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PORCH 1150 IS NOW CLOSED (8/19/19)

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Dearest Porchies,

Time for a new Porch; we had reached 40 posts on the last Porch already. Be sure to go back and read any posts y'all missed. Since I can't get too much of a good thing, I'm posting another adorable pic of two adorable critters. BTW, all the kittens were adopted from our local animal shelter on Sat. at the event. Woo Hoo!

Sun, sorry you felt so awful yesterday but am glad you are feeling better. We have butterflies at the pool from the jasmine hedge around it. There are other plants they like too. Claudia has a small tree in the middle of her stairwell that looks like a gardenia bush that has been trained into a tree. They do that a lot down here because things grow so fast and so big. The white flowers look like gardenias but have no scent. Our so-called gardeners often take off way too much or simply ignore other things that need to be trimmed. They are awful. Hope you continue to feel better.

Granni, hope your visit to the dentist is just for a cleaning and nothing too dire shows up. Poor Barry with his deep cleaning. I had ranniit done years ago and it's no fun. If there were no wars, we would have Heaven on Earth, money in our pockets and there would be cures for illnesses. In a perfect world... Be safe and stay cool.

Love, Mikie
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Hi MIKIE, et al,

No my dentist appt was for a periodontal cleaning which I do every 4 months or so. I used to go every 3 months but they keep on changing it so I don;t have to come so often. I think one gal gave me 5 months which I know was not a good thing for my gums. I guess anything to save $, I know about the deep cleaning too which I had years ago and at that time we had to travel pretty far to get that done. Luckily, more services have come north to what used to be considered the country. No longer so, everyone is trying to get out of the bigger cities as I know you understand. Plus you also have those snowbirds to contend with .

We will all try and stay cool here, mostly in the a/c as it is in the mid to hi 90's with that Humidity index that makes it feel alot worse. Then you go into the dentist office and freeze. I always bring a sweater or jacket with me even if very hot out.

I should go start a wash but I guess I will wait till tomorrow when DH goes to his meeting. Next Tuesday, the last one of the month we start our Musical Sounder singing group again . That is our small group that goes around to different places to sing. As for Chorale I went and did everything except pay my dues and told everyone inc the director that I might be back the last performance and then again I might not. It will be almost 20 years singing with the group. I will miss it but not going out to practice every Monday nights and everything else in between. I need to take a major break unless things get drastically better for me which I am doubting at this point.

Gotta run for now and let DH have the computer. Hope this finds everydobby doing as well as can be expected !! Nothing else to new or exciting happening around here.

Love ya,
Granni :)


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Hi Gang

Aren't those the cutest little animals. Hard to believe they're not real. As Shakespeare put it, "Tis oft the gobolink
of kindness that carryth to wayward shores; feetlegreeks the magpies of fortune and the Swansea of merriment in
a fulsome flood of laughter and waynesickle.

Hark! I hear laughter from the garden. Can't see who's out there. Might be Gordon's sister and DH who are busy
moving from the San Gabriel Valley to LA. They've been moving for months. Apparently they pick up a chair or a
bookcase and shove it in the car and drive to the new spot now and then. Kinda sounds like a government project
or possibly a grade school kids' project.

Sun, great to see the old gang from Your Hit Parade again. Wasn't it wonderful when they used to have hour musical
shows with singers like Perry Como, Johnny Cash, Andy Williams, Julie Andrews, and comedy shows with stars such
as Jack Benny, Johnny Carson, Benny Hill, George and Gracie, Carol Burnett, Monty Python, etc.

Granni, the time to retire, or just take a break from singing is whatever time you think is best. I bet a line of folks
whom you and your group have entertained and comforted would stretch all the way across Texas.

Barry, do you know how many trips to the dentist will be needed? Now why does the loony font change all the time? It is too
much! Except when it's too small.

OK, guess I'll visit the kitchen and see who's doing what to what. Adios, Buckaroos, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Other than showering and doing my hair, I've done nothing today. I feel spaced out and a bit sad. Don't know why. Been watching PBS because it's Begathon Season so they are running some good old musical shows. I would love to have them on CD but it's too expensive. Now, instead of a one-time payment or one- year pledge, they want people to be sustaining givers. I've had to cut down on monthly expenses, not add to them. So, I'll just enjoy the shows when they are on.

