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PORCH #1163 IS NOW CLOSED (10/26/19)

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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Be sure to go back to the old Porch to read the last few posts on pages 2 and 3, especially the adorable pics of the little girl with animals that Sun posted. Sooo sweet they will make you smile. There are also funny pics of cats over on the Homebound board if you need still more smiles. Thought it might be fun to see some uncommon animal friends.

Slept well but feel tired. I'm adjusting to not taking my pregnenolone. I hate not being able to take it because it may cause heart palpitations and the sweats. We'll see. It's worse to be taking the stearic acid but it's also worse for the osteopenia not to be able to take the pregnenolone. Again, damned if I do and damned if I don't. I've been trying to figure out how to get someone involved in investigating the whole stearic acid thing. I'm going to see whether I can contact Dr. Garth Nicolson. He was sooo helpful to me and my doc when we were treating the mycoplasma infection. He's no stranger to standing up to the powerful who oppose him.

My ex called last night. He was at Best Buy shopping for the watch for DD. He was upset and didn't like the guy working there. I gave him exact instructions for what to get but the guy wanted to know the wrist size for the band. I told him to get one that fit him and it would fit DD. Some BB stores have pretty arrogant techies working at them but it could also be my ex. Who knows? The next call came from the Apple store where he seemed to be happy. I told him to get a silver tone watch and he was confused because evidently they have one that looks like chrome and is $650! Say what! He asked if the one he should get looks like aluminum and I told him to get that one. It's brushed silver tone. I just hope he got the right thing. Gonna tell him to just give it to DD since there will be no graduation until Jan. She said there is no way they can fail her now even if she were to blow her finals. I'll tell him to have her Facetime me when he gives her the watch.

Last night I watched yet another special on the Jon Benet Ramsy murder. They have the DNA of the killer but have never found anyone to match it. They looked at three men who appeared to be a good match but none of the DNA matched. I think one of them in particular may have orchestrated the killing which, I believe, was meant to be a kidnapping that went awry. I think the case eventually will be resolved using familial DNA. Another one was just solved down here. Killers who thought they had gotten away with their crimes must be shaking in their boots with this new technology. That is why I told Ancestry that my DNA could be used to solve crimes. I hope there are no killers in my family. Yikes! There was one in my ex's family probably 100 years ago. I read the newspaper articles but can't remember the details. Can't remember much of anything anymore.

SV just came in from the lanai. He is looking very fine these days. It's still close to 90 and humid as can be down here but he's eating more and putting on some weight. Also, his fur is getting bushier. He must be programmed to do these things based on the calendar year and not the temps. He's also drinking water like crazy. I'm glad because for a short time, he wasn't interested in drinking. That scared me.

OK, Kids, I'm off to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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Good Morning to All.

I may be incommunicado for a few days if the PGE turns off the power tomorrow for a few days because of fire danger. Apparently a lot of their equipment is old and needs to be replaced -- good luck! High winds forecast.

Mikie, even though I'm a Leo I don't want to bear the bear! I so hope you are able to contact Dr. Nicolson in regards to the stearic acid thing.

I am v tired this day, so cannot stay and play. My dogs and cats are care-giving me. Seems I can't keep a cat off my lap or Lenny from draping around my neck and shoulders on the back of the sofa.

Rock and Sun: have you heard anything about electric cut-offs in your areas? Be prepared! When our power goes off so does our water supply. We stock up on H20 beforehand. Electric lantern has been charged up, and docs' visit cancelled. And so it goes........

PS! Don't leave your lap-top on and open if you have a cat that likes to walk on the key-board.... CHAOS! Katastrophe!

Good luck to All,
Love, Peace,

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Hi, Kids,

We just got a nice rain shower. Woo Hoo! It's because I went out and watered some potted plants. I could wash my car but that's too much work to do just to get it to rain. I worked years ago with a sweet guy with a good sense of humor; he was Native American. It had been too dry and finally rained. I asked him whether he had been out dancing the night before. He said no but, for a fee, he would do a rain dance.

I think I'm in some kind of withdrawal from getting rid of some of the stearic acid. I've had anxiety and not felt right. It only makes sense. I just looked at the Pepto generic brand of chewable tablets and they have magnesium stearate. My allergies are bad today but am having to just bite the bullet and suck on a cough drop. I was really tired but felt a bit better so cleaned up a bit in the kitchen and polished the stainless steel appliances. The fridge and dishwasher need some TLC now and then. The stove not so much due to lack of use.

