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PORCH #1160 is now CLOSED(10/8/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Sun, it's good to see you here but I'm sorry you are in pain. It wasn't just the guy's butt; the thick mat of black hair ran up his back. It was sooo gross. He can't help how hairy he is but he doesn't need to wear his pants low so everyone can see it when he bends forward. I don't see kids wearing their pants like that around here. This town is very segregated so I'm not likely to see it in our hood but I don't see it in the larger stores either. Actually, the bad hood has its own Wal*Mart so perhaps I'm not in the gangsta loop. Feel better.

Rock, I think Sun is onto something--a nice silk robe and a pipe. I have one that looks like silk on the outside but has that soft fuzzy stuff on the inside. Absolutely decadent.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Again

I was back a while ago but the board explained that it had no recognition of my name so I couldn't come in. I have never been seized with road rage, but computer rage is a frequent visitor. Wonder
what would happen if I had a car driven by a computer.

To day we went to our regular library. Took a bunch back; picked up a bunch more. Lots of parking
spaces. Very few people at the library. Well, Good Grief! Now there's an old fashioned car alarm
going off and one of the neighbor's dogs joining in. Oh! It stopped. Well, Happy Day!

Sun, Alas, I have no dressing gowns. Noel Coward was frequently photographed wearing a
dinner jacket or an elegant robe. But he had a bit more in the bank than I. At one time he owned
3 homes. One in Jamaica. His nearest neighbor with a famous author. Can't remember who
though. Another time he lived on an alp. His neighbor there was Joan Sutherland, opera
soprano from Australia.

Speaking of cracks, remember when there was a commercial for some drain cleaner. The plumber
was a woman and you could see an inch or so at the top of her anal cleft. All very tasteful, of course.

San Francisco used to allow full nudity on the beach at the end of the Golden Gate Bridge and
also in the city itself. A few years ago I read that the ordinance had now been modified. You
can still be an urban nudist, but you are required to carry a towel and sit on it in restaurants, etc.

Hugs, Rock
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Woke with a horrible sinus headache and stuffed up nose. Have already taken an allergy tablet. I just hate this. Kids downstairs texted me last night and asked whether I would turn on the fridge today because they arrive tonight. I'll check the hot water heater too. Hot water is always good to have upon arrival. I'm anxious to see whether the water stain up high on their wall bled through the paint job they did.

DD called to say they are taking DGS to Hawaii for his fall break. Seems that school just started and they have a break already. He struggles with his ADD so I know he will welcome the change. They will go diving while they are there and visit Pearl Harbor. When my ex and I went to Maui, we were too tired to stop at Pearl Harbor on the way home but I wish we had. On the plus side, we did get leid.

Rock, perhaps in her many trips to thrift stores, Sun could be on the lookout for a nice silk robe or smoking jacket in mint condition. If you've got style, you don't need money. Such things are called, vintage, and are in big demand. At our age, we are vintage too. :)

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good Friday morning...I woke early on my own (a little after 6:00) and am waiting for the coffee to get done...I set the timer for 7:00 so we have to override it when either of us gets up before then. Den is still asleep...at his age, he needs it, lol! His birthday brownies turned out so good...I'm going to make another pan to take to Amy's on Sunday. The plan for today was to both go to town...I was thinking I'd take him out to lunch for his birthday, but he needed lumber so went on his own yesterday. So, I'll just go over to my eye appt. later this morning, pick up a few groceries and head back.

Mikie, I agree about sharing recipes with others...this little gal is very young and shy and it was a big deal for her to share her recipe with me...not really a "family secret", just something she sort of invented on her own. I was very honored that she gave me a copy. I understand about the usual family secret recipes...yep, why not share them and let everyone else enjoy? Den was a wonderful mentor to the "younger generation" at work...would take time to stop and visit, even with some of the office employees, so I think that made a difference. I've saved the cards he got at his retirement party and some of the younger workers wrote such nice things in them. Den is a natural "teacher" and I wonder if he would have enjoyed that profession or would have gotten burned out...

I'm sorry you woke up feeling miserable. I think that's why I woke up early...sinus headache, bit of a sore throat, stuffed ears, etc. Season change has a lot to do with my symptoms...40 degrees right now, low of 31 tonight (freeze warning for tonight showed up on the weather screen)...many neighbors will be bringing plants inside and "putting their gardens to bed."

Sun, you too...pain is such a hard thing to deal with, day after day after day. Hope you get some relief, too.

