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Porch # 1157 is now CLOSED

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i normally like conventionally designed small cozy restaurants, but this caught my eye. love the open spaces and the amount of light and that delightful little green space outside the entrance.

i wonder if Rock can take the help of our admins to see why he is unable to post. This is his new computer and its got to be some external thing. How can one not post on a forum? i wonder whether he has got his antivirus installed. for some reason, gremlins seem to hang around this site and change fonts and screw up pages etc...

Barry - nice to get the update from you. You were counseling a friend. Nice for your friend to have someone to confer with. I have a friend or two who i can talk about things to, but theyre very different from me. So their way of dealing can be different but its always nice to get different viewpoints of a situation.

Granni - what a nice time you had. nice food and a fashion show. yes, the clothes they model on ramps are always expensive but fun to look at. My friends niece who studied in my kids school has become a model and acted in one or two films. Modeling is not lucrative in Nepal but she was lucky, she became successful and does pretty well. she has had a horrible life because of not having a father and a drug addict uncle living with her, her mum and old grandmum. but she turned out so sweet and grounded.

sounds like your show went well. So nice for those people who were listening. and mouthing the songs.

Mikie - so happy you got to see the movie and enjoyed it. i love the three of you going out together. You must do it again. Not so happy to hear the awful tiredness returned.

Sun - big conglomerates using water to make big $ and the citizens have to scramble? Water is a basic necessity. Everyone should have adequate amounts. ive heard about Californias water shortage over the years.

This is why earths citizens have to stop ravaging Natures resources and think of the future. In the end we all really are one. Its no use brazils President squawking about Brazils sovereignty. Their Amazon forests do affect global climate. And other countries have a right to protect their future.

The amount of plastic one household accumulates in a day, how can the earth not get poisoned by these non recyclable things? where are we gonna dump it all? The sea? The coral reefs are already dying. Fish are swallowing plastic bags and dying. The evidence is all around.
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A very wonderful evening, morning, etc. to all...not sure the time difference with everyone. Not sure my brain is working all that well, but I'll give it a shot, lol! Didn't get on the mower until after a two hour nap (after lunch.) Some days I can get by without resting, but I can sure tell when I need to at least lie down a bit.

Barry, not too many questions, at all. I even brought up two screens so I can zip back and forth to see the previous porch and "stay focused." :) Yes, I'm only mowing grass...we rent out the farmland (126 acres minus the yard and buildings) and our farmers cut the hay, also planted a fast growing crop of millet and cut it for hay a couple weeks ago. They have soybeans in one field (rotate yearly with corn)...actually, last year several of the fields were in corn. Corn and beans are the biggest crops around here, but lots of farmers also put up hay.

I'm thinking we might try a small garden next year, depending if we get most of the decluttering projects under control. I just don't want to take on more than we can handle. Not sure how I ever managed the large gardens with all the canning, freezing, jelly and pickle making, etc....it was before I got sick, but still so much work. But we weren't taking care of elderly parents and helping with grandchildren...but I did work full-time. We have had our own cows, pony, pygmy goats, Nubian goats (when Amy quit nursing (she was too busy to stay still long enough, lol!) but couldn't tolerate formula or cow's milk, we milked the goats and she got along fine)...also had many many cats and dogs.

Our Amish neighbors are very dear friends. Yes, they go to their own schools...when the kiddos are old enough (I think 6?) they start out at the end of one school year doing "preschool" a couple days a week. Then the following year they go directly to first grade. They are finished after 8th grade. They still have to follow some of the state or national guidelines such as "so many days of school per year" and they can't start the new school year before Labor Day, etc.

They grow the same things we do in our fields, but of course have huge gardens and do lots and lots of preserving. A lot more "homemade/home cooked" meals, but many also buy processed foods...which was a little surprising to me as I got to know them better. Yes, a simple life...but also would be frustrating to me (and is to many of them) to not be able to take advantage of things to make their lives a little easier...but I don't say anything against them because it's their choice to live that way.

Very kind of you to counsel your friend...can be very draining, though. Hope all works out well. Yay for Richard doing the watering...glad you have each other.

Mikie, that feeling like you're going to absolutely fall over is horrible. I'm so sorry it hit you again....hope tomorrow is a better day. How nice you even get to choose the places you get your "rewards" from.

Granni, I'll bet the seniors really enjoyed your group's singing. The luncheon and fashion show sounds like fun. Hope you don't have anything serious going on...you have enough to deal with. I sent you a message on here and an email...not sure if you've gotten them.

Sun, Den was just reading today about teabags today being made of plastic and leaching out into the liquids. I didn't even know there were plastic teabags. Lindsey and I are phasing out any plastic dishes from our homes...especially for use with foods and drinks that have been heated. She started quite some time ago and I have been stocking up on glass plates, bowls, cups, glasses (mostly from Goodwill) for when everyone is here again. I have plenty for just myself and Den, but not for when the whole family joins us. We also use the uncoated paper plates (I use paper plates to cover food in the microwave).

Your friend may, indeed, be on to something...I never thought about it causing one to be hoarse, though.

Star, Rock...thinking of you guys. Check in when it's handy and there is energy, etc.