Y'all know how I love helpful techie stuff. I read in the auto section of our paper today that you can buy a gizmo on Amazon that you can put in the car and use it when you want to wash it. It's wireless and you just have to keep it charged. You can use a bucket, a lake or even a bottle of water. The water bottle screws into it. It will also start you car if it is dead. Finally, it will charge your phone or tablet. It must have a heck of a battery. I'm not going to buy one but did find it interesting.

Barry, I'm so sorry that you have to contend with the power's being cut off. It affect so many things. Almost all our infrastructure in this country is old and in need of repair/replacement. There are water pipes in some towns that are 100 years old. Electrical equipment should be kept up to date. Our lines don't have a chance to get old; they are always being replaced after hurricanes. Just kidding. Florida Power & Light does a pretty good job of taking care of their power lines and equipment. They just don't do a good job of keeping trees out from under those lines. Leo is my rising sign and what makes me more outgoing than the typical Cancer. Aquarius is my moon sign and tilts me toward the spiritual. Our fur babies know when we aren't up to snuff. I'm glad they are taking care of you.

Dr. Nicolson lost his wife this year. I didn't know that until I went on Facebook. She was as smart and accomplished as he. She received the Congressional Medal of Freedom. Both have fought the powers that be to get help for veterans made sick in wars. More really good people. They are out there but are often eclipsed by those who don't have our best interest at heart. God bless them.

Had the TV on most of the day. Been watching the funeral service for Elijah Cummings. He is such a beloved man. He was fierce, fair and kind all at the same time. He was friends with, and worked with, people on both sides of the aisle. Presidents and other dignitaries gave eulogies. It's always sad for me when we lose such good people. We desperately need them.

I'm outta here. Hope everydobby has a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie
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Barry:. I did hear that up around where the fire is. It doesn't affect me nor Rock either.....I hope. It's been HOT, and some areas of so. Cal have strong winds, but so far I'm not getting any. I have lowered all the umbrellas though.

I sold a civil war re enactment bonnet this morning, but the lady in NC needed it sent priority for halloween for her school. What a hassle with etsy now that shipping over $35 is first class free. I finally got my ipad to WORK, and packed it up and went to the PO. She will pay the overage to me thru paypal. I'm working on "a wing and a prayer" basically......don't quite understand a lot! Some days when I'm sleep deprived the brain just won't work!

Bad night last night for me, up and down all night, Savannah refused to go out potty late......this morning I found a huge wet spot on the carpet and went thru almost an entire roll of paper towels soaking it up. And when I got home after the PO and errands, I gave her a little to eat and she demanded she go out thru the kitchen door. I didn't even know she knew that was a door! She only made it part of the way down the cement path when she had to go. I'm thinking I will close her in the kitchen tonight with her bed......just incase.


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Mikie: I've done a lot of research on magnesium stearate and stearate acid. If you go to NOW health website and do a search for the two items you can read more. NOW also makes stearate free liquid pills. I learned that stearate is a Greek word for tallow.....the fat that comes from beef, but palm oil also is safe for use by vegans. Can't post the link to them because they sell vitamins.


Hi, Kids,

Am feeling a wee bit better. Dr. Nicolson accepted my request to friend him. That made me very happy. In addition to being a genius, he is one of the nicest men I've ever known (I got to know him through emails when he helped me and my doc). He and his wife are so accomplished. He continues to give to others.

News says we are getting a spike in the numbers of cottonmouth and rattle snakes. Yikes! Leisa's condo downstairs went on the market today at a low price so I expect it will sell fast. I hope and pray we get good neighbors. Joe and I have been on the phone keeping each other updated on what's going on in the hood.

Barry, TV news says power to be cut to more homes this weekend. I hope that's not you but, at least, you're smart and prepared. I'll bet there are plenty of people who aren't. Good luck.

Sun, thanks so much for the info. I read a bit more on it too and found that organic brown rice powder does an ever better job of binding ingredients in tablets and capsules than the stearic acid. It must be cheaper to use the acid instead. We are being poisoned for profits on every front. I am so sorry for you and Savannah. Bless both your hearts. I hope she feels better. I'll check out the website; thanks again!

OK, gonna go to bed. Last night, I told SV I was going to bed and acted like I was running. Instead of running in to beat me to bed, he chased me slapping at my heels with his paw. It gave me the giggles. I guess he has a new game. Sleep well all my beloved Porchies.

