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PORCH 1149 IS NOW CLOSED (8/15/19)

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Mikie: If you're like me, that bit of "vacation" has done you in. It took me over a month to recuperate when I went to Maui. I think our bodies put things on "hold" so we can keep going and then when we're back it's like our brains so, OK now you can give in. I don't do well with any kind of stress, never had even when I was a child, and every surgery procedure is hard for me to recover from, even when I had the colonoscopy.

I'm up with the shoulder/elbow pain, so took a tylenol and am having some coffee to jump start it. By the way, I took an old empty roll on bottle, popped out the ball and filled it with the sombra, then put the ball back in. So handy to have in my purse.

I got all the food for today, and have been going over in my mind to make sure I have everything for everyone. Got some waffle ice cream cones for the girls, the youngest Mia doesn't like ice cream but she does love to eat a cone. Got some cheesecake for my DGS because he doesn't eat ice cream, got some beer for my DS then find I still have a variety in the garage frig. No one else drinks beer except him though so I might have to start pouring some into chili when I make it. Beer added to chili gives it a special flavor. Does beer go bad/get old? And cheezits......everyone loves that, along with chips and salsa. It's supposed to be a little cooler today. I'm getting sick of 100 degree temps.

Looks like my microwave is having problems. The clock has gone out but thankfully I can still heat things up. It's only 18 mos. old but I use it constantly daily. I never bought insurance because appliances are only built to last a short time and if I had insurance on it, I would have to have someone get it into Best Buy and then wait a week or more without a microwave. When this one was brand new i had to buy it and then have my handyman get it out of the van and toss the old one in the trash. Microwaves aren't expensive as they used to be so it's pointless to pay for insurance. So I'm praying everytime I use it, hoping it's going to see me thru at least another 6 mos.

Mikie: I'm a decorating blog follower....found one you might like. I'm ready for cooler weather and am looking around my house at what I might want to change. So it's fun to see the ideas others have.

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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, not another step;
Home again, home again, I picked up my prep.

It ain't Frost or Keats but it reflects my morning so far. Just before 9:00 a.m., I went to Target for my prep Rx. The whole store is under renovation and most everything has been moved around. They enlarged the Home area and it's about 30 feet out from the side wall and runs front to the back of the store. People are spending a lot of money on home decor, dishes, etc. I would like to have stopped at Michael's but didn't have the NRG. Also, Dollar Tree and Pier 1--same story, no NRG. Thought I'd come on home because I had to walk all over the place at Target but decided to push myself to stop at Costco. Got my coffee but they had no decaf. Also got my gummy fiber cubes and some veggies. They had really big bags of shelled pistachios so I got one for me and one for Claudia. Also got her an inspirational mug and a book to keep track of projects, to-do lists and so forth at Target. She loves making lists and getting things done. Didn't know what to get her for taking care of SV. She'll like these things because I put a lot of thought into them.

I'm munching raw veggies and am only up to about 95 calories total so far today. Gonna get boring before the day is over. Still, if it helps with the inflammation, it'll be worth it. Got my things from PH yesterday and the free stuff from my ins. co. The food scale arrived from Amazon so I'm just waiting for my prescriptions from the ins. co. mail order. They said they would be here by the 23rd. As I was leaving, a delivery truck from Amazon Prime was coming in our hood. Amazon used to use FedX but, evidently, now they have their own trucks. Well, I'm dissapointed; was looking forward to having my stuff delivered by a drone.

Sun, I bookmarked that website. Thanks for posting it. Appears that you and I are drawn to the same type of decor. I've been thinking about redoing the guest bath because it's the last room with a Tuscan touch. I really didn't get into that for the whole condo but the bath looked really good with a Tuscan flair. It only needs a new paint job but the beige still looks so good. Perhaps towels and new shower curtain. That's the easy way to go. Yes, beer goes bad but lager doesn't. Beer gets a 'skunky' taste when it gets old. I got a big case of the large bottles of Smart Water at Costco and, when I went to put it in the back of the car, there was already one in there that I had evidently forgotten I had bought. Good grief! That's very cleaver to put the Sombra in a roll-on bottle. I can throw the new tube of CBD cream in my purse if I go out and get a bad pain. That usually doesn't happen much anymore. Right now, it's the shoulders, thighs and shins. It's definitely inflammation and I'm also going to massage it out like they showed me in PT. The generalized pain and feeling as though I had been run over by a truck is not usual now.

