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PORCH 1168 IS NOW CLOSED (11/19/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. I couldn't resist this charming pic. Please go back to the last Porch to read Rock's and Sun's posts and my response to Rock.

Sun, your advice is well taken. I have to stop aggravating the shoulder. Just when the weather is nice and things outside need to be done. May have to hire the gardners to do some of the removal of bushes. Of course, Grace will cry and want them left. Think I'll tell her they can stay if she trims them while she's here. Your pea gravel sounds nice. Hope it turns out just the way you want it.

Those look like my drawers hanging on the clothesline.

Love, Mikie
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I made it, lol! Was typing over on the last porch and saw Mikie had opened a new one...love the fall pic. Speaking of underwear on the clothesline....when we were in Belize, the Belizean workers and I did the laundry of the American teams who spent most of their days out in villages. One of the pastors had HUGE pairs of underwear...and one of the team members often had his jeans stolen from the clothesline because he was the same size as most of the Belizean men. Imagine, stealing from the very people who go all that way to help.

Anyway, here's the post I was typing earlier...

Hi guys...I don't know where the day has gone (except I slept over 8 hours last night and didn't get up till after 9:00 am, lol!) Got started on laundry...all the bedding, towels, plus our regular clothes, etc. It's so nice out today (we've reached our high of 55, and tomorrow is to be up to 58) I'm hanging the laundry outside...love that smell of fresh sheets!

Rock, you are just a wealth of information...I learn so much from reading your posts, and get a chuckle from the puns.

Sun, glad you got the window/dirt problem taken care of...or in the process of it. Yes, my Amish neighbor lady has her hands full, for sure. She did turn the managing of the bakery over to the eldest daughter (oldest child, but yet unmarried and still lives at home.) That happened during the summer while she was making trips to Chicago to see some sort of natural doctor who seemed to be helping with her heart problems. They do have some "modern" things to work with in the bakery...a huge mixer that is run by generator. And several employees, but probably not enough.

I decided to try to get to the far away chiro next week (left hand/shoulder/etc. acting up again, from the bulging discs in my neck) to see if he could provide some relief to allow me to postpone any surgery. Went to my neighbor's to see if she wanted me to make her an appt. also...she had been to an MD and her local chiro yesterday. Chiro muscle tested some of her meds and said some of them were working against each other....different doctors had her on several anti-anxiety pills and I don't know what else. She thought she was feeling enough better she would keep going to the local chiro and not try to see someone three hours away.

I loved Dog Day Afternoon. And when I was still at home, but dating Den, we wanted to go to Deliverance with a bunch of my friends...but our parents wouldn't let us. I had no idea what the movie was about...just that many people I knew wanted to see it. Saw it after Den and I were married...so glad Mom and Dad had said, "No!" :eek:

Mikie, I don't know where my MIL ordered things from (not online, but through catalogs cause she got lots in the mail) but she found some slide out shelves to put in her lower kitchen cabinets. It may be difficult to find just the right dimensions for your available space, though. I find expired food in my pantry at times and I wonder how on earth I could have missed it...

I am trying to remember the name of the book you're talking about...I might have wrote the title down at some time, then misplaced the paper, lol! Would you mind letting me know the book and author again? This is the time of year I can work on myself...

Well, I've been walking around the house, collecting sheets from the air mattresses and guest rooms...finding things the kids left and will mail some of the "treasures" back to them when I go to town. Big things, that aren't terribly necessary, I will pile somewhere and just take down whenever we go again. Amy, the girls and I might make a quick trip around Easter...but the girls won't have any extra days off school (except Good Friday) so we'd only be able to stay a couple days. But I already have Easter baskets and stuff to put in them (clearance from last year) and would love to be able to deliver them in person...

Gonna start working on my health situations again, now that the fun and games are over, lol! Gotta see about this finger that is still bothering me...appt. with dermatologist Dec. 2, dental cleaning Dec. 5. I may need to make a few trips to the other chiro in order for him to tweak my neck problem, but want to get that done before the weather turns bad. Get back on track with staying hydrated, watch my diet a little better, etc., etc.

We are invited to Den's cousin's (his dad's sister's family) dinner the Saturday after Thanksgiving...it's about two hours away and we have gone the past few years. They purposely don't invite Den's sister because she "drives them crazy", too...so we don't have to worry about running into her. Not sure what we will do on Thanksgiving Day...Amy's family is going to deliver meals to shut-ins...what a great experience for everyone. I wouldn't mind just being home and relaxing or working around the house.

I see Mikie has closed out this porch as I've been typing, so I'll try to move this over to the new one. Take care, everyone!