Love, Mikie


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I'm up early. Didn't get quite enough sleep last night. I wasn't sleepy and stayed up to watch the Slenderman special on 20/20. Quite disturbing but was able to drop off to sleep as soon as it ended. Claudia and I both got the FJ question last night so we got double virtual chocolate.

A very strange thing happened last evening. I was sitting in the living room and noticed that it no longer felt cool. I looked at the thermostat and it was 81 degrees in here. I keep it set at 77. I was so upset because it appeared that the A/C wasn't cooling and it was the start of the weekend. Claudia had given me her old expensive filters because she got a new air handler that uses a different size filter. The 3M filters she used are so tightly packed that I wondered whether the air handler was able to draw air in easily. I got my less expensive ones and installed one. The unit immediately started to cool. Prayers answered. So, I guess paying all that money isn't a good idea to get the name brand filters. My A/C guy told me years ago that the cheaper ones are fine as long as I use the accordion pleated ones. In this case, they are better.

There was a short clip in our newspaper about a couple of hikers who fell off of a cliff. One had a smart watch that detected the fall and called 911. They were rescued. This is the first I have read about a watch's working after a fall. Glad to know it works.

My allergies are still acting up and I suspect it's the RT. I'm going to spray some stuff up my nose to see whether that helps. It's the RT tickle in my throat that is difficult to deal with. The Fisherman's Friend drops help with that. Thanks, Sun, for telling me about them.

OK, off to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend today.

Love, Mikie

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Morning, Friends, It's 4AM here. Just watched the 2nd half of a Mama's Family Show. Still funny after all these years. If the cast is still getting royalties they must be wealthy as some royals. I think it was
back in the 30s that some show biz folks married some royals who had a title, but not much more.
Some of them were from countries that no longer existed due to WWI.

And speaking of show biz, which I frequently am, I saw a guest on an old Dick Cavett show last night
filmed in 2015. Never seen her on another talk show. It was Katharine Hepburn. She was dressed
as if she was going out to weed in her garden.

Mikie, nice pic. Looks like a bobcat and a chow chow dog. One of my bridge playing friends had
a couple chow chows. Asia, the female had won some prize at a dog show. She was clearly not
friendly. When we got to the house she would hide. Then when we were playing cards she would
peek into the room and growl at us.

Oh, is that what smart watches do? I thought they measured your pulse or what direction was
North. Well, maybe they do all that and more. Hope ya feel better.

Sunflower, I guess if it's an "enactment" bonnet, it was made in modern times, right? I have a
vague recollection from a long time ago. A couple that was friends of my mothers stopped by to
show her a Civil War soldiers bouse they had just bought. It was in excellent shape. Maybe
never worn. They told us what it cost; don't remember. Got it from a catalogue that sold
similar goods. I also remember my Dad came home from WWII with a belt and two German
daggers. in scabbards. Wonder what ever happened to them. I looked them up in a catalogue
decades ago. It said they generally sold for about $500@.

Barry, hope you're feeling more chipper. Cats are pretty good care givers. 'Speciallly if you need
a cat scan or a catheter. If I pick up our cat she is very uncomfortable. Wiggles and jumps down
as soon as possible. The news is full of fire news. Some of areas the reporters talk about I
never heard of before. Most of them are areas rather than towns. I used to know where they
were, but not any more.

I finished my John Sanford book. Waited several months for it. Was disappointed when it finally
got here. Sanford is 4 years younger than I. For most of the book he sounded old and tired and
not much was happening with the plot. But the last couple hundred pages he came to life and
was writing like his old self. Which reminds me. We went to the library yesterday and didn't
pay our debt. We owe them 70 cents. Yikes! When I was a kid and overdue book cost 2 cents
a day.

Hugs Star, Spring, Granni, GB and anyone my Alzheimer's forgot.

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Rock:. What was the name of the book by John Sandford? Terribly disappointing when you look forward to a book or movie and it lets you down. I finished the book I was listening to: A tree grows in Brooklyn. I was very sad for it to end, just wanted it to go on and on. I can't believe it was so well known and I never listened to it. Now I think I count it as one of my favorites.

There is a "free books" stand near me, so I stopped the other day to see what was available. They seem to be scattered thruout my little town. Most are cute little wooden houses on a pole with a glass door in front. You can drop off what you don't want or take one for free. I picked up a few to read but the best was a really nice coffee table book of Rome. I browsed thru it, saw quite a lot of photos I might want to incorporate in a painting, mainly of angel statues or carvings on the old buildings. I seem to be drawn to angels.....in my little atrium I have a few old plaster ones hanging in among the plants and other things.

