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PORCH #1160 is now CLOSED(10/8/19)

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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch already. I just lost my entire paragraph when one finger brushed a key. Damn it!!! I'm too frustrated to redo it. I can tell already that this isn't going to go well here. Be sure to go back to check the last posts on Porch #1159.

Julie, I thought these little jars with leaves might be a good craft for your kids. A few canning jars, some paint and some burlap and, Voila! Fall decor. Girls and I used to love going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby this time of year.

Sun, I just sent up a little prayer for the baby. It's so interesting how normal size people can give birth to children with dwarfism and vice versa. Pee clump in SV's box wasn't very big this morning and he refused to drink so gonna watch and try again. If he doesn't drink later today, I'm gonna call the vet.

I'll stop back in later.

Love, Mikie
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When the sun in the morning peeps over the hill...Remember that old song? It was popular when I was in
6th grade. I think the performers were Les Paul and Mary somebody. I could play it on the piano. For some
reason it sounded better when Les and Mary did it.

Things are quiet here. Gordon is sleeping, and Henry went to work. Yesterday we went to the Chinatown Library.
They were giving away books. Hardcover books that they no long wanted. I think we took 4 or 5. We were the
only people interested in this largess. We had to wait a bit for the fun to begin. While we were waiting someone
threw a doll that was part of the autumn decoration scheme. It landed near us and broke into two pieces:
a pair of pathetic little legs pointed at the ceiling and the top half which was wearing a farmer's straw hat.
The library staff just ignored this outrageous example of poor library manners. Don't know if the thrower was
a drugged out patron or a staff member having a bad day.

I think today is my Oregon brother's birthday. He's 73. I remembered his birthday some weeks ago. Wrote a
note on the calendar and then forgot all about it. My Minnnesota brother's is also this month. Well, I'll just send
them e mails.

Mikie, thank you for opening up. Do you want to continue to do so, or would you like one of us to do it now
and then?

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Rock,

Anyone can start up a new Porch. I usually try to do it when it isn't particularly busy and there have been more than 40 posts. No hard and fast rules. Actually, no rules at all. Because I get here so early, it's usually a good time to start up a new one but it doesn't matter. I remember the song, Mockingbird Hill, with Les Paul and Mary Ford. They were great and had a show in B&W on TV. My kids love that song because I used to sing it to them when they were toddlers and I would pick them up and dance with them. Now, I sing it to SV.

Gonna go get ready to go to the pool. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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An early good morning...Mikie, those jars are very cute! Thanks for the new porch...we've gotten spoiled with you taking care of it for us, lol! Sorry for the computer craziness...I hit some weird key while on the chromebook the other day, don't even know which one it was, and all sorts of emojis popped up (like the ones on my smart phone.) Couldn't bring them back up again on purpose...weird! Awww, I see you just popped back in...have fun at the pool!

Rock, free books sound great! Weird about the poor doll...

Woke up a little after 5:00, but dozed until 6:00. Starting to feel like I'm running out of time to get things done before I go to Lindsey's...leaving next week (going down Wednesday, her oral surgery is Friday) and will be gone for around 10 days. I have very poor cell service from their house and they don't have wifi so hard to get online anyway...their computer is wired directly, so I could just keep in touch that way, but I imagine I'll be pretty busy with kiddos, cooking, laundry, and just general stuff. I'm just praying that she gets along okay, but want to give her plenty of time to rest while I'm there. David will be off work the first few days, so we can work together to keep the household running...I imagine he'll take care of school, for the most part. I want to do a bunch of meal prep in my own kitchen...a little easier to do some things by myself, but the kids will want to help with anything I do once I get there. Liora called last evening to let me know her room was ready for me to stay in...she has a queen size bed, so we usually end up having slumber parties with the kiddos taking turns :)

One of Den's former salesmen is coming this weekend to go deer hunting on our property (he may pop in sooner to do some scouting.) My house is a bit of a wreck right now (wasn't in my plan to spend several days with this allergy/respiratory crap, lol!) We'll just let him make himself at home when we go to Amy's for Den and Keira's birthday party...

