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PORCH #1163 IS NOW CLOSED (10/26/19)

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Making a pot roast the old fashioned way, in the pot vs crockpot which I like to do too if I have the time. Came home from church , ate lunch and put on the roast. I haven;t made one in the pot the way my mom used to do years ago with a bit of vinegar too. So good when it comes out right, with onions in it. Since ot in the crock pot asm making b= veggies in the oven. Hope the gravy turns out ok. Iused to use flour for the gravy but this time it will be cornstarch. I like the flour texture better for the gravy but trying to be healthy or healthier if there is a possibility, Also hard to find what I used to use to darken the gravy and also give it more flavor. I don't know why they get rid of stuff that people like. I think it was gravy master and not sure I can find that but maybe Kitchen - - - - (?) would work but I will have to go look for it, Can't think of the name but I think Kitchen is in the first part of the name.

JULIE - Sorry you are feeling so bad. Please try and rest so you don't get worse . You don't need to have any visitors today esp little ones but big ones too to spread the germs.

ROCK - I remember Mamas Family too, I think. Is that that very old show that was on forever ago when I was much younger. I think there also might be another one called by the same name that was not that long ago? Who plays on that show, the real names and or actors? Glad you have been visiting us more often lately.! Makes me happy and everyone else !!

SUN - So sorry about Savannagh but you are doing what is the right thing for yourself esp since she is such a big doggie.

Stay safe BARRY and hope you get to feeling a bit better. I know it is not fun at all !!

Hugz to everydobby inc MIKIE and SPRING and anyone else I may have forgotten . I need to get those veggies in the oven or we will never eat.

Granni :D


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Hi Granni, et. al.

I spent almost all day yesterday asleep so have no adventures to post. My Dad used to make
wonderful pot roast in an old, black Dutch Oven. The cast on Mama's Family was Vicky Lawrence,
Ken Barry, Rue McClanahan, and sometimes Betty White and Carol...can't remember her last name.
The star who used to tug on her ear when saying goodbye at the end of the show. I think she
was sending a greeting to her grandmother.

Have you been using your new pot much? Can't remember the name of them either. Anyhoo
Gordon got one, but I think he's only used it a couple times. We had been living together for
7 years before I found out he had a Cuisineart.

I remember my Mother had a small bottle of some dark fluid she sometimes added to stuff on
the stove. I wonder if it was Kitchen Bouquet.

Got some new pills, but can't find them. Just heard Henry leave. He may be going to work. Or
possible to work out at the gym. Either way it's work.

Good morning to all the rest of you nice people.


Good Monday Morning,

Alas, the start of another week. What I'd give to wake up in the morning feeling well. As it is, my sinuses are acting up as is the pain in my shoulder that is radiating down into my arm. Whine, whine, whine! I have to keep reminding myself that I am relatively well off and things could be so much worse. Yes, I am lucky so I'll do whatever it takes to keep on truckin' and try to get something done. Gonna go to Lowe's and Target today. I'd also like to hit Target and Publix but that may have to wait til tomorrow. Depends on how much NRG I have.

I woke early with a slight night sweat. It's because the pregnenolone is leaving my body. I took it in the first place to keep from having heart palpitations and it did stop them. I used to take Estradiol but Medicare stopped paying for it so I had to find something else. I may have to go back to taking it. Because the stearic acid can get things out of balance if too much is ingested, I may be able to take the pregnenolone if I stop the other things with it. It's all just trial and error. I'd rather not take any but it's ubiquitous. It's also everywhere. :)

Granni, try making a pot roast in the 'Monstronsity' machine as your DH calls it. You can sear it before setting it on the pressure cooker mode and it comes out beautifully. You can even make the gravy in it. The veggies only take a few minutes in it too. Of course, roasted veggies are also delicious. There is a product, called, Better Than Bouillon. It is sold in the soup aisle. It's a wee bit expensive but it takes very little to flavor sauces and gravy. It comes in several flavors, including chicken, beef and even vegetable. Pot roast is one of my favorite meals when the meat just falls apart. That is why I love the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot can also be used as a slow cooker. In fact, I gave away my slow cooker when I got the new pot.

