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PORCH 1162 IS NOW CLOSED (10/20/19)

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Barry: You guys made a nice tidy sum of $ on those little birds. But you have to have patience and love when raising them.

Rock: I can understand about Gordon's mom squirreling away her $. When my SIL's little company bought a vacation home out in Palm Desert a few years ago they had to do a lot of clean up. They were two old (rich) ladies who lived there, they were put into a home, and the house was bought as is with all furnishings, etc. left, including the clothes. My DD was there working her way thru tossing spices etc. in the kitchen cabinets, and found over $1,500 rolled up in a bottle. So after that the search was on! It was like a treasure hunt! Darn, I wish I could have participated. Most of the furniture went to resale shops as did the clothes. I sold the full length Blackglamma mink coat on my etsy store for them. The kitchen was unbelievable! Every kind of really top of the line pot and pan, etc. you could imagine. Straight out of that expensive kitchen store. We had thanksgiving for everyone at the house after they bought it, and it was so much fun to cook in the kitchen pulling out serving trays, etc.

Mikie: I watched a special on PBS the other night about the recycling. Turns out the US used to send it all to 3rd world countries to sort.....then they stopped taking it, and that floating "island of plastic" is what we sent to them. And....none of those plastic egg cartons, food containers, plastic bags, etc. aren't being recycled but are NOW being put into dumps in the US and buried. Look for the special so you can see it.

Gonna forget about the chicken "stew" for a day or so. I gave her scrambled eggs for lunch and forced her to go outside potty......eeegads.....she's got diarrhea. So I called my DD, told her to call her vet to see if she could have pepto bismol. Yes....1 tsp per 10 lbs. she weighs 80 so I counted out tsp and mix it up with a little pieces of bread. She ate most of it but there's still some pepto in her bowl. Did a search and internet said boiled chicken and white rice. Don't have white so will have to make a run to the market AGAIN.
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Hi, Kids,

Just stopped in and left a final line at the bottom of my last post. It's worth reading if you want a laugh.

Sun, my vet had me boil hamburger and put it in cooked white rice. It worked right away. BTW, if her poop turns black, it's normal after taking Pepto. I speak from experience. That's disgusting about the recycle stuff's being recycled and buried. We burn our trash here in huge chimneys out to the east of town. There are so many scrubbers on the chimneys that there is minimal pollution. The heat is used to make electricity. Better than landfills. Our products are way overpackaged. I remember that treasure hunt. How exciting. The only cash I stow away is the extra I keep on hand for hurricanes and a few bucks for tips for deliveries. I hope poor Savannah is feeling better.

Rock, tell Gordon that, so far, the peppermint is keeping the ants out. Don't know how long it will last. One way to get rid of them would be to smear some of SV's wet food in front of a neighbor's place. Just kidding! Love my neighbors too much to do anything like that and I do have to live with myself. Also, I'm old and want to get into Heaven.

Again, I wish y'all a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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