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Rock: Now that you've hit 79 what will you do with the second half of your life? Writing a little daily in a funny novel would be an excellent way to tax your brain. I also like the idea of using Lump Lump as your main character. Can we all be in too?

Spring: 6 chubby ladies from the red hat society making sand castles! It's a good way to never grow old.

Granni: I've got 6 various brands of CBD oils and creams, and I have to say honestly the best at helping with pain (for a while) is the sombra cream. Easy to buy online and pretty reasonable. I take tylenol off and on thruout the day and when the pain is bad I take 1/4 tablet of tramadol. And of course I use ice and ice.

Mikie: As to your shelving, maybe talk to Barb's SIL next time he comes down?

My handyman was over yesterday for 7 hrs. Prepping and painting my BR. I wanted to keep the border so he had to carefully tape under it. He's not quite finished so he'll be back on wed. Today my gardener and his helper spread all the gravel in front. I apparently ordered too much so I had to go around the yard and find other places where they could put some, but I'm happy......tidying up everything. But after 3 days of me working I'm really past the point of exhaustion......that's because I can't relax when someone is here working so I work too, like washing woodwork, etc.
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Everyday i learn something new....never heard about Red Hat Society..looked it up. Thank you, Mikie. They look like they have a good ole time!

Sun - youre right, Rock should write. If he did a little slice of life thing, go out every now and then to different places, and air his views about his trips, it would be a smash hit!

your garden must be looking spick and span and so pleasing to the eye..the way you take care of it.

Mikie - loved your suggestions on topics for Rock to write about. The kitty who can navigate between different dimensions..maybe Henry can be a kind of ‘Men n Black’ agent from another world and Henry is his disguise.

i find Archangel Raphaels healing green light extremely effective. For some reason, whatever is clogging the shoulder tendons, bones doesnt like beautiful divine green energy.

Granni - i find it infuriating when i see kids at parties or in restaurants busy playing games on their mobiles. Its so easy to get addicted. Like kids or anyone need any more things to get addicted to with tobacco, liquor, drugs still holding sway.

i find the gen who did not grow up with these gadgets much more ‘human’. More patient, relatable, more inclined to chitchat, interested in others.

it gives me so much joy to see kids who are still into sports, adventure, hobbies and trying out new things. i havent seen anyone sew for a long time. Or kids who garden.

Rock - my MIL is about the same age and is surly, dictatorial, and confined to her couch for most part because her legs are in bad shape. She has a helper and driver, gardener however so the house is run all right. She cannot go far from where there is a toilet. Her new DIL has gone off on a weeklong vacation to Indonesia with her mum, so i guess she is making her own son and the helpers lives miserable until DIL comes back.

Life is chugging along. 5he DS came back late after being invited to a classmates barbeque last night. Its so strange to see these little kids i knew grow up. DS didnt consume more than a beer and drove back but he was saying his friends were ordering motorbike service because they drank and would have been apprehended if they drove.

The DD has been running around like crazy attending all the wedding functions. Her friend alone had 3 already, according to their customs. And all four friends have been helping out some, hair, makeup etc.

My friends texted but ive not been able to converse much.
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Good Friday Morning Kids,

Isn't such a good morning for SV. He has a cut paw pad. Think I've mentioned that he likes to hide behind things and come screaming out at me when I pass by. He likes to see how close he can come and surprise me. Even after all this time, he does manage to surprise me. Last night, he came screaming and ran into my leg. He immediately limped off and went under the coffee table, looking scared as though he thought I did something to him. I finally got him calmed down and looked at his paw. The main pad has a cut. He is holding it up which is good until it scabs over. Poor little guy. I can barely stand to see him sick or hurt. He has to go in for his annual checkup so am gonna call the vet. She can look at his paw while he's there. I can't figure out how he cut his foot. He was on carpeting and there is nothing sharp. Even though he was limping, he tried to blindside me again on my way to bed. What a scamp!

My shoulder still hurts but I think it's getting better. My stomach is upset this morning so have the heating pad on it and on the shoulder. I think the heating pad will become a permanent fixture in the living room. I didn't get as much sleep last night because I woke with the stomach ache at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Even with just the two of us, there is always something that wears me down.

Granni, how nice you got to go out to lunch and enjoy the music. Probably like most of us, whenever I hear God Bless America, I think of Kate Smith. What a rendition she gave. There have not been any scientific studies on the effects of CBD so everything is anecdotal. It does seem to help with inflammation and anxiety. Joe uses it for his anxiety. I use it for pain. Glad you stopped in.

Sun, I like the Sambra cream too; it feels icy cold when I rub it in. I like the CBD balm; it feels warm. Both have helped a lot with my shoulder. The PT is helping too. Speaking of sand castles, they are having the annual sand sculpting competition on Fort Myers Beach. Those guys do amazing things with just sand, water and a few tools. I've never gone down there but have seen it on TV. Dead fish are still washing ashore so I have no desire to expose myself to the Red Tide. Glad you got your garden project done.

Spring, I have been putting my left hand on my shoulder and asked Jesus to heal me because He was a healer when He was on Earth. I visualize divine light going from Him through my hand to heal the shoulder. I did the same thing for SV's paw last night. I was surprised that he let me near his little foot. After he got over the initial injury, he really enjoyed all the attention and love I showered on him. When I put my hand on my shoulder, I can actually feel the healing energy and I also get a feeling of euphoria. So, it seems to be healing my brain as well as my shoulder. Makes sense since pain signals come from our brains. This also agrees with what I've been reading in my new book. When we pray and meditate, we reach the subconscious, according to the author. Yes, maybe Lump Lump can be the 'normal' nonverbal brother but he becomes Heroic Henry when Miss Kitty takes him on adventures. Rock and Gordon know something is up but haven't quite figured it out. Oooh, I like it!

