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PORCH 1170 IS NOW CLOSED (12/1/19)

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As happens so often, it is time for a new Porch. Please go back to read the last of the posts on the old Porch.

Sun, is your new keyboard magnetic or bluetooth? Both are supposed to work well. I found a nice magnetic one on Amazon with a case.

OMG! Success. Finally stumbled into it. Doh!!! Couldn’t post actual size. Got message that the file was too big. This is Doctor John with Ashley and SV.

Love, Mikie
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Good Sunday afternoon...blustery and cold here, but that's to be expected on December 1st, lol! Mikie, thanks for the new porch...a nice Christmasy picture. And I'm so glad you could get one posted of Dr. John and Ashley with SV...

I logged onto the boards while on the chromebook (and balancing lunch on the same tray) then got distracted and forgot to go ahead and post. Den's taking an after church snooze, so I decided to get on the big computer and say "Hi!" Just took the uncooked noodles out of the fridge and will get them, along with leftover beef roast from the other day) cooked so I can take some to Amy when I meet her to deliver Keira. Gonna make some mashed potatoes to go with the noodles...have plenty of potatoes left and don't want them to start sprouting, lol! Keira's Nana will meet Keira and her dad later this evening, then I'll pick Keira up at Nana's and take her on towards their town. Helps Amy out, plus I get to spend more time with Keira.

Den and I had a great time at the dinner yesterday...one of his cousin's sons and family were here from San Diego County, so it was nice to catch up with the son and meet his wife and three children. Got home and had a bit of a shock...Den got a letter from Social Security...apparently someone miscalculated and they started paying him too soon after he retired, so "they're sorry, but they won't be sending his December check." Say, what???!!! I guess we'll be living on a third of what we normally do for a couple months...good thing I have plenty of groceries and that we've already had our Christmas get together with the kids. Den thinks it will balance itself out by the end of the year, or at least by tax time (coming soon, lol) but until then we'll be pinching pennies.

I have a bunch of fresh strawberries to look through. We stopped at a Mennonite store on the way yesterday, to get a cookbook I've been wanting (and to save shipping.) They had whole flats of strawberries (six 2# boxes) for $1.99! I bought two flats (so 24 pounds of strawberries for $4.00) and will share with Amy's family and with my neighbor Lorene's family. I noticed just a handful of berries that will need to be tossed, but what a bargain! I guess that was the extent of our Black Friday shopping, lol!

Hope everyone is doing okay. I'd better just say a quick "Hi" and get busy cooking. I wanted to go ahead in case Keira's dad can get away sooner and we all have to meet up sooner...at least I'll have the food ready. Take care, everyone...


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Good afternoon Porchies,

I got distracted after lunch and church and helping DH with the leaves and forgot temporarily about the mess on my desk and all the many cards I need to write, So I really can't stay on here but wanted to say hi, Great pics from MIKIE !!

JULIE - That sucks the SS admin. screwed up and now you are ! So sorry it certainly is bad timing. Should go back first and check the older or last posts on the porch.

SUN - What is the new sleep supp you take.? Not sure mine is doing all that well. How is it working for you??
Love you all,
Granni :)
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Hello, Kids

OK, will try again. If I ever posted without various goofs and problems I'd fall over from shock.
Nice pic, Mikie. Are you having a Blue Christmas? I love both songs: White Christmas and Blue.
I hope SV makes a quick and easy recovery. Our cat is all curled up in a corner of the plot where
the tomatoes used to grow. That's some white hair Dr. John has. I wonder if old ladies ask him
how they can get their hair to look as good.

Julie, fresh strawberries? Where were they grown? You can buy fresh berries here most of the time.
They come from Mexico or S. America. Sour as lemons. Not surprised the Soc Sec people
messed up. They did with me too. And if that weren't enough, they generally have a bad attitude.

Nothing much going on here. Gordon is testing a new bundt pan. Looks bigger and heavier than
the standard model. I had a cousin who often made bundt cakes. He also liked to play baseball.

The library is closed. No surprise. They are closed for multiple days at the slightest excuse.
If our school had done the same thing when I was a kid it would have taken an extra year
to graduate.

Last time we went to the library we took the folks an apple pie that Henry had brought home
from Whole Foods. Anyway there were two female cops in the library. They looked so much
alike they might have played for the twins. Anyhoo I told them the cake was in the librarians'
break room; "Help yourself".