Yes, the reenactment gatherings are popular, though more so in the midwest or the east coast. My DH and I once went to a mountain man rondevous so I could take lots of pictures. That was really interesting. Everyone had to dress authentically and all their cooking utensils, tool, etc. had to be pretty close to what would have been used. I think we also went to a small civil war reenactment once.....not that good though. When I first started an antique business, mainly antique wicker I had repaired, I filled in with vintage laces, linens and clothes. I had an antique man's black frock coat, probably dated from 1860 or a bit later, which I sold to a man who was involved with the reenactments. First time I ever heard of them.

Mikie: That reminds me to check my furnace filter. I remember I used the last one months ago and need to buy more to keep handy.

Barry: So glad to read that your pets are a comfort to you. Every time I read about one of them around your neck I cringe, thinking of pain going all the way down. I've found recently that I hate the feeling of Clair breathing on my skin. Then I read that skin sensitivities are part of FM. Now that's weird I have to admit. By the way, I think if you looked at a map and find Pasadena you would have a general idea of where Rock and I live, about 30 min. For each of us from Pasadena. Rock lives in part of LA and I live in Claremont, a college town.....I think at last count there are 6 of them.

Last night I tried to keep Savannah in the kitchen.....didn't work out. She slept for about 30 min. While i was watching TV and heard her moving around. She got caught in the hanging blind at the slider.....sigh. So had to let her lose in my FR/LR area. A huge place for her to wet on. Woke around 5 a.m. But it was still dark and I don't like to go outside when it's dark.....rats running around! So I went back to sleep and woke at 7:30. OMG I ran out and got her outside immediately.....she went #2 right away but very little pee. I've walked around the house, fully expecting a giant wet spot but so far nothing.


Hi, Kids,

Well, as has been my habit for about a week, I came out, read the paper, watched the news and fell asleep on the sofa to make up for not getting enough sleep last night. It was a deep sleep and I woke feeling a bit groggy but better. I fixed a turkey swiss sandwich for lunch. I need to shower and do my hair but not if I don't feel better than this. The beauty of being retired is that almost nothing has to get done and I like it that way. The problem is that nothing much gets done. Oh well. Joe and I were talking about it and he feels the same way. When we are young, we never think we will feel like that and, if we had more NRG, perhaps we wouldn't. I do hear from 'normals' that they have slowed down too so it may be an age thing.

Rock, Carol Burnett was on one of those oldie channels doing an ad for her old show which is rerun all the time. I was wondering the same thing. I'll bet she is still getting royalties. The fictional Downton Abbey is based on a rich American woman who married into a British titled family. Evidently this practice was common and worked out well because new money Americans got to sport the titles to which they aspired and their money kept those big old country castles afloat. Younger DD had two orange chow chow/pit bull mix dogs. They were beautiful and looked like little bears. Not friendly dogs. We loved them so much but had to constantly warn people away from them when we took them for walks. Everyone was drawn to them. Chow chows are my favorite breed. I think Katharine Hepburn was always a bit of a dressed down person. She made trousers fashionable for women back then. I think she was a bit of a hermit and not too friendly from what I've read. Yes, the watches are absolutely amazing and do more than I would have ever thought possible. I think DD is gonna love hers. You are so right about cats. They are lovely care takers except for the occasional catastrophe when they get into the cattleya orchid on the catamaran when going to sea. I'll catch ya later.

Sun, poor Savannah probably has had all the liquid in her system going toward the diarrhea instead of urine. I hope the diarrhea is better for both your sakes. I keep my A/C filters changed every month in the summer when it runs all the time. Mine get dirty from all the cat hair which is everywhere in here. I have a metal louvered door on the little closet where the air handler and my hot water heater are located. I have to open it up and vacuum the cat hair and lint off the back of it. That's one job Roomba doesn't do. I also take my shop vac outside and vacuum the drain pipe where all the condensation from the unit goes. It gets a milky fungus in it which can cause the unit to ice up. It's disgusting stuff. Doing that helps to prolong the life of the air handler. My A/C guy does it when he does the annual check.

