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Rock:. Good one on "subpoena/court order".......I'm sure the doctor OKd it quickly. Ah.....so you had a furry freeloader down in the basement. How did the possum get in? I think they're like cats....in that they can smell. And they hiss too.

Granni: No reason your DH can't do some of the dinner fixings. Before my DH got sick I told him I was really tired of cooking and I assigned him a day once a week to cook. He said what was he going to cook....I said ANYTHING, SURPRISE ME. It actually seemed to be fun for him because he would pour over cookbooks and then head to the store. Fun for me too! If you continue to do for him constantly he will continue to enjoy being served.

I just got back from errands and it's soooo hot out there. I've been making gazpacho once a week....great way to get my fresh veggies down and nice to have a cup of it for lunch or dinner. I was looking for a glass pitcher to store it in the frig, but couldn't find one, so I bought 3 small glass jars with plastic lids at the dollar tree store. These will do nicely. Had to go to the fabric store again and darn it....I wasn't in more than 3 min. Before I started coughing again. There must be a variety of things in the air that my lungs don't like. Same thing happened a couple of days ago. I can't even WALK past a nail salon without the fumes bothering me. Don't know how women can work there or even get their nails done.
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Good morning dear Porchies,

SUN - You are right I know and he has been trying some, at least will make a salad before dinner or do most of it The problem is, God forbid what he would serve and probably not sure any of it would be on our diets. Yes he has been spoiled all these years and not to easy to change things about an almost 82 year old guy. He does try to help but poor guy doesn;' know where to start. He can do simple things. I mentioned eggs as he knows how to make those but he didnt like eggs for breakfast. I could go that way even though eggs are not my favorite things and I think I am somewhat sensitive to them. They have to be fresh and cooked WELL. He can do soup too from a can :D !! Do you have a recipe for gazpacho? No sure DH would like cold soup but in the summer I could do it if not to much prep.


ROCK - Hang in there buddy I know what you mean about those crazy devices.

Gotta run for now, lunch time. and time to work on the wash in the drier. Thinking of everydobby !! Guess MIkie is flying back. !!

Love to awl
Granni :)
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Morning, Kids

I was expecting a message from Mikie. Something along the lines of, "I'm back. Will post more after I have a long nap." Well, whenever she shows up we will be glad to see her.

Sun, my possum comment to Springwater was just a joke, however, we have seen a possum in the back yard during
the night on rare occasions. A few years back I saw a huge one. We had them at our old place 2 miles away too. Used
to feed them. They got kitty chow just like the stray cats, and racoons, I fed. Gordon says I not only that I fed them, I let
them in the house. (Actually only the cats came in. They just napped. Didn't damage any of our priceless antiques.)
According to Gordon if a horse dropped by I would have let it in.

According to Henry, he left the back door open some years back and a possum got in the back porch. He had to use
a broom to encourage it to terminate its visit. Longest conversation I've ever had with Henry. He talks about as much
as Harpo. BTW, I read a bio of Harpo some years back. He could also play the piano and the clarinet. Self taught
on all.

Well, I was posting here an hour or two ago. When I attempted to start a new paragraph I was thrown off board and the computer shut
down. This is only one of the reasons why I hate this machine. Maybe this is why our country is in such bad shape. Working with computers
makes you crazy. And even if you don't work with computers they affect our lives every day. At any minute now I'm liable to @@!#$!...

Hope the rest of you are all in better shape. Hugs, Chico
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Granni: If your DH won't eat cold soup then no use even giving a recipe. When we first got married I worked and he went to school to learn computers. So he was home during the day and watched cooking programs. Then he would have dinner ready when I got home, so he was no stranger to the kitchen. Along the way he turned off his brain regarding any cooking. I've always done all the gardening cleanup. It's only been in the last 2 years that I had to hire a gardener to help. Still do it though. Just spent 4 hrs. Outside, tossing a lot of plants and doing cleanup. Filled an entire 50 gallon trash container to the brim. A marriage has to be 50/50. If one is doing more than the other then things have to change. If your DH does all the yard cleanup and other things then I guess the cooking is your duty.


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Mikie: You're back and posting! I'll bet you're exhausted from the traveling. Hope you sleep good.

Rock: You need to give Henry a horn....like Harpo had. Hard to be around someone who never talks.