Rock, when Den and I were stationed in Germany we were on a little side trip with some friends. Came to this beach and PEOPLE WERE NAKED!!!! What a shock to these young mid-westerners from the States, lolol!

I'd better get busy and at least work on my "to do list" (I mean rewriting my to do list, lol) and prioritize. I was apologizing to Den for not having the house "ready for company" and he started listing all the things I've been doing/working on. I'm so glad we've reached our "Golden Years" and he is so understanding. It hasn't always been that way, so there is hope for any younger folks who are visiting the porch. And he's been working so hard on the house...figuring out ways to do things by himself that would normally take two people (so I can keep working on my chores, projects, etc...) Den will ask me to "hold this or that" if he really needs...the Fed Ex guy caught me on top of the step ladder, holding my end of the rain gutter up yesterday, lol!~

Hi to everyone...hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think the porchies should all get matching silk robes/smoking jackets...anyone have a favorite color?


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping as I sit and rest. I showered and blew out my hair. I still have to style it and spray it. I went downstairs and turned on their fridge and hot water heater. I'm watching Court TV. They just had the trial of that guy who shot the big guy who pushed him down outside the convenience store because the shooter was harassing the girlfriend for parking in a handicap spot. There is no way this was a valid 'Stand Your Ground' case and the verdict was the correct one IMHO. The shooter has shown no remorse and was whining that he missed his dogs while he was in jail. I believe the guy who was shot and killed played a part in his own death by violently shoving the shooter to the ground in a blindside. Still, there was no way, at the moment he shot, that it was self-defense, based on the video. If either party had shown some common sense, it would never have happened. It's a tragedy. One man dead, one in jail and children with no father.

The case on now is the murder trial of a man allegedly involved in the killing of a doctor just south of me four years ago. Her husband will go on trial next. A third man turned state's witness and fingered the husband and this man. The informant grew up with the husband and was his best friend. The woman, a doctor, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. The husband has acted very arrogant, sneering at the press. The defendant on trial now acts as though he hasn't a care in the world, smiling and laughing with his attorney. He admitted his part in the murder to his girl friend and she has come forth. It's a death penalty case. It seems certain to me that all three are guilty and I doubt it will take long for the jury to return a verdict. I could still sit on the jury and weigh all the evidence even though it has been widely covered in the press. I could not, however, vote for the death penalty.

SV was out on the lanai but the noisy gardeners are working and it disgusts him when they interrupt his sleep. I also find the noise of the mower and blower annoying. I need to go fix lunch. Hope all y'all are having a good one.

Love, Mikie



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Morning, Kids

Gordon is off doing errands. I just came in from spending time with Kitty. I looked up Noel
Coward's famous neighbor in Jamacia. It was Ian Fleming, the guy what wrote the James Bond

Where did you get the pic of me, Mikie. Isn't that a great robe? I bought at the Noel Coward
estate sale. A bargain at $300. I agree with your analysis of the murder trial. You put
two aggresive idiots together with a gun, and the outlook is pretty bleak. I have never been on
a jury. Am now too old and feeble.

I used to be a social smoker. Two cigarettes at a party. But I would never smoke a pipe. Too
clumsy. would probably set something on fire: like a sofa or the host.

SV is right. The modern world is too noisy. Especially in big cities.

Julie, I went to Black's Beach a few times. It's near Sand Diego. A popular nude beech. I
thought it was cool. Wouldn't go now. You have to climb down some rickety stairs on a cliff
to get there. Or maybe it's changed in the last decades.

You and Den make a great team working together. My folks could never do that. Whenever my
Dad did something with a tool he never put it back. If he was outside he left tool outside to rust.
He was pretty much angry all the time, and when he was drinking he was worse.

Ah, Gordon is home. Ha det bra
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Just dropping in to say hi to e-one.
Electric power was off for a few days because of fire danger. Gas stations ran out of gas. Traffic lights stopped working. Electric company sued last year because of the damaging fires that were attributed to poor maintenance of PGE company, and for not clearing the lines of burnable materials. Most small businesses closed, workers lost wages, schools closed, and so on. Chaos! At least R&I have a transistor battery/wind-up radio, so we had something to listen to. Bleh!

I understand that fires are raging in SoCal because of the strong Santa Ana winds from the east.
We had no wind here, but power was cut off "in case".
Frosty morning, have to cover the tomatoes at night, but will pick most of them that are left soon. Maybe fried green tomatoes?

