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PORCH 1162 IS NOW CLOSED (10/20/19)

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Hi, Kids,

A good day so far. My eye appt. went well and no change to my lenses is needed. The good news is that I don't have to lay out $$$ for new glasses. The bad news is that I'm sick of these glasses and would welcome new ones; however, if I end up needing new lenses next year, I don't want to spend money this year. It's the lenses, and not the frames, that are so expensive. I wear progressive lenses in low-weight, high-impact plastic with coatings to keep them from being scratched and coatings to keep out the UV. They block the blue light from screens. Eye pressure is still high but no glaucoma. Everything, including the eye nerves, is healthy. So, good news. That, along with my excellent lab results, makes me happy.

I stopped at Publix on the way home but forgot to buy meat. I had planned on getting a small beef roast and a couple of pork chops which are on sale. Oh well, if I'm up to it, I can stop on my way home from the mgmt. co. If not, I can wait til tomorrow. I got my $40 gift card from my ins. co. for Target. I could stop there. I need some shampoo. I hope the ins. meeting is productive. The mgr. forgot to let Claudia know about the mtg. and she isn't a happy camper.

Rock, I'm sorry you pic disappeared. I had to try three times to save a pic that would post. As soon as one company develops a popular vacuum, other companies make similar products which usually cost less. I hope this Roomba continues to work for years because I bought it before the price drop and it was expensive. Still, it is worth every penny because it is saving my back. Nothing is harder on my back than vacuuming. They're wrong when they say, "Nothing happens in a vacuum." Lint collects in my vacuum. I love chocolate milk but don't buy it. I usually only buy milk for my coffee and I have to buy the one sans lactose.

Granni, no one loves the singing as much as those with dementia. When they can't remember anything else, the music often stirs something in their memory. I can barely remember my French or Russian but I can sing a song in each from memory. Maybe lessons should be taught to music. The test I took, and hate, went pretty well today and the doc said I did perfectly. It's to test the field or vision, important to rule out glaucoma with my ocular hypertention. They cover one eye with a pirate patch. Then, you look through a lens in a contraption. You stare at a yellow dot while little lights, like stars, flash in various brightness strengths. You have to click every time one flashes. They are all over the place, including way out on the margins. It's nerve wracking and everyone hates it. Makes me anxious. I hope the doc helps you. If they used the proper diagnosis codes, the ins. should pay. If the ins. refuses, contact the doc's billing office to have them submit it with the proper codes. Good luck.

Just read that some companies are implanting microchips in their employees' hands instead of having them use badges to open doors and access things on their computers. Chips evidently can also be used to pay for things by just holding one's hand by the RFID scanners in stores. Good grief!

Hope everydobby is also having a good day. The RT is really bad and people are coughing but I'll be inside all day. Think there will be an offshore breeze and that should help.

Love, Mikie


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Julie:. so sorry everyone is sick down in Tenn including YOU! I get that "dizzy" feeling when I'm very sleep deprived, so I'm sure you are with everything you're trying to do. I'm sure many times you wished that David and Lindsey hadn't moved so far away.

Mikie: Congrats on your eye test. I also have "the works" for my lenses. I had my exam about 4 months ago and have been putting off getting the new glasses, mainly because with trifocals it's hard to adjust to them. Hmmmm....chips in the hand. I'm sure Julie and Star know my thoughts on it. Why do you have to do gardening around the condo? Isn't that the job for what you pay the gardeners for?

Rock: My yellow angel trumpet turns almost a pumpkin color in the winter. And they smell sooooo good in the evening and mornings. They perfume the entire air around my house.

Granni: I hope the rheumy can give you concrete answers on what's wrong with your body.......and then be able to help you. As to my pain, I have stenosis in neck and back, some disc problems, and a congenital reversal of the curve at the neck. Getting old is the pits and I KNOW having FM contributes a lot. Yes, probably having to hold my head at a certain position at the dentist and then the cavitron which vibrates, it's really done a lot of damage I think.

Barry: It's HOT here again, up in the mid 90s. I'm having the water my new bushes daily so they don't die but they look so nice. My gardener was going to trim the salvia divinorom that grows on my neighbor's plot, but I told him to leave it. It helps create a nice privacy block between us. I can always break off a few branches....easy to do. it's poisonous but I do love that it blooms purple every 6 weeks or so and doesn't require any care.


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Just a short drop-in.

Sun, so you have a Salvia divinorum? NOT highly toxic, if at all, just gives you a short mind-trip. I've never had any myself. I don't do psychedelics any more. Used to be a real tripper on LSD, peyote, MDMA, etc. The S. divinorum's new leaves can be chewed up....
It's a strange plant from Mexico, where shamans use it. It is seldom seen flowering and is mainly grown from cuttings. Read its biography on Wiki. I'm wondering if you have the real divinorum, actually, which has white flowers and very seldom blooms....

Spring, there are many plants I wish I had never
planted : ivy, spearmint, the chocolate vine (Akebia), Vinca minor (even though it has lovely variegated leaves), etc. It lept out of the pot and went everywhere!
Sorry for the tiny font above. It WAS big, and then the whole post went tiny as a sugar ant! What the heck? OK, I figured it out...
Darned computer!

Sun, we are to have some warm days ahead too. I hear that PGE will be shutting down some of their lines if it gets too windy. I hope this isn't going to be the future's norm. At least MY future... aah well, so be it.