I was checking to see if Star posted anything.....I see her footprints.

I really overdid it today. There's just sooooo much that needs to be done outside and I can't pay my gardener to do everything. Tried to take a nap but this body wasn't cooperating so I gave up. I hope to crash tonight after I can take another tylenol.


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Mikie -

94DB22BE-D4DF-46AF-9D02-9C4BEB44566B.jpegwelcome back! :D come and post when you’ve unwinded.

Sun - Your shoes that fit reminded me - few years back, i was downtown near a magazine stall roundabout erected around a big peepal tree. i saw two school girls, possibly siblings. They were returning from school. The elder girl around 13 was shuffling as she walked and i saw her one shoe was split open at the back because it was too tight for her.

It disturbed me so i went to the same spot same time the next day and the girls came again. Same thing. So i approached the girl and told her i would buy her a shoe..she freaked out thinking i was some child trafficker out to kidnap her, (people trafficking is extremely common here) and nodded no. i went after her and she knew this street vendor who sold food to the school kids so i told hershe could bring him along. By some lucky coincidence a good shoe shop was right near by where we were talking.

The street vendor told her to go get the shoes, so we went and i bought her a pair of shoes she liked. i was thankful i could do that much. I have memories of going to school in a shoe which wasfalling apart and hiding from the school prefects because i didnt have the right woolen blouse under my winter uniform tunic. There was no money to buy what i needed.

Its wonderful you have organisations which try and help out in these things. Its a little thing but means so much to those affected. Kids especially must feel it so much when they see other kids with more things than they can handle and they not being able to afford one.

Rock - so Henry is one of those strong silent types. Cant say i mind. i dont always have the energy or inclination to converse. :) i notice mostof my friends have the gift of the gab. It takes the pressure offa me to talk.

Sun - i like to take a break off cooking once in a while especially when im tired with other things. The DH likes homecooking but doesnt argue with the occasional ordering in.

Granni - im guessing cooking is not one of DHs strong points. just like my DH. My DH likes shopping for groceries and household stuff so 5hat helps me since i dont drive.
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Soooo good to be home. I had a wonderful visit with my family and am so glad I went but as Dorothy said, "There's no place like home." It's also so good to come here and see our Porchies all gathered.

Yesterday morning, I had planned to get up at 5:00 and wash my hair. Something told me not to do it and to just get ready early to leave for the airport. My kids live way out SW and the airport is NE of Denver. It takes an hour to get there, especially in the morning rush hour. DSIL decided to run on the trail that winds through the foothills of the mountains. He called DD and said he fell and thought he broke his leg. She rushed out and got him to the car. We loaded up my bags and headed to the hospital ER. He called a Lyft for me that got me to the airport on time. Ends up that he broke his ankle and tore a muscle in his leg. He had scrapes all over. He'll be OK. DD is a nurse so she knows the scary things that can happen. We both feared it might have been his femur or a torn tendon. Thank God, it was neither.

When I got to the airport, my phone battery was drained. I was looking for a seat with a charger in an aisle where no one was sitting. The chargers there are low under the seats. I saw one and sat down. There was nothing on the floor. When I looked down later, there was a big brown and white feather between my feet. It was about five inches long. It was Mom telling us everything was going to be alright. We find feathers where there is no way they could have gotten there. If it only happened once in a while, I would think there must have been some logical reason but it happens all the time, especially in times of stress or trauma. DD used to find tiny white feathers in DGS's hair when he was a baby and she got him up from his crib. There was nothing made of feathers in his bedding. I took a pic of the feather and sent it to both DD's and told them all would be well. I kept the feather as I always keep them. One DD finds stacks of pennies from her other DGM and my DSIL finds dimes from his step father. I said to my other DSIL that I didn't know how I was gonna communicate to them when I'm on the other side since feathers, pennies and dimes were already taken. He said to just send twenties. He's so funny.

