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Porch # 1167 IS CLOSED..16 nov 2019

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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from taking my recycle stuff down and checking for mail. Ran into Elizabeth and Claudia. Nice to catch up. Love petting Elizabeth's little dog. She is so sweet and loving. Elizabeth's Mom arrives on the 15th of next month. Elizabeth's party is the 8th. It'll be so good to see her again. I'm doing some laundry. I brought up the new welcome mat. The Canadians downstairs don't have one so took the old one down there. It's in great condition but I prefer the bristly kind. Opened my new lipstick and it had melted. It had happened before I got it so will return it to Wal*Mart. Seems I'm always returning something.

Barry, the recipe I have doesn't call for nuts but they would be good in it. It's like an English pudding, dense and heavy. This one is made with molasses. The sauce is just cream, brown sugar and butter. I love AR but get a bit tired of it after I've watched it a lot. I'm not a fan of sports memorabilia either. Anything Native American seems to bring the highest appraisals. This is our third or fourth day of overcast dreary skies and it is depressing. I'm trying to get a few things done so I don't feel so useless. Walking down to the recycle bins did help me wake up a bit but a nice nap would still feel good. We can't have satellite dishes on our roofs in the condo buildings. The three story building has 24 units. Imagine that roof! Yikes! That is why I have the little indoors antennas and HULU and Amazon Prime. I don't watch much on Prime but have it to get the free shipping on Amazon. I listen to the Prime music. Their prices are so good on a lot of things but the shipping is a killer. With Prime, I don't have to pay for shipping. How loving of the cats to leave their kill for you. That's an act of love.

Sun, didn't you say your shoulder problem was due to poor posture? I'm noticing that I slump if I don't make a concerted effort to straighten up. My Mom was the same way as she aged. Slouching just causes the tendons to pinch as I reach up. Standing erect really helps. I can find my exercise band or my little barbells. They are cheap to replace. Did you do PT for yours? How is Clare? Haven't heard you talk about her for a while.

Rock, been meaning to ask you about Miss Kitty. Hope she is doing well.

Sending love, hugs and prayers to all, including those not mentioned singly and our MIA. Again, hope everydobby is having a great windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Back from the "thanksgiving' get together. Nice seeing the younger ones. Lindsey and her "fiancé" K.B. Just got engaged yesterday and will marry in the summer I think. He's from Korea, only has a slight accent. Sometimes I couldn't catch what he was saying, but he's very nice and I feel like I've known him forever. I was getting ready to leave and came goodbye to him....we shook hands and he bowed slightly to me.....I turned to my SIL's mom, standing next to him and she said yes, they bow to their elders. I like that idea.

Lindsey's sister, Laura and her DH have been now married one year plus one month. He's 32 and just got accepted to med school in Iowa. Little old for being a doctor but he's pretty smart and such a nice guy too and I'm sure he'll do good. He's already worked in an ER, and also a job in San Diego for the Navy where his job was to bring up the cadavers to the doctors to work on. We got to talking and I told him I had read about people who receive heart transplants, who then have changes in their personality and such. At first he was very sceptical, but then said he would do a search on it. So I came home and also did a search....quite interesting. One guy, who wasn't at all artistic suddenly became very artistic with the friends and nurses agreeing on this. Now scientists are wondering if we store memories in more places not just our brains.

Everyone loved the desserts I brought.....thankfully everyone liked butterscotch, especially my DGS! Won't bother with making the fudge though it was enjoyed.

And I got a big bag of fuju persimmons from the neighbor's tree. I couldn't believe how loaded it was!!!!! Growing over the fence into my SILs parents yard. I cut most of the fuju with stem and leaves attached.....might do a painting of them.
Oh yes......fuju makes a good cuss word too! A safe, nice one to use I think.

Barry Can't have an outdoor cat around here.....active coyotes. And Clair is strictly an indoor cat. She couldn't even find the lizard that got into the house, NOR the big horseflies that keep appearing in my FR. ^%$#@!* Everyday I kill at least 2-3. My son said a fly must have gotten into the house and laid eggs that keep hatching...eeeeeeewwww. I also have classical music on all day.

