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PORCH 1155 IS NOW CLOSED (9/15/19)

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Hi, Mikie, My message didn't cut off; Gordon interrupted me. Now he's on the phone to our
bank. I hope we don't have to go to the Soc Sec Office. Lines to get into the DMV, certain
courthouses when there's a popular trial, etc. have lines that require you to wait for an hour
or more to get in. Then you can get into another line. Used to be that way all the time at the
DMV, but it's better now since you have an appointment. You might still wait for hours though.

I'm sure you'll get to see part two of the Country Music program The first part was on 3 times
here last night.

Sun, I agree. Ken Burn's best documentary was the Civil War. Partly due to Jay Unger, the
composer of Ashoken Farewell. You can hear the tune played by everything from a solo
cello to a full orchestra on Youtube. Somebody also wrote lyrics for it.

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Rock:. If you want to send a private message you have to go up to where the "envelope" is on the top right, put in the person's name, you may have to scroll up and down because I think there are other "sunflowers" then you can post. Sorry for your SS card being lost or misplaced. Mine never did show up and that's worrisome. I do hope you can get the SS office to issue a new one. I had totally forgotten that I had been scammed. I learned my lesson and now keep those important cards, safe deposit box extra key, birth certificate, etc. in a hard plastic sleeve, taped shut so it won't come out on it's own. I still need to make an appt. with DMV (sigh) to get a "real ID" and I think that's going to run around $25 or more. I think all states are requiring this by Oct 2020. This is for ID.....don't know if it's incase you fly or not. I'll have to read up more on it. Maybe it would be easier to apply for a new passport since mine expired 2018.....blast.....wish I had thought about it earlier then I could still have renewed it.

Mikie: I live all my life now with neck pain, so I sympathize with you. You got a trigger point. Work your neck muscles.

Rock: I see you just posted. Ashoken Farewell is my all time absolute favorite music ever, after Gone with the wind theme. Makes me cry everytime I hear it. I had a great grandfather who was a country doctor in Virginia in the heart of battles during the civil war. He died from thyphus. I was soooooo into reading about the civil war when a teenager, could name all the battles, where they took place, all the generals, etc. Now I can hardly remember anything about it.
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JULIE - Wow, you sure do alot for those Amish families. Bless you kiddo but don't wear yourself out. Couldn't the midwife go to their home to deliver the baby? Anyway I hope that all goes well for mama and baby but in the middle of the night. How far did you have to drive to drop off other baby and such? Den must be very obliging. Don;t think my DH would be thrilled at the idea of me to doing all that in the middle of the night and in the fog yet !! Let us know how it all went with the new baby. You don't hear that often but a friend of mine's grand daughter and husband was living with them for awhile and still is. She also wanted to have the baby naturally and did at her house, by a midwife who came to their home. It was also a water birth, in a tub, which I had heard of but never seen or knew anyone who had done so. All turned out well for them.

MIKIE - I hope that you get to have your nice nap. I have not really been sleeping that great either really and up every 2 hrs or so to go to the bathroom. I also take something as does DH but I think I need more than that and am afraid to take two of them. A few years ago my naturopath told me to take Source Naturals Nights Rest with Melatonin. Not sure it is doing very well for me now but better than nothing. I hate to take so much stuff. I have enough problems,. I;m going to see her again . Maybe I will ask for another suggestion along with everything else. Sorry the anesthesia seemed to throw you completely off cycle.. Hope it gets better soon.

Yes, forgiveness and forgetting is so very hard. Not quite sure who is at fault in my case with my brothers family, and SIL and esp the eldest niece. I even sent her a letter after she unfriended me on FB trying to explain my situation. Wel, i guess she has had none of it. I might even be somewhat to blame due to the way I feel but.. It is also so hard living out of state. I may nit have called them but they never called us either.

Knowing my brother he always tried to keep the peace. I was the one most of the time who said when can I come to visit. I had sent cards to the eldest children when they were born but then left ot the last one. I kept forgetting and now the little girl is to big to send a baby gift or any gift.. I don't even have a list anymore of when they were born, It is sad but there seemed to be little interest on the their side either. I do get to see some of the family though n FB that have not unfriended me. I usually write little things when they send pics on FB and if anything they just like my posts, I sent them texts, the SIL and two daughters to tell them I was thinking of them all on about the anniversary of his death. The youngest niece at least texted back, thank you and I thin so did the SIL but have not heard anything from the eldest niece at all. I can't get ahold of the nephew as I have no email or phone numbers for him. My cousin with whom we have grown up pretty close and no longer lives in NY either feels the same way about them as I do and will never go back there from something that was said to him on one of his visits. He is a retired Dr. and a man of great moral stature. It is easier said then done but it is hard to deal with something like that when you never see them. When I didn't get to the funeral I somehow knew that would be a bad thing with trying to ever get together with them again.

Sorry for all my WHINING and venting !!!!

Went with DH to the dermatologist for him today and in two days I go for myself. She looked over all his moles and whatever there are all over his back and chest especially and froze some tags that were annoying. Then while looking at his face she saw something that wa questionable by his ear. So she just saved off a small area to biopsy. She said it might not be anything but wanted to make sure. So one more thing to think about !!

Love to everydobby inc SUN, ROCK, SW, JULIE, BARRY et al,
Granni :)


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Granni: Has it already been a year since he passed? After a year, you really do need to let this all go, your SiL and her family has made it clear to you. Yes, I'm sure it hurts but all this is doing is upsetting you, I doubt if your SIl is bothered by you feeling bad.

I don't have a perfect "father knows best" family, and at times I get really down, but I have to get it out of my thinking otherwise I can get really depressed. You have family around you, so enjoy what you do have. We can't have everything.


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Wow...lots of posts to catch up on. I'll do my best.