I'd better get on to bed...gonna get up early to start the dehydrator, then finish mowing. We have rain starting Friday (forecasters already warned that some football games may be cancelled) and it is to continue through the weekend. Den has one little piece of metal to put on the patio roof, but will be at work tomorrow. We need to get another truck load of firewood, but that's not something to do in the rain. I'll try to get to Keira's volleyball game again on Sunday...and take Amy some more apples for her neighbor and coworkers.

Take care, everyone...


Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

This flare has me so tired, with a stiff neck, exhaustion, stomach upset, shakiness and sensitivity to noise. Good grief! Continuously changing symptoms. I'm starting to get pissy. I slept well last night but we know with these conditions that sleep doesn't always help much. Good thing I have nothing on the agenda for a couple of days--actually more than a week. Even so, I hate to spend my life doing nothing. Whine, whine, whine!

Watched what I think was the final Country Music series episode. I fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through which is normal. I'm not sure why Ken Burns decided to show more of some artists and less of others. Didn't get the FJ question last night but I got the state in which the event occured so we decided we were entitled to half the virtual chocolate. Everyone was dead tired so we didn't chat too long.

Barry, counseling a friend can be very tiring. Your garden sounds so lovely. Wish you could post some pics. Yes, R&R plays a big part in my life these days.

Granni, a fashion show luncheon sounds like fun. Think I've mentioned that the people where Claudia's Mom lives love the old songs. It's an Alzheimer's home and many can't remember much but they remember the music. Hope you don't have a UTI. Claudia only needed the bathroom to wash her hands from digging in the dumpster. I can still see her hanging half in and half out of it.

Sun, Rock was here yesterday morning about 8:30 but that's the only time he showed up. He's usually here a lot more than that. He hasn't posted since Page 1 of the last Porch and then he wasn't convinced that his posts showed up. I think there is something that is confusing him about the forums. I am hoping Gordon can help. I miss him. Nestle is the biggest food company in the world. Their corruption goes way beyond what I had known about. I looked them up. Don't know why CA is literally giving your water away to them so they can profit while you guys live with drought. Babies have died because of their formula corruption, according to what I read.

Spring, thanks for starting a new Porch. I love this restaurant. So airy and bright. Wish all of us could meet there for dinner and a nice stiff drink. Lots of joking and laughter, ending with big hugs all around. We always end our ladies luncheons with hugs. I fear if we don't do something about how we are abusing Mother Earth and do it soon, we will have nothing left. Thank God the younger generation is alarmed but don't know if it's already too late. Thanks for your concern. As Barry says, this too shall pass.

Julie, I also don't judge those who want to live the simple life but it's not for me. I've grown too dependent on Roomba, Siri and Alexa. :) If I have a doctor appt., I want to jump in my car and go and I don't want to have to drive far to get there. I used to think nothing of driving up to Atlanta to see the kids when they lived there (600 miles). Not now. The Highlander should last the rest of my life; I don't drive enough to wear it out. I had a friend who used to joke that her Mom never left her zip code. Sadly, I now get it. Thanks for your good wishes. This stuff never lasts too long and I always just rest until things turn around. The Medicare Advantage HMO really does concentrate on keeping members healthy with preventive care. Feels so good to get gift cards for doing what I'd do anyway. So nice you get to go to Keira's games. Wish I could go to Andy's.

Rock, can Gordon help you post? We miss you and your magnificent sense of humor.

Don't know why the A/C is running. It's only 69 degrees out. Better go check it out. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Spring: That's a pretty cool atrium restaurant/bar, probably alongside an indoor one. out in calif and probably where you live we like to eat outdoors. So many little restaurants, coffee bars, bakeries, etc. are allowed to use the sidewalk right in front of their premises so many have taken advantage of that. Of course only a few and only small tables but it is nice. And in our little city many put out water bowls for their dogs too. Where I live it was designated as a "tree city" so lots and lots of trees. In the spring two long streets are covered with pink blossoms for about a month. So pretty, chartreuse green and the bright pink. And a lot of the village trees have the small white lights in the trees at night. All the streets have the "street trees" which you are not allowed to trim BUT you have to make sure you water them. My tree is the ginko. Really pretty come fall and if we're lucky and not get rain or wind, the leaves will stay for quite a while.

Mikie: I'm thinking your stiff neck is coming from something else. Did you have it before the theatre? And did you sit in the theatre looking up? That would definitely do me in for days. And did you say you do take enzymes and probiotics? Hope you feel better soon.

Barry: What foods a pre biotics? I do eat fresh saurkraut and drink the kefir when I remember. Since taking the probiotics pill once a day I figure it's working to do it's job down there.

Granni: Sounds like a fun day for you!

GORDON: I think you're going to have to sit and show Rock, step by step as you move around the prohealth board to post. I'm understanding how he's feeling about the computer. My DH would get very frustrated with me with the big one.....still can't use it. I find that the ipad is so much easier for me.

I did some painting on a WC assignment for class yesterday. And I also hit a thrift store I like to go to which is about 10 miles from me. Ran into a fellow artist I hadn't seen in over 4 years, so it was nice catching up with her. The only "goodie" I found was a botanical painted white canister with wood lid. Whenever I happen on a Portmeirion ceramic piece I purchase it. They're made in England, always have fruit or flowers and butterflies or insects on them. Love them.

