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PORCH 1158 IS NOW OPEN (9/39/19)

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Mikie: I need some clarification on "inflammation"......how do you know you have it, is it pain or just aches, is it different from other pain such as knee, back or neck? What is the pain level from inflammation as opposed to say knee or sciatic pain? Is inflammation from "sugar and eating bad"?

Granni: You have asked in the past about CBD. But you never responded about it nor have you said what type of pain you have and where and what pain level you have. I'm aware of the type of pain Julie, Mikie and Star suffer from.

Julie: My DH used to take his container to Mexican Restaurants on saturday when we were first married. Saturday is when they make menudo. I tried it, didn't care for it.

Star: Good to see you. I guess I should say "poor DH" .......why doesn't he fill up? I hope your DD gets things worked out to her satisfaction. Did you go back to your counselor?


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Oh goodness! I was just starting breakfast when I notice a calf walking down the lane, heading towards our yard. Then I saw several cows and calves actually in the yard! Not good, especially when we've had so much rain recently. Den headed that way on foot and I jumped in the van to go tell the neighbors (the ones at the top of the lane, up by the road) that their cows were out. Nobody home, so I drove on to Gpa and Gma's house just down the road...they grabbed hats and boots and said they'd be right there (walking through back yards.) I drove back to our lane and saw Den holding the cows at bay...Lorene had walked up the lane from their house with the school age girls cause they had seen the cows and were afraid to go past them (smart, because you don't want to get in-between a cow and her calf.)

As I walked toward Den, after parking the van at the curve of the lane to discourage the cows from walking on down to our house, they took off (back up the lane, towards home), cut across their owners' yard, through the barn lot and into the pasture...with Amish Grandpa hot on their tails. Hope he gives his son and family a "talking to" about their cattle...the son has told Den they don't bother turning the electric (battery) fence once the cattle get used to getting shocked. But then, there's always that one cow who "tests" it and discovers it doesn't do anything...then they all break out.

So...excitement over, we've had breakfast and I have a crock pot of apple butter cooking. Two loads of clothes on the line and one to go...then stopping with laundry for the day.

Poor Den...he has so many things started (plumbing with the boiler, gutter on the patio roof, soffit on the patio ceiling, welding the frame to hold the "hand washing sink" inside the front door, etc., etc.) He was lamenting that he didn't know which to work on first (he tries to save some "inside work" for after supper, but he's usually too tired by then.) I told him he was turning into a Mom, lol! And that's called multi-tasking ;) I'm sure he'll get used to retirement eventually...just different to have to decide what to do each day, rather than have a boss tell him, lol! Guess I'd better get my "boss hat" polished up, lol!

Sun, I looked up menudo...oh, didn't realize that's what it was. Barry, is that the tripe you are talking about? I'm sure it's just fine...just never had cow stomach before :cool:

Granni, nice that you can get two performances in during a day...I know the audiences love it.

Getting ready to turn on the air, but putting it off as long as I can...so nice to have windows and the screen door open. When Oreo wants back in, I see her head pop up above the bottom of the screen door, lol! Or I can just see her head out the playroom window when she's lying on her "Sheriff's bench". Better get back to work...thinking of everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Been snoozing on and off all day. Good grief! I am in need of NRG. AACCKK!!

Julie, that little town to the east of Boulder was a former mining town. Coal was mined out there. Most of the people living there and working the mines were Italian; the older ones were first generation Americans. Two families opened restaurants and people came from all over for the food. Everything was old fashioned. I think the pot thing got started because people in the town would grab a pot and walk over to buy spaghetti for dinner. They had a little hardware store and that's where I bought my pizzelle irons. By the time my kids were born, the mines were long played out. One caught fire underground and burned for years. You could walk out into the fields and look down through the cracks and see it burning. It looked like hell. I loved that little town and the good folks living there.

Granni, no rest for the weary is right. You and DH have busy schedules. The singing is so important to bring joy into the lives of those people but I can imagine it gets tiring. Hope your lunch is good. Mine was a piece of toast. It's all I need considering how lazy I am today. Granni, do you know what kind of pain you have? Is it from a specific area or the all over kind from FMS? I don't have the all over kind much anymore but have specific areas of pain. Hope you will be okay with all you do. Take care of yourself.