We got a calendar for the new year. I think it's from the pharmacy. Or maybe the China
bank. Anyhoo has Norman Rockwell illustrations on each page. I remember the Saturday
Evening Post magazine had many covers by him over the years.

Time for a nap. Hugs and strawberries. Rock


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Granni: I’ve only taken this supp for about a week but I have to say it does seem to be helping. It’s “sleep blend sp-17” from Solaray. It’s really very reasonable and you only take 1 capsule a night. I also add a melatonin along with it., Go over all ingredients, making sure it’s OK for what you take. It was much less $ than what PH was selling. I did a lot of research on all supplements that help with sleep and this one seem to have it all covered.

Rock: that’s nice of you to keep the librarians supplied with goodies. That reminds me I need to buy a new calendar.

Julie: That’s an excellent price on the berries. Not surprised with SS.....one month they would give me more and the next they would take some away. And Den is lucky that other than that there was little trouble. I had a nightmare for months until it all got straightened out. I had 4 separate appts. In their office and each person disputed what the previous had told me. &^%$#@!

Mikie: You got me! I’m not very savvy when it comes to computers, etc. Had another appt. today with the Geek Squad re the printer. He showed me but still can’t get it to work so will have to wait until my DS comes over. He said a lot of the problems is bad WiFi connections. Several times when I sold something on etsy I would take a screen shot of the shipping label and send it to a local postal connection near me, and this nice man would print it for me. I pay for a fast BUT most of the time I only get 2.5 Speed. So frustrating and at times I just want to scream or cry. And I paid for Apple Care and nice surprise, because I had Geek Squad it was 20% less.

After visiting Best Buy I hit starbucks and Lowes for some potting soil. My gardener is due tomorrow so I have a few large pots I need repotted and moved.


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Checking in before I head to town to get Keira. It makes Den so mad that her dad can't get her closer her to home at an earlier time on a school night...but we're not the parents, so...

He's trimming the windows on the south wall...there are five of them, so he's doing one at a time. Making the casing as one big box, painting it white to match the window, then installing it in place. The trim is stained the same as our rafters (Jacobean, or something like that...dark like walnut) and looks really sharp. He's on the second window now, but out of caulking to seal the windows before he puts the casing in place...I'll head over early and stop by Wal Mart when I get to town.

Took the neighbors' strawberries to them...wish you guys could have seen the kids' faces light up! They've been so expensive and not the best looking lately, so I haven't bought any fresh ones in awhile. Rock, these say they come from Seven Seas...Watsonville, California. Anywhere near you?


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Julie: I’ll bet the window trims looking wonderful. Take a pic and post it. I think Watsonville is up near Barry or almost up there. Strawberries are very perishable. PBS had a special report on wasted produce.....there’s more farms that have some “digester” thing where they mix veggie sludge and cow manure and make electricity to power their whole farms plus part of the town. Most are in Europe....we in the US are behind the times.

this pic of the firemen clowns was picked up by CNN and also made it to a center cover for a magazine. That’s my DD in the lower left hand corner


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Sorry, I had to post real quick earlier...Amy texted that everyone would be a little bit earlier than expected, so I had to scoot. Keira had already eaten supper on the road with Nana, but was hungry for ice cream...so we stopped and got McFlurries before we left to meet Amy. I hardly ever get McDonald's, but it tasted really good, lol! Had time to pick up a few groceries in the town where we were meeting (fresh produce, etc.) before Amy got there, so I should be good for a couple weeks, at least. With the Romaine lettuce scare, there was hardly any organic lettuce to be found for several days (I don't buy everything organic, but I do any greens that I possibly can.)

When I took the strawberries to the neighbors (the ones with the little girls who have to dodge the cows when walking to school) I gave them a "heads up" that I had talked to their Amish deacon. I was feeling a little guilty about it, but when I got back, Den mentioned that even he is a little bit wary of that one cow that keeps coming to our yard. He said she turns and acts like she is going to charge him, even on the Gator. I chased one back up the lane a couple times with my van and I thought the same thing...she turned and acted like she was going to just run right into me. So, I think it's pretty important that we get this taken care of before someone, especially the little girls, gets hurt.

