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PORCH 1150 IS NOW CLOSED (8/19/19)

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Hi Gang.
I feel like prac today. A heatwave is a'comin in in the next few days. Monday next, 100 predicted. This time of the year we usually start to get a little bit cooler. EEEK! Global warming is a fake. And I'm moving to Greenland pretty soon.

Mikie: plastic ice cubes? How queer.... I'm becoming fearful of plastic, mighty fearful. We breath it, drink and eat it. Things that touch plastic often get traces on them. I am a thing..... and I am fearful for the fate of this world of plastic. No three ways about it. I am the frightened lion; hear me moan.

Granni, I too would like to know what strain of CBD is good for tension and anxiety. I'd like to get off these meds. i take for them, and try a CBD product that works. There are SO MANY of them available that it boggles the mind. My mind anyway. Maybe Mikie can give us some clues....?

I have to be very careful about what I post. When I was banned, I hadn't logged out (never do) and so I lost all my posts from 2003 to 2018?. Now I've been un-banned I feel like I've got duct tape on my brain.

Rock, why not use all caps in your posts? It would make it easier I would think. MAYBE I'LL START DOING IT TOO. WHADDYA THINK? HA DET BRA TO YOU.

Mikie, you ate some mj cooky while you were high in Colorado? Holy Toledo, that stuff has thc in it. Did ya get stoned. If you were in Arabia I imagine you would be. Ah, the "law of Sharia"! DISGRACEFUL! And yet we sell weapons, etc. to the Saudis, and the bloodbath continues in Yemen. I weep.

Spring, you ain't half busy, eh wot? Your answer re my query about cats in Kathmandhu was very interesting. Tibetans like them, Nepalis do not. Well, what is your position in regards to this? Is it a superstition. In some parts of some world a black cat (crossing) the path is good luck, in others, bad luck. Who knows. I love all cats (and dogs), so seems a bit silly to me ... But I yam who I yam.

Sun, I'll share some wine (red) with you in the evenings if you like. But I WILL NOT share my chocolate. I could never put my dark choc. in jeopardy!





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Hi Kids

I love those programs on the Smithsonian channel that give us a tour of a state. Florida was on this morning. I saw it
several months ago. Was gonna watch again, but fell asleep about half way through. I 'spect you've seen it, Mikie.
The name Bosch is familiar for some reason; can't remember why. Maybe it's a brand of some musical instrument.

Granni, hope you wind up with a new washer that does what it's 'sposed to. And keep on ticking like a ...what was
that old commercial. Timex?

Hi again. Did something wrong, I guess. Got thrown off the board. OK, am back. And our woodsy friend is back. Hi,
Barry. Always good to hear from our playful, silly friend. I don't think I understand the concept of all capitals making
things easier. True, it would eliminate depressing the caps key. Too bad it wouldn't eliminate depression.

Gordon went to the library to see if he could find some books for me. The last batch I got was not very satisfying. But
I did discover another good writer of mystery books. Was gonna lie down earlier and read. Turned on the old
fan. It creaks and groans and whines as it pivots back and forth. I was struck by a brilliant idea. Went and got the
spray can of lubricant. It significantly reduced the noise. But the odor from the lubricant was very unpleasant, so
I turned on the giant attic fan to get rid of the problem. But that was so noisy I had to go downstairs. For every
problem there is a remedy. And for every remedy there is a problem that comes along with it.

Ha, I hear Gordon downstairs. Better go, Rock
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Hi MIkie et al,

I have been doing that looking up brands but then again who knows. That is what I have been doing also with running extra spin cycles. I did that yesterday about 4 times and they were still pretty wet especially the heavier things. What a pain though as you know when things don't work right, or the way you want them too.. Our W and D are in s small laundry room right off the garage and one of the entries into the house. It probably doesn't make to much difference. It will depend on model and price.

We just got back from a very filling lunch and we all even had a margarita, The food was delicious. Most of us got stuff shrimp and spinach enchiladas. Next time I will just get veggies to go with it instead of the beans and rice which we didn't eat all of anyway. We hadn't eaten there in quite a while and it looks like they have improved. DD #4 ahd #2 and DSIL all got the huge margaritas that were a few dollars off since it was Happy Hour. No way could we drink that. If so we would go home and just go to bed, We were going to go work out some but DH said no so I was glad not to go . I am too pooped to participate so I am just vegging on the computer. I don't have enough wash to try and do so will wait another day or two in between looking for machines that work, in the ads.. Actually the dryer works fine but best to buy a pr so they match.