I go to the local chiro later this morning...hope he can work on the headache I've had for several days. I cancelled my appt. last week...didn't even feel up to making the 40 minute drive. I have about three days worth of apples left...yes, I counted them out into piles, lol! Counted how many I've been using for each batch of applesauce and apple butter...if I don't get done, I'll just take them with me...I have a new apple crisp recipe (sweetened with maple syrup instead of any sugars). I have one in the freezer to take along and bake there to see if they like it. If it's a "keeper", the kids and I can make some up and freeze, so they can pull one out and bake anytime...it's Lindsey's favorite dessert, but she won't be able to eat it for awhile. Both of our households are working on going gluten free, so I have some recipes to try...hard to switch "cold turkey"...bread dough, etc. just isn't the same without wheat...but I've been experimenting.

Everyone will be at our house a couple weeks after I get back home...early Christmas...glad I have all the presents bought and wrapped. Not so handy to be busy with other things these last few weeks of fall weather instead of doing more outside work around the farm, but I have no problem making family a priority...we'll pick up again next spring, lol!

Please excuse me for making this post "all about me"...just wanted to let you all know what's going on. As usual, I'm not in any shape to do a very good job at anything on my list, but will just do the best I can...my family is very understanding, and I've learned to do a better job of delegating :cool: Den has his own list of projects that need to be done before winter...good to be busy, I guess, lol!

So, I'm going to go work on the pile of clothes that need folded...and come up with a grocery list. Take care, everyone...have a good enough day.


Hi, Kids,

Just got home from the pool. This should satisfy the watch today. It's a tough task master. :) SV slept while I was gone and just came out to greet me. He's gone out on the lanai for a snooze. We had such a nice time. We are having a beautiful fall here. Temps are in the 80's during the day and in the 70's in the mornings and evenings. We are once again getting showers in the afternoons. We got a lot of rain yesterday afternoon. The pool was not very warm and there were lots of dead little bugs and debris on the top. We just make waves to carry them away from us. I saved a little beetle that was floating on his back and put him on the edge to dry out. Told Barb I had done my good deed for the day and could now be a jerk the rest of the day. We laughed at that. It's so beautiful out with the sun shining and little white clouds sailing along. Thinking I should clean the lanai so I can sit out there in the evenings.

Rock, I forgot to mention how shocked I am that no one seemed to care about the doll abuse at the library. I hope it was some kid and not an adult having a tantrum. Claudia and I enjoy hard cover books and donate them to the library where she is a volunteer. She brings home the free books we haven't read. In the meantime, I have books piling up on the Kindle. I like to read in bed at night after FJ. I finished The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell. It was a great read and I left a glowing review. Now, I'm reading an action thriller. Think I like the softer reads just before bed. Hope you like your books.

Julie, sounds as though you've got things all planned out. I used to have a recipe for cobbler in which you put the crust ingredients in the pan first and it baked up through the fruit to end up on top. It was sooo easy. My family loved all kinds of cobbler warm with ice cream on top. Easier than pie and just as tasty. Cherry was our favorite. I have always made plans but am flexible because we have to be or lose our minds. Things always come up. Family is the most important thing. Your family is so lucky to have you.

Guess I'll be shufflin' along. Be back later.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning dear busy and not so busy people,

Sorry I have been so absent, I have been off line for 4-5 days with no computer or tablet working . So I couldn't get in touch with any of you. Glad to see ROCK popping in and JULIE and well as MIKIE of course. Not much new here except that we finally got back on line here. What a pain as you all know when it is not working. I can't really stay long as I am trying to get ready to go sing this morning with our small group. It is close by so should be home for lunch,. Have to finish putting on my makeup such as it is. Hard to do on the computer. After lunch we will probably ht the store fro some groceries.