I am so worn out and tired today and am about ready to go to bed and read. Blurry vision, brain, etc., etc.

Just want to tell you all how much you mean to me. I've got to do some harvesting, then lunch, then read in bed and nap. CRAP! I don't get much of anything done it seems. I feel mad/sorry for myself.

I had a strange childhood, always moving every 3-4 yrs. to another airbase with my parents, and one country to another, Never kept any friends in touch, aqnd always lived in the country most of the time. But at least I had energy -- but then I was young and not ill...

Richard demands help.
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MIKIE - Me too ! I'll take the man and the robe !!!! :D I probably need to go back and check to see if I missed much on the last PORCH, esp towards the end.

Just got back from the dermatologist office with DH who had another growth, not b= very deep, removed. Besides that she has a good time spraying the N02 on a bunch more of hs moles. Some of them s= are so ugly and big. His dad had many of them too. They also exchange book titles of history that she also enjoys but have no idea of where she gets the time with her practice. After the visit we ran to the store for a couple of things on the way home. Then had lunch and finished off some wash I had in the drier. Seems like I a bouncing around but not sure how much is getting done around here, That murder trial you spoke about is unreal. How can anyone be so cruel and then joke about it. Very sick people I would say.

A cold front and and rain came through early this morning It was a pretty big drop in some areas and the North wind was blowing too. Cooler weather is good when there is sun out and not so windy. It will be in the 50's tonight I believe or over night. Not sure which. I guess it will be good for Halloween !!!!!! Not that that many come around here now esp since our hood has a carnival that probably most will go to. Also we have a long way to the door or at least it seems like it from the street in the dark. DH could care less about Halloween but I love to see the little ones especially all dressed up in their costume.

It will be a rather busy week leading up to my birthday next Friday, Meeting some of the kids at a restaurant close to town. Our son and DIL have a new rig we want to see which is at the KOA this weekend where they are having a Rally of sorts at the KOA closeby. Saw a picture of their rig, that they call Betty and it is gorgeous. Nicer than the one we had when we camped but thought ours was pretty next when we had it.

SUN - Sorry you are still in pain,. Hope you feel better soon. Go next thursday to the Rheumy and hope he can help me out with everything I am experiencing lately. Think I am just getting old and worn out - UGH !!! To much happening,

SPRING WATER - Hope you are doing well too and feel well enough to get out and do what you enjoy doing.

Next Friday we meet up at Papadeauxs with most of the kids and spouses for a great seafood dinner for my birthday. The Austin kids will be here too since they are going to a HS Reunion closeby.

JULIE - NIce to see you and ROCK too. Gotta get off and do some more stuff around here. DH also needs the computer too. How's your weather doing in Iowa??? Getting COLD yet?? I can't much more than 50 degrees but I guess I don't have to much choice. I don't deal with cold very well at all.

HI to BARRY too !!! I see he popped in just now!

Love to awl inc those not mentioned,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just got email from our mgr. with insurance packet for our property and liability insurance plus the D&O. Between these and our flood insurance, the total will go up $1,000 next year. Yikes! There is a waiver for terrorism insurance. That would be another $4,200 a year. Without it, acts of terrorism aren't covered. Good grief!

Rock, I thought that looked like you. There were all kinds of handsome robes where I looked. I was called to jury duty once in CO. I was excused because it was a suit over an accident. I had once sued and been sued over accidents so neither side wanted me. I have been permanently excused here ever since I had to quit working. Court TV isn't nearly as good as it was in the day. They skip around from one case to another. The jury asked a question in one case and it was nothing but atty. discussions with the judge over something that no lay person would understand. At the same time, there was live testimony going on in the doctor murder case. The hosts aren't nearly as good as the old ones who went on to have great careers. I went to Black's Beach years ago with my ex. It was great to feel the waves au natural.

Barry, so good to see you here. I was wondering whether you might be where they shut off the power. Our utility doesn't take care of trees growing around the power lines and then want to charge us when they take down the lines during the storms. All you members of our little family here on the Porch mean the world to me too. I have one of those little emergency radios. I can charge my phone with it which is nice. It has solar panels, an ion litium battery, AAA batteries and a crank. I usually charge up the computers before storms so I can use them to charge my phone too. Worst case, I can fire up the car and charge it in there. I'm sorry you feel so lousy. I do too. Doing very little. To have showered and done my hair is what Julie calls a little victory. I'll take what I can get. I'm guessing that all that moving around is what makes you the interesting person you are today.

