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PORCH #1156 IS NOW CLOSED (9/20/19)

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Slept sooo well last night. SV finally got me up at 5:00 this morning. He's out on the lanai snoozing. My lymph nodes are so sore and swollen. My allergies were giving me fits last night. Nothing much was on TV that was good. That should change this week as the new season starts and the new shows are introduced. I'm waiting for the real newspaper to arrive. I'm watching Soledad O'Brien. She has a great show and I can't understand why it's only on at 5:30 on Sunday Mornings. Years ago when DD was working for Encore/Starz, she belonged to Women in Cable. Soledad O'Brien spoke at one of the annual meetings and DD was very impressed by her.

Weather woman says there are three storms in the Atlantic. The first one is actually down in the Caribbean and may move toward Puerto Rico before making the turn to the north. There are two more headed this way and, with the conditions as they are, they are projected to turn north without making landfall here. They may impact Bermuda. Finally, people are getting serious about climate change. News did a segment on how fast waters are rising and flooding cities on the coasts. Also, the coral reefs are dying from excess nitrogen from burning fossil fuels and from runoff rich in nitrogen. The nitrogen is suspected of feeding our red tide and blue/green algae overgrowths. When the water heats up, it sets up the perfect environment for it. This is happening so fast that I don't know that we can stop it even if we take drastic action. Politicians who only worry about power and money need to be made aware of the economic effects of climate change.

Julie, glad you keep you cell phone with you. Also glad you will have a chance to use the antique press and make some cider. Are the deer walking around holding picket signs to get their apples back? Your semi-productive days would be action packed days for me. It's wonderful of you to help with the neighbor's laundry. I'm sure she appreciates it.

Think I'll take the Highlander down to the automatic car wash later. I used to do it myself but they took the hoses down on those bays. I need to clean the interior too before I take my friends out in it. Everyone loves riding in it because it has so much room and is so comfortable. Hard to believe it still looks so good after 17 years. Glad I have a parking spot under the carport.

Hope all y'all have a great windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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I'm early with the usual stiffness and pain so I'm drinking some leftover coffee i put in the frig and hope to go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Mikie: If it wasn't for my Ipad I wouldn't know what the news is. I don't turn on my TV until around 6 PM or later and don't even listen to the radio anymore, just music or books on CDs. Did you read that our "government" is forcing car makers out in California NOT to comply with their voluntary efforts on cars to cut emissions. How about that thinking?
California is rated as the worst breathing air in the country. No wonder I suffer so much from lung problems.

Spring: I watched Neil Sedaka dance and sing on American Bandstand. Boy did that bring back some memories for me. I was around 11 or 12 when it first came on. Kids were totally hooked and come 3 PM we all had to be home to watch Dick Clark. I loved that show. Saw all the latest and greatest of singers. I had to laugh at the "high water" pants and skinny tie Neil was wearing!!!! Mikie: I'm sure you also were a follower of American Bandstand since we're the same age.

Julie: I'm assuming the apple press does a good amount at a time? My son has an apple tree and was reading about a DIY setup on a youtube video. You might check into that also. I still own an antique apple peeler, circa around 1860. I believe the new versions were modeled after it. Very handy and fun to use too, heavy too. A bit of cast iron. I should ask my DS if he wants it.

Had a nice time visiting with my friend. We talk on the phone every week or two, but because of all the surgeries and chemo, and usual pain I deal with from other things, we hadn't seen each other in quite some time. I was surprised to see this white haired lady waving to me from her front door! Don't think I will EVER stop coloring my hair. She hurt her back over a year ago and said she still has pain from it. once you hurt something I don't think the body ever fully recovers as we age. For me it's just a series of things that keep being added to this body. She is 78 now and still is able to babysit her two great grandKs....same age as my two youngest, (5 and almost 3) but I could NEVER do it, so she still has energy to walk every morning and gets around good. We both agree that you gotta keep moving no matter how you're feeling.

Since I live alone, it's so easy to just slip into a do nothing mode of living, that's why I force myself to walk and get to my art gatherings. I've started going on Tuesdays now also along with fridays. Tuesdays I used to attend years ago and got good art instruction, paid for by a local college for seniors. That quite famous artist, Tom Fong died a year ago, but had given up the class to this other "teacher" about 5 years earlier. She really doesn't 'teach" but it's like taking a class on various artists and styles.......she shows a lot of slides and discusses their styles, then tells us to try to paint in that style. Then I started feeling worse and worse and stopped going around the time of discovering cancer. I'm now forcing myself to attend when I can.

I'll be back later.


Hi, Kids,

Still watching my Sunday Morning News shows and have read the paper and done the puzzles. It's my Sunday morning ritual. Publix had blackberries and red raspberries on sale and I've been snacking on them. Sooo good and very good for what ails us. Think I'm gonna check to see whether PH sells aloe juice or a supp. It is sposda be very good for inflammation. Just found out that NSAID painkillers interfere with my BP meds. Somehow, they seem to keep my BP in check anyway but would rather try something more natural to reduce the inflammation which causes pain.

