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Here is the second part of the article (wouldn't let me post it all in one).

Dr. Cheney recommends the following treatments* to help shift the immune system from one mode to another. They are called “right-to-left shifters.”

1) Kutapressin (prescription): Kutapressin is an immune modulator and a broad spectrum antiviral. Dr. Cheney has found that it is most effective when the dose is varied or “pulsed.” The dose should vary from 1 to 4 cc daily; see the section on Isoprinosine for this theory. Dr. Cheney strongly suspects Ampligen is a right-to-left shifter also. He has said in the past that Kutapressin is rather like a weak form of Ampligen.

2) Isoprinosine: (prescription): For use in CFIDS, this antiviral enhances NK function. Dr. Cheney believes it would also be good against intracellular bacteria since it is a Th2 – Th1 shifter. It appears to raise IL-12 and lower IL-10, which turns off Th2 and turns on Th1. It is also called Imunovir. It has been approved in Europe and Canada for just about any viral infection for 18 years. It is not approved in the US [as of 2000].
Week one, take 6 tablets a day, Monday through Friday, and none on the weekend. Week two, take 2 tablets a day, Monday through Friday, and none on the weekend. Repeat this cycle – but do not treat every month. Do two months on and then one month off of this “pulsing” dose. This medicine works best when you do not treat regularly. If you treat continuously at the same dose, it stops working. It is an immune modulator, and Dr. Cheney suspects all immuno-modulators are like this. If taken continuously they stop working. The dose must vary so the immune system never knows what to expect.

3) Pine Cone Extract: Cheney said, “They make a tea from this in Southern Japan and they have significantly reduced cancer rates. It’s thought to work at the gene level in lymphocytes, where it turns on IL-12. It also shuts down IL-10 at the gene level, and that causes a shift towards Th1. Pine Cone extract is expensive, but at just 10 drops a day (in the morning), of all the possibilities, it’s probably the cheapest per day.

4) Earth Dragon Peptides: Earth Dragon (ED) is round worm peptides. It causes a shift to the left, and is believed to be very similar to IL-12. There has been a huge surge in the use of ED peptides to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and specifically Crohn’s Disease. One professor at UNC treats all of his Crohn’s Disease patients with Earth Dragon. It is [considered to be] non-toxic and safe. This is a good choice for those who want to balance their immune system and also have bowel problems. Earth Dragon is about $36 for 150 caps. The dose is two a day.

5) Heparin (prescription): Heparin is a Th2 – Th1 shifter. One advantage for many patients is that it is also an anticoagulant. Dr. Cheney only recommends this if a patient has a coagulopathy. About half of his patients do, according to the ISAC test. (See http://www.hemex.com or “Blood Related Disorders in CFS/FM” in our October 2000 newsletter on the website.)

6) Transfer Factor [Formula 560 – identical to Transfer Factor System 100™]: Transfer Factor Formula 560 is an immune modulator. Dr. Cheney likes this product. It reportedly works against HHV6 and Lyme Disease, as well as other problems.

*Note: This is not medical advice. See your healthcare provider for medical advice.
Source: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Support Group of DFW: http://virtualhometown.com/dfwcfids/menu.html. (c) Carol Sieverling 2000-2003.


Hi, Kids,

I had problems finding this article here but found it online and it indicated it was still here at PH. Decided just to copy and post here. It takes a bit of visualizing but the premise is what I mentioned in an earlier post. One side of our immune systems over reacts and one side under reacts. The Kutapressin he mentions is Acyclovir that I take.

This helps explain why the mycoplasma (mentioned in the article) and Whatever Herpes Family Virus (EBV, CMV and HHV-6 are mentioned in the article) are always a threat to me. About all I can do is hold the line.

Granni, yeast is mentioned so think this might be of interest to you.

Sun, cancer is also mentioned.

Barry, didn't you once mention that you have a chronic virus in the Herpes family?

