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PORCH 1169 IS NOW CLOSED (11/25/19)

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Dear Porchies,

It's time for a new Porch. Please go back to the last Porch to read the final posts.

It's a lazy day for me so far. I did manage to hook up my new Fire TV Stick in the bedroom. I had the first generation which allows the TV to stream all kinds of things. It was a Fire TV box. They newer ones are just little sticks that plug into one of the HDMI outlets on the back of the TV. The old one was unable to detect my wi-fi signal. I tried it on another TV and it's just kaput. The new one arrived from Amazon today. Alexa let me know it had been delivered. I always get nervous when hooking things up. So many ways it can go wrong. I even pray for help before starting. Everything went smoothly.

I took a hot soak. Should get in the shower and shampoo my mop but It'll wait til tomorrow, Scarlett's and my favorite day. This way, it will be good to go on Wed. for SV's early vet appt. and still look good on Thanksgiving. My scalp is dry, not oily, so I can wait four or even five days between shampoos. Back in my yute, ladies had standing weekly hair appts. at the salons. They sprayed the heck out of their dos and wore nets at night. Most of them also had perms. Before my soak, I did some personal landscaping which takes almost no time anymore. I have more hairs on my chin than on my legs. AACCKK!! I patted myself dry and put on Vana's Cream. Also the Sombra cream on my shoulder--thanks again, Sun.

Someone is moving into a condo at the end of the street. The moving truck shook the ground and set off my car alarm. It went off and reset itself. This condo must have been nice considering the price paid. It's only a two bedroom condo. They are older than mine and I don't like the setup. There is an offer accepted in Claudia's bldg. She and Elizabeth are worried that the woman who bought it has kids. Toddlers and babies are okay but there is little to do here for older children except to get into trouble unless they are monitored all the time.

The murder trial continues. Most of it is so boring so I'm not glued to the TV, but I do leave it on. At the breaks, Court TV discusses the main points. Fort Myers is the county seat so the trial is taking place downtown. I need to go downtown to pick up a copy of my deed. Joe needs to do that too. I want to stop and get the NYC style pizza that was voted the best here. I warmed up more of the soup for an early lunch. It's sooo good.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Have to get a couple of things from the car that I got at Publix that didn't need to be brought up right away. Hope I don't need to go there before Thanksgiving. Everyone is complaining about the Snowbird traffic. When they get here, they have to shop for everything. If they are just moving here, they have to go to Wal*Mart or other stores to feather their nests. After Christmas, a whole new group arrives. In March, we get tourists and Spring Breakers. Everyone wants a slice of Paradise.

Gonna get going. Always lots to do here. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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Good grief!

I wanted to post a pic of my door with the fall wreath on it. I used the hated Surface tablet. The camera worked fine but when I tried to get on Explorer, I got a warning that my "certificate had been revoked." Say what? I went online with my beloved Chromebook and looked it up. The Surface has a bastardized operating system, 8.1 RT. Evidently, the last time it updated, it caused the certificate to be revoked. Evidently a common problem. I'm installing new updates and hoping it will fix the problem. If not, I'll have to go in and restore the system to an earlier date before the cluster fuss happened. Here I was celebrating how well it went when I hooked up the Fire Stick. Technology SNAFU's never stop. Think I definitely see an iPad in my future.

I got the kitchen cleaned up a bit and made a big green salad because the soup by itself just didn't do it for me. The salad was soooo good. I'll be going outside to take the garbage down and to sweep the balcony off. I need to water a couple of plants too. Again, hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

I ordered my iPad. I got it from Amazon at $30 less than Best Buy's Black Friday sale price. I've just had enough of fighting the whole photo issue between my phone and computer. I've been sick to death of the Surface from almost day one. Problem solved.
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Greetings to everydobby,

Had a busy morning, went shopping for all the stuff I need for thanksgiving, even the pies. I put the cream pies in DD's extra refrig the others are out and about but not in the refrig. Had to go to two stores though as Sams Club did not have any yellow squash and I had to get light sour cream , and they only have regular in a huge container It (the avocados) also makes the drink quite thick , so you have to be careful not to put in to much,. I even bought a bag of avocados (4 or 5 in the bag) for a good price. They keep very well in the refrig and if to hard when I will need them I take they our of the refrig. I put some of it in my daily drink, smoothie. Tomorrow I will pick up the ham from DD;s, it is in one of her refrigerators. I sing in the morning. Wed I will do some prepping and cook the ham and get it sliced by DH. Seems like I am bringing half the dinner but I know thee is lots more. In between DH wants me to go out and do some more picking up leaves and putting in our garbage cans. They pick up today and probably Friday. There is always something. I also threw in a small dark load in the washer.

