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PORCH 1165 IS NOW OPEN (11/4/19)

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Hey, Kids

Just called The Pro Health Shop. It's closed. I thought they were open till 6. Well, seems like no matter what time I call they are not open. Usually takes me 2 or3 tries. Tried 2 or 3 times to e mail my Oregon brother. Don't think that worked either.
Very difficult to tell with this pile of junk we have for a computer. ....

to be continued on new post....
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Now I can't type anymore on the above rectangle. Another problem caused by Gordoni who has turned into a monster
and is spreading fake news about me. You know what they say. Even in the best of families...I think Katherine Hepburn
said that in some movie... The Lion in Winter Maybe.

all for now

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Gordon must be Cookie Monster if he is one. The monster that wouldnt.:D

Rock - has anti virus been downloaded? I dont think that type of problem should come on its own.

Katherine Hepburns cheekbones looked like theyd been chiselled by a mason. What a beauty. Although i preferred the impish Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Beauty does come in all types.

These days i seem to like the unconventional but arresting type of good looks where the personality seems to override the physical traits. Like Avril Lavigne was when she first started singing. I havent seen her recently. I must google her.

Mikie - at least that caulking job got done. If you had been feeling better, it would have been more smooth but its serving the purpose and no one is there to criticise your work except you.
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i couldnt get the first post to open so am continuing on new post....same problem as Rocks. Hmmmm. maybe it is something PH can fix.

Sun - i didnt know you were a lace fiend but i did think the artist in you would like the creativity that went into that piece i posted.

And Rock was right, the lady does look like from WWII era. Skylar is turning out to be an expensive pet but i think your kids are good people to not mind spending that much on him. of course, lucky they are in a position to be able to.

i remember my FIL used to send our dogs away if they got sick. To a factory or someplace rather that spend. And he was making so much money,tons, those days.

He sent an alsation away to a relative up in the Tibet border because it was having seizures and my DH was spending lots on the vet. Im wondering whether his karma caught up with him because he expired at 68, and the astrologer priests divined that he went before his time, he had ten more years to live according to his birth chart.


Not much of excitement happening around here. Just trying to get in some cleaning. Finding stuff to throw out. Airing woolies. There is a bite in the air in the mornings and nights. Mikie, we are having some beautiful sunsets here too. i found the clouds i saw were called altocumulus and managed to get a picture on the net.

Yesterday i and DS went on an errand and coming back made an impromptu decision to eat dinner out. Nice place. Swanky. But on the expensive side. But i thought what the heck.

Not that expensive, either. What i ate cost $ 5.00 and an average restaurant would be half that. DS was a little more since he eats meat.

We had to order DHs southindian take away food at another place which we did and could shop for groceries at the nearby Supermarket while waiting for the order to be done.16006DAF-EC29-425F-8AE2-EF3D1106CE36.jpeg
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Hi Kids

The wonderful day continues. I just sat down on the sofa to watch TV with Gordon. Spilled my bowl of soup all over. AARRRRGGGGG!!!!

Springwater, love the pic you posted. It looks like a sky from a Disney film. Happy little clouds
racing through the sky.

Gordon has now been removed from the monster catalogue. My Oregon brother e mailed a couple
days ago. Wanted to know what size T shirts we wear. So I asked Gordon and he said, "Medium".
So that's what I wrote to my brother. But today I saw a copy of the e mail Gordon sent to my brother.
He said I messed up, and I should have told him "Large".

So I told Gordon he was spreading fake news. But Gordon said that's the way he remembered the
conversation. So it wasn't skullduggery, it was just a misperception. So everything is hunky dory

All our problems should be solved so easily. (Serially Gordon and have never had a serious
argument. When we try, we just start laughing.

Hugs and Good Night


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Slept eight hours last night. Woo Hoo! I just hope that translates into more NRG but often it doesn't. Right now it isn't helping my pea brain. I'm typing gibberish. Had to oust three spammers when I got here. Joe called last night to tell me about the board meeting. Guess we will be getting a new gate on the pool. It will have electronic fobs instead of keys for entry. That will be nice. We've needed to do something about the old gate for quite a while. I missed FJ but thought finding out about what is going on in the hood was more important. I did manage to welcome Nancy home.

Sun, it's been so long since I've caulked the bath that I don't remember what I used before. I was almost crippling for me to do the job. I was in horrible pain last night. I think walking in the pool and taking on the job was too much. In any case, it'll have to do. I think the controls in the new plumbing has to be used or it freezes up. I have to take SV's box out of the shower in the master bath and run it. It's the original control so isn't as 'fussy' as the new ones. You should be able to figure out whether the iPad problems are router related versus iPad related, depending on what is happening. It would be nice if just switching the router would help. I do know that, as the providers improve their service, the old routers don't work as well. I have my own because, in the long run, it's cheaper than renting one from Comcast. If you do need to replace the iPad, it's a good time of year to buy one. The biggest sales of the year are here. Good luck. Hope you feel better.