Sun, yes, I remember making sure I got home to watch AB and The Mickey Mouse Club. We didn't have much in the way of channels to choose from and the quality of the TV picture was awful but we loved it. It really was the Golden Era of television with all the great comedy shows at night. Before that, we listened to the radio. California greatly improved the air quality over the years and has always been a leader in the fight to clean up the air quality. There are just too many people and cars everywhere. About half the states have joined in a suit to stop the federal govt. from keeping CA from setting the higher stds. Car manufacturers have stated their goal to increase efficiency and reduce pollution. I remember when college was free at public universities in CA for residents. Now, people think free college is a radical idea. I would stop coloring my hair were it to turn white all over like my Mom's. At this rate, I don't think it ever will. The high water pants and skinny ties are back in style with hipsters. I like that look. It's better than the wide ties and lapels that were in style for a while. We are forever in shorts down here, men and women. I put on Capri pants when I dress up.

Again, sooo tired today. I need two or three more nights of sleep like last night to try to catch up. It always takes a while to recover after a procedure. I have to get my x-ray this week before seeing the urologist. I hope the kidney stones stay put. I don't want to have to have them blasted again. They put me under for that too. I love the sleep of being put out but I think, in the long run, it just tires me out more. Whine, whine, whine!

The fall equinox comes for us here tomorrow morning, the 23rd, at 3:50 a.m. It arrives for Spring at 1:35 in the afternoon because of the time difference. It usually comes on the 22nd. It is when the sun's rays are directly above the equator so the day is divided into equal parts of dark and light. I don't know why it varies like this but it's not the same time and day of the year, regardless of where one lives and with time differences figured in. Is there that much difference in the days from year to year? I know days and minutes aren't exact and that is why we have leap years and the clocks are adjusted slightly. It is the tilt of the Earth on its axis that is responsible for the seasons and hours of light. I know the Earth wobbles on its axis and wonder whether that accounts for the difference. Anyone who can splain the date question? Inquiring minds want to know.

I can't keep my eyes open. Before I got sick, I never knew exhaustion could be so profound. Hope I don't nod off during the movie this week. Yikes! I have a load of laundry in so have to stay awake to put it in the dryer.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE - I think you are right about the golden age of TV . There was so much to see in those day or should I say some of it was corney and maybe there weren't lots of choices but they were good clean fun. Now I am not going to say that much about the TV shows since I don't want to many of them and the few I have seen are something else. OK, so maybe I am a fuddy duddy. Every year they go a little bit more off the edge. Oh well, back to THE LITTLE HOUSE AND THE PRAIRIE AND THE WALTONS. LOL I used to enjoy the Mickey Mouse club too. Besides some of the PBS stuff which is great , DH does alot of old movies that he ha seem mucho times, sports., and GUNSMOKE WHICH HE LOVES. The characters are good on that one usually but we do not watch them all and many times hav a moral to them If I am out there with him I play my games on the tab and watch intermittently. Sometimes to much shooting but oh well. Yes, I love shorts, and capris when I go out in the summer. When it get cold I go to jeans. Always loved jeans. I hardly know what a dress is any more. LOL Remember when we had to wear them all the time esp in school. Not to good in the cold NE ! Hope yu feel better soon but glad you had a good nights sleep. Wish I could too.

SUN - Glad you have been getting out and doing your thing as much as possible,. It is good for you, when you feel up to it.

Sorry I have to run and go finish up the brussel sprouts form roasting along with the sweet potato. DH is not a sweet potato fan but I like them and they are very good for you. Neither of us are supposed to have much white potatoes and its a change from brown rice etc..

Hooray off to the hair dresser tomorrow. My hair is driving me nuts. Hanging in my face again. It is not really long but if I had my way it would be much shorter than it is now. Thinking of everydobby !!

Love to awl,
Granni :)



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Hi guys! Just got home from a super day with the kids and grands...took a casserole and some pumpkin bars and got there just in time to eat lunch before going to Keira's volleyball game. She and one of her best friends are on the same team and you can tell they just love playing. Keira's team only had five players to the six on the other team...I offered to fill in the gap for her team and she said, "Sure, Grandma!"

Amy's having some back and neck trouble so after the game the girls and I dropped her back home and ran around by ourselves while Grandpa and Clinton ran their own errands. We girls found some great deals at their Goodwill...I wonder if that's how they'll remember me, lol...the Grandma who shops on clearance and at Goodwill ;) Could be worse things to leave as a "legacy", lol!

Granni, hooray for hairdressers! I go on Tuesday for a touch up and trim. Yes, when I was in school, we had to wear dresses every day. If it was really cold outside, we could wear long pants under our dresses, but not by themselves. I like sweet potatoes too, Den prefers white, but will eat anything I put in front of him, haha!

Mikie, when the girls were younger and still at home, we would sometimes get up at whatever odd hour the equinox happened...just to be able to set an egg on its end and have it stay up. In my early stages of CFS, I would fall asleep anywhere (even at a live Southern Gospel music concert...just laid my head on Den's shoulder and slept through almost the whole thing.) Had a sleep study (no apnea), tested for narcolepsy (negative) and other things I don't even remember..."just" CFS, they said. Glad you're getting better sleep and hope it continues.

