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Porch # 1167 IS CLOSED..16 nov 2019

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The picture spells peace and contentment. Tasha Tudor who was an American illustrator and writer of childrens books) Note how her shawl cap matches the pretty porcelain crockery.

Thought to open a new porch because old one reached 48 posts. please look at Mikies utube showing beautiful tree art using glue gun and paints on previous porch end!


Brrrr! Its a cold morning. Looks like an overcast day. Not like yesterday. i went to town, had lunch with a friend. I needed to give her a packet of chocolates DH had brought at duty free a while back. which neither DS nor DD wanted. And i like chocolates but my this friend and her DS love them. And i didnt want them lying around to tempt me in one of my weaker moments. Its Lindt..delicious, so it was better to get them to where i couldnt get at them. This friend and DS are very good about their intermittent fasting so i guess they can handle it.

i dropped off some drycleaning on the way. The afternoon sun was so hot, it burned into my back.

Maybe today will be like that.

Sun - pity about # 7. Do you think different persons would have different results depending on how their skin reacts? How wonderful if one could get a miracle wrinkle remover. I think my friend, not todays lunch friend, has something which gives a temporary lift. Because i see her skin before and after when i go to her place and when i meet her outside...its like the lines have just filled out, skin plumped.

My DD compliments her on looking so young, but come a month and i see her back to 5he original state. She has very fine delicate skin which looked beautiful when she was younger and in better health but it reacts very fast to age and 5he elements. Thyroid problems dont help.

The cream is great for a party or going out but i would love something 5hat was natural and reversed the ageing skin cells. The net is full of touted miracle wrinkle creams made from kitchen ingredients and so forth but ...no time.

Barry - i saw huge persimmons in packets of four at the supermarket yesterday. It was pricey so i let them go. They looked like mini pumpkins with grooves at 5he bottom. i thought of you gorging on your own home grown fruit and my mouth started salivating. 5he last persimmon i ate was delicious. But it was 5he small fiery orange round kind.

God bless
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Up early after a good night's sleep. I hope this good sleep will start showing benefits in the way of increased NRG. I got an email from the author of the new book I'm reading. She wanted to know what kinds of brain dysfunction I have. I have all four of the ones she describes in her book. This is turning out to be the best 99 cents I've ever spent. I highly recommend this book. I think my good sleep is due to the methylcobalamin liquid B-12 I take before bedtime.

Been icing my shoulders and taking Motrin liquid caps for the pain and inflammation. Gonna start doing the PT exercises and, if that doesn't help, I'll see an orthopedic surgeon. I'd rather fix it at home if possible. The co-pays for PT are too much when I can do the same things at home. I have to pay my property taxes and SV is due for his checkup so am not wanting to be spending a lot for PT.

For all you lovers of Christmas, PBS has a show tonight at 8:00 my time called, A Classic Christmas. Marion Ross is the hostess. It will feature clips of Christmas music from shows over the decades. When I was a yute, we wouldn't miss our favorite singers' Christmas specials.

Spring, thanks for opening up a new Porch. I love the pic. It reminds me of the old Greek woman who worked for the Durrells on Corfu. Cancers are homebodies and keepers of the hearth and I've always considered keeping my home a blessing and joy. I think that's why it upsets me when I don't have the NRG to do it. That was sweet of you to give the chocolates to your friend. We have commercials for something called, Plexiderm, a cream for getting rid of wrinkles. If you ask me, there is little difference between the before and after pics of the models. I don't look too bad except for a couple of puppet mouth wrinkles running down from the corners of my mouth. I could go get some filler put in them at the dermatologist's office but that isn't permanent and is pricey. Part of my spiritual work is trying to accept the changes to my physical body as I age. In a way, it's kinda healthy not to be upset by them and to accept them but it ain't always easy. It's a bit cool here this morning--63 degrees. It was rainy and dreary yesterday and I didn't go out. Want to go to Wal*Mart today and stop at Target on the way home. I got two tops on sale there for only $6 each and think I'll pick up a couple more. It's so hard for me to find them and when I do, I try to buy a couple of extras. Thanks again for opening up and with such a nice pic.