Sun, these illnessed are inflammatory and most of us do suffer from it. It can be tested for. Mine was quite high. That is systemic. It can settle in certain areas and cause pain. The skin on inflamed areas feels as though it has been burned. If I apply even light pressure, it hurts like heck. Tender point and trigger point pain can cause inflammation in areas of the body away from those points. Massaging the body will make those areas show up. My inflammatory pain is prevalent on the outsides of my thighs and my shins. Run your hand on your shin bone and if it hurts like heck, it's likely inflammation. I also have pain from injuries. I did something to my shoulders and the right one hurts. The CBD balm helps with that too. I don't usually get the all over FMS pain anymore. When I do get it, I take something orally. Hope this helps you to understand this kind of pain. Of course, it's an individual thing but the docs and physical therapists are knowledgeable about inflammatory pain.

Julie again, Holy Cow...literally! Such excitement. There's always that one smarty pants cow who goes rogue and gets the whole herd into trouble. DD and I used to drive to NE and see the cows out in their feed lots and pastures. There were some huge cattle barns. DD and I agreed that if we had cattle, we would provide big cow toys for them. I know they get bored. That's why they will circle telephone and power poles until there is a rut deep enough to cause the poles to topple after rain. I think these animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. I'm sure it is difficult for Den to organize himself and decide what to tackle first. I'm like that a lot. Suspect a lot of mine has to do with ADD. It's easy for me to feel overwhelmed if I have too many things going on. It helps for me to stop and decide what is most urgent or important. Lists help too. I'm laughing at Grandpa and Grandma grabbing their hats and boots to handle the cow crisis. Oooh, that son's gonna be in trouble and rightly so. Geez, making cider, apple butter and apple sauce and cow punching...you're a woman of all trades. Seriously, you are very talented and good in emergencies.

OK, glad I stopped in. I'm living vicariously through every one else's adventures. Gonna go read on the Kindle and hope I nod off.

Love, Mikie


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Made myself take a nap...turned into a two hour siesta. As I was waking, I thought I was hearing rain (MY CLOTHES!) but it must have just been the fan or A/C. The apple butter is taking forever to get soft enough to "mash", but at least I didn't have to worry about it in the crock pot. I'll be taking apples to Lorene in the morning...decided to just let them make the cider (they'll give us half of it and Den will drink it, lol!) Need to wrap up this project and move on to more pressing things that need to be done before winter. I think sometimes God "whoas me down" with something like a flu bug, etc...so I don't try to stress about too many things at once. Not that that's the reason each time I or anyone else gets sick...but once in awhile, it seems to be that way. The key (for me, at least) is to listen to Him, lol!

Mikie, I tend toward ADD, also. Yep, lists are an important part of my life. Den hardly writes anything down, but he'll look at mine, once in awhile ;) Or he'll say, "Okay, what do you want done first?"

The strangest thing happened right before lunch. Den was working under the patio and called for me to come out. A slender (not skinny as in underfed) female "teenage" cat that we had never seen before was crying and rubbing against his leg. When I went to her, she did the same to me (Oreo was outside, but hadn't noticed.) The cat let me pet her...it didn't seem like she had just had kittens or anything (I heard some babies in the garage the other day, but couldn't locate them.) I said, "Are you hungry" as I got some food from the bin and carried it to the garage...she didn't seem to understand about the "cat door" in the side of the wall, but ran in when I opened the walk-in door and put the food in the pan...started eating immediately. Obviously belongs to someone (maybe Lorene or the people who have the cows?) Anyway...we seem to have another cat, lol! Oh well, what's one more mouth to feed, especially if she is a good mouser?

Okay, I'm coming out of my dwam (Hi Barry :) ) so should probably get clothes off the line, sort some apples, etc., etc. Mikie, hope it's not too much excitemement if you're living vicariously through my adventures, lol! I've pretty much given up any kind of social life except what involves my kids, grocery shopping, doctor appts., etc. Den still keeps in touch with former coworkers, salesmen, etc. so he's happy for now. Sometimes I feel like "Ma and Pa Kettle", lolol! Anyway, take care, everyone!

Anyone catch the unintentional pun in the first paragraph? I only noticed as I was rereading...


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Hey folks

quick step in before turning to the days chores.