Of course, my skin dried up so badly and I had to slather on the lotion. It soaked into my skin like a sponge. Both kids have two-story houses so my legs are aching and one knee seems to have a slight injury. I didn't lack for exercise on the days I flew. The new watch is worth its weight in gold just from that. I had three changes of departure times and three gate changes. I had downloaded the Delta app to my phone so, whenever there was a change, it sent a message to the watch. It also sent the boarding passes to my phone. I had paper passes just in case and it's a good thing I did. This phone battery is on its last breath and it was drained by the time I hit the last leg of my return. My neighbor touted that feature of the watch but I travel so seldom that I didn't think I would be using mine for travel. I'll be getting a new phone today or tomorrow. I'll just have to keep charging the battery all the time. It doesn't make sense to replace the battery in this one because it would cost almost as much as the phone is worth and his phone is old and well used. I'll be looking at whether to get another Series 6 or upgrade to a Series 8. Don't want, nor will I pay for, the iPhone X. People seem to really like the 8's.

It was really hot in Denver. Mid-90's. It was sooo beautiful with the blue sky and mountains. We all had brunch at the airport where I used to fly and we could see all along the Rocky Mountain Range. My ex came along as did my DSIL's Mom. She and I had a great time. We watched little planes doing touch 'n go's. Also, private jets ferrying people into Denver. We laughed every day and had such a great time. I am so very grateful for this visit and my wonderful family. As tired as I am, I know this was a big boost for me.

Claudia took great care of SV and he looks wonderful but he sure was glad to see me last evening. He cried and cried and didn't leave my side. He usually stays in bed and then moves to one of his favorite perches. He slept with me all night long. Claudia enjoyed watching him bat at his little toy to get the treats out of it. He is so different than her cats.

Thank you all for your wonderful good wishes and welcome home. I tried to stop in and get rid of spammers and say a quick hi but we were busy almost every minute or just sitting and having the kinds of chats that we don't have on the phone or in texting.

Rock, I've had a good night's sleep so y'all can come on over and we'll celebrate like the party animals I know we all are. Bring Henry along and we'll get him to talk. Haven't watched TV at all since I left. How has the weather been in CA? It was pouring rain when I got home but my good buddy, Joe, was there to get me at the airport. My flight was delayed more than an hour and it was so good to see him pull up. He now answers his phone, "Joe's Limo Service." I'm blessed with wonderful neighbors here on the Porch and here in our little condo community. How is Miss Kitty? How is Gordon's hand? Hope the doc helped. BTW, DGS is taking Chinese in school this year but I don't know which dialect. Which one is most used in business? I would imagine that's the one they teach.

Sun, I'm sorry you overdid it outside. I hope the pain and fatigue are gone and that you were able to sleep. I forgot to take a pic of a painting that DGS did a few years ago. I'll ask DD to take one and send it to my phone. I'm still having trouble uploading my pics from phone to computer. I need an iPad. Since I don't really need another computer or tablet, I'll figure out how to do it to this one. He painted the man in the black hat like the ones you posted the link for. I love those. He's taking art this year in school. He's really talented for such a young kid. I can see you were too at a young age. He's just trying out all kinds of things so don't know whether he'll keep up with his art but I hope he does. Wish I had some artistic talent but I can still enjoy the work of others. Try to rest and recover.

Spring, you are sooo kind. It touched my heart to read about your kindness. Those acts of kindness infuse the whole Universe with love and caring and help to dispel any ugliness out there. I saw on the news that a woman bought out Payless shoes in one of their stores for all the kids in her DD's school who needed them and Payless donated too. It has spawned a charity for kids who need shoes for school. Another woman started a charity for military serving in war zones. They wear out their sneakers and have no way of buying new ones. At the little store in the airport where I always buy some water, they were selling things to send to the troops. I bought a little kit with things to help them groom themselves. BTW, the little TV screen on the plane had a tracking app overlying a map. It was a touchscreen and I moved it over and found Nepal. Our world looks so small when viewed that way.

Granni, I'm glad DH does so much outside. You can send him down here and we will have all the work he wants to do. Things grow like wild fire here in the jungle. When my kids were small, I thought nothing of preparing three squares a day. Now, I have a hard time cooking just for me. It's hard to come up with variety and deal with leftovers, etc. I don't like eating out much either. We had lunch in CO at Jason's Deli. There is one just down the street. DD and DGS likes it but I've never had a good meal there. I ordered broccoli and cheese soup. It tasted like flour and water with a few tiny sprigs of broccoli thrown in. It was yellow but didn't taste like cheese. AACCKK!!

Barry, Star, Julie and anyone else I may have missed, I hope all y'all are doing well. Again, it's realllly good to be back.