Mikie: Yes, I had PT for my shoulder. Hurt forever, at least 3-4 mos. I hurt it when I was trying to work on an oil painting at my easel....holding my arm up too long. YES.....posture affects everything. Stand in front of your mirror sideways and see how your shoulders roll in, then concentrate on standing up straight spine, shoulder will go back once you stand up straight. Yes, hard to remember. I use a stretch band every morning while doing my floor stretches. It helps strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles.
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Hi guys.
Been a while.
As is usually the case here, or anywhere for that matter, when it rains, it pours!!
Lots of teenager dramas to wear us out.
Dd has announced there's no way she'll go back to school next yr. (Yr 10 is bare minimum age to leave and only if you hv a full time job to go to) and she will be continuing work at the bakery and plans to move out asap. She doesn't like our rules in regards to parties etc.
Her school based apprenticeship finishes up in a couple of wks.she gave notice, but agreed to finish up at the 6mth mark so they can get money back for books etc.
They are trying to wring every last little drop out of her and the more I hear about them, the more I see that she's made the right choice in this area.
Well, there's drought and terrible fires everywhere, but if you lived here, off grid say, you'd be clueless...up untill today, except for a few hot ones thrown in here n there, it's been pretty cold and wet.Strange weather.
The Summer will likely just slam us out of no where, when it hits.
We recently lost 2 passion fruit vines.just like that and still aren't sure why or what.Very disappointing as they had started to really get going and cover a good stretch of fence.
Eldest has gone away for another wk to do some schooling for his apprenticeship and Dd will be gone for a wk long scl camp shortly.
Dh went hunting this morning and came back with his first deer since we've been in this area.It is currently hanging in the shed with sheets wrapped around it while it sets.All gutted and cleaned of course.
It's been a while since we've had venison and it is game , but it'll be a nice addition to the freezer, as shopping is getting expensive.
I was up too early so am feeling frazzled.
I need to go.
Take care ALL
catch yas later


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Hi Star: Good to see you here, you're always missed. How old are your 3 kids now? All I can say is.....sigh......kids. They can bring such joy and heartbreak too.


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Another morning down into the 50's. BRRRR! Don't laugh, y'all. For us, that's cold. Joe hangs out in his long jammies in this weather. Elizabeth was wearing her Jammie bottoms yesterday when she walked her little dog. I got some yoga pants a few years ago on clearance and, like with a lot of cheap finds, I bought three or four pairs. I wore them yesterday and will likely wear them until it warms up this afternoon. They are sooo comfy. Yesterday, it stayed in the 50's until 4:00 when it hit 60 degrees. Sposda get into the 70's today. The wind will be onshore and I'm dreading that. The Red Tide is bad on the beaches. I fell asleep last night before Poldark was on. It was late because of a special anniversary show for Sesame Street. I can catch up online with it.

Sun, I can actually feel when I'm slumping and I immediately straighten up. I have to constantly be aware. It does help with the pain when I'm not slumping. The left shoulder feels so much better just from icing, ibuprophen and standing erect. The right one is still very sore so will be putting the heating pad on it and then doing some PT. How nice to see a young man with such good manners. I've also seen things on TV about the changes in heart transplant recipients. One developed a taste for food he formerly wouldn't eat. All I can say is not to take a heart from a bank robber. What a defense that would be in court. "Your honor, I couldn't stop myself from robbing that bank; I have a bank robber's heart." That would make Court TV for sure. I'm glad SV is an indoor cat because fleas are a big problem down here and the Bufo toads are back. Still, it breaks my heart to see his looking longingly out the window. Glad you enjoyed the family get together and everyone enjoyed your desserts.

Star, school sounds so different there than how it is here. We used to have schools for students who didn't plan on college; they were trade schools to learn plumbing, welding, electrical work, etc. I don't know whether they still exist or not. There is so much pressure on kids here to go on to college and it isn't for everyone. I saw on TV about the fires there. Like our ones in the West. Weather is definitely changing everywhere. It truly is global climate change. I'm so sorry about your losing the passion fruit vines. I've never eaten venison but I dated a hunter who bagged an elk. Those elk burgers tasted better than the finest beef fillet. We think of you and your kids often here and miss you when you're gone. I know how busy you are with kids but hope you can drop in like this again soon.