Sun, how neat that your DD's picture was featured! Did they think they had a good time, even with the scammers? Yep, we in the States need to "step it up", don't we?

Rock, I'll bet those library workers and patrons love to see you guys walk in the door :)

Granni, you're way ahead of me with Christmas greetings...not sure if I'll get any out now, or not. Maybe if I have some in a box somewhere.

I'd better get off here and let Amy know I made it home okay...I was waiting till I thought she was home, too...she had about an hour to drive and I had 45 minutes. Thinking of everyone...take care!


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Sun - what lovely pictures of your children and grands...i notice your DGS has red hair, have always been fascinated with that colour hair. Does your DGD look like you when you were a child? Its awesome your DDs firemen n women clowns made it to CNN and a magazine. Looks vibrant and so much fun and joy..no wonder!

i wanted to buy a packet of strawberries at 5he supermarket the other day..but didnt after seeing a small packet of it $3.50 barely 250 gms...sorry, i rather wait till the price comes down. i like them but not enough to fork out large amounts for a bite. At 5hat price, one gets a very good chicken with the fat taken out which will feed a family.

Mikie - i suppose you were hovering around while the good doctors did the work. Hope both SV and you are fit as fiddles soon. Nice to have someone that reminds you to stand up at intervals and do breathing exercises. so so 8mportant, all these little 5hings. We have a channel on tv 5hat has 5hese short meditations c9me up after every hour. “i am not 5he body, i am not the mind, i am a spiritual being, i am a part of God. i am that i am. Its 8n the Indian language. words to that effect.

Our Pranic Healing has the same affirmations to be said from time to time through out the day.. its suppose to help you not identify with your physical body too much. Detach from pain, stressful situations and recognize others not for their outside but for who they are within. Another soul on a journey, the same as anyone else.

Rock - havent used our oven for months. i must look up bundt cake. Heard of it often though. Nice of you and Gordon to take goodies to the staff. I typed Godon first. i thought the name sounded interesting. Foreign like. Exotic, like Gordons orchids. i do envy your cats life. Doted on, fed and has 5he run of the garden and neighbourhood. Snoozing in the sun with pots of flowers all around. A kings life couldnt be better. Kings have responsibilities and queens to take care of and appease.

Granni - you must have a pile of cards to send out, i love the (now) old fashioned way of posting cards for holidays. E cards are lovely but not to be compared to opening the envelope and reading a hand written message on a lovingly crafted card.


Its been such a rush. I was helping my DD save time by boiling the potatoes for a mash potato dish she was taking as potluck to a Thanksgiving High tea a friend invited her to. She was attending a lunch same day hosted by the parents of the groom of her friend who just got married. Well, he was also her classmate as well as the bride. So it was hectic. Turns out i didnt boil the potatoes enough, DD was trying to make the mash smooth and getting frazzled. So she put in yak cheese to compensate.

Then something happened, and i left the kitchen for an errand she for something else and whenshe returned she found a pan on 5he stove with flames leaping out of the fat....i had left the stove on...and the windows were shut. She was saying she didnt want her potatoes smelling of burnt plastic.

At the Thanksgiving, the guests liked the mash quite alright and finished it all, and more 5han another mash that the host had made and one guest told her, its delicious, different and it has a distinct smokey flavour. My DD was saying in her mind, “ yes, all you got to do is leave it in a room with a pan on fire and let it absorb the burning plastic fumes. “

Yesterday, DD and i attended a day long course on Buddhism. Most interesting. Except 5hat now all the work is piled up at home.

i better go getsomething done.

Love to all.

God Bless
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Spring: You guys were soooo lucky not to have gotten a bad fire in your home. I had to laugh.....you’ve invented a new mashed potato dish......smoky! Be very very careful, I’ve forgotten things on the stove and now I try to set my little timer.

My DD, DGS and DGD all have shades of red hair. Funny thing, I’ve done my hair red since I was 20. Red hair runs in my family and also my DHs family. AND.....it runs in my SILs family too. His sister has strawberry blond like my DGD, as does one daughter and the other has brighter red. Last year we all went to a musical play and sat together. There were 8 of us with various shades of red. One gentleman came up to me and remarked at all the redheads. My DD looked a little like me but my DGD is almost identical to my DD when she was that age.