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Hi Kids

Mikie, great pic. Is that a blow up house or a giant punkin? The painter's style reminds me of
Grant Wood, Iowa's greatest painter.

Julie, glad to see your long, newsy post. Guess some extra sleep goes a long way. Deliverance
was a pretty scary movie. I was shocked when I found out it was written by a famous poet. Oh
yeah, just remembered. Saw a bumper sticker that said: If you hear banjo music, RUN!

My mind is getting worser every day. Bought some , shoot!, can't remember the name. Well, some
kinda milk that you serve at Christmas and you sprinkle a certain spice on top. Nut Meg, that's it.
I was going through the same rig a ma roe with Gordon this morning. Talked to my MN brother
on the phone a couple nights ago. Couldn't remember names any more. Most irritating! "What
was the name of that kid who lived across the street from the athletic field and was always
coming over to play Monopoly?

Oh, Mikie, I read an article about George Washington's teeth many years ago. He had numerous
sets of false teeth made out of various material including wood and (I think) ivory. The scariest
one was lead!

Bout time to feed Miss Puss again. See what there is for Daddy to eat too. Hugs and Kibble,


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Back from another emergency trip with my neighbor...she called at 3:40 and said her driver had backed out...could I get her to town by 4:30? Oh boy...her heart was acting up again and her chiro wanted to see her again. So, I got "town ready", picked her up and we headed in. Two hours later we were finally headed back home. Anyway, I guess the chiro did a treatment and sold her some more supplements...sigh.

Rock, is that milk called eggnog? I get Den some every year at this time...he loves to just have a small glass of it a few times a day. Yes, irritating and frustrating to not remember names and other things...I'm so sorry.

I've just been messaging my cousin who is friends of Den's best friend's wife (the lady who has the brain tumor.) She is waiting for insurance approval and will then start radiation and a chemo pill. The doctors gave her 4 months to 2 years....but what do doctors really know.

Supper's ready...better get it while it's hot. Take care, everyone!


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Rock and Julie and everyone who has seen Deliverence. The "kid" who played the banjo.....creepy, weird. I was going to do a search to see if that was someone in makeup or an adult or what? And if in fact he played the banjo in that scene. I know I've read that there is a lot of inbreeding in the back woods of different states, so I'm assuming that's what the director was trying to portray. I haven't finished the movie yet.....the rape scene was a shocker, and I kept thinking, I need to just turn this movie off but I've never seen Burt Reynolds in anything but some car chase movie. By the way, does anyone know if he is part Indian?

Julie: Your poor friend's wife. 4 mos. to 2 years to live? And endure what? I know of several people who underwent almost living as a guinea pig for the cancer treatment doctors. I will keep her up in prayer.

Duckie: Thinking about you? How are things going?

Rock: Ahhhh.....eggnog. Used to love it, meant christmas to me, but the old stomach hasn't tolerated it for years, too rich for me, even with cutting it down with milk.

Been very busy today with getting reading for my handyman to paint and also my gardener to spread the pea gravel. Apparently rain is expected tonight.....don't know what's going to happen with my plans around here. Needless to say I've put in at least 8 hrs. Of hard work, raking old bark and rocks that need to come out of the area before the paper and gravel can be put down.

And speaking of plans, christmas is coming. Won't go into anything except to say it's a stressful, sad time filled with controlled /stuffed down anger towards my oldest. He almost deliberately tries to creat chaos. I'm almost ready to call him and "read the riot" with him ahead of time and lay down the rules and if he can't abide then don't come. He smokes MJ and is probably an alcoholic, though he tells me he's not and can stop anytime. This is ridiculous.....I'm sitting here upset already over him.


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Mikie - that acorn made me smile...im not a fan of abstract art but i found the picture interesting. Charming in a strange way, noticed the steps leading to the ‘door’. Loved them.

Rock - i went through a particularly bad spell of forgetfulness. i used to not remember names when i would be introducing common friends. People ive known for years. But those days my overall health was bad.

The memory improved when i got better.

Sun - i remember watching Dog Day Afternoon when it came to a cinema when i was in school. I dont remember much except i found Al Pacino childlike with beautiful dark eyes and him giving the dustbin to a hostage to use as a commode.

i read an article where both Burt Reynolds and his ex wife were washing each others dirty linen in public, and i sort of went off him. Not that i was ever a fan. He accused her of buying $4000 dinnerware just off for one night when they invited friends over. This was in the 70s.

