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Porch # 1161 is CLOSED Oct 13, 2019

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Hi Gang.
I'm having a bad time. I feel so guilty about being ill. That is insane, no? Yet there still, despite reasoning, etc. Keep on truckin' I guess.

Sun, thanks for the pic of the lime sizzler firebush! Never, ever, heard of it before. I see that it is native from southern Florida to Argentina. The firebush, not the variety lime sizzler. Mikie can grow this. Maybe she already does???
The picture, The Travelers, is my cup of tea. I love it and the feelings it gives off.

Mikie, a yellow cardinal! What is the world coming to? I've never even seen a red one; always wanted to though.... I am so disturbed by the waning of our birds, bees, butterflies, and by the climate deniers. Sickening thing to do to Nature's (God's) World. As for the Red Tide, I understand that it is extra bad this year. So sorry for you and those afflicted by it. Part of CLIMATE CHANGE maybe????? Also too much run-off of agricultural chemicals (fertilizers, insecticides) in places.
May you be safe from Nestor. It sounds mean and close to you.

Spring! Belpatra fruit! Persimmons! I ate my first one of the season from my tree yesterday! What a coincidence... It was delicious. I will be harvesting them very soon. Not a lot of them this year, not like the apples with branches breaking under the weight of their fruit. AND I will have to get up on a ladder to harvest the persimmons, 'cause they are so high up in the tree. Actually, I think it might be better if I get some help from my Bavarian friend, who is a gymnast! She is very talented.

Rock, in bed is where I read. After lunch it is time for R&R (rest and read, and a small nap.) I try to read for an hour before I turn off my bedside light What is G reading now? Congrats on his orchid first prize! And whatcha been doin' yerself, eh wot? Reading, cuddling kitty? Sounds good to me.

I was going to post t'other day, but power went out.

Colour everywhere. The ash tree is yellow/brown, the scarlet maple is scarlet, the red oak is gold, the dogwood burgundy, and the rowan (mt. ash) tree that I grew from seed is a lovely pinky red.

Rainy grey day here. Supposed to bop back into the '80s in a few days.


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Hi, Kids,

I think we have felt the worst of Nestor but the weather lady says we may have rain all night. At least, the wind gusts have tamed down a bit. I checked the radar and the storm reaches farther north than Atlanta and all the way down to Cuba if one counts the long arms that whip around the center. It's hard to get anything on the antenna when it's gusty. I watched the most delightful movie made in Australia on Amazon Prime. Made me think of our Star; I hope she is OK and drops in soon. The movie, Ladies In Black, centered around the lives of women who worked in a department store in Sydney in the 1950's. A few shots were at the beach and in some mountainous areas. It is so beautiful.

Barry, so good to see you here. Yes, I think we all have guilt. It's not our fault that we are sick but I feel guilty that I don't have the NRG to get everything done around here. I just feel guilty that I don't feel good all the time. I'm sorry you are feeling like this. We do love one another here and we all understand what it is like to live with these illnesses. I feel worse today because the damned stearate crept into my regimen. Oh well, it'll creep back out again now that I'm not taking the acetaminophen. I had a cardinal pair in the tree just outside my condo a couple of years back. The beautiful red male drove me nuts attacking his reflection in my windown. Still, it was amazing to see him up close like that.

Climate change plays a part in Red Tide because the warmer the water, the more it seems to bloom. Agricultural water runoff enriches the Gulf and feeds the blooms too. I am encouraged because no one seems to be waiting on the govt. to act. Businesses are seeing the green movement as a new opportunity. It will bring jobs as things convert to wind and solar. Everything is moving toward electric and hybrid vehicles. All of this is going to have major changes in the world and the geopolitical balances. We have firebushes along our front landscaped area in between the live oaks. I love it. So colorful and unique. If I were there, I'd feast on persimmon and feast my eyes on your beautiful home. Take heart. I think thing will be changing for the good but not before there are a few growing pains. The next generation is demanding safe water and air.

I think I'll turn in early tonight. SV was out enjoying the rain all afternoon. His fur is all soft and bushy. He wanted some extra love so I held him like a baby and massaged him. He even lets me gently massage his paws now. Hope everydobby has a wonderful Saturday Night.