Been screwing around with this machine for long enough, and it's been screwing around with me, trying to drive me mad.

I'm off.
Love and PEACE to ALL,



Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...I just got back from the insurance meeting. Always lots of good info and our broker is such a nice guy. He looks very successful. Nice shirts with monogrammed cuffs. He's looked the same ever since I've known him. I wonder what his secret of youth is. It's for sure I don't have it. Claudia had her in-home checkup with a nurse today and was too tired to go. She said all the cleaning and then the checkup was too much. I told her that's why I have my checkups at the doc's office. The insurance companies like to see us in our natural habitat to know whether we are living in squalor, have empty booze bottles lying around, being abused by someone in the home, etc.

I stopped at Publix and got two beautiful pork chops for tomorrow's dinner. Was gonna get a pot roast for the Instant Pot but they didn't have any. They had other beef roasts and steaks but they cost an arm and a leg. I think I have some Omaha Steak burgers in the freezer. I usually go to the store in the morning. It was so busy tonight as were the roads. Not busy by Denver stds. but busy for me. I just don't want to deal with traffic in my old age. Soo glad that most everywhere I need to go is close by. This is a fantastic location.

Sun, yes, glasses are so expensive with all the trimmings and hard to get used to when the Rx changes. Our gardeners are adequate at best. I can't expect them to dig up the problem bushes and most of them come up easily. I enjoy working out there if I feel up to it and it isn't too hot out. Your pumpkin colored trumpet sounds beautiful and exotic. So many things grow down here and I wish we had more variety. The garden shops all just carry the same old, same old. Sorry it's sooo hot there. It's in the high 80's here but the humidity is so high. The weatherman uses what he calls The Misery Meter to describe what it's gonna be like. It felt like 100 degrees today. Glad I'm used to it but wouldn't want to be working out in it. I hope your neck feels better. It's a shame getting your teeth cleaned causes so much pain. Can the hygienist just clean them by hand without the machine?

Barry, hmmm, you sure know a lot about psychedelic plants. Hope they don't have to shut down the power again. Sorry the computer is screwing around with you. Come back when you can sit a spell.

My neck has been really sore. That happens from the stearic acid but I might have slept on it wrong too. I want some drugs that make me feel realllly better and not worse.

Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Just looked at the news. In the Felicity Huffman case the Federal government is now involved.
Since the state government has already imposed penalties, this might look like Double Jeopardy
but the rule has long been that both soveriegns (Federal and state) may prosecute. Would have
been a lot cheaper to hire a tutor although the girl in question had made it clear her idea of
college was going to parties.

Mikie, how long has it been since you saw the insurance man? Maybe it was his son. I remember
my first pair of glasses cost $25. And after that the price kept going up and up. Now I wear
cheap ones from the 99 cent store. They are perfect for reading. The weather's been very hot
here for the last few weeks. I'm surprised your weatherman can use the term Misery Meter. I
would expect some executive would tell him they don't want negative terms used on their

Barry, amazing that your mind is still so sharp if you were once a tripper. I think there was a
cowboy horse with that name. I know there was a trigger. Roy paid $2,500 for him. I'll
have to look up the chocolate vine. By an amazing kawinkydink, I have a chocolate kiss on
my computer table even as I speak (or type). The table BTW is a substantial slab of black
granite with white streaks in it. I told Gordon it's big enough to provide a tombstone for
both of us.

Sun, All the trumpet vines I've seen around here are pale yellow. The best vine we had was in
the back yard of our previous house. It was called the passion vine and the flower was full of religious symbolism. If you haven't seen this flower, Kids, see if you can find a pic. I don't dare;
would loose my post; wouldn't surprise me if the computer blew up.

Hugs and passion to all, Rock


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Rock: Here's a pic of the Passion flower vine. I used to have a huge one growing on a fence I shared with a neighbor. It TOOK OVER! And the butterflies it attracted was amazing. I was waiting patiently for the fruit but never did see any. We eventually had to remove it because it had a mind of it's own. A few months ago I came across one growing at a local park, covered with butterflies. We took my two youngest granddaughters to see the butterflies.


And take a look at the gorgous purple one with petals like feathers. And who sees the funny faces in some of the flowers? Some remind me of the sad lion in the Wizard of Oz.

Years ago I developed a craving for the angel trumpets. As I said, I have a double white, the yellow that turns to pumpkin in the winter and also a peach. I remember stopping at this one house who had quite a lot of them growing by the roadside. I talked to the man who lived there about them and he told me he was going down to Mexico where he had a house and had a red one! Told me he would bring back some branches for me, but sadly he said when he got there the red one was a gonner. I've seen seeds being sold on ebay. Don't think I would want to try them though.


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Hi guys.
I sure hope I'm posting at the right place.It seems that lately I hv a tendancy to post on a closed porch, without realising it.
This time I tried to take notice of dates.

I mostly wanted to check in because I'd heard some disturbing news about fires in California region.
Obviously I'm not familiar with the area, but I do know that a few of our friends here on the porch, live in that proximity...?
I do pray and hope you're all Safe.

As for this neck of the woods, we hv had some more Teenage dramas, (mostly featuring Dd ) and Dh's return from his motorbike trip over to Western Aust. to see family, more dramas involving Dd's school based apprenticeship, bad wild n wet weather, my dear friend from where we used to live, struggling in various areas and me plummetting head (or should I say neck?) first into a doozy of a flare.
I definitely know a lot of my flares are a result of stress/anxiety and the lack of sleep results in awful head aches...on top of the head aches my neck already causes me...you know how it is.