Yes......they all enjoyed the trip to NY city even though they walked and walked and walked, and took the subway. One day they figured it up.....they had walked 9 miles that day. By the way, my SIL told me they were just exiting the subway when a BIG 10” rat ran in front of them.

JUlie: No surprise with this ornery cow......I hope the deacon has now had those kids fix the problem with their fence.


Good Cyber Monday Morning, Kids,

Wow, the deals are amazing. Wal*Mart is selling the iPad $20 cheaper than I got it on Amazon. I had bought it $30 cheaper than Best Buy. There is a fridge that is $1,100 down from $2,200. I have bought all my appliances at Black Friday sales or the one in the middle of the year at Lowe's where they have BF prices. Several places have the $500 Kitchen Aid professional stand mixer at $229. Echo Dots are $22 all over the place. Claudia and her DD stopped over yesterday afternoon and she showed her DD how Alexa works. I need to order my keyboard and case for the iPad.

The Red Tide is slowly thinning out on our beaches. Thank God! We got about five seconds worth of rain this morning. It's coming ahead of the cold front which will drop night temps into the 40's and 50's at night. Cold for us.

Julie, glad you had a good time at the dinner. Sorry to hear about the SNAFU with SS. They are too big and out of control. Yes, I found out one gets different answers every time one talks to a different agent. We are getting a paltry COLA increase and a big increase in our Part B Medicare. They give with one hand and take away with the other. I hope and pray that cow doesn't hurt someone before the lazy farmer fixes his fence. Talk about being passive aggressive! On a smaller scale, my ex used to leave his shoes on the floor of our bedroom. He wore heavy dress wingtips to work. When I got up to pee in the middle of the night, I would stub my toe and them and hurt myself. I asked him over and over to put them away but he kept leaving them out. PA's can cause emotional harm and physical harm as well. I hope the Deacon puts a stop to the situation. That man is setting a horrible example to his kids.

Granni, again, I admire you for sending out cards. Are there still a lot of leaves coming down there? We have a few deciduous trees here but not many. Our palm trees are producing fruit and I need to go out and cut them down for the lazy gardeners to haul off. They are heavy and I don't look forward to dragging them with my shoulder which is slow to heal. Don't overdo it out there.

Rock, my Mom had snowy white hair like Dr John. She used a blue shampoo to keep it from yellowing. The groomer used blue shampoo for our white dog. It reminded me of the old bluing that people would use in the laundry for their whites. Maybe someday my hair will all turn white so I don't have to color it. I won't be having a White Christmas or a Blue Christmas; I'll be having a Green Christmas. If Miss Kitty is like SV, she probably likes to change things up, choosing a different place to hang out now and then. He's the same way with his water bowls and his fountain. Such a silly little critter. He showed off for Claudia's DD by rolling around his little treat dispenser until some treats fell out. Glad you and Gordon are making friends with librarians and cops. Good people to hang out with.

Sun, sounds to me that you are plenty computer savvy. Ever notice that, when the wi-fi companies, like Comcast, advertise their internet service, they say speeds of "up to" some really fast speed? Well, the actual speed is always much, much slower. It doesn't have to be super fast to stream movies and that is the benchmark of adequate speed. Using more than one device will slow it down. I didn't know that Clownism runs in your family. They all look so cute and don't trip my anxiety to look at them. It's the old typical clowns that do it, the kind that are painted on velvet. Yikes!

Spring, I once heard someone say that we are not humans in search of the spiritual experience; we are spirits in search of the human experience. I do try to look for the spiritual in everyone. How nice that there are meditative affirmations on TV. If they did that here, there would be an uproar. I always find it interesting to see the rites and celebrations of other cultures and religions. While meditation has been practiced in other cultures for ages, we are now adopting the practice for health reasons. Research has shown that meditation and prayer are very healthy for us. We have fresh berries all year long and Publix often has them on sale. We are very lucky in that respect. Funny, when I eat them, I give thanks and ask that they help me get healthier. Berries help us heal.

I wish all y'all who will be shopping a safe experience filled with bargains galore.

