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PORCH 1164 IS NOW OPEN (10/30/2019)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Be sure to go back to read the last posts on Porch 1163. Thought this would be a good pic since tomorrow is Halloween. I found a pic I liked better but wasn't available for a free download. I found this one enchanting. I have the little Halloween decorated jars filled with candy for the two little boys at the end of the bldg. I bought some different sized googly eyes with adhesive on the back at Target. I'll put them on the window behind the jars when I go over there early tomorrow. The last little boys had a cat who would yowl when I tried to sneak over there early. I have a bag of candy in case I get any kids tomorrow night.

My stomach is upset; what else is new? I picked up a little healthcare newspaper at the doc's office. Of course the whole thing is advertisements but there is often interesting news about treatments in these papers. I found an article about a chiro who is doing sedative stretching. The treatment involves a twilight sedative so the doc can take any stiff and painful joint through it's whole range of motion, breaking down old scar tissue. It is supposed to work well on necks, backs, shoulders and other joints. They mentioned stenosis of the spine. I had never heard of it but it might be something to think about for anyone who can't get relief through ordinary treatment. I don't know whether Medicare pays for it or not.

Rock, I remember your commenting on the crazy weathermen who go out in the hurricanes. Well now we have crazy newscasters who are out standing in the brush fires. There was just one out there when the wind shifted and the fire started nipping at his heels. He got outta there fast. I have to wonder what the fire fighters think of these idiots.

I'm so excited about my clean kitchen that I think I'll go do some more cleaning. I need to go out to sweep the frog poop from the balcony. Gonna watch the news and let my stomach settle down a bit. I could stand to do a couple of loads of laundry too. Hope everydobby is having a good Hallow's Eve.

Love, Mikie
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Hello, I'm back.
Without power since Sat night. Horrible! At least we had battery radio and CD players..... not that the radio was worthwhile, and cd's ok if you like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, or Diana Krall -- none of whom excite me very much. Rather listen to Bob Dylan, P.J. Harvey, Leonard Cohen, Mazzy Star, etc. Let's say our musical tastes differ. I could also do Roy Orbison, The Wallflowers, and Subalakshmi (sp.?)..... Well, I am a Leo and he's a Cancer. Fire and water.

I let him make the choices because he was having a case of the nerves. I saved my case of the nerves for when the power came back on, lol! So won't be on for long.

Granni, YES, Mikie is right about Better Than Bouillon. It's the tops!

Julie, are the invader cows milk cows? You could ask for a gallon of milk for every invasion or trespass. The story of Oreo and the turkeys (the same neighbour?) ... wow! You are right, Oreo was being a dog and did what dogs do. Well, maybe not a Chihuahua.....lol!
You have onions on your chest? Holy mackerel! I'd use garlic to keep the vampires away, myself. Poor Peace Sign! We have so many times nearly de-tailed our cats, especially Monty who has an obsession with running in and out of a door every time it's opened or closed. I've always fancied a Manx.

Fires are raging down south! It's such a horrible scene. Since the electric company (PG&E) cut of the power it has been difficult for a lot of folks to find out current info. and conditions.

Mikie, how kind of you to feed the ants! They must love you! We had an invasion of big black carpenter ants once. I looked up on the ceiling and there was a large cluster of them! I did research, and squirted some boric acid into their entry point. Ain't seen one since....

Hello Rock, Sun, Spring (thanks for the links!), and any I have missed while I was MIA.

Love and PEACE to ALL,
Barry Exhausted....


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Just a quick hello...can't type with my right hand very well. Not sure if I've ever mentioned about the bump at the base of the nail on my middle finger...and the groove going lengthwise on the nail. It started in the spring...not sure if it was before my dad died, Lindsey's miscarriage and all that chaos. I just thought I had injured the nail, it would fall off, and all would be good.

A few weeks ago it started hurting, and I was at the walk in clinic to see about that round of respiratory crud, so the doctor there looked at my finger and ended up draining the bump...it has a gell like stuff in it...felt better after that. While I was at Lindsey's, it started filling back up again and getting more tender. Amy had said it sounded like something called a mucous cyst and when people come to their office, sometimes they can drain them...but if not, the patient gets referred to ortho.