Dr. Cheney mentions the difficulty producing proteins in CFIDS/ME. Perhaps that is why the peptide injections work. They are not a cure but they did help me. I've just been sick for so long and I'm not young and that leads me to believe the shots would work if I could afford to take them all the time.

OK, Kids, gotta go. I hope this article is of interest and help to everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning friends...only 60 degrees, only expected to get to 66. Perfect for me, but I know too chilly for some. I woke up a few minutes before my "first alarm"...it always feels better to wake up on my own, but I set a couple alarms last night so I could get busy fairly early today.

Den and the Gator were gone when I got up...he had taken one of his scaffolds down to our Amish neighbor's to use.

Mikie, thanks for taking the time to post the article...I'll print it and study it later.

Gonna get busy on apples and whatever else I think of to cook. Den's on a home supply store run...trying to get more outside work done on the house.

Take care, everyone!


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Mikie: Thanks for that interesting article. Basically.....we're on our own with recovering. Thankfully I can deal with FM most of the time and push thru. So many things wrong with me that I forget sometimes what's going on.

Julie: I love it when it's in the 60s also. I hope Amy can get some relief from the pain.

I woke around 2 with TMJ, to be expected from the dentist visit. So I slept fitfully with my head on a heating pad. It drizzled a little again so it's overcast today. I have a mound of clothes that need to be fixed. I bought two sleeveless black tops from Target. It's such a great fabric, but had to buy Xlarge and will take them in under the armhole. When I find a good fabric that doesn't wrinkle I usually buy more than one and several older ones need to be retired.

I was looking for a new DVD series at the library. Found Deadwood and there's lots of seasons of it. I remember when my SIL and DS were watching it. Takes place around 1876 with Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, etc. Very authentic looking. It will do until I'm able to get season 2 of Yellowstone.


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Not much going on.

still raining. on and off. i wanted to watch something on tv so i bought us dinner. Indian. Bread, curry, lentils.

supermarket was so full, it being weekend, i grabbed my groceries and vamoosed. theyre having sales, so i stocked up on some garments i can give as gifts. some birthdays coming up. i restrained myself from buying for myself. im gonna first get rid of some clothes and then only buy.

found this...never knew elephants did this. it seems to be authentic. its on several british sites.



Hi Kids,

I repaired a slat in my vertical blinds and cleaned up the kitchen. It's too hot to take my recycle stuff to the dumpster and I'm too tired to do it now. Fortunately, most things can wait. Wish I felt well enough to go to the pool this morning. I saw SV standing on his hind legs looking out the side window. My friend, Barb, was at the pool walking. He watched her for a while and decided to lie down on the pillow he was standing on. I took a great pic of him on my phone. When he sees me with my phone, he always gets up and I have to be quick. It's worse when I have the tablet. I still can't figure out how to download pics from the phone so can't post it here.

Joe called and we got caught up. Nothin' much going on in the hood. The board held their annual budget workshop. He was impressed at how well the mgmt. co. had prepared the budget. Also, our mgr. was on top of things. We have threatened to find another mgmt. co. and that may have scared them straight.

Sun, Dr. Cheney has had some really good articles over the years but I haven't kept up with him. I don't know how much the info is current in terms of treatments but the description of the immune system is accurate. I've read the same thing in others' articles. I have been helped with a lot of the things I've done but no one thing is the silver bullet. If I had done nothing, I'd likely still be bedridden much of the time and on pain meds. Hope the TMJ is better.

Julie, I like cool days too. It's snowing in the NW and sizzling in the NE. You're like Goldilocks where it's just right.

Spring, that video is sooo funny. The baby elephant is giggling and playing much like a kid or puppy. Saw on TV this morning where a zoo keeps a yellow lab dog in with the cheetahs. They were all raised together and the cheetahs think the dog is their brother. The baby cheetahs were one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Thanks for posting; it made my day.

OK, Kiddos, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon awl,

Not to much going on right now. Did a wash and a little outside work before it rains again.

