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Hi, Kids,

Good grief! The excitement never ends. Tried to get the phone on my wi-fi at home and all it did was have the little circle going around and around and around. I did the high tech thing and turned it off and back on. Viola! got right on. I'm tired but restless so thought I'd just check in before trying to rest again. AACCKK! I'm having an occular migraine in my right eye. It's causing a strange ziggy zaggy pattern of black and white wizardy flashing lights. It'll go away soon. Just makes it difficult to see what I'm typing.

Rock, yes, learning and relearning is hard. I dread it every time I get anything new or try something new. You jest but kids' books are hot right now. I think A Horn for Henry would make a great read. Henry can be a kid or an animal. That's the great thing about kids' books--they can be just about anything your imagination can concoct. The job at the clinic was one I had before the kids came along. Crutches haven't changed much in all that time. I think Sun is right. The movie was Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Bored me to pieces almost as much as Virginia Wolfe. Hope your computer starts to cooperate.

Sun, my memory is sooo bad so, if this idea was posted here, just ignore it. I heard about it somewhere. There is a woman who buys doll houses at garage sales and thrift stores and rehabs them and sells them. You are so creative that you could fix them up and sell them on Etsy. Just an idea but it sounds kinda like a fun thing to do. Fancy doll houses are expensive.

OK, the OM is worse and my eyes are getting a wild light show. Gotta go.

Love, Mikie