Rock, spending Sunday sleeping is a fine thing to do. I highly recommend it. Think I've mentioned that I saw Rue McClanahan on the stage with Dick Van Patten in Picnic. He was my DSIL's uncle and he had tickets set aside for DSIL's Mom who was his wife's sister. We went backstage after the play. It was excellent. Who knew what fine stage actors they were. Sit coms are wonderful but don't show the acting talent like live performances do. Is Gordon's new pot like my Instant Pot? If so, tell him to do some ribs in it. The meat falls off the bones and is as tender as a pot roast done in it. I love ribs too. If y'all like white sticky rice, the pot does it to perfection without your having to set anything. The pot knows how much is in it and does it to perfection. Mmmmm!

Well, Dear Ones, I'm gonna go read the paper. Hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the week.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning, friends! 39 degrees on this Monday...our high is only expected to be 44. Thursday's low will be 18! Brrr...

Rock, Mama's family is one of the best shows there is...funny, but clean jokes. And the cast...excellent! I think my mom used Kitchen Bouquet also. Den's mom just put the meat juices in a skillet and "reduced" the liquid as it turned brown...her sliced roast in gravy couldn't be beat. I think she fixed the roast in the oven, took it out and sliced it thin, then put it back in a roaster (or crock pot if taking it to a family dinner) covered with the gravy...Mmmmmm! Yep, working out is hard work, at least for me, lol!

Granni, your roast sounds delicious. I've got different things I use as thickeners, depending on what I'm making. Flour, cornstarch, arrow root, gluccomannan...but I still prefer flour in gravies, too.

Mikie, it would be great if you could continue the pregnenolone once the other stuff is out of your body. These things are so tricky and take a lot of trial and error, true? Lindsey uses Better than Boullon all the time...chicken, beef, vegetable and mushroom varieties. I think I looked at the jar once and saw it has lots of sodium, but if that's not an issue, then it does give things great flavor and "a little dab will do ya." Hope you feel like getting out and getting your errands ran.

I slept in till after 9:00...woke up once at 5:00 am, but went back to sleep. Still have a head full of "gunk", but my throat doesn't hurt as much as it did yesterday. Chest feels heavy...I can stay inside this week and Den has lots of indoor projects on his list. Hopefully, we'll have some halfway decent days yet and can get outdoor things put away.

I have a hair appt. tomorrow morning and chiro/massage after lunch. Poor Oreo will think I've left her again :( no sense coming home in between appts....the town are 30 minutes apart...by the time I get to the one with the chiro, I may or may not have time to run an errand or two. We are in need of some fresh produce, milk, etc. I don't think Den got any groceries while I was gone and I haven't been anywhere since I got home.

My aunt and uncle from Illinois are doing the "Mighty Five" tour in Utah...five national parks in five days. Left from Las Vegas this morning and will end up back there Friday evening. Sounds like a lot of fun. They just finished a three week Alaskan cruise...both are retired, but had been having some health issues. Glad they feel like traveling now...they've worked hard and deserve to have some fun. They have one grown, not yet married daughter who just moved to LA...maybe you'll run into her one day, Rock ;)

I'd better get busy...Den is finished with his woodworking shows for the day and starting on his "chores." (I let him take over the pellet stove cleaning, filling, etc...since he's home every day now.) He's at a stopping point on the patio ceiling (budget and weather both played a part, lol) but things are coming along. To think he's built this house with his own two hands (I've helped a little and we had Amish and son-in-law help when Den was so sick, but otherwise it's been all Den.) So what if it takes the rest of our lives to get it finished, lolol!

Hi to Star, Sun, Barry, anyone else who pops in...take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, bargains in hand. I went to Lowe's and got some ant spray. I just hope it works. Then I went to Target and got the paper products. They had the $10 gift cards if you buy three things. I got two batches of tissue and some TP. Also picked up a couple of grocery items and a couple of other things The ticket was $66.44 but by the time I got my 5 percent off, $50 in gift cards, another gift card from today's purchases, my out of pocket was $6.44. Not bad. I'm joining up for the Target Circle membership which promises extra bonuses. My back was hurting so I didn't get to Costco or Publix but that's okay. I came home and fixed one of my hot 'n spicy Salsalito turkey breast sandwiches.