Well, last night I must have bumped it either while shopping or bringing in groceries. It started to swell up again, so I though "what the heck"...I'll just sterilize a needle and drain it again. Only, this time, I couldn't get any fluid out...and my whole finger continued to swell, throb, get hot, etc., etc. I waited till this morning and called Amy...she told me to get somewhere as soon as I could...either my PCP or the ER. My doctor had an opening within an hour, so I went on in to our local clinic. She took one look and prescribed an ABX and had me get an xray. She's worried about infection in the joint...said that would require IV antibiotics...will call and let me know the results.

So, I left the clinic and went to the local pharmacy (usually go to the WM out of town, but didn't want to drive that far...it had already started to snow/sleet.) But I had a problem...I had ran out of the house without my wallet (it was still in the bag that I carry with my reusable Aldi's bags) so I had no insurance cards, no ID, no money, etc. Took a chance that I could still get the ABX and went to the pharmacy anyway...bless the hearts of small town folks. The pharmacist (who happens to be the son of the pharmacist where I usually go...he just opened his pharmacy a few months ago) had already looked up my insurance info and already filled the script. Our bank was less than half a block away, so I walked over there and got some cash...again, they know me so all I had to do was give my "password" and didn't even have to worry about an ID.

Who knew one little bump on a finger could cause so much trouble. While researching it in the middle of the night, I discovered these things can be caused by ARTHRITIS in the finger joint...what!!!??? I put off getting it looked at cause I had other things going on and I didn't think it was that big a deal...lesson learned...I should have followed up when the gal at the walk-in clinic didn't know anything to do, other than drain it. I now have limited use of my right hand...can't bend the middle finger at all and it hurts if I try to grip or do anything with the rest of the hand. Don't have time for this crap, that's for sure, lol! I'm glad I'm left-handed, at least.

Enough of that whining...Barry, I see you've posted as I was typing. Good to hear from you...so sorry about the power outage...yes, that would grind on one's nerves, for sure.

Yes, the same neighbors with the (beef) cows and the turkeys. Haven't had any "visitors" today, so maybe the neighbors got the fence fixed? Yep, I am armed with a whole arsenal of natural remedies, thanks to my daughter, lol! While at my PCP today, she did take a peek at my throat, ears and listened to my chest...at least the respiratory stuff seems to be improving (I honestly credit the Tennessee whiskey over anything else, lol).

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Love the pic of the cat and pumpkins. Our kids' families have completely different ways of celebrating or not celebrating Halloween. To each his own, I guess...I'm not interested in the scary stuff, but I love to see the kiddos in their cute costumes. We haven't had any trick or treaters in years...most of our neighbors (and us, when our girls were little) go to town to beg. We knew which neighborhoods had the best treats (and the most houses in a cluster to save time while walking around, lol!) and our businesses on the square stay open later to pass out candy, etc. They even have the police stop traffic on the highway that goes through town. Den used to have to go switch the two stoplights from cycling "green/yellow/red" to "flashing red" so everyone had to stop and let kids cross the street. I went along with him and used to tease him about having "so much power to change the traffic pattern", lol!

Just had a bite to eat, so will start the antibiotic and take some ibuprofen...and see if I can manage a nap. Hard to get my hand in any position so it doesn't throb. The epsom salt warm water soak did help a tiny bit, but the relief is short-lived. I keep thinking of my cousin who lost her leg (still below the knee, as far as I know, but she's had six surgeries) from becoming septic because of a sore on her toe.

Hi to everyone...it has taken me forever to type this, so I'll just say a quick "hope everyone is doing okay."


Hi, Kids,

Not much going on. I kinda hit the wall a bit ago.

Barry, so sorry about the outage. As scary as hurricanes can be, fire is worse. Think I've mentioned that I am a Cancer with Leo rising. So, I'm fire and water all in one package. Yikes! Of course, all this is pretty general. One really needs to get a natal chart and work with a professional. Cancers are the keepers of the hearth. I think anyone should consider himself lucky to have a Cancer is his life. Like with all signs though, there are some Cancers who go over to the dark side. Steer clear of those. All the other types of ants have been pretty easy to drive off but these little sugar ants are the pits! I hope this is the end of the fight. Because it's Halloween, I'm giving the ants treats and tricks all in one. Stay safe and don't let your nerves get the best of you. I know--easier said than done.

Julie, I'm so sorry to learn of this new wrinkle. I just said a prayer that you can get it fixed easily and it's not dangerous. Yes, there's a lot to be said for small towns. I used to love visiting my Mom when she was living in North Platte. She continued to live there after my step-Dad died. It was her home town and she had family living there. The people were so kind and loving. There was a lot of family from my step-Dad's and biological father's side of the family too. They made me feel so good about being part of the family. Mom and I would go downtown and she knew everyone. Will keep you in my prayers. Hope the ABX clear things up.