Granni, yes, the younger kids are moving to the cities where the action is and the older folks are getting out. What worries me is that our county commissioners are allowing density beyond what is wise and also allowing mining on environmentally sensitive land. It's the developers and mining companies that are their supporters. Even at the local level, we have the worst government money can buy. I worry we will run out of water one of these days. Hope I'm not around to see it. In the meantime, I'm gonna enjoy what we have. When I moved here in July, I wondered why women were carrying jackets and sweaters. Then, I went inside where the A/C was cranked up and found out. I keep mine at 77 which is comfortable but not freezing. I can totally understand why you might want to slow down on the singing and rehearsing. You've done so much for sooo many people all these years.

Rock, I'm impressed. Were you a thespian in your yute? If you catch PBS when they have the oldies show with the great singers from the 50's, it will be like shows used to be. I bet you would enjoy it. Even when the kids were little, we would sit together on the floor and watch Sonny and Cher and the Smothers Brothers. The kids loved it. It was great on summer nights when there was no school the next morning. We would take the kids to the Dairy Queen for cones. I can still feel the balmy summer nights in CO and smell the breezes in my memory. I remember having so much energy then. I don't live in the past but I sure enjoy visiting it now and then. I love the music from the WWII Era, the Rock 'n Roll from the 50's, some of the rock from the 60's and a lot of country music from back then. The Ken Burns series on Country Music starts in Sept. on PBS and I can't wait. I get up and dance now and then when a bouncy song comes on. My watch congratulates me for moving. Good grief! If I meet my goals (I never set goals), the watch face breaks in a circle of fireworks. Again, good grief!

OK, gonna go. Glad to see our Porchies gathered. I keep checking in because there are a bunch of spammers all selling supps and they like to jump on PH's coattails and try to ride for free. Hope everydobby is having a great start to the week and I wish y'all a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Rock:. I do think they're real pets....at that age puppies and kitties love each other. And.....can you translate what Shakespear said to our modern english so I can understand?

In my younger days we used to go to the local Renaissance Fair usually held around the San Gabriel area. It was a lot of fun, my kids and I dressed several times so we could "fit in". I happen to be at May Company one evening in the fabric dept and there was a lady giving instructions on how to make a renaissance costume meaning all the under details to make it look right. I went to the thrift store and found a long red velvet dress which i cut up and added some tapestry to the front, wired a large lace stand up collar to it like someone in the 1500s would wear. i remember I made a fancy headcovering using an old curtain! Lots of under petticoats and a "bump" for the back to make The dress stand out. The one playing the Queen that year took a picture of me. probably wanted to document all the various costumes that showed up at the fair.

I got off track with my costume details. What I meant to tell you is that those who volunteered to work the various booths also had to attend speech instruction classes. If you worked there you had to speak in the way they would have back then. And it was hard to understand what they were saying at times. My good friend's neice and her boyfriend were very much into portraying a character and were involved in the fair for several years. That is until she was killed on the Lockerbie, Scotland crash about 25 years ago. She was one of the flight attendants. So devastating to the family and friends. Her parents never really recovered.

I just came in front hours of outdoor cleanup. I've been trying to incorporate lots of succulents together in larger containers....trying to make my garden less cluttered.

I talked to my young neighbor next door who came over with her little 5 year daughter. Just come back from the doctor....she had a virus that's going around. I'm thinking that's what I had yesterday also plus my two DGKs.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Up early. Woke early and didn't feel like lying in bed any longer. SV is out on the lanai drinking water. He likes his water out there. Silly creature.

Sun, hope that virus is over with. You certainly work hard when you go out to do yard work. Your Renaissance dress sounds amazing. Artistic people are usually creative in more than one field. Did you ever consider theater? Acting, set design or costume design?

OK, off to read the virtual newspaper. Read yesterday that we will be building more underpasses for wildlife in areas where bears, panthers and other critters cross roads. On I-75, which we call, Alligator Alley, where it crosses the Everglades, the wildlife cross under the road to get to their hunting grounds. It cuts down on roadkill and helps preserve the wildlife. All is not bad news.

Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I'm up at almost 3 am here....headache and aches all over from too much work yesterday. So I made some coffee which helps me a little along with stretches. No, for some dumb reason all I could see was being a secretary. My dream was to work for some congressman in D.C. I had been in choir my entire HS and 2 years of college years. In college we put on The Mikado, which was very exciting but that was the only exposure I ever had with entertainment field. My college singing teacher wanted me to study opera but I had never been exposed to anything like that and it sounded very foreign. Took 4 years of home ec when in HS of which I am thankful for that smart move. And again, I never thought of actually doing something with sewing creatively, same way as I never took any art classes. I made a lot of very stupid choices in my life.

Looking back it's so important for kids to be exposed to a variety of career choices they could make. My parents never took us to a museum, we never even went to the movies when I was younger. We lived in the country and my treat in summers was for our neighbor to take me and her son to the library once a week where i loaded up on books. Not until i could drive did my mom and I start to go weekly to see a movie. I do remember a great field trip our class took to the big natural history museum in Los Angeles, maybe when I was in 6th grade. Boy, you wouldn't see that now. We were dropped off and told to be back at the bus at a certain time, free to roam the museums at leasure. The museums are in a bad part of Los Angeles now, definitely not a safe place to be without parents watching.

That's a good move for your area, building the underpasses to save the wildlife. I still look back at the trip my DH and I made to go to Key West and Sanibel Island. And we took a tour of the Everglades while there. I also remember those fruit stands where they sold very unusual fruits, one that grows on a common household plant when it's gotten large. I think it was a Swiss cheese philodendron plant. Ever try one of those?

I watched an old movie last night which I don't think I had ever seen before. Saving Mr. Banks. Starred Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as the writer of Mary Poppins and the struggle Disney had with her in getting Mary Poppins made. It was a series of flashbacks to when she was a young girl in Australia, living in the outback with her parents. Her father was an alcoholic but a creative person with making up stories. That's where her talent came from. Now I'm going to get Mary Poppins again to enjoy plus the new version of Mary Poppins which I haven't seen.

Anybody a fan of Downton Abby? I watched interviews with some of the cast members on sunday. The new MOVIE of it is coming out however as much as I would like to see it will have to wait for the DVD.....can't go to a theatre and sit for more than 20 min. At a time and certainly can't lift my head to look up at a big screen.

I got a recall notice on my Honda Pilot yesterday so have made an appt. to get it fixed at a local Honda dealer for wed. I don't want to put things like this off, never know what the day/week will bring. This is concerning air bags and with a warning not to let anyone sit in the passenger seat until fixed.


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Hey Kids! What time is it? That's right! It's Howdy Doody Time! It's almost 6 AM here. Gordon is watching the news.
I watched part of the show, but all the news casters did was tell us what they are going to tell us later. I especially liked
the news tidbit about the college administrator. He was not only kidnapped from the parking lot; he was literally kidnapped!

The weather is going to continue to be hot. 90 or so here. 100 and then some in the desert. Some celeb that I never heard of is going to appear. Today, tomorrow. I don't know when. Whenever some Star shows up all the news people
get excited and all 5 or them talk at once. I called up the station and asked for the director of the show. Who knows who
I actually talked to. Anyway he seemed utterly bored with comment. Not surprising.

Sun, I wonder if Honda is going to send us a warning. I have been leery of air bags since I heard they can kill us. Kinda
like a deranged surgeon. There used to be a brief clip from a production of the Mikado on YouTube. The star was
Groucho Marx. Don't know if it's still there or not. Groucho also like to sing a song more suitable for him about Lidia,
the tattooed lady.

Oh yes, they look like real animals to me too.. I just joke around a lot which some people enjoy (I hope) and some
people probably find irritating. The Shakespearian language is just gobble gook I made up.

Mikie, there's a story on the news this morning about wildlife. The teaser shows two boys in a rather dark room. They
might be middle school age. Then a bear walks into the room. Also about middle school age. You have to wait around
for who knows how long before you get to see the whole thing.