Sun, glad you're getting out to your art group. And that you had a good visit with your friend. I'm not sure how big the apple press is...looked like three or four gallon, maybe. I have all the apples spread out upstairs on old quilts. Pleasantly surprised at how many are actually bigger and "nicer" than I thought they would be. Even if I have to go to Lindsey's pretty soon, I can take apples and my dehydrator with me and work down there...and the kids can help :)

So, I should probably find something to fix for supper, then it will be "crash and burn" time...Hi to Star, Rock, Gordon, Barry, anyone else hanging out. Hoping the sun shines tomorrow so I can hang laundry out, but if not...well, there's always the next day...or the next.

Tried to post a pic of our volleyball star, but it's too big...oh well...
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Little rushed this morning but thought would share this...im scared to meet the person from whom the cockatoo learnt her talk

bb a little later

God bless
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G'day Porchie friends.
Hope this finds you well...Or as Julie says, As well as can be...

So sorry I haven't been in, but after trying to catch up I hv decided to go back and do the rest of my 'catching up' later.otherwise I'll never get to post.
Please, please, please fill me in on the important things I may hv missed or haven't got to yet.If it's not too much trouble.
I also seem to hv trouble following a Whole thread...? I never see that the porch is closed, so wonder if I hv in fact missed some posts....

Ok.so last time I stopped by, we were (my tribe) , in the thick of, or recovering from a nasty flu.
The thing is, it went through each of us at least twice.And it was a shocker.Seems we are still feeling the after effects of it.
Eldest son was fortunate to get sqeezed in to see the dr at my youngest's appointment. To not only get antibiotics, but also a medical certificate for work.Mostly he went and took cold and flu tablets, but for a weekend and a couple of work days he was so wiped out I worried it would be dangerous for him (&all others involved) to work.

In between all that he was trying to fix his newly acquired, second hand motorbike so he could get his learners on that.
Unfortunately the earliest he could get in to sit his drivers test was this wk, as every surrounding town & city was booked out.
Dh got himself a m bike and it came to light that it'd take from 8am to midnight to reach his study destination via public transport, instead of about 5hrs driving, which if u recall I did with him.He didnt hv his license, so still needed to b accompanied, but with a m bike you ride alone on your L's...
Hence the bright idea of getting a motorbike.

So 3 motor bikes later (yes, 3.first 2 were duds and lots more to be fixed) & a 2 day motorbike course 4 hrs away, where he camped with Dh at a caravan park, which he just passed enabled him to ride to his study wk block.
Wednesday we will see if he gets his car license.
Dd has had dramas at school and I'm glad she only has one more term left there before full time apprenticeship next yr, but it seems instead off Dd getting a little break after school, they want to lock her in straight away...we will see.

Through all this crazziness one little constant was such a blessing.Our little cat, Puss.She seemed to know when and who was sick and was just a loving companion to us all through out.She would put her little arms stretched out with paws on my shoulders, snuggling into my neck.Cuddling us and very talkative.

On Thursday I went to bring our neighbours bin in for them and spotted Puss sleeping in their driveway.I called out to Dh, telling him she was here.She didnt greet him in the morning like usual, to get her cream.
Strangely, she didn't move at the noise of the bin or my calling her.
She was dead.

I ran back to our hse, but only made it to the front lawn as I was just over come with unspeakable saddness.Dh saw, heard & surmised. He buried her under our plum tree and got rid of all her stuff for me.Out of sight. Our poor Puss.
We all grieve and all at some time expect to see her or thought we glimpsed her...
Dh and I hv always been 'dog people', but then, we'd never known, loved and been loved by our Puss before then.She was a Gift from God and even though her life was shorter than hoped for or expected, we are grateful for the time we did hv with her.
Ok guys.Im a blubbering mess, so will hv to go for now and try to get back in soon.

My Love to All.Rock, Sun, Mickie, Granni, Spring, Julie, Barry, Duck & all Porchies.
Take care
Catch yas later
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Star - so sorry to hear of Puss’s passing. What happened? Do you know? How old was she? im happy you could look in and let us know whats going on with you all; otherwise we tend to wonder andthen worry.

DS seems to be stepping into young adulthood now, getting his licenses and stuff. A bittersweet thing for moms and maybe some dads.

i hope things go as you want with DDs future. Her completing school and apprenticeship. yes, a break for her in between would be nice.

Sun - Musta been a shock to see your friend with all white hair. i kinda relate to her though. not bothering to colour anymore. what a chore. well, mine has grown below my waist and is not the silkiest easy to manage hair. People i know always gawp if i turn up with lots of grey, (happens a lot these days) so i feel obliged to capitulate and run to the hairdresser.

I think most kids act up some time or other. ive had some clashes with my two when they were growing up. i bless them every time i pray and send lots of love to them energetically. i would probably have had more problems with my DD if she and i both had not studied energy healing and how thought forms work.

My DS is kinda too into his own world and doesnt bother much with others or what they do or dont do. He just observes and he is basically kind. Doesnt judge. Doesnt like being judged. DD is sharp and demanding but has mellowed a lot. accepts her faults and has learnt to apologize if she thinks she did wrong.

