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PORCH 1168 IS NOW CLOSED (11/19/19)

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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Just waiting for my watch and phone to charge. Then, I'll plug in the heating pad for my shoulder. It's not healed yet but I think it's better. SV is using his paw normally now. Claudia stopped by last evening to bring me a slice of blueberry pound cake. She never comes in when she just drops by but stands at the door talking for some time. I feel bad about it. She's been cleaning nonstop for days because her elder DD is coming for Thanksgiving. SV heard her and came out and cried until she said hi to him. It was cool outside. It's only mid-50's this morning as the latest cold front passes through.

Claudia reminded me that the big board meeting isn't this Wednesday; it's the following Wednesday. The totes and wallet I bought at Elizabeth's party are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I'm getting excited. I warmed up the broccoli soup yesterday but forgot to take a Lactaid pill; it's made with cream. It is always better the second day and it didn't disappoint. The curry takes on a more complex flavor and is delicious. I'll eat it again today but will take my pill.

Granni, I don't write checks anymore. Haven't in years. Most of my bills come out of my checking account automatically. My mortgage used to and the condo fees do as well. My electric bill, internet and car ins. too. I go online to pay my credit cards. I don't trust our mail to get where it's going. The bills I pay online can be paid on any date I choose and I get a confirmation no. in case there is any question. I write them on the bills before filing away. When I do have to write the rare check, I use a pen that cannot be bleached to change the amounts in case they are stolen. I take every precaution to try to protect myself against thieves. Glad you got your Christmas letter done. Good way to keep up for friends and family.

Barry, your sentiments about blackberries reminds me of the old folk song..."Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat." I hope there aren't human beings who have to pick the blackberries. I hope it's automated. I enjoy them all the more because the are produced next to spiny thorns. Your skylights sound like the ones we put on our house when we added on to it. My cousin's baby girl got measles and ran a very high temp back in the day. The docs told my cousin that she would survive but with brain damage. She grew up to be one of the smartest and most accomplished women I have ever met. It was a horrible experience for the parents. Yes, children should be vaccinated, especially against the germs that can kill and cause other problems. I agree with DD and other experts who believe that shots should not be bundled because that is too much for developing immune systems to handle. There are docs who give them individually. Bundling the shots serves no purpose except convenience. Are you getting any rain from those cold fronts?

Rock, I saw Good Morning Miss Dove when I was a kid. It was in Deluxe color and CinemaScope. Back then, that was a big deal. Now, I like the old B&W movies from the 40's. Love the curry pun. When I was a kid and Mom would drive us to Denver to see our relatives, we would sing 'road songs,' songs we only sang when driving. Side By Side was one of my favorites. Rich Little was very talented. The Kardashians, not so much. It all started when Kim taped herself having sex. She and the rest of the women in the family are very attractive and they claim they all work very hard. Only in America. We all know it doesn't necessarily take skill, brains and ability to get people to follow you. I heard you can get a round toit online. Probably on Amazon.

Sun, Best Buy has already started offering Black Friday deals. That's where I got my Echo Dot and smart plug last year at an amazingly cheap price. You don't have to go out on Black Friday; you can order online. I've been considering an iPad. I really can't justify it except that I am having a heck of a time uploading my pics to the computer from my iPhone. The Microsoft Surface tablet I got years ago is awful. It turned into an expensive Solitaire game until my shoulder went kaput. Playing aggravates my sore shoulder. Everything aggravates my shoulder. Whine, whine, whine! As for the Kardashians, see my response to Rock. Glad you got to have lunch with your DS and DGD's. Hope you can get some rest and get rid of the tireds.

Gonna read the paper to kick off the week. Hope it's a good week for all of us.

Love, Mikie

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