So came home and decided I needed to enjoy all of the canisters I have accumulated. Rearranging things on my counters. I'm still having trouble with pesky ants showing up on one counter and can't find where they're coming from. I changed out my coffee to one of my botanical canister but it doesn't have a tight lid and I was afraid the ants would find it, so had to move things from one counter to another.



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Good morning, friends! The day seems half over and I haven't accomplished much, lol! Do the best we can, right?

Mikie, my Lindsey is having many of the same symptoms you are. Yes, I think both my girls have "inherited" some of my maladies. Lindsey had xrays the other day to see about her teeth...put her in an extreme flair...she thinks it affects her adrenals. If we lived closer to them, I could go down right away...but will just have to wait till next month when she has the surgery. Feel better, dear one...I can understand the pissy part completely.

Sun, how cool to find the beautiful canister...and neat that you can display/use them and see them every day.

Per your conversation with your friend about plastics...I'm rethinking making dehydrated apples. My dehydrator is plastic...can that be healthy or safe? Ten hours at 135 degrees, sitting on plastic trays. Lots of other things I can do...and Lindsey requested lots of applesauce and apple butter. Going to get some to one of our neighbors for their daughter (the parents of Amy's best friend...the girls have been buddies since preschool.) Just have to time it right, cause when the other lady and I get together, we can talk for (literally) hours, lol! Amy's friend lives farther away, but wants to make her own applesauce and her mom can get the apples to her.

I'm in a bit of a flare myself...not unexpected, but a nuisance, nonetheless. This weather, though! So much easier to work outside in today's 66 degrees (expected high of 72) than it is in the 80's or 90's. By "work", I mean riding the mower, lol! Very relaxing and get to soak up some Vitamin D at the same time...Den is at work, so Oreo and I have the farm to ourselves ;) Last evening, I mowed past her usual suppertime...she always lies in the grass somewhere in the vicinity where I'm mowing so she can keep an eye on me. Each time I drove by, from the looks she gave me, I could picture her pointing to her watch! Yes, animals can definitely communicate, lol!

Better get my rear end in gear...hope everyone is having a good enough day. I'm missing Rock, too...hope to hear something soon.


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Julie: I believe I would think about how you could replace the plastic trays with a metal framework with a screen. That's what mine had years ago. Maybe Den could come up with something? Ive given a lot of thought to all the plastic I use, starting with drinking water out of it. Then my entire house! We had a repipe done years ago on the house, all the piping goes thru the attic and down various water sites.....all plastic PVC piping. As you know I have a rare form of chronic bronchitis, doctor doesn't know why since I never smoked. Some days it's really bad with trying to cough up mucous, and have had this "hoarseness" for at least 4 years, mainly after getting up from sleeping, but it's now gotten where I'm hoarse quite a lot of the day. I'm not concerned if it's throat cancer.......I'm ready to go "home" and I don't want to go through ANY MORE TESTS. God is in control of my life.

My DD called this morning......their young dog, Skylar is going AGAIN to the vet. She got startled 5 days ago and fell off the chair she was sleeping in. Still limping on 3 legs. I told my DD that's probably going to run them $500 with xrays etc. and who knows what she did. This dog is a terrible $$$$ drain but she's part of the family now. I'm sorry my DD gave into her DHs pestering for another dog. They didn't need another dog since Savannah is still doing OK, just old.


Hi, Kids,

Been watching TV and I feel a bit better just lying around. I never know how this crud is going to affect me. But then, does anyone?

Sun, if you can take some pics of the canisters, please post them. They sound lovely. Glad your found the new one and can display it. Get some Terro traps for the ants. They have been getting in SV's little wet food dish if I forget and leave it out overnight. The stiff neck I get in these flares is different than one from sleeping wrong. I had viral meningitis in my 20's and I think it left my neck vulnerable. I get stabbing nerve pain when I'm in this kind of flare. The pain is almost unbearable but fleeting. SV and I both drink out of glass goblets but the water runs through a plastic filter and plastic lines inside the fridge. I had the hoarseness and the ENT ran a flexible scope down my nose and into my throat in the office. I was worried the acid reflux might have damaged my vocal chords. Nada, thank God. Maybe you can get it checked for peace of mind. Good luck.

Julie, yes, critters can convey everything with a look. SV likes to see what's on the coffee table. I'll be on the sofa and see his head rise on the other side. If he is thinking of doing something he shouldn't and he sees that I'm looking at him, he gets a look that says, "Oh oh," and his head disappears the way it came. Sooo funny. It's like something out of a comedy show. I noticed what nice weather you are having. Des Moines is next to Denver on the weather page of the paper. I believe radiation from any source can affect us. It's also possible that just going to the dentist is stressful for Lindsey and that can definitely affect the adrenals. I find that almost anything I have to do these days is stressful, especially if it involves peeing. I hope you feel better too.

Rock, I see you are here. Hope you can post.

I'd like to do a bit of cleaning in the kitchen but I'm so clumsy when I feel like this and dropping things can trigger lots of anger and swearing. Or as my DD puts it, it's not the first time I drop something, it's the third that gets me upset. Guess she inherited my 'dropsy,' as my Mom used to call it. Guess I'd better get off the computer. My hips hurt and I had better stand or lie down. Sitting is painful.