Granni, so good to see you here too. How nice the kids got a new setup for camping. Sounds as though you will have a nice birthday bash next week. I hope so. I'm sorry DH had all those growths. I had about five of them frozen last time and it was really painful. Then, they turned into ugly scabs on my face until they healed. I hope the rheumy can help. Tell him about the skin problems because RA is autoimmune and that can cause all kinds of other things. The guy up for murder wasn't joking about the murder as far as I can tell. It was just his demeanor in the courtroom joking around. Good grief! Once testimony started, he seemed more sober. He could, and may, get the death penalty not to mention that a woman was brutally murdered. So many killers have no remorse and care for no one but themselves. We don't get many kids on Halloween but I still have to be ready. Then, there's candy lying around. Not good.

Gonna go empty the DW. I hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just woke up from a nap. Am just bursting with energy. Think I'll run outside and chop down
a tree or do some street repair. Or maybe not. I helped Gordon for about five minutes in the
garden today. That's about it for most days.

Here's a question for you. What number one country song is suggested by the Don't Let Your
Pants Sag sign. Hint: it was a number one country song for Lefty Frizell. The answer is Sag-a-
more, Michigan.

Barry, I trust you were able to assist Richard. Your partner is like Uncle Sam. When he calls you
must go. I hope he didn't want you to put on a uniform. Never heard of a wind up radio. Is
it like Dick Tracey's wrist watch radio? That was pretty cool in the '40s.

Mikie, I guess the law is pretty confusiatin' to most folks. I remember we had a policy holder
who was very upset about her accident. She was worried about the bad publicity. I explained
that this was a small claims court action and there wold be no publicity. I don't think she
believed me. Even if it were in Superior Court no newspaper is going to pay attention to
a minor auto accident unless it involves a celebrity.

Oh, Hi Granni. You weren't there when I started. Sorry to hear about DH's moles. I have one on
each leg, but nobody sees them unless I'm dancing with Ann Miller. Maybe you should get
another computer just for DH. One of those wind up ones.

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Mikie: That guy in the robe could be a double for my young neighbor next door. To me he kinda looks like an actor....darn can't remember his name, starred inThe King's Speech, and the Bridget Jones Diaries. Of course he's older now, been acting for at least 15 years or more. (Colin Firth?)

I got an email from my DS this evening.....made me freak out! This is what he wrote:

I never thought I'd actually say this.... but I may have heard a Sasquatch at Council Lake, WA. I went out there Wed. I was the only person around for miles and miles, it snowed the night before, everything was still covered, and it was around 30 degrees daytime and got down to 20 at night.

When it's 30 degrees and you capsize and then paddle back, your clothes freeze solid, by the way…. yes, I accidentally fell in, up to my chest, it was kind of hilarious. Actually the water felt warm compared to the air.

I finally get back to the campground to change, and right close by, in the campground area, I start to hear what sounded like a girl starting to let out a "whoooop!" as in, just general wa-hoo, we're camping... and I start to think, "oh, guess I have neighbors now.".... but then the "whooo" started to trail along a couple seconds, and then the pitch turned kind of throaty, powerful and long.... and I thought, “what the hell is that” and grabbed my gun. And then there was a two second pause, and then it repeated, the same cadence.... like a kind of "alert" sound......

Don't know what that could have been..... it was unlike anything I've heard. Not a bird.... was thinking maybe a cougar but listening to things online, I can't find anything even close to that sound……
I thought I would cut and paste what he wrote to me. First off, I keep telling him to wait to go camping until a friend can go along, but NO....my son likes to live on the edge. So I told him I thought it was time for him to get a BIG dog to be his companion. Well guess what.....he said he just got back from picking up 50' of free mesh fencing for his back yard....guess he's going to go to the local shelter and start looking. I think he must have been a mountain man in his "previous life"!!!!! And who goes camping when there's snow on the ground????? Now you can understand how I live with stress all the time.

Rock: Ask your DB in Oregon if he ever heard stories of Sasquatch? My DS found a short blurb about some people camping up at Council Lake in Washington and they heard this 'creature" screaming but nobody wanted to venture out of their camper to investigate. Council Lake is apparently about an hr. From Portland.

I took myself to my friday art group....just to be sociable and chat. Back/neck still hurts but I think the pain is slowly lessening and my blood pressure isn't so darn high as it had been.