I think I'm gonna need a soak and a nap this morning. Then, I have a few things that need to be done. I watched more testimony of the killer for hire this morning because there was nothing else on to take my mind off my shoulder and stomach plus SV's paw. The husband continued to dab at his eyes but he also continued to take notes nonstop. Is he writing a book? When the sheriff's deputies arrested him, he looked cocky and smirked. Guess his attorneys told him that wasn't a good look. The victim's mother, sister and brother sat listening to this testimony for the second time. I feel sorry for them. This happened just down the coast from where I live.

Just got outta the tub. I put some colloidal silver on SV's paw. If he licks it off, so much the better. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids, A gracious good morning to you all.

Thanks for the fun video, Spring. I didn't know you had sideways gravity in Nepal. Probably a boon to climbers of Everest. I never noticed before, but your daughter looks a good deal like George Burns' wife, Gracie Allen. Used to listen to them on radio when I was a teen.

Mikie, SV is the kind of soldier that all military outfits want. One who fights on despite adverse
conditions. I hope if he attempts another attack that you will play along and fall on the floor and moan. NOW i'M GONNA MOAN. HAVE
i EVER TOLD YOU you guys I hate this computer?

Well, will come back again later. Hugs, Rock


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Good Friday morning...slept till after 9:00 since I was on the road for six hours yesterday. Well, woke up before 6:00 but went back to sleep. Oreo almost always just waits till I get up for good before she even rises from her doggy bed.

Mikie, how funny that SV tries to "scare" you, lol! Sorry he got hurt in the process, though. I hope some rest will help it mend...and good idea to have the vet look at it, since he's got to go there anyway.

Rock, yes, do write...you are so witty and humorous...you could insert a bunch of puns into the story, lol! My computer just alerted me that someone else had posted while I was typing...it's you! Silly font, changing on its own...sorry.

Sun, sounds like you are getting so much done around there...

Barry, I hope you're not adversely affected by the power outages.

Granni, lots going on with you...keeping busy and active is the way to stay so young :) Your chicken stir fry sounds really good.

Star, Duckie, hope you are both hanging in there...

Without really thinking about it, on the way home yesterday I took the exit to the town where my parents used to live and where my brother and his wife work. Called my brother to see when they got off work (it was only 25 more minutes) and we decided to meet for coffee. I was wanting to just "reach out" and see if they wanted to get together over the holidays (Amy's family is limited on days due to Miley's basketball game schedule and when Keira is at her dad's.)

My brother and I chatted for a good while, but it was as I figured with SIL. She completely ignored me, either on her phone or just staring grouchily in a different direction. She would answer with a short "grunt" any questions I asked or comments I made while trying to engage her in conversation, but that was it. I was pretty sure the "friendly family chit chat", etc. when we were all together a couple times for Dad's funeral and then again for his burial...was just "show" for my brother from Texas and aunt and uncle from Illinois. But yesterday just pretty much settled it. One of her biggest complaints about me was that I am always too sick or too tired to get together, and I never have time for my brother...well, I made an attempt yesterday...and it's fine with me how she feels about me (her face was full of unmistakable contempt). I have neither the time nor the energy to worry about it.

I did have a good appt. at the chiro...one of my legs was a half inch shorter than the other (might happen with the local chiro, too...he adjusts my low back almost every visit) but this chiro yesterday actually "measured", lol! He did some muscle testing to check the bulging discs (after my treatment) and I "passed", meaning I still have the problem, but may not need to do anything surgical anytime soon or ever. I think the pain/numbness is some better, but it may take a few more days (and a few more visits?) because of sitting in the van and driving (sometimes in the rain and then in the dark by the time I got home...ever watchful for deer this time of year, or anytime around here, actually.)

Gonna spend the rest of the day still working on getting the house back in order. Had thought of going to Miley's game tomorrow, but not gonna overdo it. And...Amy said a stomach virus has been going around her office, and she's been extra tired and some queasy the past couple days. Might not be a good time to be around any of them?

Good news on the cow front...haven't seen any cows out since Den chased them back in with the Gator, lol! And, even though I did personally tell the owners about having to chase their cows several times (and how badly they were tearing up our yard) I also complained to our closest neighbors (the ones with the little girls who have to dodge cows while walking to school) and they may have passed the word along. (It's one thing to upset fellow Amish neighbors, but a little different to get the "English" neighbors riled up, lol!)

Speaking of Amish neighbors...we finally got to have our tea party when the grandkids were here. We all met the school girls up at our mailboxes as they walked home one day, then I took their school bags, lunchboxes, etc. and drove on down the lane to get the mom (Lorene), youngest sister and baby brother. Our grands then escorted the Amish school girls on back to my house (less than a city block to walk.) I had set up a big folding table with some pretty paper plates, napkins an tablecloth...Lorene had made coconut flour cookies (so Josiah could enjoy them too) and we also had chips and pudding pops (choice of butterscotch or chocolate.) I had bought a china tea set (fancy little cups and saucers) so served actual tea in them.

They only had an hour or so before Lorene had to get back home to do chores, but the kids had a blast...running around, playing on the chair swings and saucer swings, talking matter-of-factly about the differences in their clothes, hair, etc., lol! I had told our kids ahead of time that the Amish people do not watch TV or take pictures of themselves, so they were very respectful of that. Lindsey and I would have loved to take pics, but we were very respectful, also.

