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Hi Mikie, Couldn't find anything on The Shock. I am perfectly cereal. Wait! It's The Shack? OK,
I'll look for that. We used to have a shack in our back yard when I was a kid. Was probably a
privy at one time. In the 1940s there were still a lot of them around, but they gradually disappeared
when the town installed modern plumbing and homes could have indoor bathrooms. Thank you
for the dairy complement. I almost skimmed right over it.

I have a minor problem this morning. During the night the back of my right hand started to
itch. Still doing so. Creams and lotions provide temporary relief. Seems like some part of us is
always acting up. I have to go assist Gordon with some chore. Dunno what.

Hugs, Kids


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Hokey, Dokey, Back again. Just had to move some big orchids to the chicken coop. I found The
Shack for sale plus several books about it. Sounds too serial and depressing for me. I wonder
what would happen if SV and Kitty met. They both might think they are looking in a mirror.

Yesterday I started reading a thriller by an author new to me. He is very good. I'll have to get
some more of his books. The one I'm reading is set in LA. When I was a kid seems like almost
every novel I read was set in New York. Now it's usually LA.

Julie, hope you are feeling better. And Everydobby else.

All for now


Hi, Kids,

Today is one of those days where I feel I must lie down or fall down. Don't know why. It's cool outside. I took a long hot soak but just can't get any get up 'n go. As Mom used to say, "It got up and went." I don't like to push myself and get hurt and I certainly don't want to be doing anything requiring brain power. So, here I sit or lie. Whine, whine, whine! Even on days like this, I feel grateful because I can rest and be entertained until I feel better. Still watching the trial. The defense is trying to make their case but they stumble at everything. Sooo bad. The commentators called their efforts, clunky.

Tomorrow the keyboard and case for the iPad arrives. Don't know when the tote bags and wallet will get here but the woman is sending them. Sunday is the Christmas party and I'm not sure what I'll bring. Gotta see what is on sale at Publix. I always take a bottle of nice wine and a dish. As much as I spent at the hostesses' party, I may only bring wine. Grace and Dennis arrive on Sun. so will turn on their appliances on Sat. Still have to call about SV's teeth cleaning but want to wait until I can understand any instructions. I'm not at my best mentally. Even at my best I'm not at my best. Doh!

Rock, while The Shack is based on a horrible loss to the main character, it is a book of redemption and hope. It changed my relationship with God and others have said the same thing. It was that powerful to me. It may not be for everyone, no book is. We had a shed out back of the house I grew up in. It was an old Federal style red brick two story house. It was built before indoor plumbing which was added later. The shed was likely the loo. Like with everyone back then, there was also an ash pit. I can't believe we burned our trash.

OK, gonna close up here. There were six spammers when I got here this morning. They must be trying to make some holiday cash. Hope y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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We’re expecting rain again so I’m happy my gardener was able to move/fill some large pots for me. I still have a tub of succulents sitting where rain can’t get to it but I have to either plant or toss. My studio still is torn up and things cover my dining room table plus my kitchen counters. I’ve just got too many irons in the fire and need to find time to do it all. I’m going to wait another week or so to cut large juniper branches to decorate my house. If I do too early they dry out before Christmas and I want things to be fresh for Christmas Day for when everyone will be here. The branches are my equivalent to a Christmas tree. I had stopped at Goodwill yesterday and bought a large silver metal vase to hold some branches and will round up other containers I have in the garage. I have a large copper boiler outside and need to clean it up and bring it in. That’s what I use to hold HUGE branches. It fills the bill for me.

Rock: I watched the movie, The Shack. It had a lot of good reviews but honestly, I didn’t like it. The black actress who plays in it I found seems to act the same with emotions, etc. as she does in every movie she’s been in. I think she’s overrated.

I heard a very funny cat story this morning on the radio....and it’s true.