MIKIE - When I went to the urologist over a year 1/2 ago she said that she would do surgery but I wanted to try out the drugs and see if they helped any. They do some and that was before all this other stuff happened to my body with the itching, crazy rashes and some burning esp on my feet. They do help some but I mostly take the much cheaper drug most days unless I will be gone fro the house or without a toilet in the area. Right now I would like to get this problem at least partially solved before I go to another specialist. Thx for the article from Dr Cheney. I copied it to read later on. I read a little bit of it but my pea brain was not up tp comprehending today. The antibiotic seems to be working slowly but surely. I told the doc no more Cipro due to the bruising effect it had on me.. I now what you meaN about always feeling tired and this darn pain is not helping me. In another week I will be going to see the Rheumatologist. That should be interesting.

JULIE - You must have some huge freezer with everything you have to put in there besides apples . I know when the weather gets bad you are stuck at home and hard to get out to the stores. I'll bet that applesauce tastes good. Sorry for the bad weather you have been having and Amy's shoulder and neck problems. I probably could use an MRI myself with my shoulder, head and neck pain. I'm just a mess. Hope she can get things taken care of without to many problems and expense. I have had all this for years too, Take care and try not to work to hard..

SUN - Glad you got through the cleaning OK. I know myself trying to keep my mouth open for quite awhile can really bother me sometimes. I also have CMFP which I am sure adds to the discomfort. Did you say that you had some TMJ problem.

Thinking of everydobby and hope all is as well as they can be. Very quiet weekend. Nothing really happening !

Hope all is OK with ROCK !! Hugz to SW, STAR, BARRY, ROCK and who ever else I may have missed.

Geez, I thought I already sent this. I guess not. I copied the 2nd page of the article, MIKIE.

Love, Granni


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Having a wild Saturday night...not, lol! Hit a wall this afternoon...fatigue, weakness, chills, you name it. Decided I should stay home tomorrow, as much for our kids' sake as for my own. Maybe just need some extra rest?

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" and hope everyone is doing okay.


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Hi Kids

Haven't been around because posting has become too difficult. The computer won't cooperate, I have no energy,
can't spell anymore and my typing has turned to random strokes.

Julie, glad to hear you had a 'wild' Saturday night. I remember the Saturday nights in our village when I was a kid.
The farmers came to town, which included several of my relatives. The stores which usually closed at 5 PM stayed
open till 9. The popcorn stand was open. And in the summer the band played in the park. Some folks sat on
benches; some stayed in their cars and honked approval after each number. The little kids ran around. There
were usually some dogs running with them. Do you turn some of your apples into sauce? My Aunt Myrtle brought
us something almost every time she came to town. Canned food, a pint of cream, fresh eggs, flowers from her
garden, vegetables from her other garden. All the best to you and Den and your big family.

Why do the neighbors need scaffolds? Going to hang rustlers? Ha Ha! I read the biggest hanging ever in the
USA occurred in Mankato, Minnesota;I think. Back when Lincoln was in office.

Granni, hope at least some of those pesky medical problems are curable. Gordon's been to a couple doctors about his
arthritis. He's gotten various creams and pills, but they don't seem to help much. Gordon's sister and B in Law are
still moving. They've been moving all summer. They would have had trouble if they were birds. Always late for
the big migration.

Mikie, you are the handiest person I know. Man or woman. Around these parts one is lucky if the repairer shows up.
A guy who lives around here is a handyman. Gordon has chatted with him several times. We are still waiting for him
to show up and make some minor concrete repairs. Was about 2 months ago said he'd do it.

Spring, thanks for attempting the video. Didn't work so well on my computer. Lasted about 2 seconds. With regard
to Jack Benny, I used to listen to his radio program when I was a kid. Have been watching his TV show on Youtube
recently. Still funny. Part of his success was that he had great writers.

Sun, a few years back I found out that one of my relatives was the owner/editor of a paper in Deadwood. Read
what I could find on the net about him and the paper. It's still in business according to a couple sites. I don't
see how they can claim that since it moved to a different t own and changed its name.

OK, having troubles with the machine.