Love, Mikie

Just ordered a magnetic keyboard for the iPad. It has a case that holds it with the iPad itself so it can be used like a laptop. Probably similar to the one Sun got for hers. I also ordered an Echo Dot for Claudia. I hope no one else gets her one. She doesn't belong to Prime but orders all her Mom's supplies, like adult diapers, from Amazon. She gets free shipping because she orders in volume. I told her about the Amazon credit card. If she uses that, she gets back 5 percent on all she orders from Amazon to put against future orders. It can also be used elsewhere to earn credits. I use it and my Costco card for that reason. I'm not using my Capital One card much anymore. The rewards on that one suck. So, my cyber shopping is done.
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Hi, Kids,

I took this with the iPad. SV is checking out the fresh air wafting in. Don’t know why it’s oriented sideways. I’m still learning. I'm back on the Chromebook because I can't figure out how to highlight and change text size on the iPad.

Got my hair washed and blown dry. I did a wee trim on it as my Irish Mom would say. My German side is thinking, Eine Klein Schnippen. My shoulder is burning so I'm going to ice it before combing out my mop and spraying it. The proof of a good trim is in the comb out. I only took off about 3/4 of an inch. Nothing too drastic. Friday or Saturday, I'll wash it again so it looks nice for the Christmas party. Gonna wear black leggings and a black tank top. Over that, I'll wear the filmy black poncho top with the beautiful butterfly on it. If not I, someone will take pics. Now, I can post anything sent to my phone. The gap between Apple and Android reminds me of the old Beta vs. VHS video tape wars. VHS won out despite the experts' warning that the Beta format was superior. I don't see the Apple/Android war being settled. Both systems are excellent. There are drawbacks with both too.

OK, gonna go ice up the shoulder. I've taken 600 mgs. of ibuprophen. An expert on PBS was saying not to take NSAIDS. Well, sometimes you gotta do it. He also warned not to eat beans of any kind. Expert on The Today Show was saying that the people in areas where they live to 100 ate beans every day and said everyone should do that. Good grief. A body doesn't know what to do. In any case, I'm not gonna worry about it cause I don't want to live to 100. So there!

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: SV is probably deciding if he;’s going outside! I did see those echo dots incredibly cheap at BB. AND......my printer is working from this new ipad. I decided to try it around 11 PM last night before bed...wowie....I was so excited. the geek guy told me the problem maybe the WiFi isn’t strong enough....sure enough. that’s good because this morning I sold something on Etsy and it printed it off for me. A customer in Scotland bought a beautiful old raw silk kimona so going to send it off this morning.

My gardener was just here. I had him move some plants from here to there, move the potting soil bags out of my van and fill sone other pots with it. It’s so nice today so maybe I’ll take a break from cleaning my studio and do some garden clipping today.

Hi Barry: Just sent you the latest NYorker. I haven’t subscribed in over a year but they keep on sending it to me. I don’t read it....just pass it on to you.

Gotta run. Cleaning lady coming in a little bit.
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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from the dumpster and mailbox. It's 73 and balmy out with nice breezes. No humidity. Got my EOB from insurance co. and they have paid everything. The eye doc wasn't sure about the retina photo when I had been in for the little dot in my field of vision. The yearly physical and lab work was on there as well as the colonoscopy. Everything paid. Woo Hoo! I am thankful that I have good insurance and healthcare/doctors. Also glad that my tests were all neg. for problems.

Got an email with a looong list of the best cyber deals out there from USA Today. They put together the best online deals. So many were on Amazon. Six qt. Instant Pot for $49. Target sent a $10 coupon for $50 spent. It expires on the 24th. I need some little packets of dishwasher detergent and some other things I can get there. If they offer another $10 deal off of three products, I'll get the detergent then, along with tissues and use this $10 coupon. I parlay the deals at Target. Then, they give me 5 percent off when I use my Target credit card. Such a deal!

Sun, I'm sooo glad your printer is working. I need to buy a new one but will wait. Way to go selling all those things. The Echo Dots are $3 cheaper at BB than Amazon but, since I was ordering the keyboard and case, I decided it was worth the $3 to get it all in one order from Amazon. I hope Claudia likes it. Also hope she knows the password for her wi-fi. The keyboard is white and the case is pink. When you continue to get a magazine after the subscription has run out, it may be because there is an automatic renewal. Check your credit card statement to see whether it automatically renewed on the card originally used to subscribe.