Hi to Star, Barry, Granni, Dmc et al


im not very chatty today because yesterday someone we know, their DD took her own life. I used to see the DD with her mom or dad or brother and such a lovely young girl. i used to tell her mom so. i dont even know the reason. Got married two years. And went out the city to another part of the country.

ive seen her grow up and im in shock. Her mom used to tell me to get my DD married off and when i told her ive seen lots of young girls arranged marriages these days on the rocks she used to wave it off. Now i have a horrible feeling the DDs arranged marriage and her parents lack of support led her to the act. Theyre very conservative and traditional. A suggestion of divorce would have scandalized them. Anyways, i dont know. Just ruminating.

God bless
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I HAD to look up that child who played the banjo. Apparently he didn't play the banjo but was chosen because of his strange look. They used a person who played the banjo, he put his hands around the kid and played it. Interesting.



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Julie, yup, it's eggnog. Part of the annoying experience is when you or somebody else thinks of the term. "Why of course it's such and such. Why the heck didn't I remember that?!

The Dueling Banjos scene is typical of Hollywood. There is only one banjo. The other is a gitar. Kinda like casting
really short men and having them stand on a box to kiss the heroine. Spring, you found Al Pacino childlike and
beautiful in some way? I think Pacino and De Niro are both ugly. I Don't think either one can act worth a dime. But
then, I haven't been to a movie for many decades. Bette Davis was always playing beautiful young women even
when she wasn't one. Charles Pierce used to imitate her and other stars. Don't know if he's still on Youtube or not.

Sun, hope your pea gravel project goes smoothly with no rocks in the path.

Well, I'm getting sleepy. Better to back to bed.
Hugs, Rock


Good Hump Day, Kids,

Icing the shoulder yesterday didn't help. Gonna exclusively use heat and CBD balm today. This isn't a sore muscle; it's inflamed tendons in the rotator cuff. The worst pain is in my arm. Been trying to get lots of sleep to help repair it and trying to rest it except for the PT. Claudia and I both got the FJ last night and that always gives us a smile. So nice to get up to a clean kitchen. I also mopped the tile floor in there yesterday. I installed a new water filter in the fridge. Ran the DW so have to unload it. At least, my pain wasn't for nuttin'.
Because my Mom married brothers, one of them my biological father, my cousins are my step brothers and sister and my step brothers and sister are my cousins. People are fascinated about it but I always tell them that I don't sit on the stoop playing Dueling Banjos. Deliverance was a great film but very disturbing.

Rock, I have the worst memory, especially when it comes to names. It drives me nuts when I see an actor on TV and can't remember where I saw him or her previouosly. Laughing at your calling yourself Miss Kitty's Daddy. When I call the vet, I always give my name and tell them I'm Sylvester's Mom. They think nothing of it. I think most of us feel that our fur babies are our children. My kids who just lost their little dog have no kids and DD said little Calvin was their child. So glad she was able to use his pic as the face of the new watch.

Julie, a teacher lived next door to my best friend when I was growing up. She was a rather large woman who was married to an older man who stayed home and did all the housework. One day, he did the laundry and had hung it out on the line. When my friend and I saw her amazingly large underwear, we almost fell down laughing. We were inside her house but her mom wasn't happy about our laughing about it. Well, we were just kids and silly as all get out. When I got to the 8th grade, the woman was my algebra teacher. The book is Get Back Into Whack by Susan Ingabretson. She also wrote one called, Fibrowhyalgia. Like with all these books, I pick and choose what I want to incorporate into my life. The biggest takeaway is how the subconscious isn't verbal but uses images and feelings. Our subconscious controls 90 percent of what our brains/minds do so it's important that we fill it with positive messages. Positive brains and minds are healthier. A negative unhealthy subconscious can sabotage everything we try to accomplish. I had started being kinder to myself so this has fit right into what I'm trying to do. Even with this sore shoulder/arm, I am sleeping better and feeling better. I also give positive verbal messages to my conscious mind. As I'm drifting off to sleep, I use positive visual images for the subconscious. Something is helping.

Sun, hope the project is going well. Thanks for posting that video and info. I found that kid particularly creepy. Whenever I hear something like "someone almost deliberately tries to," all I can think of is PA. That is what was modeled to DS by your DH so it isn't really surprising. Dr. Phil says that kids model on the same sex parent. I don't even know how PA's can make changes because most of them are so defensive and refuse to own up to what they are doing. They may even lack the self-awareness to recognize what they are doing. When confronted about their behavior, they usually either get defensive or claim ignorance. I'm sorry this is so stressful for you. Stress is the last thing we need. Try to be extra good to yourself.

Spring, the pic also drew me in in a strange and charming way. It kind of reminds me of clay animation, like the Gumby cartoons. It's kinda folk artsy too. My memory is slowly starting to improve as my sleep improves. Also, with the stearic acid leaving my body and brain, things are getting clearer. Brain fatigue is real. I am so sorry about your friends DD's taking her life. I can imagine few things as painful as that. It leaves everyone with so much guilt and pain. Often, family doesn't even know they are thinking of doing that. Prayers going up for the family.

