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PORCH # 1148 IS NOW CLOSED..9 AUG 2019

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This picture reminds me so much of me and my DD when she was a three year old. The same shape, the same joie d vivre’ in life around her.

Please look at all the other interesting posts on the last page of last porch.
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Hi guys.
Love that picture Spring.
Hv you heard of CBM?
They are apparently in Nepal next week.
It's a charity that mainly focuses on restoring eye sight.
Really like that pic... says a lot ...and the colours are great.

Howling ferocious winds and hail all last night and today.
Rain is bucketing down faster than the wipers can keep up.

Sun, yes the counselor was a little surprised that I had heard about Pa's etc.
The next time I see her will be in a couple of wks time, as she's going away.It'll probably be fortnightly from then on as it's a bit of a hike (hr drive one way) and exhausting.both mentally and physically.
Im sorry you hv to endure chemo...and a awful uti super bug.bad enough without giving them super powers.
Watching the butterflies on the milk thistle would be lovely.wonderous even.

Mikie, glad you got a good deal on your phone.I feel sorry for your sil.is he the one who is also having fibro type symptoms?
Yes your Dd's plate is full alright.
But if she's anything like her Dm, she'll be right.

Rock, when I used to use a desk top computer I had sticky notes all around it with bits and pieces I couldn't remember and everyone got sick of trying to teach me.
I reckon you are doing very well to be posting as you are.
Many folks are so isolated (more so) without the tech to drag 'em back into the world.

Barry, over here seing a counsellor, shrink (movies) still has a bit of a stigma attached to it.
Our male ferret passed away a couple of mths ago, from old age, so we hv to find another male esp with Spring coming up here.I hv heard the girls can die if they dont hv a male when they come on season.

Our boy is 18 tomorrow and I just realised that as with Evrrything, that involves red tape and paperwork...ugh.

Been so so tired lately.

Need to check on the fires.
Take care All Porchies.
Catch yas later


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Slept reallly well last night. SV is getting sooo much better at not bugging me repeatedly to get up early. He's really been minding his P's and Q's since I got home. Preseason football game means we didn't get Jeopardy last night but it's on a different network where Nancy is so she got to see it. Supposedly it will run here tonight. It's syndicated and runs on different networks, depending on where one lives. Between the trip, seeing my one kid hurt and the other one in anguish, dashing to the airport on a Lyft, and dealing with the phone issue, I'm beat! So glad DSIL will be OK but I worry about his recovery and DD's having to try to finish this semester and drive him everywhere. He saw the doc yesterday but I don't want to pester them about how it went as I think they just need to be able to recoup with as few interruptions as possible. He will post his progress on FB and I can check there and send messages of love and caring.

Spring, what a wonderful sight when I came here. Love, love, love this painting. Is it a water color? Couldn't resist. It is so compelling and I think it must remind us all of being out in the rain as kids and/or with our own kids. I love the style of the painting too. Kind of a modern touch, something one might find in a child's book. Thanks so very much for ending the last Porch and starting this new one.

Star, sorry it's a longish drive to see the counselor but sooo worth it. After we moved in CO, I had quite a drive to continue to see my shrink. Told DD about it. She likes counseling children, some of them with horrible abuse. She also likes counseling couples. She told me about some of the dynamics of how couples interact. Very interesting. Yes, my DSIL who broke his ankle is the same one who has had the FMS-like pain. The doc has ruled out ALS and MS so, at least, that's good news. Don't think we have any paperwork here when children turn 18. They either go to work or go to college and continue to lie around playing video games. Being in therapy can be very tiring. Hope it really helps you. Take good care of yourself.

Couldn't figure out why Apple sometimes doesn't take my ID. It's because some of the apps on my phone are ones DSIL downloaded when he had it. They transferred that way onto the new one. Sooo, I have to delete those apps and reload them. Not a big deal and I'm glad I figured it out. Like with everything, I am having to get used to things. Fortunately, the 7 isn't much different than the 6. Would have gotten the 8 but it would have been $600 or $700, depending on the model. I am kinda intrigued with the larger phones--easier to type on the larger keyboard.

BTW, Kids, if you can't figure out how to do something on your computers, you can ask how in a search and it will bring up tons of websites where they tell you how to do it. You can also go to You Tube to see videos. I have found, however, that the screen images they show often differ from what I have with this version of operating system. Still, it is often very helpful. I would never have figured out how to set my caps lock without it on this Chromebook. No caps lock key on the keyboard. Doh!