Sun, the video for glue gun painting is in my last post on the last Porch. I'm hoping you are able to sleep and feel better.

Julie, I'm watching a Ask This Old House and they are redoing a home with geothermal heat, a small wind turbine and solar panels. I thought of you guys. Might save a lot of splitting wood and dealing with cleaning out the pellet stove. Hope all is going well with your kids' visit.

Rock, Barry, Duckie, Granni and Star and anyone I've forgotten due to my under functioning brain, I hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Spring

A very nice picture. But you are so photogenic you always look nice in pics. Didn't know you had
a parrot. I read gray parrots are the best talkers.

I was awake and reading most of the night. Am reading a bio of Agnew Moorehead. She had a long
and interesting career, but the book isn't very interesting. Not written by a professional writer.

Hi Mikie, Is Marion Ross from Happy Days? I'm sure Gene Kelly was in Singing In the Rain and
Vivan Leigh was in Gone With The Wind. Other than that I can't remember much these days.

Henry is downstairs in the kitchen. I think he's doing something with tofu.. I asked him but since
he often answers questions with a grunt, I'm not sure what he said. He's a pretty good cook though.
Often takes in big batches of stuff for his co workers like cornbread or tamales.

Oh, here's a true story Gordon wanted me to pass along. It's about Asta or Alaska or whatever you
call that robot. Jim was talking to somebody on the phone who wanted to know about it, how it works, etc. Jim, said, "You talk to it. Like Asta, what time is it. His own robot answered him.

Hope you feel better, Mikie. And everydobby else.

Hugs and popcorn, Rock

Oh, it's Alexa. Took me ten minutes to find it.
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Spring:. Thanks for finding that utterly charming picture! I always loved Tasha Tudor, especially around Christmastime. I'm thinking to how I used to "decorate" my home when my kids were young. Lots and lots of old banged up antiques around the house and kitchen. I used to get the magazine Country Living and I was addicted to wanting my home to look like what I saw in that magazine. Graniteware even hanging from the ceiling. My cousin lives in Ohio in an old home from turn of the century. She's sent me pictures.....she would fit right into the magazine. The trouble was I was in a modern california house! But then my tastes changes and I found Victoria magazine. Now I live in a mid century modern type home. Gone is most of the clutter, well for the most part.

Mikie: I was left with skin like Andria Mitchell......bad case of acne. So over the years I learned to live with it. Now I've got a ton of wrinkles, but then I'm turning 75 and that's it. The #7 was supposedly to help rejuvenate collagen and I guess if you're young and healthy it might do it, but don't think it happens with old people. I've thought about Botox or something like it, BUT I've read horror stories that your body can react to the poison put in and cause large bumps to happen. When I was a bit younger I had thought about some medical help but it's not cheap and honestly I thought how vain and selfish to spend that $ on myself when I saw others who are homeless and suffering so because God has blessed me I try to help others.

I've done a lot of research on this chemo, and found out that I have cystitis .......a severe irritation of the bladder. The nurse called me yesterday to tell me the doctor said I could take aloe vera capsules.....what I read it can help calm an overactive bladder. So I got a bottle from Sprouts yesterday....literally had to run in, snatch and get back home to the bathroom, then go to another market to snatch more things then back home to the bathroom. By early evening I could tell things were healing, and I only had to get up 4 times last night!!!!! Yea.

I have to share a very nice compliment the nurse gave me the other day. We were talking and she said I was her sunshine patient....said the whole room brightened up when I was in it. How sweet was that. I've found the nurses who work for City of Hope to be outstanding and caring, more so than at other clinics I've gone to.