Barry; The fire is north of Los Angeles, not close to either Rock or me. I did get an automated message this evening from United Health about the fire and if it's close then I should get any RX filled.

Granni: Good thing you're up on getting your DH to his doctor for checkups. I'm covered in moles.....but just haven't gotten any checked except a few years ago because of itching for over a year. The doctor laughed at me...said they were all over. My neighbor that moved kept having to get spots removed from her nose.....had at one point a big place then plastic surgery to fix it. But then she played tennis all the time. i wear sunblock 60 on my face, guess i should put it on all over though. My DD had a big place cut out of her back about 14 years ago.......then months later another doctor told her it wasn't cancer!
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Hi guys...Friday evening, and I just finished painting the town red...lol, actually, I just finished washing dishes ;):cool: Den's friend will be here sometime tomorrow and my house has a very "lived in" look. Well, I'll just get done whatever I can and call it good. The guys will be out a lot, scouting for deer, etc. so I'm not going to stress too much.

Sun, at first I was reading along, waiting for a punch line...but this actually happened with your son?! Oh my....I guess parents the world over worry about their kids, no matter how old they get. Glad he is okay...a dog will probably be a good companion.

Rock, loved the Sagamore question, lol!

Mikie, that's quite a hike for insurance. Seems we have to be covered for everything imaginable these days.

Granni, I'll wish you a Happy Birthday early, in case I don't get on here much.

Barry, I'm glad to hear from you...you mean a lot to us, too. These boards truly are my only ongoing, regular social life...

I had to have my left eye dilated again today...when the doctor realized I was still seeing flashes of light (I called them light sabres...he said in 22 years he's never had anyone describe them that way, lol!) Anyway, still no sign of retina tear and it actually looks like things in there are improving...I still have a huge floater (reminds me of a whale floating across my vision) but he said it looks more "distant". No need for another followup unless I have more problems.

Ran a few errands, but will save the big grocery shopping for Monday...that is, if Lindsey still has her oral surgery. She found out she has to come up with $1,000 (what her insurance won't cover) before they will even do the surgery. Why the office waited until yesterday to let her know that, is beyond me. I know the kids don't have that kind of money lying around, so not sure what's going to happen.

Anyway, I'm going to proceed as though I'm still going down...prepping food, etc., etc. To be quite truthful, I feel pretty overwhelmed, tired, brain fogged, and would like to just stay in bed and cry...but my baby girl needs me and I will do the best that I can. I may seem like Super Grandma/Mom/Wife...but that would be quite far from the truth. I think my feeling "less than enough" right now probably stems from being sick (from the allergies, etc.) But when I see other ladies (from church, in the stores, etc., etc.) just running around with seemingly boundless energy, I get jealous. But then I also see ladies who look like every step is so painful and they're having trouble breathing, and, and...then I feel bad for them.

It just doesn't help anything, or even make sense to compare ourselves with anyone else...those other ladies don't know my situation and I don't know theirs...all I can do is just smile, offer to let them go in line in front of me, compliment them on "whatever", just in general "be nice." And go to bed, get some sleep, and hope tomorrow is better.

So, that's what I'll do ...and say Hi to Star and anyone else I've forgotten. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Woke with a headache again. News showed that the RT is all along the coast in varying strengths. Well, it takes very little to rile up my sensitivity to it. I just have to take allergy meds, drink strong coffee and take acetaminophen. Will pick up some chocolate at the store for medicinal purposes, of course. My breathing is labored; I hate that.

Rock, seemed to me that the judge was as confused as anyone about the legal question under discussion. Most of these trials are like making movies. There are a few minutes of interesting things going on and the rest of the time, it's boring. People think it's like the TV shows with witty banter but so many of the attys. stumble through their questions. Yes, only the most interesting trials make it to TV or newspapers. One common thread that I've noticed with the men who kill, or have others kill, their wives/girlfriends is that they all think they are gonna get away with it. The crank radios will work even when there is no other power available. Cranking them provides enough electricity to listen for a while. With solar panels, an ion battery and little replaceable batteries, I don't think I'll have to resort to cranking. Dick Tracy's watch fascinated me when I was a kid. My Mom said she thought that someday, we would all have watches like that. I remember her saying that when I use mine, especially when I answer a call with it. I can also speak into it to send a text in response to one someone has sent me.

