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PORCH 1155 IS NOW CLOSED (9/15/19)

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Granni, glad things went well at the dermatologist and you didn't flood. I was helping Den roll up some fencing and it started to sprinkle, even with the sun shining. Guess I'd better just put the boxes of jars in my van and keep them dry till the neighbors get home...they'll likely need me to take them down to their house, anyway.

Well, apparently my harsh outbursts affected a lot of people...I tried to explain that I didn't start the conversations, but I don't think that matters. I'm, and others, are probably better off if I just keep to myself. Not trying to have a pity party, just how things are.

Rock, darn computers! True, life might be partly a bowl of cherries, but it also includes the pits :mad:


Hi, Again, Kids,

Wow! We had a thunderburst with lightning, wind and lots of driving rain. It made the water on the pond dance which always thrills me. I held SV and combed the matted fur on his undercarriage and cleaned out his box. I have a sore spot on my shoulder by my neck that is burning with pain. Gonna rub some CBD cream on it. Glad I didn't try to go to the meeting.

I'll have to come back. Just lost a whole paragraph and I'm pissed. Hope all y'all are less frustrated than I and can have a nice evening.

Love, Mikie


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Good grief! Only got five hours of sleep last night but that's enough to keep me going. When we have a painful problem, it riles up the FMS pain amplification that can last for days or longer. I rubbed some of the Hemp balm into my shoulder last night and the pain instantly went away. That stuff is amazing. My allergies are going crazy and that doesn't help. Woke with stuffed up sinuses and a headache. Whine, whine, whine!

Just watched the end of last night's country music episode where I had fallen asleep. It was about the plane crash that took Patsy Cline's life. What a tragedy. I can't for the life of me understand why a pilot with no instrument training would fly into clouds. Sometimes, pilots get so focused on getting to the destination that they take deadly chances.

Rock, there is no message for me so I guess you weren't able to post it. I hope the computer decides to cooperate with you.

Granni, I just saw footage of flooding in Galveston where my kids own a historical home. It flooded some years back from a storm. The kids rent out the house and have an apartment in the basement that they use when they visit. It was the basement that flooded and they had to redo everything down there. I hope the meds help; I'm glad you got to see the dermatologist. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so know-it-all and splainy in my post. My experience with forgiving is unique to me and everyone's is different but I did want to share it with y'all, my best friends and online family. The other part, the practical steps toward forgiving, are what I gleaned from researching religious/spiritual and psychiatric websites. I'm hoping that might help anyone who is going through the same thing as I. What I've learned about how 'normals' treat us is what I heard over and over here on the FMS forum. Overwhelmingly the biggest problem people had was family and friends who don't understand. The main thrust of my post is that I know you would never cause another pain or slight anyone. You are so kind and loving. It's sad that your family is acting like this but it's not your fault; they just don't get it and are focusing their anger on you. I know it hurts. It may take time but they will likely eventually come around. I hope for, and pray for, peace for all of you.

Julie, I'm not sure what you are referencing, whether it's here or in your personal life away from the boards. I'm sorry there is a problem. I've not been aware of anything here and I thought things were going smoothly. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Geez, in addition to all my woes described above, my stomach is really upset. It never ends. Hope everydobby else is doing better than I at the moment.

Love, Mikie

Update: Yikes! I started to feel nauseated and spent the last couple of hours trying not to throw up while dealing with diarrhea. My head is pounding and I feel dizzy. Is this a new virus or a continuation of the one Sun and I both struggled with? I finally felt well enough to have a nice hot soak. Joe called to fill me in on what happened at the meeting last night. Nothing new really. Claudia didn't go either and said she was glad she stayed home. She's been exhausted lately. OK, gonna go cook some rice in the Instant Pot.
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Hey gang......having TERRIBLE wifi connection problems and couldn't get on my Ipad. Last night, luckily I was able to connect for awhile since I see I had a big sale.....but....hope there's no problems there. As I said, Etsy has pretty much forced us to give free shipping. Then I sold this antique rug to apparently a movie or TV company and they want it pronto....priority. I'm NOT paying for priority. Gonna take this box to the PO today and find out the price for both regular shipping and priority and then send them a bill for the extra.