Rock, I always buy tee shirts a size larger because they shrink in the dryer. Also, I like them roomy. I still have some scoop neck tees I got at Bealls twenty years ago. They were such good quality that I can still wear them. Due to the time difference, I usually call PH right smack in the middle of the day. I called and ordered things yesterday and talked to Gail. She is sooo nice. What an asset to PH. The phones were busy. I was on hold for a while but I don't mind. I always hope PH is doing well because they do so much good for all of us. I had a difficult time getting a post to post. The little orange thingy at the top of the page just kept racing across. Computer systems have hiccups now and then. I always save my posts before posting them. Don't cry over spilt soup. Oh, wait...that's milk. Go ahead and cry. I think yesterday was a sucky day all around. Still, it beats the days people have in other parts of the world and I try to keep that in mind while I'm whining. Remember the book, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff? The author reminds us that almost all of it is small stuff. I maintain that it's the small stuff piling up that breaks us. Think straw and camel. Hope today is a better day for you.

Spring, those are indeed happy, carefree little crowds. The pic looks just like our beach here. The tall billowing cumulus clouds are what I see out my sliding doors in the late afternoons. The setting sun turns them all shades of pink. That's so sad about FIL's dying so young and how he treated the animals. DD thinks dogs are God's little angels on Earth to love us and help us. They have always spent a fortune on their dogs. They even had their own chiropractor. Now that all the kids' dogs have passed on, they are traveling without having to worry about them. I know they miss them though. We all love cats too. Glad you got to have a nice dinner out. I've been hungry for pizza lately. It was only 72 when I got up. Normally, it would be in the 60's but it's even been 80 some mornings. This weekend, that nationwide cold front will hit us and things should cool down. I have work to do outside and hope the cooler temps will help me to do that. I want to get rid of the shrimp plants before Grace arrives.

Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. Such a creature of habit. Well, as long as they are good habits. I remember when schools taught good habits--eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise, have good manners and be an informed citizen. Not bad advice. The Golden Rule is also timeless and, when I watch the news, I think people would do well to remember it. A man threw battery acid in the face of another man because he was Latino. Hate crimes like this are on the increase. It greatly saddens me. I can't stand, and don't understand, violence and cruelty.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning...a beautiful Thursday (Den and I keep having to look at our phones or computer to see what day it is, lol!)
22 degrees here, "real feel" of 11...no worries, we are to get up to 31 degrees today. I think we've pretty much decided we won't be doing very many outside activities while the kiddos are here...they're still having very warm temps and it will be a big shock when they pull in our driveway :eek:

Mikie, sure hope the WV "goes to sleep" soon so you can feel better. I don't have a lot of pain, but if I happen to be picking something up off the floor, I look around to see if there's anything else I can get while I'm already down there. (old joke, but serious, too.) When I look at some of the things we've sort of "messed up" concerning our house (and things around the farm) I just consider the fact that we've done our best under "not the best" circumstances. For instance, my husband building a house even though his body was getting ready to go into what the doctors called a "Thyroid Storm".

Den worries every time he does something that it's not "as good as it could be"...I am a very "symmetrical" person (I love "mirror images" of decorations, windows, furniture placement, etc., etc.) but I've started telling him not to worry because things are perfectly "asymmetrical", lol! The important thing is that you, Sun and so many others care about the upkeep of your home and are doing something about it. Lots of people just let their homes fall down around them, but sometimes it just can't be helped, true?

Rock, how nice that you and Gordon get along so well. Den and I do now...we were both so young when we married, we often acted like the "children" that we were, lol! We've been best friends for so long now, I can't even remember any of the conflicts we had (although most of them likely involved his mother...) I wonder if you are in for a surprise? With your brother wanting to know your t-shirt size?

Sun, I hope you get your internet, etc. problems resolved. Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another which leads to another (the shower curtain, window curtain switches, etc.) Poor doggies...those vet bills add up...when Oreo ran under David's car and fractured her leg/shoulder, it ended up costing us $4000 for the surgery, recovery (laser therapy, new kennel for her to stay in whenever we were gone so she wouldn't get too carried away, meds, etc.) But, it was either surgery or amputate her front leg and I just couldn't see doing that. I hope you feel up to going to the early Thanksgiving get together.

Granni, are you singing somewhere today? Or working outside...warm enough where you are, maybe?

Star, Barry...you guys okay?