There was this guy who had a young troublesome cat who always seemed to be getting into scrapes of one kind or another. The owner came out and found him at the top of a young tree....about 5-6 feet tall. So he went into the garage and got a piece of rope and tied it to the top of the tree, figuring he would pull the rope and then he could reach the cat. Well as he was reaching for the cat the rope broke and you guessed it, the poor cat went sailing into the air, out of sight. He went around the neighborhood looking for his cat and after a couple of days he figured the cat had come down, got scared and ran away. He was in the local grocery store after a few days, and saw his neighbor from down the street shopping. She had recently lost her husband and she was buying cat food he saw. Said....I didn’t know you owned a cat. She said....well, it was the strangest thing, I was praying for God to send someone to help me, and suddenly this little cat fell right out of the sky onto my patio, God answers prayers in the strangest ways, she said. I laughed hard for 10 min. After hearing that.

Hoping to get to my tuesday art class today....gotta push myself though. Hope everyone has a good day.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I actually got a few little things done. I shopped for the free stuff I get from my ins. co. I ordered a BP cuff and will give it to Joe. I gave him my old one but it's looking a bit grungy. This one will be so much nicer. I got a new one for myself a while back. Got some cotton balls and icy pain cream. Next time I'll get a new digital thermometer. I don't run temps very often but might as well get a new one. The old one has been around a long time. I paid a couple of bills too.

Sun, I loved the book and wonder whether I should watch the movie. They are so often not as good as books. I think our imaginations are better than any movie production although the Harry Potter movies were just as I had imagined them from the books. Wish we were getting rain but it's our dry season so don't expect any. It's less humid and that's nice. I'll bet the greens will look beautiful for Christmas. You are artistic in everything you do.

Once again, I'm off, for what I don't know.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Y'all.
Not up to much today; rainy and grey. I haven't posted in a while, so maybe hard to catch up with all you speedsters.

Rock: I've always liked Norman Rockwell myself. Often see his pictures in Doc's office; usually the little boy with his pants pulled down waiting for a shot in the bum! Gordon doesn't like chocolate (is he insane?) but makes choc. cakes.... Hmmmm. I eat chocolate every day, the darkest I can find. I call it "Suicide by Chocolate" , ha ha.
So you found a new thriller eh? What, may I ask, is the writer's name?

Julie, my gosh but you do a lot of driving! Long rides wear me out, even though I no longer drive. My head starts spinning, and everything blurs.... I hope the cow problem is soon resolved.

Spring, hilarious tale of the mashed potatoes! Had me laughing, and I so much wanted a taste..... Boy oh boy, I'd like to try yak cheese mashed potatoes!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Hair. What's wrong with ANY natural coloured hair, be it red, white or blue? R has silver hair, I have black hair. When I feel in the mode, I get the scissors and go a bit wild. I'm letting it grow in the back though. For now....

Mikie, you must watch some weird tv programs. Don't eat beans? Crazy talk. Even peanuts are beans. Everybody eats beans.... I think....
Oh Mikie, I love your puns. I don't know how you come up with them all! They make me happy.

Sun, thanks for the New Yorker! I don't read all the articles, but enough interest me to read. Sun, I used to take alpha-lipoic for a long time, and for some reason stopped. I'm going to start it up again, the numbness that has been off/on bothering the fingers on my left hand is kinda scary. So I'll see if the a.l.a. helps. Seeing a new doc on Friday, and will tell him of this numbness. Young doc, new, we'll see how he is. At the time, I'm taking gabapentin for my P.N., 5 caps a day. I used to take 4 tramadols a day, but didn't like them so quit. I forget why I didn't.
Loved the cat story -- a gift from heaven is right. Glad it didn't land on her head (the woman's) though!

Gotta go, propane truck is delivering.
Love and Peace to All.

Mikie, I almost had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't be banned. I'm sure you know what I mean....


Hi, Kids,

Barry, I know whatcha mean. I'm glad you like my puns. Rock is still the king of the pun. I love them. They don't get enough respect. I love Norman Rockwell too. Have ever since I was a kid. PBS is having another beg-a-thon and they run all these programs from doctors telling everyone how to be healthy. Well, their advice contradicts one another. At this point, I'm not worried. Don't want to live to be old but would like to feel better for the duration. I hope you like the new doc and that he helps you.