Love, Mikie

This is the golf course near DD's house where we had lunch at the clubhouse. It is the most beautiful scene and typical of the outcroppings along the foothills. There are larger flatiron outcroppings in Boulder where I grew up.

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Hi guys! I've been trying to pop in and skim posts...had to stop and welcome Mikie back home. So glad you had a good trip, but I know how nice it is to get back home. I chuckled at your DSIL suggesting you just send $20's back :D

I haven't had much "free time" since Sunday...met Amy and brought Miley back home with me for her "all by herself" visit to Grandma and Grandpa's. I had asked her to make a list of things she wanted to do while here...she had 16 things on it, lol! One was to build a birdhouse with Grandpa...I found some plans on the internet, Den happened to have enough scraps of wood that would work...Miley just finished the last bit of painting when she got up this morning (she used 6 different colors, so we had to mask parts off and paint in stages as each color dried). As soon as I shower, we'll head back to Amy's town...working out way there...need to return an outfit we bought on the way here Sunday (too small for Miley) and look for her a pair of tennis shoes for school.

Keira is at volleyball camp till 3:00 pm...when she is finished, I'll bring her back home with me. But she has to be back at her house by Friday evening as she wants to attend an all-day volleyball camp on Saturday. Gotta get all this stuff worked in before school starts...theirs is the 26th.

So, I'd better get going...Miley has had fun, but is anxious to get home now...take care, everyone!


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Hi guys.I hv been trying to copy the clip to the above for the looooongest time....and think it may hv worked.
I wont hold my breath though.

Mikie, glad to read your latest adventure was great and that you are home safe n sound.
I am also happy for Sv, that you're back.

Sun, it seems the outside work never ends, but it's therapeutic. During the cold it hurts too much to do a great deal, but moving this n that around or pulling some weeds is inevitable when outside.I hope you are feeling well recovered soon.

Julie, Im glad to see you haven't left for good.

Rock, I actually struggle a bit with getting on to the porch and sometimes miss posts and all now, since it changed it's format etc.
Im sure its something simple Im not doing right...

Spring, I dont seem to hv much of an appetite when Im out and about on my own.I love sharing a meal, but can give it a miss when Im on my own.I used to love stopping in at Maccas or HJ's (MacDonald and Burger King) for an icecream with my Treasures.so cheap and yummy, but I guess they're all too grown up now.
Glad you enjoy it though.

Granni, I wouldn't mind cooking so much if the recipients werent so fussy.
I am happy to graze on raw salads and fruits and maybe yoghurt.of course diets do change Everything. I love eggs but they dont love me.

Barry, the counselor being a Christian is important for me coz we need to at least be on the same page with foundational stuff, otherwise we wouldn't be working Together on my goals.
I went to a counsellor yonks ago and for someone who is sposed to be 'trained to listen'...well, didn't happen.Before I got into Anything, she was handing me paperwork.I figured she must've been getting a commission.I didn't go back and I pitied the people/families that were at her mercy.
Don't think the avocados are a good idea. Frost has left them in bad shape, but was worth a try.

Sooo, counselling was good.I felt exhausted for ages afterwards and kinda hv a lot of different thoughts and emotiins about it, but all in all.Good.
Gonna work on strategies etc etc.

She thought I was a bit of a sad sack, all alone, yadda yadda yadda, but I said I hv you guys...and Im not.

So on that note, sweet dreams to my Porchie family.

Ooh ps. Son is 18 on Saturday. Hardly can believe it.

Ik.take care All
Catch yas later


Hi, Kids,

Been cleaning out my purse and small travel bag. I'll get to the suitcase later. Wanted to put my appointments in my calendar so I don't forget anything. Also got out the bills that need to be paid. Everything gets put on hold when I travel. Roomba is cleaning the carpet. I swept the tiles. Nothing is really dirty. Glad I cleaned before I left. Still tired so am not pushing myself.

Julie, so glad to see you posting. Sounds as though you and your family are your usual busy selves. That Miley had to mask and paint in sections will stand her in good stead later in life. Masking is an art. I hope Keira is enjoying volleyball. It's a great sport. I believe sports for kids is wonderful as long as it isn't so competitive that the adults put too much pressure on them. Hope you and Den are not overdoing it and hope you both feel well.