The last time there was a story about a big alligator in Florida being caught, one of the commentators said they don't
really release the big ones into the wild as the govt. says they do. The big ones are killed because they are too dangerous.
You ever hear anything regarding same?

In response to your question I was always in programs and plays and speech contests, etc. Not because I had any
talent, but I was good at memorizing the lines. I was in some plays at college and a couple of plays in the twin cities.
That was past of the Community Theatrical Program. One the one hand, you didn't get paid. On the other hand you
were not required to have any talent. It was fun, but after 3 or 4 I stopped. Too time consuming.


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Hello Again. Tried to edit the above. That didn't work out too well. No matter.

I was on Youtube. Watched some goofy clips from Inspector Clouseau films. Cheered me
up no end. You may want to try same. Cheaper than buying pills.

Hope your day is going pretty well (at least). And Maybe even better.

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Hi, Kids,

What a busy morning. Claudia and I had our wonderful walk in the pool. The air and water were perfect with blue skies above us. Weatherman says we are getting back to our usual summer weather patterns with afternoon showers. I can deal with that but daylong rain and dark skies are depressing. After the pool, I went to Target for paper products. It's ideal because they are giving $10 gift cards with the purchase of certain things--tissue, toilet paper and paper towels. Most of the time they give $5 cards with the purchase of two products. This is better and reduces the cost per unit which is what I use to compare. In addition to all that, I save another five percent by using my Target credit card. Even Costco doesn't come close to how little I pay for these things. People just assume Costco is cheaper and end up paying more.

Sun, those weren't stupid choices. We don't have 20/20 hindsight when we are making our choices. We make the ones that seem sensible at the time. You have such a wonderful talent and life filled with art. I think most of us would do some things differently but no one gets through life with a perfect score of making the best choices. When I think of bad choices, I think of young people who decide to rob banks or take dangerous drugs, things like that. Even those things can be overcome with time and help. Think I've mentioned that I dropped out of college because I got engaged and thought I'd live happily ever after as June Cleaver. It didn't turn out that way but, as Frank Sinatra sang, "I did it my way." I don't recall a fruit like that. Most of those strange fruits don't taste all that good. I love Downton Abbey but fell asleep before that show was on PBS the other night. I'd like to see the movie but don't think Claudia is a fan. I can wait til it's on DVD or I can stream it. BTW there is a new streaming Disney service for $6.99 a month and you can watch all kinds of stuff including new shows.

Rock, I think they fixed those Takata airbags before you and Gordon got the new car. I'm surprised that the Highlander hasn't been recalled but I think I got it before the problem. Before I got it, I was in an accident in my VW and the airbag went off. It caused some injury to my chest and shoulders. Those things just explode suddently and the car fills with dust. Cop thought my car was on fire. I was so stunned that I just sat there. Some trappers kill the nuisanse gators, especially if they are very large and aggressive. Some take them to gator farms where tourists can throw food to them. Some gator farms raise them for meat and their skin. What is really gross is that they sell the skulls in tourist gift shops. My guess is those are a big hit with 10 year old boys from areas where there are no more exotic critters than cows. You certainly have a talent for humor and I bet you would have been great in films and on TV. How about a citcom, Life With Rock. I could play the nextdoor neighbor and stop in to see what whacky things you and Gordon are up to. I think we have a hit on our hands.

OK, Kiddies, gonna go take something for this awful headache. My whole bod was hurting earlier this morning. Evidently, the pool and a shopping trip exceed my limits. Well, I also stopped at Dollar Tree and found a poop emogi that squirts slime. That will make a good gag gift for Claudia. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie



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Dear Ones,

Today has been a comedy of errors in the plan that DH and I had to go shopping after his meeting picking up my GM Yogurt and then being home for my D who was working on my problem with the kindle and amazon. I had to change my security info and then the problems started. I usually order books for DH on the computer for his indle but since the security change the books were sent somewhere else and not his kindle. They also had me down as a new person and now one who has been with them for 10 years, I tried to fix the problem to no avail and talking to some of these people who can hardly speak English does not make it any easier. Even my DF said the same thing. She was going to come at 2:30 and then it changed to 1:00 and then back again. So DH ended up going to the stores by himself . If he gets hone early enough I will go to the health food store to get my yogurt and maybe some more healthy soy free. mayo if they have it. It is not their sale day so may get a small jar if they have it. My DH is the one who loves his mayo.