Rock, disappearing posts is why I have to highlight and save my posts. It's so disheartening to lose them. I hope you will give it another try.

I'm off to read the virtual paper. Have to make a run to Publix this morning. I need something green like broccoli to eat plus some bread. I'm off my feedbag again. Hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks

Just looked at the news. In Arkansas two college Professors were just arrested and charged with making meth in
the school lab. Hard to believe. I seriously doubt two Professors would meth around like that.

Star, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear your passion vines gave up the ghost. We had passion flowers growing
on a fence in our back yard at our last house. They were exotic and beautiful. Not sure if we are posting about the
same thing. Ours didn't produce any fruit.

I hope your daughter is happier with her next abode. She'll probably find there are some things she misses very
much. Good luck to her and son tool

Sun, are you going to do a fuju painting? If people think you're cussing, you can say, "No, I'm not. I fud ju."
I think starting in some kind of grad school when you are in your 30s has some advantages. I did, but can't
remember how old I was. BTW I think someone who moves cadavers is called a diener, but I can't find it in
the little dictionary Gordon recently bought.

Mikie, Miss Kitty is fine. We are not feeding her during the night anymore. So she get 3 meals during the day.
The expensive kibble which she loves and distilled water. The local news warned against drinking tap water.
Now and then I open a can of Friskies for her. She takes about two bites and wanders off. Lately she hasn't been
showing up a dinner time. But puts in an appearance when the sky gets a little darker. I'll be sure to bring her when
I come visit you.

Ha Ha. I would never take an animal on a plane ride. The baggage hold is never warmed or cooled. The pets
get no water or food while they are in there. And the noise must be deafening. By the way, have you thought of a
zip line to get you down to the mail box and the recycle site? Put some extra fun in your day.

Well, better go back to bed. It about 3:30AM here. The milk man will be along pretty soon.



Hi, Kids,

Despite my seemingly good sleep, I was tired when I got up. Took a very short nap and had a nice soak in the tub. I got out and immediately put some lotion on my dry skin and some Sambra Lotion (thank you, Sun) on my shoulders and one hip. Gotta dress, throw on a wee bit of makeup and make a bread/veggie run to Publix. I seem to be losing a bit of weight despite a less than ideal diet. It's still only 54 degrees out so will get out a clean pair of the yoga pants to keep me warm. Gonna wear one of the new soft undershirts which I washed yesterday. They appear to be even softer than the Jockey undershirts and I hope they feel even better too.

Rock, sounds as though Miss Kitty is well cared for and loved. I'm thinking that we should all show ourselves a lotta love and take good care of ourselves. I've felt this way for some time but the book I'm reading confirms it. SV certainly thrives with it. He returns it too. When I pet him, the feel of his soft fur is healing. The thrust of the book is derived from science and research into our brains. Even so, it is written in an engaging and often funny manner. When you come to visit me, you can bring Miss Kitty in a soft side carrier and put her under the seat in front of you. Just give her a tranquilizer and she'll sleep all the way. In fact, the drone of the engines is soothing and puts pets to sleep. She and SV will have the run of the place. He's a real gentelman and loves other critters. I heard those two teachers making meth were drug into court along with their lab dog. The dog was their drug mule. They made asses of themselves.

OK, enough poor pun making for the morning. I'm off to get dressed.