The oldest girl was the only one who really played with Lorraine when Lindsey's family lived up here, but they all acted like they were long lost friends...really was fun to watch them interact. And our kids had gathered up special "baby toys" that the little boy could play with (he was a year old in September.) And they delighted in telling them that the booster seat the baby was sitting in used to be Lorraine's, then the twins, and now he was sitting in it, lol! Just a very special time of people from different cultures getting together and enjoying each others' company.

Okay, I'd really better get busy, lol! Fixed a quick breakfast of oatmeal before I got on the computer and now Den is back in the shop and I need to work on my house...take care, everyone!

Oh, I figured out how to share pics, at least ones from facebook...I click "send to messenger" and it shows a smaller version, that I can then copy and paste...yay! Yeah, so the saucer swings...this is how Grandpa Den envisioned them to be used...in reality, most of the time, the kiddos wound them up themselves (or had someone else do it while the "passenger" was sitting on it) then "let go"...those things would unwind so fast, lol! Then when they got back to "square one" they immediately started winding back up the other way. Better than an amusement park ride, lolol! And, yes, Keira is now taller than Grandma, lol!


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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. Stomach is better but still a bit upset. I'm exhausted from being up with the stomach ache since 3:30 this morning. SV is also resting. Yes, despite trying to blindside me again right after his injury, he is taking care of himself and resting. That is good to fight off an infection on his foot. The wisdom of animals. He is staying off the foot except for using it but not putting all his weight on it now and then. Blindsiding each other and playing hide 'n seek are what SV and Tweety always did when they lived outside and even when they lived inside with me. DD's two Chows did that too. Being blindsided by a Chow will knock a person over. I got an appt. for SV's annual exam next Wed. He will be seeing Dr. John this time and he loves cats like nobody I've ever seen. SV's handsome good looks are always a topic of conversation with male vets. The females just fall in love with him.

Joe called earlier just to catch up. I'm being asked to run for the big board again. Problem is that there may not be enough good candidates to fill the vacancies and we want to ensure we get a good board, not one filled with less-abled members. It's common for condo communities to have a hard time filling seats with any kind of members let alone qualified ones. I was going to wait and let the board appoint me to a seat if there aren't enough but they want me to run. There's no guarantee I'd get in but probably would. I think they will need our applications to run by next month so there isn't a lot of time to think about it.

DD just texted me a pic of the beautiful watch DSIL gave her for her birthday. She likes pretty watches and not the Apple Watches. She has wanted this watch since she was 14 so she's really excited. To get her certification for interior design, she now has to design a commercial site using the CAD system. She also has to learn all the codes the state makes them follow in commercial areas. She never dreamed she would go back to school but she needs the CAD certification for her business. Also, it's good for DGS to see her studying along side of him. I did that when I went back to school. It's hard for kids to complain about homework when Mom is across the table doing hers.

Other DSIL had an observation. Since the banks and govt. have made it so easy for students to get loans, the cost of college has skyrocked. DSIL believes they have taken advantage because the students will just go into hock to be able to get a college degree. Same thing happened decades ago when farmers were encouraged to take out cheap loans and so many lost their farms. Now, we have huge commercial farms that produce so much of our food and it's difficult for small farmers to compete. Do we make policies that determine the outcomes or do circumstances determine policies? Or is it all just one huge downward spiral? Somebody outta figure it out.

Spring, that is amazing! Who choreographed the dance? What is even more amazing is that they learned the moves separately and only rehearsed a couple of times. Very talented young women. Performance dancing at weddings and other parties is becoming popular here too. Thanks so much for sharing.

Julie, I think you deserve all the rest you can get. Follow SV's lead. Those little round swings are sooo cool. These darn kids today, they grow up. Not only that but they grow up taller than their parents and grandparents. Andy is taller than 6 feet now and dwarfs his Mom. His Dad is tall. That is so great that the kids hosted the Amish children to a tea party and all that fun. It's good for kids to see people of other cultures that live differently. I'm glad the Amish folk are keeping the cows in and I hope it continues. Maybe your SIL could meet Lump Lump and they could grunt at one another. Maybe Oreo could take her on some adventures of her own.

Rock, yes, you must include puns in your stories. Also, you need witty dialogue like the kind you have with Gordon and not just narrative. You guys are so funny, based on some of the things you have told us about. So, your stories could have a humorous aspect to them. Your fans await your bestseller. You may receive the Porchlitzer Prize.

Duckie and Star, I'm thinking of you and praying for assistance and peace as you deal with your challenges.

Barry, still hoping the power stays on.

Granni, have you found a good recipe for squash yet?

Sun, are you sitting back and enjoying the garden? Well, knowing you, you're probably not sitting back.

Oh, Lordie, did I forget anyone? I hope not but, if I did, it's reflective of my struggling tired pea brain and not because anyone here is forgettable. Hope all y'all have a great afternoon.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

Nothing to much here really but wash is in the drier and DH wanted to get a few things at the store so I figured that I had better go too and get a few Christmas cards to add to the few I still had. DH thinks I am stupid and just wasting my time. Last year I sent send out a lot less that I had bed, and the way I feel and things have been going I may not send out much. Also got some stamps, but not Christmas ones as they didn;t have them in WM and I didn't want to have to fuss with going to the Post Office. I know this time of you it will start to get really crowded. Doubt if I will get a Christmas letter done but who knows and won;t send out to may..