Sun, I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the story about the cat. Sooo funny! I really didn't want a cat but I ended up with two of them. I couldn't keep Tweety but Jeff loves her and she loves him and she's happy back living with him. SV is a blessing in my life so it all worked out well. He's out on the lanai asking to come in. It's only 65 degrees out so he doesn't want to stay out there.

So tired and want to go to bed. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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What a crazy day dear ones,

Went shopping this morning fairly early , after putting in a wash, along with DD for some Christmas stuff needed, esp a toy for Toys for Tots for the K of C dinner.and a bunch of gift cards. Also did a little looking around. Then off to Sams quickly to do some looking but I didn't get to much. Could find the candy I wanted to give away at WM but they had it in the big bag in Sams. It is the Peppermint Bark chocolate by Ghirraldi or something like that. I think it is a mixture. I love the smaller bags that you can give away so also got some other candy at WM. Spent a bunch with the gift cards and not completely done yet. Came home and had lunch and was going to change to go sing when I got a call from the leader who said the performances were cancelled. Our pianist is stuck in the medical center to have her pre-op tests done before her surgery, and one or two of the machines broke down causing problems. She had no idea of when she would get home. So I had a little bit of time at home this afternoon.

SUN - Thanks for the name of that sleep aid. Hope it continues to help you and will see if I can find it. I am sure I can. How much Melatonin do you take with it. Not sure it will be much better but I can try. What did you find out about it when you were doing your research? I guess, less side effects and it works somewhat on some people. We will see. Thanks for the tip.

We had a nice 58th anniversary celebration last night. We just went to a moderately priced restaurant and had a nice quiet dinner in the hood. I had shrimp and grits and onion soup and said and DH had the soup, some salad and a huge pork chop with baked potato and green beans. I know it was quieter and cheaper than if we went to the new cajun, seafood restaurant around here or drive all the way to Papadeauxs and fought the traffic.. Sorry can't chat with everyone individually today.

Off to fix dinner again !!

Love to all, inc all the MIAs and ROCK, MIKIE, JULIE, BARRY, SW, et al,
Granni :)


Was gonna pack it in for the night but my new keyboard was delivered a day early so am trying it out. It’s sooo small. Even smaller that the FPOC Surface. Don’t think I’ll be using the iPad as my main everyday computer. At least the keyoard works.

Love, Mikie


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Hi ta Hi

Spent most of the afternoon sleeping. When I woke up my hand was still itching. Dr. Gordon
recommended Hydrogen Peroxide Seems to help a little. Gordon saw one of his doctors
this afternoon. Got some free meds from him. Was pleased about that, of course. Should be.
It's expensive stuff.

Glad to hear your keyboard works, Mikie. The only keyboard is our house when I was a kid
was the piano. It never worked very well when I played it.

Barry, peanuts are beans!? Are you nuts? The new author I found is Stuart MacBride. He has
written at least a dozen thrillers, but these are not cozy stories. They may not be to your liking.

Granni, glad to hear you had a nice anniversary dinner. Do you like grits? I tried them when I
spent 5 weeks in Atlanta, Georgia. Didn't run into Vivian Leigh, but I did meet a movie star
walking down the street. Can't remember his name right now. He was appearing in a play
downtown. Went to a movie at the theater where Gone With The Wind was first screened.
Can't remember the name. of what was playing. Well, that goes without saying, I guess. I think
Audrey Hepburn was in it playing the part of a blind gal.

Oh yeah, Couple decades or so ago I read a story about a school that had an original painting
by Norman Rockwell. It had been hanging in the school for decades. The school board suddenly
realized that it was worth big money and could be easily swiped. They moved the picture to some
building with better security.I think the school was near Rockwell's home, and he had given it to
them right after finishing it.

Sun, I remember when I used to travel with the circuit preacher. He told me God always
answers prayers, but sometimes the answer is, "No". Hope you felt well enough to get to your
class today.