JULIE - Hope you get to feeling better from your allergy. respiratory crap as you called it sooner rather than later, Hope Linsey's oral surgery goes well for her . Nice you can help her out being so far away I usually am not much help as I am not going to drive very far. Just getting there is half the project for me the way I feel. Most grand kids are grown or almost grown by now, Hope everything works out well for you and the family during this surgical procedure You might have mentioned what she was going to have done but somehow I missed it, if you did. A lot of extractions?????

Thinking of everydobby ! Need to get ready to leave soon !

Granni .


Hi, Kids,

Just made a donation to the ASPCA to honor my little grand dog, Calvin. I know my kids are still grieving. He was with them for 17 years. DD just texted me to let me know it means a lot.

Granni, so glad you stopped by. I was getting worried about you. Did you have to replace the modem again? It's miserable when wi-fi craps out. Is this the small group that goes out to facilities to sing? I know how much pleasure y'all bring to those people. Have you ever sung Mockingbird Hill? Rock just mentioned it. I won't drive far anymore either. A couple of years ago, I drove to Orlando and back and it was white knuckle all the way. I used to hop in the car and take off for Atlanta. No more. Both the car and I are getting old. Fortunately, everything I need down here is close by. Hope you have a good time singing today.

Rock, Les Paul invented the solid body electric guitar and was electrocuted working with it in 1941 but didn't succumb to his injuries. It took two years for him to recouperate. Fender beat Gibson, who produced the Les Paul guitar, into production earlier so they generally got credit for the electric guitar but now Les Paul is generally regarded as the inventor. He is often referred to the father of the electric guitar. I always knew this but got these details from Wikipedia. I love this flat old mono version of the song from 1951.

Love, Mikie
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Granni - glad your network started working again. must have caused so much inconvenience considering you pay your bills and so much on the net.

Rock - i smile at the thought of you three men living together in your house with the lovely assortment of orchids outside. Gordon, Henry and you.

i dont have many hard cover books. Theyre expensive, I was re reading a Borrowers book. One of those books you can read in order of their series or on its own. About the little people who live under the floorboards or behind walls. I also saw a Japanese animated series on the books but it deviated from the book. i hate that.

Mikie - lovely couple of jars. what a little creativity can do. i suppose you will soon start doing a bit of fall decor in your condo. when you feel upto it.

Festival time is officially over. Yesterday being the last day and day of receiving tika. Everyone going to their elders to receive blessings and a gift of money from the eldermost family member.

On Tuesday we went and spent the day at my sis in law and had lunch there.

Yesterday everyone gathered at DH eldest uncles house. This time they had called my BILs wifes mom, aunt and friend too. cousin sis who does the cooking was saying how the family is growing. and how she had to adjust the buffet table and dishes to accomodate more guests. We were about 18. But for her and her family,its a labour of love. loves cooking, loves entertaining. loves it when people enjoy the food she cooks.
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Good Hump Day, Kids,

Slept well, up early and hoping for some NRG. I felt better yesterday after the pool but NRG sagged later on. SV used his box and left a huge pee clump. I remember Nancy's old cat, Bob, who had the same condition. He only peed once a day but it was huge. Perhaps SV is going to be doing that from now on. He shows no sign of having crystals. Right now, he's out on the lanai, lying on the throw rug just outside the sliding doors. He got a wild hair and attacked a leaf on a plant out there. No one got the FJ question again last night. We're in a slump.

I went out to talk to Tracy when she got home. The Toyota dealership checked her car and said they could find nothing wrong. The really good news is that there was no damage to the undercarriage when it scraped over the cement bumper. She is so afraid to drive it that she is going car shopping this weekend. From what I have read, this is a common problem and Toyota knows about it. If anyone gets injured or killed, there will likely be a lawsuit.

Spring, that big gathering of family sounds wonderful. As the elder person in the family, I'm sure my ex is glad he doesn't have to give money to the younger members. I haven't started to decorate for fall. Still lack of NRG and have been using it for other things. It'll depend on whether I got the basic things done around here. Our rainy season is coming to an end. Is it still rainy there? The temps are cooler and I know fall has definitely arrived. I watch the weather in the newspaper and we are losing one to two minutes of daylight each day. Full moon is on the 13th here. I'll go out and howl at it.

