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PORCH 1154 IS NOW OPEN (9/10/19)

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Hi, Kids,

OK, Y'all know how I loves me my tech that makes life easier. Just saw something on Innovation Nation that blew my mind. It's a smart switch that needs no installation other than sticking it on to the toggle switch (also one for rocker switches which I have). No screws needed. There are two magnets that stick to the screws in the faceplate. You can touch it to turn things off or on or you can ask Alexa, or any other electronic personal aid, to turn things off and on. You can also turn it off and on from you cell phone from anywhere. Having a smart plug has been a life saver for me and I got it for only $5 on Black Friday. Don't think I need the smart switch but thought I'd share it with you guys in case it would make life easier for anyone else.

Joe just called to see how I'm feeling. He has been so sweet. Lots going on in the hood and there's a big board meeting on Wed. Don't know whether I'll go or not. Claudia will likely want to go. Gonna go make my broccoli soup. Maybe broccoli/cheese soup.

Love, Mikie
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Well, what a kawinkydink, Mikie. I'm on my way back to bed and book, but stopped by to tell folks that P. Allen is
on one of our local channels. Usually the program comes from his estate, but this one is from Holland, Michigan.
A Holland Festival is going on. Or more likely went on some spring ago. Anyhoo there are lots of tulips, a Dutch Mill, costumes and dancers. Looks like fun..

Oh yeah, Gordon told me not to bother looking for my passport anymore. It expired. And another goofy thing. The
bank told me you can't keep money in your safe deposit box. Why? Oh, the government doesn't like it. Kindofa
vague answer, huh? What is the purpose? Haven't we always been told sock some money away for a rainy day?

I've seen P. Allen with his chickens before. I think the ducks are even more interesting.

Cluck, Honk and Bye, Kids



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Rock: I also have an expired passport, but doubt about getting it renewed since I doubt very much if i would be needing it. Last November when I had to renew my DL I was told to bring everything for the SMART ID, which everyone will need by mid 2020. I thought I brought everything needed but didn't have anything to prove my married name. Good thing I didn't bother at that time because I heard someone from the California voting whatever on NPR recently and she said that california DMV was so screwed up that everyone who had applied for their Smart ID were called back to resubmit. So typical for government agencies.

You really do need ID set up at your bank to get $ out, just in case Gordon can't for some reason. Hope you guys have some plans in place......unexpected things do happen. As to safe deposit box, no one knows what you stick in there, not even the bank or the government.

Mikie: If i have to attach that device to turn off and on my lights, how will that help someone like me who doesn't have an Alexa or the right phone to do it?

I think I've got a cricket living in my left ear lately......the chirping is driving me crazy for over a week. I finally got used to the high pitched squeeks and whine in my right ear and now this! (*&^%$$#@!

It's going up to 100 again today. I had bought some large potted mums last week when it was cool and it's hard keeping the pots watered so I brought them close to my door and doused them good while they were standing in another container so they will soak up all the water. Hope I can keep them from wilting.


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Dear Ones,

Sorry I got on here so late. Always getting interrupted when I get on the computer and try and do to many things . Don't have to worry tonight about dinner as DH is taking me out. I have been fussing with laundry in between everything else. Now I have to go make the bed which is ow a big chore with the fatter mattress and tight sheets esp with the fitted bottoms. That is always a fight to the finnish to get them on right and I have enough pain already along with this burny itchiness is driving me nuts.

Glad to see so many Porchies visiting today but I read so fast not sure I retained much. BIG HI'S TO JULIE ,ROCK, MIKIE, BARRY, SUN , ET AL..Thanks also for the tips on stuff to put in tacos. I even had hard cheddar goat cheese and shredded it and that was so good in it. Of course picante sauce is a good thing too.