Star, so glad you found a counselor that works well for you. It is true that not all of them are compatible with their patients. Sometimes it takes switching to find one you like. I'm not sure what religion my shrinks were but I was blessed to have the ones who helped me with my marriage, stress and grief counseling after I got sick. We have to grieve for the health and lives we lost to illness. Hard to believe your son is gonna be 18. Bet it's hard for you too. Yes, you have your family and friends here on the Porch to socialize with and talk to.

OK, gonna tackle the suitcase and do some laundry. I didn't have much appetite while I was gone and really don't have much now. My IBS was better, thank God. No one wants that when traveling. No news...no IBS; life is good!

Love to all,


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Spring, you are so kind to everything that lives, I do believe. Shoes for the needy and the care you give your doggies. You haven't yet told me if there are many CATS in Kathmandu! Do YOU have any?

Sun, I can hardly do any yardwork at all now. No NRG at all. Bubbling brain and the dizzies, and old age.... So sad. The blackberries are a real thorn in the side, so ****** hard to get rid of. You cut 'em back, and two more pop up! Oh well, so be it. I do my best, God does the rest. I really could use a couple of goats.....:rolleyes:

The last lilies of summer are now in bloom --- incredibly fragrant. The first Hibiscus flower opened y-day. 9 inches across. Bright pink, purple leaves. This hibiscus is a hardy species that dies down to the ground every winter, and pops up in spring. The scarlet Lobelia (laxiflora) is blooming like crazy this year, with long tubular flowers that attract the humming-birds.

Star, I'm so glad you found the right counselor. I went thru so many that I can't remember them all. Freudian, Jungian, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and, and ....
Sorry about the avocados! I can't grow them here either. I am just hoping that my persimmon tree will be productive this year
. The apple trees are bending over from a VERY fruitful year. I hope they won't bring the bears around :eek::eek:.
The video of the cockatoo teasing the kookaburra was most amusing. Thank you for that! Humour is good for the soul.:)

Julie, you sure have a lot on your hands! Have you made out a "To Do" list for yourself, or do you just play it by ear? I make up lists all the time and usually end up not doing them...:rolleyes:.

Rock, have fun fighting with your machine. What would we be without them? Hmmmm.

Well, I've been goin' to the dentist (aaaargh) and the doctor (ah) and will be meeting a new doctor in September who will be my new main man --- if I like him. ;)

Liberty, Love, and Compassion to All.
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Good afternoon dear ones,

Figured I needed to at least pop in for a bit to check on MIKIE and others too to see who was visiting. Been such a busy day filled with trying to find out info from Drs and pharmacists, both me and DH. Didn't get a whole lot accomplished but have to wait back from the drs for both of us. DH needs a followup check on b/p and maybe blood sugar check.

So nice to see MIKIE JULIE, STAR , SUN and BARRY popping in.

Hope you have found your new Main Man Dr., BARRY. It is not good when you can't find one that suits you and good for your personal needs.

MIKIE - So glad that you had such a nice trip but I know how it feels to get o home back in your own comfy bed, et all. I imagine SV was very happy to see you. Is he giving your the evil eye and not so friendly demeanor for daring you to leave him ??? :D

JULIE- You sure do wear me out just telling me all you are doing esp for the g kids back and forth and all the projects. It is so nice to that Den can help her make a bird house. and other things I have no idea of how to start trying to make one if I wanted to. Glad Miley had such a good time.

SUN - I guess you are right esp as years ago we all had rolls esp since then no women or very few women worked outside the home. When I was growing up they were doing so more and more . DH's dad didn't do much cooking either. DH;s mom was a good cook but she worked part time at one of the Department stores. He might have done some peeling potatoes or something but I wasn't there to see much of it. I know my dad knew how to to some extent as he had to live on his own but his repertoire wasn't much.