OK, gonna go read the virtual paper and check my inbox. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Kids, It's 4:30 AM here. Thanks for opening up, Springwater. Love the pic you posted. Reminds me
of taking my 3 year old out in the rain. He was all bundled up. We put grandma's tennis shoes on him. Used
rubber bands to keep them on his feet. We'd walk about half a block to the closed supermarket. Then I'd put
him in a shopping cart and push him all around the parking lot. Generally speaking it doesn't take a lot of
money to entertain toddlers. Into a warm bath when we got home.

Is it a water color? Mikie, you are overflowing with puns. I used to have a rain coat when I was in grade school.
Pretty sure it was yellow. It had two huge inside pockets, big enough to hold a large tablet. The ones that cost
a quarter. I think the last time I saw one was several years ago. Don't remember the price, but it was more than
a dollar.

Yesterday I was complaining to Gordon about the computer. To be told the little I had learned was now out of
date, and I had to learn new stuff was too much to contemplate. So he sat down and wrote 3 pages of instructions
for me. So far I have been able to check out a book at the library, post on the board, watch videos on You Tube
and read the news. (The quality of the news has not improved.)

So sad to hear about your DSIL with the mysterious leg pains.

Star, "Rain is bucketing down." Great choice of a verb. We don't get much rain here in California. In Minnesota
we got three times as much in Minnesota.

I can't tell if it's raining here or not. It sounds like it is, but it always sounds that way due to the heavy traffic.
Even when I opened the front door I couldn't tell for sure. Gonna go back to bed for a while.

Hugs, Rock


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Sorry i had to get off very soon earlier.

Happy to note everyone liked the rainy day picture. interesting how childhood memories bring up feelings of being carefree, joyful. Even rainy days.

Mikie - so so unfortunate about DSILs fall. But thank goodness it didnt happen the first day you arrived. I pray for his fast recovery. My DD would say maybe he is finishing his karmic debts faster when he is young and can have a stress free life hereonafter. Thats what she says when something not nice happens to her.

Please do not stress yourself more than you ought to over the matter. It wont help. He is getting the best care possible and is in your DDs safe hands since she knows what to do.

it was nice to once again hear about jeopardy and the daily workings of life down there around your condominium and its goings on and your pals. Missed reading your postings. Its like a daily soap. Addictive. Heh heh. Golden Girls of Florida.

i envy you your new phone. i have a cheap basic one because my phones go kaput very often.

Star - im not even sure if we have therapists here. i used to hanker over one. In the days when i had clinical depression. i wanted to see if talking with a professionally trained person would somehow give me more peace of mind.

im happy you are seeing somebody. just venting and being able to let out your bottled up feelings to someone else has got to do good. In her book Louise Hay has said bottled up anger for long leads to liver issues. gastro intestinal issues. thyroid issues.

i enjoyed your cockatoo kukkaburra interaction video. it was hilarious! how i love our feathered and furry friends.

Rock - i love your memories of older times. a warm bath after a rainy shopping trip sounds just right. Yes. Mikies pun was on point. Your granmas feet must have been tiny if her shoes fit a toddlers. I dont dont do too well withinstructions over the internet either.

Sun - Thats wonderful your DH and you gave to charity on a regular basis. In our Pranic Healing too, we are advisedto give 10 percent of our earnings to help others. Of course it is easier when your own essential needs are being met first. i googled Charlotte Rampling. What a beauteous woman!

Barry - so so good to hear from your beautiful corner of the world. 5he gardens here too havehibiscus growing and flourishing in the rains. ive seen blush pink ones giant sized. very beautiful. there are more cats here now than before. a few are domesticated. some feral. but its a hard life for 5hem. The dogs chase them. and people mostly dont like cats.
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Hi, Kids,

Spent a leisurely morning, taking a hot bath and doing a wee bit of personal landscaping. My skin is always dry but, after being in CO, it's drier than the Sahara. I slathered on some of the expensive Vana's Cream and that will last a couple of days even when I bathe in between applications. My pedicure took a beating on the trip and I need to touch it up but not today. I'm really tired. It's getting dark out but it seems to come and go.