Sun, that's pretty scary about your son's camping experience. I think it is extremely dangerous to do anything out in the wild by oneself but we can't make our adult kids do the smart thing. All we can do is pray for protection for them. I do that every day. My DD is now in a position to worry about DGS. It's not him so much as what some of the kids he hangs out with might do. Some of them are starting to drive. The guy in the robe reminds me of DGS in his pic that DD sent to me. She sent his school pics a while back and is sending his soccer pics. He's struggling in school with his ADD. I told her to think athletic scholarship. Glad you DS got home safe and sound from his adventure. I have a lot of age spots all over but, because both DD's have had melanomas removed, I go in yearly to get it all checked out. I also have some surface skin cancer that gets frozen off. Almost all of us old folks down here have that.

Julie, there have been a lot of destructive storms the last few years so a hike in insurance premiums was not unexpected. We have to have flood insurance for our building and that's about 40 percent of our cost. We also have to have D&O insurance so that, if our board makes an error, residents can't sue us personally without insurance to cover us. Otherwise, no one would serve. Yes, it's hard not to compare ourselves with others who have NRG to do what we would love to be able to do. I have to remind myself that each of us is here for a different purpose and, while we may not get what we want, we get what we need to fulfill that purpose. In my old age, I have learned to go with the flow because it's just too exhausting to fight against it. My condo always looked 'lived in' these days but I just do the best I can. When I feel lousy and keep hurting myself or getting angry, I know it's time to stop and just accept it. That's not easy for those of us who were always doers. I'm thinking that accepting may be the lesson I'm here to learn. Our purpose and lessons aren't always that clear. Keeping the faith is what sustains us through it all. Easier said than done. I just sent up a prayer for Lindsey and hope all goes well and that they can pay the co-pay.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I look forward to tomorrow when I get a nice big newspaper I can hold in my hands. Don't want that every day but it's nice once a week. Hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: Home again, home again...had a good trip to Publix. Lots of stuff on sale but didn't spend much. I was on my last tub of butter and they had the little 8 oz. ones three for five bucks. Got bread on BOGO too. Most importantly, I got a new container of hair gel. It's really cheap for a huge bottle. My DSIL uses the same kind. This was one of those days without pain while walking into the store through the parking lot. All the rest may be paying off.

On the way out, I ran into one of my dearest and oldest friends here. She was Mom's friend too. She's the one with polymyalgia rheumatica. She is 90 and says I'm like one of her kids. She is only 15 years older than I and she was shocked to learn I'm 75. At that age, I'm sure everyone looks younger to her. They are all starting to look young to me too. We always tell each other we love one another. I am seeing good friends doing more and more of that. It's always like a shot of love and NRG when we see each other for both of us. We talked about that too. DOF and I always tell one another that we love each other.

Finally, I ran into the kids downstairs. They want to go out for lunch this week. They will be here all week and are so excited to be here. MA has had some bad weather this year and more is on the way. Glad I'm feeling a bit better and I just hope it lasts.
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Hi Kids

As usual I don't know what day it is. Is it Friday? Happy Birthday, Granni.

Gotta go feed Kitty. Will be back shortly.

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Hi, Kids,

I spake too soon. I knew it was too good to last. I hit the wall. Oh well, half a day with some NRG and no pain is better than nothing. RT wasn't bothering me too much but the wind must have shifted to onshore and I'm choking. Gonna read and hope to nap. I'm so tired that I can't stop yawning and my eyes are watering nonstop. I had wanted to go to BB&B to look for a loofa sponge back scrubber. That's the only way I can get the old dead skin cells exfoliated on my back. After I bathe, I take the wet wash cloth and put some of my Vanna's Cream on it and use one hand over my shoulder and the other low on my back and pull it up and down. It's also excellent physical therapy for the shoulders.

Forgot to mention the ibis at Publix were standing on cars in the parking lot. There's a big flock of them that live around the retention pond in the parking lot. I took some pics but still haven't figured out how to get them from the iPhone to the android computer. I see an iPad in my future. Where's Duckie when we need her? I wish she hadn't had to leave and always hope she can come back. I worry that her life has gotten complicated. Maybe I'll drop her a PM. That should send an email to her and perhaps she will check in.

Rock, what a beautiful cake. Very politically correct too. I love it. My neighbor makes a 17 layer cake. I've never seen it but can't imagine how she does it. I have Granni's birthday this coming Friday but I could have marked the wrong week on my calendar. I have a hard time keeping track let alone what day it is. Thank God for the phone and watch which tell me. Have you dived in to any of the new books yet?