Julie, I took a pregnenolone before I left. I'll see whether I can tolerate that. My multi-vitamins from PH don't have it. I found liquid pregnenolone online and may order that. I had a heck of a time finding pain meds at Target. Finally, I found some Advil liquigel caps without the problem ingredients. I am taking sniffs of the peppermint oil to help with pain. It's amazing that it works. I try not to eat a lot of salt due to my HBP but I use so little of the Better Than Bouillon that it isn't bad. I'm sorry it's so cold there. Also sorry that you've been feeling so lousy. Do you use Mucinex? So many have found it works well for the gunk. There is a lot of satisfaction from building a home. We didn't build an entire home but we added on and redid the one we had. Heck, I've gotten a lot of pleasure out of the improvements I've done in here myself. It makes all the difference in how much more updated my condo looks compared to the ones people haven't kept up to date. The only thing I had to have professionally done was the stone counter top, stainless sink and new garbage disposal in the kitchen. I installed the stone vanity tops, sinks and faucets in the baths. I painted the existing vanities. Also replaced old towel racks and light fixtures which I installed. I did have to have a plumber to do the shower control in the guest bath. Hope you feel better. If you can tolerate spicy food, something like hot Buffalo wings will help open up your head.

I slept ten hours last night. I think getting rid of all the stearic acid is helping me to sleep better. So far though, it hasn't helped my NRG. Sending wishes for happy energetic and pain free days for all of our Porchies.

Love, Mikie



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Dear Ones,

ROCK - You are right, it is Kitchen Bouquet. I remembered it after I had posted the question. I used a little bit of Coconut Aminos which is a healthy type of soy sauce with no soy in it. Didn't put in much as I wasn't sure what it would do with the taste. Sorry I popped in so late, again as I need to get lunch started. BTW, Coconut does not taste anything like coconut.

MIKIE - What is Pregnenolone? Haven't had the time to look it up. Glad you have been getting alot of sleep. Wish I could say the same for myself. Hoping the Rheumy will have some good answers for me and alternatives, if that is possible. Hope you get to feeling a little better soon. Glad you have gotten some good rest that should be helpful. I know you said you felt a little better.

JULIE - Sounds to me like you have done a whole lot of fixing up of the house along with Den. Glad your home is getting to your liking little by little. Hope you find some good NRG.

Need to g fix lunch. Maybe I van get back here later. Tomorrow will be busy esp in the afternoon. We perform and then go practice for our veterans program coming up.

Hugz to awl not mentioned - LOVE YOU TOO!! BARRY, SUN, SPRING WATER. STAR, and any other MIA's I can't remember at the moment.

Love to awl,
Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

I got my mail when I came back home. Comcast (Xfinity) is always trying to lure me back to cable or streaming TV. As it is, I pay $50 a month for internet service. They limit it so I can't watch HULU programming all the time. It is generous enough so that I can watch much of my TV with my antenna and only use HULU when I want to watch something On Demand or something it records for me. It doesn't use too much data when I use the computer so I don't have to worry about that. Their new offer is $70 a month for internet and 125 channels to stream. Sounds good because I'm paying $40 for HULU for a total of $90. Problem is that Comcast charges $10 a month for the federally mandated broadcast fee and more than $8 a month for the sports broadcast fee. Then there are taxes on top of that. They can increase the fees anytime. So, I'd be no better off than I am now. Besides, I hate dealing with them. If I had any other options, I would use them for my internet.

Granni, pregnenolone is the raw material the body uses to make the hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Without some kind of ability to have estrogen, I have heart palpitations. I took one of the capsules of it but am now feeling the effects of the stearic acid so will have to toss these capsules. I'll order the liquid. It's more expensive but I have no choice. It's also better for my osteopenia to have estrogen. Sounds as though the singing is back on again like gangbusters. I also hope the rheumy has some answers for you. Just got my EOB from my ins. co. My PCP billed them $300 for my annual checkup and the ins. paid $145. No wonder he hates them. I love them because they save me a bundle but I don't cost them much. They probably love me too.