My microwave is built in over the stove. It's all digital. The old one was still going strong when I got new appliances so I gave it to Claudia who had been wanting one over the stove. The kitchens in these condos are small with little counter space so getting the microwave off the counter is a huge help. We don't really change our decor for fall but I do add some pumpkins and other fall stuff here and there. Same for Christmas and that's only if I have the NRG to do it. Hope your pain is better. BTW, I put on lotion today and it reactivated the Sombra I had put on last night.

Need to go downstairs to turn on the hot water and fridge for the kids who will arrive tomorrow. Hope they like the new kitchen. It's so nice. Again, hope everydobby is having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Kids

Home Again, Home Again,
Mikie is back.
All loaded down
With a Target size sack.

Gordon is just leaving for Alhambra. The one in the Valley. Not the one in Spain. When he comes back we are watering the plants on the front porch. All are succulents. I am just sorta waking up; sitting here. Skimmed the news. I think they just recycled the news. Feel like I've read it all
before. Gary Larson did a cartoon about feeling like run over by a truck. It was the old age truck.
"And he never saw it coming."

Sun, how do you get the ball outta the bottle without breaking one or both? I wish I had your
dexterity. If you kept time with a sun dial, you could also use it to warm up snacks. Not so
fast as a microwave, but ...

Never heard of StoneGable before. Saw both in the movies, of course. Ezra Stone and Clark

Started reading a book for animal lovers yesterday. "Unlikely Friendships-Dogs." Dogs who
are friends with a ferret; goose; monkey; penguins, etc. One dog got 17 panicking horse friends
out of a burning barn and saved his owner's business.

Started reading a "new" Anne of Green Gables book. New to me anyway. Bought it for a dime
at the library. By Lucy Maud Montgomery, the gal who wrote the other Anne books more than
a century ago.



Hi, Kids,

Well, so much for the anti-inflammatory diet. Failed already. I don't think I could eat enough veggies to add up to 500 calories. I was feeling so lightheaded, I ate a few chunks of honeydew melon. Then, for lunch, I cooked a very small fillet of salmon and put it in a salad with spinach, tomato and mushrooms. I fixed an olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing loaded with Chia seeds. All this is sposda be anti-inflammatory so, at least, not all is lost. I guess if I were suffering horrid symptoms of MS, I'd do the original fast/diet but I'd have to lie in bed all day. Got too much to do. I'm doing laundry today.

Sun, I hope your lunch is going well. Always fun to see GK's.

Rock, good to know Gordon isn't going to Spain, although I've heard everyone who goes loves it. Your Home Again ditty is far superior to mine. I never saw old age coming either. I saw it with older people in my family but never thought it would hit me. I've seen all kinds of friendships between unlikely critters on TV. I think, if I recall accurately, one was a cow that led it's best friend, a horse, out to pasture after the horse went blind. On one hand, the news does seem recycled but, on the other, I'm seeing and hearing things I never thought I'd see and hear and none of it's good. PBS had a series of Anne of Green Gables and I loved it. Hope the irrigation project goes well.

Gotta go tend to the laundry. Hope all y'all have a great second half to your day.

Love, Mikie


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just listened to Carol Burnett. very arresting looking lady. And what fabulous legs. i loved her voice, the song, the style she sung it in.

Sun - thank you for posting. The utube is a gold mine. So much treasure to discover in terms of art. Music, movies.

looks like you are all set for your familys visit.

Barry - loved your newsy post...you guys do the dishwashing and clotheswashing by hand? Thats impressive. Not to succumb to modern technology. Ifi could i would have a dishwasher in a trice. i dont mind doing things by hand, but the time, and the energy needed, me no longer have the required amount.

Rock - congrats on Gordon winning those prizes. i bet he is used to winning most of the time. I used to research Anne of Green Gables. i found out, like me, a lot of avid fans of the book used to have depressive cycles. They read the book to escape from their troubles.

i found to my shock, Montgomery had a difficult life. Brought up by a strict grandmother. Her husband used to be a sufferer of clinical depression. i read the book from start to finish when i first got it in the British Council library here.iwas 21 i think. Then after marriage and years later, i aqcuired all the others in the series by asking friends coming from usa to bring them. three here, two 5here until i had most of montgomerys books. but none matched up to the Anne series. especially the first 4. Anne of the Island was my second favourite. it brought back memories of my own college days.

