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PORCH 1165 IS NOW OPEN (11/4/19)

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Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

It's time already for a new Porch. Be sure to go back to the last Porch to read Sun's post. I never know how big these pics are gonna be when I download them. I like this fall farm pic. The seasons are flying by. Thanksgiving will be here soon. Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma's condo we go. Christmas sales have already begun because there are fewer shopping days this year before Christmas. I always wait for Black Friday and other seasonal sales to buy things I need. Our family doesn't exchange gifts anymore. We just make donations to charities. I'd like to get an iPad because it's just easier when one has an iPhone to keep it all Apple. I can't get my pics to download to this computer. Basic iPads are cheap.

I have to be careful with the new liquid pregnenolone. It's difficult to control the dropper so I just get one drop under my tongue. I'm going slowly with it. Anything that goes under the tongue is way more potent. The Acyclovir seems to be helping with the WV already. So glad because I have a lot of things I want/need to do. Foremost is caulking around my tub. I have to dig out my caulking gun. Joe called last night and asked whether I had been out to see the new fence in the hood. I think of it at night but, by the next day, I forget about it so I asked Alexa to remind me. I'll do it when I take my mail down to the mailbox. The RT has been so bad that I hate to be doing anything outside.

Sun, I'm glad you were able to get out to the watercolor show. Watercolors are so beautiful. Seems to me that they take way more talent and work than other media. One thing about NYC is that they go all out for security for the parade and New Year's Eve. Still, no amount of security can stop everything. Remember the Boston bombing? Don't know whether you recall when my kids were visiting NYC and were in Central Park heading for a big rock for Andy to climb on. As they headed toward it, some kind of explosive went off and injured a young man. No one was ever arrested. The cops don't think it was terrorism but possibly some kind of kid messing around with explosives. My kids travel all over and I just pray for protection for them. They can't stay home and play it safe. I agree that clown firemen are doubly freaky. Clown doctors would be even worse. Yikes! I'm so sorry your bladder isn't cooperating for you. I hope and pray it gets better.

I am gonna go read the boring Monday paper. Hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the week. This coming weekend, the weather is supposed to cool down and it appears it may stay cooler. I hope so because our cooler weather is to die for.

Love, Mikie

Holy Cow! I'm having a hard time digging out the old caulk on the tub. It usually just comes up by pulling when one piece is cut. I'm having to really dig it out. There is some mold that got behind it so will have to use bleach to kill that before putting down a new line of caulk. I could hardly walk when I stood up and I'm only halfway through. Whine, whine, whine! Seems as though everything is just more difficult for me these days. I don't think I'm still the handy dandy DIY woman I once was. :(
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Hi Kids

Thanks for starting the new thread, Mikie. Just watched the news. It's the usual stuff. Two blocked freeways. Crime and road rage. Gonna be hot. And the new scheme to speed up traffic at the Airport is a total flop. The guy who usually does the show biz reports had the cure. Put up some signs to tell people where to go. Uber vehicles are now allowed at the airport, but travelers don't know where to wait for the vehicle.

Gordon and I are going to the Dr's office in N. Hollywood this morning. We will probably stop at
some place that sells healthful food like Taco Bell on the way home.

Hope you all have as much fun (at least) today as we do.



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Good Monday morning, friends! Got a text from Keira around 7:30, saying she'd see me at Grandparents' Day later today...little stinker, she (middle school) doesn't have Grandparents' Day anymore...she was just teasing me. Clinton is going with Miley (2nd grade) so I didn't have to make the trip...I think she prefers him cause he is actually her grandpa, lol!

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Some stores around here are advertising "Pre-Black Friday" sales...pretty soon it really will be "Christmas in July", lol! Yes, those dropper meds can be tricky...hope this does the trick for you. Good idea to give to charities in lieu of gifts (took me three tries to spell lieu, lolol!) Our kiddos are still at the age where presents mean a lot...we make sure to do things to celebrate the seasons (Thanksgiving crafts, Baby Jesus things, Easter baskets with things about Jesus, etc.) This year, Amy and Lindsey are going to skip getting gifts for each other's kiddos...they have a lot of craft things lined up (Christmas ornaments and decorations, mostly.) We'll still do the pinata (found one on clearance a few months ago...usually close to $20...got it for $5.) I get one that has several strings and have the kids pull all at once, then the "treasures" fall into a plastic wading pool directly underneath and the kids go around in a circle and take turns picking something) and I get trinkets and things year round to go in it. I don't want to deal with someone getting smacked while someone else has their turning at hitting the pinata...and there are no tears because someone didn't get a turn or hardly any prizes...