I'm at the stage where I still have a lot to do before Tuesday (well, they'll be here late afternoon or evening) and I'm trying to prioritize which is more important and which won't matter if I don't get it done. I do have the tree up, decorated, presents under it...sent a picture to both girls so they can show the kiddos. Cooked a bunch of chicken yesterday to put in casseroles or have in freezer for wraps, etc. Will brown ground beef today for casseroles (making casseroles ahead...the ones with chicken and beef) or to pull out of the freezer for tacos, nachos, pizza toppings, etc., etc. Which reminds me...I have sourdough pizza dough and sourdough biscuit dough waiting to be shaped and prebaked...think I'll make mini pizza crusts to freeze, then the kids can each have their own (topped just the way they want.)

Got the bulk of my groceries Tuesday, can grab some "stragglers" tomorrow when I go to the chiro. Monday, Den and I will go to one of the free Veteran's meals and I can pick up whatever I've still forgotten. And after that...it really doesn't matter, lol! Can't make the stromboli ahead of time...the kiddos look forward to "helping" make it...

When I had my followup on my finger Monday, the doc said she would refill the ABX if I felt I needed it...well, it's still so sore and still a little red and swollen (and warmer than the other fingers) so I'm going to take another round of the Bactrim. Have an appointment with a dermatologist in December...he will likely refer me to orthopedics. Not my first choice (to have surgery) but I can't have it continuing to hurt, get infected, etc.

So, whenever anyone feels they are having a bad day...just think of my dear hubby and his "adventure" a couple days ago. He had a big pile of used tires that he was trying to move (all in one trip) with the skid loader. Piled some on top of the (wire mesh) roof of the skid loader. The tires had been sitting outside and had rain water in them, and Den got out what he could, but still...as he started to move, the skid loader started bucking (it's very "touchy", especially when low on gas or just "whenever", lol!) Anyway, when it started to buck, the gross water splashed out of the tires, flooding Den and the skid loader seat, etc. I was out of town, grocery shopping...by the time I got home, he had washed those clothes and was "just done" for the day. But he told me about it on the phone...I was laughing so hard, and he was too (although, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time ;)) but I just wanted to share that some days are just like that, lol!

I'd better get busy...got so many things on my list and still doing some things "one handed" so I don't bump my finger. Hi to anyone who stops by...hope you're doing as well as possible.



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Dear Ones,

Can't stay as as so as DH gets home he will need his computer to do his work. He is at the store now. I have to get ready to go sing for a local Vets's program. I love all those patriotic songs. I am dressed but have to put my flag like scarf on, and go brush my teeth ad put on my lipstick. Already did my makeup such as it is.

MIKIE - No sore throats or not many but the back of my head always hurts. Giessing it is those pressure points.

DH just got home and is calling my name. Gotta run and will try and get back later.

LOve to everydobby,


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Hi Kids

Found an amazing kawinkydink in the mail box. My former secretary sent me several pictures
of the owl and his shepherd. She is a great animal lover; especially of dogs. Her favorites are
Dachunds. She sometimes has as many as five. Last time we went to her house we went into
the living room and all five started barking. They are very friendly. All tried to sit on the sofa
but only one could jump that high. It was kinda like visiting the dog pound.

Hi Granni, so nice of you to go and sing for the Vets. When I had my record collection I had
dozen of albums of patriotic music. My favorite was the Fred Waring version of "Battle Hymn of
the Republic." You can hear it on Youtube. "...my make up such as it is" made me laugh. I'm
picturing you made up like a clown.

Julie, my Oregon brother is a former forester. His stationary says, "There is nothing more noble
in life or in death than to be a tree." My guess is that in his many trips he found a tree shirt
that he likes and plans to send us same. Whatever he sends I will make every effort to tell him
it's wonderful. Yes, mother's in law have a terrible reputation. I'm pretty sure most of them
deserve it. Never had any trouble when I was married, but then the relatives lived in Minn. and
we lived in Calif.

Yup, some days are like that. My Dad would have yelled and cursed and then stomped off to
get drunk, and then come home and yelled some more.

Mikie, thanks for the reminder. I forgot all about calling Gale. Now all I have to do is remember
what I was gonna order. I have lots of old T shirts too. The one I'm wearing today is dated 1962.
It's from a festival they had in Rosemead , a small town in the San Gabriel Valley where I used
to live.

Hugs pin wheels, Rock
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Hi, Kids,

Just resting and letting the shower stall dry before putting SV's litter box back. After reading Sun's post about her plumbing's freezing up, I decided it was time for me to run some water through mine in the master bath. There is the normal shower head and a hand held shower head. There is a little piece of metal on the unit that switches between heads. It was frozen but a few taps from a hammer and some hand force, and it unfroze. It was always difficult to turn. I'm cleaning the baths today. Not doing much though. My back and legs are killing me and so are my shoulders. Yikes!