My SILs family is having a gathering tomorrow....kinda because everyone would be in a different place for thanksgiving. She's ordering all the food from Lucille's.......a barbeque chain out in california. I'm going to make a cake I used to make years ago. You mix up a yellow cakemix, add eggs, sour cream, butterscotch pudding and butterscotch bits. Pour into a bundt pan....I use an angel food cake pan, and when it's baked and cooled, you turn it upside down to slide out. The bits have sunk to the bottom (now the top) and makes a sweet coating. Gosh.....thinking back this recipe has to be over 50 years old

And here's another reason to be eating broccoli:

I used to own an Alexa.....my DD gave it to me a few christmas ago. But it stopped taking a charge so I had to just give up. I researched the problem and apparently it's quite common. So I tossed it in a drawer. I never told them about it though. The only thing I found I used it for was to ask Alexa to play a song by someone. I'm not an electronics person so it wasn't for me.
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Hi, Kids,

Good gawd how the bargains roll in. I went to Wally World and they had tank tops on clearance for $2. I just paid $12 for a Jockey tank. I bought some in gray and in black. They white ones weren't my size. The cashier wanted to know where they were. I also got a nice new door mat for about half of what Target charges. Also got groceries for a lot less than Publix charges except for the BOGO's. You can't beat BOGO's. I got some shampoo, makeup and a new kind of antenna to try. Looks as though I'l not be going back to cable and the antennas I have a iffy. I get different channels in every room. Just got a notice that HULU is going up $10. One of these days, an antenna is all I'm gonna have and I'm sure someone will figure out how to charge for that.

The sun is trying to peek out but it's all gray and dreary to the east. Weatherman says it will be like this all day but we will get no rain. Sprinklers will run tonight so I'm hoping I can dig out the shrimp plants tomorrow. Oh wait..it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Oh well, there's always Monday.

Rock, that's funny about Alexa. Sometimes in TV ads, they say the name and she tells me she didn't get that. I'm so glad I have her to remind me of things and answer random questions. Before I got the watch, I would ask her the temperature. I got her to turn that awkward light on and off so I don't break my neck. Now, I'm so glad I got her. Yes, that's the Marion Ross. Good choice to emcee a Golden Oldies Christmas Show. I remember Agnes Moorehead from Magnificent Obsession and, of course, from Bewitched. Thanks for you kind good wishes. I hope and pray all is going well for you. Does Henry share the fruits of his labors with you and Gordon?

Sun, how ironic that you are Sunflower here and the nurse's Sunshine Patient at the doc's. I worked in a clinic and good patients are worth their weight in gold. Botox doesn't really help set-in wrinkles. It just paralyzes the muscles that cause wrinkles. It wasn't vanity that caused me to seek out the plastic surgery I had. It was to rid myself of looking old and sick because I was convinced I'd be able to return to work in sales. Even though I wasn't able to return to sales, I've never regretted the decision. I looked like death warmed over. If I could afford it, I'd do it again. Really don't need anything right now except for the filler for the two wrinkles by my mouth. They aren't that bad. My Alexa doesn't charge; it's plugged in all the time. Glad the aloe is helping. It's very good for any kind of inflammation. Maybe I'll get some for my inflammatory pain. Enjoy the get together tomorrow; I hope everyone likes your 50 year old cake.

Hope all y'all are enjoying your weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: It WAS plugged into the little stand. You can charge both ways on the stand and it just stopped charging. And that youtube you posted a link to has been removed.

I think I got that rat youtube because I had to search last week for how to set a rat trap. Yes.....I had a rat living in my garage. Sorry Barry.....I put up with them outdoors but not in my garage. So I bought 4 rat traps, set one with a piece of beef jerky. The youtube showed exactly how to do it. Bingo....next morning I had a dead rat so I tossed the trap and rat into a plastic bag and into the trash. I figured $2 buck for each trap was cheaper than me hiring an exterminator who would do exactly the same thing. I didn't want poison. In the past a neighbor had been putting out poison and they would come to our back yard to die. And once there was an AWFUL smell in the garage. I called my DH at work and warned him he would have to come home and search the garage for whatever had died. He found it behind the frig in the garage.


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Darn;;;;; A sad day today. My DD called, Savannah seemed to be doing much better but this morning she was peeing on the patio and chunks of blood were coming out. Obviously her bladder lining is eroding. I told her time has come, they can't extend her life and she has to be in awful pain. They had a vet appt. today as it turns out. I was so hopeful that this med was working. Feel so sad about losing her.IMG_2521.JPG
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Dear Sun,

I'm so sorry about Savannah. You are right the time has obviously come. It's always such a sad time even when we know it's the kind thing to do for such a beloved pet. You and your family are in my thoughts at this sad time.