Sun, where are you? I hope everything is okay. Stop in when you can.

To everydobby else, love hugs and prayers.

Love, Mikie
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Finally got to pop in to the PORCH but almost time to get off and fix dinner.

BARRY - Thanks for the tip on Better than Boullion will have to see if they carry it here. So sorry your electricity is off again. How awful we have become so very used to electricity for everything and when it goes off it can drive us all crazy. Hang it there !!

JULIE - So sorry about your very sore and infected finger. Hope they get rid of it quickly for you and you do not have to get IV antibiotic therapy. I remember many years ago when I had pneumonia I was in the hospital for almost a week on antibiotic therapy. The drugs in oral form were not that strong as todays.

MIKIE - Thanks for the new Porch and for that cute Halloween scene with that big black kitty. Very cute !!!

Hi also to SUN, SW, ROCK and anyone else I forgot.. I read so quickly and need to get off and start dinner.

Off bright and early to the docs tomorrow in the COLD and hopefully not wet weather,

Love you awl,
Granni :D


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Mikie:. Cute halloween picture. I caught part of the reasons for things associated with halloween while listening to a radio station. As I recall a lot of it stems from BEER and the making of it, way back in the 1700s or earlier. A picture of a broom meant this was where you could buy beer, like at a faire. The tall black witches hat was worn by the beer sellers, so people could spot them above the crowd. It was quite interesting....I'll have to research it.

After my DH died I stopped giving out candy, mainly opening the door at night. Not safe anymore. And years ago the city used to have a carnival close by so the kids would go there, but instead after the carnival they would hit the nearby houses. 100s of them!!!! And big ones too. I've got some candy in bags for the little girls next door, hoping to take it over in the afternoon before they go to the village where a lot of the merchants give out treats.

Julie: Hope you get the finger infection under control. The problem is there are so many germs that we can pick up on our hands, and even having a tiny little cut can become a mountain of problems. Onions? I know that's an OLD remedy from 1800s......just like a mustard plaster on the chest. Does it work????

Barry: So sorry you're affected by the electric cuts. How close are you to fires?

I was so overly busy yesterday. Went to my tuesday art class which I have missed for 3 weeks. So good to chat up with everyone I hadn't seen. Then my SILs cousin was visiting from Alaska and a get together with dinner was held last night. I came home so tired from the class but had to push myself to go. Glad I did but so much wears me out more than it used to. Tomorrow I start chemo again and I know what that entails.


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Mikie, I can hear two old men talking about 60 years from now. "Remember that sweet old lady
who used to bring treats and toys and leave them on the window sill? "Oh, yeah. What was her
name anyway. ....."I don't think we ever knew."

The owl above was slow to develop. All his sibling flew away. Somehow he and the shephard
got paired up.

Barry, I don't listen to the first three female singers you listed, but Gordon loves them.
I am currently reading a memoir by Adam Rippon, Olympic figure skater. Both his skates and
his wit are pretty sharp.

Hugs, Rock
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Hey gang...we're back in a Winter Wonderland, lol! Don't know if we'll get the predicted 5-8 inches of snow or not, but I'm not too worried. I have plenty of food in the house and all the heat sources have been checked out, so Den and I can just hibernate for the duration. He did redesign the blade his dad made that goes on the Gator...gotta keep the lane cleared out for the mail lady or she won't even come this far.

I had a nice nap this afternoon and think the meds might actually be working already, if that's possible. Felt well enough to take the youngest Amish neighbor girl her birthday present...a day late, but nobody seemed to mind. Actually, her birthday (she turned five yesterday) is the last of the year and I couldn't remember if I had even gotten her sisters birthday presents. So, last night I bought a bunch of extra fresh fruit and today I took them some bananas, grapes, clementines, blueberries and strawberries. They don't get fresh fruit very often and I knew it would be a treat...mama said they might make a fruit pizza :) This is the family where the two school age girls have to watch for escaped cows (from the other neighbor) as the girls walk up the lane to meet other scholars (the Amish name for "school kids") to walk on to school.