OK, off to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids. It's almost 4AM here. Don't know what day it is. Doesn't really matter. I sent my
brothers birthday e mails. Barry in Minn. responded promptly. No response from the Oregon
brother, but I didn't expect any. Maybe his neighbor will let us know when he dies.

We went back to the Chinatown library. Got 3 more books. The road the library is on is a
one way. When we came out of the library a car was backing down it at a pretty high speed.
Going the wrong way of course. Typical in LA. Many of the drivers have no experience behind
the wheel and can't read signs in English. They also have no insurance.

Mikie, thanks for the video. Nice to hear this cheerful ditty again. Now and then a guitar pops
up on Antique Roadshow. The owner always says it was found on a Civil War battlefield or it
belonged to some famous singer or guitar player. I didn't know Les Paul was nearly done in by
his invention. This illustrates that one shouldn't bit the hand that calls the tune.

Springwater, a while back I discovered that there were more books in The Borrowers series than
I had previously read. Promptly read the rest of them. I think there were 6 or 7. I have a book
waiting for me at the library. It's from a series that started during WWII. I guess there are half
a dozen. I read the first ones when I was in High School. Read them all several times. Haven't
read one for a decade or two. If a movie were made the three female characters could have
been played by Marjorie Main, Lillian Gish and Harpo Marx.

Granni...Ratbane. Took me 4 tries to type Granni. My typing just gets worse and worse. I
suspect it's due to Alzheimer's. My knuckles are enlarged. My veins look like worms under
the skin. I may have to resort to a hammer and chisel like the ancient Egyptians did. At least
in the cartoons.

Yes, it is very disconcerting to be without a computer. Or any appliance one relies on. Good
to know you are still singing. Can you sing as well if you forget to put your make up on?
Our High School chorus had a fabulous soprano and two good baritones. The rest of us were
clearly not meant to be singers. The guy who stood next to me had excellent pitch. He told
me the band director told him sing in my ear.

Julie, I'm sure your presence will be of great comfort to Lindsey. I hope Den and Keira don't
get into a fight over who's going to blow out the birthday candles. Yes, the doll incident was
weird. We looked around the room. There was no clue as to who threw it or why. And
there was no bloodstain so a forensic team wouldn't have helped. When we finish the books
they will go back to our usual branch of the library. Probably end up in the Wednesday
book sale.

Hugs to all including absent members, Mr and Mrs America, and all the ship at sea.

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Hi, Kids,

I've been sidelined by sudden onset of exhaustion and upset stomach. I suspect I need to sleep all day long. That used to help when I felt like this. Thing is I hate to spend a day sleeping but sometimes, it's a good thing to do. I checked Denver's weather and it's going to be 78 today. Tomorrow, it will be 31. That big cold front is moving down from the northern Rockies and will arrive then. I made a donation to the ASPCA yesterday to honor Calvin and I texted DD. I know they are still grieving hard and I think it helped based on her text. SV drank quite a bit of water this morning and that helped me to feel better. I love him so much that just looking at him makes me smile and fills my heart. Can't imagine being without him. Yesterday, there were six big white Ibis sitting in the slash pine outside my lanai. They stayed a long time. They are sooo beautiful. We really love our critters down here.

Don't know whether y'all heard about the most prolific serial killer in history; he admitted to killing 93 women. He has told authorities where he killed them and drew pictures of their faces. He said he killed one here in Fort Myers and the cops are trying to figure out who she was. He drew a picture of her. That was long before I moved here. On a more positive note, Fort Myers has been named the number one place to retire based on cost of living and all the cultural amenities here. Next month, some other org. will name some other place as best place to retire.

Rock, C&W artists today often credit Les Paul and Chet Atkins with inspiring their playing. I once went to a Chet Atkins concert when he was older. It was great. DSIL, the one who broke his ankle, plays the guitar. He sang and played for me when I was there. One song was one he wrote and one was The Leader of The Band, one of my favorites. Some of those old Gibson and Fender guitars on Antiques Roadshow are worth a lot. I've noticed that, ever since the Ken Burns series, a lot of those featured artists are out doing tours. How sad that your bro doesn't keep in touch.