Sun - ive played trivia just once..at an event held at a restaurant, a fashion show cum dinner. it was open to the public but i dont think i knew any answers. DD knew some answers but since we were given free tickets to the event by DHs friend who owned the restaurant at that time, she preferred not to answer. because they were handing out prizes for winning answers.

NGO stands for non governmental organisation. They get aid from outside for implementing philanthropic projects. Like aiding start ups, or cleaning environment, education, etc.

i always like when i have a nice chat with someone. people are so angry or in a hurry nowadays. Modern life is such. if i had my way, i would wipe out wi fi. just keep things like alarms, tv. we managed pretty well without those things. i have a suspicion we were much happier than todays gen. When we were those ages.

Granni - it was so sweet to hear you call your DH, poor baby. lol. Yes, men who cant cook are in a fix when resident cook is off duty. My DH and DS both dont cook. Although they of course make the little things like rice or omelette. My DH loves taking cooked things from the fridge and making a poupourri of those on the stove, to put in his little pail for lunch.

yes, the chronic aches, skin issues, urinary issues would do a number on anyone. and having to watch out for DH at the same time. i dont blame you for brain fog.

Rock - you really must remember to edit and save as you type. Maybe Gordon can teach you. Ifi didnt do that, i dont think i would be able to post either. of course gremlins have a way of wiping out posts when one presses post reply. In that case, not much to do. Maybe install an anti virus.

Barry - pelargoniums are one of my favourite flowers to look at...they are so elegant and flashy at the same time..but i never had much luck with growing them. kinda fussy plants.

Star - thanks for dropping by. Lots going on i see. wishing a safe journey to your DH. You guys sure do a lot of road trips. its nice you guys are there lookingout for your DD. Employers are not always scrupulous.

Mikie - i think i have some inflammation according to the symptoms you pointed out. burning etc. But they dont last. i too get them on my shoulders and shin.
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Good Hump Day, Kids,

Another day of hoping to feel better. Y'all understand. Some good news--my ex called last night and he wants to go in on the watch with me for DD's graduation present. It was such a surprise and it made me so happy. He has offered to go to the Best Buy there to get it for her. If he does, I'll send him the info for what to buy. If he does, I just hope he doesn't screw it up. He still sounds terrible. Says he now has a sinus infection and the doc has him on ABX. Hope he feels better.

Julie, I did see the pun but not until you mentioned it. It's an excellent pun. Glad you got a good nap. I'm sure you needed it. I've pretty much given up anything outside too. Claudia had no time for much before she retired. Now, she takes all kinds of little classes on arts and crafts. She laments that I'm not up to doing them. She has boundless energy. Even if I had more NRG, I wouldn't much care for those kinds of things anymore. For years, I did arts and crafts and just don't feel the desire to do them. It's kinda like "Done that, been there." Great idea to let someone else do the cider, especially if they share. Yep, no need to go get cats; they come to you. That's how we have always acquired our cats. Not only does God send us things to slow us down; He sends us cats. He does work in mysterious ways.

Rock, something is happening that is causing the posts to disappear. When this happens, does the whole thing just disappear instantly off the screen? Does the post become highlighted just before it disappears? Have you used the arrows at the top left of the page to go back before that happens? It's important to figure out because there is no need for this to continue to happen. I sent Gordon a list of shortcuts a while back to help you save your posts as you go along. I do it or my posts disappear because of my squirrelly keyboard. Check with him. Try pressing the Control button (Ctrl) at the same time as the V key to try to restore your post when that happens. You could also try posting and then going back to edit. That way, you probably wouldn't lose the whole thing. Instead of posting and losing everything, try some of these things; experiment a little. We miss you when you aren't here and don't want you to be so frustrated. Good luck.

Spring, before I got sick, my DSIL and I would play bar trivia against other teams in the bar when we met for Friday Happy Hour. We were pretty good. I have mixed feelings about modern life. I don't like it that our lives are so rushed and people are so angry and in a hurry. I do, however, love having my wi-fi and other conveniences. I had wi-fi early on and was able to use my laptop in bed when I first got so sick. I researched for hours and found things that helped me. It is technology that allows us here on the Porch to have our wonderful little family and technology which allows me to play FJ with my friends, one of them far away. Guess I've gotten spoiled but I'd find it difficult to live without these things now. You are right--I think in many ways we were happier back in quieter times. Such is the price of 'progress.'