My mom was a great cook and she did some work growing up outside the home housekeeping, and perhaps some cooking as she came as a child with her sister from Cz. I learned a lot by mostly watching and maybe with little things. Also , my mom was always chasing us out of the kitchen as ours was very tiny and not much room for more than one person. DH was an only child and never had to cook on his own . He went from the Navy to me with college the long hard way, summers and nights while working, and he did no cooking in the Navy. He does or did some little things like peal potatoes years ago when we ate a lot of potatoes. He also helps now with some salads if I am really busy and he wants a salad and helps get things on and off the table which is a help. I also help with the weeding and smaller things outside, great on my back but oh well ! He does a lot outside like spraying for bugs and power washing when needed and now cleaning out a lot of the stuff in our yards. It is so overgrown and sometimes I get frustrated. Around here it is not that easy to find someone who will do what we do and do it right or what you ask them to do. DH is almost 82 and I am following close behind . He is healthier than I am though but then he says he is OLDER :)!! We are at the age now where we both just help each other however we can. Sometimes it is rather limited. when NRG is almost gone and lots of pain. and some other stuff as yet undiagnosed. I know you and everyone else understands for sure with every things everyone else is going through here on the Porch.

Waiting to hear back from the Dermatologist if she had heard anything on my tests. I am guessing it is a bit early but she called the other day while I was napping and not sure what she told DH and if I was supposed to call back to make an appointment or not. If you don't make it while you are there it ends up an awful time with horrible rush hour traffic.

Gotta run and start getting ready for dinner. Good old chicken. I'm living big today with chicken legs and not the chicken breasts.:)

Love to everydobby, inc those not mentioned !!
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Getting a lot done. Who woulda thunk it as tired as I was last night. Got everything unpacked and am on my second to last load of laundry. Dryer hit me on my arm and it hurts. Idiot woman at the airport, who wasn't looking where she was going, slammed into my leg that was crossed over the other leg. The knee was already sore from the stairs. People lose their minds when traveling. Another woman tried to bypass the departing passengers by shoving her way through. Guess she thought that her little boy would follow but he got stuck behind several in front of him and I could see he was panicking. I saw her talking to him outside the gate and I hope his fear made an impact on her. When she got on, she argued with my seatmate that it was her seat, but it wasn't. ARG! Everyone else was polite and kind, helping each other. Nice to see!

Forgot to tell y'all that I tried some edible MJ. DSIL got it for the pain in his legs but it didn't help much. It was a gummy wafer a little larger than a quarter. I cut it and tried 1/4 of the wafer. It's been eons since I've had it, and the new edibles are strong, so I wanted to be careful. I was hoping for a nice calm feeling but it made me feel kinda like morphine but not as much. It did seem to help with the inflammation in my legs but CBD oil does that. Oh well...

Read something funny because no one was injured. Seems lightning struck a woman's sewer line and it ignited the methane gas from feces in the line. It blew the toilet to smithereens. I'm sure it was a mess to clean up but made me laugh. I'm glad she wasn't hurt. Aah, bathroom humor!

Seems that there was something else I wanted to tell y'all but can't remember.

Barry, sooo good to see you here. I've missed you, My Brother. I've seen your footprints on the Porch. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. The exhaustion causes the brain fog. It even affects my vision when I'm that tired. Your flowers sound like paradise. I guess if we have to feel lousy, it's better to have beauty surrounding us. Lilies, hibiscus, apples and bears... Oh my! I'm just paying the last of my dentist bill and I hope there won't be any more til my next cleaning. Are you having to have extensive work done? Hope not. Also hope you like the new doc. Thanks for the welcome back. Take care and rest up.

Granni, geez, all this waiting for docs and scrips. I hope you and DH get it all settled soon. Also hope it's good news. Saw that it was at least 100 degrees in Dallas and Houston. I know you're somewhere in between. SV wasn't mad. He cried like a baby when I came in. He's been staying close to me ever since I got home. I saw your comment and thought you were talking about dinner rolls. I have a great recipe from my DMIL but it requires kneading, raising and rolling. Usually made them for Thanksgiving. They sound so good. Nothing like a homemade yeasty roll still warm from the oven with some butter on it. Mmmm! I was touched when you mentioned that you and DH just try to help each other out as best you can. That's a blessing and very sweet.

OK, gonna go have my blessing, a cup of decaf to get me through til bedtime. Still one load of laundry to go but I'm on a roll, not a dinner roll, and I am obsessed by finishing. Hope this NRG continues even though it's not a lot of NRG but enough to do what I need to do. Sending my prayers for NRG for everydobby and pain free days and nights.