Don't know whether you went back to the last Porch but I reposted the You Tube video and when I look at it, it's the right one. I am reposting it here. Hopefully, you can see it too.

The Echo Dot that I have has no stand and it doesn't charge. It just plugs in. There are quite a few models of them.

Hope the Aloe is working and you can see the video.

Love, Mikie



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Hello Again

Hi Mikie, The video you posted won't play. Says it will only play on Youtube. No, Henry doesn't
share with us. I think one time he brought home a pan that had a little speghetti in it, but I
don't eat same so it was no treat for me. I will tell Gordon about your Alexa not getting the
message. Echo Dot? Have you mentioned that before?

Sun, sorry to hear that Savannah is so sick. She looks really big in the pic. On the other hand, your
font looks really small to my tired old eyes. I'm going to tell Gordon about your bundt cake. He
often makes bundt cakes. Has a cookbook with nothing but bundt cakes.

I think I'll lie down and read till I fall asleep. Hugs, Kids, Rock



All you have to do is click on the message where it says you can watch it on You Tube. It will take you right to the video on You Tube. Good grief! I don't know why this little video is causing us all so much trouble. Guess the gremlins are alive and well. I would think Henry would want to share with his family. Good thing Gordoni is a good cook.

There are different brands of personal assistant machines. The one produced by Amazon is the Echo. Then there are different models of the Echo but they all use Alexa. Mine is the smallest called, the Echo Dot. Google makes one too. I can also ask Siri questions on my phone or watch. When I'm in the car, if I need directions, Siri will give me turn-by-turn oral directions such as, "Turn right on Main Street in 300 feet ." If I miss the turn, she gets in a panic. There's probably a lot of things these gizmos will do that I don't even know about.

The only thing I use my bundt pan for is the Cranberry Christmas Pudding. It's like an English pudding. It has a super rich sauce that offsets the tart taste of the cranberries. You either love it or hate it. Our family all love it.

I hooked up the new antenna in my bedroom. Strange, it gets some of the same channels as the old one and doesn't get one that the old one didn't get either. It gets some the old one didn't. My condo is on the south end of the building and the signals are broadcast from the north. I can get shows I miss through HULU On Demand. It ain't perfect but I can make it all work. If money were no object, I'd just have cable. Internet may be cheaper in the future because it will come from satellites that encircle the Earth. Cable companies may be gone in the future unless they adapt to new technology.

Wish I were tired enough to take a nap. Been icing up my shoulders and taking ibuprophen. Also icing my knee which has been hurting since walking so long in our pool on Tues. This old bod is falling apart. I'm watching a true crime show on On Demand. Gotta go clean up the kitchen a bit.

Hope everydobby is having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: interesting about using the hot glue. It actually helps where you want thickness....there are different products you can buy to do it, but this is handy. I think the only remark I have about the artist is branches grow thicker to the trunk then thin out and branches are not wavy like that. So if you decide to do a tree, think about how limbs look. Other wise, quite interesting. and......how about what you could do if you were painting the ocean and waves.

and.....they took Savannah to the vet. he said she just had a bladder infection???? so he gave her strong antibiotics. said he didn't think she had pain because her heart was fine. HUH? My heart beats fine even when I have awful pain. But then he's the vet not me. They have a law student coming in to stay while they're on their trip and she bought some special heavy duty pet pads that can be washed.

and here something interesting from a sleep doc

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Greetings awl !

Just sat down today except for when I ate my soup for lunch. I made a beef stew in the crockpot which took awhile and wash and some work outside. Just a really busy day. Actually I sat down to go over my music for tomorrow and haven;t tarted that so I can't stay on here long. It was pretty chilly today but is a lot warmer than it was the last couple of days,

SUN - So sorry about poor Savannah. I can imagine how upset they all must be. She is part of the family and it is so hard to see her go downhill and in pain and not able to control herself. So sad for the whole family. On another subject are you taking any special vitamins or supps that go along with your bladder cancer? I had read about Boswellia which my natural dr told me about but I think they need to do more studies on this. I have been giving it to DH but it was not right after his surgery the last time, So it had time to grow. Wish I had started it earlier to see if it would have had an impact. I will continue to do so unless they tell me not to.