Love to everydobby,
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Mikie: I bought some terro at Lowe's today. Different from it used to be in a little green bottle. This pack had 4 plastic things in it, I cut off the tab because I couldn't break it off and it's been hours of me watching these insects. I've got black countertops so it's hard to see them until they get in the sink then I can't stand it so I spray with a vinegar/water/dawn mixture I use on cleaning. It kills them immediately. I know I'm supposed to let them get into this container but all the watching and I haven't seen anyone climb up into the hole. (*&^%$#

The vet thought Skylar had inflammation so they're going to wait on X-rays until next week to see how she does on antibiotics. As it was $218 and they tried to get her nails trimmed but dog is very strong even with two of them sitting on her. Such a problem.

My knee is hurting again so that lead to a painful leg and into my back. The least little thing and I'm hurt. I just can't win no matter. By the way, I went back to CVS to see the pharmacist today to show her my large red hot area on my arm, again below where the shot was given. She thought it was muscle related.....hmmmmm? I'm thinking a quirk of FM that I didn't know about. She was sure it wasn't the type of vaccination given since I had two separate types. Guess I sound like I'm whining!!!!!!!!!! No........I would call it whimpering from misery.


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Slept a whole lot yesterday and last night. Still feel exhausted. I have to shower and run to the vet's to pick up SV's food and treats. He's an expensive little critter to feed.

Sun, I hope Skylar gets better. Poor girl. The redness and inflammation we get from vaccines isn't from what's in the serum; it's our own immune system's reacting to it. That is why I don't get shots. With autoimmunity, one doesn't want to further rile up the immune system. Just causes more damage. My immune system has always reacted badly to injections. I hope you feel better too.

I'm watching a live newscast from Washington, D.C. and the sun is already casting a beautiful pink light outside there. It's still dark here. Just the amount of distance that the NE sits out into the Atlantic makes a big difference in sunrise.

Just got rid of a bunch of spammers so my work here is done, for a while. There is a new member registering as I speak so I will have to stop back in just to check. Not everyone who registers is a spammer but this is the time of day when so many post. Gonna go read the virtual newspaper and come back.

Hope everydobby has a great windup to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, gang! I woke up right at 6:00 am...must have heard the rain coming. Lots of thunder and lightening for about 15 minutes, but now it's quiet. Oreo has tucked her "portly" self at my feet (under the computer desk.) 64 degrees right now and the air smells so fresh and clean. Mikie, the computer says our sunrise will be in about 20 minutes, at 7:01 am. I forget who are the first sun greeters each day...Google says New Zealand...trivia tidbit for the day :)

Sun...poor Skylar! Hope it's something that a little rest can fix. Yep, those vet bills can add up fast...Oreo broke her leg just two months after we got her from the shelter (ran out of the bean field, straight under David's car.)

Well, I hope you don't have throat cancer, but I know what you mean about being ready to go "home." All of our family is, even the grandchildren (the ones who are old enough to understand.) I'd like to stick around a little longer, but am happy to let God make the decision when the time comes.

Mikie, I noticed the name of the new member...interesting. Thank you for taking care of spammers, etc.

I have "dropsy" several times a day, due to the problem discs in my neck that cause my left arm and hand to go numb. I'm left handed and drop my comb, toothbrush, hair appliances, etc., etc. Yep, gets very frustrating.

Glad I got my mowing done yesterday...even walked the push mower up to the road to get the ditch and around the drain tube that goes underneath the end of the lane. Had done some trimming on my way, but when I got to the road my mower wouldn't start again. Den was running an errand after work, so I called and asked him to let me know when he got close to home and I would meet him at the mower. Of course, it started right away (probably just needed to cool down) and he mowed a bit for me as I was walking up to meet him. Our lane is about a quarter of a mile long, so I don't "trim" up at the road every time I mow...just when I need the extra exercise, lol!

Planned to just stay inside and work up apples today. Sun, my cousin told me about making apple butter in the crock pot...since I have four of them, I think I might go that route. Gonna forget dehydrating till I either get a stainless steel one or Den comes up with other trays.

Well, I'll get started as soon as I get back from taking the new mama on an errand in about an hour. Her little sister (the one who is staying with them to help out) called last evening to see if I could pick them up, drop her and the boys off at their mom's...then take the new mom on an errand, then bring her back to visit at her mom's till after lunch...then take them back home. I don't mind since they all live within a mile or two of us...and I need to stop at the same store she's going to (belongs to another nearby Amish neighbor and she had ordered a french press for me to give to David for his birthday.)

And I need to check with Amy's friend's mom to see when I can drop apples off at her house. The only problem is that this other Julie and I tend to lose track of time and gab too long, lol!

So...I'd best get dressed (just waiting for Den to wake up so I don't disturb him...he very rarely gets to sleep in.) "Hi" to everyone and hope your day goes well.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Yep, the new member registering posted spam. I like to get rid of it as soon as I can after it's posted but I do think people here know better than to respond to it. I'm not saying all spammers are up to no good. I think a lot of them are in pyramid schemes. It's just that there is so much scamming going on online that I don't want to take chances. I don't open anything anymore unless I know what it is. Same with my email. PH has gone to great lengths to keep us safe. Our county's website was hacked and out of order for days. They are still trying to figure out what was done.

