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Help! I need info about the kindle. I told Gordon we should get one since so many books are now
available only in this form. He said, 'See what your friends on the board can tell you. You don't
want something like our current computer." I doubt any machine is as much trouble as our computer, but maybe you guys can give me some info. All donations gratefully accepted.

Sun, the artwork by Jamie Perry is amazing. They look more like photos than paintings. A few
decades back there was some popular painter. He seemed to paint nothing but swimming pools.
Don't remember his name. Barely remember mine. I wrote an e mail to my MN brother today.
Couldn't remember the name of the little town where he lives. "Firebush Lime Sizzler" sounds like
it could be a drink as well as a plant.

Barry, I'm glad MJ is legal in California now. You can buy it, grow it, smoke it, etc. We bought it at a store a mile or two away. I gave it up because after the first dose it's magic healing power faded away. But it's a great boon for those who find it helpful.

I remember playing ping pong in college. We had a ping pong room next to the huge parlor
in the men's dorm. I used to sit at the front desk in the dorm on Sunday mornings. Got paid
the minimum wage (75 cents an hr.). Same wage I made washing dishes with a dishwasher
longer than a sofa. I used to walk around with a quarter in my pocket. Funds were on the
skimpy side in those days. Nowadays I consider myself rich even though my only income since
I retired is SS.

Granni, I agree. If it's not one thing it's another. And sometimes it's more than another. Nothing
to do but keep soldiering on.

Mikie, I hope you are feeling better than you were this morning. How long does that wretched
Red Tide last? Months? Too long for you to take a trip, I guess. Kitty is curled up on the
sidewalk up by the garage. I will go out and spend some time with her in a bit. we've already
had two sessions today. Good for both of us.

Julie, glad to hear you got declunked. Or was it "clunked"? I have an appointment with my
D.C. on Friday. He is the best ever. And even has a pleasant personality. Dr Mendoza.

Springwater, did you attend a festival today? Did you have dogs on the roof? Did you make
mushroom dumplings or something with curry?

Well, for crying out loud. Why is there a business card on the computer table? It is in Spanish.
I know it's from an attorney because it says "Abogado" on it. It also says "Trabago" which
means work. I am filing it in the waste basket.

Okey Dokey, Hugs and picnic potato salad to all.

I've found that the best Kindle's for me are the ones that are the least expensive models. The are usually just for reading and are not as complicated as the ones you can do all sorts of things with. I just want to read. I need to keep it simple! Hope this helps. GB


Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Just found that I had responded to Granni's post yesterday but never hit the button to post it. Since then, a bunch of our Dear Porchies have posted. Been drinking a ton of water and it may be working against a UTI. I am taking probiotics. I read that they help clear up bladder infections. No one answered the FJ question last night and two of us were not feeling great. Claudia had to take a heavy hitter pain pill for her teeth and was a bit out of it. We are really in a slump. I was able to answer a bunch of the questions during the show.

Granni, so good to see you here. That rally sounds like fun. Those new RVs and trailers are so nice. The Apple Watch doesn't need anything else and doesn't use data for most things. It is synced to the iPhone. Asking Siri for something on the watch would use data if you have no wi-fi but it uses very little. Syncing is amazingly easy, like magic, and you only have to do it once. I don't know about other smart watches that work with android phones but imagine they are the same. The Apple Watch is more like a bluetooth add on. You can answer calls with the watch and use it to text but there is no keyboard. You have to use the microphone and it will turn it to text. There are so many things it does that I don't know what I did before I got it. I chose a watch face that provides all kinds of info but I could change it to something more simple with an analog face with a second sweep hand or digital time. There is even a Mickey Mouse that taps his toe. The Series 4 that I have only comes on when I tap it or turn my wrist. The new Series 5 stays on. That is the one we are giving to DD. The Series 5 also has a compass. I have that on my phone and rarely use it. Hope this helps.