OK, gonna get going. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby,


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All Righty, Kitty is fed, Gordon is off running errands, and I just finished watching part of a
Peter Sellers film: A Shot In The Dark. Too bad he didn't live longer and make more zany
comedies. And why didn't Steve Martin make some more.? My mother used to get very annoyed
when a product she liked was "improved" or cancelled altogether.

Mikie, I am overwhelmed by new books. We have books from two libraries checked out, and all
the free ones. Very simple things now are too complex for my rapidly shrinking brain. I can't
imagine a 17 layer cake. Who is it who makes the multiple layered Jello. Julie? Also amazing.

I never heard of ibis standing on cars. That must call for good motor skills. I'm gonna look on
the net for a pic. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Hope it continues. Yes, would be
nice if Duckie would drop in now and then.

Julie, glad you liked the little Sagamore gag. If you turn it around you could have a gas gag.

Ah! Gordon is back. Have to go help put stuff away, etc.

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Hi, Rock,

Decided to push myself a bit and emptied the DW and loaded it again. Also cleaned out Roomb's filter so she can vacuum the bedroom. I got the rest of my groceries put away. Tiny victories but victories nonetheless. I did a PM to Duckie. Even if she can't come back, I hope she can give us an update. I told her we all send our love.

I think the 17 layer cake has icing between layers. This woman is Italian and her family had a restaurant. Nobody makes desserts like the Italians. I had rum cake in Little Italy in NYC and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Lots of emailing going on between me, Claudia, Joe and Sam who is also on the big board. We are asking our mgr. to have another broker get bids for us. Joe already signed the paperwork for the proposed insurance but, if we find something cheaper, he can cancel it.

Geez, with all those books, there is bound to be a good one or twenty.

Love, Mikie

Who knew the ibis comes in a scarlet variety? The white ones are beautiful too.

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Barry: I've read up a little on the Sasquatch and apparently they have been spotted at times in Northern calif too, but mostly up around state of Washington. I'm surprised no one has commented on this post. Is this like seeing the Loch Ness monster? Wonder what they are.......a missing link that has continued? I totally believe my son, about the noise he heard.

I vacuumed the kitchen and washed the floor then I took a short walk this morning to gather some pods from a local tree. Want to do a botanical painting of them. Stopped at a little yard sale and chatted with a neighbor for the first time. For the most part I live in a very nice neighborhood, a few bad apples but we just ignore them. Then I went to a shredding event and dropped off a bundle of old bills,etc. picked up a coffee and the BEST scone ever from a local bakery, hit Lowes, then Armstrongs. So at this point I'm really tired. When you live alone and no one to do for you, you have to ignore how you're feeling and keep moving.


Hi, Kids,

I'm having a hard time breathing. Nothing to make me head to the ER but it is indicative of RT in the area. I watched a Matthew McConaughey movie, The Lincoln Lawyer. It's pretty good. Has some twists and turns. He rode in an old Lincoln Town Car in the movie but don't think that's how he got the Lincoln commercials. I like books and movies I can get caught up in and forget my woes. I have done a few things around the condo and Roomba has vacuumed for me. SV has been a bit ornery today. Don't know what's gotten into him.

I had some tiny sugar ants in the kitchen and got rid of them with a Terro ant trap. Then, they were around my vanity in my bath. I put a trap behind the trash can. It took a couple of days but I think they are gone. The pest service seems to keep most other insects at bay but the ants manage to get through. Today, I found a dead Palmetto bug on it's back on the stairs.

Sun, I don't know what to say about Susquatch. I've never studied up on them or read or seen much about them. I do believe there are a lot of things we can't explain but for which there seems to be evidence. Nessie, UFO's and crop circles come to mind. Some of these things can be explained but not all of them. There have been some people, like your son, who are credible and they have seen what they believe is Susquatch. I have a lot to be shredded but haven't gotten it all together. BTW, I've been thinking about doing some ink and pen drawings. Do you know what kind of pens and paper are used? Claudia took a one day class but I'm not sure they used the right thing. She is quite artistic. So was her Mom. Is anyone else in your family artistic and creative like you? Did you mention your DGD likes to do art?

Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans has collapsed; it's on the news. One person was killed. Don't know whether everyone has been accounted for or not. Looks as though the big wild fire in CA is still going strong. I pray for everyone in harm's way. Also pray for all our Porchies. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening. Sleep well.

Love, Mikie
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