MIKIE - I see that you are busy getting good stuff for yourself. About how much was the new I pad.? We have been thinking about it but then we have to change and buy all new stuff, from our Samsung Galaxy's.

You never know what to wear in the morning, lots of layers. It starts out cold or chilly and then warms up. At least we don't have to deal with SNOW or much ice. Glad your putting things together worked out well. It would drive e nuts and DH is not much better !!

DD came over to tell me that the other DD that just moved here and is having Thanksgiving at her house now has found she has some blood coming from one of her nipples, She has another mamo and may do a biopsy but they don;t expect anything really bad. Best to be safe than sorry. Seems like always something happening around here,

Thinking of everyone but need to do a few things around her and switch the wash.

Granni :)


TADA! Problem solved. I went in and reset the tablet. I'm on it now. I hate using it. Now there is a different problem. When I try to attach a file to my post, it goes to the cloud and not the pics I have stored on the tablet. I'm disgusted. How I hate that tablet. I'll have to wait til I get the iPad to post pics. It'll be here tomorrow. Gonna save this and come back on the Chromebook.

My friend, Barb was just here. She had to disable automatic updates because they crashed her HP. They did the same to her friend's HP. Y'all remember that Filthy Piece of Crap (FPOC) HP I got that never worked right and crashed. Geek Squad told Barb's friend that the run of the mill HP's aren't built to take those updates. Guess my FPOC Surface tablet isn't either. I'll disable the auto updates. The Surface is 10 or 12 years old so I don't feel too bad about replacing it. My HP is still sitting here waiting to be taken to the Geek Squad to be reset to factory stds. I have more computers and tablets and anyone I know.

Granni, the new iPad is only 32 gigs but that's totally sufficient for casual use. It was $245 at Amazon. It's $275 at BB. Shipping was free for overnight. I paid $69 for Apple Care that extends the warranty another two years. It covers damage from misuse. I get back 5 percent to use against future purchases at Amazon by using my Amazon card. Also, a percent goes to a charity that repairs cleft lips for children in third world countries. I loooove Amazon. I think that at some point, one has to commit to either Apple or Android. Because I have so much invested in my iPhone and Apple Watch, it makes sense to get the iPad. I'll still love the Chromebook and will likely use it to come here but, at least, I hope I'll be able to attach pics from the iPad.

Yes, the mornings are cool but it's 74 and humid out now. I closed the doors to keep the humidity out of the condo. It's not the temp, it's the humidity. Plus, I'm cleaning in here and have been occupied with fixing the FPOC tablet. Even though I likely won't use it, I want it to be able to access the internet on it. I had the same problem as your DD. It cleared up. Doc said they do biopsies only to ensure there isn't cancer in a milk gland. I hope and pray she is okay.

My shoulder is killing me while I'm trying to clean. Thank God for Roomba. Gonna go ice up my shoulder and take some pain med for it. Also think I'll go online and pay my taxes. I'll use my credit card and won't have to pay that for another month. That will help spread out the bills.

Love and hugs to everydobby,

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Hello Kids

Thanks for starting the new thread, Mikie. What the heck is a fire stick? Very likely you've told me
before, but talking to me nowadays is pretty much like talking to a pet. Takes a lot of repetition
before it sinks in.

Camps songs. Or songs to sing in the car. When I was kid we sang them on the school bus.
Songs like Patsy, Orie Orie, Ay, or Working on the Railroad. Or Sweet violets which had wonderful

There once was a farmer who took a young Miss, in back of the barn where he gave her a
Lecture on Horses and chicken and eggs, and told her that she had such wonderful manners
that suited a girl of her charms, that he wanted her to take in his washing and ironing, and
then if she did, they could get married and raise lots of Sweet Viiolets, Sweeter than all the roses....