Spring, your hubby has such an interesting occupation...lots of travel which means lots of gifts and requests. Probably impossible to keep the doggies feet clean when it's raining so much. I let the housework go for a couple of weeks while working in my parents' trailer...oh my goodness, the dog hair, etc. that accumulated...just from one Oreo, lol!

Rock, yep...that's just a small portion of the grass that I mow. I like having a big yard when I have time and energy to keep it trimmed. I hope you can get the SS card taken care of without too much trouble...sounds like you've had plenty enough trouble already. Standing in line for an hour, just to get to stand in another line...oh my. One of the benefits of small towns, I guess...hardly ever a wait at all. Except for grocery stores or Wal Mart...but other offices, etc. are pretty quick to get in and out of.

Mikie, so glad you've had the forgiving breakthroughs. You're right...we should at least do it for us, if not for the other person. I feel like I've forgiven people...I've even forgiven Den's sis. But that doesn't mean either one of us wants anything to do with her...she has some spiritual darkness that I would just rather not be around. Nobody but me, or possibly some of her five husbands and "too many to count" boyfriends really knows the things she's done or is capable of...I went alone to take care of her many times...I saw things that nobody else did. So, I can forgive her and pray that she gets herself right with God...but that's the extent of it.

Granni...yep, just gotta let things go, concerning your brother's family. You know your heart and that you would have liked to be able to do more, but you also know what your limitations were/are.

I'm probably forgetting some friends on here...Barry and Star...are you guys ok?

I wish I could give you all some of the peace that I've rediscovered in the past few weeks. I guess one could say this is a "season of joy" for me, and I very much look forward to the future. Maybe it's just "life on the farm" that makes me so content right now. All the years of living under my MIL's thumb, then dealing with Den's sis while we took care of Grandpa, worrying about and taking care of my parents...perhaps I was under so much stress for so many years that I feel such a weight lifted, finally. Things can happen in an instant to change our lives...but in this moment I am possibly the happiest I have ever been. Thankfully, my brain fog gives me a poor memory of the "bad years", but I have lots of pictures and reminders of the good times. It's not that I don't care about the political stuff, or climate change, or people who are suffering...but I help the ones I can, pray for everyone I know about, and leave it all in God's hands.

Sorry, don't mean to be so Pollyanna-ish about anything...I've just been so sick, sad, stressed for longer than anyone probably realizes...and it's just so nice to feel hopeful and happy again. Having Den retired and home a lot is the icing on the cake, lol! I'm so glad he retired when he did...you could almost see the stress sliding right off him.

Okay, so about the Amish neighbors. I probably haven't been very clear when talking about them. These people are more like family than "just neighbors." This neighborhood includes the folks who set up meal schedules (home cooked meals four nights a week for several weeks) when the twins were born (for Lindsey's family and for Den and me.) They are the ones who came and helped out when Lindsey, David, Den and I were trying to "keep it together" while feeding, doing laundry, dishes, all that stuff on very little sleep (David and Den had to go to work, but did what they could.) Some of the girls even came in the middle of the night to give us breaks since we were "the city that never sleeps, lol!" So, I don't give it any thought at all when helping them out...it is as natural as doing something for any of our kids or grandkids.

Yes, they use phones...several have phone booths within walking distance. Some, who need them for business, even have cell phones. Edna Marie called awhile ago to see if she could call me to take her to the midwife...she also had other regular drivers lined up, but I live the closest. (I was "first call" for their other baby, too...but I had the flu when they called and didn't want to give it to anyone, so they got someone else.) My neighbor, Lorene (with the three girls and little boy who just turned one) had a midwife who does house calls. Edna Marie's midwife (and this lady's sister) live about 15 miles away and have their house all set up for giving birth (they even have a room that they air condition with the help of a generator.) And other rooms for the dads (or other people who are along with the mama) to rest, give the moms some privacy or whatever...set up kind of like a hospital or clinic...

So, I was expecting the call. And I knew we'd have to drop the older baby off somewhere (Edna Marie's parents...the parents live about a half mile up the road from us and Edna Marie and her little family live another mile on farther.) Then the expectant dad's parents live in the direction of the midwife so we stopped to let them know what was going on. The kids left messages for both of their families when the baby was born, so everyone knew right away (as soon as they checked the voice mail, lol) what was happening.

I dropped them off at the midwife's around 3:30 am and baby Lyle was born around 7:30. It was in the 90's today, so they rested there awhile before calling me to come get them (sometime around 5:00 pm.) I picked them up (about a twenty minute drive from my house) and we stopped back by Edna Marie's parents to pick up her younger sister to go home with them to help out. And of course, the whole family had to peek in and admire the new addition. Edna Marie has three sisters and eight brothers, so she's been around lots of babies...but since they don't stay in the hospital like most "non-Amish" do, she needs a "maid" or two to help out for a couple weeks.

The dad tried to pay me, but I told him we would just call the "taxi service" their baby gift. I would do anything for this group of neighbors...and I think they would do anything for us. Edna Marie's dad got a crew together to come work on our new house when Den was sick (when he was in A-fib and had his thyroid removed...and I wouldn't let him get up on the roof.) A whole bunch of Amish guys worked all day and didn't charge us a thing.

Anyway, hope that helps explain our relationships...yes, their religion has "rules" that the whole church is expected to follow, not unlike food restrictions of some religions, etc. And yes, I tell them all the time that they all need to carry a cell phone or at least have access to a phone (close by) in case of emergency. And, no, I could never live the way they do...no electricity (but they do have battery and generator operated things like fans, etc.) no TV (not that we watch it a lot, but like to have that choice.) I wouldn't want to do without a computer, washer and dryer (even though I hang almost all our wet clothes on the line) microwave, pictures all over the house of family and friends, etc., etc. I'm sure many of them wish they could be more modern, but all in all, their simple life serves them well.