SV is pawing at my leg and giving me the cutest pleading look he can muster so will go now to feed him his brunch. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning, friends! Went to bed earlier last night instead of trying to play "catch up" since I was unexpectedly gone two and a half hours yesterday. I did set my alarm so I could see Den off to work this morning, so now I'm fairly wide awake and ready to get to work myself. Those sets of sheets aren't going to fold themselves, lol!

Rock, I'm sorry it's so frustrating when you forget a word. I seem to be forgetting the names of things (and people) more and more often these days...sometimes it will come to me later, sometimes I think of another word to take the place of what I was trying to say. I do that a lot with spelling, too...after a couple tries and it's still not right, I just use a different word. (I know there is spell check, but I think it's a "pride thing", lol!) Some of you other porchies are so much more literate than I am...using words I've never heard of...then I have to go to google to find out what they mean :):oops:

I'm so sorry to read of the young gal who took her life...I've had two cousins do the same. The families did figure out the probable reasons, but that doesn't make their loss any easier.

Sun, I've had lots of experience with the stressful holiday (or anytime) gatherings. I hope and pray your get togethers go better this year. I haven't checked with my nearest brother to see if we are doing anything, it would probably be sometime in December....usually his wife gets in touch with Amy, instead of me. Den and I had thought about asking them to come while all the kids were here, but I just wasn't up to the extra "stuff" we would have to deal with. My brother's wife pretends to be deathly afraid of dogs (and we had two of them running around the house) but they've have two dogs of their own (her parents got them for the kids) and I've got pictures from several years ago of sis holding a dog in her arms. She even acts afraid of our sweet Oreo, who never barks or even growls at anyone...I can't see making my dog stay outside in the cold when she doesn't cause any trouble. And the kids' dog can't just be left outside or in her crate for hours while we have "other company". So, I made the decision to have our time just be "us." It would have been nice for my brother's granddaughters and our grandkids to be able to play together, but I chose to preserve my own "sanity." I was getting worn out as it was from having company all week, lol!

I assume our friend with the brain tumor will be at home now...thank goodness, she can do the radiation at her local hospital. This is probably to try to shrink the parts of the tumors they couldn't remove in order to keep her more comfortable? It had been affecting her speech and she was in the local hospital for a couple of weeks, having speech therapy, but I don't know if she regained much. Then she went back to the bigger hospital where they gave the prognosis and "set the radiation points" so the local hospital could take care of that part. Den hasn't spoken to her husband...I think he's going to play it by ear and let the husband tell him as much as he chooses to, in his own time.

I hope the rain held off so your gardener could get the pea gravel spread and any other projects taken care of for you. I admire your ability to get out there and do so much physical work yourself...should I even bother to suggest you pace yourself, lol? I understand, though....when you have someone scheduled to come work, you want to be ready for them.

Mikie, hope the heat and CBD balm helps today. Since my Amish neighbor didn't want to go to my far away chiro, I made myself an appt. for tomorrow. I've got my usual places to be worked on (low back, between my shoulder blades, etc.) but I hope he can address this nagging hand pain/numbness. I can't believe I haven't even made the trip once this year, but too much going on, I guess. Thank you for the names of the books again...I wrote them down and will do my best to keep track of the paper this time, lol! Yes, being kind to oneself is an important part of being healthy. Lindsey and David's church is teaching on that right now...using affirming words over ourselves and each other, instead of the opposite.

I'd better get off the computer and get busy...might even get the windows washed today if it gets warm enough. I don't think I'll answer my phone if I recognize the numbers the neighbors call from...just want to stay home today and do my own work. Hard for me to say "no", they always try to talk me into it, lol! And when I picked up the neighbor yesterday, she had decided to bring her five year old boy along for a treatment, too. Which was fine, except she just put him in the back seat and shut the door...no car seat, and didn't even buckle him in. I did ask her to at least use the seatbelt...a little frustrating because they are the ones I talked to when I was considering being a driver, and I was adamant about using the (required by law) safety measures for the infants and children. So many of the Amish just ride around, holding babies in their laps or letting the kids run around the vehicle...I can't believe other drivers allow this.

Anyway...hello to Spring, Granni, Star, Barry, Duckie...hope everyone is ok.