Speaking of MAYO does anyone else use the healthier, no soy mayo and if so what do you use?. I have to do some more research on that as where I get it it is not cheap at all.

MIKIE - Sorry you have a headache and body too but that is what goes with being older esp with all our problems. If it isn't one thing it is another, unfortunately. However, I do hope that you feel better soon. I may have to get off here quickly if DH gets home from the stores so I can run to the store. Glad you had a nice morning running in the pool with Claudia. It is great you have someone to do that with too. You tend more to stick to it with someone else you can buddy with. DD and I did it a few years ago but they do it so darn early and they had pool problems and had to redo the pool and who knows what. Never did go back. So hard to get there and back so early in the morning,. I also have to eat something before. Just such a hassle and now DD likes to walk or more like walk real fast in the a.am. but I'm not doing that either.

SUN - You did not make stupid choices growing uo. So many of us at that young age have no clue what they really want to do, they may think they do but things do change as time goes on. Sounds like you have been doing pretty well in your choices. You are so very talented.

Hugz to all inc ROCK, BARRY, JULIE, SPRING, and everydobby else I may have missed !

Love to awl,
Granni :)


Hi, Granni,

I order my Kindle books online and I have to designate the cloud or my 2nd Kindle because the first one is in my drawer and I don't use it. Wonder whether it would still work if I charged it. If I don't designate, it will send it to that original Kindle. It must be the default. I hope you get it straightened out. I just got three calls in a row that I didn't recognize but one said it was a robo call and the other said it was potential spam. I think DSIL got a free week of screening those on our plan. Doubt he will pay for it. I just don't answer numbers I don't recognize. If it's important, they can leave a message.

Not sure my aches and pains are old age creeping up on me. Like Sun, I feel as though I might be coming down with something. It's that kind of body pain. My head aches and I had felt a bit lightheaded. I actually dozed off a bit while sitting up. Good grief, the wind is whipping up so we must be getting our usual afternoon rainstorm. Come to find out, one of the calls was from my healthcare plan. They keep wanting to send a nurse to make a house call to give me a checkup. I see my doc ever six months and don't want someone coming to the house. Claudia and Nancy think it's great but it's not for me.

I hope you get the Kindle business all straightened out and get your yogurt. Good luck.

Love, Mikie


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Granni: Ever try to make your own mayo using the proper oil? If you have a blender it's incredibly easy. But it does call for an egg so don't know if that's a no no for you. Do a search online for a recipe.

Mikie: If it's a virus that's going around here, I think it's short lived and hopefully you'll feel better. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, a bit of a sore throat, achy and by afternoon was running a slight fever.

I spent another 2 hrs. This morning doing more cleanup outside. In the summer months things grow so fast and one of the stupid things I did was plant those pretty purple/blue flowering bushes.....the flowers drop and are very sticky. I cut them back about 6 weeks ago and this morning cut another 3' off them*&^%$#@

I put a post about my gardener on the local board about a month ago, and he got several really good permanent jobs and was so happy about it. Said he wouldn't charge me for a couple of months. Very nice of him but I did it to help him out. I paid him for last month (he didn't leave a bill) and for this month and it was one of those "who's going to win this battle" conversations. Lol....I told him he has to pay bills too and I was glad to help him so he accepted the check. I told him to "pass it on" meaning to help someone else along the way. That reminds me....what was the name of that movie about 10 years ago starring a young boy who started this pass it on?


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HA! Got a massive toothache over the weekend. Actually,it only hurt when it was touched so I had to eat soft food. Called the dentist and told her to send me an RX for antibiotics. Richard has just gone in to get it. I took some old pain pills (left-overs) and they have made me very VERY unsteady. I balled the dentist out and she was most contrite. I told her I was a grumpy old man.

Rock, you simply must give us some more of your "Shakespeare" quotes. Made my day (y-day). Ta very much! As for how any trips to the dentist ----I'm going to get that bloody tooth pulled - a molar - even if I have to resort to a door and a knob.