Same with the Bingo prizes and the Saran Wrap game...shop year round (Pinata is for kids under 10, Saran Wrap game is for anyone 10 and older....hilarious to watch Keira and the adults race to unwrap a prize from the ball before the next person in line rolls a "pair" with the dice, lol!) I guess these things are what my family will remember when they ever talk about Holiday Traditions, lol! And sitting around the island, helping Grandma cook or decorating cookies, etc., etc.

Sun, how annoying and frustrating to have to get up so often...hope that gets resolved soon. I'm sure you're worried about the kids...but it will be a lot of fun and they will have a lot to talk about. Were the grands upset about the trip or cause of the clowns, or both?

Granni, Den and I haven't been to a theater movie in quite awhile. We did go this summer, to use our gift certificate from the kids (from last Christmas, lol!) Yep, all that business with the clowns awhile ago was just ridiculous, wasn't it?

Rock, have fun on your outing today. I love Taco Bell...usually get the calorie laden "Super Nachos"...but it's not very often that I go. Tacos are one of my favorite foods, as long as the sauce isn't too spicy.

Star and Barry...how are you guys? Barry, I think I read that the power outages are finished...sure hope so.

Den was on the phone when I got up...seems a guy he has done work for had a crisis. He and his wife own a pharmacy in another town (she's the pharmacist and they drive over an hour to work every day.) The power had gone off in much of the town, but nobody had notified them...and their generator didn't kick on, for some reason. So, they lost the insulin and other drugs that need to be refrigerated. The city electric was there, but Den went to take care of any problems that were the business owners' responsibility. I fixed him a quick breakfast and packed a lunch...he'll probably be gone most of the day.

I have a follow up on my finger this afternoon...already showered, just have to put on "town clothes" (Amy gets a kick out of that, lol!) I just wear chore/farm clothes around here cause I'm in and out so much...and shorts, even in the winter, if the heat is really working ;):D. Gonna do the big grocery shopping tomorrow...will try to get some things prepped, some actually cooked and in the freezer. I'd rather play with the kids than spend all my time in the kitchen. Lindsey could cook, but if I have things done ahead of time, it will give her a break. Amy and family won't be here till the weekend, and they will come in shifts (Miley's first basketball game is Saturday (16th) so Clinton will bring her after the game...Amy and Keira may come Friday after work.) Lindsey's family will be here the 12th (one week from tomorrow) so I guess it's not too early to get things done?

Speaking of...it's a lot easier to make lists/menus/etc than it is to do the actual work, lol...so I'd better get busy. Still need to change a few clocks around the house...I'm such a rebel :eek::D Hope everyone has a "good enough" day and week. Take care!


Hi, Kids,

This caulking project is slow going. I went in with a toothbrush dipped in a bleach/water mixture and ran it all along so no mold will grow under the new caulk. I realized that I switched to another area and missed digging out the old caulk in one area. So, it's back to digging I'll go after I rest a bit more. What a pain! I remember when I'd whip out these projects like they were nothing. Pretty soon, I won't be able to do anything. While I've been waiting and resting, the landscapers have been running their machinery all over and it's disrupting the antenna signal for the TV. I've had to switch to streaming mode. I just looked out and the landscapers are running compressors and spraying something all over the grass. I don't think they are sposda be spraying fertilizer so it must be some kind of pest spray. I don't see any little flags warning people about keeping their kids and pets off the grass.

Rock, guess you can tell, I'm not having as much fun as you. I'd go with you to Taco Bell if I were there. I love their stuff. I haven't been to one in ages because there isn't one really close by. The closest one is next door to a small restaurant I like even better so guess which one wins out? I always get the grouper sandwich with a huge breaded fillet of grouper on a hamburger bun. Sooo good! Hmmm, signs telling people where to go. What a novel idea! Haven't flown into LAX in decades. Atlanta is my favorite airport.

Julie, all those kids' visits involve so much work. It wears me out just thinking about it. I know it's worth it and, yes, the memories being made are pricreess. So, when you say remembering holiday traditions while sitting around the island, are you referring to Maui or Oahu? I wear my same old shorts and tees to Publix and Target that I wear around the condo; however, I do wear some slightly better Capri pants and tops when I go to the doctor or out to lunch. Hmmm, when clowns get ready to go out, do they put on clown clothes as opposed to town clothes? I've seen some people wearing what I'd call clown clothes but I don't think they meant to.