Sun, I'm glad you made it to both of the outings...understandable that the day wore you out, though. Praying for your chemo...can't be easy, but I hope at least tolerable? About the white onion slices on the chest...I wrapped them in some old t-shirt fabric. This morning, what had been a dry, hacky cough had turned into a productive one...gross to cough that stuff up and spit it out, but still a good thing, true? Not sure which remedy did the trick, lol, but didn't cost much.

Granni, what did you have yummy for supper? I was lazy tonight and just made Den a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup. I heated up my Chinese leftovers I had eaten part of while shopping yesterday. I really hope this Bactrim does the trick...I try to avoid antibiotics, but was scared enough today that I agreed right away. If I can just stay on the uphill side of the respiratory stuff, I'll be very glad.

Rock, what a cute picture! Perfect with the recent news of the canine hero :)

So, I'm headed to the couch just as soon as I get off here...and after I load the dishwasher. Hoping to sleep better tonight...it's been 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning every night that I've been able to finally get to sleep. And it disturbs Den's rest also...

Hope everyone is doing okay. Barry, stay safe!


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Hiya everyone!

Rock - those pictures are so heartwarming. Who wouldve thought a bird and a dog would love each other so much? Animals are not much different from us. In some cases, theyre better than us. Can you imagine a world where the above is the norm and there is no fear.

i love looking at pictures of antique big black ovens. i would have loved your Mothers Kitchen. Festivals are exhausting, youre right there.i was short of help. My DD was invited to a River Rafting holiday right in the middle of festivals to celebrate friends b day...it was an overnight holiday with her gang of four girlfriends from school days...one girl of the five of their actual group is in the states.

even though DD set up everything for 5he festival before she left, it was still hard work. She came back in the middle of the five day festival and it was easier.

Barry - how scary! They were showing images on tv, i cant imagine those people who are having to deal with it. I pray the fires are brought under control soon. Mother Nature can be very fierce. i hope the fur babies arent jumpy. Im glad you all do have music to calm the nerves while waiting for things to return to normal.

Sun - sounds like you had a productive day albeit tiring. I feel good when i manage to go out and do things even if i get exhausted by the end. There is 5hat satisfaction of having ticked something off the to do list even if our body and mind are fighting us every inch of the way. A small triumph. I think what Mikie feels when she manages to get some stuff done when she is fighting the RT, or Whatever V or allergies, whatever they are the forces that align against being normal and going about our daily life in a normal way.

Do children actually eat all that candy they collect? it? Its been so long since my kidshave grown i dont even recollect what sweeties they ate when kids. i was in boarding school for the first couple years, i wouldve been in seventh heaven hoarding all those sweets.

We in Tibetan tradition also have the custom for kids to go out door to door for money. 5hey fill a decorated bowl of ground barley wheat, with a barley stalk with ears still in it signifying prosperity stuck in the middle, and shout out Happy New Year blessings beginning at the stroke of 1 am of New Year.

Of course they go out in groups and its very noisy. My father used to leave the door open, fill a biscuit tin with small change upto the brim, next to his bed and dig 8nto it from his bed as each child would come in for their coin. Of course, we all knew each other, everyone living on the same street. My elder DB used to go out to o5her houses, while me and younger DB would sit up in bed and feel excited to be awake at such an unearthly hour.

5here would be the excitement of looking forward to our new clothes which was an event since no one was overly rich then. And lots of meat in our lunch. And visitors. They would come to visit grandfather br8nging fried bread like pretzels and dried mushrooms, dried cheese. Life was nice till i was seven years.

Mikie - sorry the health niggles continue to hang on. Its been a rough phase for most of our Porchies i think, recently. I think its lovely that you go out and get some fun stuff and treats for the two young ‘uns in your neighbourhood. Isnt it fun when theres kiddies nearby? i have to pass by these little ones of some Indian peddlers, they live in a tin shack down the lane and play on the street, 5hey smile and call out, ‘hello, hello, aunty” till i disappear from sight.

Theyre thrilled when i respond. Just three, four year olds playing with bricks and flowers. Theyre too poor to have toys or shoes on their feet. But what merry bright eyes, and sweet laughing mouths. They remind me one doesnt need money, and lots of toys to be happy. Its a frame of mind. Their parents love them, feed them what they can, give them scanty clothes and set them out to play. and theyre happy.

Granni - you made me hungry with your talk of pot roast. Yesterday i couldnt find lemon so i put a few drops of soy sauce into the mushroom curry i was making. i hope the practises for the chorale are going well.