Ok, Kids, time to do something else. It's only 82 outside bur my A/C is set to 77 so it's running. It's so cold in here that I'm gonna wrap up in my fuzzy robe. That may make me sleepy. See y'all later.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends! I was so exhausted yesterday, I don't think I even got on the computer. The chiro worked on my sinuses quite a bit, then I went to grab a bite of lunch. Thought my neck felt "funny" but just figured it was from being out of place, but by the time I got back in the van to run errands, I could barely turn my head to the left. Doc was still in the office so I went back...he muscle tested and said it was my C3 so tweaked it again...oh my word...instant relief! and I noticed this morning when I let Oreo out that everything smells so FRESH!

Anyway, I then did my usual rounds of the stores that are available in that town...Aldi's and Wal*Mart. WM clearance aisles are hit or miss...but I found Cornhole games (I'll try to find a pic) that were marked down from $49.99 to $10.00! Ironically, Keira had been asking for one, but I was just gonna have Den make it...well, he couldn't even buy the materials for $10.00. So, I got one for Keira and one for Lindsey's family. Lindsey said David had been wanting to make some to sell, so he can use this as a pattern and personalize them for customers.

That was my big score of the day, and by the time I hauled all that (the games plus groceries, etc.) to the car, I was really worn out. Brought Lorene a couple things she had requested and noticed she was getting ready to put her apple butter back through the manual food mill to make it smoother...I offered to bring the pans home and use my stick blender...she was amazed at how quickly and efficiently that little tool did the trick, lol!

Added this pic and it just went here on its own...just a fancy bean bag toss, lol! But the ones I got have the official cornhole logo and everything, lolol!


Made cheeseburgers for supper and pretty much spent the rest of the evening on the couch with the heating pad and Oreo. Now I get to stay home for a couple days, then follow up with optometrist on Friday. I'll take Den out for lunch and we'll also make a stop for more 2 X 4's and whatever else he needs to work on the patio roof.

Rock, so neat that you have access to so many books and can then share them with others. We will tease Den about having to call the fire dept. to put out his 65 candles...well, I'll probably get a 6 and a 5 for his side of the cake, lol! I'm so glad I can go to Lindsey's when she needs me...she is like my mom and doesn't do well with anesthesia. She's having quite a few teeth cut out, so hopefully we can keep the pain under control.

Mikie, I see you've just posted. I am so, so sorry about your exhaustion and nausea. A day of rest/sleeping is certainly a good idea when you feel as rough as you do. I applaud you for getting out to the pool when you feel up to it, though. Well, if this is SV's "new normal" peeing routine, I hope it continues to go well.

Granni, sorry about your internet troubles. Yes, we do get so used to and depending on the computers, etc. Yes, Lindsey is having several teeth removed...I'm not sure how many. She and I both have had so many problems with out teeth...we blame it on our pregnancies...I've talked to many women who've had the same problem.

Hi to Barry, Sun, Star...hope you all are okay. I need to get some apple butter started and figure out "priorities" for what I need to get done...it ain't all gonna happen, I'm sure, lol! I guess it's good to make a list, but I usually get to a point where I come to the realization that most of the things won't actually get done...and the world hasn't come to an end yet ;)

Amy gave us something to giggle at yesterday. She said she overslept (Keira woke her up at 7:00 am) so she rushed around, took a shower, Keira made her lunch and tossed it to her as she headed out the door...and Amy still made it to work on time at 7:30. Good thing she only lives about a five minute drive from work, lol! I'm still chuckling about Keira making lunch and shooing her mom off to work, then getting ready for school herself...our little girl is growing up :)

Better get myself in gear...Den is already outside working and here I sit, burning daylight, lol!
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Hi Kids

Woke up from my nap. Came in here. Was informed by the Board that it didn't recognize my
name. After 15 years and thousands of posts it doesn't recognize me!? If it were possible I'd give
the responsible machine a kick in the pants. Wait! Do machines wear pants?