I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up in the kitchen a bit. I got a new coffee mug at Target and a cute dishtowel. The cup is pottery and has an indented stamp that reads, 'Actually, I Can." I don't often see mugs that resonate with me but I like this one. I gave a similar one to Claudia for taking care of SV when I was gone to CO. I also gave her a nice journal. She is one of those people who love to keep records and be very organized. If I had the NRG, I'd like to be like that too.

So, gonna take my disorganized self to rest now. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

Love. Mikie


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Checking in after trying to nap...couldn't get to sleep, but rested a bit. Before that, I noticed a cow headed down the lane...grrr! Den was doing some wiring, so I got in the car and drove up to the cow. I thought she was going to charge me, but she turned and headed back towards home...there are trees lining the lane, separating our properties. That cow knew exactly where to duck into to get back in her field (there's only one electric fence strand on the neighbor's side of the trees and it must not be working, or even turned on.)

I was a little bit mad at that point, so I drove on up to the neighbors' and knocked on the door. The wife was home, so I just told her the cows were out again, but I chased them back into the field. She said she would tell her husband (acted like this was new "news" to her...) I told her we've been chasing the cows and calves back home for weeks now and my yard has big hoof prints in it from when they get clear down here. She again acted surprised and said she would tell her husband.

I was polite and didn't act mad...just let her know that it's been going on for awhile...(our other Amish neighbor talked to one of their married sons and he went right away to tell his dad, so I know they know about this...I just haven't talked to them directly until today.) Not sure if I've mentioned before that these particular neighbors have a habit of not keeping their livestock "contained"...but what do we do?

When all their tame turkeys got into our yard a few years ago and Oreo chased them all till they died from exhaustion (I didn't discover this until after the fact as it was behind the old farm house) I went up and told this neighbor lady and she came with a wheel barrow and collected all the dead bodies...I'm sure they were raising them to sell for Thanksgiving as it was in the fall and they were nearly grown. I apologized for the deaths, but didn't offer to replace (or pay for) the turkeys as Oreo was just doing what dogs do, in her own yard.

Anyway, that's probably why I couldn't get to sleep when I tried to nap...it gets pretty frustrating after so long. And we are trying to be good neighbors in spite of this....

Mikie, glad you got out to the stores...sorry, you had to cut errands short, but anything is good, right? Yes, I take Mucinex...just took some before I laid down. And some Ibuprofen and decongestant...try not to overdo any of it, but also rinse out my sinuses with saline water and colloidal silver, and steam my head over a pot of hot water. Hopefully, this won't last long...trying not to crash and burn, but still need to get ready for all the kids to be here in a couple of weeks...and maybe my aunt and uncle. I know I'm not up to inviting my one brother and his family, but they will be hurt and angry when we don't include them in any get togethers...but I know my limits and have to act wisely.

Granni, have fun at your singing.

Better get another load of clothes hung out...trying to get at least some dry before the expected rain this evening. I can use the dryer, but it's actually faster to hang several loads out at once, then finish/fluff them up in the dryer...doesn't take nearly as long of dryer time.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Slept nine hours last night. Woke with one ear plugged up and my eye itching like crazy. Stoopud allergies! Poor Claudia--she was alone last night with FJ. I slept through it. Her Mom had another little TIA. Claudia had to have an abcess cut out from under her armpit where an insect bit her. A few years back, a neighbor across the street was bitten during the night by what the doc thought was a brown recluse spider. It got infected and she almost died. I sprayed the stuff around my front door outside and haven't seen any ants since. I hope it keeps them away. I don't like poisoning them and would prefer they just leave me alone.