Its been a hectic few days. i think our festival is finally over. 5he offices will start opening one by one. Yesterday was Brother Sister Day. Sisters honouring brothers and brothers giving a present to sisters. festival starts with it starts with Crow Day, Continues with Dog Day, Prosperity welcoming Day, Cow Day, Self Honouring day, and Bro5her Sister Day.

i had gone out to visit a honorary sister of DH yesterday since he couldnt make it for the ceremony, she lives alone in a little house, and DH used to stay in her house when they had just come from Tibet borders and he was very little.After our ceremony at home, i took DS and we gave her the money present DH ordinarily wouldhave given her on Brother Sister honoring Day. Its been an annual ritual now for 50years.

i kept things as simple as possible this time. Did make a pistachio white chicken curry and mushrooms. and a little mustard greens so we would eat something besides the mandatory savouries and fried things 5hat are offered during festival.
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Good Halloween Morning, Dear Porchies,

I have taken the little jars of candy down and put them on the kids' kitchen window sill. I also put the little googly eyes on the window. They look spooky. I also put the ant poison outside my door but have yet to see an ant. Perhaps yesterday's bait did the trick. It was nice to put SV's little dish of wet food on the kitchen floor without a line of ants immediately marching into the bowl.

I see the Nats won the World Series. I tried to watch but fell asleep. I haven't watched baseball in years. What a surprise when I saw them bat. I don't know what kind of stance that is but it's downright weird. What's with the front leg pointing out and the little dance they do before the ball arrives? The leg sticks out so far they have to wear a pad on the shin. It must enhance their ability in some fashion but it looks sooo strange. Just another thing that has been messed up. They have turned music into lame sounds and now, they have made baseball look like some weird dance...what next? Boy am I old! You kids get off the grass!!!

Rock, that dog and owl are precious. I wonder if the little owl said, "Well now that I am an empty nester, I think I'll get a dog." I have watched all kinds of shows about unusual animal friends. Last one I saw was a dog that played with an elephant in the water. The dog was standing on the elephant's back. Thanks for posting the pics. Brought a smile to my face and that is priceless.

Sun, so glad you are okay. I'm sorry you have to start the chemo again but I'm so glad the cancer is treatable. Also glad you got to go to your group and talk with your pals there. That's some of the best medicine for what ails all of us. I watched a show on PBS years ago about how beer saved the world. Very interesting. Thanks for the info on Halloween, also very interesting.

Granni, the Better Than Bouillon is in the soup aisle at the grocery store.

Julie, I'm glad all the things you have been doing is helping the cold. Drink lots of water to keep the gunk from being too thick which can lead to infection, even with the ABX for the finger. Good luck with everything. Hibernating is a good idea.

Spring, thanks for posting the pics. You have such a beautiful family. Your traditions are rich and interesting. Everything is very colorful. That is so sad about the poor little children. I'm glad they are happy. If I could do anything, I'd get rid of war and poverty, oh and illness. I guess that's what Heaven is for but we could do it here on Earth if everyone were willing. Well, I guess that's what prayers and donations are for. That and love. Thanks again for posting.

Claudia got the FJ question last night. Good thing because I was clueless. She said Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With The Stars was on Dr. Oz yesterday. I missed it. Evidently she has Sjogren's. She and another woman talked about how debilitating it is. I'm glad Claudia saw it because I think it helps her to understand what I go through. She has always been sweet about it but really didn't understand it. I may watch the show on On Demand. She worked out at the gym yesterday but the incision and sore arm made it uncomfortable. I gave her a poop emoji that barfs slime for Halloween.

I hope everydobby has a spooky good Halloween.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just got back from Publix. Got some good healthy stuff. I need to eat better. Will make a green salad with blueberries, raspberries and nuts for lunch. Picked up the Hot Shot for spot cleaning the carpet. Also got some Mr. Clean Eraser Pens for little spots on clothes and the sofa. Cranberry juice was on BOGO as was bacon so had to get those. Not an expensive trip and I got things I need.

Ran into a neighbor and she said the unit in my bldg. sold to a couple who live in Quebec. Yea! They are good neighbors and aren't here much. Friends of this couple already live in another bldg. and they are nice people. There are two of them who own the unit downstairs from me but I think they may be selling.

