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40 posts and time to open a new one, i thought.

i found the above picture and it made my heart swell. What beauty.
Fall,as they depict it in pictures, in the northern hemispheres like in East Coast in America is my favourite time of year. Dry leaves crunching under foot.

Bowlfuls of hot soups full of beans, peas, veggies in a potpourri, steamings mugs of tea. i drink tea all year round but nothing beats drinking it when the weather has a nip init but not so much that your tea gets cold in 50 seconds.

Being able to go out stylishly dressed and not covered in thick overcoats, and not perspiring either.

Even the animals outside, the strays get respite from rain, or heat or biting cold. Nature is good to them for once.

Sun - There are too many reports of sightings or hearing sasquatch for it to not have some grounds for believing they exist.

In Tibet, it is taken as a matter of fact, they exist. My mum used to tell me how when she was a little girl her elders in Tibet used to tell of how some people got taken by sasquatch and held captive.

Your DS is one adventuresome guy i must say. Marches to the beat of his own drum. Ive always kind of admired such. i know its not an easy thing for parents of kids like that.

I should know. My own DS is one of them. heh heh heh. They dont fit into the accepted norms of how people normally are.

Rock - i was wondering about you and Sun when i saw the news. Turns out Barry is more affected. I remember Madonna in Dick Tracey. Warren Beatty, Shirley Maclaine s kid brother played Dick Tracey.

She had blonde hair and the moll look down to the tee. A blowsy busty blonde. heh heh. i just saw snippets of the movie. i never seem to have enough time to see a whole movie at a stretch. and dont make the effort unless its something i really want to see.

There were plenty of blowsy busty blondes in the James Hadley Chase paperbacks which rained down on us like confetti in high school. Being passed along groups of kids. Mousy girls like us must have rather envied those girls, so glamorous, in their satin and 6 inch stilletoes.

i remember our Geography teacher gave us all in the 15, 16 year olds in 10th grade a talk on avoiding reading that author. He said the books did nothing for our intellect, were full of violence and sex. i wnder what he thinks of the internet content now. Must be dying a small death each time, or maybe stoically accepted the changes. i saw a picture of him on facebook. i think he is still around.

Barry - must have been unsettling for a young boy moving around like that. It can be unnerving to have to walk into a strange classroom every few years. Where where did you relocate to? Was there a favourite place among them?

i pray you all are safe. and not too inconvenienced. How horrible for all those affected. Will it all never end?

Granni - how nice your DGKs are going to a reunion. My old school is always having OGBs reunions. every year. and some old girls and boys travel from all parts of the globe to attend the school birthday any time they can.

they were Anglo Indians from Calcutta, Assam states among others who got repatriated later to UK and Australia and then moved on to America. I think school represented a time of peace, belongingness, friendships forged living so closely together in cottages of 30 members each, with your own chore delegated to you on a roster. Life is probably stressful now as modern times are.

They try to recapture the carefree days with people they knew. of course, lots of Old girls n boys have passed on. the school was opened in 1900. But i have seniors from Bhutan, different parts of India and Nepal who try and make it a point to travel back to celebrate the schools birthdays in September. its easy to make plans and coordinate with facebook at your fingertips.

After reading your posts, i always make up my mindto eat Mexican the nexttime i go out. But they dont have a bonafide Mexican food eatery yet. some restaurants serve a few main mexican dishes on their menu. i thought of your bean soup whenposting the fall picture. mmmm..slurp.

Mikie - i wish that darned red tide would vanish once and for all. I wish your body would be ableto fight off all those symptoms. Its sweet of Joe and you and the gang to vocalize what you mean to each other.

its always amusing to see nether regions flesh exposed when a handyman bends down. always causes merriment. But a hairy backside. heh heh heh. Maybe some people dig that. I am not a fan of hairy. Dirty Hairy. hahahaha. Get it? ? Get it? is what my DD would ask after a joke like that. i remember how an audience member howled when a buffoon character in a movie belligerently and deliberately in pigeon english grated out the dialogue, “when in Rome, do the Romans.” Pausing after ‘when in Rome and emphasizing ‘do the Romans’.Character was a noveau riche uneducated Indian recently settled in Australia. it explained the booboo.


ive been out and around. Meeting up with friends. Ran into a sort of friend i knew when i was working. she lived in the vicinity of my house so she messaged to meet and we did. Lots of news. Lots of catching up. Lots happened, good bad ugly to her as it has to me. She asked if we could meet up with my Chinese friend, who also was in our group. my chinese friend and i worked in the same office at the hotel. This friend worked at a project just next door to the hotel.