OK, time to go remove the rest of the old caulk. I am not going to put the new caulk on today. As weak and tired as I am, I would only mess it up. I don't like using the big caulk guns to begin with. They always have problems of some kind. As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day." I think the time change, going without my pregnolone for a couple of days, and the WV's trying to make a comeback have all left me exhausted. I feel so blessed that I can take my time and rest. The A/C is a blessing as is SV who has been especially cute today. I love to count my blessings; there are more than I can ever count. I have been calling them, miracles. When I pray, I ask God for another miracle.

Enjoy your day, everydobby.

Love, Mikie

BTW, you too can own this new retro-look fridge for only $2,799. Such a deal.



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Greetings! We got back from our trip to the San Fernando Valley a little while ago. The visit was a little unusual in
that we had to wait a long time for the doctor. Gordon entertained me by acting like a member of a college Fraternity.
"You want some cotton balls? How about tongue depressers? Here's a TIME magazine; only 6 months old. (That one he
did take. But there was still a big stack left.) Stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. Got our food and a ten % sr. discount.

Mikie, For $3000 I would expect the original Mickey Mouse to appear. Preferably with Gene Kelly. That caulking or
decaulking sounds like a heavy duty project. Don't you need a sledge hammer and chisels? Gordon reminded me to
eat my Waldorf salad that I bought at Vons two days ago. It's too hard for me to chew. Furthermore when My Mom
made it she put the fruits and nuts in whipped cream. Don't know what this is. Low quality mayonnaise maybe. Or
possibly some product from a gas station.

Julie, if you and Den get bored in the years to come, you could always open your place as a guest house or an
authentic Middle American Home Cooking Restaurant. You'd have so many customers you'd have to widen the
drive way. I agree with you about Mexican food and too much spice. Kinda like a chocolate Sundae. Doesn't
mean I want a barrel of chocolate syrup poured over me.

Well. Suffering Sucotash! Now there's a fly in here. Swatting flies was one of my chores in the days of my yute.

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I found the above pic on the net, it is wood and lace. Interesting piece of handicraft, isnt it?

Sun - i hope youre feeling better.

Rock - I prefer unexciting but placid days to days when too much excitement happens. This heart cannot take it. im guessing most of us are on the same page here.
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Sooo exhausted yesterday that I fell asleep and slept all the way through FJ. Poor Claudia was by herself and didn't get the answer. Doubt I would have been much help. Think she and I will be at the pool this morning. I want to run to Costco before coming home to finish the caulk job. Costco has those license plate holders with a backup camera in them. You download the app to your phone and your phone screen shows what is behind the vehicle. There is a little solar panel on the plate so there is no wiring to do. Gonna look at it; not sure whether I'll get one or not. I'm always so careful when backing out and worry I'll hit something.

Rock, Glad you got your Senior discount at Taco Hell, as my DD called it when she was in college. The caulking job isn't what I'd call a heavy duty job. It's relatively easy if all goes well. It's just a pain in the neck. I can use my wet finger to finish it but I actually have a little tool that puts a beautiful finish on the caulk line. Necessity is the parent (politically correct) of invention. Patients waiting for the doc need to be entertained and put at ease. Sounds as though Gordon has a standup routine. A career is born...a doctor, a nurse and a patient all walk into a bar. Gordon is just the person to mine the topic for all kinds of jokes. I make Waldorf salad and I use mayo, milk and sugar in the dressing. Perhaps sitting for two days wasn't the best thing for the taste. Or perhaps store bought salads leave a lot to be desired.

Gordon, love you irony joke. See, you are the perfect one to entertain the patients. Maybe even open a comedy club right in the doc's waiting room. You can tickle their funny bone.

Spring, that little lace doohicky is sooo interesting. So tiny and perfect. Thanks for posting it. Yes, I like placid days too. No excitement for me!

OK, as per usual, I'm off to read the online newspaper.

Love, Mikie
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Good Morning, Boys and Girls

Last night I reminded Gordon to eat his Taco Bell item that was in the fridge. He said, "Well, I
did. The one in the fridge is yours." All day long I am so confusiated. Yesterday I watched the first
half of the Pink Panther film with Steve Martin. After that YouTube just provided snipets of the film.
Anyhoo I love the movie despite the fact that when I first saw it some years back I didn't appreciate
it at all. My discussion with Mikie changed my opinion.