Love, Mikie
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Dear Ones,

I finally got on the computer. It has been so busy around here. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, MIKIE, SPRING, BARRY, ROCK, SUN AND ANYONE ELSE I MAY HAVE MISSED.. Beautiful cards and sayings !! It can take me forever to pick the right cards for the right person in the store. Turned out our eldest daughter and DH were staying at our home . We thought the reunion was for the weekend and that they would be staying in a hotel. However, that was not the case. Anyway no problems they were welcome to stay, just had to move everything off the bed that was there yesterday so they could sleep. Had a great dinner but probably to much for me last night. Woke up last night and had to go to the bathroom and had problems getting there. I started to look for some Gas-ex pills but ended up on my butt. My legs were wobbily and I scared DH. He was wanted to call my kids but I said no and I was very coherent. Got back to bed and was OK. The next time I needed to go to the restroom he was there trying to help me and I used a cane we have on hand. I am fine this morning. Think I ate and drank to much last night although I didn't think I drank that much. A small glass before we left for the restaurant and then two glasses at the dinner. That big dessert that I ate and DH didnt help me much with probably didn;t help the situation.

Spent part of my birthday morning getting blood drawn, and found out that one of the test has to be done on Monday since I had eaten. No one told me that. The day before I went to the new Rheumy. He seems very nice , so far even though had not talked to him as long as I probably needed to. I hope to remember more things when I go to see him again on Halloween morning. I had many lab tests done. He is thinking possible vasculitis or something to do with the veins among other things. Then maybe we can address the pain. I am afraid to take anything now and not to cause more bruising.

DH just came down from a shower and getting ready to go to their Reunion this evening. They will be back tonight and will go to church tomorrow and then leave to go back home . Gotta go out and talk to DD before she leaves tonight. Had lunch of salad and pizza this afternoon. It was delicious.

Gotta run for now and hope to get back soon.

JULIE - Glad all is well with Lindsey and her mouth surgery. Hope all continues to go well and that you rest a bit too besides the Grandma duty.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I watched the news last evening and was stunned to see that a tornado struck across the river over in the Cape. Several homes were destroyed. One family was asleep and had to take cover in an interior room. The roof was gone and the windows were all broken. A big piece of glass was driven into the drywall. That could have killed someone. Their car was tumbled down the road like a piece of sagebrush in the wind. It was completely destroyed. Another car was lifted and dropped across the street in a vacant lot. It looked as though a giant had crumbled it like a beer can. A few years back, a storm struck a couple of blocks from me and crumpled the bleachers at the school's athletic field like a giant would crumple a piece of paper. At 3:30 this morning, a big gust of wind came through even though the storm is up by North Carolina. It is still trailing a band of rain and wind through here that I can see on the radar.

I slept about seven hours because I went to bed early. I got up to pee and SV settled next to me and purred when I got back in bed. That's one of my favorite things. I love to snuggle with him in bed. It's so calming. I decided to try to do a little research on the stearic acid to attempt to figure out why I have such awful neurological symptoms from it. I finally found quite a bit of info but it wasn't that easy to find. It was all scientific papers which were so technical that I could only glean a general understanding of what I was reading. Stearic acid is a fatty acid. Fatty acids are needed in the brain for everything to work. They can be protective and beneficial but they can also be harmful if the fatty acids get out of balance. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's were mentioned. The symptoms have already started to lighten up. It isn't necessary to understand any more than this. All I know is that it's vital for me to steer clear of this ingredient, not easy to do since it's used in so many supplements.

Y'all know how much I love Alexa to turn that lamp on and off so I don't fall trying to do it and break my neck. Of course, she now helps me with all kinds of things. They now sell LED light bulbs which are smart. You download the app for your phone and you can completely control the bulb. You can even make it change to produce colored light and can set it on a timer. Sooo many things are now controlled with the smart phone. Who knew they would become so important in our lives.

Granni, I'm so glad you had a good celebration but am sorry for all your discomfort and your fall. I hope you didn't damage anything. I worry about falls more than anything else. Sounds as though your doc is being very thorough. That's good. I hope he can get to the bottom of what is wrong. Some of the things we deal with are like solving mysteries to figure out. Glad you had a chance to have a nice visit with DD.