SUN and MIKIE- Thanks for the tips on the Sombra Cream. Will have to check if I can take Tylenol due to the bruising I was having. I think I have some tramadol left and maybe I will try a smaller dose than the 1 whole one. The dr prescribed it years ago and after a few it made we feel weird, so I quit. MIKIE , you need to rest and probably you too SUN. I have found a couple of squash recipes will probably do bits of each one :)!!! Most of them are made with crushed Ritz crackers, not the healthiest cracker around but they surely taste good.

SPRING WATER - What a pretty dance your DD did with her friends at the wedding. The problem was though, I didn't know how to turn it around as it looked like they were dancing on the right wall. Beautiful dresses on beautiful young ladies ! Yes, I agree with you on kids and gadgets , very addicting and they don't learn how to properly socialize. That is something about your MIL, it sounds like she will have the family jumping through hoops. Wonder why people get that way.

JULIE - Yes, you do need to get all the rest you and Den do. Sorry about your SIL, I sort of know what you mean although we live to far away to just pop in and try and make amends or just try and finds some meeting of the minds and get along. You tried , and you get lots of credit for at least trying. I will at least send cards to my brothers family and at least a letter of sorts to my SIL. I don't think the kids give a darn after all she probably said about us all those years. Sent a letter to my niece to share among family members and I don't think I explained myself very well. Anyway, we are still unfriended on FB. I do get some pics on FB from MIL and other kids. Yes, it surely does hurt but what can I say. I am the one that spent my money and tried to get to see my brothers years ago. They rarely suggested it. Of course I looked ok and tried not to complain much but that is part of the nature of our diseases and problems. We look fine so we must be OK.:(:confused:

HUGZ and LOVE to everydobby and all not mentioned by name !

Granni :)


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I got an email last night about a potluck at my friday art group, I had planned on buying potato salad at Staters if I went and putting it in my own bowl, but someone else was bringing so I made a chocolate "dump" cake last. So many good things people brought to eat, and most of the cake was eaten too. I have 4 slices left so I'll freeze them for when I need something sweet and chocolate. Came home, TIRED, and tried to post a picture of a painting I finally finished but again it says to large. Can't shrink it down anymore. I'm glad I went, so good to chat with everyone and share some laughter.

Spring: Those girls are so darn talented! And so much work they put in. How many more left to get married? Seems like weddings taking place forever.

Mikie: Maybe there's something sharp under the table? Licking is a good thing though.

I'm really craving a nap, so I'll be back later.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Slept eight hours last night but missed FJ because I fell asleep. My shoulder was hurting so much yesterday, especially after I did the PT, so had to ice it up and later, put heat on it. Since I couldn't do much, I continued to watch the murder trial. I kept thinking how inept the lawyers for both sides seemed. Well, it isn't just me. The Court TV professionals who do the commentary said the same thing. As the husband's atty. questioned the guy who took the plea, it just made the state's case against their client. Doh! I see a guilty verdict on the way. Because it was such a horrific crime and just down the road, it is interesting to watch. Also, because the husband is so arrogant, something the pros also mentioned.

I think SV's paw pad will be okay. He's able to use it gingerly and there is no swelling. Prayers answered. Now, if only the prayers for my shoulder are answered, I'll be a happy and grateful camper. SV goes in next Wednesday and the vet can look at it then. The pad itself appears to be healing.

Stephen Colbert has shown footage of his trip to New Zealand on The Late Show. OMG! I had read that it is beautiful but it's even more gorgeous than I could have imagined. I had no idea there are alps there. Like everywhere else though, climate change is taking its toll. Last night's show had one of the funniest opening segments that I've ever seen. If anyone wants to watch it, I'll issue a warning that it's political satire set to the Banana Boat Song. Sometimes, if we don't laugh, we have to cry.

Granni, glad you found some squash recipes. I just like things steamed with some butter on them and some bacon pieces thrown in. I used to have a recipe for broccoli with powdered onion soup and cheese with onion rings on top. It is sooo much better than the green bean casserole. It was Sun who told us about the Sambra cream. I only send a couple of cards at Christmas to my DD's in-laws. It's not stupid to send them.

Sun, so glad you got to go to your art group's potluck. SV wasn't under the table when he cut his paw, he was running across the carpet at me. I've checked it out and can find nothing. Obviously something did it. He didn't scream until he ran into my leg and there was nothing sharp on me. He's not going to stop his antics and I just hope he doesn't hurt himself again. How is Savannah doing? Well, I hope.

Don't know what I'll be up for today. I need to make a run to Publix. I'd like to give Claudia something on Thanksgiving but don't know what. She is having pies from Perkins for dessert after we get home from having dinner with her Mom. I hope all goes well. Evidently a couple of years back, Betty a resident at the facility, tried to attack someone with a fork. Last year, I heard Claudia say, "Hi, Betty," and my fight or flight instinct kicked in. Fortunately, she was having a good day too.

Hope everydobby has a wonderful start to the weekend. Time is flying; seems I just posted this yesterday but it's been a week.

Love, Mikie

Aah, that's better. I took a nice hot soak and scootched down in the water to soak the sore shoulder. Moist heat is the best. I had put the CBD balm on it when I got up. After my soak, I put the Sambra cream on it and it feels wonderful as the herbs absorb into my skin. Gonna put on some makeup and run to Publix.

CBS news had a segment on how CA is saving the Condors. God bless the conservationists!
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Good Saturday morning...feels chilly, but I think it's because it's damp outside...supposed to get up to 43 degrees, with a 30% chance of rain. I might still hang out some of the straggler blankets I've been finding...the Southerners were cold so they liked to wrap up in the soft little blankets, lol!