It is pretty hot here (mid to hi 90"s) but some promises of some rain but so far it has not made its way up here, only some thunder in the afternoon, like yesterday. We may get more of that later on today. We'll be lucky to get some rain. We are dry all over in TX . My DGD says in CO it is supposed to be 100 degrees or so next week, I think. We are more or less used to it and know it is summer so not much to do about it. Thank God for for good old A/C.. It got pretty hot in New York when we lived there years ago and we had no a/c so had to just suck it up as they say. I remember in Jue when my #2 DD was due I thought I would die of the heat at that time.

Hope everydobby is having a nice quiet Saturday and weekend to come. Hope to see you all soon again. I really need to check my music for tomorrow. Thinking esp of our MIA;s .

Just saw that Barry and Rock popped it, Hang in there with the hear Barry !! Hope Rocks computer is cooperating.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Barry, good to read your "silly, lighthearted" post. Keep it up. Have you been hitting the red wine already????? Sometimes I have a small glass of it when I need it....before nap time too. I took myself to my friday art group, although didn't do much painting, just chatting. Feeling very very tired again. Probably from 3 weeks of disturbed sleep at night. Although last night I did get 5 hrs. Before a bathroom visit.

And speaking of my art group, I was telling them I probably wouldn't be involved because of health issues but one person in charge said to just bring some things and if I felt up to it I could help "man the store" and hope that some things would sell. So since it's a wine walk saturday evening for the little city, we of course also need wine to serve. I offered to bring 3 bottles to appease my conscience for not being able to count on my body.

AND......I'm with you on plastics. I stopped years ago from using plastic wrap in the microwave!!!!! A good friend who I met on PH developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivies) which is very common with what we all have. She's so bad that for years she's carried a glass straw with her when she went out to eat. She tries not to even touch plastic otherwise she gets burning, inside and out. Everything affects her, fragrance in detergents, the smells from any chemical. She's extremely careful about what she's around and still she gets HIT.

Spring: Having dinner in the evening on a rooftop sounds very cosmopolitan! I guess here in So. Calif we're lucky because quite a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, etc. have little patio areas and those are usually the first ones taken, unless it too hot outside then everyone wants indoors in the AC. And I love the thought that you sat in the back of the car listening to your two kids reminisce.....it's obvious they're very close and you've done a good job raising them.

Rock: As to reading material when you have to wait someplace, I did bring an art magazine but really not good reading! I mainly just enjoy the pictures. So at the library the other day I picked up a paperback from Jacqueline Winspear. I really love her writing! And I keep promising myself that I'm going to be a "big girl" and take myself out for lunch before I leave this planet. So having a book by her will be good company.

Granni: Why don't you call that repairman back? Did you pay anything for the visit? I was assuming you had insurance on it. When you said he didn't do anything that made me think he was new at his job. The squeaking wheel gets the oil! Unless of course you do WANT a new machine.

MIkie: I talked to my DD today. She's now got the bug the two DGKs had. Said she spent the entire day yesterday in bed which is very unusual for her so I know she's sick.

She said my DGS took his DMV test this morning to get his learner's permit to drive. Missed over what was allowed so.....it's back to studying more. And get this.....he brought everything to prove who he was...16 year old kid going to HS. They said he needed a bill to prove it.....what kid has utilities in his name. So my DD searched and found a medical bill in his name plus a utility bill for the family and my SIL had to meet them half way with it. It must have been most disappointing, and also for his grandpa who got him there BEFORE the DMV opened. I had been hoping to take over the logo samples I had painted for shoes....told my DD not until everyone is well again.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I tried to watch one of the Mission Impossible movies but shut it off. Too long and too much of the same old, same old stunts. They are fun to watch for about half an hour and then it's just gets old. Also, the plot took too many twists and turns. A few are okay but too many just make it difficult to keep up. Do I sound like an old codger? Or is it, codgette?

Barry, so good to see your feeling a bit silly. We all need to do that from time to time. Joe called me today and we laughed til we cried. Felt good. MJ is legal in CO for recreational use. DD had some for DSIL for the pain in his legs. It was a gummy wafer. I had thought the THC would help mellow me out and help with the pain. It did help with the pain but it only left me feeling as though I were having the usual side effects of an opiate like Hydrocodone. The high I got off of the pain pill that one time was lovely but I don't want to take it for that. My addiction is nicotine and I don't seem to get addicted to alcohol or drugs but I'm still careful. The CBD oil I got from PH was Colorado Hemp Oil and I like it very much. It's good for anxiety pain taken orally and can be rubbed on sore spots. It almost instantly took away the inflammation. I'll let y'all know about the cream when I use it. I always thought the Santa Ana Winds brought hot temps off of the desert this time of year but what do I know. Stay silly, my friend.

