let you all know I've been thinking about you. I've been taking a break from social media...mostly just so I can focus on projects around here. I spent all last week in my parents' mobile home...had three pickup loads of stuff to burn, a van full of things to donate to Goodwill, several boxes of items to give to my Amish neighbor (and told her to share any of it with her family and friends...linens, cookbooks, empty 3 ring binders from different trainings, etc. over the years, dishes, etc., etc.) Feels good to get that stuff done, or at least closer to being done.

59 degrees this morning, so of course I've got the house opened up and giving the A/C a break.

Rock, we have family in Ft. Dodge, Iowa...

Sun, that painting is awesome...

Star, I've been praying for you. I don't have any other advice, but our "family" on here had the same words I would have given you.

Sorry, I can't stay long...am going to stay on task. Den has been working so hard on the barn, etc. and I've been focusing on the mobile home and our house. Wish you all could have seen me "driving" the Johnny Popper (Den's dad's antique John Deere tractor) BACKWARDS while Den pushed me (with the skid loader) in to the newly cleared space in the barn...literally two inches to spare on either side. Oh, and I also had to watch my head because we had to go through two doorways. But, happy to get it under a roof...Grandpa would be pleased. So, that's the kind of excitement we've been having.

Take care, everyone. I'll work on getting back here more often, but may be closer to fall. Thinking of you all, though, and wishing you well.


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Julie: Good to see you and my.....have you been BUSY. That must have fun driving/steering the old tractor to it's new home. Will Den get around to maybe fixing it?

Mikie: Did you have any symptoms of anything when you got the klebsiella? It's my understand it usually comes from hospital visits or the like. Trying not to feel bummed about it. I've read a lot on it and also about manuka honey so will get some along with taking the oregano oil capsules. What I've read is that it's become a superbug meaning, hard to treat. And probably lots of bad side effect from the treatment, and since I have no symptoms of a UTI my doc is probably just waiting to see. Did it happen with you after you were in the hospital?

Star: loved the little video. I recently watched a wonderful movie about a cat named Bob who literally turned this poor homeless guy around because he suddenly had to care for the cat. This cat went everywhere with him in a carrier on his bike....lived in London. This guy got off drugs too.

My washer is standing with water in it.....of course....with heavy towels. So a repairman will be here before 2PM so I need to wring out the towels the best I can and hope this guy has the part on his truck.


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Dear Ones,

So sorry I cannot stay to long again. DH is at his meeting and I have been trying to get some more info on some of these hearing aids that are much cheaper. Sure sounds good from the reviews and some of the prices great too. I am tired of not hearing well and missing out esp aat church and large group gatherings. Sometimes almost have to read lips. One of them is having a big sale now but not sure sine I also have tinnitis and small ear canals. Always something. I have been trying to do all kinds of stuff on the computer this morning so thought I would at least drop by.

SUN - So sorry about that UTI by that wierd bacteria or whatever it is. I have so many of the regular ones and am thinking I might also have intersticial (SP) cystitis. Soorry also about your washer. Have a similar problem with DD's washer and he comes tomorrow. DD has been here almost daily to do wash.

STAR - Hang in there.

JULIE - So glad that you stopped by and glad that you didn't get run over by Den with the old tractor of Den's dad.. However glad it is now undercover at least. Hope to hear from you soon again but I know you have so much to do , always.

MIKIE - Guess you are getting ready little by little for your trip. I never did find out when you were leaving..

Gotten run awl, DH is home and time for lunch. HUgz to everydobby inc ROCK, BARRY, SW, and whoever I missed.

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...

I chased all over trying to find the Blue Magic and no one has it. I think it's being phased out. I'll get some Spot Shot when I get back. It's as good. I went to Wally World and got a couple of tee shirts to take with me to sleep in but no Blue Magic. Went to Home Depot with no luck. Same with Dollar General. Decided to stop in at Stein Mart, one of my favorite stores, to look for shoes. No shoes I wanted but got a cute top and one of those soft knit cardigans. Both are very interesting muted prints. Love those cardigans. Tomorrow, I'll cull through my Capri pants and tops and decide what to pack and what to wear on the plane. I didn't make it to Publix but got a couple of things to eat at WW.

Walking in the pool aggravated my sciatica. Whine, whine, whine! The water in the pool was 89 degrees and felt like a warm bath. By the time I came out of WW, the temp outside was 86 which isn't that hot by our stds. but the sun beating down on me felt sweltering. I have to run my errands early.

Julie, glad to see you here. Sounds as though you've gotten a LOT done around the homestead. People restore those old tractors and take them to shows like they do with classic cars. They are beautiful. What you've been doing may not sound exciting to you but, compared to my usual lifestyle, it's downright thrilling.

Sun, it was some years back when I had the Klebsiella but it wasn't anything following any kind of procedure or hospitalization. Doc found white blood cells in a routine urine check. Culture grew out the KP. I had no symptoms either. When I have something heavy like towels in my washer, it will often not spin out the water. I just run a spin cycle and it's fine. At first, I thought my machine was broken but I guess it's common. Have you tried running a spin cycle? Good luck with everything.

Granni, glad you could pop in. I'm leaving Fri. morning and will be back on Tues. Not a long trip. I've seen those hearing aids too. They say they are fine for the typical hearing loss from aging but not for certain other problems that cause hearing loss. I like it that some of them have chargers so you don't have to get batteries. Mom had that kind and the batteries were expensive and didn't last long. I also have little ears and can't wear the ear buds that come with the iPhone. I have to buy cheap little squishy ones. Mom would read lips when she didn't put her hearing aids in or the batteries ran down. Thing is she moved her lips when she read so I could always tell.

Hope everydobby is having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Will be leaving for a pasta birthday dinner of one of our older friends. It is always so delicious but not good for me but tht;s OK. I'll eat it anyway..

SUN - I forgot to tell you I cannot believe your amazing talent even at such a young age and painting people and faces is very difficult. Don't ask me to even try,.

MIKIE- Have a fantastic trip even if it is short it will be wonderful. Hope you will continue to feel pretty good during your trip and visit. I might get back tomorrow but it will be late if we do. So not sure if you will be on the Porch on Thursday or not.

Gotta run and finish getting ready.

Love you all,
Granni :)


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Star - such a wonderful heart warming uplifting video of the cat and his adopted dad. Thank you for posting!

Julie - nice to see you pop in after a hiatus. i can understand about trying to finish or catch up around the house and outdoors. its neverending. All we can do is do unto 5he day, whatever can be done. sometimes its barely anything. But at least we try.

Granni - you are another busy bee! Nice to hear about your doings. Enjoy the pasta meal!

Sun - thats a fancy name for a bacteria...klebsiella. i hope it just dies off.

Well, my day was uneventful, so unless you want to hear about sweeping and dusting and the like, thats all for now.


The age of innocence...

Hi to Rock, Barry, Duckie, Kim and all MIAs

God bless
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