Wouldnt life be easy if we all had kids who were stable and understanding and never got into trouble? heh heh.

Granni - good to hear your DCD is doing better. it is so good of you and your DH to be there. and help out. i know it must not be easy. what with all the expenses living in todays world costs. The unforeseen medical expenses and other suprises.

i liked the older days dresses. pompadours, high heel pumps. Tight waists and shin length flowy skirts. Hats. yes, i love those times fashion. Ladies fashion.

Mikie - our city’s air was horrible pollution wise two decades ago. 5hen the govt made compulsory checking and jacked up the anti pollution rules. Its gotten somewhat better. but its still dusty. monsoons are the one time we breathe clean air with the rain doing its natural cleansing.

i really dont understand how some in the government are bent on earning more money by cutting funding to environmental issues, animal protection rights and allowing businessmen to basically destroy the planet and other living beings for some selfish short term gains.

Its taking a little girl from Sweden to make the world wakeup and do something. The rise in temps in our city over the years are now causing diseases previously only found in the plains and hot areas of India to run rampant. i remember when i first came here, 5hey used to groan if the max temp went to 31 degree cel. now, the max is 34, 94F and its gonna keep on rising. our poor little kids riding to school in packed buses in summer. uff! no ac except for the very rich.

Barry - i was put into boarding school when i was five and my brother with me, he was seven. we had Swiss sponsors. The displaced Tibetans and 5heir children were sponsored. i was a boarder till grade 3. to get to grade 3 you hadto go to Baby class, then Lower kindergarten, then upper kindergarten then grade 1.

i managed to get in a swim. Needed the exercise. and made an effort to cook something other than a stew. I went and bought button mushrooms and made a curry and split bean lentils, and fried chicken. i guess the family were relieved not to see another hotch potch stew with rice. lol. but ive been run off my feet.

no one was 5here to pick fruit so loads of guavas fallen to the ground. our former help man friday came by to do a repair job and he picked the fruit and took a bag of 5hem himself. i hate when anything goes to waste.

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Spring: I see you're still editing so I'll answer you first. How AWFUL for you. A very young child of 5 being sent away to live at a boarding school. You must have been so very frightened, but good you had your DB with you. Is this the DB who died a few years ago from cancer?

My DH was yanked away from his family suddenly, actually with only one day warning when he was going into HS. Told the day before he was going to live at an all boys catholic boarding school, 3 states away from his family. It did such a # on him I can't tell you how it caused problems for all of us. His DM was determined that he would get a good education. Actually I hope those of you who are catholic will understand but I think she was hoping and praying that he would be a priest, being the eldest of the children. He rebelled, who wouldn't. Broke all kinds of rules to get expelled and was really close but his DM had a pull with a priest there, and she won, so he stayed the entire 4 years. He said the first Easter vacation he couldn't even go home so was at the school the entire week alone with nothing but the staff. She died from cancer when he was in college in florida, so he had to come home to help the family, and that was the end of college for him. I held nothing but anger toward that woman who I never met for what she did to him. That's how he really became the PA which continued on thru our marriage.

Star: I'm so terribly sad for your loss of Puss. I remember when she came to you guys, and how much you loved her. I believe you used to get annoyed at her sucking on your hair? I had a favorite cat, Keanu, who my DH found at the park as a kitten. He would do that and snuggle in my neck. I loved him so much more than any other cat I had in the past. He was bit by a feral cat, got a bad abcess. The vet ran tests and almost every day I would have to take him to the vet for a shot to bring down his fever. Turned out he had a bad disease from this feral cat so I had to put him down. That was 2 days before Christmas. I missed him for months, cried every night over him.

Sorry for all your MB problems. Sounds like getting a license to drive is a real challenge to your DS and actually involves the whole family. And I understand about your DD and her rebelling.

When my DD was going into 3rd year of HS, she announced we better find another HS for her otherwise she was dropping out. OMG.....so I scurried around and enrolled her in a small local Lutheran HS even though we weren't Lutheran. She bloomed there, was a cheerleader, found her first boyfriend, and had a wonderful year. I had to take out part of college $ to pay for it, so it was either go another year and use up the rest of the $ or go back to the local HS which she hated and which was only 1 block from us and she could use the $ to get a car......she chose the car and only had a few classes to take in the mornings. But that was really the beginning of all the troubles she gave us and still is.

Mikie: One more day and then it's Downton Abby for you. I'm excited to hear all about it from you.

Julie: It's wonderful to have a tree that produces like crazy but then you gotta figure out what to do with all the produce. Have you tried the oven apple butter yet? My DS who lives in Portland has turned into quite a gardener.....which is a giant surprise to me. He's even made jams. Makes jerky all the time, experiments with recipes with them. Got a free greenhouse on Craig's list and took it all apart to move it then put it all back together. He gets all types of veggies growing in it in the wintertime. He even takes soil samples to see what's missing. I told him it would have been great if he had known he had an agricultural calling.....could have gone to college for that. He's planning on raising rabbits to eat. Barry, you will like that idea. And is planning on a small duck pond in his yard. An he's working on a hydroponic garden setup in his basement.