Still haven't gotten into the shower. I'm moving slowly this morning. I have to do it so I can go get SV's food. I'd send people running and retching were I to go out in public like I am. AACCKK!! DD posted on FB that DGS and another kid ran into each other head to head at a soccer game. They did the concussion protocol on Andy, including asking him whether he knew the date. He asked if he could phone a friend. He wasn't diagnosed with a concussion but was diagnosed as a smart ass. Well, that runs in the family. :)

Julie, how lucky your neighbors are to have you as their driver for all kinds of things. When I say I'm ready to go Home, my neighbors get uncomfortable. I've splained to them that I don't have a death wish but I think we all should be ready spiritually because we never know. Believers know that physical death isn't the end but the beginning of a new life in a beautiful place with our loved ones who have gone before us. My car once wouldn't start after the alarm went off in WM's parking lot. I called AAA and, of course, it started right up after the road service arrived. I didn't realize the the alarm disables the car for a while so it can't be stolen. The alarm was an after-market installation at the dealer when I bought the car. I got no manual. I tipped the road service tech so he could, at least, get a beer for his troubles. Glad you are having such nice weather. We are very dry here but the rainy weather will return. The hurricanes and highs are steering dry weather our way for a while. Gonna enjoy the break from our usual humidity. Bet you're glad when mowing season is over.

I'll stop back in later today. Hope y'all are having a good one.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I started getting the flu shot last year because previous years it was a continual wave of being sick. A friend asked..."don't you get the flu shot, I said no because I get a reaction from it'. Last year I decided to try it. I post to a friend almost daily and she's kept all those posts....I think they go back over 14 years so I can put in a year and month and read what was going on. Think I'll check last october and see what type of reaction I had. 3 years ago I got so sick with the flu, coughing up blood, really sick, so my lung doc persuaded me that I NEEDED a flu shot and the pneumonia shot. So I'll have to work the pneumonia one in before any cancer treatment that will probably start early November.

Julie: A crock pot would be a handy way to do apple butter. You just get it started and forget it. Did I read correctly about your Amish neighbors, that this new young mother has apparently a youngish mother who also has a young child? They're VERY lucky to have you as their chauffeur!

I remember what happened to Oreo. And poor David too! $218 at the vet seemed like a pretty stiff price for just an exam and antibiotics. And that was without xrays too. The vet gave her tramadol....1 1/2 pills two times a day. Eeegads.....1/4 of a pill does a # on me and still my DD said Skylar didn't seem to have any effect, like calming down.

Big surprise to wake up to damp sidewalks. I guess fall is here and I didn't see it coming with all the HOT weather we kept having. Yesterday was sooooo annoying with robo calls. I'm now getting calls from ME to my own #. A message saying my IPO was compromised by several countries and to press button #1....&^%$#@! I called Frontier who bought out Verizon out in calif and she gave me an email address to register so you don't get anymore robo calls, only problem is this address is not recognizing Frontier. I must have gotten 6 yesterday plus earlier in the week.

Rock: I see you here.....can you post or ask Gordon to help you?
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Hi, Kids,

I am also hoping Rock will be able to let us know he is okay. I know he loves the Porch so I can only imagine how frustrating this is for him. I have some good news--my wonderful friend, who went by Spacey here, responded to my email. I had tears in my eyes. She is okay but has so much on her plate. I hope things settle down for her and we can get back to keeping in touch.

I got my shower and went to the vet's to pick up SV's food and treats. It's $90 for an 8.5 lb. bag of dry food, 24 tiny cans of wet food and a bag of treats. I was so hungry and planned to run into the Publix by the vet. The parking lot was crazy so I just came home. I was feeling too physically weak to go to my usual store so came home and fixed a sausage breakfast sandwich. At least, it's something. This flare is kind of a bad one.

Sun, each of us has to decide about the shots. Your doc is telling you to get one and I think you are wise to do it even though you react badly to it. Because they really make me sick and because I have an autoimmune condition, I have decided not to do it even though my doc thinks I ought to at least get the pneumonia shot. I'm gonna take my chances and hope I don't regret it. I get those calls and just ignore them. I think Verizon here had a free week of robo call identification but I think after that, it cost $5 a month. During that week, only one call was identified as a 'possible robo call.' Don't think DSIL bought it. I have Skylar in my prayers. You too.

OK, Kids, gonna get going to rest. It sucks that we can never make progress. No matter how much we think we are doing okay, these conditions can sneak back in and throw us for a loop. I hope all y'all are doing better than I.

Love, Mikie
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Dear Oes,

Just popped in for a bit to see what was going on. Spent most of my morning in the dr's office. Another UTI. On Bactrim instead of Cipro due to the bruising I have been having. Although at that time I think I wa also taking Cystex PLUS over the counter which can also do the same thing. They will send it out to culture to see if I am o the right med. If not I will go on something else. Just what I need more urinary problems and more infections. I would like to have the surgery so I don't do so much leaking. I still have an overactive bladder and am on meds but I usually take the cheaper one as the Metri -I can't remember the rest of the name, is $300 without insurance. We do but it is 90 and I think will go to $100 or more for 90 pills. YIKES. Do they think we are all rich ?? The nurse was going to give me some samples but wither she forgot or she couldn't find any. Maybe (90 for 3 months isn't bad if that is all you take.