Called younger DD to wish her a happy birthday. She tore her ham string and is having to rest. I remember when I did that in PT because the therapist didn't have me warm up right. I had to rest too but the alternative is surgery so DD is taking it easy. She has class this aftrernoon. She has a Toyota 4Runner and doesn't use her backup camera. Drives DGS nuts. He takes after me and loves his tech. They are having the birthday breakfast this Sunday at 9:00 their time so it will be 11:00 my time. My ex will give my older DD the watch then. They are eating at the place where we had brunch when I was in CO. It's at the airport next to the runway.

Claudia texted me to ask me to have dinner with her, her daughter and her Mom at the Cottage, the facility for people with dementia. That's where I went last year and had such a good time. Her Mom has slipped over the year so don't know how it will go. Last year, we got her to laugh and she had a good time. Claudia said it's especially sad around the holidays and it helps if I'm with her. That is so sweet. I had planned to stay home but how can I say no.

Joe called again this morning just to chew the fat. He and I don't get lonely but sometimes it's good to have a pal. The board meetings are difficult for him to sit through sometimes. I know just how he feels. Things can seem straight forward but get bogged down in discussion that goes on and on and on.

Julie, it was a big shock when Nancy arrived in MI from Phoenix. This storm will really dump on them up there. One good thing is that you guys are sooo prepared for winter weather. There is a dirty version of that old joke but I'll keep it to myself. I'm learning not to judge my work too harshly. DD reminded me that the cat is always judging me. We laughed at that. She knows cats. Yes, we are all doing the best we can, considering our aches, pains and illnesses. I'm happy that I can do much of anything. Geez, I didn't realize Oreo's bills were so much. I'm glad she is OK and didn't have to lose her leg. She is such a pretty and sweet dog. You are so right--I've had clients who couldn't take care of their places or even get around. So sad. I'll continue to try to keep the condo in good condition. Of course, the outside is done for us but even keeping the inside up to date can be a challenge. I'm glad I redid the kitchen and baths about ten years ago. I didn't do a complete redo on them but did enough to make them look like what is stylish in homes. This is what inspires me to try to keep active. That and being able to paint my toenails. :)

Granni, I'm so tired and not feeling up to snuff that I envisioned a bunch of animal vets all standing around with the animals listening to you sing. Doh! When things like that happen, I know I'm not feeling well. The kind of pain I get on top of my head actually causes a sore spot on my scalp that hurts to touch. Sometimes, my face or scalp will tingle kinda like just before a cold sore appears on the lip. These symptoms are different enough that I know what it is. Thanks for your kind good wishes. I hope and pray the doc can help you with your symptoms. When DH comes in the door, does he say, "Honey, I'm home," like Desi said to Lucy? Hope the singing goes well. I love those songs too. Off we go into the wild blue yonder...

Rock, the last tee shirt I bought reads, "No outfit is complete without cat hair." My favorite saying is, "Cat hair is the new black." I guess your bro is right. Trees don't start wars or forest fires. They take in smog and make clean air. The give homes to all kinds of small critters. They give shade on hot days. They are beautiful to behold. The Hong Kong Orchid tree between Claudia's building and mine is in bloom and is incredibly beautiful. Even old gnarly trees have their own kind of beauty. Trees provide us with fuel, lumber and paper/. I had to write down my order for PH. I can't remember anything. I'm laughing about all those dogs. Surprised she didn't send you home with one.

OK, gonna go see whether the shower stall is dry and put all of SV's equipment back in it--litter box, litter mat, plastic bags, poop scooper, etc. Wish I had another place to keep it but I don't. Joe had a utility room for his cat's stuff but I don't have one. My W&D are in a closet in the hallway. The developer changed floorplans between his place and mine. His was the first building in here and mine was the last. Hope all y'all have a great afternoon.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: I used to keep the litter boxes in the shower but even with plastic down litter still got down the drain. I now keep it in my studio, in the corner. What a mess Clair makes. I have a heavy plastic down on the floor next to the boxes and also some carpet down, leading to the door......I pulled up the carpet in the room years ago and just have the cement floor. Cats are so messy! But then......so am I.

So nice you will be joining Claudia and her DD for thanksgiving. Have you ever met her DD? Did you catch the interview of Jane Fonda with Judy Woodroof this evening. She's had a ton of plastic surgery! Even her neck and decolatagge looks great. And I would say she's also had fill in both lips. She's got a great plastic surgeon.

Spring: Such pretty clouds.....you can see how the wind has blown them. So......was the more expensive meal GOOD?
And how nice that you and your DS could do this. Memories for both of you.