Joe and I can see each other's condo's across our little pond. He will often call early when he sees the lights are on. He keeps track of who comes and goes. He was curious about Barb's kids. I think they are still here but he thought they might have left. He will have to get a new crown on a tooth the dentist tried to patch up for him. He told Joe at the time that he might have to come back for a crown if the patch didn't work. We use the same dentist and gastero doc.

I've been watching those fires in CA. The wind is horrific. It's blowing at hurricane strengths. It was changing directions just while I was watching it on the news. I send up prayers for everyone in harm's way. I see the kids will be getting lots of snow in the Denver area again. Wonder whether they will go skiing. There is nothing like skiing on fresh fallen snow.

Julie, I can't believe how lazy and inconsiderate those neighbors are. I would think they might have learned when they lost all those turkeys. I always think of the Amish as hard working and conscientious people. Most probably are but, like with everyone else, there can be a few rotten apples in the barrel. I just hope those cows don't cause any injuries. Sounds as though you are doing all you can to drive that cold away. The RT is still with us so I likely won't feel well until it's gone. Think I'm gonna have to wait til I get to Heaven to get any lasting relief from what ails me. Whine, whine, whine! Hope you feel better so you can get ready for the kids' visit. I know how much you look forward to seeing them. I'll bet their excitement is building by the day.

Gonna go read the paper. Later, I'll jump in the tub and then go to Publix. I don't think Costco has the decaf coffee anymore so may have to do without it.

Love, Mikie

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Good morning from our winter wonderland, lol! Went to bed as it was snowing...got up in the night and looked out...our trees look so pretty! Covered with snow and the yard light shining on them...not sure how much we got, but I will need to clean off my van before I leave for my hair appt. Wish the kids were up here now...the yard is covered and they would have a blast.

Mikie, cute pic of the kitties...and I learned a new word, lol! Looked out the window just now and one lone cow was actually in our yard, up closer to the house. She was eating stuff on the gravel lane...I'm thinking she was just looking for some salt or other minerals. As I was contemplating what to do, she worked her way back up the lane and disappeared into the tree line. I'll be coming back by the store that the neighbors have, on my way home from the chiro this afternoon. I'll just stop in and see if the husband is there and talk to him directly...so glad we didn't have corn this year in the field closest to the neighbors. We'd have all the cows out there, cleaning it up! Not the cows fault, but if this keeps up, they are going to make an even bigger mess of the yard (from their hooves) than it already is...my yard is rough enough already.

I'd better get dressed and head to town...my hairdresser texted and asked if I could come 15 minutes early. Works fine for me...then I can head on to the chiropractor town sooner and maybe get groceries, etc. before I even see him. Hi to everyone...take care!


Dear Julie,

I suggest you tell your neighbor that you've stopped by in advance to thank him for the T-Bone steaks. :D

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Glad our spammers for male enhancement products have made themselves scarce. I walked down to the mailbox and met Claudia there. She is on ABX for the infected insect bite. She has to keep the incision covered and dry. I told her that, when it can get wet, to make some ice tea and keep the tea bags in the tea in the fridge. Then wring them out and apply to the spot. That will help take the inflammation out. Between this and her Mom's TIA's, she has a full plate. I took some cookies down and gave her a bunch of mags to read. We ran into our mail lady, whom we adore, and we had a nice chat. A neighbor from across the street came down and I introduced them. He just got down here from the Buffalo area about a week or so ago.

Sun, I'm concerned about you, Rock and Barry. I know CA is a big place but those fires are so scary. I just hope they stay away from you all. I looked online at the little village where you live. No wonder you love it so much. Kinda reminds me of my hometown, Boulder, CO. Back when I was growing up, the population was about the same. The downtown main street has been turned into a pedestrian mall. On the other hand, it no longer resembles our downtown from my yute. It upsets my ex so much that he now says he won't go back there. Stop in when you can.

Still sooo tired. My git up 'n go done got up 'n left. Claudia was so thankful that she has today to do nothing but rest. I'm also thankful for that when I feel like this. I have a sore spot on my gum and the lymph node on that side under my jaw is really sore. Aah, the symptom du jour! I hope everydobby else is doing well.

