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Porch # 1157 is now CLOSED

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Thought I'd check in before heading to bed...waiting for some pain meds to kick in so I'm not lying there, tossing and turning.
Really thought I was just tired, but I believe Sun's right....this is some kind of flu. The pain in my chest and back feels like it could be pluerisy or maybe costochondritis? Or both? Something's going on in there, anyway...spent some time on the heating pad, but need a bigger one, lol! The pain goes up my neck into my head...joints and muscles hurt. Some of the same symptoms that many on here deal with on a daily basis...not fun :(

I just always pray that tomorrow is better...I did get a couple of meals cooked and the new apple crisp recipe was okay, but not sweet like my old recipe. Might have to tweak it a bit.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing as well as possible.


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Hello, Dear Friends

I think posting earlier today energized me. Will do my best to respond to everydobbby. Julie,
I think cinnamon is a wonderful spice. My Mom made great cinnamon roles. Decades ago the
Jack Benny Show had a running gag about cinnamon roles.

You are a wonderful neighbor to transport your neighbors. Much nicer than I. I wouldn't transport
them for anything less than a serious injury. If their religion requires them to live in the past, then
they should comply or change religions. All the food at your house sounds wonderful Haven't
had apple crisp for a coon's age. Mom used to make that; serve it was a scope of vanilla ice cream.

Granni, are you still singing in the choir? "Some sing low and some sing higher." Can't remember
where I heard that. Maybe in an old song. I know I won't remember. Can't remember our
phone number, address, family birthday dates, passwords and sign in numbers, and things that
I knew for decades like the names of my school teachers or the names of the firms where I worked.
By and large it doesn't matter too much.

Mikie, Lemon bars. Yum, yum. Gordon used to make great ones w/ lemon curd on top. Hasn't
made any for a while. I'll have to give him a little nudge if I remember. What is an occular headache? Pain in or behind the eyes? Sounds bad. With regard to the actor playing
Superman, I read it was suspected that he was murdered. Possibly by a studio executive.
I think he was one of the two guys sitting on Scarlett's doorstep at the beginning of GWTW.

Springwater, I tried the video of the giggling elephant. It worked this time. I love it. I think
there's a song with a lyric that says, "Makes me giggle". Can't remember any more.

OK, energy flagging. Hope to be back tomorrow. Rock

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Woke up in pain just now...3:30 am. Took some Tylenol this time (I alternate between that and Ibuprofen)...I have stronger things, but don't want to feel "drugged" when I'm trying to get up for the day.

Thought I would check to see if maybe Rock had visited during the night...so glad to see your post, dear friend! Yes, one must eat apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top :) And I increase the crunchy topping (oatmeal, flour, spices, sweetener) so there is plenty with each bite...gotta keep the apple, ice cream, topping ratio in balance, lol!

As frustrating as forgetting things must be, you are right...a lot of it doesn't really matter. I used to tell my dad that it was okay if he forgot things...I would remember for him. I'm so glad you have Gordon to help you with things and do some of the remembering for you.

I'm going to try to get back to sleep so I can wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...or something like that...


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It seems it doesn't take too long for me to fall behind.
Dh left on a bit of a road trip yesterday, early am.He's on his motor bike and has many thousands of k's to ride to get to his mother's place.
I wish I could remember all the details, but I can't.Lets just say he is travelling from East Australia (SE actually) over to the West.

Once he's on a mission, he barely stops, so he almost ran out of fuel twice.Thank God, he made it the last time coz it was out in the middle of no where ,when his bike started to cough and spit.It conked out right at the petrol station. Hopefully he's learnt his lesson and will fill up along the way, more often, even if it means veering off course a little, to get it.

Eldest son is off for another study block out at whoop whoop, but this time his work gave him the use of a company ute! How amazing is that?!

Dd is working flat out during these school hols and she's really having second thoughts about continuing on with apprenticeship next yr.
I can understand her concerns as they are working her very hard without barely a break and at min pay.I realise apprenticeships are tough, but her bakery boss has started to pay her $19 hr opposed to $12, I think.
Also the couple who want her to go ft apprentice next yr recently told her she (&her parents) need to sign a form waiving her penalty rates in order to receive a break and meal...sounds so dodgy.
She barely gets a break as is and rushing in half a milkshake hardly counts as a meal break.
There seems to be a few red flags.too much to go into here.
Once I get my eyes on this form, I'll be able to look into it properly.
Also, when we signed her up as school based apprenticeship for remainder of for the remainder of yr 10, we were led to believe it was at the local place, not their business that's almost an hr away.This is something that'll be difficult to persue, as it's up & back in the am & then pm, as it'll be a long while before she can drive herself.
My head is splitting.

Rock, good to see you here.Sorry about all the hassles trying to post.

Mikie, I know it wasn't funny, but the picture in my mind of dangling in a bin, trying to retrieve keys, made me laugh.

Sun, good score on the towels.Hope you get plenty more bargains and project ideas.

Julie, what kind of canner do you use? A water bath or a pressure canner? Last yr I made a batch of apple/mint sauce as requested, but as no one likes it, was a complete waste of time & effort.I'll rule that one out in the book.Glad you enjoy it.

Granni, still in and out with your singing.that's great.
My friend (she's 75) just found out she has an immunity problem that's afflicting her gums and mouth.annoying thing is, she's been dentist hopping fir the last few yrs trying to get answers and it looks like they all had a pretty good idea, but fobbed her off.she really needs an advocate there.someone to Push for her.

Barry, counselling a friend over the phone is super draining, but for a good cause.Glad you were able to do it.

Spring, thanks a gain for the poem.I still can't bring myself to look at pics of our Puss, but I am grateful for the time we had with her.It is more lonelier without her.In so many ways.Esp seeing is Dh is away too.She would always be of extra comfort at times like these.But life goes on.The neighbouring birds also know she's gone, as garden is filled with activity.The bird bath needs cleaning already.

As usual, there's so much more to chat about...I think about the Amish neighbours and the various pet shenanigans, the unfortunate reality of how childhood effects us and shapes us & of course these rotten ailments that inflict us all...but for right now, the sun is shining and I am grateful for you all.
I must get rid of this head ache and try and make the most of the goid weather!

Love to all.
Catch yas later
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