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PORCH #1153 IS NOW OPEN (9/6/19)

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Hello All

Mikie - sorry to hear of you lost a little one before delivery. My mum lost babies. A girl and after that a boy. both very young, some weeks old. i was little. i can still remember.

im glad to hear your sore spot in the eye wasnt anything bad.

Thank goodness 5here are people like your DD who take to nursing in psych wards, a very very difficult job.

Barry - lots of conditions to contend with. But nice to see you pop in. i hope the little snake went off away to where it was safe. Im glad Richard could save it.

Sun - so nice to hear you sold six paintings! Thats some achievement. Yes, its also freeing up more space in your home. it was kind of you to want to buy a friends painting so she doesnt feel bad.

the twist in your first story was unexpected. i liked being taken into the shop. it reminded me of a movie i saw about a young boy and an old man who owns a shop full of knick knacks. was long ago. i cannot remember the details.

Rock - i looked up what ‘cozy’ mysteries mean. kind of knew but wanted to confirm. i like cozy mysteries. thrilling, but without it raining bodies and blood and gore.

Agatha Christies The Blue Train was my favourite mystery of them all.

Star - thanks for dropping in and letting us know how you are. i hope 3veryone gets over the flu soon. It must have been so stressful for you.

its been raining. Im not complaining. We need it. Ive been tackling the cleaning chores. Mopped up the large hall downstairs.

This time our guavas werent good. black spots. last year the fruit was so bountiful and disease free.

We ate plenty of mangoes this year. Really love the fruit.

Our DHs cousin sis had a dinner at her place, they cooked n all but i couldnt go. Too much work left to do.

The DD n DS went. coz sent a lot of food home n food bags because most cousins didnt turn up. Well, we just had 5hat get together last time, and the lunch at monk cousins. people have to work too. she shouldve done it a few days later.

But she and her mum love cooking. 5hey sent 5his bamboo shoot curry. and pickle type curry along. with beans mish mash curry. it saved me cooking lunch today.

i thought i needed 5he exercise so i swam. My DD prefers working out at gym, but i find it tedious. Another cousin does boxing. She is really toned. she punches a bag, under a trainer. not combative boxing.

some pics from DDs dinner a few days ago.
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Good morning, friends! I woke up to a huge bowl full of bread dough...had let it rise overnight, cause sourdough takes longer...the heat and humidity really made it go into "overdrive", lol! Tried to post a pic, but this was in too large, also. Well, just imagine that episode on "I Love Lucy" where the bread dough gets so big it takes her and Ethel both to "man handle" it, haha!!! I'll shape the loaves, then let them rise for a few hours before baking. The house will smell so good :)

Den is at work again today...went in late to stay in town to meet our Medicare guy and sign some papers. Wow, my husband is on Medicare...that didn't seem to take long...just a few years ago, we were thinking it would take forever to get that old...but here we are :eek:

Spring, so good to hear from you. I'm so glad you can get out to the pool. I never really learned how to swim, other than a dog paddle and clumsy side stroke ("pick an apple, put it in the basket" is how I remember learning. So, I've always been embarrassed to go to a public pool to swim laps, etc. Walking is about the easiest, most comfortable exercise for me. Yum...leftovers are always a good thing! To me, any reason to get a break from cooking is great, lol! I love mangoes, but have to be careful not to "overdo" since they are in the ragweed family and that's what gives me fits every summer.

Oh, your pics just popped up! So pretty and looks like a lot of fun.

Mikie, I'm wondering if I should give my eye doc a call. I've noticed more floaters in my left eye recently, but just figured that was part of aging (that's what he told my mom one time). I can't imagine having another dog, either, if Oreo passes before we do...but farms just need dogs and I'm sure there are plenty of dogs at the shelter still, who would love to have a home.

Sun, losing our baby was pretty hard at the time, but I still knew God had a plan and that things would work out. We had Lindsey 18 months later, then Amy 23 months after Lindsey....can't imagine our lives without them and their kiddos. I still think of our son and what his life would be like, but look forward to seeing him again one day.