Hugs, Rock



Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Woke early and read and then went back to sleep. SV was pretty good and I got some much needed rest. I think this flare is slowly receding, at least, I hope so. My allergies have been horrible and I suspected Red Tide. Sho 'nuff, it is off Fort Myers Beach. AACCKK!! At this pace, I'll never recover.

Already running the DW. No one downstairs or next door right now so I can make all the noise I want. Been watching old Superman shows from the 50's. George Reeve was so good looking. Too bad that he suffered from whatever caused him to take his life. I found out the Nash Healy sports car he drove in the series actually belonged to him. That model was one of only five produced and was a gift from his girl friend.


Just saw an ad where people were skiing. I used to love to ski on sunny days with fresh snow on the slopes. So glad I did things when I could. Also, it was refreshing to see snow when we still have temps in the low 90's. Gonna be very hot along the East Coast today. Weather can be really wild in the fall and spring.

Granni, I wish the doc could find the cause of all your skin problems. Tell the rheumy about it. Sometimes, our conditions can be related, strange as that sounds. I also hope you can get your bladder surgery. It's miserable always have to go. I can't take Cipro. I'd end up in the ER unable to breathe. I'm allergic to some forms of fluoride and Cipro is in the fluoroquinalone family. Not sure I spelled that right. Next month, I see the urologist and am anxious to see whether the kidney stones have grown or moved. Also to see whether there is any blood in the urine. That could mean the stones are scraping inside the kidneys. No pain and no foam in my pee and that's a good sign. Then, I get my eyes checked and can relax for a few months. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

Julie, I hope this flare stops short and you feel better. Let us know how you're doing.

Rock, sooo good to see you here. I'm so sorry your computer doesn't want to cooperate and that you have no NRG. There's a lot of that going around. We miss you when you can't get here. Your posts are always funny and interesting. I appreciate your kind praise but, if you knew how easy it is to fix these blind slats, you would laugh. My question before doing things myself is, "Could I do any worse than someone else" or, "How badly could I screw it up?" If something calls for a pro, I let him or her do it. I do everything I can myself. We do have some pretty handy handymen in these parts and they aren't expensive. Next-door Barb's DSIL sold his business and didn't enjoy retirement so he works up in Boston as a handyman. He charges $600 a day with a one-day minimum. He mostly gets houses repaired so they can be sold. He's busy all the time. Our mgmt. co. has a handyman but it takes him forever to get around to the smaller jobs. Hope you can stop back in soon.

Gonna go wade through the big Sunday paper. Later, I have to haul things to the dumpster. What a glamourous life I live--NOT! Just as well, glamour takes a lot of work and I don't have the NRG. I have a life that is just right for me considering my limitations. OMG! There's an ad on TV for a chess set with the theme of the 2020 election. One side is blue and one red. The pieces are little statues of politicians and Supreme Court Justices. Tacky has dropped to a new low. Enjoy your Sunday, everydobby.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning awl,

Just pop in to read and eat my breakfast before church. Not much time but wanted to say HI !

JULIE - Sorry you are feeling awful. Hope it is short lived ad you can go back doing what is needed and what is enjoyable for you,.

ROCK - So good to hear from you. Do so when you can as we miss you when you aren't here !! You perk up our spirits.

MIKIE - Glad you had a good sleep. Hopefully it will make you feel better, at least soe. I know when I wake up I am not wide eyed and bushy tailed as they used to say. Enjoy your paper and hope you have a nice sunny day. Yes, hope all s well with your kidney stones and continue to not cause you any problems.

Gotta run get ready for church !

Love to everydobby inc those not mentioned, I may be back later on !!
Granni. :)


Hi, Kids,

Just checking in. Roomba has cleaned the carpet in the dining room and living room. She's charging up so she can clean my bedroom. What would I do without her. SV is sitting here looking expectant. He's been out on the lanai and just came in. Our little pond is low and looking stagnant. Can't wait for some rain.