Love, Mikie
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Glad I felt well enough to unpack and do the laundry yesterday because I feel like a big lump of pain and exhaustion today. AACCKK!! Guess it's all hitting me now. DSIL put a pic on FB of himself on his crutches. Says they aren't easy to use. Looks as though he's got the foam tops clear up into his armpits and leaning into them. Rookie mistake. I posted to tell him to put the weight on his arms so that the crutches aren't all the way up in his pits. I worked for a group of orthopedic surgeons and part of my job was showing people how to use crutches. He isn't supposed to put weight on his foot but the quad muscle is torn on the other leg. Poor guy. When I had knee surgery about twelve years ago, I was whipping around almost effortlessly on my crutches. Doc wanted me to put some weight on my leg but had to use the crutches for any longer distance walking. DD and I took DGS to see Thomas The Train live in an arena the next day. Fortunately, the seat in front of me was empty so I could put my foot up on it. I had one of those instant ice bags and was able to ice it. Easy peasy.

Not much to tell. Gotta get in the shower and do my hair. Then, I have to see what I'm gonna do about my phone. Even the old iPhones are expensive. Gonna check with Verizon cause DSIL thought our phones are insured and I might get a new one or a refurbished one. If not, gonna check their prices and go over to Best Buy to check theirs. Just had the dental expense and now it's time for SV's annual checkup. Also had the checkup for my A/C system. Seems as though it's all coming due at once.

I'll check in later. Got rid of three spammers when I logged on. They have been really active lately. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Got my hair dried but still have to put on some makeup. I usually have to rest a few minutes after standing to blow out my mop, as Granni says. Too hard on the back. I had very little appetite while I was gone and not much since my return. Still have fat around the middle but my shorts are really baggy. Hope I lost some weight. Gotta go put on makeup and head out to see what I'm gonna do about the phone. Fortunately, we are not expecting rain today. Still, I'd like to get it done. TT y'all later.
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Star:. So happy to read that you got some good advice on how to handle family matters. Are you going to see this counselor once a week? Was she surprised you came in with fore knowledge of PA, etc. You can always come here and unload with us ......we're your cyber family and we do understand.

Spring: So good that you saw what that poor girl needed in the way of shoes and were able to help. I think if everyone really took a good look at people around them, there might be less anger and frustration. We all need to reach out and help others to make this a better world.

Mikie: So sorry to read about your poor SIL. I do feel sorry for him and now the struggles with crutches. I've had to resort to using a cane at times and I find it's VERY hard on my shoulders/neck from the leaning. Good thing you can give him some advice.

Barry: Your garden sounds so pretty. I didn't think my milkweed plant would make it thru this heat....it is still in the gallon pot so I've been making sure it doesn't get dried out. Yesterday I saw the beginnings of new flowers. When this heat disappears I'll have my gardener plant it out in the back yard this time so I can see the butterflies visiting.....unless they destroy it like last time......totally ate it up to nothing.

Julie: As busy as ever.

Rock: I watched The Verdict with Paul Newman last night. An oldie which I've never seen but excellent. I thought of you with you having been an attorney. If you've never seen it, you might think about checking out the library or even youtube.

I had my 2nd of the chemo yesterday.....have one more to go with this round. My words....miserable.


Hi, Kids,

What a morning. DSIL's account with Verizon is in his name and DD's so I have to have V contact them whenever I do anything with the phones. Kid who helped me fixed it so I don't need to do that from now on. Both kids' phones were busy so V couldn't contact them. I decided to head up to Best Buy to check prices on iPhones. In the meantime, DD called and gave me DSIL's work no. so V could call him at work. By the time I got back to V, it was busy so had to wait. Took a long time for the guy to splain all the options for just trading in the old phone or making an ins. claim. In the end, we decided to just trade it in and they had a special so I got a brand new iPhone 7 for about $200. That's a great deal and included a glass screen protector and case. Kid at the store thought the Kate Spade designer case was the best so I went for that. It's a bit glitzy, which isn't my style, but what the heck. He transferred everything to the new phone and set up my watch so it's synced to the new one.

DSIL said he is okay but he can't drive so it's hard on them both. DD has to drive them everywhere. She is exhausted and said she feels fried. I hope she can continue with school because it's really hard right now. Both kids were apologizing for having to send me to the airport in a Lyft and for all the drama that morning. Nothing to apologize for. Good grief; it was an emergency. It all turned out OK in the end except for DSIL's broken foot. I try never to be a problem for them but the phone issue couldn't be helped. When these phones go, they go fast. If I were just buying this phone, it would have been $500 so I'm happy. I figured I would have to spend somewhere between $500 and $700 for a new phone. This saved me a bundle.