Granni - i just remembered you all used to go on decorating shop trips. so youhave decided to buy a new w.c.?

Mikie - your lunch out with Joe sounded lovely. a good pick me up from the humdrum of life.

Yes, we celebrated Full Moon which coincided with the birthday of Founder of Pranic Healing. There was meditation then there was a talk on various projects the P H foundation was supporting. A slide show, cake cutting. and everyone got a little gift box, it had a little glass bottle with a scroll inside with a message on it. and some chocolates.

my message was decisions made in anger tend to be severe.

My DD was joking and saying, now she is a believer. because ive been getting angry at home.

She did not get a message in her bottle and had to change her gift box.

They served snacks and tea and desserts outside the hall afterwards. They had hired a place at a restaurant because 5here were too many attendees. upwards of 200.

It rained cats and dogs while we were eating around 3vening. it made the weather cooler.

My DD left soon after because she was having an overnighter at a friends place. it being Friday. they go out in a group.

Today my DS office had an event whereby a school in a remote village to whom they contributed used guitars they had collected put up a music show. The kids came from out of town, and DS had to transport them to the venue, DS friends restaurant, and then the kids were fed andtaken back to where they were being put up. eleven kids.

My DD collected her friends andtook themto see the show as a sign of support. DS said it was stressful organising 3verything but the show went well.
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MIKIE , et al- Right now I an not so sure there is nothing wrong with the stupid washing machine. I did a couple of washes yesterday and it didn;t seem to loud but today I did sheets and it still made the noise clunking. It was sheets that are supposed to be done in delicate but afterwards the sheets came out pretty wet or not as dry as I think they should be. Then I put them through the wringer again this time on the regular spin. Came out a bit better and put them in the dryer. We will see how long it takes for them to get dry. With time being the main problem, I am sure the repairman didn't fill up the tank full or of course have anything to put in it. So it went well. I wasn't there the whole time but don't think he put much water in it. We will call back if it continues to not spin the way it is supposed to and explain these problems too. Who knows we might end up with a new washer yet. Maybe this poor washer has just started to show its age.

Went down with DH to the weight room for the first time in a very long time. We weren't there for very long just on the treadmill for maybe 1/2 miles to start and then did some machines for strength and trying to get rid of some of my sagging skin, trying to firm them up some, my legs too but trying to help my OP some too if possible. We hope to do it a few days a week and maybe also that will help DH with his blood sugar problem. I really have to drag myself but the only way I will go is if DH drags me along with him :)!! The way I hurt and no NRG it is a struggle. I know you all understand that.

It is just plain HOT here and if you want to do any kind of work you have to do it early in the morning. MIKIW, hope you get some sunny skies so you can go do your stuff in the pool. I should probably go get some Cabinet Rescue too to help our kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets a beautiful but they sure do need to be cleaned. Never would be able to reach the top ones, DH would have to do those. My neck hurts just thinking about it. Good luck with your Colonoscopy.

Thanks for the video of Carol Burnett. I loved here. She sure was talented and made a pretty almost drunk Lady Who Lunched !!

Hugz to everydobby !! SUN, SPRING. JULIE, ROCK, BARRY< DUCKIE, ET AL.!!

Love to awl !!
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just lost my first sentences. Damned keyboard! The last load of laundry is in the dryer. I'll wash the bed linens tomorrow. I watched a movie on HULU. It wasn't a good film but not so bad I didn't want to see how it ended. Bah! Most of the stuff on these streaming services is old, old and bad or just bad! If I want to keep up with what is going on, I have to have some kind of way to get my channels.

Granni, I'm sorry the machine is acting up again. My last load was heavy and unbalanced but did spin OK. I don't know why it fails to spin fast enough to get rid of the rinse water with large loads. It only does that once in a while. The front loaders don't move around sideways with an unbalanced load but I can hear when it's off balance. Cars are made better than ever before and are lasting longer. Why can't appliances be built to last? The answer is that they can but just aren't. Good for you for working out. I think the FMS causes our soft tissue to get saggier than with 'normal' people. The Cabinet Rescue is paint for cabinets. Think I'll wait til it's cooler and I can open the doors. My colonoscopy isn't until next month. I wanted to be first in line in the morning. Joe's the same way.