I'd better say a quick Hi to everyone else and get in gear...that bread dough is still waiting on me to shape it, lol!
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Hi, Kids,

Just got home from the pool and had a snack. Joe stopped by. I was over there almost two hours, walking all the time. I walked down as far as the mailboxes with Claudia on the way home. I do feel better having gotten some fresh air and exercise. Heaven knows that it will be too hot to do anything outside this afternoon. It's 86 degrees out now. That low pressure system over Hispanola will be dumping tons of rain on us by week's end. AACCKK! Guess I should be thankful it's not a hurricane.

Spring, what lovely pix. So nice outside with the little white lights. Everyone looks so pretty. It's nice you got some food so you didn't have to cook after working so hard. DD doesn't work in a ward; it's a private practice. Thanks for your sweet comments. I really think it is a calling for her. She has always been a very sweet child. I'm sorry you had to go through losing a little sister and brother. My Mom remembered losing a stillborn brother when she was just a child on the farm. Her Dad had to go bury him. Life does have a lot of sadness. I guess that's why we like to enjoy our loved ones and celebrate when we can. Hope you enjoyed your swim.

Julie, I didn't really learn to swim until I was about 16. We didn't have very good teachers at the city pool when I was a kid. Once I learned, I was like a fish and still am. Unfortunately, kicking in the water is hard on my knees so the walking works out better. It's as refreshing as swimming and easier on the joints than walking on sidewalks. Our friend, Barb, was at the pool and the three of us are planning on going to see the Downton Abbey movie after it opens here. Barb is picking up her pix from her Safari. Another trekker sent her his photos that include a close up of a lion's face and a leopard's face. My eye doc says that floaters that don't go away or an increase in floaters should be checked out. Flashes of light too.

What an amazing time we live in. We can send photos across the world to our friends and loved ones. Porchies count as both.

Love, Mikie
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MIkie: Did you mentioned to your eye doc about the occular migraines? Sounds like you got a good report. My eye doc uses a machine called an optomap. You sit up really close and open wide and it takes a picture of your complete eye ball including the back. It goes into her computer and then she can compare from year to year. Wish I could see the new Downton Abby movie but just can't sit longer than 15 min. At a stretch. I'll have to wait for the DVD.

I didn't have any eruptions from shingles this time.....I just got the injection and yes, I've been up all night with terrible muscle pain. I have two heating pad on my bed plus some rice filled things but need to look for an extension cord that accepts three plugs. Heat seems to be the only thing to help.

My 94 year old MIL got shingles last year while in the middle of bladder cancer treatment. She couldn't have any checkup or chemo so when after 9 mos. of waiting for the shingles to go away, she finally got the scope and they found cancer the size of a plum. I was very afraid for her but the doctor was able to go in and remove it all without complications. I've known several people who got shingles.....extremely painful and it can last for months, so I decided after two times of getting a few eruptions, I needed to get in and get the vaccine. So I'm miserable but hopefully it will pass quickly.

Spring: Thanks for posting your dinner. Love all the lights around. Good for you for keeping up with exercising, whatever helps for you.

Julie: I can just imagine that huge bowl of dough everywhere. I can eat sourdough as opposed to regular bread. Love the smell of fresh bread.

This ugly doll keeps staring at me! I'm calling her Helen after my aunt. Her head/chest was really too big for her cloth body and wobbled around so I squirted some gorilla glue in and now she's fine. Her wig is falling apart though. Don't want to spend much $ to get fake hair but my cleaning lady was telling me about some fake ponytails at target so hope to get there today. And I still need to make a bonnet for her. I just didn't want to give her away to a thrift store in her condition as it was my aunt's doll so I've been forcing myself to pretty her up. Little girls nowadays really don't want old dolls, so i doubt if my granddaughters will want her, but down the road I know she will be sitting on someone's bed. She's about 100 years old.


Hi, Kids,

We are in one of our cyclical issues in the hood. They come up every now and then and the newer people don't realize it's already been researched and figured out. It's the carport issue again and our mgr. doesn't know anything so he wants to reinvent the wheel and research it. I told Joe the legalities of the issue because I researched it and found the answer in a letter from an atty. a few years ago. The big board Secretary agrees with me. Smart woman! :) We now have term limits on condo board members in FL and I'm not for it. The old timers have answers and know a heck of a lot from experience. Fortunately, there are exceptions.