Den and I went on a date last night...early supper (with the "old" people, lol...4:00 pm) then the home supply store. He's been working on a snow blade for a friend and was out of welding wire. We had thought of stopping by his friend's house to see how he and his wife (the one with the brain tumor) are doing, but decided they might need a little more time to come to grips with her prognosis. Den has been calling his friend, but either they aren't home or just not answering the phone. At any rate, they might not be ready to do any talking about things yet. I can keep updated by our mutual contact (her friend, my cousin. My cousin gets her info from the lady's daughter...)

One of Den's former coworkers and his uncle came out early this morning to check out what is in our dumpster...the uncle has been laid off from work for quite awhile and the nephew has a side business of "junking" (taking metal to a place to sell it by the pound.) Den told the coworker he and his uncle could have the money if they just wanted to clear out the dumpster (we have enough stuff around here to fill it several more times, lol!) The nephew said his uncle has just been sitting around the house, and Den said uncle didn't act very interested in this project, but at least it will give him a little extra money till he goes back to work. Sometimes, one just has to do what he can...no matter if it's "fun" or not? Uncle might feel a little better about himself if he actually earns the money instead of just having some handed to him...

Mikie, glad SV seems to be okay. I was going to say sorry about your shoulder, then I read that the soak helped it some. Amy was having problems with one of her shoulders...her chiro couldn't "fix" it, so sent her for physical therapy (someone diagnosed a pinched nerve, not sure if Amy had more than an xray or what, but it seems to be getting better.) Yes, I guess you never know what might happen at the nursing home on Thanksgiving, but it's nice you can go with Claudia. I never missed a holiday with my dad (always went on the actual date, even if he didn't realize what day it was, lol!) This first year without him has been "different."

Sun, glad you saw the email about the get together and could come up with something on such short notice.

Granni, I guess I would just say do what makes you happy concerning the Christmas cards. Den probably didn't see much point to it, either (when I did send out a lot) but I don't remember him saying anything...just not something he would do, lol! His mom always sent out a lot of cards, but when she died, that pretty much stopped. I think Grandpa did still send a few to some of his Army buddies from WWII, and maybe a cousin or two, but that was it. I'm going to try to get some cards made with the family picture of us all under the willow tree...my brother from Texas happened to be here and could snap the pic for us. A Christmas letter probably won't happen, lol, but friends and family will be shocked to get anything at all since it's been several years that I've sent anything out.

Lindsey and David's 17th wedding anniversary is today, and I just mailed their card this morning. Actually, we got them an umbrella clothesline and called it their anniversary present when we went down in September, lol! But I included a check in their card so they can maybe go out to eat, or at least go get ice cream as a family or something...

Was going to try to go to Miley's basketball game today, but didn't want to overdo since I'm still pretty tired from the past couple months (trip to Tennessee and then everyone here two weeks later.) Amy's office was dealing with a stomach flu...she said she hadn't gotten sick, just felt extra tired...she planned to sleep in today, get up in time to go to the games, then go back home to bed. I don't think she's contagious, and it would be okay if she missed the games, but she wants to support Miley....but Clinton can take care of anything himself, and does a really good job of it.

I'll just say a quick Hi to everyone else and hope you day/weekend is "good enough"...take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I'm still tired and the shoulder is still painful but not as bad as yesterday. I went to Publix and got some things I need to make broccoli soup from the leftovers I had from dinner. I love cream of broccoli soup. I put a little curry in it and it adds so much more taste. I use bouillon instead of broth which also adds flavor.

It's another beautiful Technicolor day today. Tomorrow, we may get some rain which we really need. SV is getting around so much better. He's smart; he uses the foot but doesn't put all his weight on it. Earlier, he decided to jump over my computer from one side of me to the other on the sofa. When he hit the sofa cushion, he let out an, "Ow!" I felt bad for him but it was so funny. When Nancy would take Bob to the vet, he would say, "Ow," when the vet examined him. Nancy would ask him whether he was okay and he would say, "No." Cracked her and the vet up. This is the same vet that will see SV on Wed. He has some kind of special certification for cats. He loves them. He looks a bit like Santa Claus.

Julie, Des Moines now has a direct flight to Miami if it gets too cold for y'all. Miami is a great place but the Kiddies would love Orlando with Disney World and Universal Studios. I still love amusement parks at the slower times. I don't do well in crowds. If Amy doesn't improve, it might be good to see a doc who can order an MRI. That's what I did when this shoulder hurt some years ago. Now, I know it's impingement but if it doesn't get better, I'll see the doc because I don't want to do severe injury to the tendon. We have scavengers who drive through our community and take metal and anything else they can recycle for cash. I'm glad; they make a living at it and the things we throw out get reused. Hope you're getting some rest after all you've done.

I'm still exhausted so don't know what, if anything, I'll get done. Think I'm up for reading before I do my soup. Love to everydobby.

Love, Mikie

Holy Cow! Just finished off a bowl of the broccoli soup. It is sooo good. Nothing I've done lately has turned out well but my luck may be changing. This soup is sooo easy to make and my favorite of all.

How The West Was Won is on the Tee vee machine and I'm enjoying it while cooking and eating. I saw that movie in my yute. I loved it. I went to Denver to see it in Cenerama on the big curved screen. It is a looong film. The theater was on Colorado Blvd. where the city was expanding with exciting new entertainment and restaurants. My boyfriend and I choose to eat at a new pancake house where I could get pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, not a common offering back in the day. The scenery in the movie is gorgeous and reminds me of the CO mountains. The Aspen trees have turned to gold and the leaves are quaking in the breeze.
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Hi Gang.
Long time no post.... sick and tired of being tired and sick.
Been reading the latest news of the world. Riots, demonstrations, protests everywhere....homelessness -- measles outbreaks because of anti-vaxxers (poor deluded souls)....and so it goes. Farcical govt. we have, I can't watch the impeachment junk----sooo boring. And sickening.