It's 1:30. Gordon is waiting for his sister and brother in law to return. They were here earlier
for some reason that had to do with their moving. Maybe they left some stuff here until they
have actually moved in. Right now they are on track to beat the Hebrews in the desert for the
slowest move in history.

Poor Gordon explained to me again about this new computer. He'd get the same results if
he explained it to the cat. Oh, I hear his relatives returning. I'd better shut the door. If they
come up here to use the facilities they might see me in my boxer shorts. They are very stylish:
black with stars on them. Suitable for a funeral of a movie star. Also, I suppose, for my funeral

Julie, when I saw the pic you posted I first thought it was a giant pack of cigarettes. No, it doesn't
look much like a pack of cigarettes, but that's what I thought. Is it the size of a ping pong table?

OK, the machine has "run into problems". I'd better quit before it blows up.


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Good evening to Rock and everyone! I've had a somewhat productive day, but still behind in what I'd like to get done...nothing new there, lol!

Rock, I looked on the cornhole game box and it says the boards are 24" X 36"...the box was really heavy, so I hope the pieces last for a long time. Well, boxer shorts are very fashionable...every time I see one of the younger men walking around with their pants "sagged" and underwear showing, I want so badly to run over and pull their dang pants the rest of the way down, lol! They look like they wouldn't be able to run, as it is....let alone with their jeans pulled down to their ankles. But, I think a man ought to be able to dress however he wants in his own home :) Very polite and considerate of you to think of your guests' feelings, though.

We're having more rain this evening...and Den said it's to get down in the 20's over the weekend. Not quite ready for that, lol! I think I'll just head south ;)

Not a lot of news...the porch has been quiet today. Hope everyone is okay. I made another batch of apple butter and my biggest accomplishment was getting all the dishes washed...it's the little victories that mean the most.

Got some good news of one of my cousins (my mom's cousin's daughter). She had a sore on one of her toes, it got infected and she went septic. She was airlifted to a bigger hospital, nearly comatose and her leg was swollen so badly they had to cut it open to relieve the pressure. She just had her 6th surgery last week (they are trying to save the knee, but have had to keep cutting more and more of her leg off because of infection.) Finally got moved to rehab yesterday and will begin the road to recovery and using a prosthetic. She seems to be in good spirits, even when in so much pain. Her family is two hours away from the hospital, so it has been a challenge for all of them...coming and going, etc. This cousin is in her late 50's...three grown children and several grandchildren, and a very loving husband. I can't even imagine...

I guess I'll head on to bed and hope I have a little more energy tomorrow....take care, everyone!


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

The news has shown dead fish washing ashore just south of us from red tide. I am choking so had to take an allergy pill. The news also said that headaches and nausea are symptoms of exposure to the red tide. Well, that splains how I was feeling yesterday. Red tide doesn't adversely affect everyone and there were people swimming at the beach. GAAAK!!! Even if not affected, I would think the dead fish would be a turn off. Some tourists are vowing not to return. Birds peck the eyes out of the dead fish, leaving the scene even more horrific. The birds also get sick from eating the fish.

Julie, I started to respond to your first post but this possessed keyboard was highlighting and deleting my post so I decided just to stop. Too frustrating on a day when I felt lousy to begin with. I'm glad your chiro is so helpful for you. Also, congrats on the great corn hole score. I see them everywhere. People are going nuts for that game. The cold front that dropped temps in CO will hit you guys next. After that, let's hope you have a nice Indian Summer. Just sent up a little prayer for your cousin. I think these infections are getting worse. Newborns died when one broke out in the neonatal area at a hospital. Good for you on your little victories which aren't so little.

Rock, I'm sure you look dashing in your boxers. A man's home is his castle and if the King wants to wear boxers, it's his right to do so. Evidently, you got your differences with the computer and board worked out and were able to post. I'm glad. Hope it will be smooth sailing henceforth.