Spring, your celebration sounds so nice. How wonderful to get the little messages. I like the idea of meditation and discussions on various subjects. I find the moon so mystical and love it when it's full. It's sooo beautiful. The refreshments sound lovely too. Wow! Two hundred people--that's great! You are such a kind and giving person; no wonder your kids are the same. How wonderful to give the guitars and the gift of music to the students in that remote school. Learning to play an instrument is something that helps in all kinds of other areas of life. DSIL, the one who broke his ankle, learned to play and he plays so well. He also composes. He played for me while I was there. It was so nice. The rain helps to cool us off too. Thank God!

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just looked at the clock. Land ah Goshen, it's nighttime. Well, that's what happens when you
sleep most of the day. I never know what time it is or what day it is. Well, I know for about a
minute. After that I've forgotten.

Sun with regard to Ladies Who Lunch it was written by Stephen Sondheim who had several hit
shows on Broadway. Elaine Stritch sang it; won a Tony. Despite his string of successful musicals
I didn't care for his music. Read his bio decades ago. He grew up in the house of Richard
Rogers. Can't remember how that came about.

Mikie, I didn't know Florida had vultures. Is this a recent development? I wonder if the vultures
are members of the Screen Actors Guild. If not, they need to get a Union card before they
start work. Otherwise their careers will die before they start.

V8 is popular at our house too. At least with me. Buy it by 6 pack or big box. I think it
costs more than a dollar for a small can. Hard to tell. No price on the package.

Granni, good news to hear you don't need to buy a new washer. I don't know how old our
appliances are. The disc on top of the agitator in the washer came off a couple years ago, but
the machine works fine without it.

Sun, Is there a black chalk paint? Is there black chalk? Guess I wouldn't recognize school much if
Went back. Of course I'd have to buy a cell phone so I could call my friends in class during class.

Time to go back to bed, Love and "Good health to All from Rexall." Amos and Andy used to
say that at the end of their program.



Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Got a good eight hours of sleep last night and I think I needed it. Woke with a sore inside my mouth near my lower lip. I might have bit myself during the night or it could be the Sjogren's. Everything has been flaring a bit but not drastically. I went out to get the paper and looked at the full moon high in the sky. Just remembered that one of my last dreams early this morning was that I lost a whole post here. Also dreampt about a boyfriend I had in elementary school. His name was Mike. He married a nice girl we went to HS with. His mom was the secretary at my girls' elementary school. When Mike and I were in elementary school, we would work for a local grocery store, handing out sales leaflets. We would use our money to rent a tandem bike and have a picnic in the park. It was very sweet, more like a good friendship.

Rock, SV sleeps all day long and he's doing just fine. Cats know how to live. Of course, not all of them are as lucky as SV and Miss Kitty. How is she doing? I never knew about Elaine Stritch until she did her one-woman show. She was kind of a tough old broad but I liked her. If I recall, her life was a struggle. Vultures are a protected specie so people can't kill them. If one can be killed and hung up, the rest will go away. That poor woman, whose pool area was invaded and left covered with blood, feces and vomit, has some kind of illness that affects her immune system, leukemia I think. Evidently, those birds can spread all the diseases they come into contact with when they eat dead animals. AACCKK!! Chlorine doesn't kill everything so I would imagine her pool would have to be drained and cleaned. On the other hand, vultures provide a valuable service; it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

There is black paint that will change any surface into a chalkboard but I think this chalk paint is just a name for the kind of paint. Blackboards have gone and were replaced by white boards with colored markers. Now, there are electronic white boards. Not sure just how they work but are evidently like a big computer screen. Kids text one another in school. DGS has an Apple Watch so DD can text him without disturbing him in class on his phone. Glad I'm not in school today and don't have kids in school. DD was very sad to see DGS growing up so fast. He just entered HS this year. I was happy to see my kids grow up and become the people they are today. They still amaze me.

OK, I'm off to read the big Sunday paper. I love Sundays when I can laze about. Oh wait, I can do that most any day.