She was heartbreakingly beautiful and such a good person. Still is. One of those rare people with beauty, brains and a pure kind heart.

on the homefront, i managed to make time to make mushroom dumplings after a long time. because festival normally gets prolonged 5he others are eating out at friends places. i always welcome that break.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids

Spring, thanks for opening up a new Porch. Love the pic. It looks like so many rural places here in the fall. Your life and friends sound so interesting. I feel for kids who don't get praise and support. I think they spend their lives questioning their worth. So good of DD to help him. Do they call Sasquach, Yeti, in your part of the world? That's a common word that crops up in crossword puzzles. As humans evolved from apes, there were a lot of different kinds of human like creatures. Think I've mentioned that something like six percent of humans have neanderthal DNA mixed in. A study has shown that they don't differ in mental acuity from their all human counterparts. There were also very tiny humans who did not suffer from dwarism. Their bodies were perfectly formed but very small. Interesting stuff.

I'm laughing about the teacher's warning kids about the books filled with sex and violence. That would just make them want to read them all the more. Also laughing about doing the Romans. Sooo funny. The closest Joe comes to letting me know how he feels is to tell me that he would do anything for me. To him, that means more that saying he loves me. I know he does. Claudia, Nancy and I tell each other that every night when we play FJ before we sign off. With all the violence and anger in the world, it feels good to spread the love. Just before Irma hit, it was a Category 5 at the time, my kids and I left no words of love unspoken. We never do anyway. My ex's DF went to his death from a stroke and didn't get to say it to him. He should have said it many times all through my ex's life because, after the stroke, he couldn't talk. He thrashed in his bed when my ex went in to see him. Glad your kids have the family business to fall back on. So many today here are living paycheck to paycheck with no funds in case of emergencies. In the meantime, the rich keep getting richer. Next year, I will be getting richer with my 1.6 percent raise in my SS.

Gonna go delve into the big thick Sunday newspaper. I hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mikie


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Lovely Picture, Spring of autumn.... Reminds of places I live and have lived.
I LOVED your nice long newsy post. You put colour in my life, my dear.

Spring & Sun: re: sasquatch. Sun, do a search for sounds of rutting stags. It is now the season of rut. The sounds they make can be pretty strange. Fun to listen to, though....

Another frosty morning, so am going to pick all the remaining tomatoes today. Late harvest. At least my med. mj has been taken in for drying; I only grew 5 plants, quite enough for me (and you!), so glad that that's done and over with. Such a weed.

Julie, "light sabres"---- I have them too, if they are the same as yours. After a sneeze or big cough, sometime streaks of lightning flash from the sides of my eye towards the centre. Very strange, and quickly over. I also have the shadow floaters, the tiny black dot floater, and the tiny bubbles floaters. My next docs. trip is with mt opthalmologist, 65 miles away.... Oh well, so it is. I've worn glasses since I was seven.

Home decor. Been a lot of talk about that lately ladies. I describe mine as "shabby chic"... and get by that way....LOL!

Mikie, I loved the pic of the scarlet ibis. Had to google it to see if it was real....and it is! So lovely. Thank you! One of my favourite colours, by the way. So you are thinking about picture drawing, eh? You will need a sharpy for sure, or is it shar-pei? Whatever. The Chosen One will know.... ha ha ha! ( Please don't ban me, I can't control myself, even though I am a Leo.)

Rock, are you inundated with books too? Seems so. #Metoo! I am still reading Peter Tremayne's 7th century "Lady Fidelma" series. What a scholar, what a lot of books in the series, so much history--- Celtic and early Breton, Saxon, Frankish, etc,.etc., I lot of early Christianity in these books. Very interesting. And I like all the sayings in Latin (and translated); reminds me of the good old school days...