Rock, that's so cute about you and your son on rainy days. I can remember my kids' going out after the storm in their shorts and rubber boots, stomping through standing water. They had a ball. Sounds as though you are now doing all kinds of things on your new computer. I'm so glad. It's awful to keep having problems and get frustrated. Nancy, in MI, not that far from MN, is getting a LOT of rain this year. She puts out bird feed every day. She loves the birds. She's an animal lover except for the mole that tore up her yard last year.

Spring, my last phone was a cheap LG model and it worked just fine for me. I need an iPhone now in order for the watch to work. The watch has made my life so much easier and safer so it's worth it. Also, we can Facetime on holidays. The new phones are terribly expensive but providers like Verizon have deals on the older models that still work just fine. There are so many tech freaks who always have to have the latest and greatest. Thanks for you prayers for DSIL. I think he will heal just fine but I worry about his ongoing painful condition that has yet to be diagnosed. Also worry about my DD's stress, driving him everywhere and finishing this semester. Her Dad lives close but he's the full-time care giver for his wife now. Other DD lives too far away to be of much help but I know she would help too. I think about Karma when I am sick and am glad to pay it off here. I believe Karma isn't punishment; I believe it's a learning opportunity so we know how our bad choices affected others. It allows us to balance the ledger. Before I moved down here, my pals made lots of references to the Golden Girls.

Julie, hearing a lot about the Iowa State Fair, especially the food. Can't remember whether you said you usually go or not. Sounds like a really good time but good times are so hard on most of us. When do the DGK's start school?

I am about to nod off just sitting here. Think I need a nap if I can fall asleep. The so-called gardeners are trimming bushes and the trimmer is so loud, as is the leaf/grass blower they use to clean up. I hope all is going well for everydobby.

Love, Mikie
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Hello Again, Today was chiro day. Went to see Dr Mendoza. Brought him a bagful of tomatoes.
Turns out he is now selling Sombra, the ointment Sunflower recommended , so Gordon purchased
two bottles. He is hoping it will combat the arthritis pain. Although the net says you can buy the ointment at Walmart or Walgreens, it turns out the local stores don't have it. In fact the clerks
have never heard of it. It is listed on Amazon though.

And we stopped at the library. Took tomatoes there a few days ago. I got several books. Didn't
like the first two so I'm starting another new one after I'm done on the computer. Mikie, yes those
trimmers and blowers are way too loud. I hate it when the gardeners come, but Gordon loves them
and thinks they do wonderful work.

Mikie, personal landscaping? Does that have anything to do with a chia pet? I guess that Vana's
Cream must work really well. After all, Vanna is now past 60. However I recently read in the
National Snooper's Gazette that Vana is like Superman. Every few years they get a new one. I
believe the current one is only 17. Maybe she wears Vana's aging cream so she won't look too

Barry, I don't remember my mother having habiscus in her garden. But she did bake a lot.
She'd often pull something out of the oven and say, "Here Kids. Have a biscuit."

Star, speaking of sticky notes, "Post its" were invented in Minnesota by the 3 M company. At
one of the jobs I had a guy was gone for a week on vacation. While he was gone his friends
covered his desk top with post its. Some of which had rude comments printed on them. Such
as, "Quit fooling around. Get to Work."

OK, have nothing more to say so retire with a new library book to the reading room aka the
bedroom. I have a rigid policy of not taking home books that must be read in a sitting

Hugs, Rock
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Slept seven hours last night. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit down and anxious. I think everything had just caught up to me. When I was gone, I had to be on top of things getting to my flights, etc. The last day was so chaotic but we all rose to the occasion. DSIL got to the ER and I got to the airport. Then, the last leg of the flight was delayed with several changes of departure time and several changes of the gate. In these large airports, one has to go downstairs to catch a train to the terminal or the other concourse. Everything is happening fast and it's so crowded. All the while, I was trying to continue charging the old phone to keep it going. Should have bought a new one before I left but it wasn't so bad until it was. Doh!

Claudia and I got the FJ question. I also got quite a few of the regular questions but only because it's Teen Jeopardy. I miss the ones about current music. So glad to have my Jeopardy pals and all y'all here on the Porch. I look forward to coming here and playing FJ every day. Think I'll go out later. I want to pick up something for Claudia for caring for SV. Don't know what to get but I'll go to Pier 1 and the Christ Centered Gift Store; they have some really nice things.