Well, Kids, I'm off again. Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Sun - thank you for those adorable pictures...the photographers caught just the right expressions on the cute little animals. i found the second ones so comical.

yesterday was a tiring day. i went and met my friend who came back from her holiday and brought me and DD something, a lovely pastel weave shawl for me and a top for DD.

The streets are so busy, when i was returning home, it took forever. I preferred walking to being stuck in a traffic jam and it got dark. i thought i would never get back. There was so much noise, and so many people, ugh!

ive been going through the posts, Barry, keep safe.

will return later, a bit tied up just now.

God bless
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Good morning, friends! Just popping in to let you know I came on home yesterday. Tried to post from Lindsey's a day or two ago, but my service was just too poor. Lorraine got very sick Wednesday evening (I was home with her while the rest were at church...she was just coughing a little when they left, but got worse and I had to text them to get back ASAP.) Fortunately, Lindsey knows what to do to treat everyone when they get these viruses or whatever they are and was able to get Lorraine's breathing and coughing under control. I woke up feeling really sick on Thursday...David and the other kids went to a pumpkin patch, so Lorraine and I just hung out on the couch, watching baking shows (she enjoyed the extra time with Grandma, all by herself and I needed to rest.)

I was going to wait till today to drive home, but felt well enough yesterday to make the trip (and afraid I might actually get worse during a "second round" of this stuff (seems to be what some have been doing.) Lindsey is still in pain, but I got them supplied with "easy to fix" foods since David is on a long stretch of working nights right now...and I had a talk with the kids about how Mommy needs some extra care and support for a few more days. They all love their mama so much and Lindsey reported that they've been very cooperative and understanding since I've been gone...

Now...Den has got me caught up on what he's been doing while I was gone...lots of work on the house and around the farm. I'm not feeling too bad...that's good as I don't really have time to "crash and recover" from the trip, lol! Sleeping with multiple kiddos on a mattress on the floor for 9 nights in a row...I was so glad to be in my own bed last night :):Do_O I miss them all, but the "quiet" is nice too, lol! And they will be here "two weeks from Tuesday" for a week. So glad I have all Christmas gifts bought and wrapped...just have to make sure everyone is "fed and watered" while at Grandma and Grandpa's. They are bringing their two dogs, so will set up the big kennel to use when necessary. Oreo hasn't left my side since I've been home.

Gotta run...not sure how often I'll get back on the computer in the next few days...thinking of everyone, though. Take care!


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Good almost evening to you all,

Sorry I popped in so late. Now I have to go fold clothes and fix a quick pizza dinner. We were going to go out to eat tonight but DH got in the car this morning and found out that the steering wheel was frozen ad not working. Somehow he got it to working enough to get to the Toyota place where they fixed in after lots of time and money. Well no out to eat tonight since he had to pay almost $300 for a new battery and something else I think.

I have been busy in the house today except running to the store for the pizzas and a few other things. Doing all kinds of computer stuff and kindle stuff for DD while he was gone and finally got the new book downloaded. So now he is happy even though he has a big bill to pay. He loves to read especially history.

I read most of the newer posts but not sure how much I remember right now. ,

SUN - Sorry about Savannah and her peeing problems. Yes, in the kitchen is a good place for her if she messes up again. Hope you are feeling half way good esp when you have to put up with extra stuff happening that are not to pleasant.

JULIE - Glad you are home. I am exhausted reading about all you have been doing esp when you are not feeling well yourself. Ready for Christmas. Gee, I understand you want stuff ready when they come for Thanksgiving to pick up their presents, etc. Do they wait till Christmas to open them all. I know kids are so anxious. So much to do in the house, I know.

MIKIE - I know you re busy as usual !! or should I say most of the time. No wonder why SV is looking so fine as you take such good care of him. Just finished going over some of the music for tomorrow's mass. I have been lucky to get to my music lately, one thing after another it seems. Hope you are resting some and taking it easy when you can.

Hi also to SW, ROCK, BARRY et al that I can remember right now.

The drier and DH is calling me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!

LOve you all,
Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

The sun is almost down which y'all know is my favorite time of day along with early morning. It was a beautiful day today--technicolor. So glad I showered and did my hair. It always feels so good to have a clean mop. I conditioned it because it has gotten so dry and flyaway. My shoulders and arms are hurting which is unusual for me these days. Feels like regressing to my old FMS symptoms. That's about all I got done. I watched a Nicole Kiddman movie that was a bit confusing. She looked awful as an old burned out cop catching a murderer. There were so many flashbacks that it was difficult to keep up. All in all, it was a decent distraction and was only a year old. I'd never heard of it before. She is so beautiful that it was a shock to see her made up to look so bad.

