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PORCH 1169 IS NOW CLOSED (11/25/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Even though I got a lot of sleep last night, I'm still tired. I need to wash my hair but am thinking I'll do it in the morning. Just not up to it right now. Nothing on TV 'cept old reruns on PBS, football and dopey romantic Christmas movies--not the good kind, the stupid kind. I watched a good one on Amazon Prime yesterday. It was a true story where a young man left home and, over the years, developed a brain tumor. His parents were notified when he was brought into the hospital needing surgery. Afterward, he couldn't form new memories but music brought back all his old memories. It was sad and sweet. J. K. Simmons was in it. He's such a good actor.

Sun, I've never had a problem hooking my printers up to my computers but they keep breaking down. I haven't replaced this last one. It will only print in blue. Duckie had no advice and said that's why she hates the ink jet printers. They are cheap but the ink costs a fortune. I'll keep your friend in my prayers. There was an old saying, I think it was from WWI, that no one dies an atheist. My faith alone carries me but it is supported by the near-death experiences I've read about. My own Mom has communicated with us to let us know there is more than our lives here and that she is okay. I also say prayers for people in accidents and when I hear sirens. I can only imagine how scared people must be when they are sick or injured and waiting for help. A car hit me when I was riding my bike when I was 12. I was in shock so wasn't really scared. My Mom was though. The whole right side of my face had road rash, one big scab. No lasting injuries.

My watch reminds me to stand up when I've been sitting. I like that feature. It also reminds me to take a few deep breaths. DD likes those features too. My friend, Nancy, is a great driver and has driven me to the hospital in my car. I'd trust her to drive anywhere. Joe is a bit of a jerky driver but he's safe. He and I drive each other to medical treatments when necessary. Barb and I used to drive one another. Poor woman can't drive anymore. I hate to see old friends getting older and having to move. Makes me want to enjoy the life I have left as much as possible.

Guess I'll go find something productive to do. Either that or take a nap. :) Well, napping is productive for NRG.

Love, Mikie
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