Granni: You haven't said if your new doctor figured out what's wrong.

Julie: You're so incredibly organized!!!!!!!! Great doing some precooking and freezing things so you can just pull it out to use with something else. you could be a party planner!!!!!!

My good friend, Karen, was to see a new rheumy today. About 5 years ago after many tests it came back she had lupus. WHAT? She was 73 at the time, and most lupus is diagnosed much earlier. So after 2 years of treatment another doc did a test....nope....she didn't have it. So at 78 tests have come back that she does have lupus, and was to see this new doc. This doctor told her tests can be borderline. As for me, I've had many many tests for lupus and thyroid and all negative.

Had #2 chemo today. Not feeling very good, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow.

Star: Where are you? We miss you!


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Well, I spoke with Gale, The Voice of ProHealth, and I 'spect my purchase will soon be wending it's way Southward.

Now What?! Well, will try again tomorrow.

ADios, Amigos, Rock


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I got the FJ question last night. Woo Hoo! Guess the old pea brain isn't completely fried yet. None of the contestants got it. I thought it was pretty easy from the clues. I had an art class in HS and that helped. I woke with pain in my right lung when taking a deep breath. I'm also coughing. Don't know whether or not to call my doc. I have no co-pay to see him but I have a $25 co-pay at the urgent care facility. Also, there can be long waits there.

Nancy came back to snow and freezing weather in MI. She had a stuffed up head the whole time she was in AZ. She calls it, Watermelon Head. She saw her doc and he prescribed an ABX because it was going into a sinus infection. She didn't like the dryness there. I don't like it either and it doesn't like me. That was why I was sick all winter in Denver. Her little dog, Peanut, is glad she's home.

My friend, Nancy in AZ, has a daughter who lives here in Claudia's building. She is having a party Tues. evening. Come to find out, it's one of those home parties where guests are expected to buy something. The stuff is always nice but way overpriced. This is a company that has tote bags, pillows and small home accessories. I have been giving this kind of stuff away. I wouldn't mind getting a new wallet even though I really don't need one. It's not expensive and, if I want to, I can have it monogrammed. I resent this but, on the other hand, I am a friend of this woman's Mom and her friend as well by association. She throws parties every year and I know she spends a lot of money doing this so I do want to buy something. I'd rather just give her the money but can't do that. I think she is hard pressed right now and probably wants some spending money for Christmas. Truth be told, I'd rather just stay home and save my money. This is what friendship is all about, though, so I'll bite the bullet and go. Bah humbug!

I just ordered a book about how we can use our minds to help with FMS pain. Seems to me that learning the techniques can help with a lot of other things. The book is, Get Back Into Whack by Susan E. Ingebretson. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was only 99 cents for my Kindle. It will be automatically downloaded on Sunday, the release date. I heard about it from the PH newsletter. PH has a wonderful woman, Karen Lee Richards, who is the editor in chief for the newsletter. The author of the book is her friend and coach for dealing with FMS. If y'all don't subscribe to the e-newsletter, sign up; it has a lot of good info in it.

Sun, thanks for picking up on the fact that the dinner with Claudia and her DD will be on Thanksgiving. I forgot to mention that. Doh! I have not met this DD. Her younger DD lived here when I first moved in. She is now married with a two year old boy. Claudia also has two sons. None of them live here but her DD will be visiting. Yes, cats make a mess. I put SV's box over the drain and there is a throw rug made from a web like rubber that traps the litter when he jumps out. He has one webbed paw and long hair growing out between the pads of all his feet so littler gets stuck. The funniest thing to watch is when he kicks one of his back feet out and shakes off the litter. I didn't see Jane Fonda because I have to leave when the PBS news is half over to watch Jeopardy. Yes, despite all the work, her face doesn't look all distorted like some celebs. Lupus, and all our conditions, can be so difficult to diagnose. DSIL's Mom has it. Was diagnosed back in the 80's. Her doc was aggressive with steroids and she has done pretty well. Unfortunately, she now suffers from moderate dementia. I hope you feel better today.

Rock, glad you got your order in to PH. Sometimes, I'll have mine written down and forget about it. Doh!!! I've had to change some of my supps due to the dreaded stearic acid in so many things. Are you guys in CA having big rate increases due to upgrades in the power lines and other equipment? Ours would like to bury the main lines so they don't get blown down when we have hurricanes. Also, we have so many trees down here that they fall across the lines. One of the buildings here has had a palm rat problem. They have a line of palm trees too close to their bldg. They want to get rid of the rats but don't want the trees cut down. Those rats can get into the attic and gnaw away at wires and wood. One did get in a few years ago. What a mess! Stop back in when you can sit a spell.