Mikie, I never heard of the license plate holders you described. Yes, backing up is hazardous.
When I was pretty young I backed up in a parking lot and hit a truck. It was a dark night. Little
lighting in the parking lot. All I saw when I looked back was darkness. Turns out part of the
darkness was a dark truck. Didn't hurt the truck, but the driver was mad anyway.

Spring, that bit of handicraft you found looks very WWII to me. I believe she is wearing a cloche
hat. My uncle said they get their name for the fact that women wear them cloche to their head.

Julie, is the whole family going to wear shifts or just the gals? Was Den able to help the loss
of power situation? It must be reassuring to have him on the farm when the weather turns
bad. I didn't even know that insulin has to be refrigerated. Kinda like Lucy when she bought
all that meat.

Sun, hope you are OK with your cancer treatments? Are you nearing the end of same?

Going back to bed. Getting kinda cold here.



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A wonderful, sunny good morning! Weather says 32 degrees (at 7:30 am) with a high of 45. I have a hair appt. at 10:00, then grocery shopping marathon that will likely take the rest of the day. I was hoping for one more warm enough day to allow me to wash windows, but not sure that's gonna happen...oh well.

Gordon, thanks for almost making me spit my coffee on the keyboard, lol! So fun to wake up to such wit, first thing in the morning :) This Taco Bell talk has me thinking I may have to grab something from there for lunch as the timing will be perfect.

Rock, yep, Den is pretty handy to have around the farm...we've discussed what each of us would do if we are the lone survivor. I'll have to hire someone or rely on the kindness of neighbors to do some things...Den will have to learn how to cook (not likely, but either that or starve, lol!)

Somehow posted by accident when Den just handed me my phone...my hairdresser can see me at 8:30, instead of 10:00. That's in 45 minutes and since it takes 15 minutes to drive there, I only have a half hour to fix breakfast and get "town ready"...so, I'll check back in when I can. Hi to everyone! Have a great day!


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Spring: What a pretty bit of lace.....I love it! You do know that I'm a lace fiend, don't you? I own quite a lot, and some books showing the old beauties from the 1600s even, but don't ask me the names or how to identify many though. I've always loved to think about who had made them, what their lives had been like, and how did they end up in my possession. I've thought about writing a few short stories, following one along the centuries. Those stories fascinate me.....I think my favorite movie is The Red Violin. It follows the maker of this wonderful red violin made back in the 1600s I think, and how it came to be in each person's possession until the 20th century at a violin auction.

Mikie: You're lucky you can sleep when you're exhausted. I just keep pushing myself along thru the day. Just can't sleep longer than 30 min. I've cauked my sink and tub at times.....I find it an awful messy job which I hate to do.

Rock: OK.....You've got me hankering to try Taco Bell! Surprise! Never been there but the thought of a crunchy taco seems to appeal to me. I think there's one near me, always has a line out in front around lunchtime so it must be good.
I'm not a fast food person. I couldn't tell you where even a Mac Donald's is......oh yes.....I think there used to be one a few miles away. Hated it.....we took my DGS when he was around 3 to play there. Chaotic and noisy where the kids are to '"eat'?

Julie: Sounds like you've got Christmas festivities totally under control. I know you will have a lot of fun with all the kids.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts on the cancer treatment. I've got 2 more to go this go around. I'm trying hard to not drink anything after 6 PM so I won't have to make so many trips during the night. I think I've been battling a bug too. Sunday afternoon when i got back from the art show I found I was running a fever, and sneezing. Yesterday I spent most of the day working on my collage. My kitchen table is such a mess from cut up scraps, so hope to get it all glued today and cleaned up.

Julie: I see you just posted while I was here. My DH and I talked about what we would do......the most important thing at that time was to pay off the house which we did. He used to cook when we were first married. I worked and he went to school, but somehow he "forgot' how to later down the road. I used to do all our investments, though he paid the bills. The hard thing for me was when he died and he didn't leave me passwords for various things on the computer. I also went thru some VERY stressful times concerning finances. I had to hire an investment manager to get his 401 rolled over to my control and not the investment broker that his company had used.