Rock, Red Plague is an apt name for this stuff. I think it usually hits about this time of year but last year, it stayed for months and was especially virulent. Just slight presence is enough to make me sick. I'm so glad you have Miss Kitty. Just stroking a cat's lush fur is enough to let loose some feel good chemicals in our brains and can reduce BP. SV's fur will go along fine and, all of a sudden, he has snarls that I have to deal with. He's so good about letting me groom him. He likes it, even when it pulls. I brush most of his fur but have to comb it with a fine comb on his undercarriage to get that long soft fur unfurled. Then, I follow up with a facial using the little hard rubber rollers I got for him just for that purpose. He loves it when the rollers roll over his face.

I don't know how to answer about the Kindle. I love mine. It's always been easy to download books from Amazon. I don't know about your library but it was relatively easy to download books from ours. Books I buy are stored on the device and also on the Cloud. Once I read books, I send them to the cloud because otherwise, it gets too cluttered on the device. I can always get them back. Books being stored can be sorted by author or in alpha order by title. Just touching the book on the screen gives me the choice of where I want it kept. Touching a book I'm reading opens it to the last page I read. It might take a bit for you to get used to managing the books. I think the ones from the library stay until you send them back or time's up and the library takes them back. Again, your library may differ from ours. I quit borrowing books because I have more than I can read with the free ones I get from Amazon and the cheap ones I buy. The new Kindles are inexpensive and, if you wait until the Black Friday sales, you can likely get one even cheaper. Also, keep checking Amazon for sales. Best Buy too. Good luck.

Barry, thanks for the info on growing MJ in pots. I really hope it will be legalized here. I think that it eventually will be. We have a very successful attorney here who spends his money getting the law changed. He was the one who got it legalized for medical purposes. I think he knew the reefer madness old lawmakers here in this backward state would never go for recreational on the first go at it. I'd like to see this guy run for governor. We have a huge retirement community in the middle of the state, the largest retirement community in the country. They are fierce when it comes to wanting to return us to the 50's in terms of compassionate progress. They hold up anything and everything and keep the reefer madness folks in govt. here. What is so funny is that sexually transmitted diseases are rampant there so they aren't the holier than thou people they pretend to be. I am also mad and sad at the bad. God put these critters on the Earth for us and we have done a truly horrible job of taking care of them and our environment. Once things are gone, they are gone for good. All the short-term profits cannot return them. Those profits only go to a few but we all suffer for it.

Sun, I'm excited to see a pic of your painting. I love the ones I looked at from the link. We have those bushes along the property in the front between the live oak trees. They add a nice splash of color and are unusual. I honestly don't know why Claudia wants to straighten her teeth at this point in her life unless they bother her when she eats. I've never noticed them. DGS has braces. His Mom wore hers for years but her occlusion was horrible. I haven't been shopping for pens and paper but haven't done anything. I have my hands full just keeping things going in here when feeling so rotten. I really need to change the bed. I think it's time to get rid of one set of those printed sheets I got two years ago after hurricane Irma. Had I known they would fade, I'd have gotten a third set. They were dirt cheap on an Extra 50 Percent Off sale. Oh well, all good things must end. Glad you can get those scones. They sound delicious. Krusteaz makes an orange cranberry bread mix but it's not as good as the Meyer lemon mix.

Spring, I'm not sure I understand the first pic. Is the whole room wallpaper or is it real with printed panels on the floor? I'm with you; I kind of like the one with the trees behind the sofa. It would take a larger space for something like that than I have here. I hope it is OK that I enlarged the second pic. It is amazing and I wanted to see the details. I get up, have my coffee and breakfast, turn on the TV and read the posts here. My favorite time of the day except for the gloaming when the shadows grow long across our little pond. Thanks so much for posting the pics. Very interesting.

