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This is is Texas Hill Country, what a beautiful place, water a beautiful green, trees lining the river, shallow peaceful looking river......Granni ...i would love to do this.

Mikie - have a very safe journey. That was sweet of Joe...Joes limo service, haha!

ive just finished cooking dinner. and taking a breather. washed lotsa clothes but it rained.

Granni - i had myself a pizza too yesterday. went on errands. Got all hot and sweaty. so popped 8nto a restaurant. big roomy place one floor up, very quiet. Tomato and cheese pizza washed down with ice cream.

While returning home, i took a cab with a very young driver. Cheerful, bright eyed, enthusiastic. i knew he hadnt been on the job too long. 5he traffic, heat, pollution usually wears drivers down over the years. i tipped him a little for making me smile.

I hope your DH is properly recovered by now. Pizza is so very tempting. My stomach usually acts up when i eat hot peppery stuff.

i was watching a show where they taught memory enhancement...but the 8nstructor said you have to be as stress free as possible to have a good memory. Makes sense. my memory is like a sieve.
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Spring: Thanks for starting a new post. Hope Mikie has a pleasant, fun trip and comes home rested and batteries charged up. Wouldn't that be wonderful if we could just plug ourselves into a charging station like they do with electric cars!

When our kids were young we went camping up at Tahoe and the kids and I rafted down the river, encountering a couple of rapids but for the most part a wonderful memory for me. My DH had volunteered to stay on the river bank with our two dogs since leaving them tied up at the campground wasn't working......they barked and people complained.

I also love pizza but it doesn't like me, unless it's made with goat cheese. Alas, few places do so I forgo that pleasure. When we first moved to this house we needed extra $ so I got a morning part time job working in Roundtable Pizza. OMG....I learned so much about making pizza, and calzones.....and a salad bar. I learned NOT to eat off the salad bar because first thing in the morning I was to pick thru the large salad bowl from the night before and toss out anything that's wilted. And the soup! They kept it for over 4 days, just reheating it. I had one postman who would come in for lunch and tell me I made the best soup because it was nice and thick!!!! Old I would have said.

And everytime you tell us you stopped for lunch, eating alone....I think how brave you are and I NEED to do that too.

It's already hot. I did some watering of plants and am debating if I have enough energy to go to my friday art group.

Here's a picture of river rafting up on the Truckee river. I don't remember it being so crowded!



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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Spring. Great pic. Hope there are no alligators there. The USA does have alligators; not only in Florida, but in Texas, Arkansas, and I forget where else. Right after graduation from college a bunch of us were inter tubing on the apple river in Wisconsin. I had never heard of such a thing. I hardly knew the couple that invited me along. Anyway the river was very shallow and gentle. We floated for an hour or so. Then climbed out and had a picnic. One of the best days of my life.

I used to be bright-eyed, enthusiastic and cheerful too. About a hundred years ago.

Wonderful picture of adventure at Lake Tahoe, Sun. Reminds me; in law school we were supposed
to prepare something involving Lake Tahoe. An injunction? I dunno.
Anyway I never did because
the Professor never gave us any info about how to do it. Turned out it didn't matter anyway.
I look back, it seems to me an awful lot of things didn't really much. But at the time I thought they did.

Well, I suspect Mikie is having a grand old time. She always has a positive attitude. Hope everydobby is doing as well as possible.

Oh, I was on Youtube this morning. Was looking at one of the many Faces of Walmart. But
somehow the soundtrack was from the announcement about the death of the young Kennedy

Hugs, Rock


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rock: do ever remember reading about Lake Tahoe years ago.....there was a HUGE outbreak of CFS around the Incline Village I think. People who came down with it could trace time up there. I'll have to do a search for an article on it. Maybe it's under Epstein Barr virus. And the first I really read about CFS/EPV was when Cher had it....debilating to her for a few years or more.

As for Mikie's traveling, I think she had a long layover...possibly Miami or even Dallas, until she could fly out to Colorado. Non stop to colorado is around 6 hrs. or so. So I doubt she has arrived at her destination.


Hi, Kids,

Saturday morning here. Having a great time. Last night, DSIL cooked and my other DD and SIL came over for dinner. I was exhausted but happy. I slept well despite the time difference. Can't figure out how to highlight and save on Andy's iPad so hope I don't lose this post. So good to come to the Porch and see all y'all here. Flights and airports were fine and everything went perfectly. I miss you and will come back.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Kids

Have been listening to music on YouTube. Most of the singers have passed away. We are so lucky to live in a world with recordings. I found a favorite song written by the poet Rod McKuen. Remember him from the hippie days? Anyway he made the only recording I ever heard. Turns out YouTube has recordings by 4 or 5 other singers too. All with better voices than Rod. He was a much better poet than singer.