And then there's the classic, 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Granni, sounds like you preparing for a wonderful feast. I don't think I've ever heard of
avocados at Thanksgiving time. But I know they are good in a sandwich w/ almost anything.

I made a crash landing last night. Landed right next to the bed. On my face. Just like the
time a few years ago when I broke my nose. It still bleeds every day. Neither Gordon nor I
knows what caused the fall. Possible my arches are giving out. Or the bed's arches?

Gordon has been busy today. Had a blood test and went shopping and wrote checks to
pay bills and did the dishes. I didn't do much of anything except take care of Kitty and fold some laundry and write to my Minn brother. They always have a big holiday dinner. I think his wife is
one of 7 girls and one boy. Something like that. They grew up on a farm. One of the gals is a best selling author. Tammy Hoag. She married the one boy which made me her brother in law by
marriage or something like that. Doesn't matter too much as the couple got a divorce. Last I heard she was living on a big place in California and raising horses.

Nice pic, Mikie. That's the kind of decorations my mother put on the table along with this that
and etc. Are those straw flowers? She used to hang them in the hall closet to dry.

Hugs and pumkins, Rock
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Hi, Rock,

So glad to see a nice post from you but sooo sorry for your fall. I hope you didn't do any permanent damage. It's so easy to fall at our age. Sometimes, I just turn my head and feel myself starting to go. So far, I've been able to make corrections. I always think it's so nice to have a big family Thanksgiving dinner. Martha Stewart was on the other day doing all kinds of roasts for Thanksgiving. She made a turkey breast roll. She pounded the turkey breast out til it was a flat rectangle. Then, she covered it with sausage stuffing and rolled it up. She tied it with string and roasted it. It looked delicious.

If you want to be able to stream TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime or HULU, you have to have some way to get them to stream through your TV via wi-fi. The newer TV's are smart and may not need some kind of device like the Fire Stick. On the back of the TV are some ports and the Fire Stick just plugs into one. You turn it on, follow the directions and, Voila!, streaming TV. There are other devices on the market that do the same. Because I have the Dot with Alexa, and it's compatible with the Fire Stick, I can just ask her to go to whatever I want on the TV. The remote control also works on voice through its built in mic. I usually just press the buttons on the remote when I stream. I talk to Alexa enough as it is. She is very polite and told me to enjoy the sunshine today.

I paid my property taxes a bit ago. Just used my credit card and won't have to pay until next month. I get a discount for paying it before the end of the year. I used my Costco card which will give me back one percent for my bonus certificate to use at the warehouse. Could also have used my Amazon card and gotten the same deal against Amazon purchases. I believe in parlaying things in order to get the most out of the cards.

I didn't look too closely at the pic. Not sure what all is there. Just thought it looked nice for the holiday. When I was a kid, I loved those paper turkeys that you open out and the tissue paper makes their tails full. I loved making place cards with them. OK, I'm off again. Shoulder is starting to settle down.

Love, Mikie


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Hi again MIKIE. What strength did yo get for the Sombra? I know that 300 mg is the strongest. Wondering weather to start slow and go big when I see what it does. I need to get dinner started but wanted to ask you your about it. I guess it is best to start with the lowest CBD first but was wondering what you got and if you think if that strength is good for you. I know that we are all different but was curious.

Have a great day to all !!

Granni :)


Hi, Granni,

Both the Sombra and CBD balm are applied to the skin. There is no specified strength. The Sombra is sold on Amazon. The CBD balm is from Elixinol and I got it here at PH. Both seem to help in different ways. Both go a long way. The Sombra feels icy cold and the balm works well with heat. This shoulder is driving me to drink. I've had enough to eat today but decided to have one of the ready-made frozen Margaritas I get at Publix. They used to cost $2 but I got these for $1.67. I'm a cheap drunk as they say.

I got a fair amount of work done around here but it was scattered things needing doing here and there. Roomba is just finishing up in the dining area. There is no way I could keep up with the vacuuming with this shoulder without Roomba. I swept the balcony and watered some plants. I cut some of the stalks off of Barb's old variegated oregano plant. She never used it for cooking, just as a pretty plant in a pot I bought her. The plant is very old and the squirrels have been planting their nuts in the pot and chewing off the stalks. I'm going to try to root the stalks in water and replant the whole thing. Those squirrels make a mess. My fall wreath looks so pretty and I've gotten compliments on it. I love the Tree of Life welcome mat I got at Wal*Mart last week. Looks so nice. I still try to follow the rules of Feng Shui.