I'm beat, partly from the pain of having to use my shoulder to dry and style my mop. The good news is that the hair looks great! Prayers answered. Yes, I do pray for the little things too. It's the small stuff that gets a body down and the pain isn't helping either. As before, I hope all y'all are having a great day. I'm watching the trial of the guy who allegedly paid his best friend to kill his wife where it left off before Thanksgiving. It's at the courthouse here downtown. It's more interesting than politics but then, what isn't!

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Kids Note: If it is not morning where you are, do not read the greeting.

We just got back from the recycling center. It's a noisy job because there is always machinery running and cans
clanking. The man in charge is rather rude and appears to be very unhappy. My theory is that he always dreamed
of being a banker, but things did not work out that way. Gordon is now at the library. Remember the bundt cake he made
yesterday? He's now taking half of it to the library. Well, whatever makes him happy. He doesn't eat chocolate
cake, and I can only eat two pieces.

Mikie, hope you had a nice visit to the dumpster and the mail box. It is so important to get out and see the sights
now and then. Glad to hear you got a good health report. It's really a shame all the violence that shows up between
spouses, or would it be spices if there's too much pepper in the marriage?

Sun, I have never found anything in the New Yorker worth reading except the cartoons. Our library has several
books of cartoons from New Yorker cartoonists. You can even find some on the computer.

Ah, Signor Gordoni is back. Well, he's in the back yard. Not going to try and talk to him when the "gardeners"
have their snow blowers going. He brought home a receipt from the library showing he checked out one book.
But he got 3 books. Everything is so confusiatin nowadays.

Spring, Have you seen the movie Singing in the Rain? The Movie Academy lists it as the number one musical.
In it Gene Kelly and somebody sing "Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love." I thought he sang it with Donald O'Connor,
but I read it was his brother fred who was also a great dancer, but for some reason didn't want to be in the movies.
How could anyone not want to be in the movies?

Julie, it's just outrageous how uppity these cows have gotten lately. I'd complain to the sheriff, but I know you're too
nice to do that. Yes, the library staff is probably happy to see Gordon come in with more goodies. Gordon knows
the names of all the people at the library and the market and the dr's office. He's just a very friendly guy. He knows
the names of you guys here too. "What did Mikie say about her arm? Are those cows still pestering Julie?
What kind or water supply does Barry have?"

I'd better go see what he has to report.

Hugs and balloons, Rock


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Hi guys! Just a "pop in" (almost typed poop, lol!) to say I'm still alive. Not sure what's going on with me, but I got up at 8:00 am (asked Den to make sure I was awake) to call and cancel the dermatologist appt. for my finger (I'll see what my PCP says about rescheduling...Amy says her office would just refer me on to ortho because the skin looks okay now.)

Anyway, went back to bed till after 11:30 am...woke up again when Den checked on me to see if I was okay. Fixed us both some breakfast, had a cup of coffee, then felt tired and weak enough that I took an after lunch nap with Den. I still feel "out of it", so not getting a whole lot done today. Den is making a picture frame (walnut with a thin pine inlay) to put a puzzle in for my brother and sis-in-law (yes, the one who can't stand me, lol!) for Christmas.

My brother happened to be here a few winters ago when we were putting this puzzle together (lots of cats in it and they are "cat people") and I thought even back then that it would make a nice gift for them someday. I went out to one of our little buildings (where I've been putting any glass pieces that I find around the farm) and found some big enough for the frame (34" X 12"...guess it does pay to save things sometimes?) Anyway, that just about did me in, so I'm going to have to rest again...what the heck? Maybe I picked up a bug somewhere?

So...just a quick "Hi" and I'll check back in when I feel human again. No cow in the yard today...maybe the neighbors got the message...take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

Well, the trial has wrapped up for the day. Of course, the defense lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the charges but, of course, the judge said no. The only hope for a retrial at this point would be to claim a lousy defense. The commentators on Court TV are continually talking about how bad he is. He has actually done such a bad job of cross that he is making the state's case against his client. The client, the deceased's husband, keeps acting like he's crying as the coroner describes the horrific wounds but there are no tears. One witness said he did that when she talked to him after the murder. It's so obvious that no one is buying it and the commentators are making fun of him. As I said, he is toast!