My ex kept coming over to the kids' places and was trying to pressure me to let him come down to FL for a visit. I told him no and he got very manipulative, even calling to ask DD to plead his case for him. His reason--he wants to. It's always been about what he wants. I finally told him that I still have nightmares that he is leaving me for the woman who is now his wife and I wake up sobbing and heartbroken. He said he really screwed up and, in the next breath, he was feeling sorry for himself that he is now a full-time caregiver for her. I don't hate him and try to be civil for the kids' sake but I'm not letting him visit. He has told the kids, he may just come down without telling me ahead of time. He never gives up til he gets what he wants. I think I'm just now dealing with it. Didn't want to dwell on it while I was trying to enjoy my kids. I knew he is narcissistic and manipulative but it has reached a new low. Glad he's out of my life for the most part.

Rock, wish our landscapers did a wonderful job. What they do is barely adequate on a good day. The rest of the time, they do a slap dash job, leaving a lot undone. It's too hot for me to go out and work in the plantings so it will just look lousy til this hot weather is no longer around, sometime in Oct. or Nov. Still haven't figured out what to do about our lights which are always on. Think I'll wait til the electrician has to be called for something else and then have the sensor fixed. I figure it would cost $300 just to get that fixed. I can buy a lot of LED bulbs for $300. They use so little energy that our bill is only inflated by about $2 a month by letting them burn night and day. My personal landscaping consists of removing any body hair I don't want. I have about three hairs on my legs and about the same in the pits. Still, it has to be done. You and Gordon are so sweet to share your harvest. I hope the Sombra helps you both.

OK, Kids, time to go read the virtual newspaper. I hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend. I'll stop in later.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I'm laughing at the "personal landscaping" comment. I was someplace yesterday and was talking to a very nice older lady, then I noticed she BADLY needed some landscaping on her arms! I'm sure she grew up shaving her legs....everyone woman does except in 3rd world countries.....but her arms also needed it. Ugh.

I was wondering about your X when you said he was at lunch at the airport with all of you. You've got a REAL problem there, not only an over the top PA but a pushy, demanding one also. I hope your DDs can dissuade him of any thought of coming to Florida. I believe you reap what you sow, and thats what's happening with him. He wanted HER now he's got HER big time.

Rock: I hope the sombra helps with the pain. I've got the warm therapy but apparently there's also a cold therapy (on the label) but have never tried that one. This won't totally get rid of the pain and he'll have to keep reapplying it but it does help me with pain in my neck and back. Last night my knee was screaming before I went to bed so rubbed some on and was able to get a few hours before waking before "my bathroom visit"!!!!!!!

Star: So your first born is now 18 and a man on his own! what happens in your country with health insurance? In our country the new adult can still come under the parents health insurance......most important because just one occurrence can really wipe out any savings, etc. Thats what is a big topic for the election coming up next year......along with other huge issues. I've never been a political person, but read what's going on and have my opinions and anger.

Spring: What a cute picture. Yes, brings back those memories of when our kids were little and adorable and just plain lots of fun. Then they grow into young adults with their own baggage. I don't think our kids ever had any boots, probably due to lack of $ I think. It was very hard to stretch a dollar. When the kids were young I never worked outside the home, but I did bring in a little extra with making and selling crafts, mainly thru a local gift store. I used to press flowers, then would do a little calligraphy of bible verses or other short little verses and glue on the flowers around the verse. Then it was framed. They sold pretty well, along with decorative pillows I used to make. Also made raggedy ann and andy dolls at christmas. My DH would get orders from people at work for them but after chaining myself to my sewing machine and pumping out so many of them, I came down with the flu and on Christmas Day I spent the day on the couch while the rest of the family went to my brother's house. That was the last time I did that. Every year after that whatever I was making I would "close the store" at a certain point prior to Christmas. I learned my lesson.

I was sending an email to someone a few nights ago, and found I had nothing terribly newsy to write to this younger 37 year old distant cousin. Pathetic.....I'm running out of life so have to FORCE myself out and about more. So took myself to my friday art group. Good to be around others. One of the artists owns a local downtown building and she mentioned that the bottom floor tenant is vacating. So she offered that we hold an art show before all the new painting of the building has to be done. This building is right in the heart of downtown walk traffic, so we've set it for a month.....hoping that I will be able to participate.