I got up way before the paper is due to arrive so may read it online until the real thing gets here. Hoping everydobby has a great Sunday.

Love, Mikie


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Granni: I Hope you havn't injured yourself with your fall. At our age, scary how one little thing can snowball into something more worrisome. Good luck with all your testing and seeing this new doc.

Julie: I feel for poor Lindsey. I hope she's healing nicely from her teeth pulling. Is she eventually going to have teeth implants? Did she go this route instead of?

Mikie: You missed your calling. You should have been a weather lady. Interesting about the magnesium stearate which is in everything.

Barry: Glad you like my new painting. Thats the feeling I get from it....peace. I have it hung in my LR and can see it every time I walk to my kitchen or come in thru the front door.

Rock: Congratulations to Gordon on his winnings. I'm almost finished with listening to the book, "a tree grows in Brooklyn". Going to be sad when it's done, I've loved it so much. Some artist friends were telling me the other day the movie is also very good, so guess I will have to buy it since the library doesn't have a copy. That's because it's an old movie from the early 60s I think.

Spring: I also LOVE persimmons. My favorite is the Fuju.....I think that's the one that you can eat like an apple. It's persimmon time, so I'm going to enjoy them for a couple of months. I've also painted them, love the way the orange color almost looks lavender in the shadow parts. And the pretty way the little grey green leaves kinda hug the top of the fruit. The other variety you have to wait until it's super soft and eat with a spoon, or I've used the pulp for baking. Years ago I created a corn pancake using the pulp and cornmeal.

I'm up early. Woke at 3 a.m. With AWFUL neck pains. So nothing to do but heat up rice filled socks for my neck, alternating with ice. So I'm drinking some left over coffee. I try to put a cup of it in the frig for times like these. I painted a little yesterday, trying to finish a WC that's been sitting around for months. I got frustrated with drawing in a cow, must have erased 10 times so just gave up and put it away. I'm satisfied (I think) with the cow now. Who nows when it will be finished though.

My son had sent me a little package the other day......3 asian pears and 5 white rose potatoes, all from his garden. Thoughtful that he wanted to share the fruits of his labors. I cut into the first pear.....it had worm debris in the center. So cut it all out. The second one same thing, only this one had a very small black wasp in it, dead of course. We emailed each other about the worm. He said apparently there is only a very small window of time that you can spray the tree against coddling moths. He said every one of his pears gets the moth which then lays an egg. Barry, do you have trouble with your apple tree? And the white rose potatoes he's been growing in large containers. The largest is 9" in diameter. Can't believe what a gardener my DS has become.


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Morning Kids

I was gonna start a new thread last night, but I couldn't find the place to start. Guess it doesn't
matter much since other people can do it. Mikie, that's pretty scary with a tornado nearby and
no warning. Dave Barry has written about preparing for a hurricane. Go and buy plywood
and as many jugs of water as you can carry to the car. I don't really know what you do with
that stuff, but it seems to be mandatory. Then go home and turn on the TV. Listen to the
newscasters tell you not to come to the beach as they stand knee deep in the ocean.

Granni, I think an awful lot of medical people are pretty sloppy at their job. "Oh, didn't they tell you?
You were supposed to get a blood test. Or fast for 12 hours. Or have your gallbladder removed."
Glad to hear your fall was not serial. I always hang on to railing when on the stairs. The problem
is it doesn't run the length of the stairs.

Barry, do you actually have a persimmon tree? You're the first person I ever knew with such. Most
of the flora around here is pretty tame. We sometimes see a trumpet bush. They have flowers
that are shaped like their name; about a foot long. On You Tube one can hear the song, "Oh,
Rowan Tree." The "O" is pronounced to rhyme with cow. A Scottish song, I think. Somebody
in Harry Potter had a wand made of such wood. Gordon is watching the Japanese station. He
watches the same programs over and over. I stopped telling him he had seen them many times
as it just irritated him.

Oh, Mikie, here's a pun fur ya. I found it in a thriller written by some author who is new to me.

A man goes to a meeting in a theater. The group is seated on the stage. There is no chair for
him so he hands one up to group's leader who hauls it up on the stage. The man says, "Thanks."
The leader says, "Well, it's the Chairman's job."

Hugs and Adios