Sun, I had forgotten all about the Incline Village. I wonder if "Incline" is part of the name or a description of where it was built. I'll have to look it up later. Maybe Wikipedia has something to say about it. Hadn't thought of it for years. I
'spect your analysis of Mikie's flight is far superior to mine. I've been to several airports around the country. Can't
really remember if Denver was one of them. Gordon and I were once in an airport where all the seats were taken.
Can't remember why. Snowstorm? Anyhoo we were middle aged then. It was no problem to sit on the floor while
reading a book. Sure wouldn't want to do it now.

Gotta go talk to Gordon. See what's on the calendar today. It might be the day he goes to see his new arthritis Dr.
He now has constant pain in one hand and wrist. Getting old wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the falling apart aspect that goes with it.

Oh, Mikie, there you are. Glad to hear the trip went fine. What do you mean you "will come back"? You'd better
or we'll send a posse to get you. Headed by a tough old possum. Pogo. Remember him? My uncle loved him
Pogo lived in a swam. His best friend was an alligator. I don't think the location of the swamp was ever really clear,
but I strongly suspect it was in your neighborhood.

Hugs and Soda Pop
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Mikie: I'm SURE you were exhausted! People who don't have what we deal with can't understand how we can get that way just by sitting. I think poor Star's oldest DS said something along those lines. Hope you have a great visit. What's on the agenda today?

Rock: Sorry, I'm not a comic book fan and know nothing about pogo. I did read Brenda Starr. Ever read that one? She had a mystery man who grew black orchids. I'll have to do a search on it. And way back in my memory it seems like there was a movie for TV starring Brooke Shields. There's another name that you don't hear about anymore.

And a week or so ago you asked about really good singers now.....I nominate Michael Buble. He's from Canada and when he first hit the scene everyone said he was a young Frank Sinatra.

Here's a youtube video of a hit song he had about 4-5 years ago. There are a lot of videos of him on youtube if you like his voice. I have several CDs by him....love his voice and he ain't bad to look at either.

I was able to go to my friday art group.....had a good time chatting. Then since I was since able to move I hit the fabric store and Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, cheese and snacks.....and their wonderful fresh saurkraut. Came home and crashed on the bed. This morning bad fatigue and cramps from the infusion has hit so I guess it's going to be a "work in the house" day.
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Nice to see Mikie was able to look in.

Sun - Brooke Shields was such a huge poster girl. Our house had posters of her and Phoebe Cates on the walls. They sold like hot cakes in the shops here.

your Lake Tahoe trip sounds wonderful. The place is beautiful. Like most places in America are. So much space. and greenery.

m glad Michael Buble is so popular. Eventhough his voice and songs are very 60s era. powerful voice. and nice looking. some people are so lucky.

rock - i looked up alligators in Texas, i would hope 5here arent any in
those watering holes or recreation areas. ive seen many croc horror movies, a big man eating croc is the protagonist.

onthe other hand, ive seen a tv story in a indian channel about a vegetarian croc who was brought up on fruits and vegfood offerings which got tossed into 5he river on which a temple was erected. Priests used to toss left over flowers and offerings andthe croc who had wandered into the river took a liking to it and refused any non veg stuff. it was a huge croc but i guess like elephants, a veg diet also suited him.

i hope Gordon can get some good doctor to treat his hand.

Its raining sporadically. We got in someone to cut our overgrown plants. bushes, grass, weeds with a machine. Took better part of a whole day but what a relief to be able to see where to step when navigating paths to turn the water on.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I'm up at six Mountain Time, eight Eastern. I never sleep in like this. Feels good. I came downstairs and decided to make some coffee but I think the kids need to grind some of their beans so I'll have to wait until they get up. Probably at eight. I can feel the altitude when I got up the stairs but it could also be because I had that crud that ended up in my chest. DD is feeling it too and she lives here but she also had the crud.

Yesterday she, DGS and I went out to eat lunch. As the car crested a little hill, I could see the whole mountain range that runs along Denver to the west. It is spectacular and almost took my breath away. It is beautiful here and I'm enjoying it, especially seeing my kids, but I'll be happy when I return home to FL.