Had time to look through the Nov. Southern Living magazine. Gotta tell DD about it because she is the baker in the family. Oh, the pies! To die for. Gonna hang onto this one; I usually give them to Claudia when I finish. I'll dream of making pies which, of course, will never get made. Oh well, the dreaming is fun.

Geez, just opened a tab for a minute and lost half my paragraph. When I came back, it took me to Porch 1045. Huh? Doh! Fortunately, before going anywhere, I always save my work. I did some research and found out that, indeed, using an air handler filter with too high a MERV rating can keep air from being able to enter the handler and cause it to stop cooling. The one Claudia gave me has a rating of 13. I use ones with a rating of 8 which is totally adequate and, on sale, cost 1/3 of what hers did. Who knew? Been sending up prayers of thanksgiving that nothing was wrong with the A/C itself. Whew! We live in fear down here that our A/C units will conk out when it's really hot 'n humid. Our daytime temps are 10 degrees above normal right now.

Spring, hope you can come back soon.

Julie, I can't even imagine how hard this dental work has been on Lindsey. Also can't imagine how you manage to do so much when you aren't feeling well either. The difference between dogs and cats is that a dog is ecstatic to see you every time. A cat will cry and be affectionate when you come home after a long absence but will turn on you a couple of days later to teach you a lesson. So glad the kids have been good and glad you are back home in your own bed.

Granni, I'm laughing at your saying how much we all do. You do more than most everyone. Sorry about the $$$ outlay for the car. If you deduct the cost of the battery, the repair wasn't too bad. We have to replace our batteries more often down here because of the harsh temps. Also laughing at both DH and the dryer calling you at the same time. I hate the five beeps when my washer and dryer need to be emptied. It's just downright annoying. Just read that singing is good for what ails one. No wonder you get so much done.

Winds, rain, tornadoes, fires and power outages! Good grief! And that isn't even the worst news. Well, I guess if you house burn down it would be the worst news. I feel so bad for those people. I hope all our Porchies have a lovely evening and night.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Folks

It will probably be 2 AM when I finish this. Mikie, I don't how you keep up with all the advances
in technology. More than I can do. Was at the library site a few minutes ago. A long list of
places that can help the homeless. Shelter, food, assistance looking for work, medical care,
haircuts, clothing, etc.

As for the cost of things nowadays, a lot of prices are sorta imprinted on my failing mind. It
seems to me a gallon of gas should cost about 45 cents; a gallon of milk a dollar; new shoes
$!2, and a man's suit $75, Those prices are from when both my mind and I worked. Oh, yeah;
a car battery should cost $20. And should last for years here in sunny Calif. Back in Minnesota
folks bought a new battery every other year.

Granni, did you have to hang out clothes during the winter when you lived in New York? I
remember it was a miserable job during Minnesota winters. We had two babies in the house
at the same time. Now one of them is a grandpa himself and has about half a dozen grandkids.
One of them lives with his Dad only two doors away so he sends me lots of pix of little Max.

Julie, You got your Xmas gifts bought and wrapped?! Wow! What a Whiz. Yes, I know what you
mean about Oreo sticking to you. I sat on an Oreo my son left in a chair, and it stuck like a
burr from Great Uncle's farm. Hope Lindsay feels better soon.

Sun, in response to your question, John Sanford's last book was Bloody Genius. I think his
earlier books are better. He's been writing a best seller every year for about 40 years. I
remember A Tree Grows in Brooklyn very well. Came out in 1943. The movie came out a
couple years later. Book and movie both very popular. I read the book when I was in Jr. High.
Author was Betty Smith. There was a sequel titled "The Tree Still Grows in Brooklyn." I read
that too, but don't remember a thing about it.

Well, didn't get as far as I hoped, but gotta go back to bed. Been here an hour. Got all worn
out yesterday morning at the market. I hope to be gone before I can't maneuver at all.

Hugs and confetti to all who are ready, Rock



Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Good grief! I have a zit on my nose. It's all red and inflamed. It's likely from change in hormones since I quit taking the pregnenolone. I may have to start taking it again as the stearic acid may be the lesser of two evils. I'll see whether I can find it without the acid but it's not a common supp. My gyno offered to write an Rx for the hormone cream so I, at least, have an out. I figured that, at this age, it wouldn't matter much. It's always something!