OK, as Rock says, it's time to be up and doing. The first morning light is a light gray against the bands of dark gray scud on the eastern horizon. Wish we would get some rain. Don't want a winter drought but, if it doesn't pick up, I fear we will get one. Gonna go get a big glass of cranberry/cherry juice. Between drinking a lot of water, taking probiotics and drinking the juice, I'm hoping the UTI will go away. I was just compelled to look at the clock and it's 7:11. My Mom is visiting me to let me know that it will all be OK. I can hear her saying that. So, I'll pass her wisdom to all our Porchies, "It'll all be okay."

Love, Mikie

PS: DD just posted pics on FB as they enjoy their vacay in Hawaii. Can't believe how ripped DGS is. He has a six pack. I remember when he was worried that he would never have muscles.
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Dear GB and Rock,

GB, you are right. I got the first one out and it is so much simpler to use than the Kindle Fire I bought later on. The Fire is actually pretty much a tablet but I don't use the extra features. The easier, the better. Also, the old B&W screen is easier to use outside than the glossy one on the Fire. Don't know what the screens on the new ones are like.

So good to see you here. Thanks for the info.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - sorry i had to cut short my post in the morning. i didnt want to hog the thread with big pics. Isnt that living room wall paper ah-ma-zing?

The first pic has the floor done in 3D wall paper. That stream with the rocks leading up to the bed. i am flabbergasted. i was awed looking at a picture of a real water tank under a glass floor some time back. What a bit of imagination and loads of money can achieve!

im so glad to hear SV is urinating regularly. Hmmm. You were worried about him, but turns out you have a slight bladder infection. i hope that clears up soon. i try to make sure DH buys printed and darker colours for our sheets. We forbid them, but the dogs like to get up on the bed and cuddle us and be cuddled whenever they can. And we always relent for some couple of minutes. Whats a bit of fur or dust as compared to happy dogs with wagging tails and pink tongues hanging out of wide open smiling mouths?

i envy your DD family on vacation in Hawaii. what a beautiful place that is and their ancient culture.

Granni - how was your meal out with the family? yes, its so fortunate to have family living close by. our temps are gradually tapering down. i could go out in the afternoon and not get uncomfortable hot.

like everything else, they are making the interiors of caravans so attractive and desirable these days. Some really ingenious features.


ive been doing very basic cooking past one or two days. Cook meat gravy, pop in boiled veggies. Done. ive got a couple of locally made soup powder for myself. Spinach, onion, tomato. And i try and get my protein from yoghurt, boiled eggs and nuts.

DDs friend went to Malaysia with her parents on a vacation and brought us back a box of doughnuts and french tarts from an American chain...Krispy Kreme. The tart was heavenly but DH found it too sweet. DS is off sweet things, DD is trying to eat healthy so i got them. but my stummick canna take more than a bite of them at a time.

DDs o5her friend went on a health retreat with his whole family. this place in India opened by a yoga guru and sage. They got checked, rationed out veg food, got enemas, had to do breathing exercises, yoga the works, for a week. and basically lived the basic life. Plain soup, plain bread. lol. imagine paying for such a grueling routine.
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Hi, Spring,

I always hate to edit others' posts but I'm so glad I enlarged that pic. It is amazing. So is the floor in the bedroom. It appears to have glass or some kind of lucite overlying it. My bedroom is a medium shade of dusty blue. These sheets have that and a lighter blue on a white background. The lighter blue is the color of a lampshade and the walls in the adjoining bathroom. The older sheets are the lighter shade of the blue. I'll keep the pillow covers to use with the sold blue sheets. Seems that the sheets faded where my body rubs on them. I don't toss and turn nearly as much as I had thought, according to the sleep app on the watch.

SV is welcome to get up on most everything in here except the kitchen countertops. He doesn't seem interested in getting up there and I'm so thankful for that. His soft fur balls up on the sheets and I have to use a lint brush to remove them before I wash them. Then I have to use the brush on them when they come out of the dryer. As you say, though, it's well worth it when he snuggles on top of me or next to me in bed. He still likes to race me to bed in the evening. Breakfast and bed are his two favorite things.