Love, Mikie


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wedding of DDs classmate and friend..DD in red n green n me in glasses..all stufied in same class..bride not in photo

DS decided to turn photographer..n directed me to pose in an indian food outlet

i did choose the photo which least showed my bags under the eyes and middle age sag..heh heh

Gosainkunda lake...her 6 day trek

trek route..the 4 girls are tiny dots


Rock, i tried to delete the multiple pics but as i thought everything went but its ok at least i got to post them, sometimes the gremlins dont even allow that...

thank you for the kind words everyone
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Just popping in a minute...the kids left about an hour ago (around 9:00 am.) The week seems like it flew by, but we got a lot of things done. I'll try to catch up later, but going back to bed for a little while....last night (around 9:00 pm) I had just finished reading four bedtime books (one for each of the kiddos) and happened to catch the house phone ringing. One of our neighbors (the lady I've taken to the ER several times) was having trouble again and her husband wanted to get her to the hospital as soon as possible. We got to the one 30 minutes away before 10:00 and I told them I'd just wait since there was nobody else in the ER and we thought they'd just put a heart monitor on her and send her home...we finally left the hospital at 3:45 this morning! (They ran a bunch of tests and labs, but still can't figure out what's wrong....just keep telling her it's stress...) I got to bed around 4:30 and back up by 7:00 to help the kids pack and say goodbye.

Thinking of everyone and hoping all is as well as can be...


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the attach program has gone quite crazy....photos being uploaded multiple times...

wedding was yesterday..i went alone because they hav other days too..i didnt want the spicy wedding food so DS who dropped me off hung around the vicinity and came to pick me up after an hour..

the two of us nipped into an indian restaurant enroute home and ate


Star - so nice to see you..i see you are dealinh with growing up pains of kids..sigh. This too shall pass.

My DD used complain that we parents were harder on her re curfew and late nights than her brother..i guess we were..

hang in there..

Rock - is Henry as proficient at cooking as Gordon? i used to watch Yan can Cook years ago..he was very funny as well as a good cook.

Mikie - i wished i had Joan Rivers root powder yesterday..i didnt have time to go do my roots and so i put black eye shadow and camouflaged the grey ...ive asked someone to bring the root powder..meanwhile, eye shadow is the hack im employing

Sun - nice to hear about the girls..i thought Japanese were the ones who ok bowed a lot..one of our pooches brought in a dead mouse today..aargh! poor thing..the young dogs are keen on hunting, poor birds, quite a few hav been killed.

Barry - im sure the eagles or vultures must be pouncing on all those dead rats...in india, Delhi vultures used to swoop down and carry away pieces of meat when the house to house butcher came to sell his meat and cut pieces on his portable meat chopping board outside the houses. It was a hazard..these city vultures. i was a child then visiting my cousins.
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Hi, Kids,

I'm so proud of myself. I cleaned out the fridge. What a job. Cleaned out the freezer too. I have to start eating what's in it. All the while I was in a half-coma from the steric acid, I lost track of time and everything else. I hate to waste food. Will do better now that my brain is clearing itself of the toxin. I still have to take the trash down and collect the mail. It's nice out--already up to 73 degrees. It'll be nice all week. I'm feeling a wee bit better and wonder whether the book has anything to do with it.

Spring, what beautiful women you all are. DD looks like a younger version of you. Mine did too but, now that I'm older, we don't really resemble one another anymore; however, I'm looking like my Mom when she got older. I hope you can find the hair powder. There are other brands and a spray version of it too. It's easier when one colors one's hair blonde than dark--easier to cover up the roots. If I didn't know better, I'd swear those mountains were in my native Colorado. I tried doing this Yoga pose the other day and almost fell over. :) Do many Westerners/Europeans live there? It's so beautiful that I would think it might attract them. Thanks for posting the pics. Love them.

Julie, OMG! Just what you needed after having the family there, a trip to the ER. Just guessing but I'd think living without the modern conveniences would be very stressful, especially for the women. Life is stressful enough with them. I hope you can go to bed and get some sleep. Your family must have had a ball.

OK, I'm rested up so am gonna haul the trash down. It's always heavier after I clean out the fridge. Hope all y'all are having a great start to the day. BTW, the Wal*Mart tank style undershirts are soooo comfortable. I'm glad I found them.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just talked to DD. She is so thrilled with the watch. Said she loves it and wants my DSIL to get one so they can sync their activities. She originally selected the Minnie Mouse face for the watch but replaced it with a pic of their beloved little dog they just lost. She said it comforts her to see him every time she looks at the watch. We had a wonderful chat.
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Dear Ones,

Have been so busy all day and have been fooling around and getting some info on stuff I have been doing and some recipes...Just popped in to check on all you gals and guys,

STAR - What grade is the DD tht wants to quit school ( second year of HS)? Is that correct?? I know how kids can drive you crazy even if you love them. Hang in there dear girl. Time does many ties have a ways of fixing things, too after these kids see what life has to offer and how easy or not easy it is to get a really good job, and pay all the bills without much of an education. Where will she be living? With her friends or what???

SUN - Yes, I agree. Those oriental people surely know how to treat their elderly and sick ones. How many of the aloe vera caps do you take? I am wondering if I have Interstiticial Cystitis (sp) cause I do not always think that I have a UTI, more like irritation. Maybe that will help . It seems like when I really have to urinate and bladder gets full I get this sort of burning. It is now awful like the cystitis pain. After I go it goes away.

JULIE - What a special person you are bringing your young friend to the ER at that hour. Hope they find out her problem. Yes you need some REST I think after all your dear ones visit. Yes, it is never a long enough visit, is it???

MIKIE- Glad you have so much NRG. Send some my way, will you???? Glad your DD is thrilled with the watch !!! Sounds like she loves it. I need you to come help me clean out my fridge too!!! LOL

SPRING WATER - Thanks for those lovely pictures. Those young and the older lady looks so beautiful, that means you too sweetie !! They are all so pretty. Your scenery looks great too..

Love to awl, Rock and Barry too and anyone else I may have missed.. Gotta start dinner again !

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Have been doing a bit of work here and a bit there. Roomba has now taken over and is cleaning the carpet. SV's nose is outta joint because she ran into his little bed while he was snoozing. I'm icing the shoulder. Somebody who was looking at a condo that is for sale in Claudia's building backed into their carport and bent the new post and downspout they just had replaced. Good thing another neighbor heard something and came running out and got a pic as they guy was trying to make his escape. What a jerk. Hope he doesn't buy in that building. He did agree to pay for the damage once he was caught red handed. Her carport is across from a row of guest spots. Ours is across from the neighbors' carport so if anyone backs into ours, I'll know who did it without taking fingerprints and DNA. :)

Just saw the Good Rx ad on TV. It's the one with the mom going in to get the Rx for her little boy and can't afford it until the pharmacist tells her about the Good Rx app. Every time I see that ad, it makes me sad because I know that scenario plays out every day in real life. I get my maintenance meds free through mail order from my ins. co. I downloaded the app to my phone just in case I need something from a local pharmacy. I have the hardest time getting my phone to take my Apple ID. Grrrr! :mad:

Granni, Claudia asked me the same thing. Told her not today. I'm beat. I found a fillet in my freezer and had it for lunch. Hope this newfound NRG is here to stay and not just a fluke. I also hope the book is helping. Discussed it with DD. She is always interested in things dealing with the brain and psychology. I texted my ex to tell him how much she loves the watch and to thank him again for doing all the legwork to get it. DD said he is getting hard of hearing and is missing out on a lot. She and my other DD are having lunch with him tomorrow and will try to broach the topic to see whether he will go in for a hearing test. He told me today that he has the flu. He says that every day. He's not a well person but doesn't take care of himself. Glad you stopped in. Always good to hear from you.

Sun, haven't seen you today. Hope you are okay.

Gonna watch the news. There was a beautiful sunset and now that it's dark, the neighbor living below Joe downstairs has her lamp on in her window. It always makes me feel cozy when I look across the pond and see it. It feels so good to have gotten some things done today, especially the freezer and fridge. Tomorrow, I'm gonna clean out the little pantry cabinet I have. I'd like to find a way to build some pull-out shelves for it but there is only 11 inches clearance and it is very deep. Not practical. I'd build the shelves if I could find the hardware and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. To make matters worse, it is on the other side of the fridge against the wall. I have to get creative and find ways to make my kitchen more user friendly.

Hope everydobby had a great day and will have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Springwater, Godon and I used to watch Martin Yan, the TV chef several years ago. Don't see much of him now. Gordon always said he had enough teeth for a village. Another favorite is the Italian chef who seem to be wearing a wig that is carved from wood. A shame your camera is acting up. Can you delete the copies of the pics you post? I don't want us to
use up too much space. I never know which pics are you and which are your daughter. Anyhoo they are great pics;
so different from what we have here.

Mikie, I think SV is fully justified in being annoyed with that pesky Roomba. BTW, can a nose be out of joint? I don't
think noses have joints. Although over the years many people have wished they didn't stick their nose into certain
joints. He has the flu every day?! According to the Sinus Book of World Records the longest any person had a case of
flu was 14 days. Tell him to hurry and write in.

Gotta go and lie down. Hugs, Rock


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Spring;. great pictures......and you all look like contestants in a beauty pageant!

Granni: I stopped taking the aloe after 2 days because I kept having a stomach ache and feeling nauseated. But today was the first day of no nausea so maybe I'll start again. I would say go slow to see how your body reacts. And make sure to buy dried aloe. Why not call your naturpath?

Julie: I do hope your young neighbor is OK.

Mikie: A few months ago I bought a really handy wire shelf with two long arms that set on top of another shelf in my pantry. Maybe you could find one for extra storage.

Rock: a cook for a hairdo that looks wooden? Sounds interesting.

So much to do around here always. I had to sweep up all the rat droppings, etc. before I could blow out the garage. That took a long time. So then I started on one of the louvered windows that I had taped. *&^%$#@. I was showing my cleaning lady this morning and find the tape didn't hold in places and my gardener AGAIN blew in dirt. So had to clean and retape. Then I worked on cleaning another louvered window that was filthy, what a job. It's in a back area so was filthy from not having been cleaned for ever. I've overdone again so hope to get to bed early.


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Good, good evening...close to midnight, hope I can go to bed pretty soon and get to sleep. When the kids left at 9:00 this morning, I dinked around for a couple hours then went back to bed. Slept till 5:00 this evening, lol! So much fun to have them all here, but I was starting to wear down. It's actually nice to have the holiday craziness over with...now I can have the rest of the winter to work inside on the house, sort tubs and tubs of photos and other piles of stuff. All I have on my list to do before Christmas is get stockings ready and mailed mid-December and figure out gifts for our Amish neighbors, my closest brother's family and anyone else I've forgotten. Oh, and I hope to actually mail out some Christmas cards this year ;)

The neighbor I took to the ER is the one in her mid-40's with twelve kids, the bakery, and all the other responsibilities the lady of the house normally handles. The bakery made and sold 1400 (yes, one thousand four hundred) pies last week...grocery stores buy most of them. They have lots of workers, but still...the family had planned to move (with any of the kids still at home) to another community, but I think are going to wait until somebody figures out what all is going on with the mom. So far, regular doctors and cardiologists have just all told her it's from stress...but that can cover so many different things.

Sun, upkeep on these houses goes on forever, doesn't it...even just the cleaning part. I was hoping to get my windows washed before winter, but not sure that will happen now. Did you mention something about throwing Epsom salt water on the lilac bush...would I do that during the winter, too, or just during the growing season? I'm so sorry it looks like it's time for Savannah...she's been part of the whole family for such a long time.

Mikie, I read that you are doing better? Amazing how figuring out the culprit and eliminating it can make such a difference. Glad your DD is so pleased with her watch...neat that she wants her hubby to get one too.

Rock, here's what I found when looked up diener...

Diener - Wikipedia
A diener is a morgue worker responsible for handling, moving, and cleaning the corpse (though, at some institutions, dieners perform the entire dissection at autopsy). ... The word is derived from the German word Leichendiener, which literally means corpse servant ("Diener" means servant.).

And speaking of kitties...not sure if I mentioned a little gray tabby showed up a couple months ago. We don't know where she came from, but she is not afraid of the dog and tries to run in the house...very loving and friendly, which made the grandkids so happy to have a cat to carry around. Well, I got a good look at her last evening...looks like she is quite pregnant! I'm sure there are lots of warm and safe enough spots in the garage or barn, but wonder if little ones will be okay as winter comes on strong.

Granni, did I read that your hubby's cancer is back? I hate to hear that...hope they can take care of it.

Star...oh, these kids. We were just talking over the weekend about how Amy's boyfriend (her first husband/Keira's dad) brought Amy and one of her girlfriends home and they had all been drinking. I grounded Amy, took the boy's phone (he was on our plan) and told the other girl that she had to go home and tell her mom what she'd done and have her mom call me so I would know that she knew. As far as I know, it never happened again...or maybe they just hid it better. Either way, our girls did get in trouble at times, but I think they've grown up to be very responsible, caring adults. Sounds like it's a good thing for your DD to get away from this particular work study where they are taking advantage of her...I hope things work out for her and everyone.

Barry, sounds like you've had an abundant harvest. We need to get some more fruit trees planted...as we get time, money and energy, I guess.

Duckie, if you happen to stop by...just know that I am thinking of you and praying things get a little better for you.

So, a relatively calm week for me and Den. I don't have to go anywhere till Friday (local chiro) so can wash bedding and put the house back together. Den is working at his part time job on Wednesday. I'd better try to get some more sleep...the kids finally texted that they made it home...I think it took them closer to twelve hours to get back. I'm sure they are all exhausted. Take care, everyone.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids

Woke to a very sore shoulder. Think I overdid it yesterday. I want to go down and tear out the shrimp plants but don't know whether I should. I carried two very heavy grocery bags upstairs yesterday and that may have irritated the already inflamed shoulder. It's always something. Still sleeping better but it's taking a bit for the NRG to come. I welcome all I can get.

Rock, is it just a myth that George Washington had wooden teeth? Thought I heard they were in a museum. Well, I guess a wooden toupe wouldn't be amy more weird than that, Of course, one would have to spray for termites. When DSIL and I were having dinner when he was here last year on a layover, some old guy came in and Dave got a sour look. Seems he didn't like what he called a $5 wig the guy had on. All I noticed is that he and the woman he was with looked like twins. Don't think noses have joints but I like to sprinkle my posts with old verbiage lest it get lost in the new-speak the kids employ. My ex doesn't have the flu. That's just what he says to describe how he is feeling. He doesn't take care of himself and he is such a convoluted mess of deceit, regrets and resentment at having to take care of his wife that I don't think he will heal. It's very sad. Says he's been too sick to go to the bank to deposit my check for my half of the watch. Before that, he was too sick to go to the mail box to make sure the check got there. He isn't too sick to go to McDonald's to eat junk food almost every day. They both have horrible habits. My kids have had to accept that his health may decline beyond repair one of these days. They love him and I know it's hard on them. Enough teeth for a village? Well, I've heard it takes a village. :eek:

Sun, your advice to go slowly when trying anything new is good advice. I'm still only taking half the recommended dose of the B-12. I'm sensitive to supps and usually get results without ever taking a full dose. I have some stackable things for shelves but what I need are ones that pull out. Barb's husband built their kitchen cabinets and he put pull-out shelves in her tall cupboard. He also made it twice as wide as these originals. I need to check into it but hate to take on a project. Sounds as though you've been having fun--NOT! Geez, sweeping up rat crap and cleaning windows...I need to take my screen to Ace hardware so they can make a new one. I bent it trying to get it in. The squirrels use the little window box planter and throw dirt all over the place. Of course, with a broken screen, it goes in the window track. I noticed it yesterday when I opened the window to let the fresh air blow through. They chew Barb's plant so they can get into her pot and bury their nuts. Why not speak to your guy about blowing dirt at the window? Try not to overdo it.