Gonna get to bed now and see if I can sleep. I don't think my insomnia is due to light coming in the bedroom...we have black out curtains and the light doesn't seem any stronger (but I do like getting up in the night and having the whole world lit up, lol) I think it has something to do with the moon's pull and how some of us react to it. Chiro and massage tomorrow and Den is going in to his part time job.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Finally, a decent night's sleep. I wonder whether SV has a good knight's sleep. :) Next Tuesday, Barb, Claudia and I are going to take in the new Downton Abbey movie. Can't wait. I'm going over to the pool this morning and then will get into the shower and head to Publix. I have my skin check tomorrow which I hate worse than a colonoscopy. Still haven't made an appt. for my lab work and I need to do that. Geez! I'm sick of medical appointments; however, I do feel blessed to have such good healthcare here.

Rock and Sun, the easiest way to send a private message is to put the cursor over the intended person's avatar. A little box will appear and all you need do is click on 'Start A Conversation.' Easy peasy! We have long lines at the DMV during the winter season but otherwise, it's not bad. The worst thing is getting all the paperwork together for these new Real ID's. After I got my passport renewed and got the new license, I was able to renew it online. I don't know whether I'll be able to do that again or whether I'll have to get the passport renewed to get another Real ID license. This is all due to 9/11 and tightened homeland security. It hit older people like me hardest because we may not have the paperwork and it hit women harder because we change our names when we marry. The Ken Burns specials are so good and move so fast that they don't get boring. They are so wide in scope that it's difficult to keep track of everything and can be watched over and over. His format is genius because it brings history alive. I think the use of actors to give voice to historical figures is the trick. With the country music special, there are so many people still alive, and there is footage of some who have passed, it is even more real.

Granni, I see no fault in your missing your brother's service. We tend to feel guilty when our health keeps us from doing things but it isn't our fault. We deal the best we can with our limitations. Sometimes, we have to put our own well-being ahead of things we would like to do but just can't. It wasn't your fault and you reached out. It is the others who are hanging onto their own hurt and you have done all you can. Sweetie, about all you can do is just pray they let go of it for their own good. People in pain will often find someone else to blame for their own pain and it appears that is what has happened with your family. I'm so sorry because my cousins on my Mom's side do the same thing. I only have a few cousins left but it is their choice. Like you, I've reached out. Life is so short--too short to hold grudges and I feel sorry for anyone who does that. Barb, next door, did that after her DH died and she had a stroke. Then, she had a heart attack and fell and broke her femur before she finally got rid of her anger. Thank God she finally did. Sometimes that kind of anger can take years and I hope your family lets go of theirs. Has anyone there talked about that storm coming your way? I hope it doesn't amount to much and doesn't cause you problems.

Julie, it sounds as though you and your neighbors really take care of one another. That's what we do here in the hood. I'm like you; I don't think I could live without at least some modern comforts but I don't judge those who choose to live without them. It's good to know they have some access to phones. Do any of the young ones take their year of living a modern life before deciding to live the Amish way? I can see the appeal of the peaceful simplified life but I like to take advantage of all the conveniences I have. They make it easier to navigate with all these illnesses. I am trying to simplify my life a bit but mostly from belongings. I am so happy for you that you have found a Season of Joy in your life. I know the last years have been very stressful for you. You deserve the happiness; enjoy every minute of it. I am determined to enjoy my life and I try to find happiness in the simple things every day. I feel so blessed and grateful for everything. Happiness comes from within even when things are rough and the world is a mess. There is always something to be grateful for and some humor to be found. There are also silver linings in everything.

Well, Kids, time to bid y'all adieu. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just got back from the pool. Was over there a long time but it was wonderful. The air is dry here today and it's sunny. Claudia, Barb and I made our plans to go to the movie on Tues. Can't wait. It's getting good reviews from those who have seen it prior to it's nationwide opening this Fri. Gonna go get into the shower so I can make my run to Publix. Hope all y'all are having a great day.
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Good morning! 67 degrees, but I'm not going to even bother opening windows...our high is to be in the 90's. I remember being in Belize all those times, and dealing with the high temps and humidity...and no A/C, of course. So miserable, but we were so busy with construction and medical teams and going to villages ourselves...we just didn't have time to think about it very much. Now, if I have enough energy to stay busy outside, I'm fine...until I come in to cool off. If I sit down too long, it's all over, lol! Today, when I get back from the chiro, I plan to get back on the mower. Some of the neighbors mow towards the end of the week (the Amish don't do anything like that on Sundays, of course) but I like to get it done the first of the week (same with the bulk of the laundry) then I can focus on other things and not even think about if the weather will cooperate. I still need to get the rest of the stuff out of my parents' trailer (sounds like a broken record, huh?) but don't want to bring more over to the house than I can deal with at a time. And I don't want to load the van with donations until the day before or actual day I'm going to town (might have another baby to bring home, lol!)

Den has long gone to work, but only staying half days this week on the days he works...no air in the new house they're working on, so he's just going in during the cooler hours. He has to coordinate his electrical work with the other crews...hanging sheetrock, etc., etc. He's not inclined to work on the patio roof this week, that metal roof gets too hot. But I think he's figured out how to make the roof lines match up (or at least look like they do ;))

I'm wrapping up the last two loads of laundry...lots of extra towels and bedding from having three gals for company, lol! If I get them hung out before I leave, they'll be plenty dry when I get home. And will take coolers and plenty to drink today. When you live in the "Boonies" it pays to plan as carefully in the hot weather as in the winter...even though I'm more chicken in the winter to drive on some of our hilly gravel roads.

Mikie, thanks for the tip on communicating with each other...I hadn't even realized that and had been doing it the "click on the envelope" way. Glad you and SV got better sleep last night. I did too, but will be glad to have my chiro get my neck and back adjusted...falling flat on my back while trying to "save" the volleyball was not a good move. Also discovered muscles that should be getting worked/stretched more often, lol!