I've been up with a roaring headache and have drunk a cup of caffeine, so going to try sleeping again, I hope.


Hi, Kids,

Glad I stopped in because there were two new spammers. Seems as though the whole world is trying to sell supps using other people's websites. I feel lightheaded this morning so don't know whether I'll go out or not. We are having off and on rain too. There is no hurry to go out. Wish I had had time to shop for something for Claudia in CO but wanted to spend all my time with the kids just hanging out. DD and DSIL wanted me to stay longer and go to the Billy Joel concert. I needed to get home and didn't want to change my flight and pay more. DSIL just posted a pic of them with his Mom at the concert. Looks as though they had fun. He was supposed to have surgery on his ankle but decided to wait to see whether the bone will heal on its own. I think that's a wise decision. Obviously it was an option the doc gave him. glad they had fun. Maybe the stress of this all won't be so bad. He's as sweet to his Mom as he is to me. I told him he's a good son and good SIL.

BTW, while doing some research on recharging phone batteries, I came across hints to prolong the life of them. Said not to plug them in and leave them all night. The chargers stop at full charge but, as the battery goes to 99 percent, the charge starts again and this cycle goes on all night. Each time it does that, it's a cycle and the batteries only last so many cycles. Also, slow charging is better than fast charging. I was just cursing the cheap charger that is slow but am now thinking I'll use it as much as possible. Using the charger that came with the phone originally is the best. Didn't think I'd like the fancy glitzy phone case the kid at Verizon was telling me I should get. The longer I have it, the more I like it. It's very pretty. I've always opted for more utilitarian accessories. I'm about love and life and not so much about possessions but I am grateful when I get something new, especially if it is a big help to me.

Sun, I'm sorry you feel so lousy. Both DD's have told my ex not to bug me about coming down and certainly not to just come in spite of my asking him not to. I think he is having a crisis knowing that he will be taking care of his wife for the rest of his life or hers. She has kids but they don't help out so he is stuck 24/7. I think he is too self-centered to really love anyone enough to do that. Kids and I think he fantasizes about getting back together with me. OMG! That would be hell on earth for me. No way! Those framed dried flowers sound lovely. My neighbor gave me a poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson about waking each day without letting yesterday's problems linger. I drew some wheat stalks and put the poem on some nice paper and framed it. Still love to see it. Dried flowers would be even more lovely. Glad you got to the art group. Do you have quite a few paintings to display? Hope you feel better.

I'm watching Innovation Nation, one of my favorite TV shows. At least, I have entertainment while I rest. They are cooking food with infrared light. Will that be the big next way to cook? I got a nice hot soak and touched up my pedicure and it looks like new. Tootsies take a beating when traveling. Sooo glad to be home but SV is driving me nuts. When he's not out baking himself in his personal sauna on the lanai, he wants nonstop attention.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just ordered the Sambra cream, and a supp that PH no longer carries, from Amazon. They have a deal for downloading the mobile app. If I use it to scan the sealing tape icons on my order when it arrives, I can send it to Amazon for $5 credit when I spend $10 using the mobile app to order.
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Hi Kids

Was up earlier. Then went back to bed. When I got up the second time I found a one word note from Gordon. "Haircut". Reminded me of my uncle Rod. If you asked him if he got a haircut he always said, "Nope. Got 'em all cut." He had a great sense of humor. A real cut up.

Mikie, I have a suggestion regarding a gift for Claudia. Get her something nice that she'll just love.
Oh, that reminds me. Saw something on Youtube last night that I just loved. Paul Lynde being
funny on Hollywood Squares.

Ah. I hear the back door. Better go welcome the hero home. Be Back Soon as the villain used
to sing in the musical Oliver.




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"Hello, I'm back. Did you miss me?" Gordon used to work in an office where the supervisor said
that every time she came back from lunch. Surprisingly no one ever grabbed her by the neck
and throttled her.

Anyhoo Gordon came back. His new haircut looks very nice. The barber was new at the shop.
She was from Vietnam. Spoke English very well. Never stopped talking. She said she has
assisted many folks from Vietnam who came here, but now they don't seem to return her calls.
Hmmm. I wonder why.

Sun, There was a lady in our town who made dolls. She made one for me of a toy soldier.
Remember when those monkey dolls that you made with a sock were popular? I thought
they were ugly. Anyhoo one can buy them on E Bay. Prices ranged from about ten to 50
bucks. Hey! I just transfered a picture. Couldn't do that on my old computer.