But enough of that. I retreat to my lair to read to escape, and live other lives. Richard once said I have an "old soul" whatever that might mean. I've been putting off my doc visits, sigh, and will start on them next week.

The weather here: frosty mornings, highs in the 60s, leaves have all fallen (except for the quince). I am praying for rain (after the broken sky-light is fixed), and am very surprised that we still are getting enough water from the well/spring. Last persimmon picked. Birds have the rest. I picked a load of Jonathon apples y-day, and that's all folks. I'm sending the rest to Julie, LOL!

Ah, the broken sky-light.... How did it get broken???? Right in the middle, a hole and cracks. Turkey on the roof? Fat cat on the roof? I don't know. A mystery. Must be fixed ASAP! Someone coming out to cover it soon.

Mikie, I wish I could sleep as well as you do! I go to sleep easily, but wake early, like 4 or 5, and can't get back to sleep, ever. Racing brain syndrome....?

Richard won't stop chattering so I am going to sign off for now, Roger Wilco.

Love and Peace to All,

Back again! R has stopped chattering and is into a book now, thank the dogs! It seems he always starts up when I am trying to write....

Granni, we've had no more power outages, thank The Lord! I'm so sorry for your peculiar pain(s), but you sure seem like one tough lady! Keep on singing! Like you, I could never drive 3hrs anywhere! I don't drive at all anymore...

Rock, you are my senior by five years.

Julie, your family looks so happy. Bless you.

Sun, enjoy your gravel! I think succulents, etc, look so good in that kind of environment. I still have half a garbage bin filled with left-over red volcanic gravel... The only thing I have in bloom now are two species of Colletia. Spiny, nitrogen fixers from southern South America.

Star and Duckie, write when you can. Miss you both.

Really have to go now,
Again, love to everyone.
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Hi, Barry,

Always glad to see you here. Yes, being tired and sick all the time sucks. What's going on in the world also sucks. Double suck! After the nightly news on the regular channels, they usually show an uplifting story. Thank God! There are still good people with ethical standards in the world. There are also those who lie, cheat and steal to stay in power and feed their greed. It's always been that way but now we see it 24/7.

I go to bed early and am usually asleep by nine. Sleep one gets before midnight is supposed to be the best sleep. I usually wake between four and five. You might try the sublingual B-12. My sleep has been so much better with it. I've been using the technique from the new book to try to stop the racing brain and have overall better brain/mind health. Never knew one had to work through the subconscious. Fortunately, all I really have to do is conjure up something pleasant that makes me feel good. It's that easy. The subconscious uses images and feelings. If it feels good, it helps the body feel good. I was skeptical but it appears to be working.

I'm sorry your skylight is broken. Hope you can get it fixed fast without too much cost involved. Most of my appts. are done unless I end up at the doc for the shoulder. I have SV's vet appt. next week. At some point, I will stop the colonoscopies and mammograms. I'm thinking one more colonoscopy at the most.

I'm sending prayers and good wishes that you feel better.

Love, Mikie

Ooh, ooh, blackberries are on sale at Publix. Cook's Country just baked a beautiful blackberry pie with a butter crust. OMG! It is beautiful. Making me drool. If my NRG improves, perhaps I'll make a pie. Barry do y'all have any berry bushes in your Garden of Eden?
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Looks like a beautiful day. But the weather is so fickle. It was downcast yesterday. Takes forever for washing to dry.

Barry - nice to see you. I like chatty companions because then i dont have to keep up my share of talking, but not when one is engrossed in writing or reading. Everyone i am connected with nowadays is an old soul. Those who i actively seek out to keep company with. There are not many.

I guess old soul in some cases would mean being introspective, wise beyond ones years from the beginning. a precocious child. For me it is a person who has lived many lifetimes and sees beyond materialism and the concrete into the intangible and ponders about the meaning of life.

Mikie - been ages since i made and ate a pancake. Yum. Strawberries and whipped cream. Sounds like a wonderful time in your yute at that particular age. it must have been a nice time to be young. Fresh air, lots of jobs, less traffic, less stress. If one didnt get ill then it was hunky dory, mostly. Of course each family has its own story.

i have no idea how my family and i managed not to get a serious illness when we were growing up. Parents drinking like fish. Eldest brother same. Middle running away from home and sleeping on the streets. Maybe God was being kind. That and the unadulterated food.

The film Narnia based on the book was filmed in New Zealand. So was The Hobbit. The scenery is quite extraordinarily beautiful.

I hope SVs paw is on the mend.

The dance was choreographed by DD and her friends themselves. Its second nature to them because 5heyve been doing it since school times. And in college and consequently for other weddings.

Sun - im glad you got to go to 5he potluck and enjoyed it. It really is nice to have somewhere outside to socialize with once in a while. Especially if living on ones own. The mind i think gets an airing because one has to interact with others in person.

its wedding season here, hence the spate of weddings. The astrologers chart out the auspicious dates and the planners try to book priests, catering, spaces accordingly. aso of course, its first cone, first served. The halls here, hotel banquet rooms, etc are booked solid months in advance. My DDs guy friend last year went thru stressful times b3cause he didnt follow up on his verbal booking and was running around looking for an alternative place a month before his actual wedd8ng.