So getting on my big computer yesterday I did the usual and hurt my neck and back and had to resort to tramadol. Mikie: I sat up late and watched the country episode twice! I really enjoyed it. I didn't know all that about Patsy Cline.

It sounds like you've got something new going on, or if it was my body I would say it's a hangover from the anesthesia getting out of your system.

Tuesday morning I had gone for a walk, put on some old shoes that were in my van for emergencies. They were in better condition than my old ones I had been using. Started out fine, then it felt like I wasn't walking steady. Kept thinking the essential tremors were particularly bad. NOT....I was almost home and looked down at my shoe. OMG.....the heels were disintegrating, literally crumbling like an old cookie. I contacted Ecco, the shoe maker, when I read that this has been a problem. (This is as very expensive shoe) They basically told me, yea...we know....so what! So yesterday I had to go shoe shopping. I hope to get out this morning to do a test run on the new ones, and hopefully they will still feel good otherwise they will have to be returned. Gotta run. Hope i can get back on. &^%$#@!


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Mikie, my word! I hope this new thing doesn't last very long. I've done the "both ends at once" too and it is miserable. No, no problems on the boards...just old ghosts from years ago in the missionary world. When local women came to me with concerns about the American pastor and I tried to take care of things...not good to cross the pastor, especially when he has lots of followers, lol! Not funny, but I guess ya gotta laugh or cry.

Sun, sorry about the computer problems...so frustrating. About the shoes...I just don't know what has happened to customer service. It's almost like we are the privileged ones who get to buy from these companies...not the other way around.

I did have a good experience with the place we ordered all the canning jars from...while unloading the boxes to put the cases of jars in my van in case in rained harder than a sprinkle, I noticed we were missing a dozen of the wide mouth. I called the number on the website and they are just going to send another dozen.

Lorene came this morning with a horse and buggy to get the jars (I just hadn't gotten to her house yet) but I told her I'd just bring them myself. (They were home part of the day yesterday in the afternoon, but gone in the morning and evening...but I was just waiting for them to come check on the jars cause I didn't know when they were home or gone.)

I mowed a little last evening, but still have more to do today....want to finish before it gets so hot. Den finally talked me into learning how to run his backhoe, so I got on it for a few minutes. He said I did great, but I thought it was pretty "jerky", lol! It's a small machine, compared to the ones big companies use...but already saving us money that we would have had to spend hiring someone to come here. Lots of projects from fixing drain pipes to digging trenches for the fields to better drain, to cleaning up fence rows, etc., etc....and I want him to make the grandkids "construction site" a little bigger so they can dig and play with their kid size shovels, rakes, etc. (Gotta have a little play mixed in with the work, true?)

Better say "Hi" to everyone and go get busy...Den and I like to tease each other about "burning daylight", even though we both work hard, lol! He's been gone for hours...I heard him leave for work, but fell back to sleep.


Hi, Kids,

OMG! They are showing the new version of the Casper bed ad with the little baby animals on TV. They are sooo cute I can barely stand it. I took an IBGard capsule and made some rice. I ate two bowls. Rice always settles my stomach. The discomfort, diarrhea and nausea seem to be gone (knocking on wood). Joe called me to fill me in on the meeting. Same old, same old. Glad I didn't go. Gonna go clean up the kitchen a bit after unloading the DW. I washed the glass vases and bud vases and they came out sparkling. I have one bud vase that is lead crystal. It's shaped like a heart and cut at an angle at the top. I got it for my Mom one year for Valentine's Day. I think of her whenever I look at it.

Sun, I posted a sad face at all your woes. I'm so sorry for all you are going through right now. Shoes down here often fall apart. Think I mentioned our neighbor who went to Mass and was in the aisle going up to Communion when the sole separated on one of his shoes. He had to shuffle that one foot to keep the shoe from falling off. To hear him tell about it brought us to tears of laughter. If you liked the show, you might enjoy the movie, Sweet Dreams. Jessica Lange plays Patsy Cline. The flying part isn't realistic but no one knows for sure what happened inside the cockpit. I think movies and books are only better when they are accurate down to the details. My neck and shoulder are bothering me and I'm gonna go put some Hemp Balm on the sore spot. Hope you feel batter, the rug ships okay and you like your new shoes.