I'm sure some of the Amish young people do take the "Rumspringa", but none of our closest neighbors have done that. One of the boys did completely leave the church and went out West to run the rodeo circuit. He got bucked off a bull or horse and ended up dying from his injuries. The family was there and met several of his friends...so sad, but could have happened to anyone. I had always heard the family couldn't communicate at all with the ones who left the church, but that's not true.

The movie date sounds like lots of fun. The "skin appt." does not, lol! I need to make an appointment with the dermatologist that Amy works for, to have some of my "spots" checked out. I want to go when she will be there, though. Have to check and see if they are in our allowed group (can't think of the word, lol) so insurance will help with it.

I'd better get myself in gear...listening for the washer to finish so I can get the second load of sheets going. And need to shower, etc. This week, so far, is a "two shower a day" week...here, I am, whining about a little heat when many of you deal with it year round...sorry. Hope everyone has a good enough day...take care!


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Morning Folks, I agree. Small towns are the best places to live. Less traffic, crowds, crime, illegal immigrants, corrupt politicians,
and businesses to avoid. More friends, relatives, and folks who will give you a helping hand when you need one. The schools
are not crowded, people speak English and a church supper has tastier food than most big city restaurants. Rent and houses are
cheaper, taxes are lower, there are fewer restrictions about almost everything. And few or none with the parking meters. Car and
home insurance are cheaper.

Only a few more pages to go in the Beantown book. Best book I've read in a long time. Gets harder and harder to find a good
book. I have some I may never read on hold at the library. Sometimes have to wait several months to get a book by a popular

Mikie, will try the "over the avatar" method next time I send a PM. Never heard of a skin check. Is it done by a person, a team, or a
machine? If it's a machine is it nick named Skinny Minnie? Regarding Sir Vester's sleep reminds of the Goodnight Sisters in Fanny
Flagg's books about "Standing In The Rainbow". Fanny's small towns have lots of colorful characters like Tot Wooten who has
the only beauty shop in town. My home town was the same. My mother didn't think much of Alice B's hair styling. Preferred to
have her friend Phyllis do the job with a Toni Home Permanent. Phyllis had worked in some beauty parlor in a pretty big town.
She paid her fees or dues or whatever every year even though she no longer worked. She said if Gunnar died she could get a
job as long as he had those fees paid.

Julie, I wouldn't dare to run a big mower although I used to mow lawns with a push mower when I was a kid.

Oops, Gordoni needs the machine. Talks at ya later.
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Hi, Kids,

Just got outta the tub. Tomorrow is my skin check so I wanted to soak and put some balm on my dried old skin. Decided to wait until the morrow to shower and do my hair. I hit the wall and had to lie down for a very quick snooze. DSIL sent a text with a pic of him holding his new dish towel. Based on his smile, I think he likes it. It's these silly little things our family loves.

Rock, I grew up in a small college town with about 35,000 people. Not really small but not big either. It was a very white bread town. It was a great place to grow up but it was not culturally diverse except for the visiting professors at the university. In Europe, one hears a bunch of different languages and most people there speak at least several. I like that. It makes for a richer mix. I think if a person is going to live in another country, he or she should learn the language. There are Cubans in Miami who have lived their for decades and never learned English. They don't have to. Everything in their hoods is spoken and written in Spanish. Signs in Europe are often in more than one language too. I don't mind govt. publications in English and Spanish. It takes time to become fluent.

I love small towns. The one in NE where my Mom grew up is a lovely place, like the one Fannie Flagg wrote about. I think there are positive things about the big city and the small town. I like it here because we have a lot of art and culture even for a small area. We also have excellent docs and medical facilities. As Goldilocks would say, "It's just right." Skin checks mean you strip down naked as a jaybird and someone goes over you looking for skin cancer. It's usually a physicians asst. Because both DD's have had melanomas removed, it is important that I go get it done once a year. There are other forms of skin cancer that are dangerous too. So glad to see you here. I assume, and hope and pray, your computer is cooperating.

Julie, I'm glad you got better sleep too. It wasn't enough to last me the whole day, especially after walking and jogging in the pool for an hour and a half, but it's better than it's been. I can't believe how hot it is there. In CO too. It's normal for us but not you guys. We also plan what we are going to do in the heat. I feel for Den's and your having to do things out in it. I'm sorry for your volleyball injury. I played into my 40's but quit. Used to play on our company's team in a league in the business park. That was rough and competitive volleyball but lots of fun. Playing on your beautiful grass sounds a lot more inviting. That's interesting about the Amish and their Rumpspringa. Sad about the kid who died so young. It's always sad to lose kids.

My Medicare Advantage Plan is with the biggest insurance co. so there are a lot of good docs in their network. I'm in an HMO and have never had a problem getting in to see specialists as long as I check to make sure they are in the network and I get a referral from my PCP. Don't need them for the dermatologist, the gyno or the eye doc. Next week, I have to get my kidneys x-rayed and go to the lab. Then, in Oct., I see the urologist and eye doc. I think after that, I can relax for a while. Joe and I have been talking about when we are gonna stop getting some of the screenings done. Think we will only get one more colonoscopy because colon cancer is so slow growing. Will have to keep getting my eyes checked, my teeth cleaned, my kidney stones checked and my Dexascan for osteopenia. Hope the chiro helped you.

The shadows are growing long on the grass. It's sooo beautiful outside. This morning at the pool was beautiful too. Great way to start the day. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Good evening...back from town and worn out, lol! Chiro was a little surprised that I played volleyball...guess he doesn't think of me as being very active? Glad I went for a treatment...he worked things over good, then did some stuff with my lymph nodes (popped my ears, massaged my sinuses) and they really started draining. The massage was wonderful...I think I'm back to pretty good shape, but have a headache from being in and out of the heat for so long. Took so long with errands, etc. that I got back later than I had planned...didn't even look at the lawn mower. I'll do some more of that tomorrow while Den is at work.

Den helped me unload groceries...supper was a deli chicken that I had picked up, and some leftovers from the weekend. I grabbed the sheets off the line, fed the garage cats, picked up apples that dropped today...and now I'm ready for some couch time. Figured I'd better visit now since I'll probably crash and burn by bedtime.