Those framed flowers you made sound charming. Were only certain flowers suitable? Did
you have to spray them with something to keep them from falling apart?

Well RatBane! Just got thrown off the net. Guess I'll go sulk or take a nap or run around
the block a few times.

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Hi, Kids,

Been resting and watching TV all day. I was so anxious yesterday that I put an old Klonopin under my tongue when I went to bed. That's likely why I felt a bit light headed this morning. Got rid of the anxiety so it's all good. Gonna turn in early and read. Started a new book about the South leading up to the civil war. It's fiction. SV's been out on the lanai for hours. He's been drinking a lot of water. Gotta get him in for his annual checkup. I go in on the 18th to see the doc and set the date for a colonoscopy. AACCKK!! Still, it'll be good to get it outta the way. Gonna order some new probiotics from PH. In Oct., I see the eye doc and will find out whether I need stronger glasses or cataract surgery. I need to see the dermatologist too. Geez, how did I get so far behind on everything.

Rock, I did miss you. Good idea for the gift for Claudia. Hope I can find it. My Mom made beautiful dolls for the girls. I always hated those sock monkeys. Glad Gordon's haircut was good. I never know what I'll get so I usually just trim it myself. SV is asking to come in so I had better let him come back in.

Hope all y'all have a lovely Saturday evening.

Love, Mikie
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Rock/Mikie: I also hated those ugly sock monkeys.......go figure. The raggedy ann/andy dolls I made were popular back in the 70s when I was making them, but when I showed the one I still had made for my DD to my DGD, she turned her nose up at it. Times have changed. I had also made DD a Holly Hobby doll, and then she wanted a strawberry shortcake doll but no patterns were to be had at the time, so I had to make my own pattern. After the dolls I turned to making teddy bears out of as is old quilts and also stuffed ducks and a goose. Boy was the goose hard to make. It's also long gone. The bears and ducks I used to sell locally. One of the best things I ever learned was to sew. It's helped me add some income when we most needed it.

Then I remember I decided to make and dress a turn of the century cloth doll. I spent a lot of time on that doll and her clothes, won a blue ribbon at the county fair. Someone contacted me and wanted to buy her so I sold her. Then for one BD for my mom, who was in her 80s at the time, I found a beautiful china doll, made authentic clothes for her, lace trimmed, and a fancy hat. She had told me when she was around 6 her uncle had come for a visit and brought her a china doll, and a tool kit for her younger brother. He didn't like that the doll's eyes closed so he took a hammer to her and that was the end of the doll. I wanted my mom to put her on her bed but she did the usual, wrapped it in paper and put it away. After she died I ended up selling her....wish I hadn't though since I put in a lot of work on her and didn't get what I should have after a dealer took her cut.

I ended up going for lunch with my DD and family to Newport Beach. While there we stopped at two open houses....wow....both over $4 million each. Neither one I felt was worth it, mainly because it was too high for the neighborhood, although the rest were probably well over 1 million. Newport Beach is one of the most expensive places to live in So. Calif. We ended up eating at a really nice restaurant by the water, lots of sail boats around, plying the bay. We were suprised....really not too expensive.


Spring: I did a search on that artist and found his work:

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Wow! Slept nine hours last night. I'll take all the snooze time I can get. Been sleeping better ever since returning from my trip. I slept well in CO too, even with the time change. It doesn't seem to bother me either way. I adapt easily. We had some rain while I slept. Sounds as though they are routing planes over us to land at our airport. The other morning, there was a mixture of gray clouds and white clouds with a few clear spots in between. One little cloud was bathed in an aura of rainbow colors. It was beautiful.

Sun, that doll is beautiful. You do such good work. I'm glad I learned to sew too. I made clothes for me and the girls because I couldn't always find what I wanted. Think I mentioned that I had to make a swim suit when DD was on a synchronized swim team. It turned out great but I don't know how. I'd never sewn that kind of material before. Remember stretch 'n sew? My Mom made a stuffed Mother Goose for one DD and Little Red Riding Hood for the other. The dolls turned upside down to reveal another character, in this case, the goose and the wolf. They were amazing. One DD still has hers. Thanks for posting the link to the artist. He certainly likes inclement weather. Love his work, especially the taxi driving away on a wet NYC street. Looks as though he has several styles. I grew up in a very old part of town and lived in a two story brick Federal Style house. Mom loved to garden and, when she dug in the old garden in the back yard, a bunch of old china and bisque doll heads turned up. No arms, just heads. Often, heads were the only part of the dolls made of china and bisque. One DD still has the Muffie doll and clothes I gave her. They are more than 60 years old. How are you feeling? Better, I hope.