Gonna get going. It's dark out early now. I'm looking across the little pond at Joe's bldg. His lights and Patti's lights downstairs are on. Always makes me feel happy to see. Have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Got lots of sleep but got up early. The young Canadian couple are here downstairs so I'm trying to be quiet. SV got up on the sofa to snuggle next to me. He went out on the lanai but didn't stay long. It's only 56 out and he's like all of us down here; we don't do well when the temps drop below 60. My kids in CO would likely trade places with us here. They are getting dumped on again with snow. Julie, it's coming your way. I'll stop back later. Just wanted to get rid of the spammers who infect the boards during the wee hours.

OK, I'm back. I took my shower and blew out my mop. I still have to comb it and spray it. Joe's on his way to his barber. Men are lucky; all they have to do is get a close cut. Then they just wash it and comb it and they're good to go. On the other hand, we women have a lot more ways to try to continue to look good as we age. We have all kinds of hair styles and makeup.

I need to look through some of my clothes and figure out what I'm going to wear to dinner on Thurs. It's no big deal but I don't want to be running around at the last minute. Still have a lot to do in here. I got emails about the iPad and one with the info on my Apple Care contract with the certification numbers. I archived it; my printer isn't working. As long as I have the numbers, I'm good. Come to thing of it, I don't know where they are for the watch. Good grief! I need another cup of coffee.

Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

Good grief! Where are our Porchies? Hopefully busy because y'all feel so well. My iPad is setting itself up. I didn't have to do anything. It sets up using all my info in the phone. All I had to do is put the phone near it and the phone opened up a circle. I positioned it over the iPad and the circular pattern on the iPad started to move all around like magic. Coolest thing ever! The watch sets up the same way. I resisted Apple for years but am coming around. If DSIL hadn't given me his old iPhone, I'd likely never have made the switch.

My hair turned out well so I'm a happy Porchie today. Just heated up the last of the soup. I'm eyeing a couple of potatoes that would make a nice soup. This cool weather has SV and me wanting some comfort food.
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OK, it's later. We just got back from Vons. That's the third food store Gordon has been to today.

This morning I saw the Chiro. He's always so cheerful. If he has any problems he sure doesn't
spread them around. I told him the secret of having a back that was in good shape. Have an
excellent chiro.

You guys see the robot police dogs in the news? They look even scarier than the real thing.
Yikes! Anyhoo Gordon went to the San Gabriel valley to get some asian food. Now he's back;
will probably settle down with a nap. Mabe I'll have to use a sap to calm him down.

Mikie, what do you mean men just wash it and comb it. Most guys I know don't take that kind
of trouble. They use the Fonzie approach. "It looks great. Leave it alone". No, my crashing
to the floor did no damage. Far I can tell, I can tell, I can tell. SMH

Granni, I can't remember ever using light sour cream.I remember there was some on the table
and my aunt Ferdy asked if I wanted some. I said, NO. She said it really doesn't taste sour.
So I tried it, and it was fine. Which reminds me, I have to make that desert with Jello, cool whip
and berries.. Haven't made it for yonks, but it's so simple you can't forget barring serious injury
to the brain.

Hugs and berries to all


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Hello All.
It's done! The skylight has been covered just in time for the downpour to come. My young Bavarian woman got up on the roof and did it perfectly! She is so limber and lithe.

Cold here today, rain, snow, strong winds predicted for a few days. Winter storm warnings. I just hope the power stays on.

R calls. Gotta help peel apples for a-sauce. Then take a nap.
Love to All


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Rock:. I love sour cream...mmmmm....not sour at all either. But then I love non fat plain yogurt which I used to buy at a local little mediterranean market. So good.

Barry: Good to know you've got the skylight fixed. What I've heard is this is going to be a really bad storm, predicting at least 4-6" of rain in a few days.

Mikie: Still waiting on a new ipad. Even the guy at Best Buy said a new one might still not work correctly with the email. BAD wifi here. I'm trying to use my large computer to do any searches and keep my ipad just for my emails. With the cost of a Logitech keyboard and the 2 year service, the ipad with more memory, etc. it's going to run around $800 plus. I have an over $1,000 insurance due in mid Dec. too so will just have to wait.