Mikie and Rock, our whole county has a population of just under 9,000...the town where we do most of our shopping, doctoring, nursing home where my parents lived, etc. has around 24,500. If we really want to "live it up" we can travel a couple of hours to Des Moines, but I'm happy to live just where we are.

Have a good night, everyone...sweet dreams, and all that. :)


Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Got another decent night's sleep. I needed it. I watched the third installment of the country music special on PBS but fell asleep sometime during the second hour. They repeat the show and I woke in the second showing about where I fell asleep in the first one. It was all about Hank Williams. Such a talent and such a tragic figure. Hard to believe there are still five installments because the show is already up to the late forties. A lot has happened since then I guess. The show will not come up to the present because Ken Burns says his programs are historical. Just as well because, like with pop music, I don't care for the new stuff. The old country songs can bring tears to my eyes. Used to be a joke--What do you get if you play a C&W record backward? You get your girl back, you get your pickup truck back...

Julie, that massage sounds so wonderful and healing. I massage my lymph nodes because of the Sjogren's. I should try massaging my sinuses; they are always plugged at least somewhat. I have found that when I drive through farm country, I start to lose the tension of the city. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I can understand the appeal. At this point, it would be a real hardship to have to drive much distance to doctor appointments or for shopping. I like the convenience of living in our hood here because it is so handy to everything. We are kind of a little jewel tucked away off the beaten path. Still, as this area grows, we get the traffic problems on our main roads. During the summer, I shop early to avoid the heat. During the winter, I shop early to avoid the Snowbirds. There is a lot to be said for liking where one lives. I'm spoiled living here but, like with everything, it's not for everyone. The hurricanes alone would be enough to discourage some.

I loaded the dishwasher because I'm about out of silverware. I washed several of the glass vases that I keep in the armoire. One of my neighbors had a stroke and called me yesterday. I knew nothing about it. Gonna pick up some flowers and take them to her in one of the vases when I get home from the doc and Publix. She is 91 years old and has looked the same ever since I've lived here. She is always coiffed, made up and dressed beautifully. She is the one who organizes the luncheons. She has outlived a bunch of husbands and survived a lot of health problems. She's like Barb, she has nine lives. I hope to continue to live independently like that til the good Lord calls me home. We have lost so many people here in the hood. I really need to get out and meet the newer ones. Joe knows them all. If I feel up to it, I'm gonna go to the big board meeting this evening. I'm gonna sit in the back and likely leave early. I need to look at the agenda to see what will be discussed and where the items are on the list.

Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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Beautiful morning in my part of God's Country...or as the news channel calls it "The Heartland." Only 70 degrees right now, so I opened the windows...but our predicted high will be 88, so it looks like another A/C day. Today is Amy and Clinton's 9th wedding anniversary. Keira was the flower girl and one of Clinton's grandsons was the ring bearer. The "kids" have come a long ways in 9 years...building a family together, overcoming lots of "obstacles".

I woke up before Den this morning...rare thing. Reached over to see if he was okay and startled him...he either didn't set his alarm or turned it off and fell back to sleep. Ragweed season is hard on him, too...he said he didn't sleep very well..."head gunk." I have a sinus headache, even though I rinsed my sinuses before I went to bed (Den refuses to do that, lol!) May need to get some steam going and rinse again. Spraying colloidal silver usually helps too, but I forgot to do that last night.

I've done my little bit of chores already...Oreo's been fed and out to potty, Peace Sign's been fed and inside to "explore and chill" a bit, garage cats are eating breakfast. I was watering flowers (still in my PJ's) when Lorene's family went by...they are attending a wedding today. Their 288 quart canning jars should arrive at my house today (I ordered for them online)...I think I'll just have the delivery guy load them directly into my van and I can run them to Lorene's when they get home.

Granni, I think you asked how far apart we live? We live about a quarter mile down the lane from the main gravel road. The lane curves to go to our house, but if you go straight, Lorene and family live about another quarter mile farther on. If I'm driving my van to their house, I go back to the curve and follow the lane down. If I'm walking or on the Gator or mower, I cut across our big west yard to get onto the lane, then it's not as far. We can see each other's houses from certain parts of our yards, but the old two story farmhouse (where we used to live) blocks most of the view of Lorene's house from our house.

Mikie, glad you're sleeping better. How nice of you to take flowers to your neighbor, and repurpose a vase in the process. Den and I have talked about what we'd each do if the other dies first. He would need a cook, but I would need a handyman (or two or three, lol!) I'm not sure either one of us would look for a new companion, but one never knows, I guess. I sometimes have success with massaging my own lymph nodes...watched a video Sun recommended...it takes awhile to do it myself...not the "instant results" like when the chiro does it, lol!

My "sister" in Belize has a daughter who lives in Lakeland...She messaged me the other day that she was coming over to visit her daughter and family (arriving yesterday). Wanted us to go down while she was in the States...we would love to do that some day, but just not in the "money or time budget" this year. And would be more fun to do so at a time when her husband was along...I think she's just here to watch the two grandchildren while her daughter and hubby go on a cruise. We've found that many of our Belizean friends don't realize how big the United States is...one of them thought he could walk from the east coast to Iowa.

Moving a little slow today...I always do, the day after "town day", lol! To think I used to be able to work full time, run two Girl Scout troops, manage a household, etc., etc...well, those were the "good ole' days"...now, we're in our Golden Years. These days it is hard for me to be gone from home two days in a row. But, I have lots of things to do...fold and put away laundry, remake guest beds, load and run the dishwasher (several times a week, here) and, of course, mow when the grass dries enough. I guess it doesn't matter how long it takes...the main thing is to just keep plugging along, true?