Sending lotsa love and warm hugs to everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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Good Wednesday morning! 64 degrees, on the way to 77...rain all day. My plan is to keep working on apples and other inside projects, then get groceries tomorrow, then mow on Friday. But as we all know, "the best made plans", lol! I did get sourdough biscuits and sourdough pizza crust mixed up...they need to "sleep" (the term my Belizean sisters used :)) for 7 to 12 hours, so we'll probably have pizza for supper and I'll freeze most of the biscuits. Apples washed, so I just need to get a crock pot and canner full of apple butter and applesauce, then sort apples to take to Lorene this afternoon. I want to keep enough apples here to finish making stuff with...easier typing this than actually doing it, lolol!

Mikie, I'm hoping you feel better today, too. Any little bit is a step in the right direction. Glad your ex decided to step up and do his part for DD's graduation gift...excellent idea, by the way...I'm sure she'll love it. Will it be engraved? I can't remember if you mentioned that or not. I've never been a very crafty person, but did things with the Girl Scout troops I was in charge of and now with the grandkids.

I asked Den if he had a project planned for when they're all here in November...he said Lindsey had asked him to teach them some knots. Den's an Eagle Scout, so should be easy to come up with something...he's thinking incorporating the learning into making a macrame hanging or "anything, not necessarily plant" hanger. Gives me an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby to stock up on supplies, lol! I always have little kits, etc. that I find (on clearance, of course) for when kids are here...gotta keep their little minds and hands busy, true? Not all the time, of course, but enough of the time to "keep them out of trouble", haha!) Hope it's warm enough they can still play outside, too.

So, I'd better get off the computer and get busy. I heard the rain dripping off the end of the new gutter (we're not finished yet) so I ran out with my watering can to catch rain water for my houseplants. Trying a different font when I post...is this easier or harder to read than my other posts?

Take care, everyone! Have a "good enough" day!


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No frost! Yay! But still a cold foggy morning.
I don't feel like doing much today. The propane tank is to be replaced today-- 200 gallon tank -- so we'll see how that goes.... Just don't want him to come out when I have my 1-4pm R&R (rest, read, nap). Maybe R can handle it, but he has become very introverted....

Apples, apples everywhere. I thought it was an earthquake --- but it was only half an apple tree breaking off from the weight of the fruits. Apples bounced on the house and the tree scraped the roof corner -- no damage but to my nerves. Golden Delicious apples. Have a huge mess to take care of now (or should I say, to get taken care of - cause I AIN'T GONNA DO IT!

Julie, thanks so much for moving Star's post, or we likely would have missed it! Keep at those apple girl! By the way, do your chiros. know about all the mowing you do? Just wondering......

Star, good to hear from you. Your DH seems a bit of a hare, eh wot. That's a long motorcycle ride, for sure. Is he of an impulsive nature?

Mikie, you mentioned CBD oil for anxiety/pain. I need something for anxiety in the morning. Don't want to get stoned though. I tried a new mj strain y-day called Do-si-Do. Oh my gods, too damn strong but good before bed for sleeping.

I am VERY CONCERNED AND UPSET about world politics right now, and climate change, and deniers of same, and the rolling back in this country of the Environmental Protection Acts and other asinine things I won't mention.....

Gotta meet the man with the new tank now.
Love and Peace and Compassion for ALL,


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Hi Barry...oh, that must have made a loud noise...poor apple tree :( Talking about "upsetting the apple cart", lol!

Well, my chiro knows I have a big yard...and that I used to mow 26 other yards (when we closed our hardware store, but still had lots of bills before we got the building sold..but that was 20 years ago.) I find my back does much better if I really concentrate on sitting up straight while mowing, and take lots of little breaks. I am going to let Den get the suspension seat next spring (when we have less "higher priority" expenses like taxes, insurance, etc., etc.)

I also have some CBD oil that I use for "high anxiety" situations...it has the smallest amount of THC (is it something like 0.03%?) Is it possible that what you use at night has a carry over into the morning that can cause anxiety? I know nothing about MJ, but seems I have read that using too much can cause anxiety instead of helping with it...kind of like some pain meds can have the adverse effect of making pain worse...