Granni: Most of my bills like electrical, water, etc. are automatically taken out of my checking. So convenient. Others I can use my Visa to pay online, so I only pay my gardener and pool guy with a check.

I went to my tuesday art class. Had to stop and buy a box of cookies at the market for a little party we had. Brought most of them home and stuck them in the freezer in the garage so I won't be tempted. One of my art friends is going to help serve thanksgiving dinner at the old Catholic Church we used to attend when we lived in that area, so if I feel like it I might just go over to help also. She said in the past they've served over 400 people. Good way to feel thankful for what I do have. It all depends on the weather and how I feel that morning. I've always got a ton of things to keep myself involved on this holiday. As it stands now, I just don't feel like driving over to my friends house, battling freeway traffic.


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

I am coming to you all from my new iPad. I’m using the keyboard on the screen so it’s slow going. Gonna shift to the Chromebook. Just wanted to check this out. I’ll order a keyboard from Amazon. I’m surprised how inexpensive they are. One thing I can't find is a Control Key so can't save anything I'm typing. I'm back on the Chromebook until I get a keyboard and figure out a few things. I know there is a Control key that is called something else on the iPad. Ooh, ooh, I just had deja-vu typing about the other key [cue the Twilight Zone music].

SV has his vet appointment this morning so I'll have to jump in the tub here soon. Don't want to smell like menthol rub. I'll use Aspercreme that doesn't have an odor. It works well too. Gonna go to Publix but dread it cause it will be busy. Gonna buy some kind of turkey, a breast or thigh.

Rock, remember the old joke--people on a flight hear the 'captain' announce, "This plane is being flown by a robot with no humans in the cockpit. It is very safe. Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong..." Is Gordon cooking up a feast tomorrow? Are those robotic police dogs provided by iCanine? Enquiring minds want to know.

Barry, so glad you got the skylight secured from the storm. Those are high impact plastic. I wonder what cracked it. You have a young, lithe and limber Bavarian woman? Enjoy your KP duty. Are you and Richard having a feast? I hope and pray your power stays on.

Sun, I keep forgetting to mention that you can go to any number of websites that will tell you how fast your internet reception is running. It's almost never as fast as the companies tell you it will run. Is your modem up to date? That can affect it too. I have to say that the iPad is lightning fast. I don't need any more storage than the 32 gigs for what I use it for. Were it my only computer/tablet, I would get one with more storage. I'll definitely order the keypad. They are a lot less expensive than the one for my old Surface FPOC. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving whether you reach out to others or stay home.

Glad I dropped in. There were six spammers when I got here. Good grief! Hope everydobby has a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve Day.

Love, Mikie

Home again, home again...SV had a good report from the vet except for a couple of small things. On one paw, the main pad is a tiny bit puffy. It isn't serious unless it swells or gets an abscess. Then ABX or steroids are in order. It's called, Pillow Foot. He has two toes that are close together on one foot. There is nothing to be done about it unless it also gets a sore. Jeff's vet told him SV had a webbed paw but that isn't exactly correct. SV will hold it up once in a while. The cut to the pad on that foot is healing well. His gum is inflamed on one side in the back where I haven't been doing a good enough job of brushing his teeth. I got some salmon flavored kitty toothpaste to help me brush better. If it doesn't improve, I'll get his teeth cleaned at the vet. All in all, a good appt. I took a pic of Dr. John with SV to send to Nancy. She loves him.

On the way home, a cute young woman was standing on the corner waiting for her friend to catch up. They had been walking or running. She was dancing and it reminded me of Spring's DD. I waved at her. Just seeing her gave me joy.

I went to Publix and saw the sweet kind people who work there. They are sooo nice. I got a fresh turkey breast to cook in the morning and have for lunch. We won't eat at the nursing facility til 5:00 and it will be salmon. I need a little turkey and stuffing so I feel like I had Thanksgiving. I got a pumpkin pie at the bakery.