A big hello to everyone...Star, Barry, Spring, Rock, Sun...Duckie, if you pop in...I wonder what's going on with S-Elaine (Granni or anyone, have you heard anything?) and Dar (Rock, weren't you and Gordon in touch with her?) I see Lilaclover on facebook once in awhile and am also fb friends with one of her sons. So many people come and go...hope they are all okay. My "steam" water is boiling, so I'd best go do that. Take care, everyone!


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Good morning dear Porchies,

Gee, the Porch sure has been busy lately with lots of posts even though missing some dear ones. Have a 1 pm appt this afternoon with the Dermatologist. Not sure if and when she will want to see me again or maybe I will be going to see both her and the Rhematologist in Oct. Trying to get this appt over with with all the rain from this storm Humberto or something lie that. The coast is getting it now and it is slowly moving towards us . I called this am to see if they had any cancellations so we could go in early. I guess not as it just rang and I left a message. Hope it doesn't hit s until at least we get home, So far we haven't had much of anything. Had a bit of rain on and off yesterday too..

Thanks everydobby, I know you are right about letting go but it is so hard esp when I only had one brother. Not that we really did a whole lot together except family stuff. He was also fairly quiet and did not really complain or say much about anything if it was bothering him. His wife and daughters esp the eldest one is the one that I think did most of that.. I do feel bad that I have been rather " preoccupied" for lack of the right word. Feeling bad all the time I had a hard time with birthdays and such keeping up with that stuff. I don't even have all the dates of my nieces and nephews births let alone their children. My brother wa not much of a caller and so neither was I but I tried to the lat few years at least called or texting for birthdays. When I did call his wife was either not around to talk to or he just said she wasn't. I do not like confrontation so after that falling out shall we say I did mostly texting as I do not like any confrontation in case his wife answered. I am guessing we both are to blame but I did try. I know the kids probably got an earful of how awful I or we were, We all now how it feels when you feel terrible all or most of the time. Sorry for the pity party again but I am trying to get it out of my mind. No one understands about how people feel unless they feel awful almost all the time and then try and just " go along as usual and do everything needed in everyday life"

So nice to hear from everyone or almost !! I need to go and fix some lunch so we can go to the Dr and try and get there a little early. Glad it is no later than 1 pm. Our normal storms usually happen in late afternoon but then this is something else with that HUmberto or whatever its name is..

JULIE - So nice to hear from you and all your doings even though you are not doing anything that unusual. Sorry you cannot meet your sister from Belize since she is coming to the states but hopefully you can do it soon again when her husband is along and you can all get together. Happy Anniversary also to Amy and Clinton. I saw that on FB. Hope the chiro was very helpful this time.

MIKIE - Glad you got a fairly good nights sleep. Every little bit helps. Have you gone to that movie yet with your friends? Which one was it? Haven't been in such a long time.

Gotta run for now,

Love to awl,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...ow, ow, ow! I'm back from the dermatologist. Good news is that there are no signs of skin cancer. Bad news is that she froze a couple of spots on my face and one under my boob. The one under the boob is just a rough spot of skin that gets irritated by bras and sweat. I've taken two acetaminophen to stop the pain. This woman is the nicest person in the world. She is always upbeat and very competent. DOF went to her and she said to tell him hi. That will make his day.

Julie, I just read in USA Today that heat is threatening the corn crop. Don't know whether they meant now or in the near future. It is already 87 out. It was 83 when I arrived at the doc's place. The sun just burns into the skin. Of course, I had on no makeup because it was a skin check. I had to leave without my bra because of the pain of that skin that was frozen off. I came right home and likely won't go out to Publix as planned. Fortunately, I have food in the freezer. Lakeland is inland. I always used to wonder why anyone would move to FL and not live by the water and beaches. Then, I drove into the farm and ranch areas inland and they are beautiful. Up near Ocala, it's horse country and gorgeous. The only area in the state that has some rolling hills.

Don't know whether you remember a woman named, Spacey, who used to post about transfer factors. She lived in Lake Wales inland. We private messaged one another and were good friends. All of a sudden, her messages stopped. It has bothered me ever since because I worry that something happened to her. I think of Dar because her daughter was so sick. I often wonder how she is. It was awful when we lost our dear Diane and I still miss her. Never did hear from Kevin to see how he's doing. I wonder how her three fur babies are doing. We don't have a ragweed season down here in the jungle. My allergies are problems all year long. Hope you and Den don't have too much trouble with it.

Granni, that storm is dumping on the TX coast. I hope you and your family are okay. We have one storm that will become a hurricane off our East Coast. It is supposed to turn out to sea. There is another depression coming off of Africa. Early plots have it turning to the north before getting here. I hope the plotters are correct. We are in the peak of hurricane season. I think there have been ten named storms so far. My friends and I will be going to see Downton Abby The Movie next Tuesday. It opens this Fri. The last one we took in was Mama Mia. It's so nice to go to a matinee where most of the folks are older like us and respectful. They aren't on their phones during the movie. Letting go and forgiving is a long process. I learned about my biological father fifty years ago. My ex and I divorced thirty years ago. It's one of those 'fake it til you make it' deals. It starts with the intent to forgive and let go. Then it goes to verbalizing it. It helps to pray for everything, especially peace in our hearts. Everyone's experience is different. I know you and I know that you have always been a kind and caring person, doing the best you can under the same limitations as the rest of us. Other people can't possibly understand what we go through. We have to forgive them for not being more understanding and sympathetic. We have to forgive ourselves for having to miss out on things we would like to do but can't. Don't know why we feel guilty but we just do. Regardless of how much progress we make, I do think it's well worth the effort.

I enjoy being single even though I've had a couple of men in my life that I thought might be suitable marriage partners. I just couldn't get to that point. Once bitten, twice shy? I don't know. Think I've mentioned that I've heard God speak to me. Once I was wondering why I was still single after so many years. God's voice said, "Because you still had work to do and you couldn't do it if you were with someone." It startled me because I wasn't especially wanting to marry. I was just musing about it. Now that I've had the blessing of the amazing ability to fully forgive my ex and father, I understand what that important work was. I wonder whether it is my dharma or reason for this lifetime. Regardless, I'm glad I made the effort because my spirit rejoices and it has lifted a huge load off my shoulders. I hope and pray for this kind of joy for everyone.