I slept eight hours last night. Wish I could do that every night. I'm up early watching reruns of the original Superman episodes of my yute. The special effects weren't so special but we didn't care. We loved it. I still do. The ants are back and are evidently interested in SV's dry food. He's a grazer so I can't take it away. Gonna have to go to Lowe's today to find some spray. The peppermint oil only lasted four or five days. Or, I could call mgmt. and have the bug people come out to spray the balcony. Good news is that my A/C is working like a charm (knocking on wood). A good system is sposda last 15-20 year but many give up the ghost in only 10 years or so here. Mine is about 13 years old now and I'm hoping it'll go 20 years. It's a Trane and they are good.

Rock, I read the paper every day and there is always news about techie stuff in it. There's more computing power in our cell phones now than the early computers that took up whole rooms to operate. The first one I used took up an entire room with a special floor that kept it at a constant temperature. We had to know the commands to make it do things. No clicking on icons or menus. We live in a truly amazing time. A troubled time but an amazing one. Yes, things now cost an arm and a leg. Good thing my needs are few. When I got married, gas and milk was 25 cents. Candy bars were a nickel. I thought when you posted the book was Bloody Genius, you were commenting on how good it was. Still laughing about the Oreo sticking to you. The only part of SV that sticks to me is his hair. :D

Gonna go read the paper. Hard to believe that it's been 65 years since these Superman shows were on. Boy am I old! Hope everydobby has a great Sunday.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I was unfamilar with pregnenolone so did a search. Here's a list of possible side effects including neurological. Could this be contributing to your misery? Something to consider.

Rock: I did a search in the library system and they don't have that follow up book. Maybe I should try to purchase it used thru amazon. I would like to read the continuation with A tree still grows in Brooklyn. I equate this story to Little House on the Prarie, Anne of Green Gables, and Angela's Ashes.

Julie: Hope you're feeling better now that you're in your own bed.

After 3 days of dealing with Savanna's stubbornness I will have to refuse to watch her anymore. Trying to push, shove or pull 80 lbs. of her refusing to move, I'm finding it's hard on my neck and back as well as my patience.


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Good Sunday afternoon...kind of a weird day, lol! Got woke up at 5:00 am with a text from my aunt Cathy (my dad's only remaining sibling.) She and her DH want to come visit sometime before winter gets here (they live in Illinois) and had texted a couple weeks ago that she would be sending some dates and I should let her know what would work for us. I read that text and promptly forgot about responding until I happened to remember sometime yesterday, so texted her to let her know when the kids would be here if they wanted to come then. She surely didn't send the one I got this morning at 5:00 am, sometimes there is a delay in receiving them. Anyway, I was awake and realized my throat was on fire, chest was burning and hurting (respiratory stuff)...got up, took some Ibuprofen and drank a cup of tea. Didn't get back to sleep till after 7:00, then didn't wake up till 11:00 am, lol!

Kind of in a panic at first because I had mixed up sourdough biscuit dough last night, along with two different kinds of sourdough muffins (long fermenting recipes that needed to "sleep" several hours or overnight...but not days, lolol!) So, I spent a couple hours in the kitchen, taking care of my stuff and making sausage gravy to go with the biscuits for Den's breakfast/brunch. Glad I didn't get too carried away with any chores yesterday...it ended up being a "rest and recover" day...I didn't feel that bad, but knew it was possible to "cycle" like the kiddos did (a little better, worse, a little better, much worse, etc.) I'll do a little bit today, only because we are supposed to get rain/possible snow and cold temps all this week highs in the low 40's to low 30's and lows in the mid to low 20's (not ready for that at all :eek:)...today is the last fairly decent day for awhile. If it's still cold when the kids come up, they will freeze...or at least feel like they are freezing. They'll spend a lot of time next to the pellet stove...but we also have the boiler (floor heat) and wood stove and propane furnace able to keep the house comfortable.

So, that's my update...exciting, huh?

Sun, I don't blame you for not being able to watch Savanna from now on...not worth the pain it is causing you. Physical pain, for sure...and I'm sure it breaks your heart to see her this way.

Mikie, sorry about the ants...we have an "assortment" of critters, depending on the season. With the living quarters being literally connected to Den's shop and having the overhead doors open at times (even though we shut the walk-thru doors to the house part) there are lots of opportunities for wildlife to just waltz right in :D Hope you can get the right combination of supps, etc. to help you feel better, but not cause extra problems.