I'm watching the murder trial. That guy is toast.
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Hello All

A beautiful warm day. Very crisp cool air with sun shining in the early morning. Lots of dried leaves to sweep in the compound. Parrots everywhere. Squawking their heads off while whizzing overhead. I had one peek through my kitchen window. And had the dog fascinated. Theyre used to pigeons peeking in. Not green things with scary eyes and prominent beaks.

Was supposed to attend a Tibetan wedding alone. DH had a meeting. But changed my mind at the last minute. DD offered to go. And DH would join her after his meeting. So they did that.

I was worried about her going on her own although i readied the mandatory scarves and envelopes with money in them and also got a taxi for her whileshe wasgetting ready. The traffic is so horrible at that time, told her not to drive.

Luckily she met some friends and hung out with them until her dad arrived. The buffet dinner was all vegetarian. Not a normal thing for a Tibetan wedding where they liketo go all out on the meat dishes.

Apparently the bride and groom made a vow not to eat meat for seven years. Not for health reasons but spiritual ones. DH was not pleased. He likes gorging on non veg at parties.

Mikie - ive been postponing getting my roots done. Such a headachy job. My DS washes his hair, towel dries it and then lets it be. If theres somewhere formal to go he might comb it and gel it.

i thank my mum for making me religiously oil myhair every Saturday when i was in school. That and meticulously putting cream on my face. So these dayswhen i dont look after myself i look ok. For a few days.

SV gets his teeth brushed?

Rock - lucky you to have a cheerful chiro. Your brother seems to have married into a battalion of relatives. My Chinese friend has six siblings. Three girls, 5hree boys. 7 in all and close knit. Couple of them are here and they go out on each ones birthday. Her DH and DD 8ncluded. She sends me pictures of them when they dine out.

Barry - young Bavarian woman. Sounds interesting. i wish we had one around here. Stay dry.

Sun - thats a nice 5hing to do for Thanksgiv8ng. Feeding people. America is such a blessed country. Compared to many other countries.

Granni - ive been layering up myself. When i go out. Its cold,then as the day wears on, the sun get pretty warm. i like to be able to take off any warm clothes until it gets chilly again.

i bought a nice warm fleecy jacket from DS which was small. He got it from DH from a trip to Vietnam. we looked at the price online so i paid him the $ 70.00 it cost. A bit pricey but worth it. light, very warm and soft and easyto wash.


There were lots of vegetables lying around so i boiled everything up to make soup. The DS and i were out on an errand and saw a KFC outlet and decided to take dinner home. i ordered rice bowl with veg fritts and non veg for others..it was okay but i honestly prefer homecooking.

A shout out to Starlight and DMC

God bless
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Hi, Spring,

No wonder you always look so pretty; you've taken good care of your hair and skin. People of Western European descent, like me, usually didn't hit the DNA Lotto. We have pasty skin, often tending toward rashes and other skin problems. Our hair can be so fine that it looks thin. We tend to get osteopenia and osteoarthritis. Whine, whine, whine! The 'American' diet is often terrible so I try to eat healthy. I had a big leafy green salad for lunch. African Americans often have the most health problems. I guess the best we can do is take care of ourselves and hope for the best. Docs now know that our DNA doesn't have to determine how we end up.

The weather has been beautiful here too. It warms up in the afternoons but the mornings are delightfully cool. I'm surprised we don't have wild parrots here. Funny that one was peeking inside and getting the dog excited. SV was meowing a lot in his carrier as I took him to the car. The squirrels were lined up on the roof sounding the alarm to the other squirrels in the hood that they heard a cat. Cats get tartar and plaque on their teeth and it can inflame the gums. SV loves to be messed with and lets me brush his teeth. Unfortunately, I can't get clear to the back teeth with the bursh. I'm gonna put some gauze on my finger and try that. He goes crazy for the toothpaste which turned out to actually be poultry flavored. He's sacked out from his morning adventure.

You take such good care of your family. They are lucky to have you.

Love, Mikie
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Sun, I need your help. How do I post a picture with the iPad? Can’t get it to work. Thanks.