MIKIE - Sorry you are feeling so awful. Yes, you are right that each one of us has to make their own decision on the flu shots. I found it has helped me to avoid the URI's that usually used to put me down every year. However, if you have had a lot of bad effects from it that is up to you. Like the docs want me to take the Pneumonia shot which I most likely should take. However, the last time I had one it made my arm sore for days, I don't remember how long and my lymph nodes swelled also. So I refuse. The doc said it was a different one but not taking any chances right now. Have enough problems and trying to be careful about crowds and such. Hope you have a nice snooze.!!!

SUN - Hope poor Skylar feels better soon after her shot. Yes, I know from DD how expensive those vet bills can be. It is weird how differently we all act to different meds, probably animals too. Yes, those robo calls can drive you nuts. Most of the time I don't even answer it any more as we have an answering machine on our home phone. Most of the time if I do not know the cp number I just let it ring anyway unless I am expecting a call from someone like a dr or family member.

JULIE - Gotten rid of all those apples yet? I don't know what I would do with them except perhaps lots of applesauce or maybe cooked apples and cinnamon and maybe just a tad bit of sugar or sweetener. Take it easy kiddo and not to do quite so much as you always d.

SPRING WATER - Thanks for the new PORCH and hope you are doing well and enjoying the outdoors if not to hot for you.

Missing dear ROCK and hope he can come back soon. These gadgets are bad enough on a good day sometimes. I have my own problems with them sometimes.

HI to everydobby else - STAR, BARRY, and of course ROCK. Hope I didn't miss to many people. Haven't done much of anything today but the dr so if feeling not to bad I will be outside working some unless it rains., plus some washes. in between. It is getting a bit cooler than it was but not a lot. :)

Love you awl,


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Granni: Then I'm assuming your doctor would just rather have you continue meds instead of doing some surgery, even though you want it? How often do you have to get up during the night? It took over a month after the last chemo round to finally go longer than 2 hrs. A night. I was so drug out tired from messed up sleep. I read recently that overactive bladder is so common with older people, about 1/3 of us. I heard about it when I was younger, just never thought I would have to deal with it.

My DD told me recently that they have spent over $6,000 on the two dogs at the vet, that includes the $1,500 that they spent to get Skylar. She told my SIL.....he was a tad shocked! I know I was.

Mikie: I did a search on the "diary" my friend keeps online. I got the flu shot around Oct 30 last year and got a fever and a little body ache. My son also said he ran a fever for 24 hrs. Which he said was unusual for him. Guess it depends on the "coctail" that's mixed up.

I'm having teeth cleaning in about an hr. I'm long long overdue, so I called this morning. I don't have the scrape scrape done, only the cavetron machine. I had terribly sensitive teeth about 3 months ago and put it off while I used some stuff to help with sensitivity. I'm praying it will go easy today because of the neck problems, but this dentist understands and works around it. I have BIG problems with receding gums.....sigh. I'm so tired of this old worn out body I'm residing in.
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Hi, Kids,

Just popping in. Didn't nap but haven't done anything either. Just worn out. Having a lot of pain in my shoulders. I've rubbed some CBD balm into the sore areas. Older DD called and we had such a nice chat. So glad she is working with a nurse who believes in using supps to complement meds. The patients can often lower their doses of antidepressants and other meds if they use the supps too. They have especially found amino acid supps to be beneficial. She had such a hard time grieving for their little dog, Calvin, but she is better. I'm so glad. Only six more weeks til she graduates. They don't have a graduation ceremony until winter so don't know whether I can go. Will see. Six more weeks DSIL has to coddle his broken foot. Hope he can get back to doing more by then.

Granni, so good to see you here. Yes, meds are so horribly expensive. Doxycycline co-pay is $125 a month and it is an old drug. Because it wasn't critical, I declined to take it. I think a bill has passed the House to allow insurance to negotiate drug prices but don't think it's been brought up in the Senate. We have to do something about it. The Baby Boomers, a huge bulge in the population, aren't getting any younger. Hope the culture and sensitivity shows you are on the right med and that you feel better.

Sun, I still think it's our immune systems which cause us to feel lousy from the shots and not what's in them. They don't use live viruses but the shots do rile up our immune systems and I think we have more sensitive immune systems than most. PH used to have a good article in the library on how we have two sides to our immune systems and those of us with these illnesses have one side that is under active and one side that is overactive. It was in reference to CFIDS/ME. It was written by one of the docs in Incline Village during the 80's outbreak. Can't remember his name. I'm sorry teeth cleaning is so problematic for you. Hope this doesn't cause pain for you.

Gonna go play FJ soon and then hit the hay. My hair came out OK today but I need a trim. I look like the Dutch Boy on paint cans. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I made it thru the cleaning with no problems. $150 cash and I made sure I took enough $ with me. I'm thinking of having some bonding over several places near the gum line where the root is already exposed and stained. It's worth the $ and he said it would take less than an hr. And last for years......and help to avoid a root canal. These areas are extremely sensitive also so I'm thinking the sooner the better since I'm psyched up for it. Sigh.

he also told me that using the steroid inhaler could also affect the immune system as will chemo. I will do a search for various immune systems. Thanks.

I'm sure your DD was terribly affected by the loss of their little dog. But life goes on and I'm sure down the road they're going to look for another dog, not a replacement just another furry one to come live with them.