Isn't supposed to rain today but there is thunder and some dark clouds out there. It's 90 out and hot. I stopped at Publix even though I was exhausted after the morning quest for a phone. They had the siracha chicken wings at the deli so I got some for lunch. Was supposed to start the fast/diet today but hadn't planned on the phone's going kaput. I picked up some veggies and will just start tomorrow instead. I'm beat and think I'll take a nap. Have a headache which is likely a combo of stress and sinus.

Sun, you are right; we do need to reach out to help others who are less fortunate. Depak Chopra says we need to give in order to keep the whole cycle going so we receive more blessings ourselves. Kinda like 'what goes around comes around' as Grandma used to say. There are so many opportunities to help today. I am so very sorry the chemo is hard on you. I pray you feel better and that these treatments send the cancer packing for good. I've never had to use a cane but I can't figure them out. The older ladies here buy the clear lucite canes and put decorations inside them, often changing with the seasons and holidays. Seems to me that once our shoulders are sore or injured, just about anything makes them hurt. Mine hurt like heck when I dragged both shopping bags up the stairs. Feel better.

OK, Kids, Gonna try to rest. It was the stress this morning, and running around in the heat, that made me sooo tired. I got up tired and now am tireder. Hope all y'all are having a great day. SV is out in his sauna. I'm gonna catch up on some TV On Demand. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Well Good Grief, That must be the font for the tiny kids. I couldn't get on the board yesterday.
This morning Gordon came along to assist. But when I tried to turn the computer on he

yelled (More Good Grief.) He yelled, "No! Don't ever touch the button." He taped a piece of
cardboard over it so I'll remember. So it appears that most of what I learned to do is now
yesterday's technology. Uff-da! It;s hard to learn, and even harder to relearn.

Sun, is The "Verdict" the movie Paul Newman made when he was old; played a drunk? I saw
about 20 minutes of that and then quit watching. Just too sad. But he is still one of my favorite
actors. Your suggestion of a horn for Henry is brilliant. Sounds like a title for a kid's book.
"A Horn For Henry." Suitable for ages 4 to 8. Henry learns a valuable lesson on his birthday.

"Our Town" with Paul as the Stage Manager used to be on Youtube. One of my bridge playing
friends was in it. Played the Milk Man. That's sad that you have to take the chemo. Of course
I hope it works. It did for my High School English teacher way back in the 50s. My mother
had surgery for cancer about the same time. Lived another 50 years.

Mike, so glad that you had a great trip and are now home. Sounds like you're gonna be
writing a lot of checks for all those check ups. You certainly have had a variety of interesting
jobs. Now that I'm on the subject of crutches, I think Paul Newman was on crutches in the
film with Liz Taylor. Can't remember the name. I can't look anything up because I'll get thrown
off the net if I try. I think Burl Ives was in it too. Played Big Daddy. Good luck phone
shopping. Gordon is investigating the possibility of getting a new one too.

Back later, I hope. Rock


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Mikie: Great deal on the phone and a fancy shmancy case too. We need to pamper ourselves once in awhile. I'm feeling a little better now. I think I got about 5-6 hrs. Sleep last night....interrupted of course.

My DH and I always gave 10 % of what came in.....so I've continued giving, split between different charities. I AM blessed, but always feel I can do more, especially when coming across a person in my path who needs some help, even if to just listen to them. That homeless woman I had met about 5 months ago was in terrible straights......i listened to her talk for about 15 min. Gave her a little $ but we also hugged. She told me it was good that I listened to her, said most people just look the other way.

Rock: I see you posted while I was here. Was it Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? I'll cheat on the outcome of the movie since you didn't want to continue. Yes, he was drinking heavily, made so many mistakes, so many people let him down too, including a woman he thought he could get close to. The actress was Charlotte Rampling so did a search. I KnEW I had seen her in something more modern but don't know what movie it was. I think she played a more "mature" woman, maybe from a Baltic country. THOSE EYES of hers! Come to find out she was one HOT actress/woman involved with a lot of men...wow. But Paul Newman did a fantastic job of acting. And they didn't mention the $$$$$ awarded to the family of the young woman in a coma but basically he pulled himself together.
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