The big people here, the filthy rich, you will see them attending four weddings in a row in one evening, spending half an hour at each. Because they have so many friends, relatives, aquaintances. They dont like to not attend because they say when their turn comes, 5he guest will not bother to turn up. Nowadays they split up wedding attendance between husband and wife.

Thank goodness, we are not one of them. Lol. My DHs uncle and his wife receive one invitation a day during auspicious occasions. Child naming ceremony, comingof age ceremony, engagement ceremony, 50 th wedding anniversary..these are mandatory.

Granni - i couldnt turn 5he video the right way. Glad you all liked it though. Yesterday i cooked butterbeans. pressurecooked 5hem. So delish.

Rock - i hope you can come back when your computer doesnt misbehave.

i was thinking yesterday that i should make mushroom dumplings but couldnt find time to nip out to buy the necessary ingredients. Then DD waltzed in. She had bought the mushrooms and dumpling covers on the way back from work because she 5hought i would like to have those for dinner. Talk about co incidence because id not mentioned anything like that.

God bless
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Got nine hours of sleep last night. Joe called about seven. He knew I was still up because we can see each other's windows. I often go to bed about then and read. We are both early risers. This morning, I was able to sleep til six. Such a luxury. My brain is slowly getting better. Don't know whether it's practicing what the book recommends or the B-12, or both, but something is working, I didn't do the shoulder PT yesterday because it was sooo painful the day before. It feels better this morning. SV's foot gets better each day. I looked at the pad yesterday. The cut was deep but it's clean and healing. Poor little guy, no wonder he cried when he did it.

Russell Stover chocolates were on BOGO at Publix so I got two boxes. I'll take one to Claudia on Thanksgiving. They also had small Christmas Cacti in different colors. I got one for me and one to take to her. They are pink. I used to have a bright red one. Barb had one that was shocking pink, so pretty. The ones I bought had been soaked in water which isn't good. They thrive on neglect. Gonna put them outside to get some sun. It was raining a while ago but isn't now. We need more than that. Gonna check the radar on my phone to see where the storm clouds are. My Mom loved the Christmas Cacti and thought they brought good luck.

Spring, wow! All those weddings and other occasions. We don't have anything like all that. Of course, we have weddings, showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. A new trend is parties to reveal the sex of babies before they are born. I think any occasion to celebrate life's events is wonderful but not if it all becomes a burden. I am so close to my DD's that we often share thoughts. That's likely what happened to you and DD. Great minds think alike. I'm still just blown away by DD's and friends' dancing. Despite a lot of social problems back in the 50's, it was a great time to be a teenager. There is a lot of nostalgia for the early Rock 'n Roll music, poodle skirts and saddle shoes, malt shops and hot rod cars. Then, along came the 60's, filled with war and social turmoil. My kids grew up in the 70's and early 80's and look back fondly at that era. Kids today have so much compared to those who came before them but their experience somehow seems empty in some ways, but kids living in poverty are on the increase as the rich get richer and poverty increases. We have to do a better job of wealth distribution. We do have a lot of angels on earth who are stepping in to help. It's on the news every night. Hope you can get through this busy season there and come out of it unscathed. I've turned into a real homebody.

Wednesday evening is the next big board meeting in the hood. If I'm gonna run for the board, I have to attend. I think I'll get an idea of whether I want to do it then. Radar looks as though there will be more rain in a bit. Gonna go read the big Sunday newspaper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mikie

A couple of interesting items on the Sunday morning news shows--one segment came from Ames, Iowa. There are experiments on farms where a certain type of grass is being grown because it grows tall and removes carbon from the air. The researchers believe that if farmers are paid to devote part of their farms to this, it could be the answer to cleaning the air. One farmer involved is a preacher who delivers sermons on climate change to churches. He lives with his male partner on their farm. The world is changing and often for the better. It is things like this that give me hope.

Another item was about a man from India who bought a truck stop in Wyoming. The restaurant sells only Indian food made in the onsite kitchen. Truckers love the food and buy their gas at the stop. It is so popular that he has opened one in Nebraska and is planning on opening one in New Mexico. Truckers can buy hamburgers at any of the other stops but they prefer the delicious spicy Indian food. Nineteen percent of long haul truckers are immigrants. I know from driving to Nebraska to visit my Mom that there are also little truck stops with down home type meals like grandma might make. Diversity only makes things more rich and interesting IMHO.
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Hi Dear Ones,

What a crazy Sunday. DH couldn't sleep last night very well and so I knew that we wouldn't get to go to church early today. Hopefully we will get there this evening for 5:30. That really screwed up my day. We are going to eat our big dinner this afternoon about 2:30 or so , steak on the grill. After church maybe some soup or something. Today is one crazy mixed up day. Cleaned off my desk somewhat and wrote some check to be mailed, etc. etc. Also folder and hung up some wash that I didn't finish yesterday.

Well, after DH's hint I got on the computer yesterday and wrote a Christmas letter. It went fairly easily especially since I started using an old letter and deleted it and wrote a new one on the same pg.. The biggest pain was trying to get it on 1 pg, both sides. Finally got that accomplished. Now I will have to decide who I will send them too, mostly family, even if a few may not read it in its entirety. Nothing really personal to the niece who unfriended me from FB, and some good friends. I used to send a whole lot more than I do now.. Oh well. Also picked up a few things at the store but not the last minute stuff for Thanksgiving. I know all the stores will be mobbed this week esp as it get closer. Last year I think I didn;t send out Christmas letters but then ended up adding a whole lot to some of the cards. So, that was extra time spent I probably didn;t need to if I had written the letters to begin with. LOL This year may be the gage of how many I may be writing in the future. We will see, It makes it hard when some people don't reply esp if they are family. Usually I do not answer them back but if it is family I am not sure what to do.