Barry, I see your sweet footprints on the Porch. I hope you are well and it isn't too hot there.

OK, Kiddies, it's time to dig into the big Sunday Paper. I feel better today but don't know when I'm gonna be up to going out for more than just groceries. I have an appt. on Thurs., a preliminary to my colonoscopy. AACCKK!! Hope all y'all have a wonderful windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Kids. I have been listening to Youtube for the past hour or so. Irish music, Country music and some songs from WWII sung by Vera Lynn. Mary Duff is a wonderful Irish singer, but her legs
are so skinny. I hope she's not anorexic.

Things are getting grim, Kids. I had to get Gordon come and help. I couldn't remember how to
type. Sun, thanks for the Pete Rumney page. He must have been born under the sign of Acquarius.
Your S. Shortcake Doll is utterly charming. There seems to be no end to your creativity. I'm not
surprised the goose was difficult. They have a reputation for being ornery.

Mikie, I wonder why you have to go in for a preliminary. Read a book by a humor writer. I
think is name is David Sadaris . He had a colonoscope. He wrote about the lovely drugs
they give you. His father was always telling people to have a colonoscope. So David started
doing the same thing.

I 'spect if you took some doll heads to The Antique Roadshow they would tell you what they
always say. "Oh, these are highly collectible."

I've got to go back to the library (on line). Tried to put on book on hold yesterday, but
something went wrong. Have to take another whack at it. Got a new Daedalus catalogue.
Probably be some good suggestions in it.

All for the nonce



Good Grief,

I tried three times to post my like on your post, Rock, and it kept disappearing, the emoji, not my post. Now I just have to contend with my dyslexia. Read the paper and did the NYT Xword puzzle. I got to one square and had to guess at the letter. I'll check to see whether it's the right one or not. Started to do the LAT puzzle but decided to check for spammers first. We have been getting rain off and on all morning. It rained once when the sun was shining. It was one of those rains that made the water dance on top of the pond. Very enchanting. It's so humid out that the A/C is making the windows fog up. SV has returned to his sauna. Can't get too hot 'n humid out for him. Weather map shows no tropical depressions coming off the West Coast of Africa and that's good news for us. I'm watching Face The Nation and Margaret Brennan has on such a bright neon yellow jacket that it offends my sense of sight. Yikes!

Rock, love those old WWII songs. It was such a scary time but also a very romantic time with songs to match. In CO, my Mom had the geese that hung around our pond trained to catch the bread crumbs she tossed to them. One kept following her home and pecking to be let in. I saw it myself when I took a gander at the pond. We had a blue heron that hung out there in the summer. I've been so lucky to have lived in such nice condo communities here and there with all kinds of wildlife. Walks on the nature trail in CO in the winter snow were so lovely and peaceful. I have to go in to see the doc before the procedure so I can get the directions and the prep kit or instructions for what to get for the prep. They have to call and get permission from my ins. to schedule it. That should be no problem because it's an HMO and they bug my doc to make sure I get it done, especially since I'm in the highest risk group. This company/plan really does try to prevent illness. Hope you get your book reserved.

OK, I'm outta here again. Keep on enjoying your weekend, y'all.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Gang. Hope the news isn't too much of a bummer! Enjoy Mother Earth and Nature while you can.

I've been watching the dragonflies in all their splendid colours, from rust red to bright blue. So beautiful. I like watching insects; always have... More interesting and less painful than watching/reading the news!!!

Star, glad you found a shrink you (I hope) like. How many ferrets do you have now? Who takes care of them, you or the kids? They are illegal to have in California --- afraid they might become invasive or something. I betcha you'll feel better when the weather calms down and you see the first flowers of spring, eh wot.

We got a little drizzle the other night, and unseasonally cool temps. A blessing, I would say. Back into the high '80s again now. Sunny, no clouds, a typical August day.