BTW, a member has posted on the FMS board. I have invited her to join us here. Perhaps someone else would also like to leave a response and invite her to join us. She is the wife of our much loved Billcamo who sadly passed away. Hope all y'all are getting over the hump okay.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Been up for some hours. Tried to post, but the computer said a driver was not functioning. I didn't know
computers had drivers. I wonder what kind. Minnie Driver. Golf driver. Auto driver. Screw driver. Bus
driver, etc. Gordon said, "Drivers make computers work," or something like that. Anyhoo he got rid of
the driver problem. This wretched computer reminds me of the Smother Brothers. It likes Gordon better.
Somewhat off topic, but have you seen Tommy Smothers impersonate Johnny Carson? He doesn't talk;
just moves exactly like Johnny. Also a whiz with a yoyo.

Mikie, your "small town of 35,000" made me laugh. The entire county where I grew up didn't have that many
people. Still doesn't. Glad to hear you got a good report on the skin exam. Never heard of such before. One
would think I led a sheltered life with the all the things I've never heard of before. Hope your discomfort is
short lived.

After I'm done here I'll go to the FMS board and say Howdy to the new poster.

Granni, I haven't been to a movie since 1985. Most of them sound terrible, and the prices for both tickets
and snacks are absurd. Oh yeah, yesterday I looked in on the Turner Classic Movies channel. There was some
movie with two Bette Davises. I looked it up. Yup, Bette Davis was playing two roles. Wikipedia said she
did that in an earlier movie too. She was playing twins. One Bette was overpowering. Two seems like too
many to me. She and Joan Crawford and Barbra Stanwicke had the drive of three steam engines, and would
run over anything in their way to get what they wanted. From the bios I've read they were all terrible parents.

Julie, my memory is really bad now. I don't recall Dar. Was "Dar" short for something? Don't remember S-
Elaine either. Did the "S" stand for something? How many deer show up for apples? Do they run if you
come outside. The little town my Minn brother lives in is right next to a state park. During the winter the
deer come into town and huddle up large buildings to get outta the wind. We drove over to see some.
We parked about 50 feet away. The deer just ignored us.

Barry, haven't heard from you for yonks. Hope you feel up to posting soon. You have to keep me on my
toes when I'm posting about flora or fauna. Richard could probably do the same when I posting about
show biz. Just finished a book called "Hollywood Doesn't Live Here Anymore" by Richard Parish. Ask him
if he's read that one.

Hugs. Rock
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Hi Gang. Gonna be hard to catch up....

Sun --- I don't dream anymore. It's because I always smoke a joint before dinner, say between 5 and 6. I've heard this from other people too...... Just saying. I haven't watched the Victorian food poison video yet, but I will. But you know, we are still poisoning our foods with multiple bad chemicals, especially produce. I used Valerian for a couple of weeks when I wasn't smoking and it helped some re sleep.
Sun, the situation re homeless : I think this is something that MUST be addressed by the govt. Housing and help are just NOT AVAILABLE! It's a disgrace to our country.

Duties call. Lunch. R & R. (NOT rock and roll, but read and rest).

Love to All,
Barry ( I'll try to come back later or asap, anyway)

Julie, so kind of you and your Amish neighbours, re the midwife trip. I saw a home birth once, up in the mountains. So messy! :eek: One of the midwives (both in training, I guess) wanted me to fry up the placenta! I respectfully declined....
Apples eh? What kind? Our apple trees (4) are loaded with fruit this yr. I picked a lot of Pink Pearl apples y-day. They are pink inside! The Jonathon has broken branches from the weight, also the Golden Delicious. The dwarf Winesap had so many apples on it that I had to knock a lot off with a stick before they were ripe, to help the remainders get larger. TOO MANY APPLES! Here come the deer and maybe this year the bears.

Mikie, o.k. Let's have a showdown. Do you mean to say that you never eat liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, beef tongue (or lamb's), brains, lights, or, or, or......? You are too American my dear, if that's possible. So much meat gone to awful waste... I myself don't care for steaks or beef of any kind very much. Cows too harmful to the environment during this time of climate crisis..... Rabbit is a better alternative; don't know why it's so bloody expensive.... tastes so good. In Mexico you can get cow eye burritos, apparently. I MIGHT draw the line at that!
Next time you see a taco truck get their burrito de lengua. A good introduction to tongue.

Really time to go, still much to say.
Love and PEACE to All,


Hi, Kids,

Finally, the pain med has kicked in. Yikes, that hurt! Y'all know how pain amplifies from the FMS. My friend, Barb, called. She is so frustrated with our mgmt. co. She has a water spot on her ceiling. Stoopud mgr. wanted to send a plumber in to tear up her ceiling before checking the unit upstairs. He said he would try if the woman up there cooperated. Florida Condo Law and our own condo documents say otherwise. She has to allow them to come in to check for a leak. I found the law, paragraph and subparagraph in both instances so Barb has something more than my say-so to stand on. Our mgr. is an idiot. If anyone should know condo law, it's a licensed mgr. Doh!!! I let Joe and Claudia know I'm not going to the meeting. Pain, exhaustion and idiots are more than I'm willing to tolerate tonight.

Sun, I hope you are okay. We usually hear from you by now. Let us know.