Spring, I was shuttled back and forth from the USA to England every three yrs, more or less. And always to a different place. Mostly in the country --- big houses cheap everywhere after the War. We favoured the country; my biggest friend was Nature. We had a good time together. When in my first two years of high school, I was boarded, it was adjacent to Bushy Park, right across from Hampton Court Palace. I wandered around there quite a bit.

Ah, I am getting more tired than I was when I woke up, so gonna call it quits for now. Unless anyone wants to talk politics..... there sure is a lot to talk about. LMAO!

Love and Peace to All,
And God Bless the Kurds.


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'ello, 'ello, 'ello! Great pic, Springwater. Could have come from Minnesota or lots of other states
in the Midwest or New England. Glad to see you had the time and energy to write a long post.
Sun and Spring; not going to write my brother about the sasquatch. He hasn't answered any of my
e mails for months. And he certainly never told me anything that would indicate they really exist.
I think they belong to the world of Jurassic Park, King Kong and the Loch Ness Monster.

Shirley MacLaine was in several movies. The best one, I think, was Steel Magnolias. She was a
sensational dancer. She and Gene Kelly dance together on Youtube.

Mikie, I forgot all about our big increase in SS that's coming. Gordon told me how much it would
be, but I don't remember. Enough for a taco at Taco Bell, I guess. They have good tacos. But
the most incompetent employees of any fast food stand I've ever been to.

Yes, people should say nice things to people, especially their loved ones. When I go to bed
I always say to Gordon, "Move over, you big lug." And he always says, "Who is it".

Barry, I read a book years ago about people hiking the Appalachian Trial. They brought a tent.
Were terrified the first night by noises that sounded like lions. Not roaring, but sort of a
"Huh, huh" sound. The next day a ranger told them the sound was made by deer.

Gordon's been reading books by E. J. Copperman lately. Cozy mysteries. I picked up one
yesterday. Turns out I had read it. Gordon said that's how he got started reading them. He
picked up one I had read. After that we went out and hunted for a sasquatch. After all, many
things are found just by chance.

Hugs all you nice people.


Hi, Kids,

Watched a movie on Amazon Prime in which Emma Thompson is a nighttime TV show host who is losing her show. It is the same formula that is used in so many comedy shows. Very predictable and not that funny but who can resist Emma Thompson. Sadly, it's not the worst show I've ever seen. Felt really sick earlier from the RT and stomach issues that are better left undescribed. I eventually took a hot soak and felt better. SV has been snoozing all day. He played in his water and got it all over the kitchen floor.

Barry, not a fan of Sharpies but am a fan of Shar-peis. DD had one whom she rescued; he was the love of her life. I'm glad you are having so much fun amusing yourself. Is that the MJ or are you having a good day, or both? Glad you have enough for all of us; I'll catch the first flight. Is it possible to grow the pot in a pot? I think FL will be legalizing it for recreational use and I'd like to grow my own if possible. Yes the scarlet ibis is gorgeous. I wish we had them here. Sad that 2/3 of the bird species are expected to go extinct. I'm gonna enjoy them while I can.

Rock, the book I'm reading is one of those action packed stories of ex military good guys who go after the bad ones. Spring's picture could easily be CO too. I'm laughing at you and Gordon. Sounds as though you two have a very good time with one another. I loved Steel Magnolias. Took my Mom to see it and she loved it too. My friend, Barb, heard those noises outside her tent and it turned out to be the randy lions making love all night long. She got no sleep. Sounds as though your windfall will become Taco Bell's windfall.

The COLA increase can't possibly keep up with the rising cost of living so guess I'll just use it to try to pay bills. I am grateful for it in any case. Every little bit helps. Hope y'all have a lovely evening and close to the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: What a gorgeous picture. I've saved it for inspiration. Sounds like you're very busy, as usual.

Rock and Mikie and Barry; My DS is highly skeptical of a Sasquatch. Even got into a heated discussion with a friend a few months ago who was camping with him saying after a million "sighting" etc. you would think one Sasquatch would be spotted. So he's been going over animal sounds on youtube, trying to pinpoint what he might have heard. He sent me a link to a very mournful sounding loon, a little different than what I've heard. He said it's the closest to what he heard so he's claiming that.