Anyway, enough of my griping.It's a sunny day out.
I had to set my alarm this morning to call the dentist at 8:30.
In order to try and get an emergency slot at the dentist, one has to call between 8:30 & 10am and then go through the triage process.Even though there's triage, apparently being first in plays a part too.So as you can imagine the public dentist is booked out solid and the phone lines are jammed between those times.Ordinary check ups for a public patient, to actually get Into the system, is about a 2 yr wait.
If only I'd put my name down when I first got here!
Anyway, after all the back and forth between 2 dentist offices in 2 dif places, I got an emergency slot for 2 wks time.when I rang back yet again, as requested, the receptionist asked me if I wanted an earlier appointment. I said "Yes that would be nice, but I was told that was the earliest"... at which she replied, " Your timing is impeccable as I hv just had a cancellation for 10am this Friday!"...God is Good.
A few days ago I realised I was chewing on my own bits of broken tooth.I had obviously already swallowed the filling.
The last dentist advised me to avoid chewing on my right side due to a painful tooth and now all the left side chomping has done it's dash...

This msg was sitting here since this morning, so decided to add to it...

Dh called from a job he was on, about an hr away.Very unhappy.
It turns out Ds used something out of his tool trailer and didnt put it back...

We discovered our female cockatiel had been pecked of all her head feathers.disturbingly so...Dh realised, when he discovered the main male sitting on eggs in the quail's nest, on the floor of the aviary that she probably copped it from the quails over night.so terrible.
Dh moved the eggs to another nest and now the 2 male cockatiels are fighting over the eggs/nest box...All I know, is that while they fight, no one is sitting on the eggs.At least our poor mama is safe now.

Dd came home at lunch and was extremely disrespectful to me in front of her 2 friends and then to top it all off a young stray came into our yard and tried to bust into our guinea pig home...

Today isn't over yet, but I am most certainly Over today!

I hope everyone else here has had Much better.
Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.

Love to All.
Take care and I'll Catch yas later.


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Was beat when I got home yesterday but also felt a bit wired. I fell asleep before 8:00 last night and didn't play FJ. Nancy is visiting another of our dear friends in Phoenix so Claudia was all alone. She evidently got the answer so we have virtual chocolate saved for us. Unfortunately, I woke at 2:00 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Been up watching TV ever since. My stomach is upset and I feel nauseated. Good grief! It's always something. I have the TV low because Barb's kids are here. I didn't know it until Joe told me. He can see their lights. I knew they were coming this month but not when.

Rock, I did know about the states' and federal government's both being able to prosecute crimes. That is why a presidential pardon may not protect a criminal if the state is also going after him. Who says TV can't be educational. Yes, glasses are expensive. This pair was supposed to be more than $600 but I asked for, and got, a discount that brought them to $500. That's bad enough. I am laughing about the insurance guy. He didn't say, "I'm son of Scott," so I'm assuming he was the original Scott. I'll have to check out the passion vine. Geez, you guys have me looking at flowers every day but I'm glad because they are so beautiful.

Sun, if you do a search on 'pictures of passion flowers' you get a lot more pics of them. That feathery purple one is gorgeous. They remind me of the exotic flowers in the movie, Avatar. I can only imagine how beautiful a red trumpet bush or vine would be. Again, I don't know why we don't grow more exotic and beautiful plants down here. Hope your neck is feeling better.

Star, good grief! The drama continues. That's about par for the course with teenagers. I don't think I could have birds. They are beautiful and interesting but it seems so much can go wrong. A lot of my clients had them and I did enjoy seeing them. One could imitate the sound of a phone ringing. It was the most amazing thing. Do you have Goode Department Stores there? That was the store in the fictional movie I watched but wondered whether the store name was real. I'm glad you got an appt. with the dentist. I hope he or she can help you. I broke a crown and that was bad enough but then, I'm a whiner. :)

OK, Kids, I'm off to do something, perhaps to go back to sleep. If only...

Love, Mikie

Update: Just got back from taking my garbage down to the dumpster. Barb's daughter, Cynthia, was taking hers down too so we walked together. Evidently, Barb isn't doing too well. Her legs blew up with water retention and she has been confused. Cynthia says that with every new thing that comes along, she seems to lose ground. That is so very sad. Cynthia remarked about the humidity here. It's awful. It's only 82 outside but feels like a sauna.

I've been cleaning in the kitchen to try to get rid of the ants. I found where they are coming in by the front door. I've wiped the area with peppermint extract but it will dry. The peppermint essential oil I ordered from Amazon should arrive this afternoon. The ants like SV's wet food more than the stuff in the traps so they are no longer working. I am so tired from not sleeping well last night that it doesn't take much to wear me out but I'll keep plugging along, doing a little at a time. I did manage to get about another two hours of sleep this morning and that helped.
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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in to check for spammers and read my emails. More than $7,000 in insurance premiums due on our bldg. Yikes! I need to review some of our financials but am in no shape to do it today. I feel loopy from lack of sleep. I did get the tile floors washed and cleaned up all of SV's bowls and his eating area. The peppermint extract is keeping the ants out and hooray for that. The guy just delivered my peppermint essential oil so I put a few drops on the door sill where the little devil beasts have been coming in. I also put a dab of it on a small piece of tissue and stuffed it into the wall next to the toilet water supply valve where there is a gap in the drywall. There are almost none left in there either. The oil should last a lot longer than the extract. It smells so good. It is supposed to have a lot of uses and I'm checking it out.