Last evening, DSIL made Pho and it was delicious. We put little leaves of cilantro and Thai basil on the top of the broth. He is so sweet. I had mentioned I wanted to try it some time ago and he remembered. My ex came over for about an hour before dinner but didn't stay to eat. I was not prepared to see how he had aged and I'm sure he wasn't either. I guess it's been longer than I thought since I've seen him. He doesn't look good at all and he seems frail. It was a shock and it left me feeling a bit sad.

Today, we meet up with other DD and DSIL and his Mom for brunch at a little historic cafe called The Perfect Landing. It's near the airport I used to fly out of. Then I get to spend the rest of the trip at their house. It's been quite a while since I've seen them so I'll enjoy it too. It's hotter here than in FL, 94 yesterday.

Sun, glad you felt well enough to go to the art group and go shopping. Sorry it's so hard on you; I understand completely. Your Tahoe pic reminds me of the kayak tours on the Imperial River south of me. You can take smaller dogs in the kayaks. The alligators lounge along the sides but don't seem interested in the people or dogs. I guess they don't like the big plastic kayaks and don't want their food wrapped

Rock, wasn't it Pogo who said, 'We have met the enemy and it is us.' There was a cluster outbreak of CFIDS/ME in Incline Village in the 80's. Dr. Peterson treated the people and went on to specialize in our illnesses. There was one in the 50's in Punta Gorda, FL after the govt. went in and sprayed something, telling the people it was for mosquitos. Funny thing is that there were no mosquitos that time of year. Afterward, a bunch of people got sick. Hope the arthritis doc can help Gordon.

Spring, everything is overgrown in FL too with all our rain. Gardeners aren't keeping up with it. There are tons of weeds. It's interesting to see the Aspen trees and Pine trees here in everyone's yards. I had them in front of my house too when I lived here. I watched the simulation of our airplane as it left Atlanta for Denver and could see on the map just where we were. It was a touchscreen so I could move the map all over the world. I checked out your neck of the woods.

OK, Kids, that's it for this morning. I hope everydobby, including our MIA's is well.

Love, Mikie


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Greetings Won and Awl

Sun, I had seen Michael Buble's name, but never heard him sing. Turns out Gordon is familiar with him. He listened to his concert on CBS. Also knew he was a Canadian and that his surname was
pronounce Boo-Blay. I read about him on Wikipedia too. When he was a boy he wanted to be
a singer and/or a hockey player. Anyhoo he has won numerous awards and achieved one goal
Maybe when he is 40 or 50 he'll switch to playing hockey. I used to have a Canadian for a co-
worker. Far as I know she didn't sing or play hockey. Was a conscientious worker though.

Mikie, it's so nice of you to provide a running report of your trip. Sounds like your are having a
great time. What could you see when you checked out our neck of the woods? Actually I
think where we live is lower down. I hate living in this noisy, crowded, crime ridden metropolis,
but I'm too old and frail to move. And Gordon would never leave LA. Yes, I think it was Pogo
(or his creator Walt Kelly) who said, "We have met the enemy etc.

Punta Gorda sounds like what poor kids with no football play. They have no ball so they use a
gourd. My mother used to grow those in her garden. Also Indian corn so she could make
decorations for the house in the fall.

Sun, I'm surprised a gator could exist on a vegetarian diet. Well, I'm kinda surprised that some
people can too.

Star, I'm reading a book by an author who lives in Melbourne. Her name is Sarah Bailey and
she has written at least two crime novels. I'm going to see if our library has the other one too.
Hope things are copacetic at your house.

Oh, Gordon wants to go to Yamamota's. I think it's a hardware store that also sells orchid
supplies. Either that or it's a shop in China town. Gordon is a very cosmopolitan shopper.

Granni, I kinda doubt you've ever seen a gator in your neighborhood. Let us know if you
do. Hope things are fine at your casa.

Hugs, Gang


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Rock:. Has Gordon taken tylenol for his arthritis? I went years ago to a rheumatologist who put me on an antidepressant for the FM and arthritis. After a month i went back, he asked if it helped with the pain, nope but a lot of my depression was gone. Then i got to thinking....of course it was gone because my Mom had died and I felt suddenly free of all the stress I was under. I ended up weaning myself off it.