I hope all y'all have a wonderful wrap up to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Gang! Hope you are not feeling as crappy as I am!
There, font down one.

Mikie, I am really curious about your WV virus.... can't it be id'd by the doc? I had my lumbar puncture test for HHV-6 ---- negative. My EBV (HHV-4) never showed the symptoms you mentioned -- sore throat and top of head. Have you had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) done? I hope your caulking drama is over with! LOL!

Sun, holy mackerel! You have 3 bathrooms in your casa? Have you ever thought about having a live-in companion/friend/relative??? Or do you like the lonely life? I don't like the lonely life, but all my neighbours are long gone..... I hear dogs barking in the distance sometimes, or people yelling far away.... I don't see any buildings from where I live. The life of a hermit....

Julie, I'm okay. Just too tired...to do much...of anything today. That's the way the wind blows. I forgot about Oreo's car accident. I hope he/she? is well recovered... I saw a dog that had one of its front legs amputated after an accident. It got used to having three legs, and was still quite nimble; a very sweet-natured dog, quite large. Pets are DARNED EXPENSIVE, but give so much to their owners.

Spring, it must be strange to live in such a big city like K-m-du. I lived in London for two years and wandered about all over. Was in boarding school for US military and diplomatic children. My room-mate was based in Iceland where his father was stationed, so could only go home for long vacations like Thanksgiving, X-mas, etc, whereas I was bussed along with others to our bases in England for the weekend.

Love to All before I fall. Got my flu shot, and lab work done. See about it later. I've got to lay my body down for rest and read. Was gonna climb a laddder to pick persimmons, but will delay that 'til tomorrow, or the next day. These Fuyu persimmons are the best fruit I've ever eaten! SO SWEET! So high in the tree hangs the fruit...

Bye for now,
Love to All (Granni, Rock, Star, and everyone else not mentioned)


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The Duck lives!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long. I don't guarantee I'll be here much still, but I thought I'd fill you in on all that's going on.

Work has turned into a nightmare. We have a new "Big" boss, who is...well, the nightmare. The culture at the company is changing, and I feel very much like I'm being shoved into a corner and forgotten. The new Big Boss gave a project to a coworker of mine that at worst should have been mine, but truly should have been my immediate supervisor's. My coworker has neither the maturity nor the leadership, not to mention the experience to lead a project of this scope. All together this is causing me massive amounts of stress, and my job satisfaction has nearly all gone. I've actually started looking for a new job.

I say nearly, because there are still "moments" when I get to shine. We had an incident happen on Monday where some critical data got deleted from the big application that I support. I was able to get it back from a backup and restore it. I violated a lot of best-practice doing it, but as I said, it was (5 years worth of) critical data... The people who deleted it were so happy that I was able to save them that they are taking me and my supervisor out to lunch!!

My personal life has had some upheaval as well. When my DD was in college, we took out student loans to help pay for her tuition, with the express understanding that my DH and I would not be responsible for paying them back. About a month ago, my DH, DS and I each got emails from my DD saying "this is a do-not-contact order" and that if we tried to contact her or her friends, she would take out a restraining order. Included in the semi-legally worded email was the login information for the student loans, and wording to the effect that she was under no legal obligation to pay them back as they were in my name. And while it is true that she is under no legal obligation, she certainly has a moral obligation. She dumped $58K in loans back on us. This will delay my retirement by 7-10 years, and puts some significant financial strain on me and my DH. I also feel very much like I've lost a child. I feel bad for my DS, who effectively lost his sibling, after they had finally come to be good friends. This has also been a blow for my DM and my DBs.

I'm not sure if Mikie shared this or not, but I also lost a close co-worker recently. She was very young; only 43. The family are being very quiet about what happened, which leaves us all to wonder if she committed suicide. It seems almost inconceivable knowing her personality, but people are good at hiding things.

I ended up missing her funeral because of all things...I was on jury duty and ended up serving as an alternate. It was a burglary case. Sadly, the police bungled the investigation, so the State was unable to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. As an alternate, I was not able to deliberate, but I would have agreed with the not guilty verdict that the jury came back with.

Next week I'm going on my quilting retreat. I'm hoping that it will get me back going again. All this turmoil in my life has had a negative impact on my creativity.

Mikie - Hope the WV settles down soon. Glad to hear SV is doing well.

Sun - Keep you chin up. Chemo is hard.

Julie - You'll have to fill me in on what happened to the finger.

Hugz to Rock, Gordoni (L.O.V.E. the irony joke!), Barry, Granni, Spring, Sun, etc.