Sorry I have to run. Enjoy all your company. So much comings and goings at your house, JULIE. Your gang is getting so big now just as ours who are all grown up So glad MIKIE has no olypes. SUN - Hope you are feeling Ok and can do some artistic work. BTW, we can get and use avocados here all the time. I put them in my smoothies too most mornings if I have them. I only use a little of it.

This non artistic person must leave to go fight with or make the bed. I'm worn out already. Got up to early. I had forgotten to put out the box of donations and they sometimes come very early. Then tried to go back to sleep but that does not happen often.

Gotta run and get off this computer !
Granni :)


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Granni:. We can get avocados here also but they're from Peru. Take a look at the label on ones you buy.

OK.....hope this pic of Helen comes thru. She's going back in a box with bubble wrap around her face. I'm sick of looking at her!!!!IMG_4034.JPG


Hi, Kids,

Gonna be typing during commercial breaks. Started the next season of Mayans MC. It's violent but a really good series. Like all these shows, you have to suspend belief because no one could get into so many impossible scrapes and then get out of them. It's the scrapes and escapes that make it so good. Lots of suspense. The DEA and DOJ are portrayed as rotten as the motorcycle gangs, killers and drug dealers. Very difficult to keep track of all the twists and turns in the beginning. All four major networks have college football on. So glad God invented HULU.

I made my broccoli soup and it was good. I froze the rest of the broccoli to make soup later. I didn't want to make too much and have to throw half of it out. Girls texted me and we had a three-way text going. Such fun. Love my kids. I enjoyed cooking while Alexa played some Johnny Cash for me. Decided to just enjoy the day since I'm still not up to driving. It's been lovely.

Rock, my passport had lapsed too but I just sent it in with the paperwork and money and they sent me a new one. Passports are gold when it comes to ID's. Glad you found where you can watch P. Allen Smith. I love his shows.

Sun, the doll is beautiful. I assume you made her dress and bonnet. The switch would work if you touched it but not remotely without something like Alexa or a smart phone. Sounds as though you don't need these things but I did want to let everyone know about the switches. Seems as though most everything now is controlled through the smart phones. As I've said before, I don't like tech unless it serves a purpose. I have found multiple uses for the tech I have gotten and am grateful for all of it. Sorry about the chirping in your ear. Tinnitus drives me nuts. If I put a piece of my old Klonopin under my tongue, it helps with it. So does a bit of CBD. Hope it gets better.

Granni, how sweet of DH to take you out for dinner. You deserve it. You work so hard. The sheets I bought after Hurricane Irma have pockets that are too deep and they don't stay on. I need to get those things that hold them in place. The design on them that I love is fading. I hate to see that happen. Enjoy your din din.

Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend. Wishing everydobby good health, peace, no pain and NRG.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Gang

Mikie, am reading Beantown Girls. I cleverly figured out the title. They're from Boston. Great story. Author Jean
Healey has another book about immigrants to America In the early 1900s. Tried to see if our library has it,
but didn't get very far with that. Title is Saturday Night Girls Club. I read a buncha comments by readers on
the net. Comments were 50-50 as to the book's merits.

Sun, Helen is beautiful. When I was a kid a couple of my relatives had good sized dolls they had made that sat
on their bedspreads. As I recall the dolls were all white. Crocheted maybe? You are just a ball of creative talent.

Yes, no one knows what you put in your safe deposit box, but if you die and the key isn't found, the box might
need to be cut open and, depending on circumstances, the bank officials and or cops might be present. I'd hate
to have saving confiscated for some goofy infraction.

Granni, I agree with you about fatter mattresses and tight fitting sheets. Gordon bought some new sheets that
look like they are made out of aluminum and you have to wrestle to get them on the bed. Actually they don't even
feel like they are made out of cloth. I think maybe they are part aluminum.

Here's a list of things you can put in tacos: gum balls, ice cream, Oreos, pizza, Mars bars and Jello salad. You know
what they say in the cookbooks: Be Creative. I bet DH would be surprised.

Going back to bed. Hugs and Tacos to all. Rock
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