Our temps are more comfortable as is the drop in humidity. This summer has been very nice all in all. Of course, when it's hot 'n drippy, I stay inside in the A/C. That's when SV goes out to the lanai for his personal sauna. Thanks again for posting those pics. Love it.

I just got out of the shower and need to go trim my hair while it's wet. Hope it turns out okay.

Love, Mikie

PS: Just blew out my hair after trimming it and it looks pretty good. It helped to take about an inch off to get rid of dry ends. I still have to style and spray it. Feels good to have it clean. One of the worst things about feeling lousy for days on end is being too tired to keep my hair up.

AACCKK!! Yesterday I had a headache and was sweating. I thought it was cause I was getting a UTI. I just had diarrhea from hell and, how do I put this delicately...there was phlegm. That can be a sign of a bacterial infection. I figure by pushing liquids and taking the probiotics, my bod was killing off the bacteria in my bladder. This is like a Herx. There are no more symptoms of a UTI. I think if we catch some of these things early, we can cure them at home without ABX. At least, I hope so.
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Hi Kids, It's 8 PM here. Mikie and GB, Thanks for the info on the kindle. Ach du Leiber, the machine is
acting up. My mind is too. Today I tried to find a soprano I like on Youtube. Couldn't find her since
I posted the wrong last name.



Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Just as I was doing the FJ question last evening, Janie downstairs texted me. So, I was too distracted to get the question that I knew. She wants Joe and me to come down tonight for drinks. Not what I really want to do and I'm not sure Joe will want to either. I splained that I'd mention it to him but that we don't do things together and that he isn't especially social, like a lot of guys who live alone. I told her I'd be there and thanked her. He and I have always fought against the impression that we are anything more than friends, especially after we lived in our neighbor's place together after the hurricane. The kids like to sit out on their lanai and have drinks while watching the fountain. It will still be hot. Guess I'm getting as antisocial as Joe. :)

Rock, not sure I was very clear in what I wrote about the Kindle but I hope it was helpful. GB made the best point about keeping it simple. I think I saw Kindles for $49 last year. The simple ones are lighter weight too. The Fire is a bit weighty. I like it when I travel because I can play games on it and read email. I don't travel that much and usually have access to the kids' computers so it isn't that much of an advantage. Good luck.

Barry, a woman spotted a yellow cardinal in her yard here in FL. Only about three are spotted each year in the country. It's caused by a genetic mutation, kinda like albinism in humans. Scientists are hoping that the excitement that sightings like this bring will get people more involved in cutting our carbon footprint in order to stop the extinction of birds. The cardinal is one that will likely go extinct if nothing is done.


Julie, I also read about a doc in Wisconsin who treats a community of Amish and some Mennonites. Evidently, those sects suffer a lot of genetic diseases due to marriage to relatives. Where they marry outside their families/communities, there are fewer diseases.

OK, gonna go read the paper. Hope y'all have a wonderful day. Oh, something sad on the news. Rep. Elijah Cummings has died. Evidently he has had some illnesses for a while. He was a real fighter for his causes.

Love, Mikie
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Great Balls of Fire! That yellow cardinal is startling. Like seeing a purple snowman. In our High
School we were all cardinals. That was our team name. We had cardinals on our uniforms and
etc. Probably changed now. The school is consolidated. Who knows what they've done to it.
Probably don't have our class picture hanging on the wall anymore either. It was still there on
our 35th reunion. That's the only one I went to.

Mikie, you be careful tonight. I don't approve of oldsters going out and drinking and getting into
trouble. That should be reserved for the young folks. Did you guys see the news about Vanna
White yesterday? She said she's worn 6500 dresses on her show. I wonder where they all are now.
I would think it would take a warehouse to hold them.