Yesterday my DD and family were over. My DGS got a NEW car! Turns out after negotiations with the dealer it was only $2,000 less than what others were asking for a used car. A Honda Civic. Dark grey, 4 door. So then we went for lunch to a new place locally I had been wanting to try. OMG OMG. A gourmet restaurant that uses fresh herbs from their little plots next to the restaurant. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich made with havarti, wild mushrooms, sweet grilled onions (you know the way they candy them) some herb in it too. The BEST grilled cheese sandwich I had ever had!!!! We sat out on the patio. My SIL ordered shrimp and grits, and my DGS had chicken and waffles which smelled wonderful. No syrup over it but inside the waffle. I tasted a piece of the fluffy waffle....tasted of maple syrup and maybe a touch of bacon. This is definitely a place I'm going back to. Spring: Gonna be a big girl and take myself there for lunch again, whether i go alone or not.

My cleaning lady is over today, but most of the tidy up I did yesterday.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Another night of pretty good sleep. I'm glad. The brain washes itself when we sleep and gets rid of debris which can cause problems. I had a bagel for breakfast with Chia seeds I put on it. They are like poppy seeds. Publix had their bakery bagels on BOGO. I don't usually eat bagels but wanted something different. I put the other bag of them in the freezer for later. I also got some grapefruit juice but will not be drinking it every day. It enhances one of my BP meds and interferes with the other.

Gotta give my hair a wee bit of a trim and get into the shower and wash it. Think I'll go get my kidney x-ray and take my car to the auto wash. I don't need an appt. for the x-ray but have to get it done before my doc appt. with enough time so that the radiologist's report gets to him. That will likely do me in. Despite sleeping well, when I woke to go to the bathroom during the night, my tongue was like a dry sponge. The extreme exhaustion was the first clue yesterday that I'm in a Sjogren's flare. My eyes have been dry too. AACCKK!!

I finished the book, Quantum, last night. It's a horrible book by Patricia Cornwell. There are ongoing pages of technical stuff beyond anything most people would care about. The lead character has OCD and reading her thoughts is like going down the rabbit hole. The real kicker is that I found out at the end that this book is only the first half of the story which isn't great to begin with. I left a review to warn others because this is a very popular author of crime novels.

Spring, I was so glad to see that you stopped in but was so saddened to read about your kitty, Puss. She sounds like such a loving kitty. I am so sorry. We had a wonderful cat that stayed in bed with us the whole time we were sick with mumps. Our beloved pets are gifts from God. That flu sounds horrible. I've been dealing with some kind of virus that keeps coming back but that is often how it goes with these things. It's not been up to the level of flu though. Glad DS has found a way to get around. BTW, if you see the note that your post was edited by a moderator, it was only I, adding some paragraph breaks. I didn't change anything.

Granni, I still like watching a lot of the old programs, mostly from the 50's. I liked the Westerns when I was a kid but not so much now. I still like the old comedy shows. Burns and Allen is on really early on Sunday mornings and I still love them. I'd like to keep my hair shorter too but it's too much trouble to keep it trimmed all the time. It's not long but isn't short either. It's just right as Goldilocks would say. At this length, it doesn't look bad when I get up. I can run my fingers through it and I'm good to go. Enjoy getting you hair trimmed today.

Julie, sounds as though you had a good time at the kids' and Amy got to rest a bit by herself at home. Andy is good enough at soccer that he was offered a place on the varsity team or he could choose the Sophomore team. He decided to play on the Sophomore team because, on the Varsity team, he wouldn't have much chance to play. He started the first game and made the first goal. I think sports are so important for kids. My sleep was worse when CFIDS hit and again when FMS hit. I had a sleep study done and it showed slight seizure activity that continued to wake me during the night. That's how I ended up taking the Klonopin. It was a God send back then. At my age, many people don't get much more than about six hours of sleep. If I get six, I'm good to go. The last hour or so is more like a twilight sleep and it doesn't help that SV pesters me to get up. He knows when I throw a pillow at him and scream no that I mean business. He ten gets back up on the bed and hangs out next to me til I get up. Then, he goes back to sleep after we get up. Glad those apples are so nice. Guess it pays to climb a little higher. There must be a methaphore in there somewhere. :)

Spring, yes, that little girl from Sweden is amazing. Kids today are really riled up about climate change and I'm glad. It is they who will inherit this mess we have left for them. Loosening the regs on clean air and water is one of the stupidest things ever done in the name of short-term profits/savings. There are big cities here where the people cannot even bathe or shower in the water because polluted water is causing the lead and other debris in their pipes to contaminate it. In Flint, MI, people have become sick and the lead has caused learning disabilities in the children. The politicians who decided to use polluted water from the river have gone to jail but that doesn't help the residents. They will be paying for years for special ed classes for all those kids. There aren't even enough special ed teachers for them. Now, the pipes have to be replaced. Where's the profit/savings in that? There is an ongoing oil leak in the Gulf that is pouring oil out into the water with no end in sight. Glad the rain brings some relief for you. We get dust from the desert in Africa in our air. This time of year, we welcome it because it keeps hurricanes from forming. Now, it appears that Karen may hit us in another week and there is Lorenzo forming off of Africa. I'm so sorry you were put in boarding at such a tender age. It must have been so traumatic.