Love, Mikie



I haven't had much luck posting videos so decided to try again but in a separate post. Voila! PBS had a special on Folk Music last night. I love this war protest song by Bobby Darin. It touches something in my soul.

Love, Mikie


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It's so overcast AGAIN this morning. I can't believe that all week it was sooooo hot and then yesterday woke with it being overcast and chilly when the family was coming over to swim. Anyway, my oldest DGKs didn't come because Shelby had a bad cold and Hunter was to stay home and keep an eye on her and Skylar. Don't think he did much of either. And apparently he asked to go to his girlfriend's dad's home today (parents divorced) and it's dad's BD party. My DD asked her SIL what she should do about this....her SIL is a Christian psychologist......she said to drive the kids over to the home and see what the dad and his friends are like rather than letting the dad come pick him up.

DD was telling me he's a SWAT.....I couldn't understand her, thought she kept saying SQUAT....I asked what is that....finally...doh....realized she meant swat team. OMG. And of course we don't want him around a drinking party. I might be crazy thinking this but honestly I would assume there would be drinking at this party. Alll his SWAT team buddies. He's only 16 and my DD and SiL are not very happy that he's got this girlfriend....they've tried to discourage it. Such problems when the kids start spreading their wings. I told her when I got the chance I would talk to Hunter. I had hoped to do it yesterday but it didn't work out. I'm so glad I'm not raising teenagers today.

With this drastic weather change I feel like I'm coming down with a cold too so I'm going back to bed.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I took the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster. Earlier I had put Claudia's gift bag by her front door. The bed sheets are in the washer so it's a good time to take a breather. The watch reminds me to stand if I sit longer than, I think, an hour. I not only stand but also use it as a reminder to check my posture. It also reminds me to breathe and that's a good thing to do. I stop and take some deep breaths. Just little things but good things to do.

The kids downstairs arrived and called me. They found two small spots, one on the ceiling and one at the top of the wall where the leak occured. I think their handyman who did the referb just painted over them with no Kilz. I told them that, if it were me, I'd put some Kilz on it and wait a bit to see what happens. I looked the place over and don't recall seeing those spots. I would think I would have seen them since I was looking for that kind of thing. I wish they would have done their own walk through because I think they may be questioning my doing a good job. It was a favor to do it for them. Hope the Kilz fixes it.

Sun, that abrupt weather change could cause you to feel as though you are catching something--I hope not. I would also hope that SWAT Team members would be careful about drinking around young kids and securing their service weapons. They are police officers. I think it would be an excellent idea to go over and meet him and, hopefully, some of his friends. Your DD should be able to get a sense of the situation. Feel better.

Love, Mikie
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hi everyone, this is gordon. rock said he was too tired to post so i'll try to speak like him.

the orchid meeting last thursday was just AWFUL. the speaker was late. he belongs to a conservation organization and his topic was about his various trips - along with some old slides. i hate travelogs. the speakers is usually pointing out native orchids growing in the trees in their natural state. "Do you see that orchid? it's on the endanger list." WELL NO. who can see those tiny plants from that distant? the only orchids i would recognize has to be growing in a plastic pot and in bloom. i stepped away from the meeting for a while and had a nice chat with the security guard outside, went to the bathroom and looked over the orchids on the silent auction table for sale (nothing interesting and very over priced).

good things did happen, i won a culture award for my vanda and a third place for my spotted catt. we also had two people crashing our meeting for the third time but did not want pay the membership to join our group. guess the president will have to speak to them. hope the next topic/speaker will be better.

i'm getting use to driving the new car but still have lots to learn. it has a rearview camera that is suppose to help with the parallel parking - NOT. friend jesse show me how to open the trunk with the fob instead of using the button in the car. now it's much easier to load up the food items from the stores. figured out the minor controls on the A/C but still forget to turn off the engine when i get out of the car. i also have to remember to take the fob out with me - DUH. hopefully i'll get it all together in five years......

well i guess this enough speaking like rock so i'll get back outside and finish some repotting.


rock in absentia

OK Kids, let's give the little feller a big hand. He did a great job of speaking just like me. Ha Ha!