Love, Mikie


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Just popping in after most of my work today to get ready for tomorrow. My back is killing me from all the standing. I cooked the ham . glazed it and DH did a good job of slicing as much as he could. I put it in the lg glass casserole dish and added some juices and glaze. The rest of the glaze mix I I will bring tomorrow and others can add some to their ham if they want it. Makes a yummy sauce. JUst have to warm that up. Then I made most of the squash casserole but not the topping which I will add tomorrow before cooking. Didn't want it to get soggy. Not having made this recipe I especially wanted to do it the right way, or what I though was right. I will make the shrimp sauce later and add the horseradish tomorrow before we go. That way, I understand, the catsup won't turn gelatinous - gross. That's enough cooking for today ! Tonight I am cheating and we are having frozen pizza- yum !! A lot better than they used to be.

Tomorrow will be interesting !! DCD who is trying to get much better and still has her job will be there, as well as her x and her 3 sons., and x's dad who is a sweetheart. Our eldest DGS lives with him. He has tried his best to keep his son and grandsons straight too. One of the grandsons has a mental disability too. Actually we have 3 of them in the family. So many worries !! But this grandson does have a job of sorts and does get some pay. This is the middle DGS. He is in his 20'a I think now. Our oldest is 26 or 27 would have to look him up in my book. DCD 's youngest is about to graduated from High School and is applying to colleges and has gotten one offer but not sure he wants to go there. They do not have not that much money either. He may start at a Jr College too and then move over later which is what my DD#2 did.

Hi to everyone. I still have a few things I need to do on the computer and before tomorrow. MIKIE - You story about SV and the squirrels was so funny. My grandcats love to look out the window to watch the many squirrels or birds in our area that used to be a forest. It is funny too how they just love to sleep in between their escapades.



Everyone ,have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, whatever you may be doing !!


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Howdy Folks

NCIS is having a marathon today. I watched two shows. Practically new since I hadn't seen them for yonks. Had an alarming medical emergency during the night, but it quickly disappeared. Was just
laying in bed reading. Got a pain in one leg that felt like a needle stab. Limped downstairs. Watched
part of TV show. Limped back upstairs. Lay down. Pain all gone. Very annoying. If you can't count
on your own body, what is left? You certainly can't count on somebody else's; well, unless you're
getting an organ transplant.

One of Gordon's brothers was on the list for an organ transplant, but he died before he could
get an available organ. I used to have the transplalnt card in my wallet, but doubt any one wants
a really old organ now. Also I had some disease decades ago. I think I read that prohibits
donating. Can't remember what the disease was.

Mikie, I don't think I'd like to try SV's toothpaste. I'm too much of a chicken. Nice of you to say
how pretty I look. I think...Oh, you were talking to Spring. Maybe you meant to say how pasty I look.
I have never brushed an animal's teeth. The few teeth I have left don't need much brushing as they
are crowns.

Barry, what is this about a Bavarian woman. Was she there for the Bavarian Beer Festival? Do
Bavarian women commonly work as carpenters? My grandmother from Deutchland never told
me any of this.

Springwater, What a kawinkydink. Gordon made vegetable soup today too. He's in the kitchen
doing something else now. Not sure what. Gets cold here some nights. Wouldn't mind having
something fleecy to put on myself. But I do have thermal wear. Probably just as warm.

Sunflower, Did you ever make yogurt? I tried one time. Or maybe it was ice cream. Can't remember
much of anything any more. Anyway none of that stuff that you make in your own freezer ever
turned out well for me. I think we bought an ice cream maker that worked though. Eh, everything
is so vague nowadays.

Is today Thanksgiving or is it tomorrow. Well, Happy TG to everyone. Time to go lie down.

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Mikie:. HA! Good luck....mine says too big. Do you have where your pictures are saved on the ipad? Click on your picture and try sending it to your email. Going that way you should get the percentage you can shrink down to. Sometimes I've found that if I shrink when sending it to myself, then when I "hover" over the received pictures I can then save that. Then you can try clicking on that saved size in order to post here. But lately I haven't been able to.

Rock: tomorrow is thanksgiving....thursday. No, never did try to make yogurt. I don't think it's hard but you do need the right temp on the counter where it sits while it's working. Used to have an ice cream maker, but even that was a lot of work and I think we gave it away after a few times.

I'm doing a lot of coughing since yesterday, so decided not good to be serving food!!!!! People might think I'm really unhealthy....well, yes I guess I am but can't keep explaining COPD. It's just been drizzly all day, so will probably be alone tomorrow.
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