Just showering and doing my hair did me in. It's the pain. Pain at this level always leaves me pooped. Guess I am 'pooping in.' Ha ha! Just got a text from the lady who does the parties where I bought the tote bags. Our orders have been held up and will be two weeks late. That's a month after the order. I told her how disappointed I am so she is sending my order and Claudia's to us directly instead of waiting for the whole order for everyone. I'm sure it's my friend's daughter's fault because she tends to procrastinate. She even told Claudia and me that she was having trouble getting her order in. Never again. I did this because her mother is my friend and I know she is struggling. It's true--no good deed shall go unpunished.

I want to get back to organizing and reducing the stuff in here. Most of the cleaning is done and it feels good to have a half-way decent home. I'm taking it easy though and it feels good not to have pressure. I'm glad I got all those doctor appts. out of the way. That's stressful for me.

I called my friend, Jeff, the one who has Tweety. He says he isn't running for the board again and I asked him to reconsider. He has been getting a lot of calls asking the same thing so he said he would think about it. He was so touched that I called. He has what he thinks is strep. He said Tweety is fine and loves him so much that she follows him everywhere in the hood. Both cats always loved him because he saved their lives. They knew the sound of his truck and, when he came home at night, they would cock their heads and run down to meet him. I gave him a report on SV. He knows I'm taking good care of him.

Rock, I'm not familiar with as many people as Gordon but I do know the names of my favorite people at Publix. I don't go to the library but plan to do that one of these days. It's just so convenient to get books on the Kindle. BTW, Kindles are at their cheapest on Amazon now. I want to see whether the library has the DVD of The Shack. I read the book. HULU has it but it costs extra to rent it. I don't understand being grumpy or rude no matter how one feels about one's job. It only makes it worse for everyone. I worked retail at Christmas time when I was just getting started in insurance in CO. An older woman came in and was rude and abusive to me as I rang her up. I was very nice and she finally asked me why I was being so nice when she was being so rude. I told her I didn't know what she might be going through. Turned out her sister had just died. She cried and I gave her a hug. Poor lady. Yes, I try to visit the dumpster and mailbox as often as necessary. Also the recycle bins. Usually I run into neighbors and get caught up with them.

Julie, I hope you are okay and not coming down with something. Sometimes, I just have a tired day when I have to catch up and sleep. Hopefully that's all you needed. The puzzle and handmade frame sound purrfect. They can't be all bad if they love cats. I suspect Amy is right and you need to see the orthopod. I hope it's healing inside. Does it bother you? I'm laughing at Rock's calling the neighboring bovines, uppity cows. It's udderly hilarious. OK, I've milked all I can for my pun pastime. Does Den ever watch that guy on PBS who makes all kinds of things in his wood shop? I love watching him. I would have been in heaven had I had a father with a wood shop when I was growing up. The highlight of my HS years was the bowl I made on a lathe in shop class. I also took home ec just to balance things out. I made a pleated wool skirt that turned out nice. Hope you feel better.

Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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MIkie; My Dad was a carpenter so worked in wood, but not the detail finishing type. He was the build it from scratch type. I used to go out to the garage when I was around 8 and pick up bits and pieces of wood, wanting to make something....probably a birdhouse. I do remember trying to nail two pieces of wood together at right angles, trying to hold it into place. I learned a lot from my dad. when we built on a 3rd BR for my brother, (I was around 10) all the kids in the neighborhood were given a bucket of nails and a hammer and shown how to nail. I loved that. Then about a year later he put down a linoleum floor and showed me how to smear the glue then put on the tile. Learned so much from him and ended up having to show my DH how to do things. I used to love This old house and other programs on PBS but I’ve got out of the habit and really don’t sit down in front of the TV until around 6:30 PM.

I was reading what this ipad can NOW do....OMG, if I read it correctly it can now take an external hard drive and looking at the side, it looks like it will take two of them. Amazing. I need to research this. Years ago I had done a little writing, but all I had was WORD app and it was hard using it.

Barry: I wanted to share that after taking alpha lipoic acid 600 for about 2 mos. this “tingling” in my back that I had every day for over 2 years seems to have gone. I know you said you’ve got peripheral neuropathy. The tingling was getting worse, and lasting longer into the day so I’m VERY happy that it’s taken a hike. My cleaning lady has diabetes and her doctor said this could help with it in her feet.

oh yes.....I triple checked again my credit card and the NYorker isn’t billing me so you’re getting it to enjoy. May be they will do an audit?