I am praying for a pain-free day for all our Porchies and one filled with lots of NRG.

Love, Mikie
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Morning Kids

You are all looking very chipper this morning. I guess you got a good night's sleep. Gordon and
I just watched about ten minutes of a lavish British film from 1945. The most expensive film ever
made in England at that time. I thought it must have been made at MGM because of the elegant
sets and costumes. Alas, the dialogue was incredibly bad. The audiences of the time agreed. The
fabulous film lost money.

Do you recognize the star below? Claude Rains and Stewart Granger were also in it. And
Roger Moore who later played James Bond.

Hint: did you notice that her lips are very Scarlet?

This may be hard to believe but we got a call from the Chinatown Library Yesterday. So we
went back. Picked up another dozen books. All for me. Gordon didn't want any of them.
They were all mysteries, thrillers, etc. The reason the librarian called us is that she and Gordon
are good friends from a few years ago when she was running the program that taught how
do origami and other crafts. Gordon went to those programs. We still have some of his handiwork
decorating the place.

I am amazed at all the response to my boxer shorts. I assure you I do not look dashing in them
The only dashing is when I'm on my way to the smallest room in the house. BTW, there are
sites on the net that sell exotic underwear for men. You might want to get your man something.
Whether a serious or a gag gift is up to you.

Mikie, sorry to hear that the wretched Red Tide is back. Reminds me of the Red Shadow in the
musical "The Desert Song". Has some good music in it. Of course it's on Youtube. I used to have
2 or 3 recordings of it. I wonder if any drug company is working on something to counteract
that red tide. Maybe they don't think the market is big enough. Do we have it elsewhere?
When I'm done posting I'll go out a spend some time with kitty. She's pretty smart. If we are
spending time together and and I say, "Well", she knows I'm about to say, "Well, Kitty, it's time
to go. See ya later", and she trots off.

Julie, it's down to the 20's already?! Seems awfully cold, Are the trees still in fall colors?
Are teens still wearing low slung pants? I never see any teens nowadays. They walk by but our
wall hides most of their hides. Yes, you're right. Even little victories are a source of satisfaction.

Hugs to absent friends: Granni, Sun, Spring, Barry, GB and anyone I can't think of and all the ships
at sea.



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Hi, Kids,

Just dropping in. Not much going on. SV is lounging along the top of the love seat on his soft fuzzy throw. He drank a lot of water this morning. Thank God and thank all of you guys for your sweet concern.

Rock, me thinks you are too modest. Glad you got more books. It pays to have friends in high places. Scientists haven't figured out what to do about the outbreaks of red tide let alone a treatment for it, unfortunately. I think it must be like allergies because not everyone is sensitive to it. Seems we are more sensitive to a lot of things than 'normals.' There are outbreaks in other bodies of water. I've read that there have been blooms in the north Atlantic just offshore. Scientists seem to think that enriched water can feed the blooms. We have a lot of that from agricultural runoff where fertilizer is used on the fields. Sounds as though you and Miss Kitty have formed a close love that can only occur when man and beast spend time together. SV knows what going to bed means and he will race me to the bedroom to get on the bed before I can. We are both lucky to have such sweet kitties in our lives.

I've been saving as I go because I just have a feeling that everything could be wiped out in a nanosceond here. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good Thursday morning...my day got started in a rush. Had set my alarm, but turned it off at 7:30 and rolled back over to doze to the sound of gentle rain. At 8:00 my cell phone rang and it was Lorene's husband, sounding sort of panicky. He had taken the only horse (and buggy) to work, but it was raining and called to ask if I could go get the girls and take them to school...of course, I don't mind when it is a bit of an emergency. Got dressed as I was still on the phone, headed up the lane where the girls were struggling to walk (it had started raining harder.) They jumped in the van, then we picked up kids all along the way...pretty sure they weren't all in seatbelts, lol...but the school is only about a mile up the road.

Stopped back by Lorene's to let her know I'd watch after school, and if it's raining still, I'll get the kiddos. I don't want them to start depending on me every day, but I understand this situation today.