The little boys' Dad thanked me for their candy. He said they were all excited when they saw it. The older boy is in kindergarten and his day starts early. Glad I got it delivered before the boys got up. I swept the balcony down to Tracy's unit. She is younger and single and perfectly capable of sweeping in front of her condo. I refuse to do it most of the time. Balcony is filthy and I'll be getting someone to pressure wash it and the sidewalks. Just noticed that Barb's DSIL fixed the soffet in the eave above the balcony. I figured he would. He is great at helping out around the bldg.

OK, that's all the news that's fit to print.
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Good Halloween morning...the ground is covered with snow, Oreo made quick work of her "rounds" when she finally went outside. No sign of Peace Sign, but she's holed up somewhere and has just been coming to the house for supper.

Den asked me if I was going to put up a tree since we're having Christmas so early. At first, I said just one of the little ones. Then, I decided I've got room upstairs...and lots of gifts to put under it (for over 10 people, including friends...glad I got started early with wrapping, etc....nothing fancy, but shopping on clearance helps a lot, lol!) And if businesses can have Christmas things out in August/September...well, I can put up my Christmas tree in October :Do_O

Thinking of Sun today...praying all goes well with the chemo.

Rock, the hero canine is the one who chased the terrorist into the tunnel (the terrorist blew up himself and some of his children when the U S Special Forces raided his compound.) The dog was injured, but I think is making a full recovery.

Mikie, how sweet to give the little boys their treats. Are these the children that live with Grandma? I didn't realize there was a mom or dad in the picture...I might be thinking of another family?

I'm trying to keep up with drinking my 108 ounces of water every day...hard to remember when there was so much going on at Lindsey's, but back on track now that I'm home. I just happen to have the 6 (18 oz) glass bottles and (on good days) I can fill them all, then leave them on the counter as a reminder and "accounting", lol!

Glad Barb's SIL is so helpful and so handy around the hood. Glad you will have good neighbors whenever the new owners are visiting the area.

Just got a message from one of my cousins. She wanted to know if Den and I had heard about a mutual friend's wife (actually, Den's best friend's wife.) Doctors have found two tumors in her brain...surgery today to remove and biopsy one of them, the other can't be removed. We had no idea...Fred doesn't have a cell phone and when Den has stopped by recently and found nobody home, he just assumed Fred was on a job somewhere (has a mechanic shop) and his wife was running errands or with grandkids. I'm still messaging my cousin to find out more of what's been happening. One just never knows, true?

Well, I'd better get some dishes washed...the ones I don't put in the dishwasher...and get busy on that tree. Hello and hugs to everyone who happens to pop in. Den is still welding on the snow blade for the Gator...his dad had made it, but was getting a little feeble during that time and the "engineering" was a little off. Den used it last year, anyway, but it didn't really work that well...Den will revamp it and soon have it "right as rain."


Hi, Kids,

Just talked to Joe. His tooth hurt a bit yesterday and last night but he's fine today with the temporary cap on it. He'll get his new crown in a week or so. We were talking about the stupid looking stance the batters use now in baseball. We are both happy for the Nats. The board approved replacing some fencing along one of our streets in here. They put up the white vinyl fence that matches the surrounds on several of the dumpsters. The trial section has been put in and I want to go look at it.

I fixed my big green salad with berries and walnuts and it tasted sooo good. I need to get back to eating healthier meals. So far, no ants coming in. I hope my efforts have finally paid off.

Just read that smaller aircraft may have buttons in them so that, if the pilot becomes disabled (this happens more often than we think), a passenger can press a big red button and air traffic control will be able to take control of the plane and safely land it. The journalist who wrote about it flew in one that was landed by ATC. Went smoothly. What a great idea.

Julie, you do an amazing job of finding things for the kids. Shopping for bargains means you can give more for the same money spent. As you know, I'm a big fan of saving $$. After I bragged about saving so much money at Target, I got my mail and there was a $5 coupon from them. More savings. So, I now have $15 in coupons and gift cards to spend on my next foray. As though that weren't enough, I got a check from Lifelock for $21, my share of a class action suit for some reason or other. Life is good. The last little boys who lived in that condo were the grandkids of another neighbor in here. They moved out and now there are two smaller boys, ages 2 and 5. They are adorable and get a big kick out of any little thing. Yes, the dog in the terrorist raid was slightly injured by some shrapnel when the terrorist blew himself up. He's already back on duty. Those military and police dogs are unsung heroes. I hope and pray all goes well with the woman with the brain tumors. I also hope and pray that all goes well for Sun. Been praying all goes well with you. How is the finger?