I have a good handyman I can trust, and a gardener and poolman to take care of things outside. And my DS lives in Los Angeles and comes out every couple of weeks to help with the computer or whatever. But everyone has to face that time when things change.
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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...I went over to the pool and walked for more than an hour. Barb and Claudia were both there and a friend who is a Snowbird came by too. She is very sweet. Says she is sick all the time because she can't sleep anymore. Three hours at most. It's so good to see her again. After the pool, I got dressed and went to Costco to look at those license plate holders with the backup camera. They don't have them in the store and no decaf coffee either. I left disgusted and stopped at Publix to pick up a couple of things. I'll have to go online to see whether I can buy these things. GRRR!

My back started to hurt--my sciatica was acting up from walking in the pool. Then, in Publix, my WV started to attack me violently. My throat hurt like it was Strep and my head hurt like someone hit me with a sledge hammer. The WV does this when it realizes that I'm taking the AV. The AV will drive it into latency where it will wait to wage the next attack. Those evil little viruses are smart. They hide to fight another day. I feel so sick that I may have to wait til tomorrow to finish the caulk job. I'll see how I'm feeling in a bit.

Jane Fonda is on The View. She is still beautiful but in a different older way now. She is very tiny and thin. She is letting her hair go gray and it is lovely. Barry, are you listening? If I looked that good, I'd let my hair go gray too.

Rock, I'm laughing at the darkness turning out to be a dark truck. I'm pretty good at maneuvering the Highlander but it's a big vehicle. It's not a true SUV on a truck chassis but the body is as big as a full size SUV. They newer Highlanders are smaller. I use all the mirrors and crank my neck around and leave a lot of room but the camera would be so nice. I work to keep my neck agile so I can look both ways. I was lucky at both stores today and found parking spots right up front. We used to call my neighbor, Up Front Frank. When he was with us, we would always find parking spots right up front.

Julie, so glad you were able to get into the salon earlier. Maybe you can fly through your shopping and get home earlier too. When I feel well, I love to shop but not when I feel like this. Stop back in when you can.

Sun, I don't stop to sleep until I'm falling down and dozing off despite the desire to go on. Right now, with the WV attacking me, I'm especially vulnerable to total exhaustion. Before I got sick, I never realized a body could be so tired. Don't think any of us did. When I caulk, it isn't that messy. Because I use my little handy dandy tool, I don't get it all over my hands. I can wear latex gloves. I use masking tape to keep it neat along the edges. The worst part is done, crouching down in the tub and digging out the old caulk. Everything takes me three times as long to do now. Whine, whine, whine! I keep you in my prayers that the treatments won't be so harsh and that they remain effective.

I felt hot when I got home. The A/C is running and now I feel cold and am chilling. The WV makes me feel just as awful as getting any other kind of virus until the battle is won. I hope everydobby else is feeling much better than I.

Love, Mikie
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Dear Ones,

Well, summers back or almost. I think it is in the 70's and may it 80 until late Fri I think where another cold front is supposed to hot. Cant keep track and don't know what to wear most of the time.

DH just came in and we need to eat before I do a few thigs and then off toe singing practice. Then to celebrate some birthdays this month including mine.

Sorry I cant stay.

Feel better SUN and MIKIE.

Love you all,
Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Well, I done did it. I ordered my coffee and the license plate backup camera online from Costco. They charged me $3 for two-day shipping. I guess that's not too bad. I get free shipping overnight from Amazon but I pay an annual fee. The money I save pays for it and I get the video and music too. It's not always the cheapest though. The license plate was $99 at Costco; it's $150-$200 at Amazon. Costco is seldom the cheapest except for a few things, including my self-opening garbage cans. Still have to shop around. There are some apps that check for the cheapest. I need to check it out. I need to get a holder for my phone in the car now. Those Weather Tec ones are $50-$60. Highway robbery! They sell some others for $20. I may just try holding my phone in front of me to save money. I only need it when I'm using the backup camera. The camera uses solar panels to charge itself. The sun shines on the license all afternoon. I have navigation on my phone so don't really need it integral to the car itself.

Granni, good to see you here. I hope you enjoy celebrating your birthday late. Or is it late? I have your birthday in Oct. Yes, it's summer here again too. We will be affected by that front too but not until a day or two later than you. We are hoping it will finally usher in fall. It was beautiful at the pool this morning, in the 70's. It's 88 out now. Costco was swamped; I think a lot of the Snowbirds are already here. I should have just shopped online and saved myself the misery at the warehouse. Wouldn't be such misery if the WV weren't on the attack.