MIKIE - You are so handy with gadgets !!! We have cable but so many of the shows I think aren't worth it anyway. I do not watch all that much TV and DH watches his history, OLD movies.

SUN - Glad you got out to be with your friend. Thanks for that neat picture of that lady i the home with those lovely rose dishes. I also noticed how her head shawl matched the colors of her crockery.. I too LOVE pick and have some pink and white dishes that were my MIL's..

Love to everyone not entione inc ROCK, JULIE, BARRY. STAR et al,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Several new people were registering and I'm just checking for spam. I'm reading more of the Get Back Into Whack book. It's very interesting. Not sure I'm learning anything completely new but it's presented in a new way which is helping me tie it all together. I won't take my night meds until after the Christmas special on PBS tonight. Otherwise I'll fall asleep before it's begun. I noticed just a tiny tinge of red in my saliva when I brushed my teeth. Yikes! I put Listerine and hydrogen peroxide in my Water Pik to try to drive out whatever bacteria is irritating my gums. Want to get it while it's still a small problem.

Sun, thanks for posting the info. I think B-12 and B-6 are both part of the methylation protocol. It helps with sleep. I have to take vitamin D for my osteoporosis. Can't take C because of the kidney stones. My doc told me not to take E because it could cause blood clots. I seem to bleed easily. I do take those vitamins that have so much in them. Seems it's the addition of the B-12 that is helping me sleep so much better. Usually when we are in pain, our heart rate increases and that may be what the vet was talking about with Savannah. I hope and pray the ABX help her. DD has never gotten over the loss of her Shar Pei, Buddy. She just posted a video of his licking a wall in the house. No one knows why he was doing that. He was so sweet and I loved him. I noticed that about the tree limbs but it still made an interesting painting.

Granni, beef is so expensive at Publix and they had no pot roasts when I was last there. Fortunately, the prepared Hormel pot roasts were on BOGO so I got two of them. I noticed today that Wally World had them and, while they weren't cheap, the were doable. I need to be eating the Omaha Steak food I have in the freezer. Try using the monstrosity pot next time. Sear the roast first and then set the pressure cooking time. Or, use the pressure cooker and brown the roast in the oven. Either way, it's delicious. I agree that most of the shows aren't worth it. I like having cable news to keep up with things and that's why I have HULU. Also, with these iffy antennas, I need something else. Maybe in a few years, I won't feel the need to be up to date all the time and can let go of everything. To me, getting old means letting go. It was cooler here today and I wore a light cardigan to the store. It's only 66 out now. Living down here in the jungle thins the blood; I'm a wimp!

Have a lovely Saturday evening and night, my fine friends.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I was surprised that B12 was also for sleep. I always thought it was to pump up the energy. I'll have to try it at night.

Granni: No, I've never read anything on boswellia aside from helping pain. I've been taking oregano oil caps because I read it could help.

Hope this comes thru of my collage. It started out with a WC of magnolias I didn't like, so then we were to cut up WC and glue on. That's Clair in the middle. I'm going to shrink wrap it onto a piece of cardboard and keep it in the BR the little ones use. Clair usually hides under that bed!

Nope, says too big which is weird because other things I've posted were even larger.

UPDATE; OK Granni: I did a search....frankinsence. I had read one place about a woman who rubbed the oil on her stomach and tumors disappeared. So then did a search and found a Mexican man who took it. Is there anymore you've read? Months ago I even bought a bottle of the oil and the capsules that I could fill myself. But just didn't feel right about ingesting it. So many websites said not to ingest it.
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OH, I didn't see that part about watching on Youtube, Mikie. I have a vague memory of the term gesso.
Very vague. From the college days when I would wander over to the art building. I'm pretty sure it's something
you smear on a canvas.