Mikie: About the pens and paper, go to Hobby Lobby and buy a tablet of drawing paper, look for a heavier weight. And about the pens, try them all. Personally I like ones that aren't permanent ink because I can touch a watercolor brush to it and it will bleed, making wonderful shadowing. And if they sell them, buy a water pen. It has a cartridge that holds water with a brush on the end. Great thing to have instead of dipping a brush into water each time.

I used to take a class from a well known professional artist who every week he would show us his sketch notebooks, all done in various thickness of sharpe pens. There is never a right or wrong pen or ink to use, you just have to find what fits you. I haven't done that much pen and ink work, but when I was up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last summer I HAD to do something to escape FOX NEWS, so I went outside and drew first bushes, then rocks, then the house behind them. I got so lost and my drawing just kept going on and on and on. Very relaxing.

I've taken my tablet and pens to a local coffee place and sat outside, just enjoying drawing. I think that would be great for you and Claudia to do. I know about cross hatching, I don't care to do it though, that's why the right pen and water pen comes in handy. And when you buy them, sit in your LR, drawing everything.....the chairs, the tables, SV, the TV, whatever. Do interior drawings and then you will feel comfortable and you can draw outside.

My DS was over today with my youngest DGds......my youngest turns 3 in another week, can't believe she's going to be 3. We went to the local park for them to play on the slides, etc. then mac n cheese at home plus some other things. I specifically bought some ice cream and cones for them but they decided they would each rather have a lollipop. I've got a really neat, old ice bucket that the lid lifts when you pull on a handle. The last time here they found a stash of hard candy but it was too big for them to suck on so I said i would get something else. So wouldn't you know it, that was the first thing they looked at when they came in. Memory of kids!

I'm hoping my gardener shows up tomorrow since I've got a few jobs for him to do. My neighbors next door don't know about "pulling weeds" between us....grrrrrrrr. So I'm having him dig up some old iceberg roses which just don't look good except the first bloom in the spring. I bought some orange flowering chartreuse leafed bushes to substitute. These bushes are supposed to get up around 3-5' high.....planning on the future to shield their mess.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Got quite a bit of sleep but did wake and read on the Kindle for about half an hour early on. Then I went back to sleep and dreampt. SV finally bugged me to get up so I did. Have already had to take an allergy pill. I'm choking and coughing. No wonder I'm so tired. I fell asleep when Poldark was on so will have to watch it on my computer. I always watch Madam Secretary on demand.

Just walked the bag full of SV's litter box clumps down to the dumpster and picked up my mail. I can feel it on my lungs so would say the RT is alive and well along our beaches. Got the lab results from my doc. Everything is great except for some crystals in my urine and slightly elevated WBC. I may have a slight bladder infection. The crystals are likely ones I'm passing that would otherwise form into stones. Cholesterol levels are good and my fasting blood sugar was 97. All pretty good news.

Sun, thanks for all the info on the pens and paper. What appealed to me was two drawings Claudia did at a workshop. They were abstract with lots of very straight lines and patterns. The teacher wouldn't allow them to use a straight edge. It's remarkable how straight Claudia's lines were. They had a kind of Escher quality to them. Ilona's husband, Frank, did pen and ink artwork. I have one on my wall of this end of our building with my condo. He has done every major league ballpark. He is quite talented. He did a mural with dolphins on the front of our little pool house. I used to sketch with pencil when I was a yute. Not sure I can still draw actual things or people now. My hands aren't as steady.

Great idea to plan ahead and plant things that shield the neighbor's neglected yard. One reason I like restricted communities is that no one can get away with that. Of course, with lazy gardeners like ours, the weeds don't get pulled either. Still, the bushes are trimmed and the grass is cut. Yes, kids have amazing memories. That's so funny.

Well, gonna get going. Hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the day. BTW, I've seen that Granni has been here so hope she is able to keep up with reading. Hope all is well with her. I haven't heard back from Duckie.