Sun, we were posting at the same time. I see you've added to your post. I'm sure that it was traumatic for your DH too. Yes, in Catholic families, the ultimate was to have a son become a priest. I doubt that is true today. High school is such an important time in a kid's life. Can't imagine how awful it must have been for him. My ex's family was sooo dysfunctional that a myriad of things might have caused him to be a PA. They are miserable to live with. How nice your DGS got a new car. At this time of year, there are great deals to be had, especially on cars that are not SUVs. Restaurant sounds delicious. I haven't found a restaurant here that I love. We have a ton of them, some with great reviews but nothing I'm interested in. Yes, one more day to Downton Abbey. Woo Hoo!

I woke with stuffed up sinuses, a stiff neck, a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Good grief! I'm choking and coughing. It's been so dry here and that may be contributing to it. Everyone is complaining about their allergies. Feels as though this will never end. Hope everydobby is doing better than I at the moment.

Love, Mikie

Update: realized that I had no conditioner in the shower so sprayed my mop with the oil before drying it. I have to use styling gel for volume on my fine hair. It, mixed with the oil, made it hard to dry. It's all shiny and looks beautiful but I still need to dry it a bit. Good grief! I have to put on makeup and go get my x-ray. I have a big scab under my nose where the dermatologist froze off some surface cancer. That'll look lovely! NOT!
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Home again, home again... It was about all I could do to get dressed and put makeup on. I'm sooo tired and my stomach is upset. Don't know anymore which is Sjogrens' and which is the virus that never seems to go away. I didn't have to wait too long at the radiology center and I drove directly to the Shell station with the car wash. The car wash is usually only $7 for the quickie drive through basic wash. Today, it was only $3. At least now, the car will be clean for my pals. I'm not going to get the inside cleaned but it's not dirty anyway.

The radiology center is no longer printing out film so I just got a CD. I usually look at my films and neither of my computers with a CD drive is working so I'll just have to wait until Monday the 7th to see how large they are now. I think they were about 10mm's the last time I was x-rayed a year ago. That's fine if they don't move. I have no symptoms so, hopefully, they are staying put. Once they start to move, it becomes urgent.

Gonna rest so I can manage the movie tomorrow. I don't want to fall asleep in the middle of it. Also don't want to feel lousy. Gonna tell Claudia that I'm not going to the pool in the morning. Don't want to take any chances. What a way to live! I know I'm not the only one; we all have to manage our NRG. I guess I shouldn't complain because, other than feeling lousy so much of the time, my life really is nice.

Hope everydobby is having a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Good evening, friends! Popped in during the day to check in, but felt I'd better keep working until closer to bedtime to actually stay and visit.

Star, it is so good to hear from you. All the goings on, and with everyone taking two turns at the flu...hard enough to manage on "normal" days/weeks, etc. I'm so sorry to hear about Puss...when we love/are loved so much, we also grieve much. Lindsey's family's pit bull "Sweet Tea" (yep, a southern belle) sometimes helps put the kids to bed...lying with one till he/she falls asleep, then going on to the next, then so on. How understanding of your hubby to take care of the burial and removal of Puss' things...to spare you that extra pain. Praying that things work out for your DS and DD with the licenses, apprenticeship, etc.

Sun, so sad about your DH being sent away, without even any time to either argue against it or get used to the idea...or even say goodbye to friends. Mothers of boys can really do a number on them...you all know what an influence my MIL was, on the whole family. How exciting about your DGS's new car! And that sounds like a super deluxe grilled cheese sandwich...for supper tonight we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, but nothing quite so fancy ;) I haven't tried the oven apple butter yet...looking forward to seeing how it does.

Mikie, glad you got your xrays done...would be nice if you could look at them ahead of time, but hopefully everything is okay. I eat granola with coconut and chia seeds in it...put it in yogurt. And put either ground chia or flaxseeds in smoothies. Den loves bagels...I always tease him about eating "boiled bread", lol! I like them toasted, but he'll often eat them "raw."

I'm a little worried about Amy. She just slept wrong one night and could barely move the next morning. Has been to her chiro twice, but the doc was only able to do a minor adjustment. Hopefully, the next time Amy can get a lot more relief. My chiro isn't gentle, but I'm sure would have fixed it right away...the girls both used to go to him and they and the grands still do if they are in the area at the right time. He doesn't charge for children until they turn 13 years old...

Barry, I did something in your honor today. While putting a load of towels in the washer, I noticed a garden spider making his way up the pile. I escorted him out of the washing machine and relocated him outside...the whole time I was thinking, "Wouldn't Barry be proud of me?" How's your apple situation?

Rock, hope you're doing okay and can check in soon.

Granni, I'm sure you've got lots going on. Hope all the flooding is over with.

