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Hi everyone! Thought I'd stop by and echo others' prayers and good wishes for Mikie and all in the path of the storm. The closest we ever were to something as scary was in Belize, in the middle of a tropical storm. But nothing really compared to a hurricane.

Den and I have been busy, catching up with farm chores, etc. Miley and Keira (one at a time) got to spend a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's. They like to do the "all by themselves" trips once in awhile. Miley requires a lot of one-on-one attention...Keira is more independent and can help with chores, projects, etc. She and I trimmed the big willow tree (she climbed up and got the branches I couldn't reach) and Den helped us load and unload the pickup of all the trimmings. They started school Monday...Keira in 6th, Miley in 3rd.

We spent last week in Tennessee. Den was able to get away and the kids needed help with several of their own projects...so Daddy to the rescue, lol! We had the back of the van loaded with hand tools, power tools, an umbrella clothesline, sheets of plywood and sheetrock...everything but the kitchen sink ;) David is so busy, working nights and days (and trying to sleep when he can) so they really appreciated the help. Den showed Lindsey how to texture a wall, then left the tools down there for them to use. And, of course, lots of Treasure Time with the kiddos.

I have been feeling pretty darn good...working on keeping hydrated (I also use the Real Salt, and add it to my water bottles). And trying some different supplements, etc. since I'm in a season where I can focus on things like that. Losing a little weight each week, and that is a good thing, in my case, lol!

I'm like Barry...my "natural calendar" says Sept. 1 is the start of fall. Our weather has been cooperating...so nice this week, we've hardly had to run the A/C...could almost feel the poor thing give a sigh of relief. And I love having the windows open.

Den just got up from his siesta, so I'm going to get back to work. He's working on the soffit, trim, etc. under the patio roof, so is right outside the door...I really like having him home. He's still working part time for a couple of different fellas, but his schedule is flexible enough now that we're getting (baby steps) closer to getting more caught up around here.

I'll just say a quick "Hi" to everyone...and I'll try to get back later on. Take care!


Hi, Kids,

Feel as though I have to check in as the day goes on because so many spammers are trying to advertise here for whatever they are selling. I was just laughing. I feel like hammered crap but decided to try to do a few things. Roomba is cleaning in here in the living room. SV is in his soft little bed. Roomba kept running into it trying to figure out which way to go. He is pretty blase about the whole thing. Good thing I do a copy of my posts because it just highlighted and wiped it out. I clicked on my magic keys and got it back.

Sun, it's a shame you are having so many problems. I hate headaches and hope yours goes away. Digestive enzymes are very good to take for many things. Could you be a bit dehydrated? That might account for the elevated HR but, of course, our HR goes up with activity. I'm not anxious about the storm. We made it through Irma which was a huge strong storm. Of course, you never know how destructive a storm will be but I know what to do to get ready. Gonna pack up important paperwork and put it in my little strong box. Gonna take pics of my new appliances in the kitchen for insurance. Gotta charge all the computers but won't do that until the last minute. Will fold up the outdoor furniture out on the balcony tomorrow. I'm very calm. Everything important, paperwork, guns, computers, and jewelry, will go into the master bathroom. That is where I'll be during the worst of it. There's a lot to do the last day. I was anxious before Irma but not this time. I think earthquakes would make me nervous. Guess it's all in what one is used to. Feel better.

Granni, so glad you found your W&D and at such a good price. Barb had one of those top loaders with no agitator and she liked it. It's easy on the clothes. Miami is on the East Coast of FL and I am on the West Coast. Miami sits farther south on the other coast. I am almost directily across from West Palm Beach which is north of Miami. It's about 100 miles across the state, coast to coast, here. If you look at a map of FL, you can see our big Lake O. If you lay a ruler left to right at the bottom of the lake, you would pretty much have Fort Myers on the Gulf and West Palm Beach on the Atlantic. We will be 100 miles away when the storm hits the East Coast if it hits at West Palm Beach but these storms can shift even at the last minute. I doubt planes will take off on Sun. but you never know. The airport will be a mess. We likely will not feel the rain and wind until late Sunday or even Monday. Hope the new W&D get there before too long.

Barry, so good to see you here. I am sorry for the orthostatic intolerance. I didn't know the full name of it but know what it is. What I have now is a plain old virus that is going around and not the Whatever Virus. It has crawled back under the rock whence it came. This new virus might cause it to reactivate. Do we ever really know what is causing all our woes? We don't evacuate here in the hood even when they say it's 'mandatory.' Several times, the storms have turned and directly hit those who evacuated. It makes sense for people in mobile home communities but our buildings are built to withstand the storms. Roofs could come off and that would be horrible. Thanks for your sweet, kind good wishes for me and my pals and neighbors down here. We appreciate it. Thanks for you kind humanitarian support too. Doctors are starting to speak out. Hope you don't have a hiatal hernia. Getting pills stuck in the throat is no fun. Sending best wishes for you, Richard and the critters.