Love, Mikie
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Good Monday morning, everyone! Only 33 degrees at almost 7:00 am...not sure how cold it actually got overnight. This is the start of my organized chaos, so just checking in. Den's friend didn't make it here over the weekend...something to do with his elderly mom who lives with them...but just thinking that "company was coming" was enough inspiration for me to get a lot of housework done (Den even pitched in, lol!) so I feel good that he and Oreo won't get kidnapped by the dust bunnies, haha!

I'm making an emergency trip to the local chiro this morning...my low back is starting to feel like it did on Father's Day when I could barely walk. I did feel and hear a "clunk" the other night, but had just simply rolled over in bed...not like I was lifting anything, etc. But it feels like something is "stuck"...and there's a very dull ache.

We did make it to Amy's yesterday for Keira's and Den's birthday party...got to catch up with a lot of Clinton's family (kids and grandkids), and Keira's other grandma (Nana) brought a couple of Keira's cousins, so it was a very nice time for everyone. Keira had birthday money, so she asked me to take the girls to Claire's (jewelry, etc)...Grandma Uber, lol!...but it was so much fun to hear the chatter in the back seats while we were driving to the mall. :)

I'm sorry I can't stay on here long...need to finish my grocery list and get "town ready." Hope everyone is doing as well as possible and have a great week.


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Julie: Sorry for your messed up back. I hope your chiro can get it fixed.

Mikie: Take a look at this Escher drawing! What a master he was. By the way, there's no way I can draw a straight line anymore....essential tremors all the time. That's why I had to give up wearing pierced earrings and eye liner. I would think a variety of sharpie pens would be great if you want to do geometric. And tell Claudia to do a search for Brenda Swenson, artist. She has quite a lot of short videos on youtube. She lives in Pasadena area, gives workshops all around Europe in the US. She basically draws continually then uses WC. I'm sure you will both enjoy looking at some of her videos. I met her years ago at a plein aire group. She also has some small books published that you can purchase at Michaels Crafts.



Hi, Kids,

Just got back from lunch with the kids downstairs. We went downtown for pizza. It was NY style and delicious. We sat and talked a while. We had fun, a good time. I'm glad to be back home. We were gone almost three hours. It's 90 outside but not too uncomfortable because the humidity is lower today and there is a breeze. I'm having a difficult time typing. My fingers are hitting two keys instead of one. I likes me my BOGO's but not on the keyboard.

Julie, glad you made it to Amy's and got to catch up with everyone. I'm sorry your back is hurting and hope the chiro can help. The silver lining of the guest who didn't show is that the house is all clean. That's the only time my condo is really clean. It's clean enough for me and probably clean enough for company but not like I like it when company comes. Feel better.

Sun, the link took me to the Google page for looking up Escher so am not quite sure which drawing you wanted me to see. I have looked at his drawings a lot and love them. I used to have the one of him looking into a gazing ball. I think that's my favorite. Thanks for all the info on Brenda Swanson. I'll check it out. If I could have done anything in college, I'd have gotten a degree in fine art. I needed to be able to use my degree to earn a living and I know how hard it is to earn a living as an artist and auxilliary jobs in art are few and far between. Then, there's the lack of talent thing. Oh well, I can dabble and amuse myself. I have difficulty with mascara now. I tend to poke myself in the eye. Ain't getting old fun?

A new study shows that having a dog reduces the death rate. Seth Myers said that dog owners live longer. Cat owners live as long as the cat wants them to. I decided to get rid of browsing history and cookies and had to re-sign into PH. I was hoping to stop all the pop-up ads every time I went to websites. They will likely just come back.

Have a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: Does Seth Myers think the cat decides how long we should be around? Tee Hee.......I'm going to live forever per Clair as long as she lives. I ask her sometimes if she's going to go before me?

The artist I know who is painting the commission work, called me today.....either wed. Or thursday he will be delivering it.....I'm excited. He asked if I wanted him to email a pic before I saw it, and I said NO, surprise me cause I know l will like it. This is my happy 75th birthday gift to me. I've never done that before, so figured I deserved it.