By the way, I developed some nasty arthritis in my thumb which a lot of times the pain also goes into my first finger and wrist. I KNOW how that happened.....one winter about 6 years ago I was crocheting like crazy to get a warm scarf finished to wear up in Portland. My thumb had been hurting a lot at the time, but ignored it....it never went away. I've also got it BAD in my neck, that NEVER goes away. The best muscle rub I've found is Sombra.....you buy it on the internet. Tell Gordon about it. I must have 8 various muscle rubs in my cabinet....this helps better than all of them.

Mikie; Is your X DH still very overweight? I think your DDs had mentioned that. Well, we all change as we age, some more than others. Sounds like you're very busy. Hope your energy will hold out and then you can crash when you get home.

And I thought of you when I was looking at the photos on my favorite blog......white slipcovers seem to be very popular with the decorators for summer.

Another night of up and down to the bathroom. This is getting old, and come wed. I get another dose.
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A quick hi to everydobby on the Porch.

MIKIE - Glad you popped in and are having a pretty good time despite the altitude but hope the crud that you and DD has goes away quickly. That stuff can hang on as you know. Glad your flights were good and uneventful. Come home safe and feeling well on Tuesday, I think it was.

ROCK - I haven't seen any alligators around here but there are some or some people have seen them near the water. We are not right on the water nor would I want to be except that the scenery can be very lovely and relaxing ( as long as thee are no alligators roaming around)!!! When we lived in La. years ago there was one around our yard that was close to a bayou. Some big kids took it way. I;m sure it Hope Gordon can find a good doc for his arthritic hand. I know what pain can do for you and not everyone wants to take heavy drugs but rubs , heat and cold might be helpful. May some supports or wraps when he is doing heavier work of working with his plants,

SUN - Glad you got to go out with your Friday Art group and do some food and fabric shopping. Doing stuff you love can lift your spirits very nicely, at least for awhile. That can be a bit help in restoring your sanity when you tend to lose it due to pain, being stuck in the house, etc.. etc. Hope you continue to feel a little better so you can get out and about and do what you love.

SPRING WATER - That is funny about crocs who liked a vegetarian diet. That is OK with me cause then he wouldn't try and eat me or any other living creature. So nice for you to pop in. Glad you got someone tohelp you with your weeding and cutting back. Every little bit helps !!!

Not to much else is new here but waiting to hear from the dr (dermatologist) to give me the blood report on the autoimmune diseases or disorder. The whole thing is driving me buggy !! However, have to wait i guess and in between do what I need to do around here. Wish we didn't have so much to do outside but we do but have to wait until it is not raining out ro do a little at a time and when it is not quite so HOTTT Did a little the other morning in the front. DH was busy doing power washing some of the outside walkways. Not done yet for him. To old to be doing this stuff !! However, no one else is going to do it I guess we are stuck.

Thinking of everydobby !

Granni :)


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Oh crap, I lost my big Porch post !! No time to do it over but if I find it I will send it. I know how you feel, ROCK !!! It was a good sized one and poof, away it went. :mad: Surprise, I thought I lost a post. I didn't but I didn't think I had posted or submitted. :)

MIKIE - Glad you are feeling OK and having fun. Don't come back sick please.

SUN - I understand how you feel with all the upping and downing to the bathoon esp at night. I do it all the time and I am not on the same meds you are. Sorry you have to undergo this stuff but hope it gets the job done. Also glad that you got to go to your Friday Art group, buy some good food and some fabrics for your project. Hang it there sweetie !

Gotta run, time is a waistin as they say. Hugs to ROCK, SPRING, JULIE, DUCKIE , BARRY and everydobby else I have missed. To much to do around here and I feel like doing absolutely nothing. Well this is all for now.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Hi Kids

I am sitting in the computer room. I have four computers surrounding me. "Oh, I've got plenty of putters, and
nothing's plenty for me." Gordon had a long phone discussion with Jesse, the computer guy we bought the latest
computer from. Jess was trying to give him instructions about changing this or that. Gordon says they didn't
get much done.

Mikie, hope you're still enjoying your trip. Gordon said, "Ask Mikie if she took Alexa with her." You'd have
multiple pilots. You, Alexa, and however many others there were that we don't know about. When I was in my
20s I called a school for pilots. Can't remember the cost of tuition, but it was considerably more than I could
afford. So I stuck to playing bridge. If you're gonna "go down" it's safer at the bridge table than in a plane.