Sounds like the propane tank came at a good time...you can still get your R & R. Yep, up to my elbows in apples, lol! Lots of other things I could tell myself I "should" be doing, but I'll just keep pluggin' along :)

Heating up some chicken noodle soup for Den's lunch and making him a chicken wrap...then he'll have his R & R and I'll keep peeling apples, lol! Take care! Good to hear from you!


Hi, Kids,

Got in the shower and washed my mop, as Granni says. I took the garbage down to the dumpster and got the mail. No bills. Woo Hoo. I did pay some bills online so glad I didn't get any others. Stomach is so upset--new symptom. Symptom du jour. I had the news on but couldn't take it. It's bad enough when I feel okay. Stock market is taking a dive. Bad news is that Bernie Sanders had surgery to put stents into his arteries. Good news is that it went well and he's alert and talking. I'm not a fan of his policies but he certainly makes politics colorful. Larry David does a great impersonation of him. Hope he recovers fast.

Julie, the best laid plans of mice and men... Good thing you're flexible and able to roll with the punches cause weather this time of year is dicey. Too bad you don't have a pressure cooker for those apples. It would make short work of them. Only problem is that, if you like the sauce chunky, the pressure cooker might overcook them. Thanks for your good wishes. I hope you feel better too. We won't have the watch engraved because the apple watches have a sensor on the back. That's how it takes one's pulse. Also, there are little buttons for changing out the straps and some engraving from Apple. There's a wee bit of metal on the sides but not good for engraving. When we got her the stethoscope after she graduated from nursing school, we had her name put on it. I think ex is actually excited about being able to give such a nice gift and that it will be from both of us. I think knots would be a really fun project. Especially since Den knows the ropes.

Barry, that's one way to get the apples off the tree. Sorry about that but glad no one and nothing else was damaged. Also glad the gas man didn't interrupt your R&R. I know the news sucks but things never stay the same. I've learned after my many years to try to bide my time cause the pendulum always swings back. I've learned, like today, to just shut off the news. I want to be informed but won't listen to people ranting and lying. It ain't good for what ails me. I also pray cause we need it. CBD oil might be just right for anxiety without getting high. It contains almost no THC but has the other benefits of MJ. I was disappointed in the MJ I took in CO but would be willing to try it again if it is legalized in FL. Only medicinal MJ is legal here and it's a big scam getting it. It costs an arm and a leg for a doc to prescribe it. Good luck. Anxiety is awful.

It's about time for my own R&R. So glad I have no appts. this week cause I need it to recover. Talk to y'all later.

Love, Mikie


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OMG, am I behind the 8 ball today and got up late. DH is gone to do some errands and our service provider was here but ot sure it is is all fixed or not. Don't know why our computer and my tab is so slow. We replaced the router again !! I need to get off here and start chopping veggies for the big veggie salad I have to make for tomorrow. Yesterday we sand at two places and in between we stopped for lunch at Salata , a place where they have mostly salads. Their small bowl is huge and all kinds of stuff they can put in for you. Most stuff is not expensive but added meets and shrimp is extra, I actually finished that whole. thing.

JULIE - Wow loose cows all over your neighborhood. That must have been something. Hope you got them all to where they belonged.. Still fixing apples I see. What are doding with them now. Do you have a special place to keep them all besides some in freezer perhaps and refrig. DO you have a special place for the canned goods.

ROCK - Hang in there my friend. So try about those missing posts. I know how frustrating that is when it happens. Maybe some of MIKIE;s tips will help.

SPRING = Hope you are doing well and get out to do some fun stuff,

Sorry I need to run and start chopping stuff for the big salad I am bringing for our bible study lunch. It is to fee d the whole group so we are bringing two things. DH will bring a cake from Sams. The tables take turns providing the food. Sp good usually !! Gotta run and started chopping veggies and get off here

******OMG, I thought i posted this before. Either I didn't push hard enough or our computer was not doing what it should be doing. We have had to call our service people a few times , one came this morning and it was still acting weird so DH called again and did a few things. It seems to be better now. I did my chopping and made my dressing and will put it together tonight . DH bought the bundt cake and I will slice it tomorrow.

HI also to BARRY, MIKIE , STAR et al.

Gotta run again and can't think of anything else very interesting.



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Hi Granni and everyone! Granni, I hope you had a great time at the lunch and I'm sure there was plenty of food. I would eat a salad every day if I had someone to make them for me, lol! You probably got up late because you were worn out from yesterday?