Spring, sorry to see that your house was flooded. I 'spect it will dry out in a week or two. Do
folks in your area do a lot of swimming? Is there anything in your rivers that eats people like

Today is Dr. Mendoza day. He's going to mend my back. Hope all of you have a nice day too.


Hi, Rock,

When you mentioned Dr Mendoza Day, I thought maybe it was a national holiday. If he's as good as you say, perhaps it should be. I'm glad you have a good bone cruncher. Yes, Vanna never wears the same dress twice. She used to only wear gowns but she now wears short dresses as well. Only in America can a woman become an icon for flipping, now touching, letter squares. I don't think we old folks will get too wild tonight. The kids are younger and I likely won't drink. Doubt Joe will either. We're just no fun at all.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Just wanted to let you know I heard from Duckie. Unfortunately, things have not improved for her. She just lost a dear friend and things are not the best at work. She said even her quilting is suffering. I told her we miss her and she's always welcome here. I know she can use our prayers.

Love, Mikie


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Rock: So happy that both you and Julie have great chiro docs. My spell check kicked in and kept wanting to put chirps!

Mikie: Nice that Duckie responded. That's too bad that her quilting is now suffering, what she really loves. I haven't read the news on MSN yet.....what a SHOCK about Elija Cummings!!!!!! We lost a great champion. I wonder if STRESS hurried him along. He certainly was attacked the last 4 mos. or so.

My artist friend left a little while ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his painting he did for me. We had such a good morning....I took him thru the house (my own private art gallery) and showed him various framed paintings I had painted or ones I had found at estate sales. Then he asked if he could take some pics of my pool....he really needed some pictures of a diving board, but we had ours removed years ago. So I ran next door to the Chinese family.....grandma was the only one home so I tried to explain what my friend needed.....so she let him come into the house and go out to the pool and take pics of their diving board. (She doesn't speak english and I don't speak chinese) I told her to have her DD come over after work so I could explain more. I think I left Shugen very confused!!!! OK....got it posted. The sky is a darker turquoise tone.....the picture shows more washed out than it really is. And I've already promised my DGS that this painting will go to him.

I ran out to Trader Joe's this afternoon and bought some flowers to take over to poor confused grandma. I left my card with my phone # to give to her DD, who called me a little while ago. I explained everything to her. She laughed....said maybe their diving board would end up in a painting.

I need to figure out how to show my new painting......it shows too large now. Jamie gave it a title.....'The Travelers". IMG_4105.JPGIMG_4105.JPG
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Hi Dear Friends

It's almost 2 AM here. Henry is getting ready to go to work. Gordon is sleeping. Pretty sure
the kitty is also sleeping. I think out weather is supposed to be dry and hot this week.

Sun, as you know I am easily confusiated these days. I can't tell if the man with the dog was
painted by you or your friend. In either case an excellent job. Reminds me of a country song.
A Long, long Texas Road. You can hear it on you tube sung by Roy Drusky. Isn't that a great name?

Mikie, you're right. Mendoza Day is observed like all Mexican holidays. You eat Mexican foods
and break a pinata. All males are advised to stay half a football field away from little kids swinging
sticks. Thanks for the report on Duckie. Hope things improve for her. I agree with SV. Bed is a
nice place to spend time. I spend about as much time there reading as I do sleeping.

GB, thank for the Kindle advice. We seemed to have disconbobulated the Board's computer,
but not seriously. No animals were injured during the posting.

All for the nonce



Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Woke with a blinding headache and have taken some acetaminophen for it, along with a cup of coffee. Claudia had a splitting headache yesterday and we both had diarrhea from hell a couple of days ago. I'm starting to think it might be a virus of some kind. In any case, I really need to do some things around here today so hope the headache goes away. Just read that the RT has killed turtles on our beach. No wonder I feel lousy and I feel out of breath. People at the beach are choking and coughing. So am I if I don't take my allergy pill.