Yes, Mikie, These helpful around the house machines are learning to do more and more for their owners.

Free one from a rusty suit of armor.
Administer first aid to a horse.
Thwart a kidnapping
Help a child fly a kite.
Find a date for Saturday night
Sharpen ice skates, and
Polish your bowling ball.

Sun, hope the good news about Savannah is true. Our computer is willing to do less and less. Hard to tell
who or what is the cause.

Granni, beef stew from the crock pot sounds deliciious. Gordon hasn't made same for quite a while. I'll have to
drop a little hint.

Hugs, Rock


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Another good night's sleep. Yea! Watched the PBS Christmas special. It was good to see the old stars singing the classic Christmas carols. I think the special itself is pretty old based on how good Marion Ross looked. I'm now watching old Superman episodes. Jimmy is saying, "Jeepers!" Those were the days. Looks like another dreary day. The sun did manage to come out yesterday afternoon. I still have to bring my new welcome mat and clothing up from the car. I need to sweep the frog poop away from my door and take my Swiffer to the outdoor light fixtures. I'm going to change out some old bulbs for new ones so they all look the same. Gonna wash the new tops along with other laundry. I love doing laundry, always have. There is something so soothing and homey about listening to the W&D running. Every time I use them, I give thanks.

Sun, I think when the message regards the size of a pic, it is referring to the electronic size of the file. It takes more space to download a very detailed image than a plain one. BTW, I continue to read Get Back Into Whack and am learning something new. I think it's helping. This woman had gotten rid of her FMS symptoms only to have a horrible relapse. She blames the relapse on stress. She has some good techniques for stress and for training the brain to work with one in order to heal. The idea is to get the nonconscious part of the brain to help out. It's not as complicated as it sounds. I figured that for 99 cents, it was worth a try. I'm glad I did. Hope you continue to heal and feel better and better.

Rock, gesso kinda primes the canvas and helps to make for a smoother surface. I haven't asked Alexa to do any of those things but she certainly helps me with a lot more than I ever expected. She would do more but I have several options for a lot of things and choose to use another method. Wish I had a magic wand or could wriggle my nose like Samantha in Bewitched but, alas, I have to depend on the kindness of electronics. Oh wait, they don't like it when I anthropomorphize them.

The paper is here. I expected a larger one filled with ads for Pre-Black Friday sales. Guess I'll be going now so I can read it. Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: Yes, I shrunk it down to the lowest gigabytes or whatever that is called concerning the computer, but it was just too big. Like I said strange, because I've posted larger ones in the past. Whatever.

Yes, stress plays a big part in our misery. I learned anxiety from the age of around 10. My mom was an anxious type person and my dad yelled a lot. My DD blames me for her anxiety, but then she didn't live in a pleasant family life either.

I made the butterscotch "dump" cake yesterday but cut down the bits to half a bag, per suggestions from others. I used to use a whole bag and I should have. So then I tried a no bake "fudge" type recipe that is supposed to be like a Reece's pieces. *&^%$#@. I feel like emailing this person. I knew there was a problem when getting down to the pan size, she said a 6x6.....? I looked at the amount so used an 8x8. Later as I was researching this recipe I find another person used a 9x13. I've cut small pieces and put them on a plate, but the remainder went into the garbage. And I'm finding that I'm so off eating any sugar that even a tiny bit puts an awful taste in my mouth.

So maybe taking this new B12 has done the trick for you. Hope it continues. I've been up and down most of the night again. Is non-conscience different from sub conscience? Most of the time I'm lucky to just get my brain to work.

Rock: Very clever in your thinking of how accomadating our electronic gadgets can be! LOL

Gesso can also give texture to a painting. It's basically a thicker acrylic paint.


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Hi Kids

I'm enjoying a glass of white grape juice. Guess what color it is. That's right. It's pink. "Reason
totters" as my mother used to say.

Sun, I've only tried a couple "imitation" recipes over the years. One involved using carob instead
of chocolate. A total flop. I'd like to taste that butterscotch cake. Sounds like a big piece might be
too much. My Aunt Myrtle should be in the Guiness World Book of Records for her chocolate cake.