Oh, yes, the cows! They were out again this afternoon when I got ready to load up some apples to take to Lorene. I walked up to the curve of our lane and realized they were headed farther down the lane towards Lorene's house...six or seven yearlings (teenagers, lol) had gotten out of the fence and were trying to get back to their moms (the rest of the herd was at the fence separating the "cattle owners" and Lorene's property). So, I had to walk them back up the lane...a couple steers acted like they might "challenge" me, but I clapped my hands and got them moving again.

But...Lorene's girls and two of the kiddos (of the family that owns the cows) had started walking down the lane from the road, on their way home from school. The girls took off to the ditch and the boy stopped to direct the calves back through the hole in the fence (the one they've been using for years, but hasn't been fixed :mad: ) I asked if we should go get their parents (they own a store and were at work, just a few miles away) but the boy said, "No, they should be okay now."

Well, yes, they did run back to the herd...but I'll bet they're out again tomorrow. I walked back to my house, got apples loaded and took them on to Lorene. I was talking to her about it and she verified that they don't use the electric fence all the time...grrrr! I was back home a little bit later, and the two children came to the door with some cookies ("as a thank you for helping chase cows".) Well, cookies aren't going to keep my yard from getting trampled (and made even more bumpy) but I thanked them and we'll just wait and see what they end up doing about the situation. They don't always have cows in that pasture, but when they do, they almost always get out...

The girls wanted to pick up some of our walnuts...from trees we brought from my grandpa's house when Lindsey was a year old (she's 36 now.) Lorene wanted them to do some of their chores first, so we arranged to meet at the walnut trees at 6:00. I was afraid it was going to start raining, so I picked up a couple boxes full before the girls got here...they had three boxes with them, so we filled all the boxes then loaded them into my van and I took everyone back to their house. Still plenty left for our squirrel, but less for me to have to pick up or mow over...win-win.

All that excitement just about sapped me...I did get pizza made for supper (and an extra crust to freeze for later) and got the biscuits baked (had to try one with some of the apple butter, lol!) I did get the canner and crock pot washed, but the rest will just have to wait till tomorrow...so frustrating that such a small amount of activity would wear me out so badly. Probably all the running around, etc. But I'll go to bed early and hope to be back by tomorrow to the level I was earlier to day....if that makes any sense, lolol!

Mikie, I'm cooking the apples in my pressure cooker, but without the lid locked down...not sure if they would plug up the pressure gauge or not. And, true, it might cook them more than what I want for the chunky applesauce.

Okay, I'm hitting the wall, so gonna get on to bed. Thinking of everyone...


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Hello, Friends

Mikie, did you post a comment on the news today? There was a story about a guy who was injured
by a buffalo in a Utah State Park. He returned to the park recently with his girlfriend. This time
she was run down by a buffalo. One comment said, "They should go back every year. They
can call it a bison-tennial. The poster used the name "Mike".

Granni, did you know the bundt cake was invented by a Minnesota man? I think it's stretching
it to say he was an inventor. He just took a cake pan from the old world and modified it a little. Gordon used to make bundt cakes a lot., but hasn't done one for a long time. He bought a small
cinnamon cake at Trader Joe's the other day. Said it was so good he was tempted to go back and
buy another one.

The computer seems to think "cinnamon" is spelled wrong. Has a red line under it. Well, I
just thought of something else I should post, but immediately forgot it. My mind gets worser and
worser every day.

Julie, I can't tell the difference in your fonts so cannot advise on same. Yesterday when I opened
up the computer there was a notice that said, "Go here to make the letters bigger" so I did. It
also made the cursor bigger. It's not an arrow. It's a big "i". Stretches from one sentence
to the one below. Reminds me of letter sweater from Iowa. If you ever get bored I bet you
could open up a restaurant in your home. Call it "Julie's semi-Amish Den".

Barry, how did the propane tank installation go? We had such a tank in our back yard when I
was a kid. We used it to get down from the roof if someone closed the bedroom window that
provided access to said roof. Maybe you could borrow some hogs to eat up all the apples.
If your lucky they might find truffles too.

Just looked out the window. It's dark. Guess I'd better see if Gordon gave kitty her final
feeding for the day.

Hugs, Rock


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Hi Rock...I came back to see if I had logged out (I had forgotten) and saw you had posted. What a great name for our restaurant :) My computer tries to tell me I've misspelled words too...sometimes I even look them up, only to find out I was right, lol!