Love, Mikie


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our festival of Tihar in Nepal in nutshell
mandala to bring good fortune and prosperity into house

dog ceremony to bless dogs

https://images.app.goo.gl/P1PgKWPdp8iAL3cX7 ceremony to bless ones own self and invite good health, good fortune

those are police dogs being honoured on Dog Festival Day...garlands, vermillion, treats
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Hi Spring,

Thanks for all the colorful pics. Which takes more time? Attending the festival or preparing for it?
We used to have a summer festival when I was a kid. We called it the carnival coming to town.
Stayed for about a week. And our house was just across the street. The men who set up the rides
and ran them looked pretty much like demons from Hell. They were dirty with grease and oil.
Smoked constantly. They were often seen drinking from flat bottles they kept in their back pocket.
My mother told us kids to stay away from them. We were happy to do that.

Gordon is downstairs watching Julie Andrews and Robert Preston in Victor Victoria. We saw it
in a theater and have seen it 2-3 times on TV. I remembered the movie, but couldn't think of
the title. Gordon gave me a clue: Victor Mature. I still couldn't think of it.

Mikie, far as I can remember we've never had a big fire in LA while I've lived here. Every morning
the news is the same. And they frequently show the same film they've been showing for days.

Julie, that's some word that Mikie posted, isn't it. Might not get many chances to use it, so when
you do, do it with gusto!

OK, bedtime for Bonzo. Wonder if that was the name of a book I used to read to my son.
I kinda think so. Hugs, Rock


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Hi guys! Mikie, Den has threatened to shoot some buckshot or something "non lethal" towards the cows, but I don't really think it would do much good. Good idea to thank the neighbors for the steaks, lol!

It's nearly midnight (will be, by the time I finish typing) and I thought I'd check in. I've got some "throat comfort" tea brewing, onion slices resting on my chest, getting ready to wipe lemon juice on my feet...and do whatever else I can remember from Lindsey's list of natural remedies. I texted her and told her she forgot one thing...this time of year stores carry some stuff by Jack Daniels called Tennessee Cider. I got a bottle of it and shared a glass with Den when I got home from town this evening...took the chills right off, lol! Den has gone on to bed...snoozing to the diffuser with peppermint oil, so I'm going to sit with the heating pad on my chest (after I remove the onions, lol!) drink my tea, and read awhile. I've got a new James Patterson paperback calling my name.

Needless to say, today didn't go anything like I had planned. I started out the door to go to the hair appt...was rushing and didn't see Peace Sign heading in as I slammed the door shut with my foot. It caught her in the side (I think) and she ran off...I kept crying, "I killed my cat!"...we didn't see her for hours, but she eventually did come back (and come in for supper.)

Anyway, the windshield on my van was frozen with snow...the wipers wouldn't even work and I got so frustrated (probably cause I was more sick than I realized) so I texted my hairdresser that I would just have to reschedule. Then I decided it was crazy to try to get to the chiro, so cancelled that too. Went back to bed and slept for several hours...woke up feeling a little better, so decided to go on to town to get some groceries and some stuff I needed to try to get over this "junk". Den would have gone if I had asked him, but trying to explain what all I needed seemed harder than just going myself, lol!

Got home and gonna stay settled in, probably for the rest of the week. We are supposed to get a "possibility" of 5-8 inches of snow between tonight and Thursday. Sure wish the kiddos were up here...they would have a blast. The snow we woke up to this morning is nearly gone, but if we get more (and with the colder temps that are expected this week) it would be perfect for making snowmen, etc.

Anyway...hope everyone is doing okay. Rock, I see you just posted as I was typing. I loved when a carnival or circus came to our town...yep, the carnies were a rough looking bunch, lol...but fun to watch them get set up and sometimes we'd get free tickets to the rides, shows, etc. I'd better get to that tea...maybe put a little "cider" in it ;)


Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Slept nine hours last night. I think removing several sources of the stearic acid has vastly improved my sleep and my pea brain. I got the FJ question last night and actually got a lot of the regular answers too. I really wonder whether there are people out there being diagnosed with dementia who are being poisoned with the stearic acid. Claudia said her Mom is better, able to eat a little. Claudia's sutures look really good so that made me happy. I got a text from my ex. He is so excited about giving the watch to our DD. I told him to just go ahead and give it to her. His birthday is Saturday so he may see her then. I know she isn't expecting it and will be so excited. She will have to sync it to her phone so won't be able to use it til she does. Not something she can take out of the box and use. Fortunately, syncing is super easy to do, like magic.