Despite the heat and humidity, the days have been so beautiful. Blue skies, sunshine and puffy clouds. Glad I don't have to work outside and can stay in here in the A/C. Ever since the stearic acid incident, my neck has been stiff and sore. Wish it would go away. At least, Roomba is vacuuming the carpet for me, sparing my back. Mopping the tiles was enough. I do love to see the floors sparkling clean.

I hope everydobby is having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hugz to awl,

Just wanted to pop in after a bunch of shopping at our Craft Show AKA the Holiday Market at our club. Git a bunch of stuff for Christmas but still not done for sure. I am all worn out. Wwe sing tomorrow morning again which is unusual at the Alzheimer gathering at a nearby Methodist church. The lady in charge has been doing so much for this "mission" of hers off and on. Glad to hear she is back after she had some physical problems I believe. We used to go sing there very often under the old director but then things changed for awhile. So glad we are going back there again. That will just be there morning but have to be up and atem in the a.m. Not great for me :)!! The weather is lovely. COLD this morning but much warmer this afternoon. So much to do now that it is getting to be Holiday season - ugh !!!

Gotta run and make some coleslaw from some already packaged cabbage, etc. I am already tired and achy !!.

Hi to everydobby. Hope to get back soon again , tomorrow afternoon or the next day.

Love to AWL !!

Granni :D


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Hi Kids, just reading the news. An awful lot of it is about people I know nothing about. Celebs
for the most part. I think there's an old song titled "Give Me The Simple Life."

Mikie, I didn't know ants no likee peppermint. How long does the peppermint aroma hang around the
place? We haven't seen any ants in the house for months. How often is that insurance payment
due? One of my fellow adjusters used to get annoyed with people who complained about high
costs for insurance. He's say, "Where are they going to get the thousands they need for a car crash or a burned down house or a month in the hospital if not from an insurance company?"

Star, good to hear from you. I have never had a bird for a pet, but they seem to be a lot of trouble.
Somebody in my home village had a parrot when I was a kid. Every time we visited my mother would
give us multiple warnings: Don't put your fingers in the cage. A parrot can bite a finger off. Decades
later I read they can't. Saw some wild bird on an animal program. It could imitate the sound of
a camera whirring when taking a pic. Hope the missing tool shows up, and your dentist visit
goes well.

Well, the damn computer just posted all by itself. OK, I'm tired of fighting with the stupid thing.


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Mikie: Sorry to read about Barb. I guess we all pray that we will go quickly when it's time rather than continually suffering. I did a search on stearic acid but couldn't find anything on side effects. I would be most interested to read what you found since I ALWAYS have neck pain

Star; Teenage years !!!!!!!!!!!!! Eventually you'll get thru it, but keep up with letting her know that's wrong, backtalking to you. So very very sorry about your tooth problems. Eeegads.....swallowing your filling. I do hope you get some help quickly. And about your neck......stand in front of a full length mirror, turned sideways. Take a good look at your posture. Do you round your shoulders and bend your hips to compensate for it. I wish I had learned POSTURE years ago because a lot of bad posture contributes to neck pain

Granni: Is this a holiday craft show where people can sell what they create? There's a big one locally this weekend in the little town. It started out small maybe 50 vendors years ago. Now they block the streets and it's impossible to get around. They have shuttle buses that continually run until after 4 PM. Lots of foods, crafts, jewelry, etc. Last year I was going to take my DGD.....but trying to drive there and getting stopped in among cars......that's when my foot let up off the brake and a bumped in the car in front of me. Uh oh.......the lady was very nice, a TINY little scratch on the bumper but she said it was a leased car so I turned it into my insurance.

Went to my cancer doc this morning for a cystoscope. All looked good, so the other office will set up a round of 3 chemo treatments again. That means BAD bladder urgency for at least 2 months. But I'm so thankful no surgery this time.


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very expressive toddler.

Hello everyone.

Suns hidden behind clouds today.

Sun - my parents had a passion fruit vine gave off fruit when they were alive. ive not seen the vine after that in these parts. My mum was very fond of plants. Grew flowers as much as her health permitted her. i absolutely love passion fruit.

My fathers mom lived alone in her daughters rambling house built during British colonial house in the country in myhometown in India. It had this huge old vine which rambled all over because there was no gardner, and come season time, local kids used to come and pick handfuls furtively and scoot. i used to take 5he weeks washing to her place on Sunday and wash them under her outdoors tap, because the water was so sparse in the town at certain seasons.

Then she would feed me cheese and chilli tomato curry and rice after which i would take the partially dried clothes and walk back the half hour distance to my home.When my father had a particularly bad quarrel with mum, he would go live with his mum for a while. and i would visit.

ive not thought of my paternal grandmom for decades, but the passion fruit conversation brought back memories.

Your crafts sale fair sounds like our street festivals, with all the crowds and noise, it was something exciting to go to when my kids were small, all kinds of food to sample, live bands, dance shows. Now, i avoid it. i cannot stand the cacophony.

Star - good to hear from you. I think all us parents know with teenage or older kids,theres always going to be something or other coming up which needs sorting out. They talk back, they dont do their chores and send our b p soaring, they go out too often and scare us by not calling when theyre out late, they get offended, they offend us, and so on.