When I was checking my email, I saw an ad for HSN for a kind of sheer top that goes over a tank. It is black with a beautiful butterfly on the front and is longer with 3/4 sleeves. It's loose and free flowing. It'll be perfect for lunching out. It's not too dressy but better than my usual very casual look. Hope it looks as nice when it arrives.

Granni, thanks for your good wishes. SV is bright eyed and bushy tailed enough for both of us. Enjoy your Sunday.

Love, Mikie
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Rock: So good to see you finally! I'm sorry for all your computer troubles etc. Life just doesn't seem fair at times. Funny line about your relatives and if they were birds they would miss the migration. Do they already have a place they're moving to? I know you first talked about it over 4 month or more. Maybe they're just cleaning you guys out and have a business where they sell the stuff they've taken out?

I had such highhopes for Deadwood series. Eeegads, every 10 word was a filthy word and I don't need that, I pepper my language enough as it is when I lose my temper. Why is it that Hollywood writers think that's good writing. I feel like sending an email to the writers.....I would have to do a search since the series is long over......and tell them I would like to wash their mouths out with soap, apparently their mothers didn't do that when they were little.

Spring; Such an adorable little video of that baby elephant. What cute little sounds he was making! Just like little puppies or kittens, trying to find their grownup voice.

Julie: You've been hit by a virus or the flu, whatever, but it's time to give your body a rest. Do you get flu shots?

Mikie: At first I was astounded at what Barb's SIL charges but I'm sure he works fast and maybe puts in 10 hrs. A day so that would break down to $60 an hr.....still high though. Good for him. My handyman charges $25 an hr, with one hour minimum. Haven't needed him for a while though, thankfully.

Granni: I've had an itching for years on my back, right on the spine area, usually in the mornings. I was afraid it was a mole on my back which I couldnt see, had it checked and the dermatologist laughed...because I had so many many moles but couldn't see anything. Told me it had to do with nerve problems on my spine....pruritis. Any of your doctors told you that?

Star and Barry: We need a posting from you two

Still dealing with pain problems from the teeth cleaning which also affected my neck and shoulders. &^%$#@!

Yesterday morning I had to run some errands. How boring is that but at least I'm thankful I can still do it. I would go stircrazy if I couldn't get out and about.


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Good "noon" to everyone! Yep, just getting up and it's after 11:30. Gonna let some coffee work its magic, then fix something to eat. Den has been so quiet, I wasn't even sure where he was, but found him over in the shop. Will just stay home today (and tomorrow) and work up apples. Chiro on Tuesday, which will probably help as much as anything.

So good to see Rock! I can only imagine how frustrating it is to try to get on here to post, but we miss you so much when you're not here. Yep, sounds like "small town Saturday night", lol! Our little town (where Den used to work and I get my hair done, but that's about it) has attempted at times to revive "the good ole days" and the people in charge have lots of festival type things, promotions, etc...most of the stores around the square participate. But it will never be quite the same, huh?

I'm making applesauce with the apples now...Lindsey's family eats a lot...she said they always put cinnamon in theirs, so I've been making it that way. Amy's family will eat some too. And I plan to make some apple crisps to freeze, some apple butter, and whatever else I can manage.

I finally got to sleep sometime after 2:00 am (body aches, etc.) then one of the Amish neighbors called at 7:00. His wife is sick and needed a ride to her aunt who does some sort of treatments (like a chiro, but for the Amish?)

Anyway, I told him I had the flu (he said that's what his wife has been having) then asked if I knew anybody else who could do it (probably meaning Den.) I know there are plenty of regular drivers around (and Den doesn't do "chauffeuring", lol!) I can say "no" if it doesn't suit me...this guy's wife is the sister to the one who just had the baby, but lives in a different direction and farther away.

Need to kind of work better at helping them understand I'm not an actual driver...just a neighbor who will help in emergencies. Although, if I did decide to become a driver, I'm sure I could be busy practically 24/7. I'm just not sure I would be able to handle sitting around, waiting for them to do whatever their business, visiting, etc. was...I'd be constantly thinking about all the things I needed to be doing at home, lol!