Joe and I had drinks with the kids downstairs last night. He had ginger ale and I had water. Told y'all we are no fun at all. Actually, Joe was in good spirits and regaled the kids with his stories. David downstairs grew up in NJ so he enjoyed hearing about Joe's life in NYC. David just wrote a tome of a software textbook. I am so impressed. I think it's his tenth book he has written. He teaches companies and parts of the govt. how to use this software to manage their networks. Very smart guy. He's the one who told me about the watches. I'm so glad Joe and I went down because socializing is so important. I'm too much of a hermit. After I got home, I got the FJ question and that felt good.

Been trying to watch the trial of one of the guys who allegedly murdered that woman doctor here. Court TV plays the live testimony in a case in Wisconsin where a young woman allegedly murdered one of her boyfriends. It's doesn't look good for her. Evidently, our murder case is taking second fiddle to that case but Court TV did show testimony from one of the confessed killers who turned state's witness last night. He described bludgeoning her in the head. She didn't die with the first blow and held her hands up and asked why. He was her husband's best friend and she knew him. Her mother and sister were in the court room. I feel so sorry for them. This trial is for another man who helped to kill her. Her husband's trial will follow. These are both death penalty trials. This should be a cautionary tale to those thinking murder is easier than divorce.

Sun, I love, love, love the painting. I look at it and wonder where they are going. I like the artist's style. It's clean. Your neighbors are probably sitting around the dinner table and laughing at the crazy Americans. My favorite diving board is the high board from the 40's built in a modern style. I dreamed about one years ago. In my dream, I was wearing a beautiful Hawaiian sundress; the dream was in Hawaii. My ex was wearing a Navy dress uniform. It was just prior to Pearl Harbor. It was one of those dreams that is more than a dream. It was very romantic and I've never forgotten it. I was so shocked about Elijah Cummings. He has always been a champion of justice and civil rights. He was so kind to Michael Cohen after his testimony when he was so ashamed and sad. One side was a fierce warrior and the other was a kind sweet man. He had close friends on both sides of the aisle. The loss is profound. Thanks again for posting a pic of the painting.

Rock, the painting reminds me of The Long And Winding Road...that leads to your door. Well, except the road isn't winding. The Yellow Brick Road except the road isn't yellow. How about On The Road Again. If Mendoza Day were a national holiday, there would be mattress sales everywhere. As it is, I think it should be celebrated on Tuesdays to coincide with Taco Tuesday. It could be celebrated at the breakfast table too with cereal that goes snap, crackle and pop. Finally, after adjustments, celebrants would feel up to doing the Mexican Hat Dance. Aieee Chihuahua!!! Just heard that Sponge Bob Square Pants is being investigated for a squid pro quo.

Don't know what SV wants. He's tapping my leg with his paw. I think he's read for his kitty love. It's part of our daily routine. Hope all y'all have a wonderful end to the week.

Love, Mikie

Hoo Boy! I'm trying to clean my bathroom but my lungs are burning and I'm outta breath. This sucks! I scrubbed the tile floor and almost slipped on the wet tile. Slip Slinin' Away!
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Hope you are having a grand ole time celebrating your birthday.

Love, Mikie
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Rock:. The painting was done by an artist friend from years ago. I knew him about 25 years ago and I KNEW he was going places. I wanted something special for my 75th BD. He emailed me today, said he would like to buy an abstract watercolor I showed him yesterday. So after I deal with this chemo or whatever it will be, I'll contact him again so he can come pick it up. Actually I feel very honored that he would want one of mine.

Here's a link for gordon to read. It's about sugar and arthritis.

By the way I'm listening to the absolutely best book that I know you would LOVE. Its an oldie......"A tree grows in Brooklyn". I think a movie was made from it ages ago starring Natalie Wood. I'll have to search the library. There are places in this book that I laugh out loud! It makes it interesting when I'm on a walk and I'm laughing! Have to control myself.

Mikie: Perhaps the red tide is affecting Claudia? Interesting dream you had. What happened in the dream or was it just like a short snippet?