My dentist was wearing US Navy scrubs! I asked why.....he apparently signed up to join the navy in 2013 after his graduation from dental school because he felt it was his duty. He's Thai, but don't know if he was born here or not. I would say he's around 35 or so now. He said he had to go for the weekend right after work to do teeth work on navy patients down near San Diego. I told him about my cousins 5 star restaurant near the base ......said if he got a chance to go there and try the food.
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Good Friday evening...hard to keep track of what day it is, lol! Just put four more quarts of applesauce in the freezer...I leave it "chunky" and thick, so it doesn't fill up the bags as fast, but it's how we all like it. Left it plain so far, but will add some cinnamon to some of the batches. I don't add any sugar...not really necessary.

After I delivered Amy's friend's apples and ran the Amish girls around, Den and I had a nap. I woke up two hours later, got up and saw him using the tractor and blade on the lane...worked up really well since we had some rain. I didn't even hear him, so must have really crashed.

Sun, glad your cleaning went well and you have a plan for your teeth and gums. The mother of the new mom is probably in her late 40's...she has 12 children, the youngest just turned 5...the eldest must be around 25 now (still single). The new mom is the third child and has an 18 month old, plus the newborn. The second grown daughter has a little boy...I think close to a year old. So, Grandma has 3 girls, a boy, another girl, then 7 more boys. And now, 3 grandsons.

Mikie, how nice that your DD will graduate soon. And DSIL is doing better with his foot.

Granni, sorry about the UTI...what a hassle that you didn't need to have to deal with.

Where are our guys? Missing hearing from you. And Star...hope things are okay with you.

We're having lots of rain...tornado warnings not too far from us. I'm going to spend all day tomorrow in the kitchen...working up apples and doing some extra cooking so I can take a care package to Amy's family when I go to Keira's next game on Sunday. Amy has been having this pain in her neck and shoulder...went to her chiro a couple times, but the pain persisted. Saw a doctor this morning before work (must have had xrays, too) and found out she's having trouble with C-6 and C-7 discs. She'll start physical therapy, but if it doesn't help, she'll need an MRI. I know she's been miserable and I'm glad she got it further checked out. I can at least take some extra food to help out. Keira cooks a lot, and Clinton does too...but easier if they can just heat something up after school and work.

Guess I'll get on to bed...woke up so early this morning. Even with a nap this afternoon, I feel so wiped out. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Our resident smarty pants, Claudia, got the FJ question last night so we got our virtual chocolate. My phone froze up while texting, something it has never done before. Claudia's used to do it all the time but she switched providers and it hasn't happened again. Slept well but am tired anyway. I have some shows on On Demand that I need to watch. There is a new Survivor and I want to watch the first show. There is a new legal show with Jimmy Smits, whom I love, but wasn't too taken with the show. I'll give it another go. Never warmed up to Bull. There's a new Blue Bloods saved and I want to watch it too. If there were no TV, I'd have no life.

Sun, I had some bonding done before younger DD's wedding. My teeth were a bit irregular and the doc just kind of filled in to make them more uniform. That was 20 years ago. The bonding is stronger than the teeth themselves. Yes, steroids are hard on our immune systems. All those drugs on TV with steroids have the warning about potential infections when using them. Not sure whether the kids will be looking for another dog or not. The cat next door, Donovan, comes over to visit DD. We are all kitty lovers in our family. He paid her a visit while we were talking. She had sent a pic of him. He's B&W like SV but has short hair. How is Clare?

Julie, I noticed the rain on the weather map on TV. I have to go out and water some potted plants. This dry weather is unusual for us this time of year. Rain is sposda return next week. Yesterday, my hair was all staticy and sticking out. I always put cinnamon on my apple sauce. I like to warm it. Mmmm! Cinnamon is great for blood sugar. A dash of it is good in coffee. You must have needed that nap. When I nap, even for a little while, I sleep sooo deeply. I am finding I sleep more deeply when I use the eye roll trick to go to sleep. Hope Amy can find some relief.

I definitely need to make a run to Publix but don't know where I'm gonna get the NRG to do it. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie


Sun and everyone, here is the article from the library here at PH from Dr. Cheney on the immune system. Note that it is from 2000 and may not be the most current in terms of treatments mentioned; however, it does an excellent job of explaining how our immune systems work, or don't work.

By Carol Sieverling
This article is based on CFIDS patient Carol Sieverling’s October 2000 visit with Paul Cheney, M.D. Dr. Cheney gave her permission to share this information, but has not reviewed or edited it. This article applies also to fibromyalgia patients who experience cognitive difficulties in addition to pain and fatigue, since Dr. Cheney believes they may also have CFIDS.
Author’s Note: CFIDS patients are Th2 activated. This means they over-respond to toxins, allergens, normal bacteria and parasites, and under-respond to viruses, yeast, cancer and intracellular bacteria. Dr. Cheney suggests six products that can help rebalance the immune system.

Dr. Cheney explained that the immune system has two different modes of attack, based on the type of invader. One is Th1 (T Helper 1). It goes after organisms that get inside our cells‚ [which are] intracellular pathogens. It is also known as cell-mediated immunity. The other is Th2 (T Helper 2). It attacks extracellular pathogens‚ organisms that are found outside the cells in blood and other body fluids. Some call this humoral or antibody-mediated immunity. A healthy immune system is dynamic, able to switch back and forth as needed, quickly eradicating one threat and then resting before responding to the next. (Dr. Cheney began this conversation by drawing a large inverted “V”. At the top point he wrote “Th0”, which he called “Th naught”.