Sun, we don't get flu shots, etc...I think this is just the season change and running around too much (or climbing ladders, etc. ;)) So, rest and applesauce-making will be all I do for a few days.

Better say a quick "Hi" to everyone else and find something to eat. Oreo has been my shadow all weekend cause we've been getting so much rain, with an occasional thunderstorm. Glad the apples are all picked and the yard is mowed...and I can just use the dryer for laundry. This is just a bump in the road...but Lindsey will need me in a few weeks, so I've got to get "right as rain" soon.

Take care!


Hi, Kids,

Lazy Sunday but I have aches, pains and allergy stuff going on so don't need to be doing anything. As it is, I am having trouble just moving around and am swearing a lot at everything. At least the carpet is reasonably clean. I popped a new heppa filter into Romba and put on a new little brush that twirls around and cleans baseboards and in corners. I fixed a tuna on toast sandwich to stave off hunger. Joe and DOF called. I refer to them as my men. DOF is now 93. He is amazing.

A condo sold in the bldg. next door to Joe and he's trying to find out who bought it. He can call the mgmt. co. and find out from their application. I hope it's someone nice. There are very tall and thick bushes that run along our property that separates it from the main road along the side. That condo faces the road and it's got to be a noisy place to live even with the buffer bushes. The realtor who used to live here described those units as great for deaf people.

DD sent pic of DGS dressed for Homecoming. Good grief, he's a handsome kid. Other DD pointed out how GQ he looks in the clothes he picked out for himself. Of course, we might be a bit prejudiced but by all accounts, it's not just us. I think there will be an iPad in my future so I can deal with the pic situation. Has anyone else seen those Samsung phones that fold? You can open them up and they are a small tablet. Samsung's displays are sooo much brighter and crisper than the iPhones. Both cost a fortune for the newest ones. I'm tickled to death with my new one that is an older model.

Sun, I am going stir crazy because I haven't felt up to going out. Tonight is the opening episode of the final season of Poldark on PBS. If you haven't seen it, I think you would like it. The library may have it. As much as I swear when I get hurt or frustrated, I don't like it on TV if it's swearing for swearing's sake. I don't mind it if characters talk dirty if it's funny. Everything costs an arm and a leg in Boston. Jimmy was always a mover and he knows all these people who move people and real estate folks so he works on referrals. If I had a house that needed some repairs, I wouldn't think twice about spending $600 to have one guy who could do all the repairs. I'd even spend $1,200 for two days. Stagers charge more than that. It's usually all the little things left unfixed that make a house look seedy and run down. When he comes down here, he fixes all kinds of stuff for free. We would have had to pay to fix our carport if it weren't for him. He does a lot of charity for people in need too. He's not a likable guy but his heart is in the right place. I'm sorry you are still in pain.

Julie, I hope you can get to feeling better too. Geez, seems as though we are all in a funk of exhaustion and pain. When I get like this, it's hard on me mentally too. Think I'll have an apple later when I get hungry. I have a bit of sharp cheddar to go with it. Even SV seems listless today. Of course, with cats, it hard to tell. His life's work is snoozing. Do these neighbors have horses and buggies? There's just a bit of cognitive dissonance when it comes to people who won't drive but will ask others to do it. I know they are good friends and good neighbors but, as you say, you're not a driver on call.

I'm still working on the Sunday puzzles. I keep getting tired and have to stop. I should grab my Kindle and read till I drop off for a while. Yesterday, there was nothing on all four networks except college football all day. I'm sooo sick of football. I'm watching reruns of the Country Music series. They are playing Bobby McGee. Love that song. Hope everydobby has a great windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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I pushed myself out for a short walk, past this nearby park and HAD to stop. Yesterday and today there were signs up: Los Angeles County Mock Election. LA county is apparently trying out/introducing people to a totally computerized voting machine.....only touching the screen. One guy walked me thru it after the lady looked me up. She printed out a 'mock ballot' and then I inserted it into the machine, like I was feeding my printer. Then various things to vote on came up like favorite parks, music venues, etc. then when I was finished I printed it off.....I was to then check to make sure this was what I had voted for.....then put the paper back into the machine and finished it up. The ballot then went into a locked box behind it. They're going to start using the machine come March, don't know what we vote for then? There's going to be a lot of confused people!!!!!!!!!!!