Granni: Hope you're having a happy BD today.


Hi, Kids,

Have been slooowly cleaning in the baths. I had an infestation of sugar ants in my bath. I had a Tero trap in there on the floor but the sink was full of them. I drizzled some of the clear goo from the trap into the sink and gave them time to take the poison back to the nest. Soon, they had left. I cleaned the floor using Mister Clean. My Mom said it keeps insects away. They don't like whatever is in it. I cleaned out the aluminum track at the bottom of the shower door where SV steps over it after he uses his box. He always gets some little pieces of litter in it even though he has a little rug that helps clean it off his feet. When I went out to shake out the throw rug, I noticed that a squirrel had dug in one of my potted flowers and thrown the dirt all over the place. GRRR!

I watched some more of the testimony in the local murder trial. The confessed killer is an obvious sociopath and very manipulative. He's trying to manipulate attorneys for both sides and take control of the questioning. The judge has had to tell him to just answer the questions. Both he and the woman's husband are very arrogant. Cleaning toilets, TV murder trials...who says I don't have a full life.

Sun, it is possible the RT is affecting Claudia too but diarrhea and splitting headaches aren't the usual symptoms. I've had headaches with it but they tend to be sinus headaches. The dream was a snippet but lasted quite a while and was very detailed. I just remember that we were so in love in a beautiful place. We were young. He looked so handsome in his uniform and I felt beautiful in my dress with my hair done up in a 40's style. We were by the edge of the pool at night and were drinking cocktails. The air was sweet and balmy. I woke so happy and then felt sad that it was a dream. I've always felt as though I belonged to that time. How wonderful that your friend wants one of your paintings too.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Granni - not sure which day is exactly your big day but i guess its close...wanted to wish you. i suppose there will be yummy food and you will allow yourself to ‘cheat’ just this once.

Sun - looks like you found a kindred spirit. So flattering to have an artist whose work you admire want one of yours. Im glad the traveller in your painting has that doggie for a companion. What adventures they will have on their travels. At night they will snuggle up together and rest. And wake up and face the next morning happy and enthusiastic. Bliss.

Mikie - i heard chirruping the other day when i was outside the house and saw two lively happy squirrels exploring a neighbours house. The windows were open.

Maybe your inner self is telling you to remember the good times your ex and you had and to put the past painful memories behind you. That dream you had. ive woken up sad sometimes after dreaming i was a child again and having a carefree happy time.

Or maybe you wish things had turned out differently, that he had been a nicer person with more ethics. And the two of you couldhave enjoyed your golden years together and doted on your DDs together. Has he got the watch?

Thanks for letting us know about dear Duckie. I keep all of us here in my prayers.

Rock - congratulations on Gordons win (nings). I wish i was like Vanna...had a new dress for each day of the year every year. im guessing some of my choices would be same dress in different colour. The reality is this..i decided to splurge on a good dress and went a looking. But nothing to my taste. i guess im hard to please. What i wanted is out of manufacturing. Theyre old designs.

Things are trundling along here. The DS got back from a short getaway to a National Forest Park. Its a famous reserve and has tigers, rhinos, alligators and many species of birds. and river rafting.

Got a surprise visitor in the morning two days ago. A cousin sis of DH. She brought belpatra fruit from her garden among other 5hings. The fruit is bright yellow orange, fleshy and extremely sweet. it was a goodbye visit since she lives in Canada. we already had dinner out with her when she came some weeks back. My DS, Dd and me and she and her college going DD.

ok..i looked it up, 5he name is persimmons. i do believe Barry has those and loves 5hem.

In the garden, our decades old orange tree decidedto bear fruit after being barren for that long. But just a few here and there. The smell of guava fruit wafts in our windows from below. We gave away some and lots fell on the ground and is turning to mush. I like 5he scent of guava. its sweet but not sickly sweet.

God bless
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Hi everyone. On my phone so just a quick update... surprised I have service, but glad, lol! Lindsey's surgery went well yesterday...seven molars removed.