Hi, Gordon,

Having to sit through a boring speaker is hell on Earth for me. Sorry it was so awful. Congrats on your awards. You deserve them! Glad you are getting used to the new car. Anything with tech today involves a lot of learning and sitting through the state board exams in order to operate it (just kidding). I still don't know all the ins and outs of my tech stuff. I have the feeling that, if I knew more, I'd get a heckova lot more out of everything.

So glad you stopped in. It's always great to hear from you. Hope Rock is feeling better.

Love, Mikie


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Evidently, today is the first day of school here. I thought it was a week ago but the news is featuring it. We have had several fatal accidents when cars hit kids on their way to the bus stops. One was a hit 'n run and the little girl killed was only eleven. They caught the guy. He was speeding to work and cut the corner where the child was waiting. She died in her brother's arms. I am shocked at the number of people who don't stop for school buses when their lights are flashing and they are picking up or depositing kids. I pray for the safety of the little ones. I'm also shocked at the number of hit 'n run accidents.

Let us all have a happy, peaceful and pain-free start to the week. Also, a day filled with NRG wouldn't be too bad either.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Mikie, et. al. That's what my cousin Zeke usta say. "Yes sir, By Golly. There was lotsa food at the picnic and
I et al I could. Granni Wills' coon fritters was extra tasty. Maybe she threw in some ah Wally Yates honey dew moon

Couldn't get much cooperation outta this darn machine. Or YouTube. Dunno which one caused the problem.
Anyhoo I wanted to listen to Russell Arms sing. Back he the 50s he was on The Lucky Strike Hit Parade with people
like Snooky Lanson, Gisele MacKenzie, Dorothy Collins, etc. Used to listen every weekend. Was on Fri or Sat night.
It's pretty sad when a 1950 TV works better than a current computer.

Never heard of a Kilz. I bet it's something like a kilt. Or maybe a quilt. Oh, ran across a vulture pun. Two vultures
decide they are getting too old to fly cross country to visit kin. So they pack their bags, and grab several dead rabbits
for snacks on the trip. Alas, at the airport they are stopped getting on the plane. "Sorry, Folks. You're over the limit.
You can only carrion one item each.

Sun, yes that would be confusiatin'. Swat vs Swat Team. If she had said Swat to me I woulda thought the guy killed
flies. Could be dangerous to bystanders if he used firearms.

All for now, Hugs and BLTs or potato salad with bacon for a breakfast treat. Rock


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Mikie - i liked the Bobby Darin song. Very easy on the ears and of course 5he message.

I tried to post a pic of the little gift box with message in it but the computer rejected it saying file is too large. its the gremlin again.

Its just terrible about the little girl who succumbed to injuries.

Sun - yes, SWAT team is unusual. i suppose they pick the tough guys for the job. DGD is young. im guessing he will have other girlfriends later on.

Gordon - how nice to see you post. My DH doesnt even know about 5his message board far less post on in for me.

i hope you get the hang of the new car soon.seems like youre doing pretty well so far.

Rock - lol. The carrion joke was heh heh. glad the computer let you in at last.

Its been quiet around here. Deep cleaned one room. Took most of 5he day. But satisfying to know theres less dust.
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Hi, Kids,

Don't feel sick today but am a bit lightheaded. I'm in no hurry to jump in the shower. Actually, I carefully step into the shower. SV is lying so close to me on the sofa that it's hindering my ability to type. Don't want to discourage him though as long as he doesn't lick my wrist. AACCKK!! Cat slobber and sand paper tongue! I could use a morning nap.

Rock, love the carrion joke/pun. I saw a poster with two adult vultures and two fledglings. The caption read, "The family that preys together stays together." Back in my yute, I always watched The Hit Parade. The longest running hit song was, The Shrimp Boats Are A 'Comin'." It drove them nuts trying to find new ways to present it. Kilz is something every DIYer should have in his or her paint supplies. It's a primer to keep things like water stains from continuing to bleed through new coats of paint. Spray Kilz can be sprayed on water stains on the old popcorn ceilings and needs no paint to cover the stains. I loved those popcorn ceilings but people now remove them. Glad to see you back on the Porch.