It was Escher's drawing of his hands that are drawing. Hands are very hard to do, and I thought it was wonderful. I saw one that almost made me dizzy looking at it.....an interior of a building showing different floors or levels. Too much for me to look at.


Hi, Sun,

Yeah, he showed an evil looking cat. SV could outlive me. If he does, the kids want him. Be sure to post a pic of your painting. How exciting! I'm familiar with both of those Escher drawings. I have sketched hands. I find them fascinating. Yes, you deserve a nice birthday gift. When is your birthday? Do I have it on my calendar? Can't remember. Can't remember much of anything. For me, every day truly is a new day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi friends,

Sun and Mikie, it's so much fun to follow along and read as you two discuss art. Sun, I can "hear" the excitement in your voice, lol! Mikie, glad you got to go out with the kids...

Glad I went to the chiro...he "clunked" my low back again and got me back in good shape. It still hurts, but I think it will be okay, now that things are where they belong. He said I must have already had something out of place for it to get worse just by rolling over in bed. I figure it was just the devil working overtime, right when I'm trying to get so much done.

No other exciting news...gotta get busy. Take care, everyone!


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Got up with horrible allergies again. I hate this. More dead fish washing up on the beach just down the coast from us. Joe was fit to be tied last evening. He was trying to adjust the light in the fountain in our little pond. Evidently, the timer is very touchy and the light didn't come on when he wanted it to. Good grief! Claudia has to see the orthodontist this morning so she won't be at the pool. I'm not going over to aggravate my allergies. She is getting her bottom teeth straightened with one of those clear mouth guard type things. It's been painful for her.

My ex called yesterday and said he would go to Best Buy to pick up our DD's watch. I texted him the specs for the one to get. I just hope he gets the right one. That will be better than my having to ship it or buying it online and having it delivered. He's actually excited about it.

Julie, glad the chiro was able to help you. Back pain can be so miserable. If I don't wear my back brace when I work around here, mine hurts. Don't work too hard.

Granni, I see you here sometimes. Stop in long enough to let us know you are okay.

Love, Mikie

Just stopping back in. Glad I did. There were two new spam posts, one for hair transplants. Good grief. I just fixed another slat in my vertical blinds on the sliders. The UV from the sun eventually weakens the vinyl and they just break at the top where they are held in place. Thank goodness, I can get some little pieces from Amazon to fix them. Easy peasy. I'd get new ones there is no need with the fix. Also I like these and they don't make them anymore in this pattern.

Been drinking a lot of water and cranberry/cherry juice. Feel as though a bladder infection is trying to start up. May have to break down and call the doc. I lay down and slept for about an hour and that helped. Now, I'm up and doing a bit of work. Am going to have to wear my back brace; it's one of those days.
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Dear Ones,

Just popping in for a bit again. I am expecting a phone call but who knows if I will get it or not. Trying to read everydobby's posts. Not sure how much I am remembering, however.

MIKIE - I guess I am doing OK. Go to the new Rheumy on Thursday morning. Who know what he will say, more test most likely. Don't feel so great but what else is new. It will be a busy week and Friday some of the kiddos will be up to celebrate my birthday with a wonderful dinner, That should be fun anyway.. BTW, I think I know the answer but wanted to ask you anyway - Was thinking about getting a smart watch but does the hook up and all the things it , does it count in your data and price? If so, much more??

Saturday DH and I and most of the siblings living close by went to a local restaurant for lunch and then to the RV part where DS and DDIL have their travel trailer for a rally. It was interesting to see all the rigs and his in particular. It is so nice and a lot nicer of course than the ones we had, esp the last one which was very nice . They make them so much lighter and everything is laid our so much better with better use of space. DS's even has an island in it in the kitchen making more prep space. She loves to cook .

JULIE - Hope your back feels better after the chiro visit. Yes, there is nothing like company to get you going to do things that have been on the list for some time :)!! Hang in there kiddo !!

SPRING - Thanks for the new Porch and beautiful picture. Glad you have been able to get out and about some and enjoying friends and family.

SUN - Yes, please do post a picture of the painting you are doing that MIKIE mentioned. How nice to be so talented.