Also part of the reason that DH didn't sleep well last night is that he was thinking of all things we have put off and need to do esp with his surgery coming up and what will happen in the future. We need to call and make an appt with a lawyer to get a new will written and establish who will be executors of our estate, such as it is.

How nice to see so many on the porch today. Sorry I am not going to chat with everyone personally today. Have a few more things I have to do today and get the lunch/dinner started or organized. Trying to get a list made out for last minute Thanksgiving stuff I need. We don't have that much room in our refrig for a bunch of pies. Hope DD has some room but I know they have a lot of stuff , more than we do but they have 2 extra refrigs.

Just want to say hi to BARRY. Glad to see you pop in today.


LOve to awl,
Granni :)


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Hi Y'all.

Been awake a long time, and will soon go to bed and read/rest.

Mikie, blackberries AAAAACK! We don't have blackberries, they have us! Spiny, dangerous things, taking over. Hard to deal with. But ah, the fruit is sweet.... I would still rather have them ALL gone!

Spring, butter beans sound really good! Here we usually just eat the young green beans called Lima beans. Butter beans are the same, but mature and beige and dry, and need long (or pressure) cooking. I've asked R to get me some from the shop! Oh, Spring! What a busy social life you must have, with all the weddings, barn-dances, and so on. I'm exhausted!!! Is that why I might be an "old soul" eh wot? "Old soul" amuses me....

Have worked out (I HOPE) plans for sealing off the broken sky-light. It's domed, double-plastic kind of skylight, and just the top is smashed. So, a tarp with something to hold it down, and ... hope!
Big rain headed our way, with snow possible. I hope so, the rain at least. About blinking time! this climate change MUST be addressed ASAP, and anti-vaxxers should have to be educated ! Hope and pray that the horrible measles outbreaks stop soon..... can be fatal. But then so is life.

Julie, please REST....Don't overdo your driving, it will be hard on your shoulders, neck and back. I know from experience!

Love, blessings, peace and hope to All,


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Hi Kids, Just watched an old movie. "Good Morning, Miss Dove" staring Jenifer Jones. Made in
color, 1950. I saw it a long time ago; maybe when it first came out. The only thing I remembered
was the scene in the bank near the end. I think I saw it in black and white. Maybe I saw it on TV.

Granni, my Mom always said she was doubly pleased when she got done writing the checks. She
was glad to be done with the chore and happy that we had the money to pay the bills. I never
knew of my Dad writing a check in his whole life. I don't write them anymore. I make too many
mistakes now.

Mikie, glad to hear both you and SV are better. Thanks for the news report. Seems like almost
all the news I can find is about women's clothes, the Kardashians and crime. Very interesting about
the truck stop with the Indian cusine. A good place to take the boss if you want to curry favor.

Hi Springwater,
Oops! Got thrown off the board.

Spring water, who would put a man in charge of booking a wedding site? Of course he didn't get
around to it. Now if he was in charge of selecting beverages or deserts he probably would have
done a better job.



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Spring: I don't think I would like to be rich and to be expected to attend and give for every wedding, celebration, etc. etc. etc. even if I didn't want to. I think I'm just blessed enough financially that I can take care of my needs and give to others. I don't want or need anymore. As to being an old soul, I've always thought I was from the age of around 10. I always felt I was "older" than my mom, maybe because I needed to look after her. And what I pray for is wisdom, and the gift to look at someone's true words and feelings. It's helped me keep out of danger so many times too. Some would call it psychic, but in Christian terms, it's insight.

Rock: I truly dont understand the "kardashian" thing........these women have no talent whatsoever and yet they have power to lead.

Granni; Good idea to get your financials in order. I got a notice yesterday that a 4 year CD is coming due in 2 weeks. I need to look into a safe place to put this IRA, where I'm going to earn more then 1.5%.

My DS was over today with my two youngest DGDs......so darn cute! We went to Blaze pizza....terribly overpriced for what it was, but DS said the girls liked to decide what would be on each of theirs. But it was nice sitting outside and watching the people and the metro go by. Already the little village is bustling with activity.

And I'm thinking the time has come for a new Ipad.....possibly Black Friday visit to Best Buy......ugh.

I've heard it's supposed to storm wednesday thru sunday, which means I will probably be alone on thanksgiving. I don't like driving in the rain. Just getting too old for that experience.

Hi to everyone I've missed. Beyond tired today. I did take a new sleeping supplement last night....and I got 5 hrs. Without being woke up. I'm hopeful. I've got bags under my bags and dark circles.


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Hi Kids It's getting onto bedtime here. I slept most of the day. Went to the library site. Looked
for a bio of Rich Little. The World's greatest impersonator. Couldn't find any book about him or
by him. There are quite a few youtube videos of him. Mostly at roasts of other celebrities.

Sorry, can't think of any stories to write. I thought of starting one; then others can add a sentence
or a paragraph. But then I remembered we tried that several years ago. I was the only one posting.
No need to try that again.

Sun, "Bags under my bags". Reminds me of busy hotels. You could sometimes see bell boys with
3 or 4 suitcases under their arms. How is what's her name? Savannah? Glad your sleeping pill
seems to be working.

Barry, how did your skylight get broken.? Were you and Richard playing Fiddler on the Roof?

Mikie, glad to hear your shoulder and SV's foot are both looking better. When you are both
recovered you can do a duet of "Side By Side".

Hugs, Rock