Julie, really good to see you here on the Porch. Sounds as though you and Den have been your usual busy selves. I hope Lindsey likes texturing. I always loved it; it's like icing a cake. It's great that Keira was able to climb the tree to help with the trimming. It really gives kids a lot of confidence when they can do those grown up helpful things. It's good you have time to do more things for yourself too. We do seem to need more attention as we age just to hold the line. Glad your weather is so good. Sept. 1 is my Mom's birthday. She would be 110 if she were alive. We don't get a fall season until after Halloween. After our hot summers and hurricanes, we are really grateful for cooler fall weather. Thanks for you good wishes. I'm sure we will survive the storm more or less intact.

OK, gotta go check the laundry. Not doing much cleaning because, after the storms when there is no electricity, the doors and windows are open and it gets really dirty in here. Wishing everydooby a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - when is Dorian expected to make connection with your area in GMT? im pretty sure you guys are gonna be safe. im glad you have got your supplies ready and done the necessary prep.

i think i would prefer hurricanes to EQs. its weird but i like watching hurricanes but not the damage they do. Imagine those poor animals.

im with you on condemning the policy of turning out and not allowing foreign people who are there for treatment. are 5hey going to put a ban on allowing Americans to go overseas for treatment as well?

Its raining cats n dogs here and i need to go do the morning chores. i will be back.

God bless
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hey barry,

i'm glad you like the sister fidelma series. i find them very enjoyable and have read them all several time. i like her summation of the crime especially against a female foe. i found one of the newer one, blood moon?, a bit complicated and not up to standard. i just ordered the latest from amazon as it takes the library a long time to get it into inventory. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM. they told me that since the books are published in england it takes a bit more time.

do you know of another similar mystery series i might enjoy? i found a medieval mystery website and will plow thru and see what is there. don't think anyone will ever compare with peter. paul doherty comes in a close second. i will usually go thru my various cookbooks when i can't find anything good to read.





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Hi Kids

Mikie, it's 11:40 PM here. Just watched the weather news on CNN. The weather woman said this storm is very difficult to predict. It could stay over the ocean or continue moving west and hit
Florida. Like everybody else, hope you and SV and your friends are all OK.

Julie, nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you are feeling perky and loosing a little weight. Never
heard of Real Salt. Silly me. I thought all salt was real. We didn't study salt in school although in
Law school we learned about assault and battery.

This piece of junk that is imitating a computer struck again yesterday. I wrote an e mail to my
brother in MN. When it was finished I hit the backspace so I could change a comma into a period.
The entire post vanished. Gordon was able to retrieve it. I think he said Mikie told him how.

Spring, nice duds you gals have on. They look just like the ones you were wearing recently.
Is that a hula hoop? I never could manipulate a hula hoop. When they first appeared on the
scene it seemed almost all the gals could cope with them. Don't think males have the necessary
hip bones or something.

Going back to bed. Hugs, all. Rock


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Gordon, nice to see you join in the conversation. so you and Barry have something in common..a liking for mideaval mysteries.

Julie - been busy as usual, i see. Good to know you are feeling well and healthy. At least some one is around here, what with everyone having to endure aches n pains.

Barry - so Richard also collects cook books. Just like Gordon. I heard volunteers are trying to save wildlife in Bolivias wildfires. Thats heartening. imagine all those parrots and monkeys in peril. Snakes...ufff..exotic plants.

Granni - thats one job done, buying a new washing machine. i hope your cousin and family are safe from 5he storm. a pity your niece is not understanding about your health. But, whats to do, no pleasing everyone. and we do need to take care of our own health first.

Sun - thats a lot of health issues one after another. i hope everything settles down soon. im perplexed at where all these issuescome from since you seem to be the kind who looks after their health.

Rock - yes, we wore something festive since the occasion demanded it. its a happy joyous occasion. W9men fast till evening for their husbands and then tuck into the goodies they cook specially for the day.

i dont fast though. its a Hindu tradition.

The women are very forthcoming. They were doing an impromptu fashion show, too part in folk dancing competition, and riddles competition.

my DD used to play the hula hoop. She was just posing for a pic with one put up for decor.

Its been a bit hectic, past week. Had to take my bro5her to doctor for a severe pain he got and it turned out to be an infection. Stayed at hospital for a few hours. He is ok now. is on meds. But the undone housework mounts up.

Then day before i decided not to wriggle out of a lunch date had made with a friend. i felt like she needed the break. But i had offered to go down to her side of town and day out, we went to the nearby zoo after lunch and hung out. Zoo being my idea. But the ride back home in the sun gave me a headache.
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