OK, I'm off again but not to do anything exciting. Talk to y'all later.

Love, Mikie

OMG!!! I just went in to lay down the masking tape guides. I can barely walk. I had to leave one end til later. It's white tile on white tub and sooo hard to see, especially with my bad eyes and bad lighting. I'm at the point where any ole job will do. I no longer take pride in my work. Just want to get it done. I'm icing my back now and will put on my brace when I'm done. I bought some Margarita and Pina Colada frozen drinks at the store and think that's gonna be my din din.
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Hi Kids

Gordon went to get a haircut. Lately he's been going to a real barber shop instead of the barber college where the charge was only $5. He loves to chat with anybody he bumps into. At the college he knew everybody's name and how soon they would graduate and if they had a job lined up, etc.

Mikie, I used to like margaritas and pina coladas. Haven't had a drink for a coon's age. Tasted
a margarita a decade or so ago. Tasted awful. Haven't tried to drink any liquor since. Gordon
doesn't drink. My Dad was a drunk. But, unlike many he supported his family.

I don't remember hearing about your self opening garbage cans before. Is there a peddle?
Does Alexa or SV help? Does it respond to verbal commands or a chime? Some old folks run
away from new technology. You run to it. Ooops! Gordoni is home. Must go admire his

OK. Glad to report the haircut looks just fine. He also stopped and bought a few groceries
including a tray of tiny red peppers. They are skinny and only a inch or so long. Gordon says
they look like worms. Now the computer chimed. What they heck does that mean? Is it
secretly sending a message to Alexa?

Granni, come back when you can stay longer. I don't have any trouble getting dressed. I wear
the same thing every day unless we go somewhere. Is it your birthday this month or is it a delayed
birthday celebration?

Sun, I don't have a single bit of lace. Not even shoes that lace. Well, stop by when you're in the
neighborhood. We'll go to Taco Bell or one of numerous Mexican restaurants around here.
There was a good one on Sunset Blvd, but I quit going there. They kept it so dark that I lost
my sun glasses. When I went back a few minutes later the waiters all assured I had not left
my glasses there. Never went back. I think they took my glasses as an additional tip.

Started reading a book about pioneers in Indiana. They were buying land for $1.25 an acre
in the second half of the 19th century. What does it cost in Iowa now, Julie.? The family had a real springhouse. A young boy was walking on a board across the water and fell in. The family dog jumped in a saved him. At least that what the family diary said.

My great Uncle and Aunt had a milk house on their farm. Right after milking the milk was
poured into a separator which was cranked. Milk and cream went into separate cans.
The cans were put out the next morning for the milk truck to pick up. According to legend,
when Henry Ford was asked how wide the space should be in the back seat of the model T he
reportedly said, "Big enough for milk cans."

sorry, got to go for now.




Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Managed to stay awake last evening long enough to get the FJ question. Claudia also got it. Nancy got home later and texted to let us know. She will play tonight. She has been visiting our other friend, another Nancy, in Phoenix. Michigan is set for some cold weather and that should come as a shock to her after the AZ heat. I feel a bit better but my throat is still sore and there is a sore spot on the top of my head, the hallmark of the WV. Granni and Barry, do you have any of these symptoms with your high EBV titres?

The mgmt. co. sent the application through email to me yesterday for the unit downstairs that has been for sale. Happy Days! It's a couple from Iowa. He is an atty. and his wife is retired. I imagine he is, at least, partially retired too. Their credit check and background check came back clean. They had excellent referral letters attesting to their good character and I think they are friends with others living in here. I let the mgmt. co. I could find no reason to deny them. A unit in the next bldg. also sold. This is a whole new hood due to the turnover but I think it's stable now. I really need to get out and meet people. Joe knows everyone so he can introduce me. We are getting ready for our annual meeting here and elections. I'll be politicin' for Joe and a woman who is excellent on the board.

Rock, I read an article about how Seniors and their kids are embracing technology to help the old folks stay independent. They love the watches like mine and Alexa. Many use Alexa to remind them to take their meds. I don't need that but Alexa reminds me to do all kinds of things. Hackers are now using laser beams to hack personal assistant devices like Alexa and Google. My Alexa sits low out of sight so I don't have to worry. Hackers have been able to open doors and garage doors by hacking. Yikes! My garbage cans aren't so high tech; they operate on batteries. They have sensors in the lids. When I hold my hand over the lid, it opens. Then it closes by itself. I used to have the ones with the pedals I stepped on but those always broke and weren't very attractive. These are beautiful stainless to match the appliances. Very sleek looking.