Hi, Kids,

Just stopping back in. There have been a ton of spammers so I check often. There was one touting her open marriage lifestyle with a link to learn more. Good grief. We aren't Swingers.com. Doubt anyone here cares about that or the male enhancement links. What we do care about is finding out how to get better sleep and get rid of our pain. Speaking of which--The shoulder is much better today. I am using some ice but heated it up with the CBD balm on it before doing some reps of PT. I'm going slowly. I'm watching my posture carefully too. Taking 400 mgs. of ibuprophen two or three times a day. I definitely think this is the way to go. There's always the doc as a last result.

I had forgotten that opening arguments started today in the brutal hammer attack murder for hire of a local female doctor. Think I mentioned the husband's best friend took a plea deal and agreed to testify. A jailbird accomplice was found guilty after the best friend testified at his trial. To me, it's obvious the husband did arrange for her murder. Since today is a day of rest and recouperation, I can watch it. They will run the opening statements again this evening after court. This couple had an open marriage and the husband has been accused of defrauding Medicare; he was his wife's office manager. Court TV commentators keep mentioning that the husband kept dabbing at nonexistent tears, in one eye only, during the description of the murder. Both he and his best friend appear cocky and manipulative. The best friend kept trying to take over the testimony from the lawyers. Both seem very narcissistic.

I had a nice hot shower and was able to blow dry my hair. I had been worried that the shoulder would prevent my being able to hold up the blow drier but it was fine. There is only one movement that causes the pain and the snap, crackle and pop of the tendons. Yikes! This less humid weather means my hair comes out great. DD says every day in CO is a good hair day.

Julie, I came from a big Irish family and there were always some of them on the outs with one another but all I remember are the good times at holidays and the picnics in the mountains in the summertime. There was just Mom and me but her sister had seven kids. Mom had a bunch of brothers in NE and they would visit too. Basically, now there's just me and my kids. Being so far apart, I don't join them much on holidays but that's okay. I just enjoy them when they visit or the rare visit I make to CO. I'm having Thanksgiving with Claudia, her DD and her Mom at the Memory facility. It'll be great and we will try to get her Mom to laugh. Doesn't matter whether she knows what she's laughing at. It brings her some temporary joy. Think I saw that your temps will get into the 50's today. We will hit the 70's. It's absolutely gorgeous out. Every time I look outside, I make a point to just enjoy it. Those few days of drear got to me.

I heard of this author from the PH newsletter. I can understand the skepticism of her and what she promises. It isn't just more of "cure your mind/cure your body." She does promise that if people follow her steps, better health will improve seemingly magically. She breaks down how the brain works so it isn't magic, just good science. I can say my sleep and well-being have improved like magic since I've started using images to try to help the subconscious. Of course, we all know that what works for one may not work for another. I don't remember how much the book costs but the Kindle version was only 99 cents. Good luck to you. I hope you manage to dodge the neighbors. You do so much for them as it is. I pray the woman feels better. Also praying for the friend's wife.

I had an early lunch because I go up so early. Will have my dinner in the middle of the afternoon. Gonna steam a big head of broccoli. Also some roast beef and smashed potatoes. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day, as Alexa says.

Love, Mikie


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Hello Porchers

Big news on the weather front. Or maybe it's the weather back. Anyhoo we had a brief but fierce thunderstorm this morning. Thunder and lightening are rare here. Sounded like the roof was coming off the place. Didn't last long tho. On reflection I think it should be weather "back". Today
was one of those rare days where the thunder and lightning come back.

I have been reading all morning. It's a history book by an author new to me. He has won various
awards including the Pulitzer Prize. The subject is Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate
States. What a terrible job. He didn't have enough of anything necessary to fight a war.

Mikie, glad to hear your shoulder is better. Are you putting ice and CBD simultaneously on it?
Can you still win when you wrestle with SV?

Sun, a shame you had to give up eggnog. Do you find another drink to substitute.?

Julie, your neighbor had heart problems so she went to a chiro? Is she Amish? Do they generally
not go to modern doctors?

Sun, sorry to hear your son is a problem. So is mine. Such is life as my Mother used to say.
Que Sera Sera as somebody used to sing. Lady GaGa maybe. No, I think it was Doris Day aka
Doris Van Kappelhoff

Hugs, Rock

Back again. So is the thunder and lightning. And...it's in stereo. The thunder is coming from
both sides of the house. First time I ever heard of ambidextrous thunder.
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Hi, Kids,

Oh how I wish real trials were more like Perry Mason. The prosecutors in the murder trial keep stumbling along with no apparent discipline in terms of keeping on track to weave the story of their case. They appear unprepared. The murder happened four years ago. Not suggesting they had all that time to prepare but they act as though this is their first day in court, ever. I've been jumping back and forth to other breaking news.