Hugs, Rock



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Granni: I take 3 mg melatonin. If you’re going to buy the sleep supplement do a search on all the ingredients and make sure it’s comparable with what you take. Congrats on your anniversary. Shrimp and grits....mmmmm. When I was traveling with my family 2 years ago in Charleston and Savannah my SIL got hooked on it and every time we ate someplace where they would have shrimp and grits That’s what he ordered. Some were wonderful and some were just so so. The BEST food we ate that entire trip was some little out of the way crowded cafe that had great reviews. The decorating was this and that but the food was out of this world!!!!

Mikie: So you bought the smaller size ipad? Mine is the 10.2.....with the same size keyboard. Ioriginally tried the smaller.....couldn’t handle it.

Rock; I got two interesting cookbooks from the library yesterday, searching for something special for Christmas dinner. One is from the English woman on Great American Baking show and the other is a Food network cookbook.....most looked pretty simple in it. Hope I find something good. I used to have a huge cookbook collection but gave most of it away to a local charity. Used to love watching cooking shows....but like I said, I don’t turn on the tv until after 6;30 for pbs. When you live alone it’s not exciting to cook for yourself. Yes, I got to my art group today.....I go thru a ‘needing a nap” period but I force myself to bypass it. It’s good to get out. Chatted with a lady I haven’t seen in about 4 years. She deals with Fm and lupus and BAD fatigue and like all of us, she struggles. It was funny, she was saying exactly the same thing.....that she has to force her self to get out instead of napping.


Good Hump Day Morning, Dear Porchies,

Slept well last night and am hoping that helps. We have a big board meeting tonight but I haven't decided whether I'll go or not. I would like to help out on the big board but aren't sure it's what I should be doing. I have enough on my plate as it is. I should go to Publix to get some salad fixings. I've been craving leafy greens which is a good thing. Veggies aren't my thing. The idiot guru who said we shouldn't eat beans also said fruit isn't good for us. I'm not taking his advice. The other guy who said the healthiest people eat beans every day has written a cookbook. It's called something like, The Blue Cookbook, for the Blue Areas where folks live longer. One needn't go all over the world; there is on in CA.

Rock, I'm laughing--the piano keyboard didn't work well for me either except for playing Chopsticks. I don't know beans about peanuts but seems I remember hearing they are legumes, same as beans. I hope the itching on your hand goes away. Glad Gordon got some free meds.

Sun, I got the 10.2" iPad too. I'm used to my full size Chromebook laptop. With the new keyboard, my hands don't have much room. Hard for me to get used to. Lots of typos. One thing I don't like about the iPad is how my email looks. The Surface is the same. I want to put one email into the archive file and can't get it to work. Tablets just aren't the same. I am enjoying doing crossword puzzles on it. Had it not been so cheap on the Black Friday sales, I don't think I'd have gotten one but am glad I have it. I've tried pushing myself but it isn't worth it. I drop things and break them; I injure myself; I swear; and, I crash. I do better listening to my body. I wish I could push myself but we are all different and I've decided it's not for me. I admire you that you are able to do it.

I'm off to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

I thought of the actor I saw walking down the street in Atlanta, Georgia. It was Hans Conreid. He used to be on the
Make Room For Daddy show. Was on a couple Lucy episodes. Was also a voice actor. Played Capt. Hook in Disney's
Peter Pan. Cannot find a good pic of him to copy.

Mikie and Barry, Yes, various sources on the net confirm that beans and peanut are legumes. Silly name. Sounds like
you stuck your leg in your mouth and injured your gums. There is a Civil War song called Goober peas. "Sitting
on the roadside, eating goober peas." etc. Another name for peanuts.

Couldn't play chopsticks, Mikie, but almost every kid I knew could play "Heart and Soul" as a duet. People who didn't
even know each other could walk up to piano and start playing the song. If there were 6 or 7 kids around somebody
would join in on the other half.

Halve been awake all night I think. Watched an old musical I'd never seen before. Mitzi Ganyor was the star. Good
singer; great dancer. I saw her live in Las Vegas. The same program was later a TV Special. She did a lot of them. I looked
at the library. Doesn't seem to be a biography of her. I read the one on Wikipedia.

Oh, just realized, my hand has stopped itching.