Mikie, your watch fascinates me. It actually talks to you????? And yes, you are right, not all is bad news. But I'm waiting for something REALLY GOOD. Shall I, Barry, wait in vain? How long shall this weight on my shoulders go on? I'm getting so tired.

Sun, you were a country girl? # me2. Well, I was a boy though. Fascinated by animals and insects and serpents, etc. Seldom had any neighbours.... By the way, I love Downton Abbey. I could watch it again. I'll see if our library has it.
I guess you and Rock are having a heat wave? We've been in the high '80's and low '90 's.

Granni, a comedy of errors indeed! In regards to mayo, (not the clinic), we use canola mayo.

R is back, so I am gone.
Love to All,

Spring, I only wash easily washable clothes by hand. The big stuff goes to the laundramatic society.


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Barry: I'm sorry for the tooth pain. I feel for you. I've mentioned it before but clove oil is a must for the medicine cabinet. A little on a qtip really helps to dull tooth pain.

Yep, country girl. The street i grew up on had only about 25 houses on it, and that was a length of over 3 miles! We had lots of land around us, cows in the pasture in back, and a huge pig that dug up my mom's flower bed twice. The next door neighbors tried keeping bees but they didn't give water for them so they were always on our lawn which was wet, and me barefooted. Some chicken ranches nearby, my mom worked part time there one summer sorting eggs to make some extra $. When it threw them into a different bracket my dad told her to quit. And Shetland ponies which got lose several times. Boy that was fun! My friends were all the kittens our mama cat would have, lonely but fun in a lot of ways. And back when i was around 7 I remember having a butterfly net, going after a variety of them. Now you hardly see butterflies.


Hi, Kids,

How nice to drop in and see all the posts. Well, the lightheaded mystery is solved. I have been putting some sublingual B-12 under my tongue and figured it had already been cleared for magnesium stearate. No wonder I've been feeling the effects; I've been mainlining it. Doh!!! Just took my power drill downstairs for the kids to borrow. Found out the guy who did the restoration is only charging $375 for the drywall work. That's very low even though it wasn't a big job.

Sun, I think that I've been, at least, exposed to some kind of virus and, like with all autoimmune illnesses, mine make my system go crazy. I've done next to nothing this afternoon and that was almost too much. We also suffer from plants that overgrow everything sooo fast. As I said though, I won't be tackling them til it cools off, after Halloween. In many ways, your childhood sounds so nice but kids need other kids to do things with. Well, you turned out all right and that's what counts. :)

Barry, I'm so sorry for all your pain. There is nothing like dental pain to set one on edge. Yikes! I hope it gets better. The watch thunks me on the wrist and the screen has the text to stand, move or breathe. Siri talks to me on the watch or phone as does Alexa in the living room. The watch has a gyroscope so it knows when I'm sitting down, standing and moving. Sneaky little gizmo. I actually am finding that I am moving more, doing better with my posture and taking time to inhale deeply. It has a whole bunch of activities I can input and it will keep track of my progress but I'm not ready for that. It will also track my sleep if I ask it to. It really is an amazing and practical piece of tech. Canola oil is very healthy. We are all tired and ready for some good news. Hang in there, my friend.

Gonna watch the news and then play Jeopardy. I'm beat! Hope all y'all enjoy what's left of the day.

Love, Mikie



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Rock - you are in esteemed company as regards to composing gobbledygook...i think yours was better, though. :D i lol - ed for a good five minutes.

Found this on the internet. Am vastly entertained. Even the author of Alice in Wonderland took a breather and went wild sometimes.


’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

He took his vorpal sword in hand;
Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
He chortled in his joy.

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Sun - DDs message in her bottle in the gift box was ‘truth requires validation, not emotion.’

About me feeling less angry, i have to be aware of how my anger is getting stoked and avoid that. We do a Pranic psychotherapy course, where we are taught how to bust energy particles (thought forms) of anger and send it into light.

Ive seen from my friends, the more one meditates, emotions buried from very old times start surfacing to get released. One healer who is in her forties was meditating, felt some sort of dense energy moving through her stomach upwards got a prickly sensation in her throat and breathed it out. Her DS who is a sensitive, and can see stuff in his mind, was watching and told her he saw her being held under a cold water tap outside in cold rainy weather by her adoptive parent as punishment for muddying her rubber slippers.