Rock, speaking of silly...I am laughing thinking of your sitting there gagging on the smell of the oil while being blown by two fans. Anything involving gagging cracks me up. I've seen so many TV shows about Florida and our wildlife that I'm not sure whether I've seen the one you referred to or not. I've seen some new ones on Colorado recently. I enjoy watching those too. Both states have interesting histories. I once saw a comedian lick his watch and say, "It's a Timex; it takes a licking and keeps on ticking." Only problem with typing in all caps is that it is used when people are angry and want others to know they are screaming. Of course, we know better here and we all struggle with these machines. It's very frustrating. I still haven't figured out how to print with this computer but it doesn't matter because the printer isn't working. Sour icing on a rancid cake, as you say.

Sun, I am also very sensitive to scents. The scented dryer sheets are the worst. Smelling them makes me sick. Sorry your DD is sick. I know this is a virus that keeps hanging around just when I think it's gone. What a shame about your DGS at the DMV. Ten years ago, I had the problem with the DMV of not being able to provide a paper trail of my name changes. I was saved by getting my passport renewed and that's all I needed to get my license renewed. In another year, people will not be able to fly without a passport or the new licenses. TSA is telling people about it. Even if all plastic is removed from our oceans, the damage is done. All those little particles are in the food chain. We are ruining our planet at an accelerated rate and it's not something we can turn around easily, if at all. It breaks my heart. We need to marshall all our intelligence and creativity to combat these problems and it's gonna take money. Unfortunately, our debt is as high as it was in WWII and the economies of the rest of the world are slowing too. We can't afford to screw this up.

Granni, it sounds as though your washer can't spin at the speed needed to get rid of the water. Mine gets up to 1200 rpm's. It spins out the water if I run another spin cycle when it doesn't work the first time. That seldom happens, thank goodness. Margaritas are my favorite drink. Looove them but don't drink much anymore. We haven't had the rain from that storm over on the East Coast that the weatherman said to expect. Doesn't matter because I didn't feel like doing anything anyway. Some of those matched W&D front loaders in beautiful metalic colors are gorgeous but are expensive and I can't justify spending that kind of money. If I have to replace these, I probably won't get the little pedestal drawers. They add another $600-$800 to the price. The best part about having them is that they raise the machines so I don't have to bend over so far to remove the laundry. They also offer storage. Because I bought the last pair, Lowe's threw them in free. I hope the tariffs are not adding a lot to the price of them. I think some of them are manufactured here but some parts may come from elsewhere. Good luck.

Hoping to just veg this evening. Been a bit stressful. My half-brother emailed me. They are all excited about finding a 'sister' and hope we can meet someday. They live in Oregon so I doubt that will ever happen. He doesn't realize that he had a father growing up but I didn't. It's not his fault and I hold nothing against him or the other brothers. They sound like nice people. I just have no desire, or energy, to open up to people who are strangers to me. He said that it's understandable if I am hurt that my biological father didn't want to be involved in my life. He said he hopes it helps to know his father was a wonderful man--it doesn't. I've come to grips with it and put it away and don't want to open myself up to it again. I have enough on my plate, just like all of us, trying to live a half-way normal life under stressful conditions. With these DNA tests, people are finding long lost relatives and they are shown on TV at the airport with balloons and signs, hugging each other. That isn't me and it's not what I want. Good grief! I just got through telling my ex husband that I don't want him to come down and be part of my life. Now this! I was polite and helpful to the half-brother, thanking him for his good wishes and wished him the same but I didn't encourage anything more. I hope his enthusiasm dies off. I just don't need this. Perhaps DD's will want to meet them.

Hope everydobby is having a great Saturday evening.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I get emails from the DNA people all the time....would I like to participate more....no thank you. I used to love geneology when I was a teenager, was so excited doing some research when I would find a link. And I remember once my brother's Xwife (she was a Mormon) went to Michigan to meet my aunt there and took videos of all of us before she went. I didn't know this aunt, only met her once but she was not a sweet loving lady so I can imagine her annoyance at my SIL slowing up to meet her! I guess I'm the same way now. If someone contacted me now I would have to say, thanks but no thanks. Hey....we're all related somewhere down the line.

I'm trying to work my way thru cleaning my studio which has become a giant mess over the months. I share with the litter boxes and sometimes Clair is lax about cleaning up after #2. &^%$#@! Phew. Does this come with old age with cats? I told her yesterday morning she needs to bury her mess!

And speaking of cats, I was talking to a neighbor yesterday. We got to talking about cats. He said his FIL rescues all the stray wild cats. At last count there are over 35 of them. He and his wife spend practically all day feeding and cleaning up after them. He asked if maybe I could call the city and complain....I said no....the FIL just had a stroke a few days ago and I don't want to be responsible for stress for him more than what he already has. Obviously he's got a problem with animals. This neighbor told me that a few years ago he and his wife would go there late in the night and trap cats, take them elsewhere and release them. Told me they had gotten 20. But soon his FIL was gathering more cats so they gave up.