This doesnt change. So we develop a habit of remaining cool, detached when tempers are flaring. i never had an instance when shouting at each other brought results. When i had my say and removed myself, the kids had time to think things over and cool down.

Then they came and aplogized. Yes, Im thankful both kids are out of their teens and more mellow. And that theyre immersed in their own lives so not much time to bicker.

Granni - i love Christmassy things. i wish i could see the things you bought. i think im intrigued by peoples creativity. In anything. Whether its a new invention to make daily lives easier or something nice for the eye to see. I understand groaning because festive season is coming closer. Its fun when the health is normal and can supply 5he extra energy needed for extra work. Its stressful when one is not feeling upto par.

Barry - the closest i came to getting high was drinking half a bottle of beer to quench the pain i felt when i was having some struggles in my life in my early twenties. It was horrible to 5he taste and just made me feel woozy. Never again.

Rock - parrots may not be able to bite off ones fingers but they can hurt them pretty hard. Lol. i dont know how people can lock parrots in small cages. Theyre meant to fly and squawk and socialize with other parrots. And form bands and swoop down on luscious fruit on trees and live how 5he Creator meant for them to be.

Mikie - looks like youre getting the odd cleaning done inspite of. Last evening i ate too much of this and that. Left over pizza 5hat was my lunch earlier, sone papadi, a indian sweetmeat DH sent from his office, syel roti, again sweet fried doughnut shape bread made from rice flour i bought, some left over Korean veg stuff DD brought from leftovers from a dinner out, kimbab rice balls, a cream cheese sponge cake etc...i got a stomach discomfort while laying down. Luckily no diarreaoh.

i just forgot my stomach cannot take so much stuff together. Today i shall be alert.


i went out to get essentials and incense and stuff and came back really tired. Couldnt cook. Just as well, b3cause DH had leftovers, DD and DS both ate out and came. Wouldve justhadto put inthe fridge.

i was unfortunate enough to witness a just happened accident while walking. 5he pavement opposite me, inthis crowded area, a house was being demolished, the whole upper storey wall came crash8ng down, br8nging eletrical pole and masses of wires with it. The poor pedestrians walking on the street below had no chance. Tons of concrete. I believe a few people died. some taken to hospital. Crowds.

i thought about the deceased loved ones. How shockingly sad. this is the second time im witnessing a bad accident just happened. Last time it was the young boys motorcycle.

God bless
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Happy Thursday, Dear Ones,

For some reason, I keep thinking it's Wednesday. I think I'm so happy that Tuesday is over with that I've lost my sense of time and date. Then yesterday, I was loopy all day from lack of sleep. I slept well last night and stayed awake long enough to play FJ in the evening. Neither of us got the right answer. No virtual chocolate for us!

So far, no ants in the bathroom or the kitchen. SV just did a good job of eating his wet food and I got the dish off the floor so as not to temp the ants to come back in. They love his wet food more than he does. Claudia says she has to clean up after her two cats every day to keep the ants at bay. The peppermint smells so good in here.

Granni, how nice for all the patients that you will be there this morning. It's wonderful that you do that. In my yute, I loved going to holiday craft fairs. Now, I'm getting rid of a lot of my decorations. I do enjoy seeing the things people create. Rick Steeves has a special on visiting the Christmas craft fairs in Europe. That would be such fun. Went with DD to a German holiday craft fair in Denver a few years ago. Lots of beautiful things but they were expensive. The beer and brats were the best thing. We rode the light rail so didn't have to engage in traffic downtown. Glad your weather has improved. That front that brought your cooler weather stayed north of us. It's still hot 'n sticky down here.

Rock, I don't know how long the effect of the peppermint lasts. This is oil instead of the extract so it should last longer. It is poisonous to cats so I have to be careful with it. SV doesn't seem to be much interested in it. At the bottom of my front door, there is a shiny brass kick plate on both sides. He saw himself in it yesterday and was quite interested. Cats don't recognize their own image so I'm not sure what he was thinking. We pay our insurance annually. I used to finance the payments and pay them out over time but the finance charges have gotten to be too much. With almost $9,000 in premiums, it takes a big chunk out of our operating acct. until we start getting more money in again. Premiums go up whenever there are disasters that the insurance companies have to pay out for in excess of what is 'normal.' With climate change and bigger storms, I don't see rates going down anytime soon. Between the dues I pay for insurance coverage in the building, the insurance I have on the contents of my condo and the car insurance, it's a big part of my expenses. I agree--Give me the simple life too.

Sun, the info I found on stearic acid was all contained in very technical scientific medical papers. I had to scan until I found snippets of info I could understand. There was nothing under side effects. It was all contained within the papers. What I found is that it is a fatty acid. The brain uses fatty acids to function and for protection. If the fatty acids get out of balance, they can damage the brain. Alzheimers and Parkinsons were mentioned. When things get out of balance, the brain cannot regulate the formation of peptides and the amino acid chains in proteins. That must be why the peptide injections work. This has finally answered why I get neurological symptoms when I ingest supps in which stearic acid is used in the production process. Mystery solved. Now, if only we could figure out a permanent fix to these things. I wish they would stop using the stearic acid in so many supps that I have had to stop taking. My doc said that once I got sensitized, each exposure would make it worse. Now, I have to check everything because the manufacturers can change what they use. It's a mess. So, Dear One, if you want to go down this rabbit hole, you will have to do as I did and try to decipher those scientific papers. Good luck. I am so sorry you have to keep getting the chemo but I'm so glad they are keeping the cancer in check.