Need to go check the wash for DD. Her drier is not working and should get the new part next monday, at least that is what he said. If it is not one thing it is something else..



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Morning, Friends

Gordon just left to do various errands. I was out earlier and took care of the cat. She had snarls
in her fur again. Hasn't had any for years. I don't know why they come and go. Yesterday we
got rid of the tomato vines. They still had some beautiful tomatoes on them, but they were only
good for their visual appeal. The taste is off. We can be sure they'll be back next year. Can't be
sure about us though.

Just heard footsteps. Turned out to be Gordon. He hasn't left after all. Now I feel like a reporter
who got the story wrong. NO, it really wasn't a house fire. Just a buncha birthday candles.

Granni, hope the new rheumy does wonderful things for you. I've never ridden in a trailer, but when
I was a kid I once rode in a house. It was being moved from one street to another...on the same
block. Well, folks generally didn't travel too far in those days.

Mikie, my Mom used to quote, "Let us then be up and doing." I think it was from a Horatio
Alger book. His books were very popular when she was young. Always about some poor
boy who through pluck and courage became rich. Sorry to hear you've got a bad back and
the Red Plague at the same time.

Julie, I hope your back continues to improve. I think I have a chiro appointment this Friday.
Even when your back feels better, you still have to keep going back to the chiro. The one
I have now is the nicest and most effective of several. I told him that "adjustment" where they
try to pull your head off makes me very uneasy. I can picture my head rolling around on
the floor. So now he does it much more gently.

Hugs to Sun, Springwater, Barry, Star, GB,


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Good late morning from the land of the Sasquatch.

Nah Mikie, I wasn't having a good day, but I'm glad I amused you. And I wasn't on mj either. By the by, we grow ours in pots, but they are a weed and can grow 'most anywhere. I hope it does become legal in your state soon...
And Mikie, I feel devastated by the predicted bird extinction; and insects, mammals, fish, and all life... It is SO Sad and I am SO MAD! Many politicians are SO BAD, bending over backwards for lobbyists. I'll say no more...
Mikie, I sure hope you aren't getting a bladder infection -- they are a real pain in the behind.

Sun, I am not a believer in sasquatch either.... I think only lunatics are.
WHAT is the name of the new shrub you bought to replace the roses? The light frosts have pretty much done in the Fuchsia magellanica for this year. It grew to be taller than I am. The hummers love it.

Julie, I'm laughing about your dust bunnies! I bet mine are bigger than yours are !!!! Hope your back stops clunking, and that the chiro helped. My back is out right now, and I've never been to a chiropracter, though there is one in our small town. Now, if I could get one to come to my cabin I'd go for it. I'm pretty much housebound......

Granni, you are so blessed by having so many relatives and family close to you. It must be fun to go to meals together and talk about the past, present and future. And to laugh and be happy --- hopefully. I have no family except my 90 yr old stepfather, 400 miles away. We talk on the phone. He is in such good shape for his age; plays ping-pong in his garage with his friends and neighbours all the time....

Time flies, and I must creep along.
See ya all later, Love to Rock, Star, GB, Spring, et al.


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Barry: It's called firebush, lime sizzler. Here's a link about it. My gardener got them all planted after removing the roses. And.....my neighbor told me she talked to my gardener, so he's not only going to trim back the huge juniper bush but also pull the weeds!!!!!!!! Looking forward to Monday!

I ran some errands this morning and bought one of my favorite orange cranberry scones at a local little bakery. They are unbelievably good.

Granni: This isn't a painting I'm working on but one that I commissioned for my 75th BD in December.....my BD is Pearl Harbor Day. I asked my artist friend when he called the other day if he wanted a check or cash.....cash he said so had to get to the bank today. I'll post a picture when I get it. His name is Jamie Perry if you want to see some of his paintings. I told him I wanted the man with the hat, the french bulldog, the suitcase, and looking down a road in the distance.

Mikie: A friend of my son got those invisible teeth straightener. I think he was in his 30s though. I don't know if they hurt him or not. My DGS went thru braces for a couple of years to straighten his teeth and they were painful. My DGD will also need them in another year.