Rock, I like your remembered prices much better than what things cost these days. And it seems that if one tries to eat more "healthy" things are even more expensive. Funny about the Oreo sticking to you, too. Yes, I'm pretty much ready for Christmas...had some extra incentive when I found out the kids would be here in November again this year (that's when David could get enough vacation days in a row.) Then, I didn't know when Lindsey's mouth surgery would be...but felt it would be soon after her September consultation with the dentist. So, I sort of had a "heads up" to get my ducks in a row...and I like to shop the clearance aisle all year anyway (checking with the moms about what the grands would like or sizes of clothes, shoes, etc.) I did take a few things on down to the kids (big items that would be hard to transport when they go back home...they'll have four kids and two dogs in the van, along with "stuff".) I let them open those gifts, but made sure they understood that Miley and Keira would have more presents to open when everyone is here...I'll just remind them if they fuss about it. I try to be fair with all the kids and the grandkids...even with the clearance shopping.

Granni, sounds like you've been busy with singing, birthday celebrations, etc. How nice that you have family close by now. Hope you and DH can get medical things straightened out.

Barry, I'm so sorry for the power outages :( Glad you have some advance notice so can stock up on water, etc.

Star...so much to deal with when kids are still at home. And so hard when one feels like cr*p. Hope you got your dental problems taken care of...I certainly understand after watching my daughter go through so much.

Hope I'm not forgetting anyone...just wanted to catch up a little. Wanted to offer to get Keira from her other grandparents' this afternoon (Keira has been at her dad's this weekend) but I don't want to spread anything to anyone else. And it would require more energy than I have today...


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Hi Sun, I'm on my way to a nap, but thought I'd make a quick stop. I never read Angela's Ashes. But
the author wrote a book about teaching school in New York. I thought it was a great story. Can't
remember the guy's name. My mother loved A's Ashes and urged me to read it. From what it said
on the cover it appeared too depressing to me.

There is another lady who wrote several books very similar to the Little House books. I read them.
Can't remember the name of the author. Sorry Savanna has to go, but it would be unwise to take
care of her. You're doing the right thing.

Watched Mama's Family this morning. Saw the Film Noir episode. A great script.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just checking in. Nothing on TV and I don't feel up to doing anything. I have a sore spot on my gum and a hideous zit on my nose. I just don't feel great. Been watching true crime stories on Court TV. I get them on another channel too. There are a bunch of extra channels that show old reruns. Been nothing good on PBS lately. I caught up on reading my Vanity Fair mags so can give them to Claudia. I don't like VF as much now that they have revamped it. Appeals more to younger readers. For years, I faithfully read Cosmopolitan magazine. Then at some point, it was no longer relevant to my life. Guess I'll soon be reading the AARP mag. Joe called me yesterday and said he had a sore spot on his gum. I don't think it's a bad tooth; I don't think mine is either.

Sun, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. So sorry that Savannah has gotten to be too much. I know how much you love her but I can only imagine how hard it is, especially with your shoulder, neck and back. My Mom gave me Angela's Ashes to read. She loved it. It was so sad but also so well written. I want to read the followup book to The Handmaid's Tale, The Testaments. It just came out. Since the series, based on the first book, has taken off on HULU, the books are popular.

(Glad I had saved my post before going back to reread Julie's post. It just disappeared. Yikes!)

Julie, I'm sorry that crud just keeps hanging on and recycling. Sounds as though the biscuits weren't ruined. Think I've mentioned that I see your weather when I check the weather in the Denver area. I noticed the temp drops there. It is almost November so it isn't surprising. What is surprising is how hot it is here for this time of year. We sweat through the tropical summers and look forward to our cooler weather. These sugar ants are more difficult to get rid of so think I'm gonna have to get a spray. I tried the humanitarian method with peppermint oil but it isn't working. I'm gonna poison the little buggers! Feel better.

Rock, I've often tried to figure out what makes for a great TV show. I think the writing is everything with casting next. I usually watch the monologues from the late shows and wonder how the writers manage to come up with so much material every day. Of course, much of it centers on DC which is a treasure trove for comedy and satire. I've tried to watch stand up comedians' specials but most are too offensive. Y'all know I'm not easily offended so you can imagine how bad these guys are. Hope you have a good nap.

SV just came in from his loooong afternoon sauna/siesta. Now he's taking his second afternoon nap in his little bed. Ah, the life of a cat.

Love, Mikie