Spring, I'm with you when it comes to birds. We have a shopping center over on Sanibel Island where the courtyard looks like a jungle including cages filled with birds, one bird to a cage. No chance to socialize with other birds. DD was so upset when she saw one looking at a wild bird and acting so sad. I'm so sad to think we will lose 2/3 of our birds in the wild if we don't tame what we are doing to add to the climate change. That food all sounds so delicious. You must be a great cook. I can't eat as much as I once did. I no longer want to go to crowded noisy places either. It's just not worth it. It's difficult enough to do things under calm conditions. I'm so sorry you are having to see the aftermath of those accidents. When I see things like that on TV, I always pray for their families. The news has been covering a beautiful little girl that was taken outside of a birthday celebration. They found her body and it is just heartbreaking. Her nickname was Cup Cake. I honestly don't know how her parents can take that kind of pain. I pray for them. I also pray for the sick person who did this.

Barry, I hope they don't cut your power. I always keep you, Rock and Sun in my thoughts and prayers when I see anything on the news, especially when there are fires. I see the Santa Ana winds are blowing in and making things worse. CA is such a beautiful place and it is so sad when disasters hit and leave everything scarred and ugly. Have they started to rebuild from the last big fire? Even worse is when people and pets die in the fires. It almost makes me feel panicky when I see the fires closing in on the TV news. The worst was seeing burned out cars in which people died. Stay safe and well.

Julie, I hope and pray all is going well at Lindsey's. Stop in when you can.

As is my habit, I'm gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Despite the horrible and crazy news, I've been trying to live in happiness in my own small world. Part of it is to try to live mindfully in the moment and realize how beautiful it is around me. At such times, I need nothing else. There is a woman, Marie Condo, who is helping people live more simply and get rid of possessions which 'do not give them joy.' What she is too young to realize is that, at a certain age, objects do not bring joy. I love some of my possessions, mostly the ones that help me, but they don't bring me joy. What gives me joy is my family, friends and SV, along with nature. Hope everydobby has a wonderful day. You all bring me joy.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Where are our Porchies? I know Julie may be incommunicado as well as Barry if they turned off his power. Granni is very busy today go I guess that just leaves us chickens, as my Mom used to say.

I just had a slice of the Krusteaz Myer Lemon sponge cake. Soooo good! I set the crust to dark and it comes right out of the pan when it's cooled a bit. Sooo sweet and tangy. PH is having a sale and I'd love to get the sublingual B-12 but it contains stearic acid and magnesium stearate. They carry a liquid that I don't think contains it because it's used in making capsules and tablets. I'm starting to feel so much better. I've tried to eliminate it but it can hide out in some products. The products here list the inactive ingredients.

I sat down and went through a pile of junk mail to scratch out my name and address numbers before putting it out to recycle. I don't want strangers' having my name and address. It might be the start to ID theft. One can't be too careful. Of course, if someone wants it, he can get it but why make it easy? Most criminals go for the low hanging fruit. Now that it's Medicare enrollment time, we are inundated with junk mail from the various insurance companies. That's in addition to all the junk mail from cremation/funeral service companies and hearing aid businesses. You know you're getting old when that is the bulk, no pun intended, of your mail. It's not enough to scratch out my name on the envelopes because a lot of these guys plaster one's name all over the contents too. I'm sure there are probably older people who would be impressed, as though they are being spoken to personally. It has to be effective or they wouldn't bother.

DSIL, who is in his 50's, just did a rant on FB about younger drivers. I made fun of him and posted, "You kids, get off my grass." One shouldn't be allowed to whine about younger people until at least the age of 70. Just saying'. As Rock pointed out, I no longer know who a lot of the younger celebrities are either. Vanity Fair has been revamped to appeal to younger readers and I like it less now. There is still enough for me to find things to read so will keep my subscription alive for now. I also pay for DD's subscription.

A very sad letter to Dear Annie today was from a woman who said one never gets over infidelity and no one wants to hear about it. Her ex left her for his mistress. I have never done this but I sent a letter telling her I know how she feels. Her shrink told her she needs to forgive her ex husband. I think she was under the impression that we forgive for their sake. I told her we do it for ourselves so we can get rid of some of the pain. I hope Annie prints it and it gives this woman, or another woman in the same situation, some comfort.
OK, gonna go find something useful to do. While I felt lousy, the condo got a bit messy and things could use a good cleaning. At least, the floors got a good cleaning yesterday. I cleaned the baths but the tub never got scrubbed. It's not bad but could use it. I'm not pushing myself. I'm doing a bit here and a bit there. That makes doing it so much less stressful and more enjoyable. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: It seems to me that taking liquid supps would be best for you.

I slept awful last night and then my SIL brought over Savannah this morning for her to stay here until sunday when they get back from a little R&R. She KNOWS she gets fresh food from here, instead of her dry food, so as soon as he left she came to me, licking her lips and telling me she's ready for food. I have to get to the market for chicken thighs and veggies she can eat. I usually cook the chicken in lots of water until it falls off the bone, remove the chicken then add brown rice and veggies to make a chicken stew. Thighs are the easiest to remove the meat from.

SILs parents are taking Skylar.....I refuse to have her! Too much trouble, and there's two of them to handle her. My DGS and his girlfriend are going to Knotts Berry Farm on saturday instead of going to the homecoming dance. The girl's dad is taking and picking up. The DGKs are also staying with SILs parents.