Granni, glad to see your post came back, I've had mine vanish when I tried to post. Often they show up again when I
come back half an hour later. I used to get very upset, but now I don't have enough energy to do that. You had an
alligator living around your yard?! Yikes!! If it was over a foot long I would have been seriously worried.

Sun, thanks for the info on Sombrero. I'll tell Gordon pronto. Who knew wearing a hat would help. Ha Ha. Just
a little joke. Well, Yumping Yimmie, why did the font change?! OK, I'll change it back. Using this computer is
sorta like arm wrestling an octopus.

Hugs and skittles, Rock


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Mikie: Hope you're having fun and have enough energy to get you thru.

Rock: So did Gordon order some "sombrero"?

Granni: Just curious about your DDs washer. You mentioned a new door? What happened to the old one?

Star: How did the appt. with the psychologist go on friday? Good I hope.

Spring: What's going on with you?

Barry; You're awfully quiet again. Can't have a dialogue unless you post.

I spent yesterday doing a little bit of nothing....can't even recall how I spent my day. I did go to the library to return old DVDs and check out new ones. Watched one last night, "the passion of Ayn Rand" starring Helen Mirren, Eric Stoltz and Peter Fonda. This has got to be the only movie EVER that I've talked back to the actors! This woman was unbelievable, what a manipulator. But I guess that means Helen Mirren did an outstanding job of acting where she could get me so riled up! Still don't understand her "philosophy", my take was do what you want when you want it because it's all about yourself.


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Been raining on and off all day. I went to a temple today on the outskirts of the city. Lovely cool wind blowing through the cab windows. Very crowded. Lots of flowers on sale. Bunches of bouquets of homely flowers, marigold, dwarf dahlias, hibiscus. Incense smoke wafting everywhere.

A relative from Canada apparently dropped in at our house in the time i was gone, but no one was there. This is a relative of DHs. Thank goodness the compound had just been cleared a little ofthe overgrown greenery.

i took a bus home so as to save cab fare. the cabbies always ask for more money than the meter shows if theyre going to an out of the way place, because they dont always get rides back. i was rushed for time so i paid him $5.00. a little under double. but i made up for it by bus..ing it back. and felt triumphant.

Mikie - so nice to hear of your doings. sounds like youre having a pretty good time. That mountainrange sounds amazing. i understand about feeling sad when you saw your ex husband. how he has aged. i can barely recognize some school mates when i see their pictures now. i know they must be feeling same about me. Times ravages although some seem to age worse than others. i have a former classmate, colleague who became diabetic around age 35. She hasnt aged well. she was a beauty for most of her life.

Rock - computers cell phones are infuriating. i am hopeless at operating them. so i sticktothe basics. Thank goodness thekids are around when i get stuck at some function. They usually sort it out fo me.

Granni - me too.i dont feel like doing what i need todo. Mountains of chores. i cant always ignore the jobs that need doing. Mopping. Window cleaning.

Sun - wish we had a nice library around here. I like the silence in libraries. This city is very noisy.
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Hi, Kids,

No time to post much here this morning. I'm at older DD's and she will take me to the airport in the morning. I'm all checked in and have paper boarding passes and on my phone as well. I'll stop back in if I can. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm starting to flag a bit and my legs hurt from all the stairs. The altitude is bothering me a bit but it's not bad. Good to catch up on everydobby. Wish I had time to respond. Will when I can. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I feel for you with the altitude!!!! When I was in Jackson Hole, Wyo last year the altitude affected my breathing greatly. People don't realize that Colorado for one thing is very high, hence the breathing problems. STAIRS! Ugh. That's what did in my knee when I was in Maui in June. Up down up down up down....so does one of your DDs have stairs in their home or what? Anxious to hear all about your adventures.

Spring: Yes, I know I'm VERY blessed being in the 2nd largest library system in the US. I can go online and order so many books or DVDs or CDs.

Feeling a cool breeze blow thru the bus windows sounds wonderful. I absolutely hate the summer anymore. Hard for me to take the heat, it affects my heart and my lungs but thankfully I have AC and I'm not worrying about the cost of keeping me comfortable!!!!!!!

Don't feel bad about work that you can't get to. I live in a glass house basically.....and the sliding doors and big windows haven't been cleaned in over 18 mos. Every time I thought to call a window washer rain was expected or as now the bad heat. Or I'm not feeling good, or I won't be home, etc etc etc.