The ants continue to mock my efforts to get rid of them. SV has learned to eat his wet food fast before they get to it. They will climb right into his bowl while he's eating. I just put a paper plate out on the balcony with some of his wet food surrounded by Tarro poison. Claudia suggested a flame thrower. It's beginning to take on shades of Caddyshack! Just peeked and the paper plate is full of ants partaking of the poison. There was a march of them inside before I could remove his wet food dish. I sprayed them all with Windex and mopped them up. This is becoming a full time job.

Water samples are turning up high concentrations of Red Tide just off shore on Sanibel Island. We had hoped that this year's blooms wouldn't be as bad as last year's but this doesn't bode well for us. I have the tickle in my throat that signals its presence.

Spring, thanks for all the pics and splaining the festivals. I've seen mandalas on TV specials and some are amazingly intricate and beautiful. Yesterday was the Day of The Cat. Nice that you have a day to honor dogs. It was a military dog that brought down the world's most wanted ISIS terrorist. He was slightly wounded but has already returned to duty. There are holy days here where priests bless animals. People bring their pets and a huge variety often show up. I just ask God to bless SV and all my friends' and family's beloved animals in my prayers. SV has been putting on weight and putting on his winter coat. Thanks again.

Rock, that was very mature of Gordon to give you a way to remember the star. To the victor go the hints. Think I'll write a play for SV, Vestor Vestoria. Remember the Airplane movies? One pilot was saying, "What's our vector, Victor", and "Roger, Roger." There was a whole bit like that, kinda like Who's On First. I was taking flying lessons at the time and used to say that to my instructor. Yes, carnies were a breed to be feared by children, kinda like the Boogie Man. Best as I can tell, those fires are usually in the hilly areas with lots of dried brush. Probably less to burn in the city. Still, I pray for your safety even if just from smoke. Pray for Barry's safety and comfort if he loses his power.

Julie, good idea to give in to the cold and get your rest so you can feel better. Trying to press on can just make it drag out, especially if it's not mandatory errands that need doing. If I'm not up to snuff, I'll find something to eat around here rather than make a trip to Publix. Or course, Publix is only about half a mile away as the crow flies. Poor Peace Sign. I hope she is okay. Whiskey with lemon is a big treatment for colds in my family but we are mostly Irish--any excuse, or no excuse at all, to drink whiskey. I think we added honey to it too. I don't drink much at all anymore so haven't had that concoction in ages. Denver got a bunch of snow and the temps are in single digits at night. Yikes! As I said, the skiers will be happy. It's still in the high 80's or 90 here. We are expecting a 'cold' front next week which will cause temps to dip into the mid-eighties. Better get out the long underwear.

Speaking of underwear--it was a brave Kurd spy in al Baghdadi's camp who had provided his DNA to our troops to make a positive ID. He gave them his underwear. Have y'all seen pics of that guy--eeeew! The spy deserves the Congressional Medal of Freedom for duty above and beyond. Based on raids into other ISIS camps, I don't think hygiene is a top priority. Someone forgot to tell them that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

OK, enough silliness. Gonna go read the newspaper. That should be enough to sober anyone up. Have a wonderful Hump Day, y'all.

Love, Mikie

Update: I'm leaving the poison plate on the balcony for another hour or so. Lots of the ants attracted to it. My tile entry and kitchen has never been cleaner. I remembered that Mom always said insects won't venture out on floors cleaned with Mr. Clean. I got out my Swiffer mop and did the floors, adding some Mr. Clean in the areas where the ants come in. Mom was usually right about things so I'm hoping this will put an end to this infestation. I would think anyone would be an insectiphobe living with this.
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