Rock, I love a good thunderstorm with lotsa thunder and lightning. We get those in the summertime here. They were rare in CO. When they did occur, it was usually along with hail storms and tornadoes. Despite this beautiful Technicolor weather with balmy breezes and temps in the 70's, I'd give a lot for some rain. Think I mentioned that I read a fictional novel about the start of the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. I like it so much that I wanted to read the sequels but there were something like 16 or 26 or them and I would have gone bankrupt. I really need to get my library card renewed but I still have sooo many books on my Kindle that I want to read too. I'm suffering from an embarrassment of literary abundance. What a great problem to have.

Once in a while, I'll put my hand under the quilt when I'm in bed and, if SV jumps on it, I wrestle him using the quilt to avoid being bitten. He enjoys it but he always jumps up and runs off. He just wants a bit of a fight like he had when Tweety lived with us. I became ambidextrous when I snapped my right bicep tendon and had surgery. It was outta commission for months. So, I learned to print left handed and now often shift hands when doing other things. When people saw my right arm bandaged up against my chest, they would ask whether I was right handed. I told them, "I used to be." Humor helped me heal even though it wasn't the humerus or my funny bone that was broken. As you can see, I've been boning up on my puns. I use the CBD balm because it's anti-inflammatory regardless of whether I'm icing or heating my shoulder.

OK, time to go cook the broccoli. Hope all y'all are having a great day and will have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Good almost evening to all,

Nothing that new happening around here. Just busy outside and in and to the store to pick up some stuff before Thanksgiving. We are getting a free turkey with the ham and gave them to DSIL. However, he will cook the turkey one way I think and the other SIL will cook another way, I will make a ham. I am also bringing shrimp pies already made (thank God) and some kind of yellow squash. Does anyone have a really good tried and true yellow or yellow and zucchini squash recipe?? Also fooling around with new hearing aides I just got.

JULIE - You wear me out !! YOu are too sweet and you also have a very understanding and compassionate hubby. At least you have most of your heavy Christmas stuff done since the Tennessee Treasures were already there getting their goodies. Hope the chiro can help you !!

SUN- I understand about you and your eldest DS. It is so hard to see our kids go through hard times and they don;t want to hear what might help them, at least until they are ready to hear it. Meanwhile it really hurts the families and esp the Mothers. Hope things get better for you and your DS .

MIKIE - Please take it easy a bit will you so you don;t hurt yourself more. Which balm are u using and has it helped a lot. The thing with me I would need to put it everywhere.

ROCK - So glad you have been posting, more than I have been lately. I sure do miss you when you are not there. Don;t worry, most of us are not that great at names, my DH is a lot worse than I.

Hugz to all and those missing MIA;s. Barry, Duckie,, Star, SW et al.

Gotta run for now and make dinner. Chicken stir fry from leftover chicken from the other night !

LOve to awl,



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Rock - i remember when we learnt 5he word ambidextrous in grade VII, the boys started saying, “dont act ambidextrous” in lieu of “dont act smart” when duelling with others :D i dont mind ambidextrous thunder, dont want ambi..lightning, thats all. i also used to sing Que Sera Sera at 5he top of my voice because i found a song book with the words, belonged to a rich young uncle..Lulus songs..to Sir with Love and Lets Pretend were the other gems i croaked out when alone in my casa...a lonely child, my dolls, my gramophone records, my books were what i escaped into.

Sun - so sorry about your 9ldest and his antics drving you up 5he wall, i went through 5hat with my DS when he was in HS. We do our best, after that its the kids, their destiny, their DNA, their choices sometimes, and the wisest thing to do is like Buddha said “detach”. Not dis -associate, but be 8n a place yourself where no matter what the child is doing, you yourself remain calm because it doesnt serve to get ill oneself. You can send loving thoughts and prayers but you dont enable the harmful behaviour.

im guessing most parents have been there. And 5hose who have not, well,they musta amassed vast amounts of good karma in past lifetimes to be able to live an anxiety free life while others suffer on account of 5heir loved ones according to our beliefs.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful festival to celebrate. Wish we had one. i hope you have a good one. I know you have been enduring so much by way of treatments and stuff, maybe you can do 5he simplest 5hings by way of cooking etc..and just enjoy the family. ive stopped trying to meet former standards of celebrations, i have cut corners so much because theres no time, not enough helping hands but at leastthe essence of what we are celebrating has been achieved.

You do seem to thrive on never keeping still. i dont know how you do it. i have my one aunt and a friend whose like that. They are always on the go, come hail, come storm. i wish i were like that. Sadly, im the kind who needs down time, and quickly uses up the resurgence of energy, and again needs to rest. its slow going but it is what it is. No surprise my social life is conducted outside of my premises and when i can make it. No wonder im considered recluse for the large part.