Well, after washing and hanging out four loads of clothes this morning, I spent the rest of the day in the apple tree. Kept moving the pickup (backing up to the tree in different places so I could stand on the ladder (in the truck bed) and get to the apples.) I went back over the areas again, and used the extended apple picker to get to the very highest ones. Den says our tree is just over 20 ft. tall...I was on the very top of the 8 ft step ladder, on top of the pickup bed, using the picker, lol! Had the handles of a big bag around my neck, so would have to go up and down the ladder to dump the apples into the baskets and boxes...with what I picked today, I'm calculating around 15 bushels, including the ones I left for the deer and birds. Didn't get them all from the top branches, but kept telling myself, "You have to know when to fold 'em"...wouldn't be good to fall and be out of commission.

When I climbed off the truck for the last time, I was so stiff and walking so funny...reminded me of Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show, shuffling around. Anyway, I can call the picking part officially done...now to do something with all those apples, lol!

Hair appt. at 9:00 tomorrow morning, then to the bigger town for a few things Den needs from the home supply store. Better get to bed and try to get to sleep...muscles I don't use as much as I have lately, already complaining...but hopefully I'm tired enough to crash. Take care, everyone. Hope the video works...



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for Star

i know how much youre hurting....losing a beloved pet, especially one who creeps into your heart with their sweetness and loving gestures and cements a special warm place over time in there, is a pain only someone else who has lost a beloved pet can understand. i have lost many pets over the years, but its always excruciating.

Sun seems to remember when you got her, i dont, my brain has been so fogged at times, but she sounds like she was something else. Intuitive, caring; i mean imagine a cat, a breed which is normally known to be aloof, sensing when youre ill and trying to hold you and comfort you, like a loving mama would do, that just brought tears to my eyes. It spoke volumes about what a loving little heart she had.

i want you to remember she was very lucky to have your family who all love critters and always have lots of them. She certainly never lacked for care or companionship and she was loved as much as she loved. This for any being is the ultimate. Being loved. To mean something to another living being. Please in your grief, know this and be comforted.

i believe where she is, she can see you. And she is happy.


God bless
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Wow! Slept ten hours last evening/night. I woke a little after eight and realized I had slept right through Jeopardy. My pals were worried so I texted them and went back to sleep. I got so sick right before I went to bed. The Sjogren's can really do a number on me. I told Claudia I would not be at the pool this morning. I woke feeling a bit better but don't want to take any chances with the movie today. Glad I got the car washed yesterday before I felt so sick. After I woke around eight last night, I realized I had the Country Music show on so watched it a bit. I know that I will watch the whole series again as I have some of Ken Burns' other series. They are sooo good. We are so lucky to have him to produce these series for us. What a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, yes, our loving pets are blessings in our lives. It's sometimes hard to believe how sweet, loving and intuitive they can be. Over the years, our family has had so many pets with beautiful spirits. The more beautiful and loving they are, the more we have grieved their passing. The pain of loss was one of the reasons I didn't want another pet but I guess God had other ideas and here I am with SV. He is sweet, loving and sometimes ornery all in one furry bundle. After one of DD's dogs died, I was grieving so much. I went a couple of doors down to visit my neighbor. We have half walls between our entries and our kitchens. Her cat jumped up on the wall and walked over to me and stood up on her hind legs and put her paws around me. She took her teeth and very gently rubbed them on my chin. That is one of the most loving things cats can do. She knew I was hurting.

Think I remember telling y'all about Nancy's method for falling back asleep--fluttering the eyelids. I found one that works even better for me. I close my eyes and roll them up as far as possible. As I let them roll back down, I imagine they are pulling me down into groggy sleep at the bottom. This was a method for meditating that I saw on TV but it works so much better for falling back asleep. I can actually feel myself being pulled down toward sleep as I do it.

Julie, do you ever worry when the girls get sick or feel achy that they might have one of these conditions which seem to run in families? I hope they don't. My girls seem to have things that are suspicious and my younger DD has been diagnosed with Lyme. So far, their problems don't seem as bad as mine but it might be the mycoplasma that triggered my CFIDS/ME or just simply because I have four immune/autoimmune things going on. I still have no idea where their melanoma came from but with both of their having it, there must be some genetic tendency for it. Melanoma also runs in families. I'm laughing just thinking how hard it must have been for you to leave any apples unpicked. As it is, you picked a bunch of them. What a crop. Apples are the favorite fruit in America. I have always loved them.

Spring, how sweet of you to post this lovely poem for Star. I used to have one that one of my clients gave me after Mr. Big died. It brought tears to my eyes every time I read it. When my kids lost their little dog of 17 years, it was sooo hard for them. DSIL posted a slew of pics of him on FB. The day after Calvin died, DSIL went to get out of his car and there was a big feather between his feet. My Mom sends us feathers to let us know everything will be okay and to comfort us. We know she is alive and well in Heaven.

Rock, oh brother, where art thou?

Star, I always hate to mess with anyone's posts but I sometimes have trouble reading some posts so I figure others might too. Nothing to it, I just added some breaks. I know how difficult it was to post while being so sad. My heart was breaking for you. I pray God sends you and your family comfort.