Adios, Pards, Rock


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It is so cold...at last. Hasnt been very these last few days. i make sure i layer when i go out. I get hot if its sunny.

Last night i got a nightmare. I havent for the longest time. Strange. At least my body seems to be behaving itself today. i was checking my legs and hands for stiffness.

Walked a whole lot. Errands, shopping. i got some warm trousers for the cold. i realized the other day all my pants are for summer.

Today i made a meal strictly for the cold weather. My Chinese friend had given me a present of noodles brought from India. I brought it out of the store room and bought some chicken and cooked chicken noodle soup, threw in spinach leaves, tomatoes, cilantro to make it healthy. The DH was glad of the change. Been eating rice wi5hout a break.

Mikie - i dont think you should burden yourself with board duties at 5his time. Your health is more important. i know the building would be run much better if you were involved in the administration but it really has been a rough ride, health wise and why take something additional on.

i was surfing 5he channels and came upon Disney so i just watched some. K C undercover is hilarious and so is Good Luck Charlie. I notice i gravitate towards light hearted programs and avoid doom and gloom. Some of the actresses on these disney shows have become such big names in Hollywood. Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus.

Sun - thats different, branches in a container in lieu of a tree. im sure it would look beautiful the way you arrange it. im having a tough time with falling leaves in the c9mpound. 5here is no end to the sweeping.

Barry - so nice to read a long post from you. i hope your fingers right themselves. Its always one thing or another with us isnt it. At least Rocks mysterious itchiness is gone.

Granni - looks like you had a productive day and gearing up for christmas festivities. With your large family seemslike a lot to get done. that chocolate sounds tasty. Peppermint bark..
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Hi gang...it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Still feeling a bit "off" but I imagine it's a combination of lots of things...nothing that rest and, at the same time (?) getting the house put back together, etc. won't help. Both Keira and Miley have concerts next week, but I told Amy I'm just not up to making the four hour (round trip) drive two days in a row...and don't really feel like staying overnight on Monday so I'd be there for the second concert. She completely understands...said Keira has two more concerts this year, anyway.

Rock, your kind words did make me feel better, though...but I don't feel much like "Super Grandma" or super anything right now, lol! But Amy reminded me of Keira telling her just a week or so ago that "Grandma and Nala (Keira's dog) tie for "First Place" in her life...and Mommy was a close second", lol! But I know that Keira misses her mom a lot anytime they are apart ;)

Mikie, oh...being on the big board...I know you'd love to do it (or at least feel like you should) and would do a great job...but I sure would give it a lot of prayer and thought...sounds like too much, dear friend. You asked if Den watches the woodworking shows on PBS? Yep, he catches them all, lol! Woodsmith Shop, Woodwright Shop with Roy Underhill, This Old House, Scott and Suzy (Scott drives him crazy with all the safety tips, over and over and over, lol!) Not every single show, every single day...but Den knows the schedule by heart, I think :)

Sun, I just reread some posts and saw about the rats in your kids' garage...oh my goodness! We have had them around the farm, of course, but I do think all the cats help keep the rat and mice population in check (one can always hope, true...at least we don't see them in the shop or house very often.)

Granni, Happy Anniversary to you and DH! 58 years is a long time...congratulations!

Barry, I'm supposed to stay away from legumes, grains and nightshades, due to the lectins. Hard to do, though...but I do limit them.

Guess what, you guys?! Cow owner neighbor knocked on the door last night...we invited him in and after several minutes of small talk, he apologized for the renegade cows...especially the one who seems to be the "ring leader". He said he's been working on the fences and had the bulls and other cows in a different pasture, but this one cow (if it's the one he thinks it is) is a two year heifer with "a mind of her own." We told her that we're very wary of her because she acts like she's just going to charge us, even on the Gator or in my van. He said he was either going to sell or butcher her and apologized again...and wondered what he could do about our yard. I don't really know...I told him it was still "bumpy" from when horses got out several years ago...anyway, not so worried about the yard as about the little girls who walk to school. Anyway, I guess we're still friends, lol!