I've got a canner full of applesauce cooking, but nothing much else accomplished...Den decided to go on to get his lumber, etc. today instead of with me tomorrow (my eye appt.) so I'm going to make him some caramel brownies as a surprise. It's the recipe one of the office girls at work (finally) shared (with me only, lol) the day of Den's retirement party. He always bragged about them when she would bring a pan to work, but she had been reluctant to give out the "secret" recipe. Six months later, I'm finally going to give them a try (instead of birthday cake.)

Oh Mikie...I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near the beaches right now. Yes, just like mold (which Lindsey's family is highly affected by, but others aren't) I'm so sorry the Red Tide has such a severe affect on you. This sudden severe weather change is really the pits, lol! It's not like we don't know winter is going to come, but it catches us off guard every year...especially in the 40 years we've lived on the farm, lol! We know we have to scramble this time of year, but with only so many hours in a day, I don't know many people who actually get caught up. We just always figure we'll start up again in the spring...I personally enjoy the "down time"...I'd hibernate the whole winter if I could get away with it.

Rock, yes, the young men (and even "not so young" men) still sag their pants. Looks disgusting and I really do wonder if they could run anywhere if they had to....with the crotch of their pants down around their knees it seems impossible. How nice of the librarian to call and let you know to come pick up books. To me, there's nothing like holding an actual book in your hands, although I keep thinking I might like to get a Kindle or something someday.

I'd better say a quick "Hi" to everyone else and get back to work. Take care, everyone! Here's one of the pics...I honestly see guys walking around this way....the mom in me wants to just say something, but who knows what they might do, lol! It's just not practical at all, no matter if the fellow is a nice, decent guy. (Mikie, delete this if not appropriate...just wondering "what the heck"!)



Hi, Kids,

Julie, I think you are the Amish Uber or Lyft. It was very nice of you to give all those kids a ride. I don't think anyone ever really gets caught up. I'd probably feel deathly sick if I were to go to the beach when the RT is this bad. As it is, I can't get away from it because the spoors on top of the water dry and blow inland for miles and miles. I'm only about 6 miles from the beach as the crow flies. I don't get guarding 'family secret' recipes. I think it bespeaks a deep personal problem--'I have something you don't have; na na na na na na.' JMHO. Good things are meant to be shared.

Just glad the boys in the pic are wearing underwear. Think I mentioned that there was a man who was no kid working at Publix restocking one of the lunch meat units. He was wearing his pants so low that, as he leaned in, his crack was exposed as was his back which was so hairy it looked like a shag rug. I lost my appetite right there. DD thought I should have taken a pic and posted it. Publix has really slipped to allow that. They used to be like the military.

Gonna go so I can be just as useless as I was before I stopped in. I had a nap and may just have another. I think SV has the right idea.

Love, Mikie


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Rock:. Maybe you need a nice silk dressing gown to put on whenever company shows up and wants to use the loo. As I recall Hefner spent his entire life lounging in them.

Julie: Years ago when those dropped pants started showing up here and there I also was tempted to give a yank on one, then I thought, no I would be hauled off to jail. And.....I heard that the "style" of dropped pants came originally from prison, then gangs and wannabe gang member started it. Around here years and years ago the clothing for the gangs was baggy cut off pants right below the calf and long white socks. Lots of "gangs" around so. Calif. Some areas my DD will take the freeway to my house which is longer instead of driving the straight thru street I take, which goes right thru the gang areas. I don't think anyone is going to bother an old lady, and I don't ever wear any jewelry. And I'm very polite driving too....no blowing horns because you never know whose behind the wheel......road rage abounds here. Actually my gardener is Mexican and could probably fit in quite well. He's hardworking and polite to me though.

Mikie: Ewwwww......an exposed hairy butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross. Here's a thought......maybe men should start getting their exposed areas waxed and maybe a smiley face tattooed.:D

I'm still dealing with a flair up of the neck and low back stenosis, I'll. Leave it at that.