Mikie - isnt it stressful to watch 5hose trials and hear about so much brutality and wrong doing? my heart rate went up just reading. i just saw the news about the Walmart shooting and good grief! what, now 9ne cannot even go into big shop and shop for groceries without the danger of being shot fatally just for being there?

i play with the pooches like you do with SV. Hilarious. 5heres a utube of a cat playing with snow his papa brings in in a shovel for him..the pussycat goes quite mad. There is nothing more funny than a frisky cat!

Is your DS foot mended completely? My sho7lders have been acting up lately...it feels like theyre full of some black tarry thing...clogging the nerves...i use salve and exercises and healing white light.

Granni - im sorry, we just usually make squash curry. Or i chop it up anddrop into meat stew. what do you put into your chicken stir fry? yummmm.
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Morning Kids

Well, actually it's 1:30 AM here. Henry just left. Dunno where he's going. Too early for him
to be going to work. It's like living with the sphinx. I am starting the day with a healthful drink
of chocolate egg nog.

Springwater, love the pic of your family. I remember a radio show on Saturday morning called
Let's Pretend. It was a program for kids. Years later some of those programs showed up on
records. I used to play them for my son. Years back some were on Youtube, but now they've been
replaced by classical musicans such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Brrr. Ya know what, Kids? It's too cold here. I'm going back to bed. Talk atcha later. Hope ya
all have a good day.



Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Slept nine hours last night. It's good sleep too. I think all the shoulder pain has made me tired. I think it's better but not sure. It's only in the 50's in the mornings but gets into the 70's in the afternoon. The cooler weather has helped to keep the ants from coming inside. Evidently they hibernate if it gets too cold. It gets dark so early now that we are no longer on daylight saving time. I hate having to baby this shoulder but it's necessary. I really want to take care of it at home and not have to see the doc. I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry yesterday.

Granni, I got the CBD balm in the blue tube from PH. It's oily/greasy and spreads on so nicely. It's for any part of the body but not sure one tube would last if you had to put it all over. I think taking anti-inflammatories or oral CBD would be better for all over pain. I also like the Sambra that Sun recommended. It's one of those things that feels ice cold when put on. The left shoulder is good now but the right was worse and will likely take more time to heal. Hope you find a good recipe. Check on the America's Test Kitchen website to see whether they have something. You can count on their recipes.

Spring, this is a charming pic. They look as thought they are ladies of the Red Hat Society. They like to wear purple dresses and red hats at their meetings. It's not for me but they seem to have a good time. I haven't heard much of them lately. Thank you for asking--yes, DSIL's foot has healed but the doc is concerned about the torn quad muscle on the other leg. Not sure what he's going to do; it was a bad tear that we could actually see because there was a deep dent in his thigh. Had he been wearing an Apple Watch, it would have detected his fall. DD wants him to get one. If he does, they can sync their activities/exercise. The shoulders are like a train station hub of tendons and there is little room for them. Overuse and poor posture can cause them to rub and get inflamed. Many with FMS have poor health in their tendons and other soft tissue. When one of mine snapped, the doc that did the surgery said it wasn't in good shape. You Tube has the same exercises I did in Physical Therapy following my left shoulder surgery for a bone spur and impingement on the right shoulder. I'm back to doing them again. I also put my hand on my shoulder and ask for the healing light and I can actually feel it working. Doing that also gives me a calm peaceful feeling. This is the kind of thing the author of Get Back Into Whack talks about for healing our brains/minds. Yes, things like trials and hearings can be irritating to listen to and I often just wait to hear the highlights because it's too tedious to watch everything.

Rock, have you ever considered writing? You love to read and we love your posts, so witty and intelligent. Base your character on Henry, a man of few words but one who lives a secret life that is quite different. I'd read that. Make his secret life as strange and zany as you can conjure up. Perhaps Miss Kitty is magical and allows him to navigate between worlds. Writing like this is very good for the brain and, since you aren't writing for anyone else, you can be as creative and wild as you want. I asked DD whether using fairy tales in her therapy might help. Patients can make up their own stories or insert themselves into a story. She liked the idea and used it to help a patient. I have since found out that it is a thing. I have written fairy tales for family and friends and they love them. They are always heroes and the center of the stories.

Hope all y'all have a great day as you go forward to slay those dragons.

Love, Mikie


Took my garbage down to the dumpster and picked up my mail. Got an offer from Xfinity (Comcast) to upgrade my internet and get streaming cable for about what I'm paying for basic internet and HULU. HULU is increasing its monthly fee so I'm considering it. It's cold, for us, outside and I wore a jacket. I put the heating pad on my shoulder and did my PT. The shoulder is getting stronger and better, thank God.