What a sad coincidence...both of those people attacked by buffaloes. Loved the pun, though. Yum...bundt cake...hard to get out of the pan in one piece, though.

Okay, I'm really going to bed now...


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Finally, got seven hours of sleep last night and I can actually feel the difference. I had slept through the FJ question again. I love doing FJ with my pals but my poor bod has other ideas. As Julie says, the best laid plans... SV got so obnoxious toward the end of my sleep that I threw him off the bed. Gonna go to Publix this morning come hell or high water. It's been so dry here that some water would be appreciated but not too high. Anything past the running boards on the Highlander is too high.

Julie, once when I was using the old fashioned pressure cooker years ago, something did plug the vent and the whole thing blew. It was built so that the vent part would blow out as a safety feature and not the whole pot. It made a bit of a mess but was reassuring that we didn't have a big explosion in our kitchen. A lot of people were afraid to use them but my Mom had been using one all my life. I can't believe your neighbors are so lax about their cows. Not only could their own children be injured but also someone else. Not smart and not responsible. Love thy neighbor means not putting him or her in harm's way. I did laugh and think of you when I saw an ad on TV for renting equipment. It showed a backhoe with the bucket raised and left in the pasture. A big black and white cow was standing under it scratching her back on the teeth of the bucket. Perhaps if the cows had toys, they would stay home. Just sayin'...

Granni, I hope the lunch is good. It's today, right? I can't keep up with your busy schedule. I'll be lucky if I can get to Publix today. Geez, these flares are tough. Whine, whine, whine! I see that it was hotter than hell were you are yesterday. Heck, it was hotter in NYC than it was here. People often think FL is so hot but we often aren't the hottest place. We do have the humidity most of the time but we also get breezes on three sides of our state. There is always a breeze blowing off some body of water. Hope you enjoy today's lunch.

Rock, sooo good to see your post. I did mention the news yesterday but not the Buffalo attacks. Great pun BTW. We often went to Estes Park when I was growing up. It's where the Stanley Hotel is located and The Shining was filmed. An elk attacked a woman there this week. She cowered on the ground and wasn't hurt. A park ranger drove a vehicle between her and the elk. Deer are pretty tame there and I've fed them by hand. Certain times of the year, the males get aggressive. Estes Park is the gateway to the Continental Divide where one can drive above treeline. You need a jacket even in July. There is a gondola you can ride in Estes Park and look out at amazing scenery. I wouldn't mind going back someday. I wonder whether they still see leather Indian moccasins with beadwork on them. They were sooo comfy. I read that Trader Joe's sells a cinnamon cake mix so y'all can make it at home. I have a bundt cake pan but haven't made one in years. I always used it to make my cranberry pudding on holidays. SV says hi to Miss Kitty.

The sun is coming up and the sky is a bright tangerine color. The sun has moved waaay down toward the south when it rises on the eastern horizon now. This will continue until the Winter Solstice in Dec. Of course, it isn't the sun that is moving; it is the Earth but it's easier for me to think that it is the sun moving. I love tracking the seasons by the sunrise. In my eighth grade science class, we kept journals about all kinds of things like that. I went out every night to check on the moon and planets. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Howdy, Kids

Well the computer hasn't done anything terrible for two days. On the other hand, the TV is acting out. After it's turned on it produces a notice advising that one must push the "source" button on
the remote. Our Remote is provided by AT&T or somebody. The remote has about 79
buttons on it. None of them say "Source".

I turned the problem over to Gordon who said, "No, there really isn't any Source button. You use
these four buttons at the top. You have to press them in sequence; some of them you press twice."
Too much for me. I can't even keep track of basic necessities like my Medicare card and my keys,
and my Tums.

Julie, I don't know, but it's possible that the computer is not objecting to our spelling,, but maybe
to the sentence construction. The punctuation? In the paragraph above there are red lines under "use" and "these" in the 2nd sentence. Sometimes the red lines go away. Possible the computer is like some people who are never satisfied? (OK, now the red lines have decamped.)

You're right. There should be a special tool to remove bundt cakes from the pan. I think it would
look like a small trowel.