Julie: you’re probably needing catch up time after your trip to Tenn and then company.

I had a lot of errands to do today, then when I got home after 1 PM my handyman wanted to come over to finish a job.....so I gave him even more work to do. Now I have three posts in back holding up a patio roof that have termiite damage, so he’s going to order the wood and replace them in a couple of weeks. It’s always something to do around here. BUT, you have to stay on top of things otherwise they get out of hand.

talked to my DD today who was freaking out. Seems they’ve got rats in their garage....big time. Her DH found a large nest in a nice closed up cabinet, and after the exterminator came, he found two more. She said he set many sticky traps.....I told her DH will now have to pick them up with the wiggly rats still alive on them.....ewwwww. Said she picked up one plastic bin and heard something rattling around inside....didn’t want to open it so SIL did. They found rats had gotten into stored macaroni and dog food and put it in there along with rat droppings. I told her sounded like the rats were getting ready for Armageddon. Hey, I was freaking out when I found only one.
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Hi Kids

Julie, do you think your body is saying "Slow Down". Please take good care of yourself.
Who will be the world's best grandma for all those kids if you can't do it anymore.? I hope
whatever you have is quickly gone. So nice of Den to make a frame for the difficult relative.
I'd hate to see a frame I made. It would probably look like a hole in the wall.

Sun, I agree. You have to stay on top of things, but I hope you are not standing on the patio
roof. Is Savannah a talking dog? Can she say, "Roof, roof"? How nice to have a Dad who
talked to you. Mine didn't talk to any of us kids unless he was telling us to change the channel.
This was in the semi dark ages before the invention of the "clicker". Oh, yeah. Sometimes he'd
yell, "Bring me a beer."

Mikie, I couldn't find the book The Shock at the library or on the net. Is it a book about an
electrician or possible an earthquake? Thanks for the compliment, but no need to butter me
up regarding a comment on cows.

Hugs to all of you nice people. Bed time here.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Our cold front has arrived. It's only 50 degrees out at 5:30 a.m. Will get into the 70's today. I love it. Got a text from the party woman who is so upset that everything is taking so long. She will ship my totes and Claudia's orders directly to our homes. If I've already told y'all this, forgive me. When I'm tired and in pain, my usually horrible memory is even worser. Gonna finish dusting the high places in the main part of the condo. Then, I'm gonna sit down and examine our financials for our bldg., something I haven't done in a while. I always scan them but I need to go through them in a bit more detail. I also need to call the vet to make SV's appt. to get his teeth cleaned.

Sun, how wonderful that your DF engaged all the kids, teaching them how to nail. My ex was Mr. Fixit and I learned from him. He is quite skilled at building. Our kids grew up with it and both are very handy. You never know what will become of exposing kids to things. It can inspire a lifelong love of things. I hate being at the mercy of others when it comes to making easy repairs or changes. Sorry about the need to replace those supports. We have little down here that is wood. The strongest buildings, ones that can withstand hurricane winds, are cement blocks with stucco finish. They require less maintenance. We have palm rats but I haven't seen any around our building (knock on wood. Oh wait, no wood). Some of the other buildings have them. Ewwww is right! The exterminators put out black plastic boxes to trap them. This is what happens when cats live indoors. Glad you like your new iPad.

Rock, wasn't trying to butter you up. You are already the creme de la creme. Dairy I say it? My biological father wasn't even around to not speak to me. I think it's worse to have one around who ignores his kids. Being ignored from afar isn't as painful. Well, neither situation is ideal to say the least. Wait, when have y'all ever known me to say the least? Not sure if you're kidding about the book for puns' sake but your puns always electrify the discussion. It's The Shack and it changed my life. Others have said the same thing. You are right about pushing ourselves and having it make us sick, or sicker. My friend, Jeff, is sick and he's constantly stressed and hurrying around to do things in the hood for others that he takes upon himself. I don't have that problem; I'm really good at doing nothing.

SV climbed on top of me in bed just before I got up. He lay there purring and letting me stroke his lush tail. A very good way to start the day. In moments like that, I know my life is complete and I need nothing else. There is a great sense of peace when I'm grateful. I have so much to be thankful for that gratitude is easy. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie