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Porch # 1167 IS CLOSED..16 nov 2019

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Hi, Kids,

I'm in a lot of pain in my shoulder. I put the heating pad on it and did a bit of gentle PT. I also cleaned out the pantry. It was where food went to die. Found some oatmeal that had an expiration date of 2002. Don't know how I missed that. It hasn't been that long since I cleaned it. Also found some chocolate so it wasn't a total loss. I've decided that I'll just make the most of the situation with that narrow cupboard. I almost fell off of the step stool when I cleaned the top shelf. Don't want to find out whether the watch works that way, or any way for that matter. Tomorrow, I'm gonna do some paperword, kind of a mini audit of our financials. The last few months, I haven't been up to looking at them with a magnifying glass. Accounts look to be in order so just need to monitor the checks mgmt. has written. I have to ok any invoices so there should be none for anything else. My own personal accts. are in good shape (knock on wood).

Barry, I see your footprints and hope you are feeling better and more chipper.

Rock, when Wal*Mart puts clothes on clearance, they almost give them away. I used to buy all my tops there for $2 to $6. $6 is the normal price. I'm so hard on clothes working around here that I don't want to invest too much except for things I wear for special events. I don't get out to shop much so I miss a lot of good stuff. Julie is the one who finds all the bargains. Sun is the one who finds all the good vintage stuff. Gonna put the tank top around my trunk. In order to be comfortable, I like wearing undershirts and these tank tops are so soft that they are more like the Jockey undershirts. I cracked up at your tale of the young boy. Criminals are usually idiots. The South was very romantic when it came to war. They didn't think it through. Our nation was so young that they thought they could just secede and all would be hunkey dorey. I think civil wars are the worst kind. Glad to see you here.

OK, I'm icing the shoulder. I'm going to have to rest and stop using it 'cept for P