So I got out later than usual and it was already hot. Came home and took my reading...OMG....hr was 152 then dropped to 132. The heat just is hard on me. So another day of staying inside the house. It's almost november and I'm ready for cold weather.

I have a stack of old evening bags from the 20s and earlier. Some of them I want to replace the lining because it's old and stained from lipstick, etc. or falling apart. If they don't sell on etsy my 3 DGDs will all get one.


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Hi Y'all.

STAR, how good to hear from you! Sorry about your trials and travails though... I hope your female cockatiel will be alright. I've had a lot of birds in my life. Used to breed lovebirds (blue) and mainly Goldie's Lorikeets, which were very prolific. The oldest lorikeet passed away at 26 yrs. old. Made a lot of money raising and selling the lorikeets --$350-400 a bird. Those were the days.

Rock, I don't know many of the "celebrities" in the news either. Hey, if ya wanna hear a wierd bird song look up white bellbird on Google and find a recording of its strange call. Very curious looking bird too. It's white!

Spring, my Goldie's Lorikeets were kept in an outdoor aviary and were very tame; when they were a few weeks old I removed them and babied them myself. Hand feeding. One flew away one day but came back when called. Beautiful birds, wish I got post a pic. of them.

Mikie, no power cut off YET! Big fire is about 100 miles to our south, and we, up here are without those terrible winds from the east -- the Santa Ana's. At least we don't have the red tide here, just high levels of domoic acid in the sea-food that makes it poison to eat. No mussels, abalone, crab, etc. until it "clears up". Climate deniers, piffle! And the same to anti-vaxxers -- measles were wiped out in this country pretty much, but now is making a real come-back because of the ant-vaxx movement. I really can't imagine parents putting their children in such danger. Have the parents forgotten about polio ... DUH!?!?

Read the news today, oh boy. I don't understand this political situation at all. And Brexit -- I don't bother with it....

Gotta Go,
Love to All, including those not mentioned, Julie, Granni, and, and, uh?


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Dear Ones,

Just popped in again after singing for the Alz group and their caregivers. They have such fun there and the theme this time was of course, Halloween. Many dressed up and they had all kinds of games planned. After we sang they took a break and we left but they take breaks and have lunch in between the games, activities and performers. It is great to see so many of them singing or trying to sing the old songs. Then came home, had lunch ad went out to do some outside work. It is a beautiful sunny day today, chilly in the a.m. and warming up into the 70's I believe. Not to bad to work out in between all my pain - ugh !! DH had been out there all morning working.

MIKIE - So sorry to hear Barb is not doing well. Is she in a facility now? I see some of her family is visiting in FL again. Just do a little bit at a time. That is what I do too and when things get a bit out of hand, so they say. Sounds like you are getting the same kind of mail that we are. Aren't we lucky :)!!

SUN- Sorry to hear that you are going to have some more chemo. Glad it is only 3 sessions and no surgery !! I know how it is to be up every few hours to go to the bathroom - groan !! How cute of Savannah to remember where she is getting all that food. Lucky dog to have you to spoil her. One doggie to take care of enough esp if you are the only one there. Those DGD are going to have fun with those remade evening bags. I know they really would enjoy them. Hope you feel better soon.

STAR - Yes, teenagers can be wonderful and also lots of headaches, I know. I had 5 of them but really one one big trouble maker that was DCD but she seems to be getting a little better and still has her job and will move into an apartment of her own in November. Hope all continues to go well with her. Give you DD some time and she will appreciate you more. Yes, as MIKIE said don;t let her disrespect you. My mom was a small tiny woman but gutsy and if I ever did that to her I would have no teeth left !!! Sorry you swallowed part of your tooth and filling but glad you have an appt for tomorrow, I believe you said.

ROCK - So nice to see you here again. Glad the computer is behaving lately !! I never did have a subscription to Vanity Fair. Only read it occasionally when in the hairdresser's or something. I guess it is OK when you can find someone in there that you know. Oh well, seems like I don;t get to read many magazines lately either. I had cooking magazines years ago but stopped those a few years ago. Was to busy to read them and some recipes didn't have the things in it that we should eat . I was wasting money as far as I am concerned. However, sometimes they do give you ideas for cooking, Then they take up lots of space and have been trying to clean out. DH is a great cleaner outer . His desk is a lot cleaner than mine or should I say neater.

SPRING - I know what you mean about going out sometimes and lots of stuff happening. I like it nice and calm also but then it is not always so, as you know. Was trying to get ready to go sing this morning. I got a message on my phone or two of them. One from the doctor office and one from one of the gals needing a ride to our gig today. The gal from the dr office gave me the fax number instead of the phone number so that was wile and it took me forever find that out and then to try and get in touch with someone else who could pick her up. She also has one car now too. Anyway by the time the gal came to pick me up I was sort of in a tizzy rushing around trying to get off the phone with the insurance person, and look half way decent with our costumes and makeup on.


JULIE - Hope you are feeling OK and Lindsey and kiddos too. How hard to be in charge of everyone getting sick when you are so in the same condition.