The left arrow pointed down to “Th1” and the right arrow to “Th2”. The arrow on the right was much darker and thicker, indicating that CFIDS patients are Th2 activated.) Th0 are the naive, or unformed, cells of the immune system. They are resting, just waiting for an invader. When infection occurs, they convert to either Th1 or Th2, depending on the type of threat. When the resting cell is exposed to a virus, cancer, yeast, or intracellular bacteria (like mycoplasma or chlamydia pneumonia), the Th1 response is initiated. (Dr. Cheney wrote these organisms beside the left arrow.) The weapons of the Th1 system include cytotoxic T cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells. (Cheney drew these below “Th1”.)

On the other side are normal bacteria, parasites, toxins, and allergens. (Likewise written beside the right arrow.) These trigger a predominately Th2 response. Its weapons include eosinophiles (Eos), polymononuclear cells (PMN), and antibody secreting cells (Ab). (Likewise written below “Th2”.) How does the naive cell know which pathway to take? It depends on the cytokine information received. The presence of any organism from the left side triggers production of a cytokine called Interleukin 12 (IL-12). IL-12 causes the Th0 cell to move down the Th1 path. On the other hand, organisms on the right side trigger the production of Interleukin 10 (IL-10), which causes the Th0 cell to move down the Th2 path. (Cheney added small vertical dotted lines on each side, pointing upward to “IL-12” on the left and “IL-10” on the right. He then drew horizontal dotted arrows from “IL-12” and “IL-10”, each pointing inward toward the “Th0”, indicating that these cytokines determine whether it will become Th1 or Th2.)

Cheney said this is the point where it gets very interesting. Viruses, especially herpes viruses like EBV, CMV and HHV6, make proteins that mimic IL-10. The virus deceives the immune system into thinking that the threat is coming from the opposite side! So the immune system shifts from the Th1 mode that attacks viruses to the Th2 mode that does not. The virus increases its chances of survival by diverting the immune system. It is now thought that many, if not most, pathogens have this ability. (To represent this effect, Cheney drew a horizontal arrow about half way down the inverted “V”, originating from the left side and pointing toward, but not quite touching, the right side. The line was labeled “IL-10 like peptides”. Below it he drew a similar arrow from the right side that almost reached the left side. It was labeled “IL-12 like peptides”.)

Researchers have demonstrated that most CFIDS patients end up stuck in Th2 mode. This has several consequences. When the Th2 system activates, it blocks the Th1 system. This suppresses the Th1 weapons, particularly NK function. Accordingly, there is also an increase in the Th2 weapons – the white cells and antibodies. Most notable is increased antibody production. Dr. Cheney said that if you measure antibodies to anything a CFIDS patient has ever been exposed to, they will very likely be elevated. (At this point he drew small arrows beside the “weapons”: They pointed down on the left side to indicate suppression / lower levels; and they pointed up on the right side to indicate activation / higher levels.)

Cheney notes that other problems ensue. Patients get into trouble on both sides: they overreact to things on the right side and under-react to those on the left. When they are Th2 activated, they no longer have the defense mechanisms to keep dormant all the things they caught in the past. They cannot suppress or control them anymore, and the EBV, Chlamydia pneumonia, CMV, etc., reactivate. Yeast also begins to appear.

The only defense against being “eaten alive” at this point is RNase L. (For more information about RNase L, see The Three Phases of CFIDS and other articles in the Cheney section of our website http://virtualhometown.com/dfwcfids/menu.html.) RNase L cannot kill any of these things. It only stops them from reproducing. According to Cheney, “It’s a line in the sand saying ‘no more replication,’ and it waits for Th1 to come and kill them. But Th1 never comes. RNase L sits there and grinds away, possibly going up and down as the pathogens activate and reactivate. But they never get wiped out. RNase L holds the line, waiting for the cavalry that never arrives.”

While it is valiantly trying to hold the line, it is also chewing up human messenger RNA, inhibiting all the enzymes in the body, disrupting protein synthesis, and generally making patients miserable. As RNase L grinds away, it eventually shifts into “after-burner” desperation mode – the more powerful and deadly low molecular weight form discovered in CFIDS patients by Suhadolnik.

Cheney commented “RNase L is a very good anti-cancer defense. So as long as you’re involved in this scenario, you don’t get cancer. But a lack of growth hormone will wipe out RNase L, and we now know there is profound loss of growth hormone in CFIDS. Growth hormone is responsible for protein synthesis, and RNase L is a protein. So if you lose growth hormone, you lose protein synthesis, including RNase L. That may explain why, as the disease wears on and you acquire more injury, you stop seeing high levels of RNase L. You can’t make it anymore.”

He believes this is a very scary situation. Patients are Th2 activated and Th1 suppressed. The things on the left come out and there is nothing to stop them. There is no Th1, and eventually no RNase L. He also believes patients need to balance the immune system – to push it a little more towards Th1. That way they will lose some of the overreaction on the right and gain some control on the left.

(the second part of the article is on the next page)