I'd better say Hi to everyone...thinking of Star and Duckie and anyone else I missed. Hope all is okay. Got a few windows washed yesterday and can really tell a difference this morning...enough incentive to get finished today, lol!


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...good thing I wasn't gone long; I left the heating pad on high. Doh! I'm a danger to myself and everyone else. I returned a lipstick that was melted when I got it home. I took it back for a refund because I got the same thing $2 cheaper at WM. Took my plastic bags and foam trays to recycle too. I know that some plastic gets recycled as it should. Publix buys benches for outside their stores which are made from recycled plastic. Now, shoes and bags are being made with it. As I was reaching into the shopping cart to unload it, I caught a finger on my left hand and hurt it. Had I been at home, I would have let loose with a string of cursing. Worst thing is that I broke the nail. Got home and filed it smooth. The finger is swollen and sore. Good grief! Between that and the shoulder, I'm a hot mess.

Rock, I remember Hans Conreid. He was a great character actor. I miss the actors we grew up with. Good thing we can watch the old movies and TV shows. I love Atlanta. It's such a nice Southern city. It's about the same size as Denver which is a nice Western city. Unfortunately, both now have bad traffic problems. I think legumes is a French word. My ex used to always look to me to tell him what was going on, especially if I was watching TV. One time he walked in during an election. I told him it was the gubernatorial race and that we were electing a new Goober. He didn't often crack up but that got to him. Yes, Heart and Soul was another duet we would hammer out on our pianos. I could play both parts of both songs. Wish I had stuck to my piano lessons. As with so many other things, teachers made it so boring and laborious that I lost my desire to play. Oh well, maybe in the next lifetime. Mitzi Gaynor was about the cutest and most talented musical star in the movies.

Spring, here I was about to sign off when I saw you had posted. Always so good to hear from you. Mmmm, chicken noodle soup is soooo good and good for what ails us. I had a Jewish friend when I lived in CO. Jewish grandmas are known for their healing chicken soup. I went to her house and asked what smelled so good. She said it was chicken noodle soup. I asked who was sick. She said, "No one. Haven't you ever heard of preventive medicine?" So funny! I had to wear my long pants this morning to the store but will don my shorts this afternoon. I am president of the board for our building and will probably always do that. It's the big umbrella board for the whole hood that I've been considering. Tonight will tell me whether I want to do it. I suspect that I'll stay home and not run. I'm doing better than last year when I was asked to run but I'm not great and, with what ails us, we never know how we will feel. Glad you don't have any stiffness.

Julie, I was gone a bit when DD called and I see you stopped in too. Glad the neighbor stopped in and apologized. I just hope he follows through. That cow sounds like Tweety. She is strong headed and nobody is gonna tell her what to do. I think a ring leader of a herd of renegade cows is something to fear. I love those woodworking shows too. They relax me like the cooking shows. It's a thing now for college students to watch the guy who paints on PBS to relax. Must take us back to early childhoods when parents were doing things in the home, taking care of us. You are a terrific grandma, a Super Grandma.

Granni, I forgot to congratulate you on your Anniversary. Good for you both!

The state is making their closing argument. The husband continues to dab at his eyes and make faces that he thinks look like grief but there are no tears. I don't think he is capable of grief so he doesn't know what it looks like. He's likely a narcissistic personality disorder kind of guy. I don't think they are capable of feeling remorse and grief. Oh, now the defense is closing.

DD said they are going to Galveston this weekend. First time for her in four years. School and working have taken all her time. She's still working at home for a doctor. She does all the email, insurance, etc. while she waits to take her state boards and get licensed. She still hasn't decided whether to work with one of the docs who have asked her to join their practices or hang out her own shingle. She's looking at the costs and thinks she will likely work in one of the practices. Just the insurance alone would cost a bundle.