Was Barbra Eden "Samantha"? I think she was the one in the Lucy episode where Lucy's gown was
so tight she couldn't sit down.

Mikie, I don't remember saying "Jeepers" when I was a kid, but sometimes we said Jeepers Creepers!
Also snappy dialogue like, "Oh, go jump in the lake" or "Liar, liar, pants on fire. Nose as long as a
telephone wire."

Have to do something about the laundry. Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just wiped out my paragraph. I hate that! The day has gotten away from me and I've gotten nothing done. Joe called. He and I are both wiped out by this cold, for us, weather in the 50's. He went out earlier and saw some guy riding a bike wearing nothing but swim trunks. Yikes! Must be a Yankee. They come down here and this feels warm. News says that the Red Tide is still washing up dead fish on our beaches. Most of the time, we don't notice it until the wind shifts and blows the spores our way.

Got pics of the monogram on my wallet and tote bag in a text. I told the woman who does the parties that it looks good to me. I'm looking forward to getting them. Tote looks like it will be very practical. I called Nancy up in MI to wish her a happy birthday. She's spending the day with her DD going to craft shops in a nearby town.

It will be hard to know what to watch this week. Think I told y'all about the guy who allegedly hired his best friend and an idiot the friend met in jail to kill his wife who was a doctor in the little town south of us. Best friend pleaded guilty and the jailbird idiot was found guilty and is awaiting sentencing. That won't occur until the trial ends for the husband. Last I heard, they were picking the jury. It's a death penalty trial so they will have 12 jurors and two alternates. Due to the publicity and death penalty aspect, selecting the jury was going slowly. Court TV is supposed to feature it this week. Another trial is winding up so not sure how it will play out.

Sun, yes, I forgot about using gesso to build up texture. Perhaps paintable caulk could be used like the glue gun. I've had pics be rejected too when I didn't think the files were any larger than usual so don't know how they are rated. The author uses nonconscious instead of subconscious. She gives a lot of importance to the nonconscious brain. Hope you feel better too.

Rock, some years back, carob was being touted as healthier than chocolate. I tried it and didn't like it. I like butterscotch but not the chips used in cooking. Don't know why. I'd rather do lemon any day. Or chocolate. Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha in Bewitched. Barbara Eden played Jeanie in I Dream of Jeanie. Silly shows. They don't hold up to the test of time like Lucy and Burns and Allen IMHO. Yes, we had some really snappy dialogue back in the day.

Despite sleeping better of late, my eyes are drooping. May have to have a nap. I'm falling asleep and having difficulty typing. Time for a wee nap.

Love, Mikie
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Hi All.
It's a overcast damp day here. And I'm overcast too! What's new? Blue?

Spring, I love your opening picture . Tasha Tudor, a really interesting woman. I read all about her after seeing the pic. What an interesting human being she was. As for persimmons, the kind I have are the small, red, tomato shaped ones. Almost too sweet!

Sun, sorry for your problems with cystitis..... let's hope the Aloe vera helps.
Rats in your garage? Holy Toledo, I guess they are not woodrats, but city rats, huh? A good remedy for rats is cats.....

Mikie, the cranberry Christmas pudding sounds great! Has it any nuts in it? I'm nuts for nuts...
We don't get cable out here in the boondocks, so get satellite tv and internet. TV has SO much on it; after the weather in the morning we usually watch part of an Antiques Roadshow -- American. I prefer the British that we used to get. Tired of seeing baseballs worth $60,000 because of who signed them.... Sorry, not my cup of tea. Then classical music for the rest of the day, 4 classic musical stations, one opera, and then everything from swing to rap stations. After tea-time at 4pm, we have oldies on. We also watch a movie - or two- in the evening. Old movies, from the '40's and before and after.

Well, the cats are busy catching mice and leaving them in the centre of the path so we have to watch where we walk in the morning, then pick 'em up and throw them into the brush for something to eat. Something benefits.

Richard calls, I must go,
Cheerio for now,
LOVE and PEACE to All.