When she finished meditating, she validated what he saw. The incident had actually happened when she was ten but she had buried it. i think it works like some sort of therapy only 5here is no 5herapist.
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Hi Spring, Thanks for posting Jabberwocky. Haven't read it for decades. Lewis Carroll, in addition to being an author, was some sort of priest or teacher. I don't look up much stuff anymore. Too complicated on this new computer. And likely to get me thrown off wherever I am. I especially like the "vorpal blade". It sounds like something from Harry Potter.

Mikie, a watch with a gyroscope? Never heard of, or even thought of such. I got a toy gyroscope for Christmas when

I was in my teens. My Mom loved gadgets. Played with it as much as I did. Well, here we go again. Everytime I get to line 5 the puter
changes the font. It's 12:30 AM. Henry has already left the building.

A shame about the magneisum stearate. Hope you can recover quickly.

OK, going back to bed. Hugs Everydobby. Rock
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Hi, Kids,

Slept from 10:00 last night until 6:30 this morning but did wake and read about half an hour around 4:00 a.m. SV was relentless in trying to get me up earlier. He's been a bit of a pill recently. That's his pattern when I leave him. He's all lovey dovey until he is sure I'm not going anywhere and then he gets back at me for leaving him in the first place. He's nipped at me twice.

I'm watching where the sun rises along the horizon. It's fun this time of year to track it on its journey south. Of course, it's actually our tilt to the north as we circle the sun. I once saw a really good graphic that depicted how the tilt of the Earth causes the sun's rays to hit us further south in the wintertime. The Earth is actually closer to the sun in the winter. I check the sunrise and sunset times in the paper. We are losing one to two minutes of sunlight a day now. The Vernal Equinox is coming and the sun will rise over Joe's balcony. With all the tech stuff available, I like tracking the seasons as people did in ancient times. My Stonehenge is a group of condos around a pond.

Spring, I also enjoyed the Jabberwocky. Thanks for posting it. I think my favorite thing is 'frumious Bandersnatch.' The avoidance of things that trigger anger is very similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I tend to catasrophize and now, the minute I find myself doing that, I shut it down. I had to learn to recognize it when it first starts. I compare therapy and meditation to a coffee pot that percolates. As we quiet the brain, it allows stuff to percolate to the top, our conscious mind. Very effective. We do bury traumatic things from childhood and they can cause problems for us until we confront them. Are you still getting rain?

Rock, that's a shame about your computer throwing you out. According to Wikipedia, Lewis Caroll was an author, illustrator, poet, mathematician, photographer, teacher and Anglican deacon. I didn't read it all but he appears to be a very interesting, and busy, person. I can find nothing online about sensitivity to the magnesium stearate which manifests as mine does. Only diarrhea is mentioned when too much magnesium is ingested. MS is used so much in production of medications and supps that it's next to impossible to get away from. I worry that there are people out there who are suffering these side effects and don't know why. At its worst, it produced a dementia-like state for me. I stood in front of my coffee machine and didn't know how to make it work. I also worry about fetuses being harmed in the wombs. I hope it's not in prenatal vitamins. Hope you're back in bed and having a good snooze.

As always, gonna go read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a wonderful Hump Day. Or, Hemp Day.

Love, Mikie
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Morning Kids. Just watched part of the news. Today is Back to School Day. Well, they've been
saying that every other day for the last week or so. Gordon, who watches more news than I, said
it's because Calif now has multiple back to school days. It depends on your school district or
county or city or your birthstone, etc. Anything to make modern life more complicated.

The TV was ornery this morning. Gordon said, "I'll buy some more batteries. Good Grief! We
buy enough batteries to power a submarine. And, of course, you need them in multiple sizes.

Mikie, I like your analogy of Cognitive therapy to a coffee pot. We studied CBT when I was a
psyche major. Had completely forgotten about it. I think it means something like, If the brain

cogs don't mesh, then you're just on a guess. Now the font won't change. Ok, after four tries the font still won't
change. This is not the font of every blessing.

Hugs, Kids, Rock
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