She's keeping the pain and swelling under control and seems in good spirits. I've been awake an hour (it's nearly 3:00 am) cause I went to bed when kids did before 9:00 last night, lol!

Glad this is David's four day weekend cycle so we can "tag team". Hi to everyone ...I'll check back in when I can.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

We had a big loud thunderstorm early this morning. It's all compliments of tropical storm Nestor in the Gulf. It is supposed to make landfall up north of us toward the Panhandle. We really need the rain. It's very muggy out. At 6:15 its 78 degrees and the land is saturated. Some areas north of us are also experiencing some wind rotation so tornadoes are a possibility up near Sarasota. Evidently, we were under a tornado watch during the night and it continues today. Yikes! It isn't light out yet but there are flashes of lightning and lots of thunder. Rain is sposda keep up most of the day.

DD posted several pics of them diving in Hawaii. DGS is face to face with a big turtle. Most sea life is very friendly. Our turtles are showing up dead from RT. Getting rid of it has to be a priority here. We love our beautiful wild critters and this is heartbreaking. I'm hoping the storm will break up the RT.

Can't remember whether I told y'all that I got my lab results. On paper, I look like the healthiest 75 year old woman alive. My fasting blood sugar was 97. My cholesterol was 149. That's lower than it was 30 years ago. Everything else was normal except for some crystals in my urine which is expected in someone with kidney stones. Mom was always healthy so I guess I inherited her good genes. Thanks, Mom!

Rock, your caps lock is probably on on your keyboard. No matter, I can read your post so easily with it all in caps. Glad your doc has a good sense of humor. Does he like it when you crack jokes? It was definitely a squirrel that dug up my plant. He was as inept as the murderers on Court TV. He left the remains of a pine cone he had eaten. I didn't check it for DNA but it was quite damaging evidence. I don't know what incommoding is but it sounds serious. Gordon is always a winner but it's good to know he continues to win orchids and prizes for his own.

Spring, what a pretty birthday wish for Granni. I'd hate to have squirrels in my house. They can really be destructive. We can't leave fruit on the ground here because it attracts palm rats. They are like normal rats but larger. When the fruit runs out, they try to come inside. I'm not sure what the dream was about but it was so unusual in that I can still recall it with the details and how sweet the night air felt. It almost felt like an alternative incarnation. How nice to smell the fruit tree. There is nothing like driving past the orange groves here when the trees are in bloom. I think Heaven must smell like that.

Julie, so glad it's over with and Lindsey is resting. I can't imagine having that many teeth pulled at once. Just sent up a prayer for her and I hope she continues to heal. Keep us updated when you can.

I hope you all have a great start to the weekend. I hate to have a storm moving ashore north of us but the silver lining is the late season rain we are getting. I woke with a headache this morning but it's a sinus headache.

Love, Mikie

Update: I am having some of the neurological symptoms of magnesium stearate so decided to look at my OTC pain meds. Sho 'nuff, the acetaminophen I've been taking for this headache has 'stearic acid' in it. Same thing. I'm glad I found out what is causing it but sad to throw out the med. Not that much left so it wasn't a big problem.

Have been doing just a wee bit of work around here. Having to wear my back brace. Most of the sugar ants are gone in the bathroom but, just to be safe, I put some peppermint on a piece of tissue and stuffed it into the hole around the toilet valve where the inept plumber drilled it wrong and had to enlarge it. I should spray some foam into it to close it. I want to take the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster but the rain continues only getting stronger and backing off to a drizzle. Sposda rain hard tonight. The radar on my phone shows it as moisture being drawn into Nestor's track to the north of us. I may have to go out in the rain or wait til tomorrow. The sun was trying to come out earlier but it's like with all these storms, it's bands of rain and wind that will continue to whip through. I feel for the folks up north in the Panhandle because it's low lying country and there will be surge.
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