Spring, you finally answered my cat question! Now I have another. WHY don't people like cats much there in Nepal? Surely they take care of the vermin like rats and mice.... Hmmmm, I guess you could use ferrets...:D

Well Heaven's to Betsy, I don't no nothing 'bout these smart phones. Or cell phones either. Guess I just ain't smart. We don't get reception here in the forest; we get our internet and tv thru two different satellites. Our phone is landline. We do have a cell -phone in the car for emergencies (like breakdowns) but that is all. AND ENOUGH.:p:cool:

Rock, so you checked out books from the library with tomatoes? :rolleyes:;) How nice! Yeah, personal landscaping! I love snipping at my own hair -- but ONLY on my hairy head. It is so much fun to see what kind of havoc one can wreak.... I've been thinking about another pony-tail, or maybe a man-bun.
Sun, my mum didn't landscape her legs, and England is NOT a third world country!

OH Mikie, you are not the only one with a lot of appts in the near future. And mine are so far away, and I'm a wreck after them. Well, at least I have four appts. locally, so I'll just be exhausted from them. It never seems to end. And now I'll have a new doc. to see (at local clinic)...I hope we sync.

I feel like I have champagne-brain,
so going to say bye for now. Need the bubbling to stop...

Love and Chocolate to All,



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Barry; No england is not a 3rd world country. Is it the fashion/habit to NOT shave legs there???? All I can say is hairy arms and legs on women are just gross. Sorry if you don't agree......but we DO agree on some other things.

And a better subject.....I've been out doing massive succulent pulling. Can't believe how aoniums grow. I've been giving them away to neighbors who want them. I hate throwing away plants. Ive filled two 50 gallon trash containers, sure hope my gardener comes tomorrow because he puts the trash out for me, otherwise I'll have to ask a neighbor to move them to the street. AND.....I've been seeing monarchs. They KNOW there's a small bush out there but at this point no leaves on it. Hope to get my gardener to plant it tomorrow. AND I saw a monarch and one of those large dark swallowtails flying around together. Love it. I've got a few giant sunflowers growing and the small sparrows are coming to nibble on the leaves. Soon the seeds will be ready and then the larger birds will discover it.

Mikie and Rock: No, that's not my actual doll. It's a commercial one I found a link for. But mine turned out just as cute.

I was over at my DDs yesterday, asked where my mom's old card table was they had borrowed years ago. Trashed and long gone. I'm not a happy camper.....I need a card table for the upcoming art show. And that card table was from the 40s....I do have the 4 chairs though. Collectible. They are those old sturdy all metal ones but lightweight and easy to move around.

I'm filthy from all the outdoor work so I'm heading for the shower then plan on doing some WC painting.
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Dear Ones,

Sorry that I haven;t been here on the Porch for awhile. I have been so busy with doctors and other things and chores. BTW, our washer is on the fritz and so I am back and forth the DD;s house now. It is Maytag and 16 years old, the old fashioned top loader. I went to do a wash the other day and when it started to agitate I heard all kinds of loud clanking and clunking. It sounded horrible. I was afraid it would make themachine worse if I let it continue. So we called American Home Shield who we have and hopefully they can fix it and or get the part or parts. Hope we don't have to by a new washer. So now we wait and call them on MOnday to see if they can give us a time and day to come soon and that it won't take long to get the part or fix it like DD.'

Went to the dermatologist on Monday and she told me that the tests they did were negative so s far as I am concerned we were back to square one. She put me on another meds, I am off the 3 others I was on due tp causing bruising possibly. I also got off my fish oil as that might have been helping with the bruising. I am very easy bruser anyway, always have been. I go back in a month or so to check on how the meds are doing and if she has any other words of wisdom. A;lso, I know that the doc is puzzled as she mentioned she was going to talk to her college that just so happens to be the Rheumy I was thinking of going to go to., to see what she thought and if she thought it would be a good idea for me to come in to see her or not. She is the one my friend goes to who has RA, Lupus, FM and maybe other autoimmune stuff. It is not to close but better than some others.

Sorry not to be able to talk to all of you separately. I need to go and get my wash and fold them before I start dinner trying to figure out part of the dinner soon. DH will be doing steak on the grill.

MIKIE - Hope you had a good time on your trip and sorry I haven't been on to check your and everyone else posts. Hope you and all on the PORCH are doing well.

Gotta run for now,

Love to awl,
Granni :)