I bought 4 pairs of shoes at Target yesterday for some little girls for school. I need to get them delivered this week to the place.....Shoes That Fit. I don't know how long this organization has been around, but usually school teachers notify them when they have a needy student. Many times it's very embarrassing for the kids to show up in tattered shoes, ones that are miles too big or too small. Or the family can contact them direct and ask for help. And apparently this is all over the country now.


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Morning, Kids

Hi Mikie, hope you have a nice trip. Where are you going anyway? Ha Ha! I bet Sylvester and Alexa have been practicing a welcome home duet with what to greet you. SV will sing, "Pet me, pet me", and Alexa will sing, "talk to me, talk to me". Maybe the Sombra cream Sunflower recommended
would be good for your sore legs.

Sunflower, nope, Gordon didn't order the Sombra. He's on his way to Walmart to buy some. I told him not to stand next to people in funny outfits. 'You don't wanna end up on YouTube in a
'People of Walmart' video. " I wonder if Walmart is worried about those videos that poke fun
at their customers. Then again, I guess if the folks in weird costumes think they look OK, they
might be happy to be in a film. "Look, Kids. Your Mom is a star."

Sun, did your Canadian visitor leave you a note? A Maple Leaf? A pine cone? Does the visitor
speak English or French? Why don't you send your kids over here to help me with the computer.
We have plenty of room. They can sleep in the storage room which has 3 or 4 sofas. And I put
an ant trap in there last week. (The possum moved out.)

Granni, did you missing post show up? I see you have two above that are next to each other.
Gordon changed his arthritis doctor. He had only seem him once or twice, but he didn't like
the guy's bedside manner. He got a copy of his medical record to take to the new doctor. The
gal at the desk told him the office charges $25 for a copy of medical records, but since there
wasn't much there she wouldn't charge him anything.

Was I was handling litigation we used a copy firm to get records from a business, doctor,
employer, etc. We sent a man with a subpoena signed by a judge and a portable copy machine.
Only once did I ever get a phone call. Our agent said the doctor won't release the records unless
we pay him $100. (This was decades ago.) I said, "Just explain that "subpoena" is another name
for court order. If the records are not provided now, he will have to appear in court and face
a contempt of court decision and could be fined and sent to jail for whatever the Judge thinks
is reasonable. That was the end of that little bump in the road.

Well, Gordon will be back pretty soon. Guess I'll lie down and read till he shows up. Maybe
I'll go to youtube and watch one of those Walmart videos. Some of those folks have funny
cars too.

Hugs, Rock


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Good afternoon AWL,

Thought I would pop in for a few minutes since I was on the computer doing some searching for information on trying to find some portable grab bars or handles to put on my tub which I haven;t been using lately for a variety of reasons. I have founds some good ones but the problem is however that I guess you call it like a garden tub. It is flat on the outside and rounded on parts of the inside. I guess the only way to find out is to order it and try it out to see if it works. I found a couple not to expensive either on Amazon but I have not looked around anywhere else except on line. I used to take baths all the time and I still do I like it but haven;t been using the tub a lot, partially for safety and also I hate to wipe down the shower 2x . I usually take it after DH and he;s not going to wipe it down I am sure of that. However, I would also like a nice bath once in awhile due my pain, stiffness, etc, etc, If anyone has any other ideas for a portable bar or handle to grab let me know..

ROCK - Yes, the second post you saw was the missing post and somehow I didn't see it. Not sure if it was the site or just me. It could very well have been me with my scatter brain lately.

MIKIE - Glad to hear from you and glad you had a nice time on your visit and that you are not feeling to badly with the altitude and all. Coming home sick from a nice trip isn't a lot of fun. Hope you have a great and relaxing trip tomorrow on the plane. Then you can really rest.

SUN - Actually as I understand it it was a broken hinge that worked the door that was broken I believe. The workmen never did tell her if they were replacing the door or the hinge. I believe it was the hinge for the door so now she can wash. Sometimes just a small can cause a big problem when they don;t work.. We surely do need to wash our clothes.

SPRING - I have to get of her and start making dinner. Geez, it would be nice to have DH or someone else show up to make dinner. I am so tired of cooking you don't want to now how much. Years ago, I didn't think twice before making a large dinner for 8 people daily now just cooking for 2 on our silly diets ( esp mine) is not exactly fun. Thinking of everyone.

JULIE - Hope you are getting some things done at home without interruption. Missed hearing from you but I understand.

Love to awl inc those not mentioned,
Granni :)