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Barry: Actually I have 4 bathrooms. Nice when we had 5 living in the house. This house was made by a Brady Bunch family...you know....two families combined. It's got 6 bedrooms, stretched out all on one floor. The 4th small BR and bathroom with shower is off the laundry room down by the kitchen. It was my understand there were 4 girls and 1 boy....he got that BR. It also has a sliding door leading to the atrium. Great way for him to sneak in at night.

Yes and no as to someone else living with me. I've even thought I could have an airBnB at the far end of the house. There are 2 BRs there and the bath with shower, and a door separating the rooms from the rest of the house where I could have a lock installed....if I needed the $. I've seriously thought about renting to college students.....guys only because girls are usually pigs! It's close enough to the colleges that they could walk or ride a bike. You have to be very very careful though.

I agree....fuju are the best fruit.

I'm fighting bad fatigue from such a lack of sleep. Last night I was up 5 (FIVE) times during the night, pain has calmed down, thank goodness. I went out this morning to the fabric store. Trying to tie the new shower curtain, the new window drape I made and the old wallpaper together.......I found the perfect fabric so it's in the washer right now....preshrink before I sew. So that that I'm home going to pour the water down to flush things out. I've got about 2 qrts of water to drink but obviously can't go anyplace.

Duckie: I see you were posting while I was one. I'm so very very sorry for this split from your DD. You think you've raised them right, to know what they should and should not do, and then when they do something to hurt you so much.....believe me when i say I understand. All I can say is she probably has a lot of input from her "friends" who are contributing to her actions.

With each of our kids, we bought them a used car but when it came to college they had to take out a Pell grant and they were responsible. Actually my oldest had worked for about 4 years prior to going to Cal State Long Beach, so he was able to pay for it himself including doom room. My youngest took out the grant....and he was on his own with the $. So we didn't know he was spending $ like water. After graduating he had a big debt, but when my DIL found out about it, she put them on a strict budget and they paid it off.

Good to read that you've got an upcoming quilting gathering.....you need to be around others to soak up their creativity. With my kids and troubles.....I had to learn to have tunnel vision if you know what I mean.

And I almost forgot to tell you how sorry I was that you lost a young friend. You've sure gone thru some hard times, but take it from me, putting your thoughts into creating something wonderful will help lift your spirits.
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Hi, Kids,

Been resting all day with menthol and the heating pad on my chest . I have a cough but it isn't bad. I'm hoping to keep this from getting worse. Lung is better. I took a nice long soak in the tub. Have to shower tomorrow.

The big box of decaf K-cups came from Costco today but the license plate holder won't arrive until Mon. They removed the $3 shipping fee since they didn't get it to me in two days. Evidently the decaf wasn't selling in the warehouse store so I'll have to order it online from now on. I don't drink that much decaf so this should last a while. At least, it was on sale. The Costco housebrand, Kirkland, is some of the best coffee I've had.

Duckie, I am sooo very sorry for what you have been going through. I wish there were something besides prayers that I could do to ease the pain and stress. I pray for all of us every day but will stack on some extra prayers for you and your family. I'm also sorry for the loss of your coworker at such a young age and under such strange circumstances. I'm glad you let us all know what is going on. We all pray for one another and support one another and I hope that helps. Take care, Dear One, and stop in again to let us know how you are doing. I hope and pray things improve.

Think I'm gonna go get into bed. I need to lie down. Hope everydobby is doing better than this. Geez, we all deserve a break. We are a darn nice group of people. I love all of you.

Love, Mikie

Barry, neither my doc nor I really care which strain of Herpes Family Virus I have because the treatment would be the same for any of them. The Acyclovir works, pulsing it off and on. Never had a spinal tap or any other test to identify it. Doubt my HMO would cover the tests since we are treating it effectively. Doc says it's definitely a Herpes Virus because the AV works. It wouldn't work on some other chronic viral infection. Sorry you feel crappy. Hope the flu shot doesn't make it worse. I think you made a wise decision to stay off the ladder. Hope you feel better.

Sun, glad you found the fabric that is perfect. I hope you feel better. Being up that many times a night means you got no sleep. The woman living downstairs from Joe got a roommate and she refused to leave. The woman had to go through all kinds of legal things to get her out including calling the sheriff. Geez, what a pain! Feel better and take care of your self.

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Popping in again for a short visit.

DUCKIE - So very sorry to hear about your DD. What a mess for all of you. How old is your daughter? I am guessing she no longer lives with you. That makes it even harder Don't know if I missed something in your story of what may have happened to make her do such a thing. I know personally how that can hurt your whole family. Could she have an alcohol problem or drugs? I say that because of our #3 daughter who was on alcohol, lost her job and possibly was on drugs also. She was on the streets for some time, not living in our town. God knows what she had to do to stay alive. She thought she was a vet which she isn't pr wasn't. When we tried to talk to her via text or email and tried to get her to take the proper meds she had harsh words for and about us. In This year she turned 52 years old so she is not a teenager or very young person. She has always trusted whatever people said to her, like her crazy friends, She really upset her boys, all three of them. Two of them live with their dad. In the beginning she tried to be the stable one when he had some drinking, etc. problems. Then things switched when she lost her job. Neither one of them should have married when they did.