I also wear the same thing every day--shorts, tee shirt and flip flops. Word on the street is that there is going to be a party so I'll dress up a wee bit. If your computer was trying to send Alexa a message, she evidently didn't receive it; she didn't say anything. Wow! A haircut and some tiny red peppers all in one day. Don't know whether I'd be able to stand the excitement. Of course, I do my own hair trimming and that's excitement enough. It actually looks good and the color came out perfectly so I'm a happy camper. It doesn't take much. The bar is very low in my life for happiness. I'll be ecstatic when my decaf coffee arrives.

Heck, I'll also be ecstatic when I finish caulking the tub. Hopefully, I'll slay that dragon today. I'd love to retile the splashback in the kitchen but even small jobs are too much for me. In the grand scheme of things, the tile job isn't big but everything seems too big for me to take on these days. Whine, whine, whine!

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

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I'm up early.....you guys know my drill......coffee at 3 a.m. To take away pain.

Mikie: I also cut my hair yesterday. It might take a few cuttings until I'm satisfied though. I saw a pic of Jane Fonda from the View. Her hair looks pretty, a silvery blond. And yes, if you had tweaking of face lifts throughout the years you would also look fabulous at 81. Don't forget when she supposedly had a rib removed to get a smaller waist. I always questioned that though, just look at her dad how tall and thin he was. It's her genes.

Rock: Little red chilies? Would those be those fiery HOT ones out there? Does Gordon like HOT foods? I occasionally will buy some poblano chilies and roast them, so I can have some fresh chilies when I make a pot of chili, but that's the hottest for me. A few weeks ago Sprouts was taste testing a spicy tortilla chip. I tried a bite, ugh.....too hot, so the lady was also offering a tiny bit of chocolate the relieve the heat. I noticed most people were also like me discarding the rest of the chip.

Yesterday was one of those days......I shouldn't have touched things in the house. An unused shower head....frozen up. Went to another bathroom to check that shower faucet.....barely dripping water. I will now have to search for an "honest" plumber. The first one though started unfreezing after spraying with WD40. I need to get on a routine for using different showers. So then I went into my 3rd bathroom and decided I needed to take take down a pole that holds the shower curtain. Bad move. Anyway, won't go into it but had to hit Lowes, bought a new, geometric print shower curtain. Which then meant I had to remove the narrow window covering that matched the old shower curtain. This window is one from the mid century modern days......louvered, about 84" long and about 25" wide. Sigh. So after my short nap I headed to the fabric store to search for something I could make a new window covering.

And along with all of that annoyance yesterday, my ipad is really having problems. OR.....it's my wifi connection. Up where I live a lot of people run into that. But the problem with my Ipad is if I'm off doing a search for something, then I can't reconnect for email. I do shutdowns.....sometimes it will come back, sometimes take a long long time. Really really frustrating. So I'm thinking maybe it's time for a new ipad and keyboard.

I still haven't finished my collage. It takes so long for things to glue onto the WC paper. But I'm getting pretty sick of looking at this mess I've made in the kitchen with it. Tomorrow is another go around of chemo.

Oh yes, talked to my DD yesterday. More Skylar problems. She had spent the day out at a day care for doggies ranch which she loves.....came home limping, not able to put her weight on her front leg. So the vet is trying her on antibiotics first along with treatment for a possible bladder problem. Seems she's wetting in the house and on the patio. My DD said it SMELLS very strong. Eeegads. Yesterday ran them $500 plus. I think the vet is extremely expensive but what do I know. My DD is not very happy.......my SIL NEVER needed this second dog. I believe at this point she's cost them over $7,000 in less than a year they've had her.

And apparently my SILs family is going to have an early thanksgiving gathering the week before they all leave for NY. His mom is going to order takeout from a local barbecue place. I hope I'll feel up to going.

OK.....gonna go back to bed and see if I can sleep a few hours.