I packed up two antique dolls to give away to a local charity to sell. I weighed them in a box and figuring out the shipping if I tried to sell them on Etsy, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble.


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Help! I need info about the kindle. I told Gordon we should get one since so many books are now
available only in this form. He said, 'See what your friends on the board can tell you. You don't
want something like our current computer." I doubt any machine is as much trouble as our computer, but maybe you guys can give me some info. All donations gratefully accepted.

Sun, the artwork by Jamie Perry is amazing. They look more like photos than paintings. A few
decades back there was some popular painter. He seemed to paint nothing but swimming pools.
Don't remember his name. Barely remember mine. I wrote an e mail to my MN brother today.
Couldn't remember the name of the little town where he lives. "Firebush Lime Sizzler" sounds like
it could be a drink as well as a plant.

Barry, I'm glad MJ is legal in California now. You can buy it, grow it, smoke it, etc. We bought it at a store a mile or two away. I gave it up because after the first dose it's magic healing power faded away. But it's a great boon for those who find it helpful.

I remember playing ping pong in college. We had a ping pong room next to the huge parlor
in the men's dorm. I used to sit at the front desk in the dorm on Sunday mornings. Got paid
the minimum wage (75 cents an hr.). Same wage I made washing dishes with a dishwasher
longer than a sofa. I used to walk around with a quarter in my pocket. Funds were on the
skimpy side in those days. Nowadays I consider myself rich even though my only income since
I retired is SS.

Granni, I agree. If it's not one thing it's another. And sometimes it's more than another. Nothing
to do but keep soldiering on.

Mikie, I hope you are feeling better than you were this morning. How long does that wretched
Red Tide last? Months? Too long for you to take a trip, I guess. Kitty is curled up on the
sidewalk up by the garage. I will go out and spend some time with her in a bit. we've already
had two sessions today. Good for both of us.

Julie, glad to hear you got declunked. Or was it "clunked"? I have an appointment with my
D.C. on Friday. He is the best ever. And even has a pleasant personality. Dr Mendoza.

Springwater, did you attend a festival today? Did you have dogs on the roof? Did you make
mushroom dumplings or something with curry?

Well, for crying out loud. Why is there a business card on the computer table? It is in Spanish.
I know it's from an attorney because it says "Abogado" on it. It also says "Trabago" which
means work. I am filing it in the waste basket.

Okey Dokey, Hugs and picnic potato salad to all.



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found this

first time i found out about 3D wall paper.

amazing.i saw one for the living room wall, an avenue of trees going into the horizon..i dont like artificial but i thought i wouldnt mind that.,


Had an enjoyable early morning reading all our Porchie posts. 5he DH reads the newspaper in 5he morning. i come to my private area, plunk myself in my couch and read our Porch daily goings on. i have a feeling what i do is more enjoyable 5han what he does.

Rock - i was wanting to ask after Kitty. And then you posted.Painted a peaceful picture. You outside tending to the snarls in her fur with visually appealing tomato vines growing nearby. Love comes in many forms, desnarling a feral kitty’s fur is one of them. i love life. Its not all gone to 5he dogs. This phrase is not correct in any manner, because it should mean the opposite, but you know what i mean.

Barry - i have a new role model i aspire to be like. Your stepfather. i mean, playing ping pong at 90 in a house filled with friends and relatives. i used to think if i was able to walk without a stoop at 65 that would be nice. When i was young, people died pretty fast. Then i wanted to be elegant like Maharani Gayatri Devi at 75. But i realise there is no age bar. One can aspire further. i saw on the net one granni attempt skydiving at 84 for her birthday. and another skydive at 102.!!

i know you battle ill health all the time, but your interests are varied, you are passionate about things around you and their well being, read voraciously and you are surrounded by things you love. i look forward to reading your posts. im pretty sure if you had not had your myriad health concerns you would have been at 5he head of campaigns to save what you love.

Sun - what an interesting post. i think ive seen those fire lime . Im sure those dolls are heavy. nice to think of the joy the ownership ofthem brought you all these years and now you are ready to pass them on. My bottom teeth are a bit uneven, but i never thought of getting them done. Dentists cost the earth here.
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