Julie, that poor woman. Can't imagine all that work and all those kids, even if I felt well. She's only in her 40's and it sounds as though she is wearing out. I know the older kids usually help out with the younger ones but the work involved would be bone crushing. Yes, stress covers a lot but it might help if they could figure out how to mitigate the stress, that is, if they can figure out the stressors. To me, her complete lifestyle would be stressful. If they can't change the stressors, perhaps she could learn how to handle it. I hope she will be okay. Yes, I'm feeling better but haven't really figured out anything or any specific culprit; I'm just employing some of the techniques in the book. Our illnesses aren't all in our minds but our brains do control our bodies and, according to the author, we can tweak our brains so our bodies work better. To me, it's a must read for anyone with our conditions. A lot of it isn't new material for me but the most important part is new and I think that is making the difference. Someone likely threw out that little kitty when she turned up pregnant. That's what happened to the little gray tabby that Nancy took in. She had the cutest litter of white, gray and black kitties I've ever seen. She was such a good mama kitty. My kids tell me things they did in their yute and it makes my hair stand on end. It's probably better that I didn't know at the time. Yikes! Glad you got some good sleep.

I'll pop back in later. Wishing everydobby a pain-free day with lots of NRG.

Love, Mikie

Rats! Just went online to look at pull-out shelves and hardware. Building it myself is too much. Almost all the shelves are too wide to fit the cupboard. A couple would fit but they run from about $600 to more than $1,300. So will have to do without. I have found some in the past but they are all .75 inches too wide.

Shoulder hurting too much to go down and try to remove some bushes. I need to listen to my body. Again, Rats!
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Hello Kids

This was another day where I woke up early in the morning. Since it was dark out I thought it was night. But it wasn't. Have been reading a bio of Jefferson Davis for most of the morning. The poor foolish Southerners. Thought they could win a war against the industrial North when they couldn't manufacturer anything soldiers need. Such as guns, uniforms, shoes, canons, wagons, locomotives, etc. Clark Gable explained all that at the beginning of Gone With The Wind, but they just wouldn't listen.

Did you see the news story about the boy who jumped out of a plane? Another misleading headline. But he did jump
out of the plane after it landed and then climbed on some sort of roof. He was trying to evade the lawmen who were
there to pick him up. He finally jumped off the roof and broke both legs. What reporters call a breaking story.

Barry, I haven't a clue what's wrong with you. Are you feeling blue? Remember the old TV show for kids: "Blues Clues."
Are you going to watch an opera today? Which and who's in it? I think the last time Gordon and I went to an opera
was in the 80s. At the Long Beach Opera. I still have my sweater that says Long Beach Opera on the front. Like me
it shows some wear and tear.

Mikie, you got tank tops for just $2! Wow!! I've never bought any that cheap. What kinda tank do you put them on.

Gordon just poked his head in. Said he was going to run errands.

Okey Dokey! All for now. Rock


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Julie: Don't do any fertilizing until spring, but epson salts is a good fertilizer and cheap. That neighbor needs to figure out how to De Stress otherwise she will be sitting at home wondering how she let it happen, recuperating from a heart attack or something else. I'm assuming she does some of the baking and with help? Maybe she needs more help so she can "run" the bakery before it runs her into the ground. I'll refrain from my Mormon family comments. My X SIL turned mormon when the boys were all young.

Mikie: I'm sure you'll put your brain to work and figure out more storage. NO....don't pull out the bushes until you've gone thru at least 2 weeks of NO pain. My words of advice.

Well, I figured out how to fix the louvered window/dirt problem. I was down on the floor reapplying more tape. Then I figured I would just work with the whole situation. I ordered 3 scoops of pea gravel which got delivered an hr. On my driveway.....a big pile of it and my gardener will be here tomorrow to lay down the ground cloth and then the pea gravel where I want it. So I've been yanking out all the succulents and will decide if I want them back afterwards or not. Time to tidy up that area which I've let slide for too long.

Rock: When I was in HS I read a lot of civil war novels! My dad's family lived around Monticello since the 1700s so I was very interested.

The last couple of nights I've been watching old movies I had never seen but had heard the title often. So first watched Dog Day AFternoon with Al Pacino......he was outstanding in it. And now I'm halfway finished with Deliverance with Burt Reynolds....yipes!