Sun, as Julie pointed out, we are all keeping you in our prayers as you go through your chemo today.

I'm a bit tired; what else is new! Gonna go do some laundry and turn Roomba on after I clean her lint tray out. Got a new book of crossword puzzles at the store. Claudia tells me that doctors now say that dancing is even better for our brains than doing crosswords. I say we all do crossword puzzles while dancing. It's like a BOGO.

Happy Halloween to everydobby.

Love, Mikie
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Good Morning, Good Morning, We talked the whole night through, Good Morning, Good Morning to you. I guess we all know what musical that's from. The American Film Institute lists it as the Best

Gave up crosswords some years ago, Mikie. Gave up dancing too. Pretty soon I might have to give
up skateboarding. That big red button in the plane sounds like a good idea. Gary Larson had a
cartoon where Fluffy the poodle had to take over when the pilot blacked out. And there was some
movie decades ago when some star (Doris Day?) had to land a plane.

Julie, don't know if the military still keeps the dogs or not. Used to see stories about soldiers
who were reunited with their military dog. Both were so happy. Why couldn't the dogs be
sent home with the person they've bonded with? Goodness knows there have been plenty of
stories about guys who mailed jeeps home, piece by piece.

Spring, No I can't imagine a world without predators and prey. And yes, it would be nice. Thanks
for all the colorful pics. I never can tell if it's you or your daughter though. Your chicken with
pistachios sounds great. Would like to taste it. I used to eat lots of pistachios. Can't chew any
kind of nuts anymore.

Julie, I cannot remember ever getting snow in Minn. until a couple days after Thanksgiving.
When you a kid snow means fun. When your older it means heating costs, trouble driving,
sidewalks and driveways to shovel, and maybe even snowed in for a day or two. But I would
like to visit once more; just for a couple days. My only living relatives now are my brother
and some members of his family.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I got rid of the male enhancement spams this morning, three of them. I've managed to get a few things done around here. Feels good. Roomba is doing the carpeting. I'm watching Dr. Phil. He has a man who is an alcoholic on. They have tape of his being fall-down drunk. They showed a pic of him and he looked like he'd been beaten after a previous fall. I always thought someone had beaten Leisa when she came to the door last year but I now believe it was a fall. I just wish she could have helped herself. Same for Julie. Addiction is a horrible illness.

Rock, I loved that song and the dance number too. Debbie Reynolds was no dancer and learned all those routines. She was amazing. There are flying lessons for spouses. They are taught enough to be able to land planes in the event that their husbands or wives can't do it. It's a good idea. This button is an even better idea. I remember Fluffy the Poodle. The military still uses dogs; it was a military dog we were discussing. He is a hero. Some of them come home with their trainers after deployment. Some soldiers have brought home strays they find in other countries. BTW, I have also given up skateboarding--years ago. It's fun but too dangerous for these old bones. DD posted a pic on FB looking out the front door at the snow. DGS was pleased to be able to come home early before the snow started. Anything to get out of school. I loved snow days in my yute. It would be nice to visit; I hope you can.

It is still sooo hot here. By Halloween, we usually have cooler weather. At least, we don't have to shovel snow.

Just read in our paper that a guy put on a wig and wore a hoodie to rob the 7/Eleven across the street from his girl friend's apartment where he had been living. He was a regular customer at the store. They recognized him because he had tattoos on his face. Doh! After the robbery, he ran across the street and pounded on the girl friend's door to let him in. He yelled so loud that a woman next door called the cops and the people at the 7/Eleven IDed him after he was arrested. Is stupidity a crime? It should be. Good grief!

Gonna go throw another load in the washer. BTW, I got those new Bounce laundry sheets that are sposda dry with fewer wrinkles. I did tee shirts and believe they do have fewer wrinkles. Hope all y'all have a lovely Halloween night.

Love, Mikie



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Almost good evening everyone. Had a busy day to at the doctors then lunch and then out to rake some leaves and put them into the trash cans. We have so many trees and now it is a really bad time for them falling everywhere they shouldn't be. However, I do guess they need to fall somewhere and we do use it as ground cover in many places. It is pretty chilly here but not as cold as it is at JULIE'S. No snow here I'm afraid. If we do get any later on in the year everyone will get all excited esp the kiddos since we don't see much around here. This year DH says he heard we will have a cold winter - brrr !! Not good for me.