As is my wont, I'm gonna go read the paper online. Not gonna do anything to keep me from the movie today. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Julie:. Cute video from Carol Burnett Show! Always loved it. You're VERY brave, not only climbing that ladder to the tippy top but also hanging a heavy bag around you. Scares the heck out of me, imagining it. Tell Amy to look up trigger points. That's what happened, sleeping wrong then you can't turn your head. She can use her fingers to find them and pinch them a little to release them. My trigger point therapy work book has been a godsend to me.

Star: It's gonna take take time to heal from your loss.

Mikie: Have fun today.

Spring: thanks for posting the poem.


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Taking a breather from some mundane chores.

Reading Stars post brought back some memories and how awful it hurt when i went through thing same thing. ive cried buckets over cats, kittens, parrots, and of course dogs.

And remembering Star had just contended with not one but two bouts of flu affecting them all! The severe cold which ran through our family left me feeling exhausted and none too cheerful.

Sun - it was very traumatic being suddenly left at school and taken to a strange house. i used to wet my bed regularly and then the big girl in charge of me would shout at me.

But there were others, orphans and i remember two sisters, slightly older from another city, one of them would cry every night because ‘she had no father or mother. ‘ At least i was allowed back home for a few hours on Saturdays. And my father came every other weekend with a care package of sweets, apples etc.

Im sorry your DH had to go through the shock of being sent without warning to boarding school. And developed the defense mechanisms he did.

My brother, (yes, he died seven years ago) was very naughty. When we were still at hospital, (we were both first kept for a week in hospital before being sent to our allocated cottages) , we were brought from our respective girls and boys wards, to spend time with each other in the hospital courtyard. My brother, took my hand, and marched me out the main door and the big hospital gates and down the winding lane, onto the main road which snaked downhill thru little villages and finally back home. lol.

must have cut a strange figure, he and me, seven and five, dressed in our night clothes, a flannel gown and wooly caps marching down purposefully.

The parents had gone out but the door was open and they found us in the bedroom cum dining room playing. Took us straight back.

Brother tried again a few days later and we were apprehended outside the main gate.

But we both got to love our school, made lifelong friends. My DB especially, was very popular and made the soccer and volleyball teams.

Yes, you must try going out to eat at that lovely place. Its liberating.

Your lucky DGS, to get a new car!

Mikie - its sweet how your DM keeps tabs on you all. i get feathers too. But i think theyre from a guardian angel. due to my acute sensitivity i am bombarded with all sorts of stimuli and some of them not very positive. i get feathers those times. Just to let me know im protected. i hope your lovely DD and family are healing from the loss of their Calvin.
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Spring:. You were very lucky to have your DB with you. Many many children down at the borders of our country are not so lucky. Can you imagine the terrible trauma of separation they're going thru. Heartless and it will last the entire lifetime for what they're going thru. What mother can look at this and close their eyes as they look away and pretend it's not happening.

I watched the little heart felt short speech that Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish activist, gave at the meeting of all leaders. Apparently she has a form of asbergers, just like Bill Gates. It's going to take the young people to do something about all the terrible things our politicians are doing.


Hi, Kids,

Home again after the movie. We had such a wonderful time. Only problem was trying to move after sitting so long. Claudia has restless leg syndrome and her legs hurt so bad if she can't move. We all agreed that watching at home is so much easier but there is a lot to be said for the big screen. Our drama started before we even left the hood. The dumpster is between my bldg. and the other two. I drove down there and picked up my mail. Barb dumped her recycle stuff and Claudia dropped her garbage in the big dumpster. Barb and I were in the car and noticed it was taking Claudia a long time to throw out her garbage. I looked and there she was half in and half out of the dumpster. She had dropped her keys inside when she dropped the garbage. Barb ran to her bldg. and got one of those long handled grabbers and Claudia fished out her keys. We sped to the movie theater and went to the bathroom so Claudia could wash her hands. Barb is our hero of the day.

We really enjoyed the movie. I can't say it was much more spectacular than watching it on TV except for the size of the screen. It was an excellent story and subplots and most everyone had a happy ending. I smell a sequel down the road in a few years. This movie outdrew Brad Pitt's new film by half again this week. The TV show has always been so grand and posh that there is no beating that in the movie. Despite the grandeur, I think it's the characters upstairs and down that make the TV series and the movie so beloved and they didn't disappoint. The best part was just getting out and having fun especially after how horrible I felt last night. Of course, my pals are understanding but I hate to disappoint anyone.

Sun, thanks for your good wishes. We really did have a good time.

Spring, that's wonderful that you get feathers too. How sweet to know they are from your guardian angels. Feathers have long been connected to the spiritual realm. Ever since I had my breakthrough with forgiveness, I've felt so loved and protected. That is so touching that your brother was taking you home. I'm glad that you both found school so much to your liking after a while. I always wanted a brother. My daycare family's boys were my brothers but it wasn't the same.

Granni, I hope you can stop back in.

Rock, I'm worried about you. Can you check in?

Star, thinking of you and hoping you and your family are doing okay.

Barry, hope you stop in soon.

Julie, you must be very busy with so many apples. I'm thinking about having one now.

OK, gonna go check for any spammers. I just wanted to check in here first. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Love, Mikie