Been getting some things done around here. I tried to call Barb who used to live next door to me; it's her birthday. Her DD said it's difficult for her to make calls. I left a message. If she wants to call back, she can get someone to help her call. Her health continues to deteriorate each time she has a spell with her heart. I think she's gonna outlive us all.

Again, hope everydobby is having a good day.
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Hello kids, I have exciting news. I am younger than I thought, but also stupider. I put a
book on hold by the author of the book about Jefferson Davis. There's a picture of the author
on the cover. He looks similar to those male movie stars in the 50s. Blonde hair, great smile, etc.
I said to Gordon, "I wonder if this is a recent picture". Turns out it isn't. The author is 83 according
to Wikipedia.

And then I said, "O My Gosh. Not only is he really old, but I'm even older. Well, I've thought for
I don't know how long, that I was 87. But Gordon says I'm not. I was born in 1940 Gordon says
I'm 79. So I've been monkeying around with the pocket calculator and pen and paper. Can't
make head or tale of it.


Hi, Kids,

Been resting and heating up the shoulder. I think that helps a lot more than the ice pack. I dusted my ceiling fans. Down here in the jungle, we have them in every room 'cept the bathrooms. I like to keep them dusted so they don't throw dust all over when I turn them on. Been watching the murder trial. The friend who turned state's evidence is testifying against the husband. The first trial against the jailbird, this guy was being questioned by a woman lawyer. He was arrogant and manipulative. He's totally opposite in this trial as he is questioned by a male lawyer. Guess a narcissistic killer of his best friend's wife with a hammer might be a bit misogynistic. In the first trial, he tried to run the show. Meanwhile, the husband who allegedly arranged for the murder of his wife is never looking up; he's pretending to take copious notes. Interesting thing--he always looked so much like his best friend that they could be twins. He now looks like a twin of his attorney. Court TV commentators noticed it too along with the fake tears.

Barry, I see they are shutting down the power in some places and hope that's not in your area.

Rock, by Florida stds., you're just a kid. That's why I live here. See, you're still young enough to write a best seller. Or, just a fun project for your own amusement. In one's 70's here, one is a younger Senior. In the 80's, one is a Senior. In one's 90's, one is just old. Hope you're feeling younger than springtime.

Hope everydobby is feeling great.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon to you all,

Are you taking naps today?? It probably would be a good day too. DH and I along with DD and her DH went to our mens club meeting where we had a lovely concert given by one of our local High Schools, and a big lunch. Lots of good songs including good patriotic ones. Many of them are what our small group sings, THis is My Country,, God Bless America and many others. It was a joy to hear them and speak to many of them afterwards, Their leader is also in our Choral Society that I haven't sung in this year. It is the same HS that my grandson goes to but I'm afraid he is not interested in singing , mostly his gadgets. Well, at least he does have some interests since he is somewhat autistic. Will not have to make a big dinner today so I am happy since we had a big lunch, maybe some soup.

MIKIE - Sorry your other shoulder is bugging you now. Yes, I am thinking about getting soe CBD to take internally but am waiting to try and figure out what might be causing my problems. I may never find out the cause of all this other stuff happening to my body. Try and rest a bit and see if you can your shoulders back in shape with little pain. Almost given up on getting rid of my pain but maybe the CBD will help. I asked the new Rheumatologist about what he thought about CBD rubs or internal. He said he had little opinion but said if it helps do it ,or something like that, It is very damp out here too even if not actually cold it makes me feel very cold.

ROCK - Yes, I remembered that we were very close in age, born i 1940 and out months are a few months apart I believe. Yes, we are both 79 - aack!! However, it could be worse. Yes, MIKIE is right. I think you would make a great writer, SPRING too. Lots of good writers here on the board, that I can see.

SPRING WATER - YOu asked about my chicken stir fry. I usually make a little extra chicken when I make it. Then I cut up one of the breasts to add to the veggies. I put in what I have laying around plus onions, a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, canned mushrooms or fresh, sometimes zucchini. It makes for a quick dinner. Yes, that picture does look like the ladies of the Red Hat Society. I remember that and even had a shirt to wear and a red hat but we just sang about it in our small group.

BARRY - Hope u are not having any electricity problems and feeling halfway decent. I cannot always say that for myself either.

JULIE - Hope you are trying to take it easy some and that the far away chiro did help you. I could never drive 3 hrs to the chiro. Then he would have to put me in the hospital. I know there is always so many things for you to do on the far and also hope your weather is not to horriily COLD. It is warmer today but will be cooling off again soon, maybe some tomorrow but not as cold as it is by you.

Need to do a few more things on line and around here.

Love to awl,
Granni :)