I have been trying as much as possible to chat with her via text and email her since she now has a real job doing what she used to do. I am surprised, her boys still want to see her but now that she has more or less come to her senses. We were all surprised when she kept her job for the first week. It has now been about 2 months I think. She verifies insurance where they do mammograms and various imaging, She has an apt and hope all goes well so she can keep it. She has little or no furniture as she doesn;t get paid that much I am sure and was staying in a place for people with no homes before. We are going to help her get to Thanksgiving and Christmas by Uber and Taxi. We tried Greyhound but their schedule is awful coming here and only one choid and very long layovers. She will be thrilled to see the boys at least the 2 younger ones. Who knows if the other will come he may stay with his grandfather where he is living. Not sure how good his car is for travel either. Thanksgiving will be at our other DD's home who just moved down here last summer from Ft. Worth area.

I am telling you this story to give you some hope that she will come to her senses. Her situation may be nothing like ours. We just have to hope and pray that she stays on her psyche meds. May God bless your family and keep on praying and doing as much as you can but it is very hurtful when she says those awful things to you and your family. Our DD thought we didn't know much but it took her some time to come around. Thank God for those meds. Guess she is doing better than last year, Not sure if they changed her meds any. Last year she seems so slow, maybe to many meds . Hoping the family will get to trust in her more . It is hard when she has done and said so may things wrong to others and she probably doesn't even remember them but we do, just as you do too. Hope these holidays will be a good for all of us getting together. I know yours will be very hard if she is refusing to see you
and the rest of your family. Been there, it were may years before we saw her and really could communicate with her. She had been living separately from her DH as they were divorced.

Hang in there dear girl. Come back when you can. Also so sorry about your young friend passing away.

Thinking about everydobby. Almost time for me to start thinking about dinner.

Hang in there dear SUN, hope you get some much needed sleep soon so you can fight this battle . Prayers and hugz your way.

Special HI's also to MIKIE, ROCK, SPRING, JULIE, , BARRY and anyone else I missed.

LOve to all,

Granni :D


Good Saturday Morning, Dear Ones,

Got gobs of sleep last night. Slept through the FJ question but woke long enough to let my pals know I was sick and would talk to them later. My head feels plugged up but I am feeling better. The pain in my lung is gone but the dry cough remains. Could be the RT. It is still killing fish. Birds too. The fish wash up on shore. The birds peck the eyes out of the fish. It looks like something out of a horror movie.

Granni, I continue to pray for your family and your DD. Her progress has been amazing and I pray it continues. It must feel very strange, and wonderful I hope, to be living in reality rather than in her old delusions. Those psyche drugs often make people feel like zombies until they get them fine tuned. That is why so many stop taking the drugs. I pray your DD continues to take hers because that is why she is getting better. Your post to Duckie is so sweet and supportive. Who better to understand than someone who has been through dealing with a lost child. I am very heartened to see that there is a nationwide push for better mental healthcare and removing the stigma over mental illnesses. I believe the increasingly horrible homeless problem can be traced back to the Reagan era when people needing mental healthcare were thrown out on the streets. Then came the ongoing wars which send soldiers home with PTSD and difficulties getting help through the VA. I'm so proud of my DD who has always helped those among us with the least to have access to mental healthcare. She has done a lot of work with the homeless. DSIL just posted a pic of them at Redondo Beach. I'm so glad they got to go. We used to take our kids there and all the other beaches in SOCAL. I hope and pray your Thanksgiving is wonderful for everyone.

Last night, I prayed for each Porchie for help with his or her specific problems with health, family, job, whatever the issues. I always pray collectively but wanted to take some time to think of the challenges each of us faces. I think prayer is one of the most wonderful things we can do for one another. Regardless of religious affiliation, or no affiliation at all, there seems to be some kind of spiritual bond that connects us all. Just thinking kindly of someone or giving some support in times of stress can have effects we never imagined. Everyone here is so kind and loving. I don't know what I would have done without all y'all through these years of struggle and illness. You, and my other family, are the blessings I'll be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

OK, off to read the paper. It's supposed to be cooler from the big cold front that is dumping snow on our northerly folks. I dreamed about slogging through about a foot of snow early this morning. I could actually feel the cold and crunch of walking through it. I'm happy to wake to warm balmy breezes. Brrrr!

Love, Mikie
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