Julie, exorcise those old ghosts. I know, easier said than done. OMG! To run a backhoe is like a dream. Lucky you. I'm not kidding; I love that kind of stuff. One year, my ex bought me a new drill for Mothers Day and I was thrilled. I still have the drill, not the husband, but have since replaced it with a cordless, the drill, not the husband. It never hurts to have an electric drill in case you need it and the cordless batteries aren't charged. Glad things went smoothly with the canning jar people. Too bad they didn't get it right to begin with. One of the remotes for the Highlander stopped working. I'm using the other and haven't decided whether to buy a couple of new ones. Only problem is that I'd have to program it myself. There are instructions but I can only imagine how frustrating that might be. Because on remote has died, I'm wondering whether the other one will do the same. Gotta think about it. I hate having to return things. Well, I'm burning daylight here so had better get up and clean the kitchen.

It's only 85 here today and I'm liking that. I'm about ready for a nice nap. Hope all y'all are enjoying the day.

Love, Mikie

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A quick HI to everydobby,

It rained harder today on and off than it did yesterday. One of the trees between DD;s and another house fell down. DH looked t it and said it was also rotten at the roots, It probably didn't take much. Early this morning it poured like crazy with some wind too but I think it was mostly heavy rain, Hard to tell being so dark out but I could heard the awful rain outside in the bathroom where you can always hear it. We went to the bank later on when it was no longer raining that hard and to HEB to pick up a few things. Both branches were closed, either water or electricity. I saw later on that our WM was also closed but we didn't go there. I saw also on the computer that 1-10 in both ways on the TX LA border was closed, in the Beaumont area. That is the road we take when we go to the casino but yu hve to be so careful about the weather mainly in the low lying back roads on the way to 1-10. We have had to cancel more than once, Lots of bad pics of flooding happening in the area. We should be doing OK tomorrow hopefully. Need to go to my naturopath tomorrow and the cleaning lady comes too. I have lotsof little thing I need to do before he shows up too

SUN - Sorry for all your problems. Yes it is awful they do not make shoes or anything to really last anymore. Just buy more stuff.

JULIE - I know what you mean it is so hard. I am trying but also feel somewhat guilty for not keeping track of her and my brothers family more. It a crappy to feel like - - - - all the time and thn plod along doing everything you know needs to be done with a smile on your face., Nice you can take a nap with De. If I did that I wouldn't sleep at all at night.

MIKIE - Hope you get your nice nap and can sleep at night but then you probably do a lot more physical work than I do during the day. I don't think you splained yourself badly MIKIE and you re probably right on but as you say it was or is not easy.

ROCK - Sorry for your computer woes I know how frustrating it can be.. o_O

Love you all,'
Granni :)


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Decided to come inside cause it's getting too dark to pick apples...over 4 bushel so far and over 5 gallons delivered to the "deer buffet" ;) Found my dehydrator and apple "peeler/corer/slicer" (we used to make "slinkys", remember those? in Girl Scouts...I'd take my apple peeler and the girls could each do their own apple for snack time.)

Barry, I'm trying to strategically pick the biggest apples during round one...do you think the smaller ones might grow a little bit more if I wait awhile to pick them?

Granni, hope the flood waters recede quickly and you are able to get to your appt. and errands tomorrow. If we get a hard rain, it sounds really loud on our metal roof...but a nice rain shower is wonderful for sleeping, true? Especially while camping in a tent (one that doesn't leak, anyway :eek: )

Mikie, glad the rice and/or meds settled your stomach. Hard to get anything done when you feel like you might upchuck any minute. Den gets me tools for special occasions, too, lol! I'm still waiting on my own chainsaw, but he does have a smallish one that I could maybe learn on.

Den just came in too, so I'm going to magically come up with something for supper...have leftover roast and veggies (not his favorite, but he'll eat it) or I can have that, and fix him a cheeseburger (or make extra burgers to heat up tomorrow.) Add some watermelon or other fruit and will call it good. "Hi" to everyone...hope things are well in your neighborhoods.