Once again, I'm outta here. Hope y'all are having a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: With my new keyboard there is the lower left key that’s for imogies.....what a pain to keep hitting it when I really want to hit the shift key. Making lots of mistakes too and have too keep going back to correct. But I do love the fact that this keyboard/cover is all one piece, with a fold out in back to make the ipad stand up. I had to take some pics this morning and so handy to just hold everything in my hand to use the camera feature.

julie: Yea......the cow troubles are coming to an end.

spring: I make some type of chicken soup once a week, usually getting the roasted chicken from the market then cleaning off the bones. I never know what type it’s going to be, depends on what’s leftover in the frig. And I always keep some containers of ready made broth on hand. Leaves! What a pain. I used to blow daily using my electric blower but when I developed shoulder troubles I had to hire a gardener to do that once a week.


Sun, I also like the case and the keyboard is fine if I want to use it. Just have to adjust to it. As with the Surface, I'll likely use it more as a tablet than a laptop. I love the clunky old laptops like this one, the Chromebook. Yes, the camera is good. The screen has excellent image. resolution I prefer bouillon to broth but I'll add some bouillon to broth to give it more flavor. I also like the Better Than Bouillon for that reason. My cooking can take all the help it can get.

The jury is deliberating. It was interesting to hear the judge's instructions. Now we wait. Court TV will go over everything this evening. It's about as good as anything that's on TV these days. This case is no different than all the true crime stories on TV where the husband decided murder was the answer to dealing with problems in the marriage. Everyone I know thinks he's guilty and the state's evidence is overwhelming. These guys always believe they will get away with it like OJ.

I should be doing something but just going to Publix did me in. It's the pain. That always wears me out. I hope you are doing well. For some reason, my wi-fi is acting up. My icons show it is connected but I have to unplug it and plug it back in before I can do anything. I can't believe how our lives parallel one another.

Love, Mikie


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Another quick good afternoon to awl,

It is almost time to go fix dinner. Went to get my hair done, colored and cut a bit and shaped sort of difference. The hairdresser called it sort of a bob. However fixing my hair has always been a pain especially when I started this all this pain. I will try less curling and just a bit of curling iron. We will see!! She is trying to eliminate some of the layers and have it all one layer but not sure it is yet. This is sort of an experiment for me and also more blonde in the color. DH loves it, at least the blond part. Then went and had my nails done, going to 2 parties this week and picked up some blue jeans for DH but to find his size and the color is not always easy. He prefers the lighter colors and prefer the darker but men have so much less problems with finding a good fit, as most of you ladies know. We always have to try them on unless you find the styel you like and size and keep getting the same.

Thank you everyone for the nice anniversary good wishes.. Can't believe the time has flown by so fast.

MIKIE - Haven't had time to watch that much TV and so much is worthless to me but I am sure there are a few good ones.. That jury one sounded interesting but some of these people on there are they dumb or what?? I know what you mean about the pain getting to you.

SUN - Yes, I could probably do a lot with those soup bones too, Those chickens are so yummy. SAMS has the biggest one but haven;t had one in some time. Of course with DH he probably w eat the whole thing or almost i one sitting. W do love chicken though and that is what we are having tonight but just chicken breasts. Yes, I will check on that Sleep aid and I usually do what you do and ck the ingredients.

SPRING -It sounds to me like you have the same problem, not much for the winter or some stuff not to much in style but hate to spend the $. Occasionally when I see something I get it for myself . I have been trying to give away some of my older stuff to Goodwill, etc. when they call e or email to clean out and give people stuff that still has life left in it. The other day I even got a good buy on a winter jacket on sale sort of for rain, etc with a hood. It wa such a good buy I bought one for myself and one for DD who used to be DCD who doesn't have all that much, This weather here is weird cold in the morning and sometimes hot in the afternoon. I keep taking off clothes along the way, I gave it to her when she was there at Thanksgiving dinner. I need some heavier pants to wear and I gave away old jeans that really did not fit me well but had live left in them.

JULIE - Glad the man whose cows got out in your property came over to apologize to you. That is good you will take it easy from all the Christmas concert for Keira and Miley. There is only so much you can do when everyone is so spread out.

Hi also to ROCK, BARRY, STAT, DUCKIE and whoever else I missed. We have two parties this week and our concert that I am not singing in this year, and maybe forever. I don;t miss going in Monday nights for practice.

Love to all,
Granni :)