Dear Sun,

Yes, Jane Fonda has had work done but she always looks good. Not like some do with so much work. If I could afford it, I'd do the neck lift again. My neck isn't saggy but things could stand to be tightened up just a wee bit. I agree that she has good genes but she also took good care of herself all her life with exercise and good posture. She looks different now, still pretty but a bit older. I think I'll try the No. 7 serum for wrinkles around my mouth. It's supposed to be great. I guess I could go get some filler done but have finally accepted getting old. Worst thing is the sagging skin on my upper arms. Well, longer sleeves cover that up.

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. I have days like that when everything I touch turns to crap, in fact, most of my days are like that. Your shower heads may just be plugged up with minerals in the water. There are things you can soak them in. If that doesn't work, all you have to do is buy new shower heads and install them. Not a difficult job. I love hot food but not too hot. I crave the Sausalito turkey breast. I could eat it every day. Vets are very expensive. I live in fear that SV will get sick. Just his well visits can cost $200 but I have to keep them up so I can get his Rx food which also costs a fortune. DD thinks now that their little dog held on long after he should have died because he knew they loved him so much. Finally, he couldn't hang on any longer and they took him to the vet after he apparently was in a coma and having seizures. It leaves us feeling guilty no matter what we do. They suffer in silence. I usually have to do a couple of trims to get my hair just right too. I don't mind paying to get it done but I do appointments as little as I have to and I usually end up with a haircut I don't like. I'm keeping it a bit longer and it's easier. Except for the fine texture, I have good hair. You are in my prayers with your treatment. Take care of yourself and don't push if you're not feeling well. Rest is a big part of the healing.

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning. Yesterday, we had a beautiful sunset. Glad my condo has windows facing all directions except north. Well, nothing interesting ever seems to happen to the north except Santa's visits.

Love, Mikie
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Good Grief!

Just got back from Lowe's. True to form, Sun's and my experiences are parallel. I went to caulk and couldn't find either of my caulk guns. Then, I realized the caulk I bought a while back was clear instead of white. Doh!!! So off to Lowe's I went and had the nicest guy help me. I couldn't find the caulk guns. I got a new one that is a bit better than the old ones. I also got a new pair of pliers for my arthritic old hands. Finally, I asked the guy for a recommendation for good caulk. He almost grabbed the clear too. It's right next to the white and easy to grab instead. Only thing is that he was very condescending as though I know nothing. Guys talk to women this way but I don't think, at least in this case, it was intended; he was just trying to be helpful. Back in the day, women didn't worry our pretty little heads about home repair and maintenance.

The Doctors are saying elderberries contain a compound that boosts the immune system and inhibits viruses' ability to replicate in the body. Gonna pick up some elderberry tea or buy it online. I used my downtime to order some supps from PH. Gail is sooo sweet. I always love talking to her. I'm having to use liquid B-12 because the little tablets I used to dissolve under my tongue contain the stearic acid. Fortunately, I've been able to find supps with it.

I'm so beat and need to rest a bit before tackling the tub. I feel jittery today, not unusual when the WV is on the attack. Hope all y'all are getting over the hump in fine fettle.

Love, Mikie

What a cluster fuss. I can't see with these cataracts. The caulk is unlike any I've ever used. It's thicker and, instead of smoothing out with a wet finger rubbed along the line, it is lumpy. I'm so disgusted. Everything I do anymore is like this. So, the job is done but it's not even close to my standards. AACCKK!!

Just had a hot soak, being careful not to disturb the caulk job. I've had to put this into perspective and not let it upset me. SV came in and lay like a loaf of bread on the bath mat. He is so sweet. The beloved afternoon shadows are reaching across our little pond. There are 17 ibis picking at the grass. I love to see them. So, a crappy caulk job isn't the end of the world.
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Mikie:. Was this the same brand of caulking you've used before? I wonder if there is an expiration code on it? As to my shower, no it's not the shower head, it's the darn Moen cartridge in this faucet "handle". I don't think my handyman wanted to work on it, so I need to find another plumber and have him change out the Moen to something else that isn't a problem. I think I've used this shower 3 times since I had the bathroom remodeled when I had a leak in there. Another handyman told me to be sure to use it.....duh! I should have listened to him.

I spent almost 45 min. This morning talking to the head Geek at Best Buy about a new ipad, etc. I think first I need to set up an appt. with Frontier and maybe have them put in a new router, then I'll see if it helps the problems. Sigh.

Talked to my DS this morning about it. He's got this bug that I've been fighting, said both girls were sick with it last week. I felt like I was in twilight zone talking to the head geek this morning. So hard to "think" right now....gotta hit the bed.