BARRY- Hope all is well in your end of the woods and that you are feeling at least half way up to par/ whatever that is. It seems lately that is how I feel. Hoping I get some answers next week Friday from the Rheumy and some easy solutions, if there are any. Then I will work on my pain, hopefully !! If you find any lost NRG please send some my way. Sorry for the fires in your area. Hope it is not to close.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :D
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Hi Kids

There is an article in the news today about bones found in the mountains near LA. Apparently from a Japanese WWII camp. After Pearl Harbor many Japanese, including those born here, were imprisoned without a trial or any evidence of anti American action. When I was in my 30s and going to Law School I clerked for a young Japanese attorney who had been born in Manzanar which I think was the camp nearest to LA. I can't read the article in Wikipedia because the print is too small.
(I can't read some posts here for the same reason.)

Anyhoo after the war our government made reparations to the Japanese. Many of them were
fisherman. While they were away, many had lost their property including small fishing boats
to thieves.

Sun, that chicken stew sounds very nice. Are you making it for Savannah or you or both? After
Gordon's mother died he invited the many relatives over to take what they would like of her
clothes, dishes, knick knacks. The purses were quickly gone. One girl who was probably
around 12 was delighted with an old suitcase. Gordon and I had to go through all the stuff
because she "saved" money by putting it in her dresses, old boxes, etc. The biggest amount we
found was $700 which Gordon had given her a week or two before she died. She was not a big believer in banks.

Mikie, your lemon cake sounds delicious. Gordon hasn't made one for quite a while. That lady
who is writing to Dear Annie should try the 12 step program Emotions Anonymous. Folks
there will listen to her story. I would still be going to meetings if I hadn't got so old and
decrepit. Started falling asleep at the meetings.

Springwater, that 2 year old is pretty eloquent for his age. And where did he learn to gesture
like that? Put up some more pictures of your photogenic family. Oh, the master of the this ranch
says it's time to go to the library, so I will bid you all a fond adieu.

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Hi, Kids,

Put DGS's school pic in a frame that I keep them in, year after year. I can't believe how grown up he has become, even since their visit this last year. I love the frame but it is falling apart on the back. It is held together with duct tape where it can't be seen. I put in a new air filter on the air handler. Cynthia told me the A/C didn't seem to be working the first night. She checked and the filter was 'filthy.' I hope that's all that was wrong with it. Her folks and I got new A/C's the same year but from different services and different brands. Mine is a Trane and they are supposed to be good and last longer. I hope so.

Spring, I forgot to mention that adorable baby carrying on in his outrage. Sooo funny. Thanks for posting.

Sun, I don't go out in the midday sun or afternoons. That kind of heat is too much. Yes, liquid supps would be best but some don't use the stearic acid. The excellent multi-vitamins I get here don't have it. I'm just wondering whether I am the canary in the coal mine. If I'm having a toxic reaction to it, you can bet there are others. Some who have been diagnosed with neurological conditions might just be exhibiting a reaction to it. Gonna talk to my doc to see whether anything can be done. Of course the profitable manufacturers would likely stonewall it. Stearic acid is dirt cheap and very effective in getting the tablets and capsules to release from the molds used in the manufacturing process. Savannah is a lucky dog to have such a sweet grandma.

Barry, I am wondering whether any seafood is safe these days. A lot of people say farmed fish is bad but experts are saying it may be the only sustainable and safe way to have seafood. What a mess we have made of things on this planet. Climate change deniers are becoming fewer and fewer as the evidence mounts. I say we should err on the side of safety and cut our carbon footprint. As for vaccines, I agree that they are needed but don't think it is safe to give them in bulk in one shot. All these cases of Autism have started with the bundling of the vaccines. I believe they may overwhelm babies' immune systems. Think I've mentioned that DD had a doc who gave DGS's one at a time. To me, it's not worth it to take a chance just for the convenience of getting everything in one shot. Glad the Santa Winds are not blowing your way but fires are always a concern. We have them here to, even in this wet jungle. Take care.

Granni, I laughed when you mentioned celebrating Halloween. Claudia's Mom lives in a facility and last Halloween, she was getting particularly difficult for the staff to handle. They dressed her up as a witch for their Halloween party. Claudia and I laughed at that. Sadly, she now sleeps most of the time and is down to 79 pounds. I think Claudia is an angel on earth. Yes, Barb's kids are here for a week. Barb was in the hospital but has gone 'home' to the facility where she lives. She likes it there; I'm so glad. She is so tough. I hate dealing with all that junk mail. Thank God it can be recycled. I recycle everything I can. Publix takes foam egg and meat trays and plastic bags. I've heard that Wal*Mart does too. Glad your weather is better. Can't wait for cooler temps to arrive here. Many years, it isn't til after Halloween that the temps drop.

Rock, next to slavery, I think the internment of Japanese citizens during WWII is our greatest shame as a nation. Separating immigrant children and holding them in squalor may replace that. Instead of knee jerk decisions, I would like us to start making smart and humanitarian ones. You can enlarge the print on your screen by zooming in and making it larger. On most of these machines, there are three little vertical dots at the top of the page, typically on the right hand side. You click on that and a menu drops. You can go down and click on the amt. of enlargement you want. Ask Gordon to show you how to use it. It's a shame to miss out due to small print. Wish I had known to suggest the twelve step program. Those are often better than one on one therapy. Also helps to talk to others with similar problems and suggestions. Did you say your were bidding us all fondue? That's kinda cheesy.

OK, getting too tired to make puns. Gonna get going. Bidding y'all adios.

Love, Mikie

OMG! Sometimes in the worst of times, there is something to laugh about. I just had to come back and tell y'all about it. A pundit on TV was talking fast about the Turks and Kurds. He got going so fast he called them, Turds. It was bound to happen.
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