Mikie, much of the Inspector Clouseau movie with Steve Martin can be seen on You tube.
I watched it last night. I thought Martin was brilliant. You were right. If you can't understand
him, it doesn't really matter. I hope your stomach upset is soon over. If it is, will your tummy
them be "downset". I don't think it would be down and out.

Granni, I trust everydobby will appreciate your salad. Do you have a one of those salad
contraptions that you put wet lettuce in a whirl it around thus dampening the kitchen and
any dobby in it Is it called a salad shooter? My aunt got one. She thought it was the silliest appliance ever. I think the only time she used it was when her mother was visiting as the gift
came from her.

Well, time to amble back to bed. Bon Bons and Bon Voyage. That reminds me. The mall we used
to go to now and then is gradually closing down. The Sees Candy shop closed, and now a new
candy shop has taken the space. Gordon went to take a look. One piece of candy is $2. He
bought two. Mine was delicious, but I wouldn't pay that price for a bag or box of it.

Hershey is good enough for me. Oh. Just realized it. "Hershe" is redundant, isn't it?




Hi, Kids,

Gotta go get into the tub but wanted to watch a couple of shows On Demand before I do anything else. I'm in no hurry today. I've figured out what is making me sooo tired and making my stomach upset. I had pulsed off my Acyclovir and am guessing my own immune system is in battle with the Whatever Virus. When one pulses off an AV, the virus becomes brave and tries to take over. That allows one's own immune system to recognize the culprit and take action. It's how AV's are sposda be taken. Mystery solved and this exhaustion should clear up soon. Of course, the immune system isn't up to a prolonged war so I will eventually have to go back on the AV and another Herx-like reaction will recur. GAAAK!

Rock, my guess is that the 'source' button may be on the original remote for the TV that you aren't using. I think it may be the same thing as the input button which allows one to decide the source of programming. Typically the source/input can be cable, antenna or one of the other ports on the TV where you can hook up auxiliary things like game systems. As long as the TV is getting what you want, it's probably best to just ignore the message. Once a colleague and friend of mine went to a business meeting and our group all had dinner together. One of the attendee's mother evidently never told him not to eat with his mouth full. He was spitting out pieces of lettuce as he blathered on. My friend referred to him as The Salad Shooter after that. The See's Candy Shop in Denver closed decades ago. I hated to see it go. We have a Norman Love shop here. He is world famous and charges a fortune for his candy. It's beautiful and each piece is a work of art. Too rich for my blood, as they say. Have a good day.

Here is a pic of the Norman Love candy at a store near me. Fifteen pieces at Williams Sonoma is $60.


Hope everydobby else has a good day too.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, limpity limp. Feeling better but my sciatica is acting up from lying around for days. I spent more than usual but got A/C filters and pork roasts on sale. Also got a crossword puzzle book, hair color and a card for my kids. These extras add up. My kids are still grieving for Calvin and I just want them to remember I'm thinking of them. I forgot to get stuffing and apple sauce to go with the pork so put it in the freezer. Been hungry for apple sauce since Julie started making it.

Gonna have my spicy turkey breast sandwich for lunch but had a slice of Publix's breakfast bread. It's got nuts and dried fruit in it but has gotten expensive the last few years. I love it when it's on sale. Also picked up a box of the Myers Lemon Cake Mix and made sure I got the right one.

Julie, you mentioned macrame as a craft for the kids. When I was a GS leader, we made some owl wall hangings very similar to this. We put twigs for the little talons to hang onto. The mothers loved them. All the kids in our hood made them too. I'm seeing macrame wall hangings in pics of home decor. Might be coming back; everything does.


OK, think owl get going. I wasn't an early bird today but I do give a hoot about getting something done.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, friends! I overslept (long story...Den and I were both up during the night...couldn't sleep (his brain doesn't always shut off at bedtime and keeps trying to "invent" things, my legs were hurting.) I still want to go get groceries, etc. so shouldn't even be on the computer, lol! But saw Rock's dilemma and remembered this picture that Keira sent to me a few years ago after I had had trouble with their remotes while babysitting her. She captioned hers, "There, Grandma...I fixed it!"

It does look like the black one does have an actual "source" button or maybe it was another picture I was looking at. Anyway...this really isn't a bad idea, even if it is sort of frustratingly funny.

I'll be back this evening to talk more about cows, backhoes, neighbors, etc., etc. Take care, everyone!