I decided to take the boxes of donations for the thrift shop down to my car. It was only 90 degrees out but I dragged myself up the stairs feeling as though I couldn't breathe. I'm glad to have them gone. Now, I can finish the job and get the stuff to the shop. I'm sooo exhausted from not sleeping well and really do think I'll need a nap today. I want to clean in here tomorrow and run to the store for stuff to eat and drink on Thurs. when I'm prepping for the colonoscopy. Think I can have Jello as long as it's not red or purple. I might have a cup of chicken bouillon. I'll be glad when it's over. Joe's jokes are getting worse as it nears.

Sun, I hope the shots work for you and I'm sorry the one you had has made you feel so lousy. I had a client in his 90's who had shingles in his scalp. He had a heck of a time. Doc was worried about the eruptions' being close to his eye. Both my eye doc and I have those ocular migraines. He gets them when he eats fake crab. Mine are of such short duration, and so rare, that I'm not interested in keeping a journal to see what triggers them. My doc's old machine took one pic of each eye but the new and improved version takes the photos by quadrant so he ends up with eight shots. Very enlarged and detailed. He said it's an amazing piece of equipment and does a lot of things. Poor old Helen. Guess if I were 100, I'd be in pretty bad shape too. Glad the doc got all your DMIL's cancer. Try to rest as your immune system is gearing up to fight shingles.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: I think we're both in the same shape from awful lack of sleep. Getting 3 hrs. Or so isn't doing it for me. It's been almost 2 mos. since I've had more than 5 at a stretch.

My FIL had shingles around his eye...scary. And I read that you can have internal shingles which feels like terrible back pain. I guess eventually it breaks out. I just took another tylenol and will hit the bed with my heating pads, etc. Good luck on your purging.....ugh. Another sleepless night for you. My SIL has a close friend who has to undergo this every 6 mos.

I ran to the library to return some thing and hit a few stores, but no luck on cheap hair pieces. I'll see if I can strategically glue what hair is left, otherwise I found a kind of scrunchy/bun on line, but it's from china and will take at least a month or more. I really want to get Helen finished and out of the way. I hate having anything hanging over me.

By the way, it's really cool and overcast this morning, big change from the heat we've been having.


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OMG, I sure have missed a bunch on the PORCH.

JULIE - I love your kitchen and the colors, just enough red for me. I am not a BIG red person but a little can go a long well, with your pots too and wall paper. Those kids sure are getting so grown up.. Thanks for posting them. Yes, I cannot even imagine losing a child at any stage but having to h carry it for almost 9 months and then losing it is very traumatising. When I was pregnant with #1, there was a girl who lost her baby almost at the end. It was so awful for her. My DIL lost a couple of pregnancies and it was terrible for both of them who love children, and have none. Recently she had a hysterectomy as she has always had a lot of problems with cyst, pain a lot of heavy bleeding etc.

SUN - Thanks for trying to post those short stories. I have read some of them but can never sit long enough to read it all and come back to the same place.

Not a whole lot going on here except for the usual stuff and trying to reach dr.s and make a new appt with a new Rheumy, The Rheumy I wanted to go to and the dr recommended also was not on my insurance. The Dermatologist thought it was OK but then turned out she was not in our network. That was the first time I have heard network in some time, So then I had to contact the dermatologist again who I go see next week. Then she sent me the name of this Rheumy but have not been able to get ahold of a real talking person at the office to try and make an appt. Will try again tomorrow in between al the rest of mu chores.

I am hesitant about the Shingles shot. Was exposed with my children and others who I baby sat and never got the chicken pox ,it... The old pneumonia shot gave me a very sore arm for along time and swollen lymph nodes. I have enough pain already. I know my brother had it a few years ago and also almost had soe complications.

Can't stay on here very long as I need to fix a quick dinner before we leave for a meeting.!!

Hi to Barry, Rock, MIKIE, SW and everydobby else I have forgotten at the moment or don't have the time to chat with.

LOve you all,
Granni :)
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