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PORCH 1158 IS NOW OPEN (9/39/19)

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OMG! This is sooo funny. If Rock's AT&T remote is anything like the one from Comcast, it is a beast. The remote for my latest TV is tiny with almost no buttons on it. No need because everything is on the TV screen and all I do is move to what I want and click. If I use my Amazon Firestick, all I have to do is tell Alexa what I want. I usually use the Firestick remote which is also tiny. Who knew we would have to deal with so much tech stuff.

Hurry back. Between the cows, the backhoe and the neighbors, it's the most excitement we've had here in a long time.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just woke up. Went outside and spent some time with the cat. There was a hawk circling
overhead and a crow squawking. Probably warning the neighborhood? Gordon just stuck
his head in. He's headed for the bedroom to read; possibly to nap.

Julie, I love the helpful "grandma" controllers. Keira must be both creative and funny.
Mikie, I guess I didn't explain the TV situation very well. When the TV tells you to push the
non-existent Source Button is also provides nothing but a black screen.

I remember the macrama era. There was one lady in town who went in for it in big way.
She had a macrame plant holder in her living room. It was bigger than most chandeliers.
About the size of a tractor tire. It took up a fourth of the room. And there were other projects
scattered around the room that she was still working on.

The little Wol is cute. (That's the A.A.Milne spelling.)

I didn't know there was a Meyers Lemon Cake mix. I wonder if Gordon could use that for his
lemon bars. I was puzzled about the treys of colorful somethings. Candy, huh? I don't
eat really expensive food. I figure it's a form of conspicuous consumption.

Gonna go lie down again.



Hi, Rock,

I didn't realize the TV screen goes blank. Chances are you have to dig out the original remote and click on Source. If your AT&T is cable, there should be a 'cable' to click on after you press the Source button. Could be that, if there is an Input button on the AT&T remote, it will restore the picture when you click on it and choose cable. You have to play around with these things. Call AT&T if y'all can't figure it out. This is common and a tech can walk you through it. Good for Gordon--to read perchance to nap.

We get some awful squawking here in the hood when one bird goes after another. The Crow Nation and the Jays are very warlike. I've often wondered whether squirrels remember where they buried their nuts. Mystery solved. Remember a couple of weeks ago, I post about a little squirrel's burying a nut in the planter box on my kitchen window sill? Well, he came back for it and dug it up, based on the box's being moved and a hole in the dirt. There was also dirt thrown all over the place. I should charge him a storage feel.

The lemon cake mix wouldn't be good for lemon bars but the lemon bar mix would. It's delicious. It comes with the crumb base and the lemon curd custard on the top. The bars are a tad too rich for my palate. I like the cake better. The cake mix comes with icing. Instead of water, I mix it with lemon juice. It's sweet and tangy just like me. :) Seriously, those Krusteaze mixes are great. I wish they hadn't discontinued the white bread mix. If I want it, I'll have to make it from scratch.

Talk to you later. Here's hoping all your tech problems get resolved.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Kids

Yesterday was another one of those goofy days where I get day and night mixed up.
It doesn't really cause any problems. Just a further indication of how I'm falling apart.
Gordon bought another cinnamon cake. Good for him; he deserves a treat now and then.
Well, we all do.

The only thing I know about today is that we are going to the nearby library. We have
several books to pick up. I think they are all ones I put on hold. Some new authors I'm
trying out.

Mikie, at our previous house we had squirrels in the back yard. There were a couple large
trees and several small fruit trees. The apples were much better than the ones at the
supermarket. The squirrels never threw pine cones or anything else. Probably Amish

No "perchance" about Gordon napping. He has a nap every day. So do I.

Got an e mail from my Minnesota brother. He sent an old pic of his grandson Max who
was brand new at the time. Taken at the hospital. His Mom is in bed with him on her lap.
She's reading some woman's mag. I suggested he send the pic to the Mag. Maybe they'd
like to run it again. Max is now 12. He and his Dad live next door to my brother. Mom
died from cancer a few years ago. I can't remember with certainty the name of my cousin.
I can't look in the genealogy book becaise I gave it to my brother last Christmas. Uff-da!

My brother is preparing another local show. Sometimes he uses old scripts from radio
shows. Sometimes he writes them. I'm the one who is crazy about old show biz, but he's
the one who is involved in it. One of the books I'm picking up today is about Fay Wray and
someboody. Maybe a director.

Best wishes to everydobby. Rock