Rock, I know 35,000 people isn't a small town in the Fannie Flagg sense but it was a small town in that we seemed to know almost everyone. Of course, that doesn't include the university. Gordoni is right; it is the drivers that make things work. Your computer has a driver for the printer, the keyboard and any other device. When you get a new printer, you have to install a new driver. We almost have to get a masters degree in computer science and pass the state boards to operate them now. They have simplified the installation some and that helps--until something goes awry. Don't know whether you remember Billcamo or not. The new poster is his wife except she is not new, just hasn't posted in a loooong time. I remember her vaguely cause my memory sucks big time. I was brain fogged when I left for the doc's office so I wasn't in the best shape even before the pain. Geez, I doubt I'll be able to stay away for the country music special tonight.

Barry, so good to see you here. We haven't heard from Sun and I'm concerned about her. Yes, I'm as American as apple pie. My Mom was from NE, the Heartland as Julie says, and she grew up on corn fed beef. She fed me the same. We ate steaks and roasts. Some people back then ate liver but I never liked it. Now, there are plant based burgers so good that people can't tell the diff. It was on Dr. Oz. I'd give up eating meat if there were a good substitute. They have also produced plant based chicken. They are working on bacon. I agree that not eating the whole animal is a waste. Actually, those parts probably end up in pet food. What do you do with all those apples? I love Jonathan apples but I think the Honeycrisp is my favorite. From what I read, it's fried placenta where you draw the line. Yikes! Don't blame you.

Gonna settle in for the evening, my favorite time of day. Sooo glad to have gotten the skin check outta the way. It's a relief. Now, the lab, my kidney x-ray, the urologist and my eye doc and I'll be caught up. Despite what a pain all this is, I really am grateful for my good healthcare. Haven't eaten much today. I'm snacking on some red grapes. I'm wanting a gin 'n tonic and may well fix one for myself. Have a lovely evening everydobby.

Love, Mikie
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Hi guys...it's up to 88 degrees. Just now heading out to mow cause Den got home while I was still folding clothes, etc. so I took a siesta with him. Didn't even hear the delivery truck come with all my neighbors' canning jars. Gonna take a pic of the boxes cause one of them looks pretty damaged. I hope none of the jars are broken.

Mikie, hope you can keep the pain under control. I have some of those troublesome spots that my clothes rub on, too. What a crazy idea to just tear into Barb's ceiling without checking for leaks from upstairs. Glad you're on top of things and found paperwork to back up the rules/law. I'll try to get over to the FM board when I come back inside.

Barry, glad to see you post. I don't mind the taste of beef tongue on a sandwich with lots of mustard. Used to fix Den's dad liver and onions and would take a bite or two of it myself. We probably eat more beef than any other meat, but it's grass fed and no antibiotics, etc., etc. from our local small farm neighbors. Could hunt for rabbits ourselves, but have to know when to harvest to avoid the diseases they carry. I'd try a lot more different types of food/meats if they weren't so dang expensive...actually, I think just a little bit of meat per day is better for a person than the typical Midwestern "meat and potatoes at every meal" diet many of us are used to. Den and I try to find the right balance...well, he just eats what I cook, lol...but I try to make it healthy.

Our apple tree is a Red Delicious. I should have pruned it or did what you did (got rid of some of the smaller apples to let the remaining ones grow bigger) cause a lot of ours are on the small side. But they'll make nice applesauce, dried apple rings, apple crisp, apple pie filling and whatever else I can think of.

I've heard of saving the placenta (storing the cord blood) but don't know anyone who cooked it...yep, that sounds a bit extreme. Thanks for the kind words about me and our Amish neighbors...they truly are like family to us.

Rock, I don't remember too much about Dar and Elaine. Just that Dar lived in the Midwest, maybe Illinois? I remember seeing her post one time, thanking you and Gordon for the "care package." Not sure what you sent, but I'm sure she appreciated it. Elaine is the one who had a lot of back trouble and threw big virtual parties...picked up everyone in her Jumbo jet or something and talked about a Jumbotron (giant screen where we could all see each other?)

Our deer "spook" if we get too close, or if Oreo chases them...they come up for apples early in the morning or late at night.

Granni, glad you slept okay. Hope your appt. went well and that you don't get much of a storm. I don't like confrontation, either...I just seem to trip over my words and can't get the right message across. Found out today that someone is pretty angry with me for some of my words. Just when I was starting to think that I'm not such a terrible person (as my sis-in-laws, MIL, etc. had me convinced I was) and was starting to gain back some self-esteem, and felt maybe I wasn't such a "menace to society"...joke's on me, apparently.

Well, I'd better shout a quick "Hi" to everyone else...and get on that mower. Take care, everyone!


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Hope to get back here again tomorrow but wanted to let you know that I did not float away, coming and going to the dermatologist appt. On the way there wasn't much rain but a lot towards the Woodlands and I-45 area., and coming home it poured cats and doggies. . Got in a little late even if we got there early but my DH is an early bird. it was probably like their lunch times ..Not mch change so she doubled the dose of medication and I won;t see her until after I see the Rheumatologist.

I remember Elaine a lot but had not heard from her in some time. Then she popped up again for a few posts and then off again. She was the party girl and always thinking of something funny . Still wonder how she is. I do remember Dad some. I think I do remember Spacey a bit but not much.

Not much new here and have to start dinner. So I cant tay but wanted to let you know we did not float away in the flooding. Galveston and the Strand area is one are I saw pictures lots of flooding and some going towards the historic buildings. Hope it recedes and not to much tomorrow. More is on the way but not sure where it will be going.

JULIE - I don't always know what or how to say it either so I text. Even though that can screw things up too. You are to sweet to have people think of you that way, You are always so thoughtful or surely try to be. I know what you mean but then I can also be feeling miserable a bark out the wrong thing but try not to at least not in person.

MIKIE - Thank you for your explanation of our ills and what people might think of us and how we think of ourselves. Glad your Dermatologist appt went pretty well too.

Gotta run for now.

Granni :)


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Hi Mikie

I wrote you a private message because the board (or maybe my computer) wouldn't let me post a message. Kept
demanding that I sign in, but wouldn't let me sign in.

Contrary to the song, life is not just a bowl of cherries.
Can't change the font either. RATBANE!