Spring, that video is so old and blurry but I love the song. Of course, it was back in the 60's and was directed against the Viet Nam War, blood diamonds from Africa, etc. The audio isn't much better than the video. I never thought of Bobby Darin when I thought of folk music. Just had the anniversary of Woodstock. Don't think there will ever be anything like it again. Your camera must be very good with lots of pixels to be too large to post. I have a tiny bottle with a bit of sand and some tiny shells on my shelf. I should put an inspirational message in it. I think there are apps with daily messages that inspire. I have a little book with feel-good Scripture for each day. I gave one to my Mom. After she died, I gave it to Grace, my neighbor. She loves it. Claudia texted and she was thrilled with her gifts. She said they were perfect for her. Good to see you here too.

Guess I should just bite the bullet and get into the shower. We have dry dust in the Gulf from Africa. It's making the air very strange looking. Gonna check the sunset because particles in the air often lead to the most beautiful ones. As long as the dust hangs around, hurricanes have a very difficult time organizing. Yea, dust!

Love, Mikie

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Rock: OMG I loved the hit parade. We got it on saturday night and it was always a treat to watch it. I have a small can of kilz and have used it several times but it STINKS for a couple of days.

Gordon: Sorry you had to endure that travelogue. They CAN be boring especially if the pictures are also boring. Great you're enjoying your new car and are showing our Rock how to use this computer contraption. My DH had to do the same thing with me, write out step by step by step instructions on everything. I've just dug out his old instructions on how to use a little listening device and how to download from computer on it. Now I just need to find the courage to do it.

Mikie: Yes, some particles cause wonderful sunsets which I look forward to seeing. I've always been a giant fan of sunsets and sunrises. Once when I was in Hawaii for the first time when I was young and on a tour, I had heard of the wonderful sunrises so I got a group of people from the tour to meet EARLY so we could watch it.....a big bust from Mother Nature that morning.

I do hope your neighbors find that a shot of kilz works for their ceiling.

Spring: I may have missed it but what was the message your DD received? I know she had to go back and ask for one. And....are you less angry now? Your message said something about that. Yes, my DGS will probably have more girlfriends, but the first one is a learning time. I called my DD yesterday, he woke with a sore throat but still wanted to attend, of course, but hoping my DD put her foot down. My DGS is a very sensitive type, so having a girlfriend this young I don't think is good for him. A close friend of his had a girlfriend when they were just 14....almost 2 years it went on against the parents wishes, then she broke it off. He was devastated and showed signs of suicide...notified by the high school, so he was seeing a psychologist......THEN the girl wanted him back &^%$#@! My DGS asked to talk to a psychologist so he saw one for about 4 sessions. This was a few months ago. Teenage years are so hard.

Barry: I haven't planted out my milkweed plant yet but the monarchs keep fluttering around it. Have very little leaves and no flowers anymore but they're hopeful. And the other day one of those dark swallowtails was also visiting it.
And you asked why the headaches....it's all related to trigger points I get in my neck and shoulders.

I spent the day feeling AWFUL. Stomach, throat, nose, aches. This morning I feel human again, so I'm hoping whatever is gone. I'm waiting for my gardener to show up. He was going to do a little trimming of my angels trumpet in back and I wanted to tell him NOT to cut it down much, just the dead wood. Last week he took tooooo much off my ficus in back and I wasn't very happy.


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Der Ones,

Just wasting some time before I have to leave to go to the dentist and DH has to do soe shopping for stuff we need.

SUN - Sorry about you not feeling well yesterday. Glad you are doing better today. Hope you can catch your gardener so he doesn't trim your flowering plants so much. From what I understand many around here have the same problems. You have to really watch them or they chop to much. Thanks for that neat video you posted with "Standing On the Corner". What a very sweet musical skit if you want to call it that. That was such a simple time way back then !!! I also loved The Hit Parade and watched it often and at that time I knew and sang all the songs.

SPRING - Thanks for the video also of Bobby Darin singing. I too with my bad ears was trying to understand the words so went and found the words elsewhere. Yes, it was about the Vietnam war. Yes, wars are not good but unfortunately sometime you have have to go along with it. It would be nice if we never had to worry about wars.

Sorry everyone I need to get ready to go to the dentist. I know it is not on our lists of favorite things to do . At least it is just a Perio cleaning.

Hugz also to MIKIE, ROCK, BARRY, STAR, JULIE and all the rest of our Porchies.

Granni :)