I need some new lingerie so going to Kohls and then a house nearby is having an open house so I want to snoop!

Julie: I'll bet they call you first because you don't charge like regular drivers!

Mikie: I stopped using an air purifier because the darn filters cost almost as much as buying a new machine.
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Hi, Kids,

Thought I'd bake some Myers Lemon bread in my machine. I picked up the wrong box and ended up with lemon bars. They are delicious but didn't want to heat up the big oven. That's what happens when I shop when I'm sick or tired. I have had two ocular migraines, one of them still going on. Who says you have to use LSD to get the psychodelic effects. I get these when I'm really run down.

Julie, thanks for the laugh. I'm sure you could use one too. Good for you.

Sun, I think there is a law that everyplace will have to use machines with paper backups. We had new touch screen ballots one year. The man who supplied them was a big fan of the president at the time. He said he would do anything to ensure his re-election. When people voted and brought up the summary at the end, their votes had been changed. Even with paper backup, the fraud would have happened. Older people down here trust that voting is sacred and no one could do that. We all learned fast. I need to check Kohl's ad. I need a few things too in the delicates dept.

I'm gonna go to bed early. Such a wuss! Hope all y'all have a lovely evening. The shadows grow long toward Joe's bldg. Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset. It is the start of the Jewish New Year and the high holy days. It is a time for reflection and repenting and wishing others a happy new year.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE - Enjoy your lemon bars or lemon bread.. Dis you say you were going to make them in your bread machine? Hope it turns out well for you. I'm sure it will be yummy. Just thought I would pop it to see if anything was happening on this boring Sunday. You and JULIE both need to take a long nap or go to bed really early.

Hope you both feel better soon ! Need to run and start dinner or should I say finish it. DH will do a steak on the grill and I have a sweet potato baking and I need to get the asparagus fixed.

Love to y' all,
Granni :)


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Hi gang! Not much energy to stay and visit, but popping in for a minute. I have a pan full of apples nearly cooked (my big canner, not sure how many quarts it holds.) I cook the peeled, cored, sliced apples till soft...then let them cool a bit in the pan...then use my electric hand mixer to break the apples up more (and it also thickens the sauce). We all like thick, almost chunky applesauce. I'm adding cinnamon and will let the kids add whatever else they want when they go to eat it. There's a powdered stuff (next to the Crystal Light, etc. at my Wal Mart) called True Lemon. Lots of different flavors...sweetened with stevia and just a few grams of sugar. Lindsey's kids put it in their plain, whole milk yogurt, along with some honey. I add it to my water sometimes...just enough "zip" to give a little variety.

Gonna heat up the oven and make a new apple crisp recipe...gluten and sugar free (uses maple syrup as the sweetener). If we like it, I'll make some and freeze to see how it does when thawed. If that works, I'll make a bunch of them to take to the kids.

Decided to just make small batches of cider with my food processor and let it drain through cheesecloth...that way I can make sure there are no bugs or other bad spots on the apples. And do it at my own pace...

Sun, yes, you're right...they call me because I'm free. Will just need to "not be available" a few times...I really just want to help if an emergency.

Mikie, they use horse and buggy...but it's been raining so much, I'm sure it was easier to just call someone. Lemon "anything" sounds really good.

Granni, steaks on the grill...yum! I'm going to make a meat loaf to bake while the apple crisp is cooking...might think of something else that's easy to fill up the oven (probably baked sweet and white potatoes?)

Den is running all over, changing the boiler around (for the water under the floor heat) and doing some wiring. Glad he can keep himself busy when he can't get outside...

Better get back to work...sitting on a stool while I do apples, but will have to stand up for the rest of it. Hoping this passes soon...