The Dr visit went OK and I will be anxious to start my new b/p drug tomorrow as he said that he read that Losartan 100 mg with HCL can cause rashes and stuff. I need to read up on that but I was going on another med after the few last pills I have of Losartan as it was getting increasingly hard to find, esp mail order. My blood work he said was fine other than my EBV level was pretty high. He asked me if I had been sick. I said not really , nothing out of the ordinary for me, I guess. He also sent me another med ( I didn't catch the name yet) to the pharmacy to take if I get no results from eliminating the Losartan. So we will see !! I guess I am glad I do not have vasculitis as he said the meds you have to take for it are not good, I think steroids if I remember correctly. Hoping I will some day find the solution to at least some of my problems. No magic bullet as they say.

Finally got the clothes out of the washer from yesterday and into the drier and then hung up or folder. To much to do and I am pooped. Not that I did that much but getting old-er YIKES !!

JULIE - Stay warm and hope you get to feeling better. How's that finger doing??? It is hard to stuff around the house when your hand or fingers are injured or inflamed in any way. Stay warm my friend. Glad you have enough food and all for all those snow storms

SUN - Hope all went well today getting your chemo. and that you won't be feeling to bad afterwards.

SPRING WATER - Such lovely pictures of your family and your traditions. and festivals Thanks for sending those colorful pictures of your family,

BARRY - Hope you get or have your power on by now. Not sure if it was back on or not. Yes, we expect so much from out electricity these days with all our gadgets. Hang in there kiddo !! Praying for those in the paths of those people in the areas of those awful fires. Thanks for the tip on the Better than Boullion and MIKIE too.

MIKIE - How cute and sweet of you giving your neighbor boys Halloween treats. Not to many on this block for sure and most in our area will go to the Halloween Carnival or festival or whatever you call it. It is free but they will have to bundle up a bit.

I think you mentioned some time ago about your EBV titers or numbers being up . I had it many years ago and who knows how long that has been in my system. That is probably when I first started with this stuff, before I knew anything about FM I had a test which was positive for EBV. Do you still have it and what are your symptoms.? Didn't know it could lie dormant or semi in your system for that long?

Gotta run for now DEAR ONES and start thinking about supper. HOPE EVERYONE HERE HAS A NICE QUIET HALLOWEEN!! All the kids around here will be at the carnival.

Love to awl,
Granni :D


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Quick update on our friend...preliminary biopsy results say glioblastoma...fast growing, malignant cancer. They could only get a portion of the one tumor as it was entangled too badly in nerves, etc. The other tumor must have been even worse. Full results will take several days, then they'll need to decide on chemo/radiation or ?

I just feel kinda sick...I can't believe this is happening to her. Den and Fred (her husband) have been friends since our girls were real little...


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Spring: Your two children are so handsome/pretty. You should be very proud of them because they seem to have such love for you and each other. OK....your DH looks a tad grumpy! I think he looks like he wanted to be someplace else? LOL

I've been waiting for my neighbor next door to get home from wherever with her two little ones. Our little town gives away candy from 3-5 so perhaps she took them trick or treating near her mom who lives nearby. If I don't see her tonight I'll just take over the two bags of candy tomorrow morning. I don't turn on my outdoor light on halloween night.....that tells kids no candy here. When we were kids we would go to the better homes areas.....figuring they would be giving away chocolate bars. Funny thing, I remember my grandfather taking me out trick or treating when I was around 6 in his area. One neighbor put in a piece of candy and said he would also take one out for himself. Poor little me.....shocked! And how it's stuck in my memory.

Julie: How sad I am to read this about your friend's wife. Yes, cancer is always a shock. I've had several relatives who have died from cancer.....both in a very bad, painful, suffering way. I count myself lucky that it was caught in time and just have to deal with the chemo. But better that than surgery.

Rock: Talked to my DS in Portland today. It's been cold and rainy, what's new. He's been busy reinforcing his outdoor decking so he can move his outdoor freezer around along with his outdoor stove. He's getting 200 lbs. of grass fed beef tomorrow at $5 a pound. I told him not to eat it all in a month or two! His outdoor tarp ripped apart from recent wind so bought a new one and got that one up. Crazy guy....loves to sit out on his deck with the outdoor stove feeding the area with heat.

Barry: Hope the electricity has been restored for you guys.

Mikie: So did your DH give the watch yet?

Granni: Hope your new medicine helps. What is the norm for your BP? Ever tried some deep breathing to bring it down as opposed to meds?